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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 24, 2020 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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the low 80s in the tri-valley. up to 68 degrees in oakland. and for the north bay we'll have some mid-70s for santa rosa. while san francisco stays in the low 60s. i think it's going to be foggy and cloudy throughout much of today. as we look at what's happening out there, this is something that's been making headlines and you've probably seen it on your social media. breaking news to tell you about this midday. we have the tropics that are very busy. and so we are going to see -- fire crews are heading to the scene of a vex tang fire in oh, my computer just crashed. antioch. so everything went black. this is on west 4th street. and it is a possible explosions i don't know if we can switch to the backup weather computer. we can take a look at the involved. crews telling people to avoid that area so firefighters can seven-day forecast to give you an idea of what's going on as we get there and get things under go into the weekend, we are control. going to see our inland we are going to continue to temperatures in the mid-80s bring you those updates as they come in. today. i want to thank you for but it will warm up slightly for joining our midday newscast. the weekend as we get a look at i'm marcus washington. that seven-day forecast. you can see that our weather mcdonald's becomes the first fast food chain to require mask continues to be very nice. some upper 80s as we head into inside all of its restaurants. next tuesday. so we're looking good for the the golden arches are requiring all of its customers to wear weekend, marcus. back to you, we're going to have those masks once they get some nice weather especially for inside. this move joins places like today. >> all right, loving that
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walmart, starbucks and costco. weather today. and, kari, working from home is mcdonald's says it will have those masks for customers who never that easy. don't have them. you roll with it like a pro. customers who refuse to wear coming up for you, it is the those masks will have their perfect time to learn more about orders expedited and served in a the south bay's past. pickup area. the way you can actually do it this is away from other and still social distance with your family. customers. meanwhile, san francisco's but first happening now, a fairy building is open again. statue of christopher columbus this is after closing briefly removed overnight in chicago's after questions of whether it's a transportation hub or an grand park. that statue had been home for indoor mall. nbc bay area's kris sanchez numerous protests for weeks. joins us live with more of that the mayor said that the statue back and forth about that. was removed to ensure the safety so, kris, what did they decide? of residents. the statue had stood there since >> reporter: a lot of us go to 1933. we'll be back with more for you the ferry building for the right after the break. fantastic food you can buy and the great farmers' market that they host. today on "california live," but because it is a ferry building is the reason why it it's quarantine date night and we're going to show you how to can reopen. the ferry building website was quick to put up that update make it fun. plus, we take our favorite posting the message "we're back" summer fruits and turn it into a after the state reclassified the delicious dessert. building as a transportation hub >> it's all happening on and not an indoor marketplace. "california live" this morning at 11:30 on nbc bay area. this is a huge relief businesse
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exclusively inside thebecause t. they were caught in limbo with perishable inventory on hand and no heads up that they might close. workers and customers were equally puzzled and then equally happy. >> it was really exciting to be back open again. i wasn't expecting to be here today. >> well, i was surprised because we come here pretty often. we live down the street. and i was curious why it was closed. and i'm glad it's open now. >> now we are told that inside management enhanced the cleaning procedures and air filtration system. they do ask that customers do their part wearing face coverings and hand sanitizing stations and also observing that all-important social distancing. as you likely know, san francisco has paused a lot of its re-opening plan because of that surge in coronavirus cases. that means on hold are still salons, gyms, indoor dining,
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outdoor bars and other areas because of that surge. a reminder, when you are in the city you are required to wear some sort of face covering and you are required to keep your social distance. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> yeah, everyone, follow the rules so it can stay open. all right, thanks, kris. well, the centers for disease control updates the quarantine guidelines for people diagnosed with covid-19. the agency now says that patients with mild to moderate illness can come out of isolation after ten days without symptoms instead of the 14. they also say that you no longer need a negative test result in order to go back to work or other activities. those changes come after studies show the large majority of covid patients were no longer tonight, a family farm worth negotiatous after ten days. millions, a right-hand man dead. the cdc says that those more >> i can't find a reason why severe illnesses may need to somebody would want to can ill him. >> and a bomber who sends clues quarantine for 20 days. to the cops. a white house health leader >> i'm thinking, you're the one that did it. warning one south bay city to be on guard as covid cases are on >> "dateline" tonight 9/8 central. the rise. dr. deborah birx says that san
