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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 30, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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we're two weeks away from the marlins say they can't play any start of school for most bay games this week because they've had 19 positive tests in the past week. >> now the giants are trying to stay healthy so they can keep area counties. we're going to discuss that playing and celebrating wins like last night. coming up in just a little bit. the giants, in a sign of the >> thank you very much, jess. times, had a unique way to we learned today a coronavirus outbreak at south bay costcos goes beyond just the celebrate the walk-off home run. the entire team enjoyed the moment without touching each sunnyvale store. other but clearly not this afternoon the santa clara maintaining six feet of distance, i'm afraid. just another way this season is county public health department revealed cases at three other unlike any other. basketball is back too for the first time in more than four months. the nba returned to action. costcos, san jose, mountain view, and gilroy. all games being played in we have the new numbers and what an employee is saying about orlando, which the nba calls its them. >> reporter: the number of south bubble. the first game was between the bay costco workers testing utah jazz and new orleans positive for coronavirus is pelicans. one of the newest stars, zion definitely a moving target. and even though numbers are rising, health officers are williamson, showed off with a trying to reassure the public. powerful dunk. utah came back to win the game, the sunnyvale costco store told 106-104. 22 teams will play eight games employees this morning there were ten confirmed worker cases, each to said to who makes the up from nine yesterday. playoffs. but it wouldn't stop there. the warriors are not among the teams that qualified to play.
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just hours later, the santa >> it's hard to find live music clara county public health these days, janelle. department announced a new total >> it certainly is. for sunnyvale and our south bay but if you don't need a venue to get a concert going, just some costco stores. the sunnyvale cost tco now has talented musicians in a driveway. jim in colorado is making sure the show goes on after venues confirmed cases. started shutting down due to san jose has eight, gilroy has covid, he started performing in his garage every saturday. it's such a hit, he now brings six. in a different band every >> because of the investigations weekend. so far, we have not closed any some musicians haven't performed of these stores. live since january. we feel like they're following the neighbors love the music, guidelines. we feel like the public is the friendship, and the totally safe. >> reporter: but the numbers companionship. the crowd keeps their distance, don't reassure workers we talked wears masks, and try to stay six to. an employee who asked not to be feet apart. that's so nice. >> good for them. identified said workers want thanks for watching nbc bay more protection. area news at 6:00. >> they don't understand that i'll be back at 11. you have pregnant employees, you >> have a good night, folks, bye. have employees with young kids, employees with older grandparents, elderly parents. >> reporter: the doctor says he understands the concern. he says the preliminary investigation indicates that in most cases, the workers got
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infected outside the workplace but acknowledged the day-to-day risk from customers. >> front line workers are at higher risk. they're in retail locations with people facing them all the time. we hope most people wear masks and follows social distancing but it doesn't always occur. >> reporter: the county has started testing some of the workers. the teamsters union says it's already requested costco test all employees. no word yet on the company's response. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, robert. across the state, the number of positive cases is steadily rising. yesterday the state recorded more than 10,000 positive cases. that's an increase of 1,400 cases since tuesday. that brings the total number of cases across the state close to a half million. san francisco is dealing with a surge of new cases right now. the city is taking steps to protect hospitals from getting overwhelmed. nbc bay area's christie smith is in san francisco to show us a i'm jessica aguirre. new plan to move more the issue of illegitimate and
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non-covid-19 patients to make rigged elections coming up in hospital beds available. november really dominating the >> reporter: the director of headlines today, dominating health was blunt, saying the twitter, dominating in part the city is experiencing a major surge in covid cases. he urged people to take steps to funeral of congressman john lewis, and then the coronavirus lower the curve. briefing as well. he also said it was time to that's because president trump today raised the specter of what create more options like this to is, he says, going to be the be ready to take the pressure off hospitals. most fraudulent election in a building in the corner of the history. it started this morning on twitter. let me show that to you. the president saying on twitter presidio may play a key role in that "with universal mail-in helping protect san francisco voting this election will be the hospitals from the worsening most fraudulent in history." pandemic by taking pressure off of local hospitals. the city's reopening remains president obama later that morning took a jab at president trump in his eulogy of john paused. it's still on the state's watch lewis, saying those in power are oing the darnedest by list, mainly due to a surge in cases in hospitalization. >> it is extremely sobering that and undermining the postal we have reached 24 point. service. this afternoon at the coronavirus briefing the president doubled down on his >> reporter: health director grant colfax today trying to tweet and then he put california in there too. explain just how fast the virus is spreading. >> how many ballots is he >> in just ten days this month, we went from 5,000 to 6,000 sending in california? 28 million or some massive number? cases of covid-19. other states are sending out
