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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 29, 2020 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. right now at 11:00, do not plant them. the warning tonight about mysterious seeds showing up in east bay mailboxes. plus shocking allegations about one bay area police department. >> they basically in my opinion have been nothing short of running a criminal enterprise that the federal government should be looking at.
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>> what some officers are accused of doing and how the police chief is responding tonight. but first, help is on the way. the new covid testing method that could speed things up. tonight there is an urgency to clear the backlog of covid-19 tests as people are sometimes waiting more than week for results. so the fda is now giving the green light to major testing companies to use a new technique to speed up the process. nbc bay area's ian cull explains. >> reporter: in the beginning, covid testing was scarce. then it ramped up. but now the time to get results is backed up so much, some people are waiting more than a week to find out if they have it. >> got tested 11 days ago. >> reporter: christine hoffman's son just went back to preschool. her husband is an essential worker in san jose. so just to be safe, she got tested for covid-19 july 18th. >> this is my first test and i have g and his first test a few weeks ago, it took ten days for him to get results. >> her story is becoming common.
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but today the fbi cleared the way for commercial testing lab quest diagnostics to use new testing to cut down delays. >> this is smart move by the fda to give authorization to private companies that saying okay, you say you can do faster testing. they do it. >> reporter: ucsf dr. monica gandhi says to slow the spread, people to know if they're infected as soon as possible so they can quarantine. otherwise they can unknowingly pass the virus tories. >> by time you get the test back, you're not even social distancing anymore. it doesn't make sense to have tests that take a long time. >> reporter: quest diagnostics which has 2200 labs throughout the u.s., says the fda approval speeds the extracting dna from specimens. the turnaround time should be two to three days for most.
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lab corp., its rival says it's already meeting those numbers. this comes as health officials say people should only get tested if they really need it so the labs don't get backlogged even more than they are right now. but for many, they just want answers. >> if you got faster results, i feel like you could get faster treatment and find out who you might have exposed faster. >> reporter: in san jose, ian cull, nbc bay area news. california has set a new record for covid deaths. yesterday 197 people died from the virus that is a new high again. the previous record was 159 deaths on july 23rd. as for the total cases here in the bay area, 400 new cases added in contra costa county bringing their total to more than 1300 new cases. santa clara county also seeing a spike, adding more than 250 cases today alone. one county without big case numbers had been san mateo county. it's why that county stayed off
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the governor's watch list so long and residents could enjoy fewer restrictions. well, they're now on the list. and as nbc bay area's sergio quintana explains, change is coming. >> reporter: landing on the state's covid-19 watch list means san mateo county now has three days before being ordered to reimpose some restrictions. but some business owners say customers are already reacting. at evolve training in south san francisco, the evening class usually has a few kids gearing up for punching bag exercises, but no students showed up tonight. instead one of the coaches is hosting a training on zoom. >> i think they automatically assume that we are closed. but i think the watch list means that we're on the watch list for three days. and i think saturday, when they check the hopefully the decline in the numbers, then we can stay open. >> reporter: the last several months have been rough for evolve training center. owner john janero teaching a contact sport like martial arts during a pandemic has taken lots
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of modifications. unfortunately, he cannot take his classes outside because of a lack of parking lot space. so a second shutdown will be even more painful. >> we're continuing to pay our staff and we're paying our rent. our landlords and i are going to have a meeting very soon. they want to be very supportive and understanding about what's going on. and that's going to be the key. >> reporter: the new watch list designation means schools will not be open for in-person classes and hospitalizations don't stabilize in three days, gyms, personal care businesses like barber some and hair salons and nail sal long, shopping malls and places of worship will have to shut down or figure out a way to safely move their services outside doors. supervisor david canepa says the situation is serious. he proposes fines to people and businesses that don't follow mask rules. >> what's becoming clear to me is that we need to protect them, and there has to be consequences.
