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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 28, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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new clashes between protesters and federal agents in portland, violence spreading to >> the emergency in baseball as a dozen or more marlins players test positive. is the season in jeopardy? honoring the man who's been called the conscious of the congress the tributes to john lewis.
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weeks of testimony come to an end in a liable suit involving johnny depp and his ex-wife amber heard and a british tabloitabloid. good tuesday morning i'm fipp p phillip men na. >> i'm frances rivera. there is good reason to be hopeful this morning it is a major week for vaccine research and a promising candidate is entering a critical stage of testing. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: it's a make or break trial, the eyes of the world on the nih and drug maker moderna beginning phase three trails involving 30,000 candidates across the u.s.
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>> we'll count cases of covid-19 that occur in the participants you want to see the covid-19 reduces the number of cases in this people who received the vaccine. >> they'll be exposed naturally as the virus spreads across the country. 24-year-old john penman received a shot thinking of his two grandmothers living with his parents while his mom works in a preschool. >> i worry about it every day. for me this is something i can do personally to benefit not only my family and friends but also humanity. >> reporter: one of the reasons moderna is moving so fast is it's redoing the virus' code moderna has received a billion dollar dollars from the federal
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government under operation warp speed. pfizer has not received government money but just announced it's dr. anthony fauci said a vaccine could be developed by november but recruiting volunteers in minority communities hit hard by covid has been challenging mistreatment decades ago in clinical trials has left mistrust. >> that mistrust lives on. it's challenging to be able to overcome that distrust i want to reassure the communities that we take every step necessary to ensure that vaccines are safe. >> reporter: worldwide, more than 25 vaccine candidates are in human trials, not all will be
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approved but researchers say we'll likely have more than one vaccine approved and each will be catered to age and preexisting conditions. teachers in florida are protesting in person classes, they drove through town saying classes online in the cases come down is they did the same in south carolina in some places school is already back in decision but there are more safety rules to follow we're joined from mississippi where students are back in classrooms. >> reporter: the excitement to be back in school here could not be missed, the students were overjoyed to be with their friends and teachers but also had a lot of precautions inside the school against covid-19. >> everyone was ready to return
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to school. i had a parent describe it like it was christmas eve and they were ready to go. >> plastic partitions on the bus, temperature checks on the door, and seats spaced apart lower students grouped with the same from last year. >> the thing about this year is you get to eat lunch in your classroom. >> reporter: the list of new safeguards against covid-19 reassuring tara williams whose four children returned to school monday. >> i feel like probably requiring the masks was my number one thing that made me feel safer. >> reporter: but those changes were not enough for about 13% of parents who the district said opted for remote learning this year after a hybrid approach in tennessee, schools now saying
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the school year will begin virtual only one study shows more than half of teachert support in class instruction at the start of the school year >> it's important that our communities and other communities take this virus seriously. it's here. we have to change our ways. >> reporter: changes well worth making for seniors. >> it takes a little of the social life out but it's not a big deal. >> it's an easy thing to do, if everyone can do it we can stop the normal. >> reporter: for now a modified normal as a few school year begins throughout the day there are a lot of temperature checks done throughout the district and they said there was not a single student who presented with a fever. they say that is a good thing starting off the school year and they are hopeful that is a sign of things to come. tensions between pro testers
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and local and federal police are rising in portland the clashes have been ongoing for 60 plus nights p. democrat stra demonstrators are calling on the federal agents to leave the city >> reporter: in portland protesters launch mortar style fireworks at federal agents. the barrier that encases the federal courthouse between them, getting this response. a protest that started two months ago against police brutality has become a nightly ritual. >> they gassed us so we came back with ventilators. they started shooting us we came with guards. who's escalating it? >> reporter: in nearby seattle on saturday a show of solidarity
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with protesters devolving into what is called a riot. here at the police precinct in downtown seattle they're bracing for the possibility of more violence you can see the windows are covered in plywood, just set up this cement barricade. in los angeles protesters and police clashed outside the federal courthouse in li in louisville opposing groups face off ♪ thousands of americans will pay their respects to a civil rights legend today in d.c the late georgia congressman john lewis will lie in state at the rotunda today, the first black lawmaker to receive the honor. while vice president mike pence paid his respects, president trump said he has no plans to do
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the same jay gray has more on the tributes to john lewis. >> reporter: john lewis back in washington one last time mourners gathering as his casket winds past several spots that meant so much to the congressman, including them lincoln memorials, the african-american museum, and the black lives matter plaza his final journey home stopping for now at the capitol where he'll lie in state the next few days former vice president joe biden among those paying his respects. his life of service began as a teenager in alabama. the battle shifting to washington where he spent more than three decades as the conscience of the congress.
