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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 25, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> i'm anoushah rasta. a surge of new cases and people are still facing long lines to get tests and long waits to get results. in the south bay, a plan to boost testing and do it more efficiently. today people lined up to get tests as wrist bands helped make that process easier. >> and sadness in the east bay tonight. the alameda county sheriff's office is in mourning. flags flown at half-staff after two of its members died from covid-19. let's take a look at where we stand across the bay area. alameda county continues to be the region's hot spot. it is the only county with, yep, more than 10,000 reported cases. in the past 24 hours, it reported 116 new infections. across the bay area, there are now more than 45,000 cases and 750 people have died. health leaders in alameda county are pleading with people to do one thing, stay home. family gatherings, parties, even outdoor gatherings at places like lake merritt are causing a
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lot of concern as they may help spread the virus. >> today a push to keep the crowds at bay. nbc bay area's christie smith has a look. >> reporter: a sunny weekend in oakland at lake merritt with cheney tim stops by. he's heard the city has asked people to give the lake a break amid the pandemic. >> i understand their position, but people are tired of being cramped up in their apartment. >> reporter: the city has taken steps like restricting parking. residents are urged to avoid social gatherings in backyards, parks, and elsewhere and to keep a distance. the roots community health center in oakland shared data this week that in july, 40% of covid cases were tied to people who were at family events and parties. that's almost double the rate of those who get it at work. >> i see folks not wearing masks at all, sharing food, sharing drinks, sharing smokes. oakland, we got to do better than this. >> reporter: parts of east
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oakland saw a big surge. meanwhile, city teams were expected to address vendors without permits, and today park ambassadors walk the area near the lake. >> i get it, but as long as people are social distancing, like we have to have somewhere to be able to go in the city. >> reporter: meantime, people stopped by for fresh air and sun. this woman sat alone and said she follows the guidelines but takes steps to not feel isolated. >> that's the least we can do right now because we want to get through this. >> reporter: in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. right now let's take a closer look at alameda county. this map shows the cases by zip code. the darker areas have the higher case rates, and you can see that includes most of oakland. these zip codes are reporting upwards of 2,000 cases o cases. among the cities with relatively few cases, berkeley, nice job. dublin, very nice job.
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hospitalizations on the rise as well. the blue bars represent the number of patients hospitalized with the virus each day. let's go back to june 18th. it starts out. it's got a bit of a plateau. all of a sudden it jumps up towards the end of june. now take a look at that last blue bar down there. that is july 23rd, thursday. a record 201 patients hospitalized with the virus. that's nearly triple the number of patients in just a month or so. flags at the state capitol will be at half-staff in honor of an alameda county sheriff's deputy who died from the virus. deputy oscar rocha reportedly contracted the virus in june during an outbreak at the santa rita jail in dublin. he died thursday night. less than 24 hours later, the department announced that a non-sworn staff member also died from the virus. today governor newsom said the deaths are a real and painful reminder of the risks that our essential workers face. new at 6:00, san quentin state prison is reporting another covid-19 inmate death. that brings the total number of
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deadly coronavirus cases at san quentin to 17. the prison has reported 2,142 positive tests so far. the number of new cases in the last 14 days is 80. that makes nearly 630 active cases among those in custody. the state prison system is facing criticism for its handling of the crisis. covid-19 testing continued in santa clara county this weekend as more test sites prepare to open up. this was the scene at san jose high school today as the demand for tests remains very high. in fact, next week the county is adding two additional testing sites in san jose, one in gilroy. those sites will use a new wristband system so people don't have to wait in line all day long. they can just come back at the designated time. the idea is to have fewer people waiting around at the sites. >> previous to the wristband system we had people waiting two-plus hours in line in the heat outside with a bunch of people. so now, you know, today i didn't
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see anyone wait more than 30 minutes. >> that's an improvement. this was the second week of the wristband system being used at a large pop-up site. we're told the site tested almost 800 people today. tests are free. you do not need an appointment, symptoms, or insurance. they just want to test you. here's a look at where the sites are opening this week. they'll all open up starting on tuesday, the 28th, will operate until friday, the 31st. some serious precaution taken today at a petaluma fire station with good reason. this after a firefighter tested positive for covid-19 earlier this month. the station where the firefighter worked is now closed for cleaning. you can see crews in full bodysuits and masks sanitizing this whole station. all crew members who were in close contact with that firefighter, they're now also in isolation. while the station is shuttered, the nearby rancho adobe fire department will help respond to emergency calls. a follow-up to a controversial police shooting in vallejo. a warning, though, that it may