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for inappropriate action. >> in is an markets sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> an dwriep a story we first told you about last night, a covid outbreak at a south bay costco. confirming multiple employees at the sunnyvale s coucostco have virus. a bulletin board says nine work verse it. some say it was around the 1st of july but they weren't told until july 18th. >> because you're not showing any symptoms, but you came in contact with it, it's going through my head and a lot of the employees. they don't know if they have it or. no. >> the health department says costco has been following proper protocols which includes isolating the infected workers and conducting extensive sanitation. nationally, 21 states have now been declared their infectis are rapidly climbing. nbc news medical contributor dr. vin gupta says it will take strong leadership to turn things
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around. >> that means that those states are in a very tenuous position. where hospital overload is likely. if strong leadership and strong policies are not realized soon. that basically means we need to consider moving away from just mandating masks. and a lot of the states haven't even mandated mask, like tennessee, for example, like georgia. we need to move away from mandating to enforcement. >> dr. gupta is also of the opinion the states should consider keeping schools closed in the fall, much like california is doing. and speaking of distance learning, state superintendent tony thurman today says money is on the way to help. more than $5 billion has now been made available to schools. the money is aimed to help address learning gaps and make distance learning more effective. one ucsf professor told us tonight that when kids do return to the classroom, the youngest student should return first. >> based on both our understanding of how their bodies work, the younger kids
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tend to not get covid as frequently. and when they get it, it's not as severe. and they don't seem to pass it around as much as older kids. and certainly not as much as adults. >> there is still no statewide timeline for returning to school. it will be district by district, depending on which ones meet state benchmarks. for students around the bay area, returning to class will bring lots of changes and challenges. the nbc bay area response team is working to help your family prepare. please join us for a half hour back to school special this saturday night, right after the nhl on nbc. new at 11:00, disturbing allegations against members of the vallejo police department. that they had a tradition of officers bending their badges as a way to mark people they had killed. the police chief is reacting tonight. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd spoke to him and to the outraged family of man who was shot and killed by police.
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>> the celebrating of a human being is never acceptable, and i'm deeply disturbed by these allegations. >> reporter: vallejo police shawnee williams reacting to allegations that vallejo police officers bend the corners of their badges to mark people they kill. >> i'm doing an official inquiry into the department and the allegations. the inquiry will help me to understand the culture of the department in a greater way and take corrective action. >> reporter: former police captain john whitney says he was seeking corrective action and was fired for it. through his attorney he says he learned about the badge bending practice following the deadly shooting of 20-year-old willie mccoy in a drive-through taco bell in february last year. that's when police moved in, when he was asleep at the window with a gun in his lap. melissa noles represents his family and says vallejo police operate like a gang. >> where you're having, you know, notches on your belt, essentially, doing something to commemorate harming people. that's gang culture. >> we call it an execution of
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what happened to little willie. >> reporter: mccoy's brother is not surprised by the allegations. >> the vallejo police union is the strongest entity and the most powerful entity in the city of vallejo, and they have been calling the shots in that city for close to two decades. >> vallejo police union president michael nicolineis reacting to the badge bending investigation. he says he has no knowledge of this being a practice of vallejo police officers. all of these recent allegations of wrongdoing are being fabricated to drive a narrative that doesn't exist. calling it a distraction. chief williams will start out with his internal inquiry, and it could turn into a full-blown investigation. he is not ruling out bringing in a third party to look into this case. in vallejo, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. a controversial statue in marin county is no longer
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standing after the city preemptively took it down. the sculpture of british explorer sir francis drake was taken down in larkspur and placed in storage for now. in addition, his name was removed from nearby sir francis drake high school. activists have been demanding the changes because of drake's history as a slave trader and profiteer. the city decided to take the statue down because it was recently vandalized and there were threats to tear it down. former president barack obama is expected to give the eulogy for former congressman john lewis tomorrow. that's according to a source familiar with the planning of john lewis' funeral. george bush and bill clinton are expected to attend as well. today a procession took congressman lewis through the capitol. lewis presided in state several hours. hundreds lined up to say their goodbyes. coming up after the break, a mystery surrounding seeds.
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the questionable package showing up in mailboxes in contra costa county. and waiting for results that will never come. the frustration and confusion over covid tests that have disappeared. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking another round of fog. i'll show you when it moves out, coming up in about eight minutes.
