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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 27, 2020 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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we kick off the last week in july with california and florida leading the nation in cases of coronavirus. as other states see little change in the surging number of positive cases >> and the president's ratings fall, as the white house readies a stimulus package and an unusual number of trump tweets and retweets since 7:00 p.m. last night. a tit for tat with china that's ka lates with american diplomats ousted from an embassy this morning an indiana police officer offers his time and money to help a 12-year-old run a lemonade stand "early today" starts right now >> good morning. >> after taking only 16 days for coronavirus to jump from 3
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million to 4 million, a jump that once took months, the outbreak reaches a critical stage with 4.2 million americans infected california and florida have surpassed new york now in california, there are over 450,000 cases. while florida struggles as cases stop 423,000 and texas was hit with a one-two punch dealing with covid and a hurricane. >> reporter: this morning. the state of florida is in a state of crisis. it just topped new york for the second most number of coronavirus cases in the country. and that as hurricane season is underway right now something florida is waiting for and texas is experiencing right now, a double whammy in texas, the season's first hurricane, leaving flooding and fear in its wake, as texans cope with the coronavirus crisis. >> we know this is a whole walkway to the pier was gone
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>> reporter: a rocky road ahead for storm victims and first responders getting people to shelters your whole intake system changes. in the past, you could file people in a single line and process them now you have to take medical evaluation, temperature check. >> reporter: across the state, cases and death tolls mounting as houston's mayor announced more covid deaths in july in that city than the previous four months combined. at the same time, some bars opening in defiance of the governor's orders. >> we are ticked off bar owners. but we're trying to show we can open up safely and operate >> reporter: florida, now second in the country in total cases, leaping past new york, with more than 420,000 covid still spreading rapidly.
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>> absolutely. it's devastating my stomach dropped when i heard the news if. >> reporter: desmond silva just graduated nursing school and moved to florida for his dream jobs after contracting covid and the flu in may, he self-quarantined and recovered, until thursday, when his mother said -- >> he was fine after dinner he started complaining he had back pain, neck pain, and the back of his head was throbbing once they got him into the emergency room eight minutes later, that's when it began. >> reporter: silva now paralyzed from the neck down though stable. and in california, the state leading the u.s. in infections, self-straight days of fatalities, and the first l.a. county firefighter succumbing to covid. and 10 life guards tested positive in new jersey and on the jersey shore, more
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than 20 lifeguards contracted the virus after attending social gatherings and this dynamic of states having to deal with the coronavirus and hurricanes at the same time, is not slowing up any time soon. hurricane douglas bearing down on the hawaiian islands and in the atlantic, there's a disturbance with a 90% chance of becoming a tropical depression or greater sam brock, nbc news. >> sam, thank you. with the clock ticking, republicans are set to unveil their proposal for the next coronavirus relief bill. while the administration started rolling out details over the weekend, president trump's mind was seemingly elsewhere, retweeting 45 posts after 7:00 p.m. eastern, mostly focused on protests so what is in the gop's plan let's bring in tracy potts congress will need to move quickly on this. >> reporter: good morning. a number of things are in this gop plan what we're not clear is there is
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unemployment, and that is the big issue, because it's urgent, those $600 a week benefits expire at the end of this week democrats want to extend them. the white house says a short-term extension may be necessary, but republicans don't i see us being able to cemeal provide unemployment insurance, maybe a retention credit to keep people from being displaced or brought back into the workplace, helping with our schools if we can do that, along with liability protection, perhaps we put that forward, get that passed as we can negotiate on the rest of the bill in the weeks to come. >> they're in disarray, and that delay is causing suffering for america's families so we have been ready for two months and ten days. i've been here all weekend hoping they had something to give us. they promised it this week it didn't come now they're saying monday.