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millions and millions of let me be clear. ballots? i don't want a delay. we are in a major surge of i want to have the election. covid-19. but i also don't want to have to wait for three months and then the virus is moving fast and find out that the ballots are more people are getting all missing and the election seriously ill. doesn't mean anything. >> opening this facility will that's what's going to happen, allow the city to shore up our steve, that's common sense. and everyone knows it. medical resources and bolster our hospital capacity. smart people know it. stupid people may not know it. >> reporter: supervisor and some people don't want to catherine stephanie said the talk about it. but they know it. city is working to establish a care center at a warehouse in >> the president wants to talk the presidio. it will help free up hospital about it. space and could hold nearly a he talks about it a lot today. hundred non-covid-related political analyst larry gerson patients if and when patients. says in spite of what the president is saying, there is no >> if they've been discharged evidence for potential voter from the hospital but still need short term care. fraud with mail-in voting. he says what this is potential >> reporter: she shared pictures of what the warehouses look like of is voter fatigue and a lot of now. they were originally built in voter confusion. 1919, when the area was an army >> what does it do to the voter? post. today dr. colfax said they are in some cases it makes the voter just a precaution, but he's worried that could change wonder if it's woerrth it. quickly if we don't recommit to it's a way of depressing it probably is going to be flattening the curve. turnout. why should i vote if it doesn't
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>> unfortunately, for now we matter? sooner than my friends think. that's what he's trying to do. >> but beyond the new album still have capacity in our whether he succeeds is another anticipation, we've got new story altogether. hospital system to care for rihanna to thrill everybody since the president has uttered right now. this so many times in the past >> we have to be eight feet patients, it is good news that you kind of wonder if it's sort apart from everyone. of like the boy who cried wolf, >> i'm so happy, rich. our health care system has not been overwhelmed. maybe he's cried wolf too many >> social distance on the set. >> reporter: in san francisco, times in the minds of many christie smith, nbc bay area, california is mixed our mind blowing "bold & the news. speaking of beautiful" exclusive. hospitalizations, they are rised it's more than mannequins. in the bay area. that's denise richard's but they're up even more in in this because, if you remember, back in mail goy gove neighboring counties. take a look at this map. it shows covid hospitalizations, real-life husband bringing the romance. >> the perfect standing. how they've risen over the past newsom put out an executive >> i was in my kitchen. >> the moment whitney changed 14 days. order saying he would send out the darker orange counties are everything for brandy and now mail-in ballots to every the places where it has gone up this proud mom has a new song registered california voter with her daughter. even more. because he doesn't want people >> i just want to do music with look at placer county, up 339% going to the polls because of her for the rest of my life. the pandemic. that caught the ire of the in two weeks. butte county and merced county, president, as we heard today in the coronavirus briefing. both up 200%. and a lot of other states are considering doing exactly the if you're looking at the before an area, the darkest county same thing and following california's lead. there is sonoma county with an so larry says this is not going to be the end of this twitter increase of ynd contra storm by the president. we will see more of it. >> okay, jessica, thank you so costa county have both s 200%. much. up next at 6:30, it's the total bay area cases county by worst quarter on record. america's economy takes a major county, alameda county has the hit as lawmakers face new
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highest number right there, pressure to renew coronavirus jobless benefits. plus remembering a civil 11,131. within the last 48 hours it rights icon. added 331 new cases. president obama's powerful words at the funeral for u.s. representative john lewis. santa clara county, close to 10,000 cases. feel like you've watched all the things? the new school year is fast approaching, garvin, and most schools are starting off with distance learning, but some might not. jessica aguirre has the details. jessica? >> yeah, we've been talking about distance learning now for weeks and most schools are saying that's what they're going to do. but some 100 south bay schools may want to start with in-classroom learning. but they have to ask the county health officer to do that and they need a behavior to make it happen. this is how it would work. under governor newsom's new pandemic plan, elementary schools have the option to apply for a waiver with their local health officer. we're talking about public and private schools here. if they qualify for this exception and they're approved,
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students could go back to class even if the county remains on the state monitoring list, that watch list we keep talking about. private schools like jewish day school and bowman school in palo alto are among those applying for that waiver. bowman's leaders say they've already taken a number of safety measures to be prepared because they want it to happen. >> it starts with health checks and temperature checks at the front door for all staff and children. we have provided all of our staff with ppe that they can replace every day if they wish. face masks, as well as shields, as well as gloves. >> now, santa clara public health department says at least 80 schools have applied for this waver. but at this point, we're not sure which schools have gotten it, or if any of those schools asked en been approved or for it. so we'll see what happens next. we for sure. okay, we'll see what happens. now there's more to love with xfinity x1, we're getting close to it.
