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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 16, 2020 11:00am-11:29am PDT

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you need to break down your cardboard. thank you. violation. violation. i see you've met cynthia. at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. and it does help us save a bunch of money. two inches over regulation. thanks, cynthia. for bundling made easy, go to the race for a coronavirus vaccine. good morning, thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. u.s. and other world officials announcing russia is trying to hack vaccine trial data. nbc bay area is live for us in san jose with this one. sharon. >> marcus many stories on how researchers in the bay area are trying to help find a vaccine for covid-19. now we're hearing that through joint investigations, the u.s., united kingdom and canada believe that russia is trying to hack and steal coronavirus
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vaccine data. investigators say the russian group, known as cozy bear, was likely to be blamed for the attack. they were behind 2016 cyber attack on democratic national committee. investigators say the hackers welcome back. used spear fishing where the went live 25 years cyber criminals send messages as though they are from a trusted ago today. source to get the victim to amazon debuted on the then reveal sensitive information. worldwide web as the world's all this cyber experts say aim largest online bookstore. ton their own research for a covid-19 remember when amazon sold books? vaccine. according to insider's report now, we're still waiting to hear how many researchers and jeff bezos had a vision of e pharmaceutical firms were targeted. the kremlin has denied all of commercial. he did that. a tech giant that sell the allegations saying that there's no proper evidence for practically everything a quarter of a century later. we'll see what the next 25 years the allegations. have to offer. a live look at the forecast while working. >> yes. i'm sharon ckatsuda. i had to multitask. a new mandate for face it was either play tug-of-war or coverings. have him bark the etime. starting monday cvs will require
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all shoppers to wear the masks great day in addition to target and sam's 90s in the area. club. keep that in mind. walmart starting august 1st. air quality advisory in place alabama issuing a similar order. through tomorrow. marine layer hanging on tight to the coastline, i'll tell you texas governor meanwhile issuing that. live look at san francisco still this plea. >> all we need is for everyone pretty foggy out there. marcus. >> see you later. to wear a mask. if everyone wears a mask, nothing will be locked down. >> a new gallup poll says while most americans say they wear masks in public, 14% say they never wear one. cdc pleading with the public to comply saying masks are key to stopping this pandemic. health leaders in the bay area bracing for the worst as coronavirus cases continue to rise rapidly. san francisco chronicle reporting major hospita capacity problems could be spot starts to begin. health leaders are saying those patients are not as sick but they are getting infected more easily. experts believe the virus is mutating fast.
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here in the bay area hospitalizations have increased 33% due to the rise in cases. this graph i want to show you right here, this shows the rising number of patients being admitted into santa clara in the last month. the steady rise to 30 to more than 140 people hospitalized. >> the majority of our patients are med surge or telemetry level, basic hospital admission as opposed to an acute care icu level of admission. >> bay area hospitals say they are at about 50 to 80% capacity now. but if covid is mixed with the flu this winter, they will have to use tents and other measures to handle all of those patients. well, parents in eastern contra costa county are now being told three students in liberty union high school district have tested positive for covid-19. the district sent out a letter indicating engaged in approved workout
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activities and became infected outside of their pods. these are the workout groups. the district has three high schools in brentwood. right now sports practices are on hold. parents, they have been told anyone who came in contact have been notified. schools are actually scheduled to restart august 10th with hybrid model of students learning at home as well as at right now on "california live," a bumper crop that's all school. tesla so far not responding grown up. >> what we've done is we've to reports of a large outbreak actually tape about 700 acres of at its fremont facility. farmland and flipped it on its side and put it into a building about the size of a grocery the block elechrek said 130 store. >> then all hands on deck. >> yeah, dad. nice fish, dad. cases and more exposed. not clear where the infections >> taking ussout on a fishing happen. some current and former workers there accused automaker who punished workers who voiced trip. mask shaming? we have a doctor with a concern about getting infected prescription for pride. and refusing to work. >> we have to look at it as we're waiting for a response something for the community, from alameda health department. society. it is really a statement of starting today rite aid caring. >> amber is zipping into a opens up for drive-through
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testing sites. two in antioch and one vallejo. the self-swab test monitored by a pharmacist. all adults 18 and older are eligible for testing and should register online first. happening today dr. anthony fauci will join facebook ceo mark zuckerberg on facebook live to discuss the covid crisis. that meeting starts at 2:00 p. the two will talk about how to flatten the curve and what people can do to protect themselves. and you probably have a lot of questions about school reopenings. well, we have roundup of each bay area school district's plan for the new school year online. go to in our trending bar, click on school reopening plans. here we are almost to the weekend. a live look out in palo alto where you can see cars moving, the sun is shining. the big question is what will the weather look like this
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weekend. vianey with a look. >> we have so much sunshine i'm not using any ring lights. this is natural sun coming in from outside through my window. we will be seeing a little bit of haze once again. that's because of that smoke. let's look at the san francisco camera. the reason i'm showing you this, it's pretty foggy still. slow clearing there just like we thought and predicted and forecasted. san jose looking better. we are expecting to see air quality advisory. let's talk about the outlook. temperature in the 70s looking ahead to about 3:30. we'll still see temperatures in the upper 80s inland. again tonight we'll see the return of fog. that air quality advisory will remain infect through tomorrow because of drifting smoke from the mineral fire in the fresno county area. i'll talk more about that in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> thanks vianey.