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be dpuisturbing to watch. vallejo police have released unedited body camera footage from the night that 22-year-old sean monterrosa was shot and killed. the footage shows officers responding to a walgreens on reports of looting the night of june 2nd. only the face of the officer who fired five rounds at monterrosa is blurred. later monterrosa is seen handcuffed and bleeding as paramedics tend to him. the family's lawyer says the video leaves out a crucial piece of the puzzle. what monterrosa was doing before he was shot. >> that is quite shocking to us that you have video of an officer shooting, but you don't have any videos that took place before. then you have videos of the body after you shot with all the gory details, none of which is helping our assessment of what happened. >> we reached out to the vallejo police department for more information about the officers involved, and the department said, quote, vpd is unable to
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provide any information related to personnel matters as such matters are confidential. a follow-up now to the burning of a san francisco sculpture back in june. city fire officials say that the june 23rd burning of the san francisco spire sculpture was caused by a human. they aren't saying, though, whether it was arson or maybe an accident. flames climbed the 100-foot spire near inspiration point and spread to surrounding trees. the installation is badly damaged but will likely be repaired and remain in place. an accelerant was not used in that fire. the case remains open. another music festival canceled because of the pandemic. this time it's the grassroots festival hardly strictly. the annual festival usually takes place at golden gate park, but this year it was scheduled for early october. now that's been called off. in its place will be an online festival with new performances and footage from past shows. hitting the cardio machine, lifting weights, some of us have been missing workouts ever since
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the pandemic hit. well, a jgym in santa clara wans to make sure you don't miss out anymore. snap fitness opened its doors for, well, outdoor workouts. this after santa clara county was put on the state's watch list, meaning gyms cannot reopen indoors. it includes the whole nine yards, ellipticals, bikes, free weights, and more. safety and following health guidelines is also included. >> well, i think the main thing in the beginning is that people know that we're disinfecting everything. we have a system for them. we have an outdoor station for washing your hands. we have disinfectant for the machines. >> don't have to be a member. you can make an appointment or just drop in. it will cost you 15 bucks. still ahead, tech leaders on capitol hill. the reason why the ceos of facebook, apple, and google will be testifying next week. plus hurricane hanna making landfall. how texas leaders are preparing for the storm amid a pandemic.
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and we'll have the latest on hurricane hanna and hurricane douglas approaching hawaii along with a weekend warm-up in our forecast. a look when we come right back. we're living in uncertain times, but as californians we'll get through this together. if your income has been reduced or you've lost your job or your health insurance, covered california is here. we can help you find the health insurance
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you need to protect you and your loved ones. and, you may even get financial help to pay for your health insurance. so, if you or someone you know is without coverage, visit to learn more or enroll today. it is a popular pizza spot in the city, and tonight we are learning square pie guys is shutting down temporarily. that's because of a covid-19
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exposure. the owners say it happened inside the shop. it will now be deep cleaned. all team members are going to get tested for the virus. the owners don't know when they're going to be able to reopen. a minor delay in the congressional antitrust hearing involving some of the bay area's biggest tech companies. the ceos of facebook, amazon, apple, and google were supposed to appear before congress this monday. but this has been postponed to wednesday because of the memorial service for the late representative john lewis. the hearing centers around a year-long investigation into various antitrust issues involving those four companies. protesters in portland continue to clash with federal agencies sent into the city by president trump. last night the racial injustice demonstrations remained relatively peaceful until late into the evening. federal agents tried to disperse the crowd. fireworks were set off, and minutes later there was tear gas. authorities say six federal officers were injured. those that live downtown are tired of the nightly noise and
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violence. >> we can expect every night to either wake up choking or whatnot just because the tear gas is coming in. it's hurtful. it's sad. it's saddening what's going on. >> citizens have flooded local news stations with complaints. a lot of officials criticizing the use of federal agents in that city, and they've asked them to leave. the federal response to protests does not appear to be anywhere near an end. today in palo alto, the wall of moms got together in honor of the protesters in portland. mothers and supporters waved signs and held flowers near the main entrance to stanford. it was part of what activists are calling a national day of solidarity with portland. similar events are set for later tonight in downtown oakland. oakland already has its own wall of moms chapter. the community college district held its 12th annual graduation ceremony. it was played at 11:00 this morning. this year's theme, and still i rise. strength, resiliency, and beauty in the black community.