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jose is one of those 12 cities the white house coronavirus task force is tracking like miami and phoenix. speaking on the ""today" show this morning, explaining that more young people are hey. check this out. you can see those little ones asymptomatic and spreading the right there. virus. well, those are kris sanchez's subtle changes require big action from local leaders. kids. >> until you can see that they're part of the olympic explosion, it's hard for people games, sort of. you can see one dressed up as an to understand how deeply you olympian for halloween. have to clamp down. then the little one down there and that's why we called out the had a birthday party olympic next set of cities where we see early warning signs because if you make changes now, you won't themed. you can follow kris on facebook, twitter, and instagram. become a phoenix. always fun time at their house. >> despite this concern, santa well, you know, despite a clara county leaders say they sharp decline in travel, alaska weren't consulted nor notified. airlines is adding new daily flights out of san jose. their statement reads, in part, so the seattle-based carrier is we are concerned about the increase in cases nationally and announcing new routes to spoken, believe that this highlights the need for a coordinated national redmond, oregon, as well as approach to address this pandemic, something the president has failed to put into effect, end quote. missoula, montana. well, it's a critical despite the travel ricks you
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weekend for santa cruz county. can still travel back in time. it's just been added to the state's watch list after a surge tomorrow the japanese-american in cases. this means if those cases continue to rise for more than three days, openings will be rolled back. i'm talking about gyms, salons museum is holding japantown and places of worship. they may have to close as soon as monday. health leaders say that in the past few weeks, beaches were packed with visitors, and hidden histories. they're urging people to work to reduce the number of covid-19 you can register for free. cases. >> that over two-thirds of our and you can enjoy going back in time. as long as you can come back to cases have been in the last two the present. weeks. >> that's right. this is a dramatic change. and learn history. all right. let's talk about our future for the weekend. >> well, you know what? we are going to see some mid-80s it looks as if americans will for the inland areas. not get that payroll tax cut and as we go into saturday and president trump wanted. sunday, we're looking at some scott mcgrew, i know even low 90s for the inland areas. members of the president's own party were against this one. but really no change for san francisco. we'll stay in the 60s but i >> reporter: that's right. think we'll get a little bit it was really a matter of math. more sunshine by the end of the good morning, marcus. weekend and our temperatures a tax cut would cost money at a coming up a little bit, marcus. time in which we are running >> a little more sunshine never just enormous actually hurt anyone. thanks, kari. see you back here starting historically high deficits and monday. you want coffee. would only help people who got a paycheck, not those who are not
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getting paid who we really need to help. video here of the president awarding the presidential medal of freedom to jim ryan, a former congressman olympic runner. not a single person this morning in the white house blue room appears to be wearing a mask. now the senate says it will not be until next week until we see the versions of this bill that does not include the president's tax cut. there will be perhaps extra benefits for unemployed people. we've got that $600 that's running out in the end of july. but you also want to not spend money. the secretary of treasury says get 7 cups free with 7rewards. it's very unlikely that $600 will continue. is that what you want? oh, we know. >> this is intended to be wage we might know you better than you know yourself. 7-eleven. always open. replacement. so we're focused on the percentage, which is about 70%. so, nobody's going to get more than $600. but, again, if you were making $300, you're not going to get $600 this time. and that's fair. people understand that.
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>> reporter: the house has already passed its version of a stimulus bill. it's $3 trillion. that is much, much bigger than the senate has got on its plate. it likely will not agree to that house plan. at a time when there's so much division, it is worth mentioning that both sides have entirely valid points. the senate and the republicans worried about the largest debt in american history. many worried as well about how to help people and get money into the hands of people who need it. but it's hard to compromise between those two things. back to you. >> truly a tough decision they have. all right. switching gears for you right now. so the a's officially begin their shortened baseball season with their home opener tonight at oakland. nbc bay area's bob redell joining us live there. and, bob, i know an academy award-winning person in the stands tonight. talk to me about that. who is this? >> well, marcus, in the virtual sense, yes, the oakland a's just announced that if you listen
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very closely, you'll be able to hear tom hanks, an oakland right now on "california native hocking hot dogs during live," it's date night, quarantine style. tonight's home opener. >> you got to like each other >> hot dogs! again. this has been a long time. hot dogs here! then, we take a favorite colossal hot dogs. summer fruit and flip it into a delicious dessert. not a ball game without a hot >> what's better than a dog. >> so that's an actual photo of hydrating sweet refreshing tom banks at 19 years old when pizza? plus, liz is here to show us how to hide those mask lines. he worked for the a's and sold >> these are all products that concessions at the coliseum. tonight, the team will pipe in i've been using for the past few weeks during summer. his voice as part of the crowded and let me tell you, they have blown my mind in terms of piped in crowd noise during affordability and function. tonight's home opener. and flashback friday where now, unfortunately because of the pandemic, fans will not be "california live" was oner allowed inside the ballpark ago. >> that was epic! inside the coliseum for tonight's game against the los angeles angels. instead the stands will be empty like this past monday's spring training game against the giants with the exception of cardboard cutouts. first pitch tonight at 10:00.