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the ultimate entertainment experience. thank you so much, jessica. there's been a lot of attention on the race for a like live sports. vaccine. they're back with the best way to watch. but the process of getting a vaccine to market is long and and more streaming apps all in one place. more classics. complex. even with covid-19 being on the more premiers. federal fast track. plus, more to easily find using just your voice. an epidemiologist and researchers from ucsf walks hello, more. where have you been all my life? through the process in detail. watch that story on our website, find your favorites and more all in one place with x1. harsh words for the state plus, get speed, coverage and security with the xfi gateway. unemployment agency today. xfinity. the future of awesome. lawmakers calling it a broken and disinterested bureaucracy. >> edd has been failing california. because of edd's failures, our constituents are depleting their life savings, going into extreme debt, having trouble paying rent, and putting food on the table. >> in an assembly budget hearing, lawmakers questioned the director of employment right now at 6:30, the development department or edd. pandemic is taking a toll on our legislators said their who economy. today we saw just how bad things have gotten. can't get unemployment benefits. the economy is seeing a giant nbc bay area has heard from drop in american productivity
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hundreds of others with the same and another big rise in problem. edd director sharon hilliard unemployment as special pandemic said 239,000 unemployment benefits are set to expire applications are stuck in that situation. she told lawmakers it could take tomorrow. >> as business and tech reporter until the end of september to process all those claims. another day, another scott budman shows us, some possible name change, as historical figures are reexamined under the spotlight of the black lives matter movement. the iconic sir francis drake traditionally strong industries are seeing weakness. >> reporter: there are a lot of hotel in san francisco is now evaluating a potential name closed signs hanging around here. change and rebranding of the >> only half the shopping mall is open. property, according to a >> reporter: which means less business for vintage wine. the owner says he sees people spokesperson for the company that manages the drake. cutting back. >> having a little more sir francis drake was involved difficult time selling a $200 in the in the 1500tatue of him n cabernet. but that happens. >> reporter: thanks to the pandemic, america's gross domestic product, the broadest removed. following protests in may measure of our economy, shrank after the death of george floyd, by a record amount last quarter. just last week, 1.4 million san jose's mayor released a plan increasing police oversight and people filed for unemployment. transparency. today he followed up with the next stage of that plan, which >> you have the lockdown which calls for strengthening the role of the city's independent police has just completely decimated
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auditor and dispatching a sectors of the economy. >> reporter: even the tech civilian team to respond to noncriminal calls. industry, which is generating enough cash and optimism to keep san jose city council will some people shopping, is consider the reform package on august 11. starting to show pandemic up next, calling it an act fatigue. google today reporting its first of terror. what happened just hours before quarterly revenue decline in company history. church in the bay area was attacked by an arsonist. >> google and facebook make plus going to extreme mayor then selling ads largely lengths. a local cancer patient lived in for small businesses, many of fear of getting covid-19 as she whom are going away and some of travels across the state to get treatment. which may never come back. >> reporter: there's also a sense of urgency about all this because the current economic i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. stimulus package expires on i'll show when you the fog moves friday. in san jose, scott budman, nbc in, when it most ves out, and t bay area news. latest on a tropical storm that one of the nation's leading could become a hurricane and bring some travel delays. i'll have details on that in african-american businessmen has about seven minutes. died from the coronavirus. herman cain was a millionaire executive at companies including burger king and godfather's pizza. he may be best known for his presidential run as a republican in the 2012 race, at one time even leading the polls. he dropped out of the race in late 2011.