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the title comes from a speech delivered by maya angelou in 1978. speakers urged graduates to make a difference. >> make sure that it ever mattered that you were even on this planet in the first place. an intense understanding of the concepts of power and the sociopolitical underpinnings that impact our realities as a black people are a pre-rirequis for survival. do great things. >> peralta includes the college of alameda, berkeley city college, laney college, and merritt college. some strict potential guidelines for uc berkeley students living on campus this coming fall. only a limited number of students will be allowed to live in dorms on the campus. one those students arrive, they would have to get tested for covid-19 within 24 hours. then they have to isolate in their dorms for seven to ten days. those rules are part of proposed guidelines that are under discussion.
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as and social distancing will also be required of all students. happening now, hurricane hanna has made landfall on padre island. you're taking a live look right now at mcallen, texas, which is about three hours away from padre island. hanna has maximum sustained winds of 90 miles per hour. strong winds and waves churned along the gulf coast with surf swells getting more and more aggressive. officials in texas are asking people to stay home and ride out the storm while being mindful of current covid-19 precautions where possible. meteorologist rob mayeda joining us now to talk a little bit about hanna and also, rob, something that we're seeing in hawaii. >> yeah. you know, two hurricanes, one hanna right now which has moved inland. winds have come down from 90 to 80 miles per hour as you're about to see on the update. this time tomorrow, hurricane douglas approaching the hawaiian islands. there is the eyewall, crossing inland south of corpus christi. the latest on the storm, still a category 1 hurricane.
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i think between now and 11:00 our time tonight, the storm moving inland, we'll see hanna transition back to a tropical storm but potentially along the texas-mexico border we could see almost a foot of rain coming down. this is a tremendous rain producing storm even though the winds may not be as strong as other hurricanes have been obviously in the past. it's not quite as strong wind-wise but will pack a punch with potential for flooding rains. here's the latest on hurricane douglas. you see the winds at 90 miles per hour. this will weaken slightly as it moves off to the west. we have hurricane warnings for the island of oahu. by 8:00 tomorrow night we'll see winds of 75 miles per hour and perhaps a bigger impact on to the west near kauai. princeville, hanalei bay, and that island too will likely see its watch upgraded to a home, much more g tomorrow tranquil view of our 60s and 70s bayside and numbers overall even from the bay to
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coast are trending warmer as we see a little less of a sea breeze influence to wrap up the weekend. san francisco, you've got the chilly temperatures, the fog coming back in. some mist and drizzle likely later tonight into tomorrow morning. walnut creek after a high of 92, still 87 degrees. san jose, you see some high clouds out there, 76. good news with the sea breeze. that's enough of a breeze to keep our air quality in the good range. still a little bit of high altitude smoke but nothing near ground level that's causing any air pollution issues for tomorrow. notice the winds still onshore. that will bring in the low clouds into san francisco across the bay for the morning with 50s to start. and more or less like we saw today, we'll see the low clouds hanging out on the coast and sunshine inland. temperatures around the bay area tomorrow, mid-80s for san jose. closer to morgan hill we should see temperatures closer to 90 degrees. warmest places tomorrow, concord, antioch, tri-valley, low 90s in range. 70s bayside from oakland into hayward. similar spread of temperatures from san mateo over to daly city
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and san francisco. 60s and 70s. and north bay valleys ranging from the 80s around santa rosa and napa. but as you head farther inland, clearlake and ukiah still in the 90s. keep in mind sierra heading up towards the cascades there near mt. shasta, another day of thunderstorms possible. mid level moisture keeps coming in during the afternoon. daytime heating providing that aspect of the weather off to our north and east. interestingly our temperatures actually may cool a little bit as an impressive storm by late july standards brings rain to the pacific northwest. that should also super size our sea breeze at least by midweek. then you see the trend by the first day in august next weekend, we warm up once again. so san francisco not much change. low clouds, drizzle, and mist for the night and early morning hours. temperatures staying in the mid-60s. valleys trending just a little bit warmer over the next couple of days. we'll see that midweek drop in temperatures as a bit more wind and cooling, and then rebounding as we head towards next weekend. so there you go. two hurricanes we're tracking here, one impacting the texas
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gulf coast tonight, another one approaching hawaii. typically these hurricanes, the peak season is late august to september. so this is unusual that we're seeing this much activity this time of year so early and relatively strong. >> i saw one of rob's tweet about the gang is back together for the first time since january. >> that's right. >> that's very true, yes. it's good to see you. >> good to have you, anoushah. >> thank you, guys. still ahead, he was a star on daytime tv for decades and part of millions of americans' mornings. tonight we look at the life of regis philbin.
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the world is remembering a legend tonight.
