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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 29, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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favor on this motion we could be learning a whole lot more about the people in her inner circle in the next few days >> it's going to be intriguing to say the least thank you. a lot going on there dogs in dubai, they can enjoy a dog park indoors . the u.s. surges past 150,000 a place where canines can enjoy the splash deaths from coronavirus. as mass gatherings show few pet owners also have the opportunity to enjoy some play signs of stopping. time with their furry friends. an exclusive interview with the mayor of los angeles in one of petsville's founder called it the disney land for dogs our nation's hot spots >> i can see it coming here for >> some of the richest tech our pets as much as we spoil our titans on the planet are pets >> thank you so much for waking up with "early today." scheduled to testify on capitol hill today >> a hologram of george floyd projected at the bottom of the
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robert e. lee monument in richmond "early today" starts now glad you joined us this morning i'm frances rivera >> i'm phillip mena. new restrictions are taking effect across the united states as the coronavirus spreads four states have confirmed more than 400,000 cases and the nationwide death toll has surpassed 150,000. a concert in the hamptons could land the chain smokers in trouble. the mayor was apalled at the gathering. >> and minnesota have been added, a total of 34 states are on the list including washington, d.c. and puerto rico. anyone coming from these states must quarantine or face a fine
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according to usa today right now at 4:30, happening today hundreds of bay area analysis more than 1,600 deaths workers are facing layoffs from were recorded in texas every major stadiums to biotech. a live report next on the jobs that are expected to be cut today. week white house press briefing plus, for the first time president trump seemed to complain that the task force is ceos of google, facebook and getting higher ratings than him. apple will face lawmakers. >> why don't i have a higher approval rating and the they're being accused of being bullies by the tech world. administration with respect to and the all-new shocking the virus? so it sort of is curious, a man report of vallejo police officers bending their badges works with us, very closely r for every person they killed. who is making that allegation? dr. fauci and dr. birx but "today in the bay" starts right no nobody likes me it it can only be my personality that's all >> he also insisted that he gots along with dr. said >> the l they make up about 49% of the
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population but account for more than half of the cases and 46% of the covid related deaths. lester holt asked the mayor of los angeles about the city's response to the pandemic >> over the last few weeks you have threatened to reimpose a stay at home order in los angeles. >> it's always a possibility but it feels much better today i think a lot of places are learning about covid-19. you should probably pause and wait three to four weeks to see what the impact is so far, things are stabilizing we're seeing hospitalization being able to be stable so if it doesn't shore up i don't think we will have to close further but it requires us all to do our pa success in the pandemic after the first to impose stay at home orders only to see a surge in cases over the last
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several weeks. >> a lot of should have could have what keeps you up at night i wish we would have done x, y and z? >> first to have masks the first to serve and focus on the african american community i will tell you this, what's confusing is this is the scientific method in real time somebody out there has the perfect answer to covid-19 and if you just stick to the plan the scientists will tell you what to do the scientists are telling us changes week to week my message is stick with what we do know, masks, washing surfaces and hands, and distancing, and stay at home when you can. you see spread, fix it but you can probably reopen them with a targeted set of protocols. >> a number of firsts that los angeles had in this fight and it worked but
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all the more frustrating that numbers are where they are today? >> i think the headlines are california has the most cases. we have the most people. you have to look at density, poverty and preexisting health conditions l.a. was on that cdc towards the top and we've done the best job as a vulnerable city protecting our people >> if you listen to the scientists we're still really early into this thing. >> good news today does not mean good news tomorrow this virus preys on when we get relaxed, exhausted and divided we cannot do any of those. >> they are seeing some spread of the virus in manufacturing where workers are too close to each other the ongoing square off between protesters and law enforcement in seattle continue.