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cain attended president trump's campaign rally in tulsa, oklahoma in june. he was diagnosed with covid less than two weeks later. the doctors say they don't know exactly when or where he contracted it. he was 74. let's go back to our coronavirus coverage locally. san francisco is in a major surge. those words from the city's health officer. and doctors treating patients are seeing the same surge. joining us again is dr. peter chin hong, infectious disease specialist at ucsf. doctor, what kind of numbers are you seeing at ucsf? >> thanks for having me on, janelle. i would say, over time, on june 7 we had seven patients with covid in the hospital, at ucsf. on july 24, we had 19 patients, today we have 38 to 40 patients with covid. that's about a five-time increase just locally in our hospital. >> wow, that's incredible. so is this coming from the july
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4 surge were people were hanging out in groups and gatherings? >> it's a little bit of a mix. certainly we have the folks who went to barbecues around july 4 and we're seeing those repercussions now. but there are quite a lot of essential workers still, and more than half of our patients are latinx. two-thirds of my patients i'm taking care of are latinx and half of them are ventilated. >> oh, my goodness, that's terrible to hear. governor newsom highlighted this week that the latinx population, especially in the central valley, because they are front line workers, farm workers, they're working those jobs, they cannot isolate, i hear only 15% of the population in the city is the latinx population. but you're saying 50 to 70% of the cases are those patients? >> yeah, and for example, you know, we've had, even in san
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francisco, folks who work in the fields picking strawberries, and those are the folks we're seeing. >> dr. colfax had a frightening number, saying we could see 750 covid patients by mid-october in the hospitals. that seems crazy high. do we have enough beds for that? >> yes, so, i mean, the way we're working right now in the second surge is a little bit a predominantly black church hidden because it's almost like in the east bay is demanding the tank is getting filled but answers after a suspicious man it's drip by drip. was spotted setting the church's so we're not even feeling that trash bins on fire. surge. but i'm worried about it. church leader believe it was a targeted attack on their place but that's why they're opening of worship because they had just hung a black lives matter sign. this new facility in presidio, and ucsf is repurposing a nbc bay area's melissa colorado hospital at mt. zion. tell us an alert neighbor was so people are being proactive to key to getting the fire knocked down quickly. >> i stepped out in the garden anticipate anything wrong that to look at the stars. might happen. >> reporter: it was the glow of >> when we first talked to you, the flames coming from across the street that ended up months ago, we're talking about catching eugene gonzalez's april, new york was the hotspot. they had a huge spike in cases. attention. gonzalez lives behind the way christian center, a but they have consistently gone down. predominantly black church on and they are flattening the university avenue in berkeley.
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curve. we had the strictest early wednesday, shortly after restrictions, we were the first to shelter in place. midnight, gonzalez says he saw a but california now has the man in a tan colored, hooded highest number of cases in the country with this constant poncho setting the church's uptick. why is this happening? trash bins on fire. >> purposefully put paper. >> i think there are several reasons. it was just going right up. i think we have double the >> reporter: gonzalez realized he had to step in when he saw the figure walk away has the population. but recently, as you know, we flames scorched the back wall of the church. >> i ran back, got my garden have delays in testing, lining up to get tests and delays in hose, filled up a five-gallon bucket, took some water out getting the tests back. while my roommate was calling the longer you wait to get the 911. results back, it's like you're >> reporter: fire crews arrived and the church was spared. spreading the virus. >> my daughters were weeping contact tracing and isolation won't really work to squash the last night. >> reporter: church founder disease if the test results are pastor mike mcbride fears this was a hateful attack against his so delayed. >> of course, social distancing congregation after the church and wearing a mask. recently raised a large black remdesivir has been proven to lives matter sign out front. treat patients with covid. >> i'm angry and i think all of is there a shortage right now, us are angry. and is that a concern for you? we're tired. >> yeah, we're living in a so we're not deterred. >> reporter: a spokesperson for really hand to mouth existence the berkeley police department with remdesivir. we're to the point of where says there's just not enough
