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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 21, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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worse before getting better but adds his administration will stop at nothing to save american lives. the president also encouraging everyone to wear masks. as cases surge here in the california county health officer dr. sarah cody criticized the state's reopening. she says it was rushed and that's why cases are skyrocketing. also the debate is intensifying whether or not to reopen our schools in terms of campus re-openings. some parents and high profile lawyers are trying to force in classroom learning. they're calling for the courts to overturn governor newsom's order which prevents school districts on his watch list from starting the year in the classroom. >> well, it is a california order. everyone has to wear a mask while at the store or when they're within 6 feet of others outside, but what about when you're at the drive-thru? an east bay starbucks worker says the company doesn't make it a requirement.
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today nbc bay area jody hernandez clarifies the dilemma. >> it's emotionally exhausting to go into work what if today is the day i get it? >> that's how this 20-year-old starbucks worker describes how she feels about serving guests at the drive-thru window. the barista who didn't want us to use her name says most customers don't mask up. >> if you're close enough i can hand you something you should be wearing a mask. >> reporter: while starbucks has signage encouraging customers to wear a mask she says employees aren't required to enforce it. this notice posted on the store's bulletin board says we will not enforce this requirement at the drive-thru unless locally mandated. it also offered workers options what to say if a customer refuses to wear a mask inside the store including telling them they can go through the drive-thru. a starbucks spokeman confirmed to nbc bay area that's indeed
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their policy. >> the last time i had verbal communication with my manager on the issue she told me no matter how hard i try starbucks is not going to change their policy on this. and then she told me after communicating with the district manager that if i was to continue asking for facial coverings that they would reduce my hours even further. >> reporter: we checked out other businesses around both contra costa and salono county and found most of their drive-thru customers were also not wearing masks. salono county's health officer told us the state mandate isn't clear. >> you're not in public. you're definitely in a private controlled space, yet at the same time you're definitely within 6 feet or you couldn't handle the exchange. so very interesting question for which the answer is actually very murky. >> though we reached out to the state the california department of public health replied its employees and customers at any
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business are unable to keep 6 feet distance from each other during a transaction then they should wear masks to protect themselves and others. contra costa county also confirmed drive-thru customers are not exempt from the mask rule saying individuals should wear face coverings when less than 6 feet away from any person not a member of the individual household or unit. >> we are the people keeping businesses running during this time. we all deserve to be safe. >> okay, good clarification. wear a mask through the drive-thru line. well, it is a title you don't want to hold. california is about to become number one when it comes to the total number of cases passing new york, which is actually seeing a steady decline in cases. but coming in closely at number three, florida. both states seeing high numbers every single day. florida is the line in yellow and california is in blue. both hovering around the 10,000 mark now each day.
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but this week florida is starting to see a slight decline. now let's take a look at cases for 100,000 residents. florida also ahead on this bench mark with 1,600 cases. a thousand cases per 100 people in florida. and check out hospitalizations. florida has almost three times the hospitalization patients in california. over 21,000 are hospitalized in florida versus california, which has just over 7,000. the high number of hospitalizations in florida could be a due large portion of their cases coming from nursing homes. >> one bay area county is putting some teeth into the mask order. the marin county board of supervisors passed an ordinance that cracks down on people who don't wear a mask. bottom line, you get fined. but is it fair? here's nbc bay area's joe rhizoto, jr. >> reporter: in covid times you make the best of things. in marin city felicia gaston has
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young people turning rocks and scrap wood into decorations for public housing. >> it's a way to keep kids busy. >> reporter: her group f marin has also distributed masks to the community, 3,000 of them. though marin county began requiring masks in april there was little enforcement so gaston suggested a slogan. >> we came back with a theme like wear that mask or pay that cash. >> reporter: today marin became the latest bay area county to impose fines of the violation of the mask order. first offense is a warning but after that violators will indeed pay that cash. >> for individuals minimum fines could be $25 and go up to $500. >> reporter: fines for commercial businesses would range from $250 to $10,000. >> we'll have police agencies again will be responsible largely for individual mask
