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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 25, 2020 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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help days before opening its doors. high-tech strategy to help the animals next. we begin with breaking news tonight in oakland where police say protesters have set fire to the alameda county courthouse. it remains an active situation there right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm anoushah rasta. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. a protest in support of the movement in portland has turned destructive. you can see the flames burning at the renee c. davidson
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courthouse. this is downtown oakland right near lake merritt, all happening within the past hour. video of the entrance filled with flames and smoke posted on social media. you can see fireworks going off in the area, but the extent of the damage to the courthouse not yet clear. >> earlier tonight several protesters broke off a peaceful demonstration downtown and vandalized a police station. you see a photo of it right there. oakland p.d. tweeted, asking organizers to keep the protests peaceful after the station was spray-painted and those windows were broken. fireworks were also set off there, and officers in helicopters were targeted with lasers. we'll continue to update you on this breaking situation in oakland. now we want to go to our coronavirus coverage. more testing and less waiting. if you tried to get a covid-19 test in the last few weeks, you may have waited for hours to get it. but in san jose today, wait times were dramatically reduced all thanks to a new system. nbc bay area's marianne favro is in san jose with a look at how it worked and another strategy
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helping more people get tested. >> reporter: here at this pop-up testing site at san jose high school, nearly 800 people got tested for covid-19, and thanks to a new wristband system, most of them only had to wait about 30 minutes. this low-tech wristband is a game-changer when it comes to wait times to get a covid-19 test. santa clara county just started using this system this month. people show up, get assigned a colored band for a specific time, and come back to get tested during their assigned hour. >> previous to the wristband system, we had people waiting, you know, two-plus hours in line in the heat, you know, outside with a bunch of people. so now, you know, today i didn't see anyone wait more than 30 minutes. >> reporter: and there's another benefit. fewer people in line means less risk. >> you're not as exposed to as many people. >> reporter: the county is planning to open up more pop
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upsites next week and is using sample pooling to test four people at once. >> you check a batch of people. if it turns positive, then you check each of them individually to figure out where that positive came from. but if the whole batch is negative, you just move on to the next batch. >> reporter: another benefit, ucsf infectious disease specialist dr. peter chin-hong says sample pooling requires fewer reagents to run covid-19 tests, which is critical because the chemicals needed for the test remain scarce. >> so we're definitely seeing a shortage of reagents. >> reporter: the fda has already given commercial lab quest diagnostics approval to do sample pooling, and other bay area labs may start using it too. >> ucsf is not using sample pooling at the moment, but it's something we're actively discussing. >> reporter: new strategies to save resources. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. right now let's take a look at where we stand with covid-19 cases here in the bay area. santa clara county reporting 114
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new cases today for a total of more than 8,800. contra costa county reporting 143 new cases. alameda county, 116 new cases today. all in all, the bay area now has more than 45,000 cases and 750 people have died. statewide now, same story. cases are surging. california now with more than 445,000 cases. 8,300 people have died in the state because of the virus. tonight the alameda county sheriff's office continues to mourn two members who died from covid-19. this is valerie leon. she was a sheriff's technician. leon passed away yesterday. she was 61 years old. her death coming less than 24 hours after sheriff's deputy oscar rocha lost his battle with covid. he reportedly contracted the virus in june during an outbreak at the santa rita jail in dublin. he died thursday night. flags at the state capitol will be at half-staff to honor both.