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television personality regis philbin has passed away. philbin got his television start serving as a page for "the tonight show" back in the 1950s. that's before johnny carson. highlights of his career include hosting who wants to be a millionaire and co-hosting live with regis and kathy leigh, and later on with kelly. philbin logged more than 15,000 hours on the air, earning him a spot in the guinness book of world records for the most air time, 15,000 hours. his family said he died of natural causes last night. he was 88 years old. saying farewell to a civil rights icon. memorial services and tributes to georgia congressman john lewis began today in the place where he grew up, pike county, alabama. friends and family gathered in the city of troy in alabama today to remember lewis, who died earlier this month of cancer. he was 80 years old. many attended today described lewis as a hero who always stood up for the powerless and fought
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for equal rights. his famous motto was "good trouble". >> i remember the day when john left home. i told him not to get in trouble, not to get in the way, and be particular. we all know that john got in trouble, got in the way, but it was a good trouble. >> tomorrow the farewell continues. lewis will cross the edmund pettus bridge in selma, alabama, one last time. a new book by two royal reporters offers an in depth look into what may have led prince harry and meghan markle to walk away from the royal family. the book is called "finding freedom" and it does not include interviews with the duke and duchess of sussex themselves. so the chapters are based instead on the authors' own experiences as members of the royal press and their own independent reporting. among the claims, that palace staffers referred to the couple as the squeaky third wheel. meghan's struggle with negative press is also detailed. the first three chapters were released today in a british
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newspaper. anthony flores joining us now, and we haven't been together since january, the three of us. and we haven't had much baseball to talk about in quite some time. now we do, and it's pretty good news today. >> yes, great news for the giants. hey, their offense finally comes to life, leading to the first win of the gabe kapler era. we will hear from the giants' first-year manager coming up next in sports.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. the giants finally breaking through down in los angeles for their first win of the season. game three of a four-game set down in los angeles. we'll pick it up in the top of the third. wilmer flores with a solo home run, giving the giants a 3-1 lead. that's more runs than they scored in the first two games of the series. then in the fourth. donovan solano ropes a double to center. that plates a pair. the giants have a 5-1 lead but
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then they have to hold on for dear life. the dodgers rallied but they hold on for the victory. 5-4 the final. it's the first win for manager gabe kapler of the giants. skipper, what did everyone do to celebrate? >> we always let the players do their own thing. they have their own celebration and have the space to enjoy that however they wanted to. >> the dodgers and giants will wrap up their four-game series onoakland, sean manaea was cruising until the top of the fourth. he gives up a solo home run to justin upton, and the jabangels take a 1-0 lead. david fletcher. game three sunday afternoon at
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the coliseum. the san jose earthquakes are gearing up for the knockout round of the mls is back tournament. the quakes dominated their group stage going unbeaten while giving up just three goals in three games. but when they take the pitch monday, it will have been more than a week since they've played. so will they be rested or rusty? >> the group stage games were close together, and, you know, there was a lot of fatigue for everyone. so i think these couple extra days in between the last game and the one coming up are definitely a benefit for us, and i think we'll be rested. and we're just excited to play in the next stage. >> the quakes hit the pitch in the knockout round monday at 5:30. the wnba tipped off its 22-game season. seattle taking on new york. a moment of silence before the game for breonna taylor, who was shot and killed by police in her home. now, this was also the debut of sabrina ionescu from new york. the walnut creek native finished
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with 12 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assesses, but ionescu is one of seven rookies, so there's going to be some growing pains. the storm beat the liberty 87-71. more news after the break. awesome internet. it's more than just fast. it keeps all your devices running smoothly. with built-in security that protects your kids... matter what they're up to. it protects your info... ...and gives you 24/7 peace of mind... ...that if it's connected, it's protected. even that that pet-camera thingy. [ whines ] can your internet do that? xfinity xfi can because it's... ...simple, easy, awesome. [ barking ] for the ultimate in-home wifi, click, call or visit us today.
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us. we'll see you right back here at 11:00. >> good night. this emergency began, and what first seemed improbable is now a way of life: sheltering at home, social distancing, and working remotely. the curve is flattening, but this pandemic is far from over.
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hospitalization rates are dropping, but families keep mourning. and in these uncertain times, nbc bay area's investigative unit continues asking the questions that need to be asked. bigad shaban: how is this virus affecting pregnant women and newborns? jaxon van derbeken: why are advocates concerned about a new state plan to pay care homes big bucks to house covid-positive seniors? stephen stock: what is the federal government doing to protect immigrants in regional detention facilities? candice nguyen: and as scientists work on tracing the covid virus back to the source, what role did an odd animal you've probably never heard of play? ♪ candice: good evening, and thank you for joining us for our second investigative special, "coronavirus:


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