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evidence at this point to call every day we talk about, you this a hate crime. and while that spokesperson does know, what if ten patients come in and we only have two courses, not want to discount what church what do we do, how do we make leaders have to say, he points out about a month ago a this decision? do we do first come, first port-a-potty across the street was set on fire, likely the work served, do we draw the names out of a transient. of a hat? these are the kind of discussions we're having right now. >> oh, that's a difficult berkeley's mayor condemned the choice. fire, saying, quote, this is have you gotten any word if despicable and should never you're going to get more doses happen in berkeley. of remdesivir? >> yes, we get them every week. this needs to be 3prosecuted isa we're just not sure when they come. it's almost like a stork hate crime. in berkeley, melissa colorado, dropping remdesivir on the hospital. nbc bay area news. break the outbreak. there is no -- you know, we're not really sure what day we're that's the name of a nonprofit found by students in the east getting it. we put the data in every week, bay. the group in dublin recognize every day, actually, and the central administration or restaurants, food banks, and federal administration other local service centers with determines how much each state gets. personal protective equipment. >> okay, dr. peter chin-hong bto raises most of its money on with ucsf, infectious disease a gofundme page. organizers say new chapters are specialist, thanks for painting opening all over the country a clearer picture of what's including four in new york alone. happening in the hospital. we wish you very well, we know in the medical world, you're on the front lines and we hope you stay safe. covid-19 has not only impacted people battling the virus but
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>> thanks very much, janelle. it's also changed the world for those getting treated for other if you were tested for covid-19, it was probably done serious illnesses. it's become especially difficult with a long q-tip-like swab. for cancer patients trying to we know they're used for testing get treatment while also isolating. people. what about things you touch? nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. has the story of a bay area a company in san francisco developed a new test using swabs woman who is battling colon cancer in a time of covid-19. to find out if anyone with covid-19 has touched or breathed on the spaces we're in, you can >> reporter: there are two chapters in the recent life of test everything from e buttons to shopping carts. jessica. the tests are useful for chapter 1, an energetic mom of three, running marathons, caring businesses to monitor indoor exposure to covid-19. for her growing family. then came a second chapter. >> the real power lies in >> not great news today. knowing whether or not you have >> reporter: in 2017, she was infected people that are diagnosed with stage iv colon asymptomatic that are shedding the virus in closed indoor cancer. she documented the ups and downs of her treatment. spaces. >> a ten-pack of swabs costs >> i'm processing it. i'm crying. >> reporter: as covid hit the $400. so it's not cheap. it's important to note that doctors say touching contra costa county woman was contaminated surfaces is not the looking for a new clinical trial to take part in. main way covid-19 spreads. >> while there was a hope of you're much more likely to get sick from droplets that come trial enrollment at the beginning of covid, long wait from a sick person's breath, lists built up. >> reporter: the only trial she cough, or sneeze. long time congressman john could get into was southern
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lewis was honored today for a california. lifetime of work advanced the >> we were first to travel back and forth to southern california civil rights movement. every three weeks for me to get ♪ this cancer treatment. >> reporter: those trips revealed many of the additional difficulties cancer patients now face in covid times. travel and hotel stays are risky. caregivers can no longer accompany patients into lewis' atlanta funeral was a treatment. >> people are having to weigh celebration of his impact on the the risk of exposure with the nation. three former presidents and the house speaker paid tribute. possibility of being on a president obama's words were lifesaving trial. sometimes fiery as he connected >> reporter: ucsf professor of lewis' legacy to today's troubled times. medicine alan van ouck say it's >> john lewis devoted his time on this earth fighting the very tricky balancing the needs of patients with the risks to patients and staff. >> you worry that although it's attacks on democracy. done for a reason, which is to protect patients, you may be and what's best in america. harming their ultimate outcome. we don't know yet. >> i have three kids who need me. >> reporter: but she's guided by we're seeing it circulate right now. like john, we have to keep hope, braving the journey through treatment, looking to the next chapter. getting in that good trouble. >> to make sure i live my best >> good trouble, that's what life for not only myself and my lewis called his civil rights kids but for cancer patients work. his final act was an essay everywhere. published today in "the new york
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>> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc times." in it he challenged americans, bay area news. >> we certainly wish her the saying, quote, together you can best. >> for sure. redeem the soul of the nation. let's get a check of our forecast. jeff, the weather seems very consistent. not a lot of fluctuation. up next, after more than 150 'snot, and we have the years, san francisco's cliff fog to thank for that. house temporarily has closed its right now in the east bay, if you hold still long enough, you doors due to the pandemic. we'll tell you why the story isn't over for the famed restaurant. can feel some of that foggy breeze coming in at times, ♪ menutaur helping to make it enjoyable out here tonight. let's go ahead and get you into our microclimates right now. you can see on this split screen graphic i've put together, we have 63 in san francisco with that fog returning. otherwise, 76 in san jose, and also that blue sky. so temperatures are already beginning to drop everywhere right now. the daytime highs are right near average, slightly below in a few spots. an is santa rosa, 80. san francisco coming in with that chilly 63. here comes the fog yet again for tomorrow morning with those low clouds over the north bay. also extending back here into