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>> reporter: republicans had said they were looking at about $1 trillion to deal with coronavirus relief the other thing that's urgent, eviction protection. it's run out the administration says they'll renew it, but it's not clear how and when that happens. philip >> and still in a few days, a lot of people need that help tracy, thank you remember a giant of the civil rights movement, the late congressman john lewis offer referred to as the conscience of congress, he served his district for over 30 years. today, he'll lie in state at the capitol rotunda. it comes after a powerful day of remember lanrance in alabama ♪
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>> reporter: a symbolic final journey across this bridge on a horse-drawn cason, carrying the body of john lewis, reaches the top and crosses the alabama river one last time. >> my life is better selma is better. this nation and this world better because of john robert lewis. >> reporter: a very different scene from the now infamous bloody sunday, when lewis and hundreds of other activists, calling for voting rights, were brutally attacked by state troopers after crossing the bridge in selma. >> they beat him with billy clubs, fracturing his skull. but john was determined to fight for equality and justice putting his own life on the line in the service of others >> reporter: 55 years later, alabama patrolman now escort his
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casket in montgomery, where lewis will lie in state for the public to pay respects >> he's laid out the blueprint for us to pick up the baton and continue his march for voting rights, for civil rights, and for human rights >> reporter: a life and legacy not to be forgotten. >> and coming up at 11:00 a.m. eastern,"rembering john lewis. black livema, and other unarmed black americans continue across the country. but so does violence between protestors in local and federal authorities. these protests have seen gunfire, smoke bombs, tear gas and cars plowing through demonstrators, while police have found dangerous weapons. here's gadi schwartz >> reporter: in austin, texas, a
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protest and gunfire, as people run for cover. police say a protestor with a rifle was shot and killed by a man driving through the crowd. and in colorado, this suv was fired at by somebody in the crowd. over the weekend, a total of five people shot at protests across the country while up and down the west coast, thousands showing solidarity with demonstrators in portland they're protestors armed with leaf blowers to push back tear gas. >> we're not just -- this is not a joke, it's real. >> reporter: and oregon's u.s. attorney says those officers won't back down until the violence starts. the portland mayor, tear gassed himself by authorities, insists the agents are only escalating
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tensions the president promising to send more agents to other cities. in seattle, at least 45 arrests as the local police declare a riot to defend an area of protestors occupied for weeks. agitators setting fire to the construction of a new youth detention facility across the nation, marches being overshadowed by escalating violence in oakland, a vir sfire set in courthouse and in los angeles, windows at a federal courthouse smashed gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. violence erupted in texas. a warning, some of this video is disturbing a fight broke out just before hank gilbert was about to speak. he's the democratic challenger to louie golmert a group called take america back
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texas held a counterprotest. gilbert says his campaign manager was injured. reports were filed with the police but it's unclear if anyone has been arrested severe weather in the south and hawaii is getting hit. janessa web is tracking it all for us >> reporter: good morning, everyone it is a busy weekend right now, we have hurricane douglas just north of honolulu with winds of 85 miles per hour. it looks like it will stay well to the north, and the flooding threat in that area is going to be a big concern the next 24 hours. also watching the tropics for 92-l, this could be our "i" named storm that we'll continue to watch and make its way across the lessers the next heat waive.
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the south and southeast with moisture and severe weather throughout your afternoon. anybody tired of the heat? we'll talk more about that coming up. >> remember it for the winter. >> janessa, thank you. this next story is cool. a mountain rescue team in england got an unusual call or bark for help for a pooch on friday daisy had collapsed from exhaustion 16 volunteers carried the pooch down she is now resting comfortably >> daisy got lucky after a quick break, a game changer in the fight for police reform disciplinary records coming to light. and more tensions in china we'll have the latest. feeling stressed?