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this was the scene from last night where the giants took on the dodgers. and this is where the players and coaches knelt along the base lines together in a show of support for the black lives matter movement. some players also maintained their kneeling stance for the national anthem. the dodgers did beat the giants 8-1. across the street from oracle park in san francisco, giants fans watched the game at momo's where there wasn't an empty table on the patio. they set up tvs outside so fans could enjoy the game. and earlier this week the owner had told us that reservations had filled up past. now incidentally, hundreds of people are expected to caravan outside the coliseum stadium. they're protesting the city of oakland's proposed sale of that piece of property. they instead want the city to invest in rebuilding the coliseum instead of moving it to the port where there's a proposed site. >> we're hoping they end the
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night with a win. next tuesday marks one year since the deadly rampage at the gilroy garlic festival. but the spirit of the festival will still live on this year. in a virtual setting. organizers are actually holding a virtual kickoff on facebook for the next three days it will be all things garlic online with events celebrating one of the world's most popular seasonings. i know i love garlic. also next tuesday in gilroy, a small memorial will be held. that event will also be live streamed. okay. we have been waiting for this one. the weekend is finally here. a live look for you out at the iconic o g fog sticking around meaning those temperatures a little bit cooler there. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the weather for us. how is it looking for us? >> it's all clear in the south bay. and we've had sunshine all throughout the morning. and so we've seen our temperatures a little bit warmer here. but compared to yesterday, our
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high temperature will be lower. let's get a look at our forecast for that game tonight for the a's. and no one will be in the stadium. but you may be around that area and enjoying watching the game on tv. if you'll be grilling outside, expect it to be in the low 60s. and continuing to cool off, you may even need a jacket. we're looking at high temperatures in the upper 70s for the south bay. some mid-80s for the inland east bay. and we're up to 93 today in clear lake. we'll talk about a slightly hotter weekend for the bay area. that's coming up in a few minutes, marcus. >> looking forward to that, kari. thanks. coming up for you, some help for people really trying to make it in the bay. the way san jose is looking to e settle rent problems for people struggling during the pandemic. >> it is a culture of lack of impunity, of accepting, of violence and violent language against women. >> the response from representative alexandria ocasio-cortez that is going viral.
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i'm chris chmura here live in mountain view. we are supporting our schools. just ahead, how you can join us here in person and you can put a backpack like this in the hands of a child in need. stick around. we'll be right back. >> coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "california live," followed by "access daily." then "days of our lives" at 1:00. dear california, we know these are challenging times...