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fire crews in san francisco are still at the scene of the five-alarm fire that destroyed or severely damaged six commercial buildings. the fire sparked yesterday morning in the area of fulsome and 13th in the soma neighborhood. firefighters were putting out hot spots today that popped up as parts telephone building collapsed on to each other. one firefighter was hurt, but the department says that crewmember is already resting at home. the cause under investigation. but fire officials say they're looking into the possibility that a mattress fire at an adjacent homeless encampment
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spread to the building. suspicious seeds shipped from china are arriving in the east bay. there have been multiple reports of people throughout the country having seeds from china delivered to their home, seeds they did not order. some 30 cases have now been reported in contra costa county. the department of agriculture says the problem they don't know what the seeds are for. >> the biggest concern is those seeds may be weeds or that they may be carrying diseases that may be detrimental to california's agriculture, to contra costa's agriculture, and to our natural environment. >> ag officials say do not open or throw away the packets and certainly don't plant them. keep them intact and call the county commissioner's ag office. covid has been hitting nursing homes hard since the beginning of the pandemic. now 14 residents have died at a walnut creek facility. loved ones of one resident say they not only lost a life-long friend, but they never got to
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say goodbye. nbc bay area's jean elle has the story. >> it was just a sad, lonely end for her. >> reporter: sylvia haguety can't stop thinking about the end of kit any's life. she knew the woman everyone called aunt kitty for more than 60 years. >> she and my mom did everything together. they were just like sisters. >> reporter: she was just always part of the family, and we loved her. >> reporter: aunt kitty was the god mother to her three children. hag looking at her at manor care. they had a covid outbreak in june. 92 residents have been infected. 14 have died, including aunt kitty. >> they had moved her into the covid wing, along with 13 other patients that day who apparently got sick at manor care all at the same time. this according to the doctor. >> reporter: hegarty says she didn't learn about the covid outbreak until after she died.
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she said manor care did not contact her to let her know her dear friend tested positive and was sick. she said she found out she was dead when the mortuary called about her arrangements. she and aunt kitty's children never got a chance to say goodbye. >> i would have liked to tell her i loved her. >> reporter: messages were not returned. hegarty says a message did leave a message with her roommate and daughter and said he needed to talk to her but and would call but back but never did. she sent the facility a letter urging them to make sure the right people are notified so no one else dies before loved ones can connect. >> i would have loved to receive an apology and an assurance this wouldn't happen again. >> jean elle, nbc bay area news. people who have gone through the testing process for covid-19 says it can be uncomfortable. but for some it's become outrageous. their results aren't positive or negative. they're missing. several people have reported to
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us their test results were lost. one viewer tells us a drive-through site in contra costa county lost her test. another was tested in solano county. >> i got a phone call from them telling me that my test was lost. and to please call them and reschedule. how does something like this happen? where they lose everything? where did it go? where is it? >> we reached out to the company that administers the tests in solano county. they gave us a statement that reads in part, in about a total of 0.3 part of the time, a sample may damaged, insufficient sample taken, or administrative error occurs where we have to ask people to get retested. for those looking to get tested in san francisco, there a new location to tell you about. a pop-up testing site set up by ucsf at the 24th street mission bart station. it will be open for the next three weeks on wednesdays and fridays from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. the site is aimed at helping test the latino population.
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the department of public health says latinos make up half of the coronavirus cases in the city even though they're only 15% of the population. many are frontline workers. many families have been waiting for this for a while. the oakland zoo is officially back open today. it technically reopened monday, but only members were allowed in then. today it opened for everyone. attendance will be limited, and you must buy tickets online and wear a mask. the oakland zoo is the last major zoo to reopen in california. we have had great zoo visiting weather all this week. jeff, it seems we're in this real steady pattern of cloudy, cool mornings, and then just gorgeous afternoons. >> you got that right. and we are in for another repeat performance tomorrow. so whether you're going to the zoo, you're doing something in your backyard, or it's a day where you're going grocery shopping, you're going take maybe even a little breck from the work from home. i think it's going to cooperate with everybody here across the bay area. so let's go ahead and get you
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into the microclimate forecast. you can see right now, what i'm watching is fogged in conditions in san francisco from our live camera. and then you can see on the right-hand side of your screen, temperatures in the 50s with that fog moving all the way back into parts of contra costa and alameda county. so this means again tomorrow morning we'll see widespread coverage cloud cover for the north bay. also for the east bay. some drizzle possible at the coastline. and for those of you in the south bay, also waking up to some of the cloud cover from san jose, right on down to gilroy. now i do think most of this should clear back by 11:00 in the morning, but keep in mind it will linger a little longer there in san francisco. and of course for the immediate coastline at our beaches. so if you've liked the cool mornings lately, you'll love tomorrow morning. viet 55 in the tri-valley. south bay at 58. and watch out with 52 degrees. and also san francisco at 53. my temperatures tomorrow because
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of the fog at the coastline will definitely stay out of the 100s. so down here in the south bay, really, we're staying in the 80s here for much of the view, including milpitas at 85. for the east bay, we're at 92 in concord. oakland, 72. and then closer to the coastline, at our beaches, we'll be in the 50s here for half moon bay. san francisco staying in the 50s to also 60s. winds out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour. so it will be a brisk wind for you. and the north bay, napa, sonoma, santa rosa will find more mixes of 70s to 80s in that forecast. now my extended here in san francisco continues with this pattern of 60s and also some morning fog rolling on in at times. and that is definitely going to make it really beautiful as we head throughout the next couple days. and across the inland valleys, notice we'll also hold on to this steady pattern of those upper 80s and low 90s as we head
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through the next several days. so garvin, maybe a day for the zoo tomorrow. maybe a day to sitody's got planned. yes good to go. complaints, jef. just keep them coming. >> yes. coming up, looking for a faster, less intrusive coronavirus test? berkeley has an option. where and when you can take it. and happening now, nasa is preparing for another mission to mars. tomorrow the rover named perseverance is set to launch from cape canaveral, florida. it will take seven months to reach the red planet. once there, it will drill into rocks and collect samples to bring back to earth. stanford scholars were part of the team that developed algorithms to help the rover 're back with more news in a moment.