6:19 pm
contra costa and alameda counties, even some cloud cover down here towards the south bay. we will see this clear back by 11:00 in the morning. so it is yet again another day where we get the cool start and then we get that sunshine for the afternoon. this leaves us with 60 at half moon bay. then you go inland, way inland, we'll have some very isolated heat in antioch at 94. get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! clear lake, 95. closer to the bay, you can see it's beautiful! those numbers get shaved down say what? quite a bit. i said it's bea.... 80 in napa, 85 in martinez, 73 try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo in oakland. and make it a double for a buck more. so beautiful here. order now with no contact delivery. if you're doing traveling to florida, or really anywhere, you definitely could be facing some delays as we head through the next 72 hours. and that's when this new tropical storm that actually could become a hurricane once we hit friday out near the bahamas moves parallel to the coastline of florida, winds of 75 miles per hour. the track has been kind of all over the place but right now, early estimates, have rainfall
6:20 pm
totals from a half inch in the northern part of the state to four inches for the southern and central coastline of florida on the eastern coast. again, big time travel delays possible from this could-be hurricane as we hit this weekend. we'll have a full look at the seven-day forecast that looks amazing for the first week of august, coming up next week. and i'll take a look at our fire danger and what the fog has really done to our fire danger a historic san francisco rating. we'll have a look at that in about 25 minutes. restaurant is suing its >> okay, see you soon, thanks, insurance company over fallout from covid-19. jeff. like all restaurants in the can he do it on his own? president trump throws out the city, they have to shut down idea of delaying the november indoor dining. the cliff house tried to survive election because of the on take-out dining, but that pandemic. our jessica aguirre rejoins us with the answer, next. wasn't bringing in enough money so the owners closed their doors. the owners filed a claim with their insurance company, alliance, but were denied. they say when push come to shove, alliance didn't pay up. we reached out to alliance for comment but did not hear back. covid is forcing some people in the most expensive zip codes
6:21 pm
in the bay area into homelessness. the nonprofit west valley community services says over 20,000 people are hanging on by a thread. organizers say the need has greatly increased over the past few weeks, mainly driven by the housing crisis. >> covid-19 hits, and for folks already struggling, already on the edges, this is the kind of thing that can push people over. >> the organization says they need public support. families can't stop because they can't maintain social distance. the group hopes to provide a mobile pantry. let's get a check of our forecast. jeff, you are outside tonight, it looks like a beautiful evening in your yard. >> oh, yeah, it is so nice. the sun is setting right now. we're getting a little bit of that cool, foggy breeze kicking in. we'll show you how much longer that's going to stick around. and we'll take a look at the fire danger. what i
6:22 pm
have to show you here coming up in about seven minutes. one guy's problem with a delivery, for months and months and months, teaches us a lesson, everybody, actually, about the next time you have something to your house by shipment. i'm consumer chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next.
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
nbc bay area responds to an east bay man whose online order was taking longer than expected to ship. consumer investigator chris chmura looked into it and found a helpful nugget for everyone. let's hear it, chris. >> reporter: hey, garvin. let's talk about will. here is the problem will had. he ordered these ramps for his car back in may on then the seller said they wouldn't ship until august, august 30 right there. will did not like that. he wanted a refund. he contacted us. we contacted wish.
6:25 pm
next thing you know, the ramps arrived. we're not taking credit because it looks like the ramps were in transit around the time we were communicating with wish and will at the same time. here's the thing, though, wish told us, unfortunately during these unprecedented times they're experiencing delays and logistical challenges. they're doing what they can to speed up deliveries while keeping customers up to date on the status of those deliveries. here's the thing. will's case reminded us of the ftc's mail order rule. it says any time you buy something online, by phone or mail, you're supposed to get delivery within 30 days. and if you don't, the company is expos supposed to take action. they're supposed to, a, get your consent, and b, refund you. if you, the company, can't obtain the customer's consent to delay, you must, without being asked, promptly refund all the money the customer paid you for the unshipped merchandise.