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>> because i think today we have some people in washington who didn't come to look out for the common good. they don't like government i don't know why anyone would want to serve in government if you don't like it. >> reporter: john lewis loved his work and his country >> there are few greater americans i think when we tell the history of this country. >> reporter: a history john lewis gave his life for. leaving behind a legacy and challenge for generations to come. >> when you see something that is not right, not just, not fair, you have a moral obligation to say something, to do something >> reporter: jay gray, nbc news washington a clash over coronavirus relief is brewing on capitol hill with benefits hanging in the balance for millions of americans left reeling from the pandemic in the hours after senate republicans unveiled their stimulus proposal, president trump was again touting the
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benefits of hydroxychloroquine on twitter nbc's tracie potts joining us now with more. the senate plan is facing resistance from both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: not even all republicans are on board with this plan. let's look at it includes. the heals act has another round of $1,200 payments to americans but cuts the unemployment from 600 to $200 a week another round of small business loans but no extension for evictions, the moratorium ran out last week. there's billions for testing, liability protection and nearly $2 billion for an fbi headquarters that apparently republican leader mitch mcconnell didn't know about when hifs a he was asked about it publicly but the big show down is over
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the unemployment bonus and how quickly lawmakers can get it done. >> we learned a tough lesson that when you pay people not to work, what do you expect and so this payment will be adjusted so we have additional payments to help people to approximately -- to 75% of their income. >> right now we're at a time where children are food insecure in our country people are hungry who never thought they'd go to a food bank people are on the verge of eviction because they can't pay the rent they lost their jobs through no fault of their own. >> the eviction moratorium ran out last friday. the white house says they want to extend it until the end of the year but that has not happened yet, leaving according to the cnbc, 40 million americans vulnerable at risk of losing their homes, especially
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people of color disproportionately affected by that >> a staggering number thank you. let's get on check of our weather with meteorologist janessa webb good morning. >> good morning. the heat not letting up, we have this dome of high pressure that sticks across the east coast that causes us to see an unsettled pattern. the cold front is going to come through this afternoon and slice the humidity in half by tomorrow but still air temperature hovering in the 90s as we continue the rest of the week. heat advisories and alerts in are still in place from boston and stretching down to south carolina here's a closer look at your day ahead. so 85 degrees for pittsburgh this afternoon syracuse you're in the mid 80s and slightly cooler due to the humidity and the front
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san antonio from nashville, heat and humidity continues to build. and we have to talk about the tropics. we'll talk about that coming up. a quick break and then a live update from england othn e johnny depp case. a man accused of cheating a coronavirus relief program, and his getaway car is a new lamborghini. right now, switch to t-mobile and get four lines of unlimited for just $25 bucks a line. with access to america's largest 5g included. that's right. unlimited and nationwide 5g for the whole family for just $25 bucks a line. only at t-mobile.
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the defense laid out their closing arguments and today depp's lawyers will make theirs. sarah, how ugly can we expect this to be >> reporter: if we were watching this in a movie we'd say these allegations, it's too much, it's too unbelievable but this is real life. the question the judge now has to consider is whether it was truthful and accurate for this newspaper to describe johnny depp as a wife beater. over the last three weeks we heard testimony from his ex-wife who said johnny depp was physically abusive towards her, he denied that we also saw photos that report to show all night drug binges. the judge could find for johnny depp and order the newspaper to pay damages perhaps johnny depp's legal fees and issue a
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public apology or retraction on the other hand the judge could say the paper is justified in what they did and johnny depp could walk away having spent millions of dollars and aired dirty laundry of this toxic relationship for n johnny depp is also bringing a defamation lawsuit against amber heard, that's $50 million, in the u.s. that will be heard next year >> wow, we'll look ahead to something else. >> not over. a lot of reputations on the line there. which venue backed out of hosting the first debate. and taylor swift offers comfort to kobe bryant's daughter
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in today's quick hits, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez raised over $60,000 for undocumented workers on instagram live. >> the university of notre dame announced it will withdrawal from hosting the first presidential debate in september due to the coronavirus pandemic. the debate will now take place at case western reserve university in cleveland on september 29th >> taylor swift gifted kobe bryant's oldest daughter with a replica of a cardigan she wore in a music video she wore from her latest album "folklore".
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neutrogena®. in today's top stories a curve ball less than a week into the mlb season as a dozen members of the marlin organization have tested positive for coronavirus the league cancelled miami's home opener and the yankees phillies gamere the marlins las. >> i don't put this in the nightmare category, that's why we have the pool of additional players and we think we can keep people safe and continue to play. >> the marlins are expected to
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play in baltimore on wednesday pending another round of testing. a consumer alert to tell you about. state officials in at least 27 states want you to report any unsolicited package of seeds you've gotten. this comes after residents claimed to have received mysterious seeds in the mail from china officials warn this is a scam and warn people not to plant them, they may be invasive or harmful. kyrie irving has created the empowerment initiative to fund the salaries for players in the wnba league who choose to sit out the season for coronavirus or social justice. he said whether a person decided to fight social justice, play
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basketball, this could support their decisions. dr. fauci's limited edition baseball card was on sale for 24 hours and shattered the sales for any baseball card tops has made he threw out the first pitch for the nationals opening day game last week. can you imagine if this season got shorter. >> they're going for $1,200 to $2,000 almost like a ken grif fipp jr. card the first lady is giving the white house gar dden a makeover the plan is to restore the rose gar den to resemble the 1962 design. divers hold themselves over
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a bridge in bosnia for a decades old contest. this year to curb the threat of covid-19, only 100 people were allowed to watch the contest however the mber of nuco
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do i want to be on the watch list? absolutely not. right now at 4:30, bay area's only holdout, san mateo county, is headed for the state's dreaded watch list if things don't turn around. the key factors ringing the alarm. plus, today's giants' home opener overshadowed by the marlins covid outbreak that could put the entire season at risk. a live report on the impacts beyond the ballpark. and today marks one year since the garlic festival shooting and the pain for many still all too real. this morning we remember the lives lost and look towards the


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