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enforcement. >> reporter: the county says it's getting 60 complaints a day about people not wearing masks mostly around businesses. >> the coronavirus does not discriminate.utgaston worries the ordinance will unfairly target communities of color. it'll track citation and report back in two weeks. as something who makes the best of things she offered her best advice. >> who wants the police citing you for not wearing a mask? just wear the mask. >> reporter: joe rhizoto, jr., nbc bay area news. >> so how long are we expected to be in this heightened stage in the state health secretary says it could be another four weeks. it may take another month for californians to see the effects of the governor tightening the rules. last week governor newsom continued to shutdown bars and other indoor activities. the doctor noted the administration is trying to strike a balance between the virus and the economy. he pleaded with californians to
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continue to socially distance to avoid a further shutdown. >> our reopening has been treated as a green light to many to resume normal life. and many of us recognize that we will always have our finger on the dimmer switch. we are not afraid to use it. >> as for returning to school he says elementary school students may be able to go back into the classroom sooner than the older students. there is strong data showing kids under the age of 10 don't spread the virus as fast. >> yeah, but some parents don't want distance learning at all and are now suing the state to force schools to open up for in class learning. parents say it should be up to them to make the decision, not the state. in san jose franklin mckinically school district with more on the lawsuit and its opponents. >> reporter: frankly mckinically school district has already voted these playgrounds and school grounds will remain
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closed until at least after the holidays. but the lawsuit claims each individual parent should have a choice. a group of california parents and attorneys announce their plan to sue the state in a virtual news conference today. >> we intend to pursue an injunction in court to prevent the governor from destroying the academic year and beyond for these families and their kids. >> reporter: that high profile san francisco attorney who says the state doesn't have the right to keep the kids from schools. >> our families overwhelming want to return to the crasrooms. >> reporter: he says the parents should be the ones making the choice not the governor. >> by offering an in person model and distance learning model we have created options for families and teachers knowing they are in the best position to determine what is right for them and their families. >> i think we all agree that, you know, it's best to have students in person as the best way to support students, but it
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has to be safe. >> and the mckinley says that's right it's not safe, not when his students are impacted by the coronavirus. >> we have to balance what's then best interest of our students and the whole community. >> reporter: and right now he says classrooms filled with students is not an option. instead he says he wants to focus on providing more training for students and teachers until all parents can proceed with distance learning until it's safe to bring them back to class. >> speaking of distance learning uc berkeley is changing course for the fall semester. you may remember campus health leaders originally said cal would hold limited in person classes in the fall, but today students got an e-mail saying the campus will be fully online for the fall semester. cal is also asking students to stay home rather than come back
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to campus if possible. the school says it plans to hold some classes in person once health leaders say it is safe. at cal state east bay employees are trying to halt university re-openings. but about 6% of the courses will be held in person. staffers say they don't feel safe coming back. today students and staff members delivered a petition with more than 1,000 signatures right to the president's office. >> as soon as the repopulation plan has started we've been receiving complaints. because even though they document it on paper what the plan was it's not what manifested what we actually got on campus, so it's really unsafe. >> leaders there at csu east bay say they have implemented a protection plan that includes physical distance and cleaning protocols. still to come, what happened to california once the gold standard for handling the
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pandemic is now threatening to pass new york in cases. ucsf's top epidemiologist explains what we can do to stop the spread. chiiacers filling the cove as we speak. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. what to expect tomorrow plus an update on the drought and our reservoirs. we'll have that for in about 7 minutes.
