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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 18, 2020 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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hi. what's on your mind?in. can you help keep these guys protected online? easy. connect to the xfi gateway. what about wireless data options for the family? you can customize and save. what about internet speeds that can keep up with my gaming? let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. and now with our stores reopening, we're putting healthy practices in place. come visit a store today. stop in or book an appointment online at a time that works for you. now that's simple, easy, awesome. ask. shop. discover at your local xfinity store today. to one bay area county simply because of the services offered there. but is it only a matter of time before even they get orders to close again? the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thank you so much for joining us. i'm garvin thomas. >> and i'm anoushah rasta. the rise of coronavirus cases has county and state health leaders scaling back reopening
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plans. >> tonight nearly the entire bay area is on the state's watch list because of the surge in cases. the one county not on the list, san mateo. boming a big draw forservices they can't. >> some people even driving for miles just for a haircut. but as nbc bay area's marianne favro explains, san mateo might not stay off the watch list for much longer. >> reporter: san mateo county is seeing an increase in new covid-19 cases, which is why public health leaders fear that the state will put the county on the monitoring list in just a few days. and that means gyms and hair salons will have to close down again. in san mateo tonight, it was so busy downtown, we spotted several lines for food, something you can get anywhere in the bay area. but a lot of people were barber hair salons are open. so tony llamas drove 22 miles
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from san francisco to get his first professional cut in four months. >> i thought, you know, let me try to get a haircut actually, mainly because san mateo is the only place where you can get a haircut these days. >> reporter: other salons said they were busy today. 1-year-old ace lives nearby, but many of the customers here at alex's deluxe barber drove from san jose or dublin to get a cut. however, it's a luxury that may not be available next weekend. >> it appears to us that the county early next week may be on that watch list, and so that's around new cases. >> reporter: chief of san mateo county health, louise rogers, issued a statement saying, what we are not currently on this list, our case rate of 101.2 cases per 100,000 in the population, 14-day rolling average, will likely put us on the list soon.
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supervisor david canepa feels san mateo county was able to get to this phase of easing restrictions in part because of an aggressive public outreach campaign launched early. >> but the county's investment in social media, in billboards, making sure that in businesses, that we have those placards in have really worked well for us. >> reporter: canepa adds while there is some concern about the number of outside visitors in san mateo county, he says it all comes down to wearing a mask. so the county's next message won't be about having to close hair salons and in san mateo, and look at covid-19 numbers statewide. cases are rising. california now with more than 375,000 cases. almost 7,600 people have died in the state because of the virus. if you break those cases down by
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day, well, this is the chart you get. we're seeing cases have grown tremendously. now, you see it right here. back in mid-april, this red line is the seven-day average. about 1,100 cases there. that continues to rise until you get through june. daily new cases on average, more than 2,000. beginning july, that's when things really start to shoot up. that highest peak just a couple days ago, almost 6,300. that's the tallest bar on july 14th. new cases for that day alone, more than 10,000. as of july 17th, just yesterday, the last bar all the way up there, well, the seven-day average more than 9,000 cases per day in the state. now, it's worth mentioning the state is conducting far more tests now than in previous months. now take a look at where in the bay area people are being treated for covid-19. overall, 672 people are
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hospitalized across the regions. down in the south bay, that's 153 south bay patients in hospitals. you can see that number slightly higher in alameda county, one of the latest hot spots for the coronavirus. let's take a look now at new covid-19 cases for today here in the bay area. alameda county reported 241 new cases. that's the most out of the counties that reported. santa clara county, 169 new cases. contra costa county, 160. and san francisco, 141. the counties that you see here that have dashes, those are the ones that have not yet reported numbers for today. some help for the surge at california hospitals. military medics have been called in. a 21-person team from travis air force base is helping doctors in palm springs. they're assigned to covid isolation units at rancho mirage hospital. the icu is full, and there's 80% capacity in the rest of the
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hospital. rancho mirage is not the only hospital in riverside county in need of help. some 17 hospitals in that county are now relying on traveling nurses to cover the surge in covid cases. dozens of alameda county sheriff's deputies and staffers have tested positive for covid-19. the sheriff's department says back in march, there were just two cases, and then no more until late june. but in the last few weeks, 38 employees have tested positive. most of them sworn deputies. some of the infected deputies work in the senaanta rita jail, which is trying to curb an outbreak. with reopening plans constantlyes by the hour, we know it can get confusing. we've made it easy for you and have it broken down county by county. head to click on the reopening information. he was the last living speaker from the 1963 march on washington alongside the
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reverend martin luther king jr. tonight the country is remembering the legacy of congressman john lewis. lewis emerged as one of the nation's top civil rights leaders in his early 20s, making it his mission to start what he called good trouble. nbc bay area's sergio quintana is in san francisco tonight with how the bay area is paying tribute. >> reporter: the mayors of oakland and san francisco ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of congressman john lewis. you can see city hall even lit up in red, white and blue here in san francisco. he left quite the impression on generations of leaders from the bay area. >> we're marching today to dramatize to the nation, dramatize to the world. >> reporter: in 1965, john lewis was among those who marched across the edmund pettus bridge in selma. the violence reaction from alabama state troopers solidified support for the civil rights act that passed just a few months later. at that point lewis had already spent years making good trouble,
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as he called it, in the fight for civil rights. his efforts then were already known to leaders in the bay area who later mobilized in voter registration efforts in the south. >> john's participation in that caused people like the late george moscone, the late terry francois all to go off to mississippi to participate. >> reporter: but lewis' leadership didn't end in the '60s. elected to congress in 1986, he became a leader and mentor for other members. >> i'm heartbroken. it's hard to imagine a world without john lewis. >> reporter: congresswoman barbara lee was among the group that would take young people from their districts to the south every year where lewis would guide them through what he experienced as a freedom rider and on that day on the edmund pettus bridge, which became known as bloody sunday. >> just recently in april, he pulled the kids as a experience grateful for.