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1.3 million applied for unemployment claims. down from last week. 17 million filed continuing claims. a live look now at the big board where you can see the dow is down 165 points. oakland is boosting protections to help struggling tenants make it in the bay. councilmembers approved a new updated measure to stop landlords from harassing tenants into moving out of the stake of upping the rent. new measure limits rent increases for one year and limits late fees. it also gives the city attorney to sue landlords on behalf of renters if they have been harassed into breaking their lease. now to decision 2020 republicans are scaling back 2020 convention plans as coronavirus surges in florida will the chairwoman says attendance for the three-day convention will be limited and there will be now a mix of indoor as well as outdoor events being used.
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make sure that the use of that mix space of baseball particularly older lawmakers, say they will not attend the gop convention next month. a shake-up in the trump campaign. the president announcing that his campaign manager brad pasquale has been reassigned. current deputy campaign manager will take over. this comes as new polls show president trump is falling behind joe biden. nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows biden has an 11 point nationwide lead over the president among registered voters. developing for you right now, twitter is recovering from the unprecedented hack that affected some of the social networks most famous users saying that accounts are black to normal. tech billionaires, former president obama and joe biden were among targets. the hackers asked for money in
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bitcoin with the promise of doubling it. nbc news reporting several hundreds. >> it has all the classic elements of a scam. they are basically using this to convince people to transfer their money over to this account. >> twitter says it took drastic steps of blocking new tweets from those verified all the co accounts. the social media platform they won't restore access to those owners, quote, unwe are certain we can do so securely. new at 11:00 for you, east bay firefighters put their training into action. this is after a fire sparked in one of their training centers. fire erupted after 2:00 a.m. at the alameda county fire training center. this is in san leandro. crews say thousands of firefighters have trained at that center. the cause of that fire still under investigation. the a's have a way to bring
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the noise during empty baseball games while america's top doctor shows us he has some style. laura garcia is here to break it all down for us. >> well, the a's are already trying to pa something really good out of a tricky situation. they have got no fans in the stands for baseball. but reportedly, they are going to try to use sounds of celebrities to help liven things up. how do you really make an empty stadium sound lively? the chronicle reports a's are tinkering with a lot of possibilities that includes piping in the patented drumming usually echoing through the bleachers. because the team's normal announcer dick callahan doesn't want to risk his own health, they thought about asking player celebrities to record walkup announcement. maybe even tom hanks. he worked for the a's as a peanut vendor a long time ago. america's top doctors may make you smile, at least no one can argue this one is officially
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in style this morning. take a look at dr. anthony fauci appearing on the cover of in style magazine. they photographed him at home by the pool. with the criticism, with all due modesty, ithere, too. ♪ thank you for being a friend >> you know the song. whether you're dorothy, rose, blanche or sophia, you can now live like a true golden girl. the home used for the exterior shots during the classic tv series is now up for sale. and, as you might guess, it's god four bedrooms. it's located in the brentwood area of los angeles. our own assignment editor shawn visited the home in 2016. he shot some of these pictures. the home itself is listed at just under $3 million. so there you have it.
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live in the golden girls homes, living the golden life in the golden state. back to you. >> thanks, laura. coming up, a real, raw conversation about race. >> coming up at 11:00, "california live" followed by access daily, then "days of our lives" at 1:00.
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happening tonight nbc's conversation about race continues. i want to start that conversation this morning, what it's like for reporters dealing with issues as black journalists. one near and dear from the bay shared, "while reporting on the death of george floyd, an anchor unexpectedly said: can i ask you a personal question? he wanted to know my reaction of the first time i saw the now infamous video of an officer's knee pressing floyd's neck as he begged to breathe."