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just today california became the second state to report more than 400,000 covid-19 cases. we join new york as the only two states to top that threshold. and it's expected california will soon pass new york as we continue to see a surge in cases, and new york is actually flattening the curve. nbc bay area lili tan sat down with one of the nation's experts on tracing to find out how this happened. california is now on track to overtake new york as the worst hit state in the country for covid-19 infections. >> it's a proportion of people surviving icu stays is going up and up and up. >> reporter: that was the good news when we checked with the ucsf epidemiologist george rutherford. as of now san francisco has
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trained 140 disease detectives who are tracking cases seven days a week. now the bad news. with growing delays between when people are getting tested and when they're getting results the risk of covid positive patients infecting others grows, too. >> they should be self-quarantining until they get the test results back. >> reporter: california once dubbed the california miracle for its ability to flatten the curve is now adding more than 9,000 new covid-19 cases per day. new york once the country's epicent epicenter adds just over 700 a day. >> now we're seeing that new york open up more and doing well and now california's not doing well. so what happens? >> first and foremost is that as we started to reopen people started to take more chances. additionally there's a large, large outbreak in the latino low income essential worker densely housed communities throughout
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the state. >> reporter: plus resistance to face coverings. >> and we're going to have to get over it, and everybody needs to wear masks. >> reporter: until that happens contact tracers can expect to face more seven day workweeks. in san francisco lili tan, nbc bay area news. >> the bay area is once again on the forefront of social change, and once again president trump is not happy about it. it's all about giants manager gabe capler kneeling during the national anthem. kapler along with a handful of players took a knee during the national anthem last night to shed light on police brutality and racial injustice. kapler becomes the first baseball manager to take a knee, that prompted this response from president trump today via twitter. anytime i witness a player kneeling during the national anthem, a sign of great disrespect for our country and our flag, the game is over for me. giants outfielder jalen davis who is black released this statement saying in part, i'm
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very grateful to be a part of an organization who supports their players for expressing what they believe in and i am provide tattoo be a giant. >> also making national headlines giants assistant coach alissa gnat kn becoming the first woman to ever coach on the field during a major league baseball game. giants players marking the historic moment. infielder marisio tweeted this photo with the caption congrats becoming the first ever, i'm hawn toward share the field with you. she's expected to be back on the field tonight. >> overall it was a little strange watching no fans and pumped in crowd noise through the speaker system. that was at the colosseum so what's going to be happening tonight at oracle park? either you sit across the street or just take a peek at our exclusive ballpark cam. this a live look. giants a a's preparing to take the field. our business tech reporter scott budman is there for us.
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scott, usually you'd have what thousands of people or at least hundreds of people walking behind you in the ballpark, but i just see one person right there right now. >> reporter: yeah, the buzz out here at the cove all around here is a little quieter than usual for a baseball night and you know why. the fans tell us they understand they won't be able to go inside for an actual game but they and the local businesses say they will adjust to pandemic baseball. this is about as close as giants fans can get to the action. >> i'm just ready for some baseball, man. >> reporter: darryl king is ready but will have to keep his distance. >> me being a season ticket holder and not being able to be inside, i'm like, hey, i'm going to come here regardless, stand over there, hopefully catch something. >> reporter: with the right field peephole sealed off there will be no crowding around here. if you want a foul a ball in the
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time of covid you may have to rent a kayak. >> there are bigger issues we need to think about. >> even for a giants fan? >> yes. >> fans told us they caught the series one in oakland along with the 5,000 cut out board fans. across the street momo said it will miss the big game crowds, but if you're up for outdoor dining on game night they'll provide the tv and speakers. >> so you'll be able to see and hear what's going on. you're not going to hear the roar of the crowd like you normally would if you were sitting out here watching a game but we're hoping to make some of our own noise to support the guys across the street. >> reporter: all right, one of the guys across the street just cranked out a home run and it's sitting there, a batting practice home run. floating in the cove, and sure enough i think we've got a kayaker on the way. so some traditions are still alive here even during pandemic
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baseball. we are live, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott, we'll buy you dinner if you jump in and get that ball. >> all right. >> he's like no thank you. he's like thank goodness the ball was already retrieved. okay, if you're going to be at the cove or eating outside at momo's you're going to have to bundle up. it's chillyane san francisco tonight. >> yes, it is. we do have the cool 60s and the fog. as we head through the next couple of hours that fog is going to continue to move in at the coastline. it feels good the giants are playing again. even though there's no fans a bit of normalcy. let's bring you into the future cast. it's going to show you where the fog and drizzle will be tomorrow morning. another extensive layer of cloud cover with us. that green is an indication of drizzle we could see for the coastal area, and the gray,
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whitish color that's all the clouds and fog we'll see moving over the north bay. also all the way back into contra costa alameda counties towards c livermore. and we're now seeing this cloud cover develop tomorrow northerning from south san jose down to about gilroy. just be aware of that tomorrow morning if you've got to get anywhere. maybe it'll make the morning start a bit nicer for you. once we hit the afternoon we get that sunshine returning and with the foggy breeze it's going to stay comfortable. plenty of 70s from santa rosa to napa. so below average temperatures. now, we've been stuck in this dryer pattern lately so we always want to keep an update on the drought during the dry summer months. 21% of california in a severe drought right now. the good news is that our rez voirs continue to remain anywhere from 75 to 100% of normal across the state. so this is good news, and that's
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why we're not seeing any water restrictions. coming up in 25 minutes we'll take a look at the long-range forecast and i'll show you what we could be seeing happening into august. again, i'll see you all in about 25 minutes. >> we will see you shortly. thanks, jeff. up next here at 6:00, vandals strike in the middle of the night. the messages they sent to oakland mayor libby shaft right there to her home. back in a moment.