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that upswing in cases also felt in oakland. city leaders there are now trying to curb the spread of the virus by limiting access to a popular gathering spot. city leaders have urged people to give the lake a break. talking about lake merritt. here was the situation today. the warning comes after some crowded weekends there. in fact, the community health center in the area attributed 40% of new covid cases to people at family events and parties. that's almost double the rate of those who get it at the workplace. >> i see folks not wearing masks at all, sharing food, sharing drinks, sharing smokes. oakland, we got to do better than this. >> city leaders doing their part, trying to do their part. they've restricted parking. people are urged to avoid social gatherings in backyards and parks. > san quentin state prison is reporting another covid-19 inmate death. that brings the total number of deadly coronavirus cases at san quentin to 17. the prison has reported 2,142 positive tests so far. the number of new cases in the
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last 14 days is 80. that makes nearly 630 active cases among those in custody. the state prison system is facing criticism for its handling of the crisis. president trump and his team working today on a saturday. they're trying to get a new economic relief bill ready as the current one is set to expire. the $600 supplemental payments for millions of americans out of work is expiring this weekend. nearly 23 million families are potentially facing evictions. the fight against a looming deadline comes after republicans struggled to reach an agreement on a new relief package. just yesterday house speaker nancy pelosi criticized her republic leaving for the weekend without negotiating. secretary mnuchin says he is speaking to pelosi. according to president trump's team, a proposal could be out as soon as monday. a million dollar night for the oakland zoo. after four months, it will soon reopen to the public.
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tonight zoo staff and volunteers staged an online fund-raiser, and people were plenty generous, stepping up to help a bay area treasure. nbc bay area's sergio quintana is in oakland tonight with the effort to keep the zoo in operation. >> reporter: the oakland zoo had been on the brink of permanent closure but was recently given a reprieve by the alameda county department of public health. tonight, an online fund-raiser helped raise plenty of money to help shore up its finances just days before reopening to the public. tonight's fund-raising goal was met in a little more than an hour. >> we couldn't have done it without you. we raised $500,000-plus and counting. >> reporter: the online fund-raiser matched an earlier half a million dollar gift from an anonymous donor. tonight's event is part of the lead-up to another big day that's coming up. >> i know we've had a really tough several months, but now we have our oakland zoo back, and we're going to open to the public on wednesday. >> reporter: riding through the oakland zoo on a saturday is a little lonely.
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usually about 8,000 people are circulating through the park on a peak day. zookeepers say the animals seem to have noticed the absence of visitors over the last few months. >> it's very species to species, but there are ones that seem to miss the crowd. >> reporter: the zoo president says the alameda county department of public health allowed the zoo to reopen by reclassifying it as an outdoor park. only 2,500 visitors will be allowed in each day. people will not be allowed to touch some displays, and some animals will even have extra space roped off to protect them from potential covid-19 infection. lots of effort has been put into making sure visitors have plenty of space to enjoy the area. >> we really believe, and we're sure we can do it. we can spread people out on our pathways and it will just be like hiking in the state parks. >> reporter: but at the oakland zoo, you'll be guaranteed to see a wild animal, lots of them actually. in oakland, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. well, as plans to reopen and with rules in each county constantly evolving, sometimes by the hour, we know it can be
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hard to keep track of all this covid-19 stuff. our website's a great resourcement head over to click on the coronavirus live blog to get the latest updates all in one place. more questions tonight in a controversial police shooting in vallejo. vallejo police have released unedited body camera footage from the night 22-year-old sean mon monterrosa was shot and killed. the footage shows officers reporting to a walgreens on reports of looting on june 2nd. only the face of the officer who fired add monterrosa is blurred. the family's lawyer says the videos leave out a crucial piece of the puzzle, what mont row was doing before he was shot. >> it is quite shocking to us that you have video of an officer shooting. you don't have any videos that took place before, and then you have videos of the body after you had shot with all the gory details, none of which is
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helpful to our assessment of what happened. >> we have learned two officers are on suspension and under investigation for destruction of evidence in that case. an attorney for those two officers tells nbc bay area tonight there was no attempt to cover anything up. still ahead, remembering a tv icon. regis philbin dead at 88. tonight we're going to look back at the legacy he leaves behind, including a record for american television. plus more unrest in portland. the new opposition law enforcement faced tonight. and we're tracking a warm weekend forecast for parts of the bay area except san francisco. you got the mistywho will be se we wrap up the weekend when we come right back.