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>> reporter: bay area native michelle coleman was among one of those groups a few years ago. she was able to meet with lewis and vividly remembers his message. >> the main focus of john lewis that he kind of conveyed to us was not only the importance of non-violence and good trouble, but also, you know, that it was our responsibility to, you know, promote this love and acceptance. >> reporter: sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, he just wanted to go for a swim. but instead a 12-year-old boy went through a very painful ordeal that ended at the hospital. first responders were called to antioch's deer valley high school around 4:30 in the afternoon because a boy had impaled his leg on a wrought iron fence. he reportedly had been trying to get into the locked swimming pool. police had to hold the boy in place ten feet off the ground while crews cut out part of that fence. after using ropes to get him down, he was airlifted to the hospital. it took nearly 24 hours, but
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fire crews in hayward say they've safely put out a large fire at the vacant holiday bowl. people in the area may still see some smoke as the debris cools and crews remain on-scene monitoring the situation. massive flames broke out just after 6:00 yesterday, sending a thick black plume of smoke into the air. the cause is under investigation, but the fire captain says homeless people have been breaking in and staying inside. no one was hurt. police are searching for a gunman after a drive-by shooting in morgan hill. it happened on ciolino avenue friday night. police responded to shots fired in that area. they say someone in a car passing by shot a man who was standing in front of an apartment. the driver left the scene toward monterey road, and police believe this is the car right here. it's a burgundy toyota corolla. still ahead, they're part of the trader joe's brand, but tonight a new petition calling for the grocery chain to ditch
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certain labels. the reason why some people say they're harmful stereotypes. plus it's bigger, faster, and can carry plenty of water, and it's here just in time for fire season. we'll show you how the hawk is helping firefighters battle wildfires. and we're seeing some signs of cooler changes. the low clouds surging back into san francisco with a cooling trend over the next few days. what it means for the rest of your weekend when we come right back.
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the world health organization reporting a new daily record increase in covid-19 cases. more than a quarter million just as more states report record highs. sam brock is in the hard-hit state of florida with late
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details. >> reporter: tonight for a nation reeling from the covid crisis, small signs of hope. >> i'm really rooting for this vaccine, and it has helped me cope because i really -- i see an end. >> reporter: heather wiley recently completed phase one of a vaccine trial that's now moved to the next step. it's assistance that can't come soon enough. as states across the country continue racking up record numbers, in florida, more than 10,300 new cases saturday, further swelling a surge of 93,000 infections in just over a week. hospitals have been hammered. >> busier than we've ever been, sicker than we've ever been. >> reporter: at least one south florida health care system tells our miami station wtvj they're about to run out of a critical treatment, remdesivir. >> we are all running very short on supplies. >> reporter: tonight senator marco rubio tweeting 30,000 vials of remdesivir are en route to florida.