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bringing their anger right to her home. vandals spray painted messages on the home of oakland mayor libby shaft. a next door neighbor tells us around 2:00 a.m. she saw 20 masked people all dressed in dark clothing surround the mayor's home there in oakland. the neighbor says she heard people chant wake up, libby, as they setoff fireworks and spray painted the home with messages. many of those messages we can't even show you. the mayor lives their with her husband and two children.
6:26 pm
>> this was very different. this was very militant, and it doesn't feel like people from oakland. >> you're crossing a line when you do this to her house. >> it's just full of hate. >> the mayor supports passionate protest but does not support tactics meant to harm and terrorize others. president trump is trying for the second time to eliminate undocumented immigrants from the 2020 census. he signed a memo today barring undocumented immigrants from being counted for the purpose of deciding how many members of congress each state will get. the constitution, though, requires the census to include everyone in the u.s. the aclu says president trump can't pick and choose who gets counted. earlier this year the administration tried to at a citizenship question to the census, but the supreme court blocked it. new legal challenges are now expected. well, coming up next at 6:30, back in the spotlight. president trump resumes his daily updates on the coronavirus. his warning about what we can expect for the near future.
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and only one bay area county is not on the governor's watch list. today we've got a stern message from a health official in that county. ♪ menutaur
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right now at 6:30 it's going to get worse before it gets better. that's the word from president trump on the fight against the coronavirus. president trump back at the podium. the president gave his first coronavirus task force briefing in three months today. >> he told americans we will
6:30 pm
continue to see a rise in cases before the eventual de chine, but he says his administration will stop at nothing to save lives. and a rare change of stance. he tweeted the message yesterday but today the president right there at the podium encouraged people to wear masks. >> yeah, i have the mask right here, i carry it, and i will use it gladly. no problem with it, and i've said that. and i say if you can use the mask. when you can use the mask. if you're close to each other, if you're in a group i would put it on when i'm in a group. >> in prior briefings other members of the task force joined the president for briefings such as dr. fauci and dr. birx. today, though, president trump spoke alone. as cases surge in the bay area there's just one county that's not on the state watch list. san mateo county. is it doing something different or is it only a matter of time? nbc bay area's marianne favro in
6:31 pm
the city where the health official there is sending out information who's getting infected and why. >> reporter: the county health officer says he's concerned many of the new cases of covid-19 are among front line workers, some living in crowded conditions with no access. he's doing it now because he's concerned the state will soon put san mateo county on its watch list forcing all barbershop tuesday shutdown again. >> i'm afraid everything is going to be shutdown and i really want to get my haircut before that. it's already too long. >> reporter: one customer came all the way from napa to find an open barber. but with covid-19 cases in san mateo county continuing to rise most expect the county will join the rest of the bay area on the states monitoring list triggering mandatory closures for barbers, hair stylists and other businesses. san maw tayo county health
6:32 pm
officer scott morris issued a statement trying to explain the surge. he talked about the fact many new cases are coming from front line workers who live pay to check to paycheck and then spelled it out writing try getting compliance with isolation and quarantine when the infected person is the breadwinner of the family and the family will be out on the street if they don't go to work. and when they go to work they'll perhaps interact in that job with you. the county supervisor said the doctor nailed it. >> if you have a nice job that allows you to work from home you don't have to interact. you have technology. you can do that. but what do we say to the people who work in the back of our kitchens? what do we say to the people who are blue collar? >> reporter: the question for everyone now is how do we change that, and until we do how do we convince everyone to wear a mask and stay away from others? in redwood city marianne favro,
6:33 pm
nbc bay area news. >> this is all taking a toll on us, specifically the pandemic is wearing down the nations front line doctors. an analysis led by ucf finds those doctors are suffering rising levels of anxiety and emotional exhaustion regardless of how intense the surge is at their respective hospitals. leading the occupational pressure worries about enough masks and gloves. at home these doctors are anxious about exposing relatives and friends and report they change their behavior toward family and friends. participants were from seven cities in california, louisiana, and new jersey. well, if you want to get tested there are three more sites available to you in the south bay. one of the new locations is at the santa clara county service is center on berger drive. another opened up at san jose high school and a third new testing center in gilroy at the south county annex. all testing is free.