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we return to breaking news out of oakland where protesters have turned destructive. this right here is video of demonstrators setting fire to the alameda county courthouse downtown next to lake merritt. you can also see fireworks are also going off in the background. earlier tonight in oakland, a few protesters broke off a peaceful march and vandalized a police station, breaking windows and spray-painting the walls. we'll be sure to bring you the very latest on this developing story as we learn more. speaking of unrest, it continues tonight in portland and in other cities across the country. earlier today a judge denied oregon's request to remove federal officers from that city. last night federal agents used tear gas and pepper balls against protesters. thousands had gathered including a group of military veterans who formed a wall to protect demonstrators behind them. authorities say six agents were injured. and in louisville, gunshots were fired at a protest downtown
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earlier tonight, leaving three people wounded. according to police, it started with an accidental gunshot by a member of the armed left-wing black militia group nfac. well, he was one of the biggest and most prolific stars of television. tonight we remember regis philbin. for decades he was a big part of the morning for millions of americans. >> nbc's kathy park looks back at his long and storied career. >> reporter: tonight the world of entertainment is mourning the loss of legendary talk show host and tv personality regis philbin. his family issuing a statement saying philbin passed away of natural causes, adding his family and friends are forever grateful for the time we got to spend with him, for his warmth, his legendary sense of humor, and his singular ability to make every day into something worth talking about. >> 50 years ago i was a page right here. >> reporter: philbin got his start behind the scenes, working as a page for "the tonight show" in the '50s, then made his way up in show business to become a
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writer before landing jobs in front of the camera on local talk shows. but it was a national morning show that he co-hosted with kathie lee gifford that made him a household name. the pair reunited on the "today" show, celebrating their work and friendship when gifford left "today" in 2019. >> oh, look at them. thank you. >> reporter: he made us laugh with his quick wit and charm and his talents would eventually cross over into hosting "who wants to be a millionaire." his 60-year career landed him in the guinness world records which the most hours on u.s. television. tonight tributes are pouring in from fans, friends and celebrities. kelly ripa writing, he was the ultimate class act. hoda kotb tweeting, heartbroken, we will miss you, regis. the president adding he was a fantastic person and my friend. gifford wrote, there will never be another. a fixture on the small screen with a big personality. regis philbin was 88 years old.
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kathy park, nbc news. happening now, hurricane hanna has now been downgraded to a tropical storm. let's take a live look at mcallen, texas. this is about three hours inland from where hanna made landfall. you can see there the water on the lens. the storm is the first atlantic hurricane, now tropical storm, to make landfall this season, delivering punishing winds and a dangerous storm surge. the region is also dealing with a covid-19 emergency. floodwaters already filling up the streets from brownsville to galveston, which is right outside of houston. now local governments fear that hanna could wipe out electricity, forcing covid machines out of their homes. >> just because a hurricane comes to the state does not mean that covid-19 disappears. >> at the same time, stormwaters surge in texas, hawaii prepares for hurricane douglas, expected to weaken to a category 1 when
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it arrives tomorrow. let's check in with rob mayeda, find out what's going on in our neck of the woods. rob. >> yeah, we're watching what will be a bit of a cooldown for the coast, warmer temperatures inland for tomorrow. and of course the tropics where right now as you just mentioned, anoushah, they have seen what was hurricane hanna weaken to tropical storm as the winds have backed off a little bit, sustained at about 70 miles per hour. very slow-moving storm, and that's the biggest problem. we're going to see this storm drop as much as a foot of rain in some spots as it crosses over from the texas border into mexico. flooding rains the biggest threat with what's left of tropical storm hanna. our other attention turns towards the hawaiian islands. that is hurricane douglas. winds still at about 90 miles per hour. the biggest impact, right around this time tomorrow night we'll see it pass off oahu and hawaii. hurricane warnings including honolulu and the north shore.