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and with summer here, energy bills are rising. together, we can save energy and money... by taking steps to stay cool while using less. keep safe and keep it golden. and geico loves helping riders get to where they're going, so to help even more, geico is giving new and current customers a fifteen percent credit on their motorcycle policies
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with the geico giveback. and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term. the geico giveback. helping riders focus on the road ahead. welcome back. all this week nbc bay area is supporting our schools. we talked about collecting thousands of backpacks and school supplies for kids in need. well, all this week we've turned to chris chmura. he always has the answers for us. chris is joining us live from mountain view where our team just were collecting those items, socially distancing, of course, chris. >> reporter: yeah, marcus. okay. so i have the answers. if the question is how can you support kids in need, the answer is come on visit us here. we are at the corner of el monte
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avenue and el camino real. you can make a donation. we are approaching our goal of putting 3,000 backpacks in the hands of kids in elementary sch in san jose. more than half of her 360 students come from low-income families. many don't even have internet access or computers at home so they will be returning to class in the fall. and every donation helps. >> all of our families do their very best. but it is such a gift when we can partner with organizations, with volunteers, with anyone that's willing to lend a little bit. >> reporter: and that is where you come in. even if you can't make it to our drop-op locatioiew, you can don online. you can build a backpack virtually at or if you'd like, you can make a contribution. so, again, go to
11:16 am if you want to meet us in person we'll be here from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. let me exhan one more thing. what am i wearing here? this is a hoppy coat. because otherwise on this particular day, we would be celebrating the opening ceremonies of the olympics and they're in japan. so here you have it. this is what we ordinarily would be wearing. looks pretty good. co konichiwa and i apologize if my that means no good in japanese. >> we've got a whole year to wear these things. >> thanks, chris. well, developing for you on capitol hill this morning, new york house member alexandria ocasio-cortez confronts a republican colleague who had mixed words for her earlier than -- and really had insults that were laced with profanity.
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it happened in front of journalists and included a lot of harsh words not fit for television. florida congressman ted yoho lashed out after she said poverty drives crime. now here's the congresswoman last night. >> i walked back out, and there were reporters in the front of the capitol and in front of reporters representative yoho, and i quote [ bleep ]. these are the words that representative yoho levied against a congresswoman. >> i rise to apologize for the abrupt manner of the conversation i had with my colleague from new york. it is true that we disagree on policies and visions for america, but that does not mean we should be disrespectful. >> you also heard ocasio-cortez called that an excuse, not an one south bay ci becoming a medieare to help its renters make it in the bay.
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this is a program to dissolve rental disputes with eviction moratoriums ending next month. the housing department says it received hundreds of calls already to be a neutral party between the tenants and landlords disagreement. tenants have until next august to pay all of their rent back that they missed in full. google is expanding its effort to help more people make it in the bay. google will now invest an additional $50 million to the housing trust to make new affordable housing. last year google pledged $1 billion to create affordable housing. google says that the money will help lead to 4,000 homes over the next ten years. the first housing projects will start in san jose and newark. the silicon valley leadership group just announced a new ceo. ama thomas is now leading the organization. thomas will be the fourth ceo in its 43 had, year history. over the last ten years he worked as an investment banker
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at barclays capital and also served as senior economic policy adviser to senator dianne feinstein. the mayor issued a statement saying our valley needed someone with ahmad's extensive experience in the private and public sectors. his collaborative spirit and his creati creative intellect. he will start his new role on august 10th. taylor swift dropped a new album overnight. >> reporter: now to "something good." trending this morning at midnight taylor swift actually dropped a surprise brand new album called "folklore." ♪ ♪ >> it'll probably be another catchy one. she also dropped a brand new video of the first single on the album called "cardigan."
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you'll probably hear it again and again. in the meantime, mariah carey is giving us a look at one of her warmups from 30 years ago. listen to this. ♪ ♪ >> i had first thought that was someone whistling, but that's her voice back in 1990 harmonizing. the singer is celebrating three decades of hit-making this year on social media. okay. an anniversary of a different sorteae're talking about marcus washington. yep, i went into my personal file of photos from behind the scenes from our first promo shoot. look at that guy, already had a lot of character. they had to bring out the boxes for me to stand on because his legs are just a little bit longer than mine. we're happy that he's a part of our team. really, it's great to have him.
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back to you. >> all right. thanks, laura. great to be here as well. kari, she was talking about a box. just a little -- i'm just a few inches taller than laura, like maybe what, two? [ laughter ] >> you mean two feet? [ laughter ] hey. we've had some nice weather. we're going to make sure it's great as you celebrate your anniversary today. happy three years to you. we are looking at a little bit of fog rolling from the north bay across the bay and the golden gate bridge. we can see that from our tiburon camera as we check out walnut creek it is all clear and we have some nice weather for people getting ready to head out for lunch. i think i'm going to grill today. so that's a good plan for enjoying this nice weather. and in san jose we're going to see our temperatures in the mid-70s. we're getting ready for the a's game tonight. that starts at 7:10. leading up to that, maybe have dinner outside as our temperatures continue to cool off. an ocean breeze picks e' reachio
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