6:34 pm
you don't need an appointment or insurance. >> speaking of tests results are showing more californians are testing positive. california just topped 400,000 cases today which puts us on the verge of surpassing new york which currently hold the number one spot. good evening, doctor, thanks for joining us. how did we become the epicenter? we were the first to act and now we have almost the highest number of cases? >> i think it was a lot of people are seeing that maybe we reopened too fast not that we reopened at all because everyone wanted to do that to help the economy. but i think the idea is we forgot the next statement i think many of us which is to reopen but do that as safely as possible. i think that led to a bunch of different things and there was a lot of mixed messaging from the top particularly regarding mask use in the community. >> yeah, new york is managing to flatten the curve as we see
6:35 pm
their graph. they're actually going down, we're going up. so what can we do to start flattening the curve again? >> well, i think we have to remind to back in the epidemic here because we will all together we are -- you know, together as one we were hashtag all in this together and with more than 80% to 90% pretty much having some restrictions and activities apart from san mateo, we are back to that location. i think what is up to us to do is come together as a community again, be patient about the dimming switch and be kind to each other. easier said than done, of course. we're so tired we wish this had all been behind us, but we have to look forward to the future. >> it's almost like we were the strictest and so we were probably more antsy and itching to get back out more than others who had kind of relaxed restricts a little bit sooner.
6:36 pm
talking about the dimmer switch that's what governor newsom has repeatedly said and his top doctor said the state is preparing to put another guidance play book out soon. what guidance would you like to see added to that list? >> personally i would like to see more attention paid to some of the epidemic or the surges we've seen on the inside. so guidance of factory, guidance to nursing homes, guidance to small businesses, large businesses. and the biggest inside leaks of all which we've talked a lot about in this network before is the prison system. it's been some of the biggest outbreaks in the country, and until we address that intelligently we're going to continue to have a surge in virus. >> maybe one of those inclosed spaces where people are spreading the virus so rapidly. raj mentioned a story new
6:37 pm
research that showed increased anxiety among doctors. fears of not having enough ppe or masks at work or fears they might get their family members sick. i have a friend they sleep-in separate rooms because they're not taking any chances. are you having this anxiety? are you noticing this among your colleagues as well? >> there's some biology behind that, too. there's cortisol which is like this fight or flight horm r hormone we have. you can't fight that for too long. after a while we get numb and i think that's what the happening in the communities and the health field as well. in fact, one of the studies of the finding which i found interesting is health care providers showed less affection to their family members after they were faced with all this uncertainty and anxiety and work. >> i'm so sorry. it's been four months of nonstop
6:38 pm
stress. we appreciate you all and thank you for taking the time tonight, dr. peter chan-hong. up next the right place at the right time, how another boater came to the rescue when this boat caught there fire on lake tahoe.