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has released thousands of police records. the database contains over 12,000 complaints against 4,000 officers there are 303 active duty officers, as many as five allegations. and almost 5,000 allegations of physical force nearly 2,000 of frisk, and 600 allegations of an officer pointing a gun the rocky relationship between the u.s. and sxhin chinl be inching toward the point of no return. unraveling 35 years of diplomacy. joining us now is janice good morning >> reporter: good morning, philip it was just after dawn this morning that the american flag here at the former u.s. consulate was lowered. ending 35 years of diplomacy here any signs of american
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sovereignty on this build having been removed they have taken the insignia, plaques, a lot of this happened over the course of the weekend, and work crews already are starting to paint over this is all a sign of the worsening relations between the two countries over the past week we've seen them take a nosedive with the order from the u.s. to china to close its consul general in houston last friday both sides have complied, but it signals things are heading into unchartered territory between the two countries. there seems to be issues on every front, from technology to human rights, to trade there just doesn't seem to be much common ground, and that's why analysts are uncertain exactly where things could head. here's there's been quite a crowd over the last few days,
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wanting to see how this drama will play out. but the last buses pulling away at about 10:00 this morning, and chinese authorities taking back this building, saying they went through the front door and did it all above board >> dismantling of diplomacy there. still to come, an officer helps out a young boy's business and remembering "gone with the wind" star olivia de havilland. lysol disinfectant spray and disinfecting wipes together can be used on over 100 surfaces. and kill up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. unfortunately, we can't answer every question you have right now. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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welcome back for news updates, follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. hollywood legend olivia de havilland has died at the age of 104. the last surviving star of "gone with the wind" died peacefully at her home in france, paris of natural causes cathy park has a look back at her career >> reporter: in hollywood's golden era, olivia de the brig best remembered for her role as melanie in "gone with the wind." >> oh, scarlet you have so much love. i've always admired you so >> reporter: she would go on to win two best actress oscars, for her performances in "to each his own. >> he's been shot down in france >> reporter: and "the heiress" >> he came back with the same
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lies and same silly phrase >> reporter: she also made her mark behind the scenes in a lawsuit, she took down the studio system that penalized actors for rejecting roles the legal victory became nope a the olivia de havilland law. and she had a stormy relationship with her sis tess joan fontaine turned into a public feud. but it's moving moments like this -- >> oh, scarlet you have so much love. >> reporter: that one fans over. >> it's about survival, and those are themes familiar to everyone >> reporter: the veteran actress died peacefully in her sleep arivia de havilland was 104 yes old. cathy park, nbc news
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♪ taylor swift's new surprise album surpassed 1.3 million global sales within 24 hours of its debut. topping platforms like spotify with 74 million streams, a record for an album by a female artist >> over 100 million. my goodness. as popular as ever >> she ease do's done it again now to indiana, where a boy running a lemonade stand got some surprise help here is that story >> we need six more lemonades. >> reporter: lemonade, popcorn,
3:57 am
and punch. >> we've got gallons of lemonade and punch. >> reporter: that's what 12-year-old jalen wilson and his 4-year-old brother offer every weekend. >> i love it i love the stand and i love the good cookies, too. >> reporter: but when a police officer showed up. >> i thought, oh, we're in trouble. >> reporter: it wasn't to shut it down. it was to help jalen open up >> me and jalen are going to be waiting on people, collecting money, serving drinks, and i'm going to match 100% whatever we get in >> get out of here >> reporter: the gesture surprising >> i'm out of words. >> reporter: the donation sweet. >> he's a sweet person >> reporter: and the purpose larger than lemonade >> it almost came to my heart and i thought of him like a family member. it meant a lot for a police officer to help somebody who they don't know.
3:58 am
they're just doing what they want to do >> reporter: support the officer says is important for young kids like jalen >> his mother is concerned about him, not knowing whether or not he can trust police officers or not. this is to tell him don't be fearful of us. >> reporter: and ensuring jalen not almuch >> our thanks to wndu. remember a few years ago, someone called a cop because they didn't have a permit for a lemonade stand >> and that lemonade looked amazing. celebrating birthdays today. alex rodriguez turns 45. peggy fleming turns 72 and norman leer is 98. >> thanks for waking up with us. >>
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covid on the rise. as the texas deals with a duel pandemic >> florida overtakes new york with the second most cases of coronavirus in the united states trailing just california as we head into the st week of july. >> the powerful moment when john lewis was carried across the bridge in selma, alabama >> on the heels of the chinese tit-for-tat each nation closes another embassy. gold prices surge to record highs as tension


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