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there are now zero counties in california that have not been touched by covid. modoc county has confirmed its first two cases of covid-19, both from the same household. the county, which borders oregon and nevada is now trying to identify anyone who may have had close contact with the infected individuals. until now, modoc was the only county in california with no confirmed cases. the opposite end of that spectrum is alameda county, 10,000 cases. and for people there, there is an easier way now to get tested for covid-19. the city of berkeley is running a two-day pilot program where people are tested through saliva. it started today at san pablo park, and the tests are by appointment only. people take the test by themselves and drop the tube into a container. they should get the results in 24 to 48 hours. the mouth swab is popular in l.a. coin as a way to encourage
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testing for those who find the nasal swab too uncomfortable. it's been fighting for months to stay open, but now california's oldest restaurant is shutting down until further notice. tadich grill in san francisco is closing friday. the landmark restaurant has been serving its takeout business and using the ppp loan. but now after 171 years, the current climate is too tough. it will not reopen until it can resume full indoor dining. >> and who knows how long that will be. it might be waiting for a vaccine. it might be waiting until, i mean, a cure. i don't know what the future is going to bring for us. >> tadich actually owns the building it's in. so the gm insists it will be back. meanwhile, all 37 employees have been furloughed. the giants and a's both looking for wins at home. we will have the highlights next. ♪ menutaur
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the padres ruined the giants' home opener last night. so san francisco is back at it tonight, looking for their first home win of the season. let's get right to the action. bottom of the eighth inning, giants trailing 6-3. two men on when donovan solano lines a rocket over the left field wall for a three-run
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homer. game tied at 6. it's solano's first homer of the year. and then in the very next inning, mike yastrzemski lets a high ball into the china basin night and into mccovey cove for a walk-off win. giants win, 7-6. it was yastrzemski's second homer of the night. across the bay, the a's wrapped up a short two-game series against the colorado rockies. it started great for the a's. in the first inning, matt chapman hit a home run there it is, 1-0 a's. but oakland was sloppy today. the rockies scored two runs thanks to an error. colorado sweeps the series, winning 5-1. the a's head oath out for their first road trip of the season. they play at seattle on friday. when we return, we'll show you how the san francisco opera is making a difference during the shutdown. that's next. hi. we're glad you came in. what's on your mind? can you help keep these guys protected online? easy. connect to the xfi gateway. what about wireless data options for the family?
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. the san francisco opera is hitting a high note when it comes to helping others during the pandemic. since all shows are on hold, workers in the costume shop have been using fabric that was destined for the stage to make face masks. some 20 sowers are been toiling away since april.
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some in their driveways, some in their homes. they will have made 10,000 mask. they're donating to firefighters, social agencies and other front line workers. finally, the 75th anniversary of the end of world war two, and the number of people still around who helped win that war is dwindling. but one of them, san diego veteran sydney walton pulled in to san francisco today in his star spangled buick to make sure no one forgets. walton is 101. he and his entourage of 101 motorcycles and cars have been traveling, you guessed it, highway 101 to spread word about the upcoming anniversary on september 2nd. thanks so much for joining us. see you here tomorrow. ♪ ♪


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