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6:40 pm
a boat trip ended horribly for it captain of this power boat at lake tahoe. the boat was a total loss but he escaped injury and was rescued just in time by another boater. he told investigators he was near dollar point when the boat caught fire. fortunately he was rescue by another boater by the time coast guard arrived. the boat sank and the owner will be required to have it salvaged. an east bay man said he likely started a fire that killed two dogs and destroyed several boats and cars. the man says he spilled some gas while filling up his generator. he thought it was all cleaned up but when they started the
6:41 pm
generator it caught fire. this is the second large fire the east contra costa fire district responded to overnight. crews had just finished putting out a 75 acre brush fire when this one started. the high profile trial of elizabeth holmes has been delayed again. a judge rescheduled the trial due to concerns about holding it during this pandemic. it was originally set to begin next week, and then pushed back until october. now there is no firm start day. holmes was once a rising star in the sail convalley. she and her business partner are accused of fraud, promoting their blood machine as something that could detect hundreds of diseases. both have pled not guilty. okay, let's get a check of our forecast. cooler than usual. cooler than what we've expected july. let's get a check of our forecast with jaeff ranieri. >> haven't heard any complaints so far in the home weather
6:42 pm
office so that some good news. coming up i'll take a look at my long-range forecast and also what's happening with el nino and la nina. >> if your kids go to their school in the classroom in the fall we have advice how to make sure they're safe and also how to help kids in need. we are supporting our schools next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
all this week we are supporting our schools. new this year we are blending our big annual backpack drive with some expert advice for how to handle back to school in a pandemic. tonight consumer investigator chris chimera talks about some nontraditional school supplies and lessons because of covid-19. >> many students are going to go online at first, but there are going to be some who will go to the classroom, and we want to help you equip your kids with maximum safety on campus. we asked a leading disease
6:45 pm
specialist right here in it bay area how to do that. surely the little ones backpacks will need pencil, erasers and paper when they return to class on campus but dr. warner green at the gladstone institute in san francisco says kids should also have a mask and maybe even disinfectant for their lockers and desks. >> if possible that might be a very good thing to have in the backpack. hopefully lysol wipes or something to clean the desk surface. that would be fine with me. >> dr. geen u signed parents with homework. drill your kids especially younger ones with three things that will reinforce hygiene. first, break out a tape measure. show them how far 6 feet apart really is. second, start a stopwatch. remind them how long 20 seconds of hand washing really is. sing happy birthday twice. and third, teach proper mask use. always over the mouth and nose, then ideally clean the mask
6:46 pm
frequently. >> the importance of masking cannot be overemphasized. >> we wondered if parents should take any special precautions? should you immediately wash your kids clothes or make them shower? >> i think that the issues of coronavirus on your clothes are probably a very, very low threat. i think the first thing kids should do when they come home, wash your hands and take off your mask safely. >> safely means keeping those grubby little hands away from the inside of the mask. keep the part that touches the face clean. and here's a hint. consider putting a backpack up mask in your kids backpack and then instruct them to switch to the fresh one after lunchtime. speaking of backpacks nbc bay area and telemundo 48 have once again partnered with family giving tree to provide backpacks and school supplies to thousands of bay area students who might not otherwise get one.
6:47 pm
if you'd like to contribute please head to two masks in max's backpack. >> that's good. i was going to say he's got grubby little hands with a lot of dirt all over them. a busy world is tightening its mask policy. disney reopened its theme park in orlando earlier this month. you've got to wear a mask and get your temperature checked before you can enter. disney says guests don't have to wear a mask when you're eating or drinking. of course that makes sense. that rule is still in effect. but now -- >> some good reminders and good rules. let's get a check of our forecast. it seems we're going to have this milder weather all week. >> it is definitely going to stick around all the way through friday, we've got a bit of heat coming our way ahead, but all in all not bad for july. in fact, i really wanted to start off this forecast with an
6:48 pm
overall look for the next 30 to 45 days with my long-range forecast to set the table for what we're dealing with right now. you can see there's no el nino at the current moment or la nina. it's not a slam dunk so to speak on big rainfall force but it definitely can boost rainfall totals and we'll be tracking that over the next few months. the the rest of july is 75% chance. this is really good odds that hot 100s stay away, so more comfortable weather ahead. as we reach august a 60% chance right now of no $10100s the waye long-range forecast look. that's a look otat my long-rang forecast to get prepared what's coming our way. we'll get that closer focus in here on tomorrow morning, and i do expect another round of low
6:49 pm
clouds and fog, pretty extensive from the north bay to the east bay off the peninsula, and on the latest update just coming in this hour we are beginning to see some of these low clouds develop near south san jose and also gilroy for tomorrow morning. notice all this green, it's the drizzle developing near the coastline. we get sunshine returning by the afternoon. this again sets us up with cool temperatures to start. 50s here for the south bay, tri-valley at 55. also more chilly 50s for the east bay, san francisco, and the north bay. this pattern will help to keep our temperatures down below average here. in the south bay i don't think there's going to be any complaints tomorrow. 77 in coopertino, perfect weather. also gilroy at 76. right near the bay we'll warm it up just slightly here in oakland, 73. but relatively speaking here that is nice.