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this is enough to treat 5,000 covid-19 patients. >> if we can come up with an early treatment to stop people who are exposed from developing symptoms, that would really, really ease things up a lot. >> reporter: dr. jeffrey rosen's company, amr, is testing patients who are either mildly symptomatic or recently exposed to the virus. they inhale medication through a nebiyulizer, which then gets deposited in the lungs. if the test is effective at either preventing development or treating covid-19 symptoms, that could truly pay dividends in cutting community spread. in houston, texas, the largest medical center in the world is already overwhelmed, now at 104% icu capacity. while on the west coast, l.a.'s mayor, eric garcetti, considering another lockdown. >> i'm hopeful that your actions in this coming week will show our numbers begin to come down. but this week doesn't lie, and the data doesn't lie, and it still is very dangerous. >> reporter: sam brock, nbc bay
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area news. new tonight, a petition calling on trader joe's to stop labeling products with ethnic-sounding names is gaining momentum. about 1,000 people have signed on urging the grocery chain to rename products labeled trader ming's for chinese food, trader jose for mexican. they claim the labels perpetuate harmful stereotypes. however the company said it decided several years ago to only use the trader joe's name and says it has been in the process of updating its labels since. cal fire is showing off a new weapon to fight wildfires across our state. the first cal fire hawk is now in service. this is video from cal fire of the twin-engine helicopter in action. its tank can be filled in one minute and has a capacity to carry 1,000 gallons of water. it can reach speeds of150 miles per hour, allowing crews to get to firesfaster. cal fire says it will eventually
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have 12 of these new hawks, replacing its old fleet of super huey helicopters from the vietnam era. fire danger always a concern as temperatures get hotter and hotter. meteorologist rob mayeda joining us now to tell us if this is continue through the weekend, what we can expect for sunday and the start of your workweek. >> yeah. it's something we have to worry about this time of year, especially when today we had those temperatures soaring through the 90s, though outside right now some signs of cooling. you've got the fog into san francisco, stronger sea breeze inland as well, right now into the 50s in san francisco. don't be surprised to find some mist or drizzle between now and tomorrow morning. also relatively more mild now into walnut creek after highs earlier in the 90s. mid-60s currently. san jose could see some low clouds for the morning. 65 right now after a high of 81. for air quality issues around the east bay and south bay, once again a regional smoke advisory extended to sunday. but, again, for ground level
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smoke, good to moderate air quality. most of the smoke we're actually seeing outside remains higher up above 10,000 feet or so. you might notice that haze in the air for another day. what will actually help to clear skies is a stronger push of marine air, ocean air-conditioning as i like to say, as that breeze picks up coupled with more low clouds on the coast. that's going to lead to temperatures cooling down for sunday. notice the morning trend. the clouds fill in across the inner bay. even some of the interior valleys in you're around half moon day or up towards santa rosa, you notice some of the futurecast actually pick up measurable domestic terroririzz sunday morning. through the day tomorrow, some other changes we'll see is the clouds say entrenched on the coast except down around santa cruz. temperatures trending downward on sunday and even more so by monday and tuesday. south bay, low to mid-80s around san jose. maybe near
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90 for another day. then trending cooler by monday and tuesday. 70s on the coast. chilly day. half moon bay only 63 degrees. mid-60s into san francisco. you're going to have the morning mist, partly cloudy skies expected for the afternoon. a cooler finish to the weekend. the north bay mostly 70s and 80s unless you head up towards clearlake and ukiah. you'll still see another day into the 90s. notice here the temperature trend. we're jumping ahead to monday. numbers cooling. inland locations now in the mid-80s. i think we'll take it down another notch on tuesday. low 80s inland. what this means is we're going to be seeing those low clouds and that marine air pushing inland. so below the higher hilltops, fire danger. this is actually good news. cooler temperatures, more low clouds, higher humidity as that onshore breeze picks up. seven-day forecast shows the slight cooling trend around san francisco. could have mornings of drizzle tomorrow through about wednesday morning. valley temperatures which have been in the 90s drop down closer
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to average as we finish the weekend, and pretty mild early next week. as we head towards next weekend, temperatures on the rise, closer to 90, but overall this time of year, better air quality and cooling temperatures through midweek. back to you. >> thank you so much. let's take a look now at sports. anthony flores joins us now with a look ahead at what's coming up. >> yeah, guys. no baseball north of the border. why canada is closing its ballpark to major league baseball. stick around. sports is next.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. hey, summer camp is over for the giants. the organize and black wrapping up spring training 2.0 today at oracle park. they ended camp with a practice game. they're off on sunday.l be a fes tothen on monday and tuesday they'll takegames.
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with covid-19 it's been a challenge to get here. manager gabe kapler is excited to finally be talking baseball. >> and we understand that there's uncertainty, but for now we're pretty excited that opening day is coming, that we have a real exhibition series to look forward to, and that it's right around the corner. a familiar face is back in oakland. jesus luzardo rejoined the a's on friday. he had been away from the team after testing positive for covid-19. the left-handed pitcher was symptom-free and feels ready to go because he was able to work out at home. >> it was definitely frustrating just because i felt good and, you know, it was tough to see everyone back out there and having fun. it was something that i needed and i lacked, but i'm glad to be back out here now. >> the a's will host the giants on monday night. game two of that exhibition series will be tuesday at oracle park. hey, the toronto blue jays won't play their home games
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north of the border this season. canada's government doesn't think it's safe for players to travel back and forth from the united states because of the surge in coronavirus cases in the u.s. the blue jays are looking for an alternative site, possibly in new york or florida. they open the season on the road. their home opener is set for july 29th against washington. that's a look at sports. more news after the break. awesome internet. it's more than just fast. it keeps all your devices running smoothly. with built-in security that protects your kids... matter what they're up to. it protects your info... ...and gives you 24/7 peace of mind... ...that if it's connected, it's protected. even that that pet-camera thingy. [ whines ] can your internet do that? xfinity xfi can because it's... ...simple, easy, awesome. [ barking ] for the ultimate in-home wifi, click, call or visit us today.
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at different intersections in the neighborhood. they began drawing. here you can see them enjoying some of their creations. we're still waiting to here whether this is a new world record. pretty cool stuff. >> thanks for joining us. "saturday night live" is next. good night. we made usaa insurance for veterans like liz and mike. an army family who is always at the ready. so when they got a little surprise... two!? ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa -
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who helped find the right coverage for them and even some much-needed savings. that was the easy part. usaa insurance is made the way liz and mike need it- easy. [ theme nes play ] >> from manchester, new hampshire, it's the democratic debate. [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening, and welcome t


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