6:26 pm
that is good to know for the next time you have a shipment headed to your home and the delivery is delayed. remember, the ftc mail order rule. garvin, back to you. >> chris, thank you very much. i have something right now i'm waiting for, i'll keep that 30 days in mind. join chris this saturday for a special from our nbc bay area responds team for students around the bay area returning to class. it will bring lots of changes and challenges. chris and the rest of our response team is working to help your family prepare. join us for a half hour back to school special, saturday night after the nhl on nbc. blastoff. today the mars rover named perseverance launched from florida. it's expected to land on mars in february, six months from now. it will look for evidence of life including drilling into the red planet to collect rock and soil a few months which will then be sent home. if everything goes according to
6:27 pm
plan, the samples should arrive back on earth by 2031. still a decade rover is called perseverance. >> exactly, going to have to wa. looking for signs of life on mars? we have signs of life in jeff's backyard. >> oh, yes, right here in the east bay. we've got the sun setting right now. i was trying to battle some of that light but it's impossible. mother nature always definitely wins out. the great thing lately, of course, has been that persistent pattern of fog at the coastline. it's really helped to keep us out of those hot 100s which has been quite amazing for the end of july. let's go ahead and get you a look at why i think this pattern is going to stay in place as we move into this upcoming weekend. it's all about this trough of low pressure, basically a dip in the jetstream in this cooler than average system for july, moving in across the pacific
6:28 pm
northwest. this will hang out in the weekend, this will continue to keep that fog at our coastline. the thing i was telling you about, our fire danger. this has done wonders to help us out, because that fog helps to import a little bit of humid and of course gives us overnight relief with those colder temperatures. the fire burn index, this is the same rating firefighters use, it's 40. it's considered moderate and it will hold at a moderate level for tomorrow as well. that may help you sleep a little bit easier here. i know whenever we head into these months it's always in the back of our minds, of course. through tomorrow morning, there you go, the fog in the northi bay, the east bay, patchy clouds at the south bay, even at the coastline. we should clear back from this at 11:00 a.m. and we'll keep the beaches with some of that cloud cover. what about temperatures? we'll start off with the cool relief. 56 in the tri valley, down to 56 in the east bay, san francisco 54. in the north bay at
6:29 pm
53. mytely won't disappoint in the south bay. i think you've got some of the greatest weather right into cupertino at 80 degrees. breezy on and off, winds 10 to 20 miles per hour in the northwest. nothing extreme when it comes to the wind. 89 in walnut creek. you want it cooler, oakland, go for a hike. we've got 73 degrees. maybe it's the peninsula, you really want to get away from things and clear your mind. half moon bay, 60 and a chill, that will definitely refresh you. san francisco also 50s and 60s. chilliest in the marina at 58. the mission the mildest at 56. north bay, if you have to head up for work in napa, or maybe a little stay-cation here, low 80s tomorrow, and winds out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour. beautiful across the bay area. i think that morning fog pattern continues over the next several days and will keep 60s in the forecast going up to 67 on
6:30 pm
saturday. and across the inland valleys, we are looking at some low 90s this weekend, as we start off august. but not too hot. and then as we head through the first week of august, we are in the 80s monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. so some really beautiful weather as we begin that first week of august. garvin and janelle, i've got to tell, the foggy breeze comes in here across the east bay at night, out here around orinda. i can show you my hedge back here really likes that foggy breeze. i just trimmed it about two months ago, and it's already like out of control already. i had it nice and trim for all of you guys back home but it's out of control now. it's going to do its thing. >> it's very lush. but if you do decide to trim it again, make some animals. some design. you're so talented in the garden, jeff. >> it's drought tolerant too. it's california privet, it's got
6:31 pm
this cool tiny leaf. it's been here since the '30s. >> thanks, jeff. the coronavirus hits another baseball team. what the phillies are being told to do now, next in sports. hi. we're glad you came in. what's on your mind? can you help keep these guys protected online? easy. connect to the xfi gateway. what about wireless data options for the family? you can customize and save. what about internet speeds that can keep up with my gaming? let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. and now with our stores reopening, we're putting healthy practices in place. come visit a store today. stop in or book an appointment online at a time that works for you. now that's simple, easy, awesome. ask. shop. discover at your local xfinity store today.
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one week into the abbreviated baseball season, and the coronavirus continues to spread among some teams. >> the philadelphia phillies were forced to cancel all activities at their stadium after a coach and a member of the clubh after the miami
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