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we may see hurricane watches around kauai also get upgraded. that is tomorrow night's story as hurricane douglas weakening on approach, still expected to have a pretty significant impact in towards hawaii. here, nothing tropical about that. that's the fog and the misty skies we're seeing around san francisco tonight. 58 degrees. that's going to ensure by the way another cool finish to the weekend. warmer temperatures reserved for the valleys. walnut creek, 92 earlier today. 65 degrees. patchy low clouds inland for the morning and into san jose, currently 63 degrees. winds are onshore, enough of a breeze tomorrow. air quality looks good but higher up in the atmosphere still a bit of smoke. not near ground level but higher up you might notice some of that haze. winds are still strongly onshore. again, that's the reason why we got the fog in san francisco. we'll see those low clouds pushed locally inland for the morning with 50s to start. as we move into the afternoon, a spread of temperatures from the mid-80s around san jose, actually closer to 90 as we get into morgan hill. tri-valley temperatures, upper
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80s to low 90s. warmest spots around the bay area out near concord and antioch for tomorrow. oakland in the 70s. 70s for san mateo. and a sea breeze-cooled san francisco, staying in the 60s. north bay temperatures climbing into the 70s and 80s though you notice as you move up towards ukiah and clearlake still well into the 90s. what might be a little more interesting tomorrow, high clouds coming in out of the east. those are thunderstorms over the sierra. we don't think we're going to get any of those weakening showers this close to the bay area but you might notice some high clouds at times. through the middle part of next week, a bit of a cooldown as a system approaches the pacific northwest. that should be good enough to drop our temperatures down a few more decks as we approach tuesday and wednesday. san francisco, lots of mist and drizzle. temperatures climbing towards next weekend. we could see a repeat performance of this weekend against next weekend after that midweek cooldown. temperatures climbing back into the 90s this weekend, so the weather here very tame compared to what we're likely to see
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obviously in texas tonight and around the hawaiian islands this time tomorrow night. back to you. >> really can't complain. thank you, rob. >> thanks very much. anthony flores joining us now for sports. anthony, giants in the win column. >> that's right. a special day for the giants. gabe kapler gets his first win with san francisco. so how did he celebrate? we'll hear from the giants' first-year manager. stick around. sports is next.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. a day to remember for gabe kapler. he gets his first win as manager with the san francisco giants. the giants taking on the dodgers today in los angeles. we'll pick it up in the top of the third inning. wilmer flores with a solo home run to give the giants a 3-1 lead. that's more runs than they scored in their first two games of this series. then in the fourth, donovan solano ropes a double to center. that plates a pair. the giants had a 5-1 lead but
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they'd have to hang on for the victory. they win it 5-4. it's kapler's first win as manager of the giants. so, skipper, how did you celebrate? >> we always let the players do their own thing and they have their own celebration and have the space to enjoy that however they wanted to. then the coaches circled up very carefully and, as you mentioned, physically distanced and had a little toast and drank some wine. >> the giants and dodgers will go for their four-game split on sunday. in oakland, the angels getting comfy with the cardboard cutouts in the coliseum. sean manaea had it on cruise control until the top of the fourth. he gives up a solo home run to justin upton and the angel doubles off the wall in left center. two runs score. the angels beat the a's, 4-1 the final. game three of this four-game series sunday afternoon at the coliseum. don't blink or you might miss one of the fastest
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knockouts in boxing history. sa nietzsche estrada on the attack from the opening bell. she knocks out miranda atkins seven seconds into the fight. wow, what a knockout. with the victory, estrada, who is a champion in two weight classes, improves to a perfect 19-0. that's a look at sports. more news after the break. feel like you've watched all the things? now there's more to love with xfinity x1, the ultimate entertainment experience. like live sports. they're back with the best way to watch. and more streaming apps all in one place. more classics. more premiers. plus, more to easily find using just your voice. hello, more. where have you been all my life? find your favorites and more all in one place with x1. plus, get speed, coverage and security with the xfi gateway. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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