6:50 pm
81 in danville. over towards the peninsula we're coming in with some really beautiful weather here in redwood city at 74 degrees. and right up into san francisco some chilly 50s and 60s. 65 in the mission and the coldest weather in the outer sunset at 57 degrees. and right across the north bay 76 in sonoma and then hotter low 90s for ucaya and clear lake. my extended forecast in san francisco keeps it dry the next four days with morning fog and 60s and right here across inland valleys we'll hold on with these 80s all the way through saturday, and then we'll warm it up just a bit when we hit sunday and monday with some 90s. but once again doesn't look like any hot 100s as we head to the next 7 to 14 days. so i think that's a lot of relief for folks who are just trying to get through every day right now, and we get those 100s and you don't have ac it's just something else to worry about. so i'll take this forecast
6:51 pm
anytime for sure. >> it almost felt like an october day today. sunny but that little nip in the air there. >> i'm with you. helps change-up your mood. >> thank you, jeff. up next here at 6:00 not just gabe kapler, just moments ago two giants fans favorites joining their manager in kneeling during the national anthem. we'll take you back live to oracle park. feel like you've watched all the things? now there's more to love with xfinity x1, the ultimate entertainment experience. like live sports. they're back with the best way to watch. and more streaming apps all in one place. more classics. more premiers. plus, more to easily find using just your voice. hello, more. where have you been all my life? find your favorites and more all in one place with x1. plus, get speed, coverage and security with the xfi gateway. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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the bay bridge series moves from oakland to san francisco. tonight the giants hosting the a's at oracle park. this is live look from our exclusive ballpark cam. yep, no fans there. just some stadium officials. the game just getting started. baseball really has taken a back seat to all the other story lines. >> yeah, nbc bay area's anthony flores joins us from the park with the very latest in another poignant moment today. >> reporter: certainly, guys. i'll tell you what the giants beat the a's in oakland last night, but it's what happened before the first pitch that really has everyone talking. let's show you what happened moments ago at oracle park. giants manager gabe kapler taking a knee during the national anthem. he was joined by several of his
6:55 pm
players and members of his coaching staff. now included in the players kneeling were fan favorites hunter pence and pablo sandoval. now, let's take you back to monday night in game one of this series in oakland during the national anthem. kapler and several players and coaches took a knee. he's the first manager in the majors to kneel during the anthem. he says he's doing it to show his players he supports them and the black lives matter movement. the reaction has been mixed. the president of baseball operations says he supports the peaceful profest but president trump called it a sign of great disrespect for our country, kapler disagrees. >> i don't see it as disrespect at all. i see nothing more american than standing up for what you believe in, i see nothing more patriotic than peaceful protest when things are -- are frustrating and upsetting.
6:56 pm
there's nobody that should make us stop doing the right thing. >> now, kapler says what guides their decision is people who need the giants to stand up for them. back out here live there are no fans inside oracle park, but there are some outside. and you can see the kayakers waiting for a home run. everyone's excited for a little baseball. so are we. we'll check out the highlights tonight at 11:00. >> very nice. you've got some company out there, anthony. and by the way the real game regular season for the giants begins thursday night down at dodger stadium. finally at 6:00 there's an urgent need for blood donations. it warriors swinging into action. >> they teamed up with the red cross and hosted a blood drive. they're specifically asking the black community to donate. you can make an appointment
6:57 pm
through the red cross and those who give and donate will also have their blood tested for covid-19 antibodies. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye.
6:58 pm
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that's who he is and he loves to express himself. >> new meltdown troubles for kanye tweeting kim is trying to lock me up. what kanye stated before about his mental health. >> when i hit the hospital, that was a bird flying into the window. >> you want to talk about a villain. >> stop there. >> "ghost" turns 30. demi and patrick you know. >> hey, captain america here. you call me on y >> the avengers assemble for the hero who saved his sister from a dog attack.


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