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tracie potts, for all your loyal viewers out there, nbc washington reporter for us and nations all over the country. thank you for joining i want you to talk to us about your reaction when you heard that question? >> well, at first i didn't want to answer it because i didn't think it was the place of a reporter to give my personal opinion. this is such a different type of story to cover. and what i mean by that, you know, typically we don't give our opinions in stories. i still obviously want to always be fair and objective but perspective is important. when you are an african-american in this country, your perspective is often different than some of your colleagues. i did answer the question. i said i was shocked seeing him there, made me think of my own son. what if that was my son in that position. i often wonder -- our viewers
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know we're people, in addition to the people they see in the box and on the screen and things affect us just like they do everyone else. when you were reading a story a minute ago talking about george saying 28 times "i can't breathe" my heart started beating when i heard that again. it's emotional. >> it really is. i know part of your article i was reading, it did say when you see those faces you're not always a journalist, sometimes you're a mother. you mentioned your 16-year-old son. i want to put up a quote you put in the article as well "one day my 16-year-old son was headed to the grocery store. i found myself hugging him repeatedly. i cried a bit when he left wondering, what if he has a bad encounter with police and the next time i see his face it is under a sheet at the morgue?" when i read that, tracie, i'm going to be honest with you, tears started to fill my eyes -- wh whoa. i think about my mother --
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>> it's hard. >> i'm an only child. it's hard. talk to me about that, tracie. >> it's hard, marcus. i'm an only child, so i feel that. and he is my only son. and when you see things like this, you just wonder, you know, one of the things i was saying is had you do you -- how do you see your child as this bright, fun, precocious person and somebody else sees them differently because of the color of their skin. it's so hard. it's so hard. >> it really , us have to deal with. myself, you deal with a lot of that and you understand what parentsthrough. you
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in the article you also talked about we're taught in school to report the facts, respect the truth, and that's what we do. that's what we really strive to do every day. but when life interjects with your reporting, it's hard not to give your personal experience. it really is to give perspective, not so much to create bias but create perspective in telling a story. >> right. right. and there's a perspective that you have, that i have that some had. what i have come to believe, marcus, is we have to be fair and objective. we know that. that's the bottom line. but it's important to bring that perspective. that is why we are here. that is why we are blessed to be in the position that we are, because it's important to bring -- i can't hold something back from the story that will help you understand the story better. if that something is who i h or
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an experience that my family has had, i think that only adds to people understanding what's going on. i get it. i feel what you're feeling, because we have not always been in this position where we're covering stories but we kind of really know -- and not always in a very positive way -- what those stories are like on the back end. >> it is. >> thank you. i'm so glad you're having these conversations. >> i thank you for sharing and writing that piece because it was very inciteful and honest. i thank you for that and talking to us this morning, tracie. >> yeah. have a good one. thank you. >> you, too. >> thank you. again, i want you to join and be part of that conversation tonight. "race in america" continues. we'll lead that conversation for you. touching moments this morning. you know what, san francisco police will display signs of
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support for black lives matter in every station and substation. the police commission approved that resolution last night. it requires the department to put up large black lives matter signs in every station in the next 30 days. it's a move the black officers hope will help keep the community safe. >> if it opens up an opportunity for someone who looks like me to feel like perhaps they are going to be understood, not prejudged. >> san francisco police officers association opposes the idea. the law firm representing the organization says, in part, that while the commission supports the notion that all black and brown lives matter, it is concerned about what they call the endorsement of a specific political organization inside the stations. all right. it's time to get a look at what's happening outside the door this morning. vianey with a look at the forecast for us. shaping up to be a nice day into
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the weekend as well. >> definitely. the temperatures are great, very seasonal. even though we have the marine layer hanging around the coast, at least we've got microclimates so you can drive further up and get sunshine. walnut creek right now, beautiful view there. you can see just off in the distance a little haze. look at san francisco. this is sort of what it looked like this morning so a marine layer is slow to clear, likely going to linger for the majority of the day. notice the flag up top the building there. you can see it wavingmes. current temperatures right now in the 60s and 70s, 71 in san jose, 66 in san francisco. i want to show you a shot of the foothills using pg&e cameras. the reason i'm showing it to you, if you look in the distance there, you can see the layer of that orange hue color. those are hazy skies. yesterday folks started noticing that air quality advisory is in place all through tomorrow because of that smoke that's
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blowing in through mineral fire in fresno county. good news, air quality sensors showing majority green. a lot of that green will help mix it out at times. it could become a little unhealthier in the afternoon because of that smoke. likely it's going to stay aloft and that's what we'll see. microclimate in the 80s through the south bay into the interior valleys. walnut creek, 85, redwood city 89, san mateo 84. san francisco will be in the 60s for this afternoon, up through north bay, santa rosa 80. a reminder, folks haven't gotten a chance to see it online, look northwest in the sky, comet neo-wise. the furthest away from the inner core of the season and inland. head inland definitely tonight. you have until next thursday on
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the 23rd and then it won't come back for another 7,000 years. that's not something you want to miss. inland areas, it will be breezy again friday 93. look at saturday and sunday. we're talking mid-90s. it actually starts to warm up a little bit heading into the weekend but the weather is going to be fantastic. now, expect the return of the marine layer if it ever even leaves through the coastline tonight and tomorrow morning we're going to see similar conditions as well with a high in the 60s for san francisco. marcus. >> vianey, talking about weather. i can hear your dog saying take me outside then. >> he knows the word outside, it means w-a-l-k, walk. he misses uncle marcus. >> i miss him, too. thanks, vianey. cominman hits a major milestone. no, it's not about how many packages delivered or its stock price, i want to explain what happened 25 years ago that
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changed our world forever. happening now for you, a new video of the sun, nasa releasing the closest picture ever taken of our closest star. they were captured by a solar orbiter, officials say the new pictures will actually help scientists piece together atmospheric layers, which is important to understand how it drives space, whether it's near the earth or throughout the solar system. we'll be back with more after the break. - i'm norm.
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