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some are demonstrating against police brutality, others are against the federal law enforcement in the city. e latest we turn to mara. >> reporter: nightly protests are entering their third months things could be changing soon. they're in talks with the governor's office to discuss their removal of federal officers from portland as you can see, there are some protesters with a message of feds go home this is where they've been showing up for the past week and a half and this is a smaller group due to this large crowd across from the courthouse supporters who have been out here protesting nearly every night for two straight months. they're aware that the president has an election going on and
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they're using the presence here to hone in on his new law & order message. this is something that these protesters tell me they want no part of. >> thanks for that report. a house speaker after a heated hearing with attorney general william barr >> it was like a blog. it was just a henchman for the president of the united states >> protesting to his handling of cases close to the president pete williams has more >> reporter: barr says federal agents are in portland to defend democrats said the federal deployments are intended to give the president footage for campaign ads >> you are projecting fear and
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violence nationwide. >> they've set fires >> used explosives, and injured police including just this past weekend, perhaps permanently blinding three federal officers with lasers. >> democrats question the use of force to clear the park in june just before president trump walked to a nearby churmg and held up a bible. barr said it was to protect the white house and nearby buildings. >> the movement was not geared to the behavior of the crowd >> barr was also asked why he sat a more lean yept sentence for roger stone and moved to dismiss charges against michael flynn. but barr said he made those
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decisions without any white house pressure >> i would just ask people -- supposedly punishing the president's enemies. what enemies have i indicted do you believe that this 2020 presidential election will be rigged >> i have no reason to think it will be. >> as for the size of the federal force in portland, barr says it can be reduced when the violence there stops >> thank you with 97 days to the election the white house is once again cracking down on dreamers. the trump administration plans to wind down legal protections for the hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought into the country as children defyina court ruling stac tracie, the add min station says it will not accept new dhaka applications right. they want to limit renewals for
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those in this country. they're reviewing that ruling and while they're reviewing it essentially hitting the pause button on dreamers' ability to stay here in the united states a senior administration official believes that even though the supreme court ruled against the administration shutting the program down, there's some wiggle room. so they're looking into it president trump defending that action he also says he believes the court gave him more power to do so >> we are going to make daca happy and we're going to end up with a fantastic merit based immigration system >> reaction from the president's political rival jo anti immigra political agenda he called it wrong and
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un-american. the white house says they're expecting more court challenges on this. this program was set up for two-year renewals and 90% of dreamers in this country have jobs and almost half of them are in school. the mlb continues to make in-season changes in response to coronavirus after nearly half of the marlins roster tested positive they will not play any of their games through sunday and the phillies will not take the field until later this week. and dodgers and astros players cleared benches and stormed the field here this came after los angeles joe kelly struck out resulting in a shouting match the astros beat the dodgers in the 2017 world series. shiftsing to the nfl, 21 positive tests as teams begin holding training camp.
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>> let's take a look at our weather with janessa webb. good morning >> good to see you both. good morning, everyone the steamy temperatures continue to be intact across much of the country. buzz we're watching the potential cyclone. it has not materialized just yet. we do have warnings out to puerto rico into the dominican republic but there's still a ton of uncertaintye highs of 96 deg slightly cooler due to that front making its way to the east
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we're also watching ago flod threat for the mississippi valley >> thank you coming up, the studies reveal the results of covid on heart health >> you're watching "early today. but we're all going at our own speed. at enterprise, peace-of-mind starts with our complete clean pledge, curbside rentals and low-touch transactions. with so many vehicles of so many kinds, you can count on us to help you get everywhere you want to go... again. whenever you're ready, we're ready for you. enterprise.
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the los angeles district attorney is now reviewing hundreds of cases involving three officer accused of corruption according to the times a 59-count complaint was charged against officers the officers allegedly marked peop they stopped as gang members and are accused of filing false reports michael moore called review appropriate. the district attorney's office sent letters to defendants
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convicted by these officers. the virus can impact the heart months after recovery. boston red sox pitcher revealed that he was diagnosed with inflammation of the heart after testing positive for the coronavirus. he will be reassessed on riday a crowd gathered at the base of the robert e. lee statue overnight. this will move along the same rout as the freedom fighters who valved in 1961 it will be a symbol for change where change is needed most. john lewis will journey from d.c. to where he served. a spoeshl ceremony is planned at the georgia state capitol and then lewis will lie in state in the rotunda.
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i am really honored that i get to wear the wings and call
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myself a pilot >> coming up on "today," meet the navy pilot flying into the history books as the first woman pilot. >> some of the powerful ceos will be grilled virtually by lawmakers. the outcome could reshape the tech industry. here with a preview on what to expect >> good morning. the fireworks on capitol hill art at noon eastern where four of the most powerful tech ceos will be sworn in virtually for their anti trust hearing. we're talking about jeff bezos, apple's ceo and google's ceo you can expect to hear a lot from bezos it's the first time that he's
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ever testified before congress so members of congress and that subcommittee on anti trust expected to grill him. we also expect house judiciary chair jerly nad her to join this hearing as well as dranking member jordan. you can expect the facebook billionaire to talk about how breaking up facebook could actually help countries like china in terms of innovation he says in his prepared testimony, we believe in values, democracy, competition and inclusion and free expression, the economy americwas built on many other tech companies share these values but there's no guarantees that it will win out. china is focused on very different ideas and they're exporting their vision to other countries. now, this hearing is expected to
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celebrating birthdays today. former north carolina senator turns 84 award winning documentary film maker is 67. american fashion consultant also turns 67 and rounding out our trio of 67s, mrs. bruce springsteen. >> meghan markle and prince harry are suing associated newspapers the publisher of daily mail
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after they published excerpts of a letter she wrote to her father >> we've had the liable trial and it's straight on to a pretrial motion. this is a lawsuit that she's bringing against a british newspaper that published an excerpt of a letter she wrote to her father they're expected to say thomas markle authorized this the uk press is already dubbing this markle v markle what's happening today is the preliminary hearing. it's a motion filed by meghan's legal team to prevent this newspaper group from revealing the identities of five of her friends who spoke on her behalf
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in an article by people magazine meghan saz hads these are private individuals, their identities should not be revealed it's unclear whether or not the judge will rule today. in the pass
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