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tv   Today  NBC  July 31, 2020 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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that's going to do it for us this morning. more local news later. a live look for you in danville where the outdoor dining continues this weekend, but, of course, downsized. if you go out, make sure you wear those masks. good morning.
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they'll be fixed. they'll be rigged. the bush pac from democrats and republicans. >> e situation is and have the election on november 3rd as already scheduled. >> a live report from the white house straight ahead. breaking news. at least one marine killed, eight others missing after a training accident off the coast of southern california. a search and rescue mission still underway this morning. home at last. ♪ congressman john lewis laid to rest. family, friends, and former presidents coming together to celebrate the life of a man called a founding father. >> america was built by people like him.
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>> we live in a better and nobler country today because of john lewis. >> the call to action in the wake of his death. all that plus slam dunk. >> puts it up and in! lebron james! >> the nba's return doesn't disappoint with two thrillers inside the bubble. and the commissioner of the nhl joins us live on the eve of hockey's big restart. "today," friday, july 31st, 2020. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it is a busy friday mornin we're glad you're with us. hoda got a jump on her weekend. craig, it's good to see you. happy friday. >> happy friday to you. you'll have to forgive the bags
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under my eyes. i was up watching the nba tournament. a lot is happening on this friday including isaias strengthening into a hurrica.ri. al's going to have an update on the track and the timing in just a few moments. and then the doctor behind those controversial claims about hydroxychloroquine, the drug touted by the president. that doctor is now doubling down. what she's saying in an exclusive new interview with our nbc affiliate in houston even as the fda has revoked approval for that drug. we want to start with the latest on the virus. cases continuing to multiple in raising fears about the next hot spots in the u.s. we've got complete coverage. we'll start with nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as the crisis in the u.s. gets set to enter its fifth month,
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california is set to hit another grim milestone today. half a million confirmed infections. it comes as students get ready to go back to school in states where the numbers are only getting worse. as the covid death toll rises to its highest level in months. at one point this week, roughly one american died every minute. in florida where nurse grover is on the front lines, the state broke its record for covid deaths for a single straight day. >> this is really an apocalyptic time for us. >> reporter: in texas, this emergency room doctor says he's fighting two wars. >> a war against covid and a war against stupidity. the first one i have some hope about winning. but the second one is becoming more and more difficult to treat. >> reporter: with the nation c the white house again called for schools to reopen on schedule. >> young people are almost immune to this disease.
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the younger, the better. >> reporter: but a new study says children under 5 carry as much of the virus in their nose as older children or adults. appearing with president trump to encourage plasma donation, dr. deborah birx said full face shields or goggles might be part of the solution. >> tennessee has created teachers -- special teacher packs to ensure every teacher has a face mask, a face shield, gloves, and hand sanitizers. >> reporter: in hard-hit arizona, some parents are being asked to sign covid liability waivers before their children come back to school. but art teacher marcy warner decided to retire instead. >> i love those kids and where i taught and what i did, but i'm not quite willing to die for them. >> reporter: excruciating choices in uncertainty with lives and livelihoods on the
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line. this morning in thng progress and the government says they want the vaccine to be 90% effective, but because so many doses will need to be available for the public, there may not be enough after one is developed until the end of next year. craig? >> all right. miguel starting us off in l.a. thank you. now to a controversial idea tied to the pandemic. an idea floated by president trump. delaying november's election. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle quick to push back against that suggestion though. white house correspondent peter alexander has the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. never in this country's history not during the civil war, the great depression, or even world war ii has the u.s. delayed a presidential election. president trump for the first time yesterday raised it as an idea, one that was rejected by leading republicans. the president again attacking mail-in voting without evidence and fueling questions about the validity of november's results. facing an uphill battle for a second term of the worst
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quarterly economic plunge on record -- >> that these elections will be fraudulent. they'll be fixed. they'll be rigged. >> reporter: president trump is casting doubt on the integrity of the election arguing without evidence that mail-in voting due to the pandemic will guarantee the election is rigged. >> i don't want to delay. i want to have the election. but i also don't want to have to wait for three months and then find out that the ballots are all missing and the election doesn't mean anything. >> reporter: that following this tweet suggesting the election be postponed writing, with universal mail-in voting 2020 will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history. and suggesting delay the election until people can properly and securely and safely vote? the president has no authority to delay an election. that power lies solely with congress. and there's no evidence mail-in voting leads to voter fraud.
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top republicans dismissed the president's idea. >> we'll cope with whatever the situation is and have the election on november 3rd as already scheduled. >> never in the history of the federal elections have we ever not held an election and we should go forward with our election. >> reporter: in april joe biden predicted president trump would try to delay the election and at the funeral for congressman john lewis who spent his life fighting for rights, former president obama attacked president trump without mentioning his name. >> there are those in power who are doing their darnedest to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations and targeting minorities and students with restrictive id laws and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision. >> reporter: and this morning "the washington post" is reporting that the postal service is now experiencing days' long backlogs of mail
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across the country has a top donor running the agency put in cost-cutting measures. postal workers are warning those policies could undermine their ability to deliver ballots on time. >> peter, meanwhile millions of folks who rely on those $600 weekly unemployment benefits, federal benefits, they're expiring today. what do we know about the possibility of any extension? >> reporter: yeah, so democrats in the white house are still miles apart in negotiations on a massive coronavirus relief package which all but guarantees those will expire today for tens of millions of americans. this comes as the federal government just announced the economy shrunk by nearly 33% last quarter. the fastest drop in u.s. history. worse than the great recession and the great depression.
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and another nearly 1.5 million new weekly jobless claims filed by americans last week. that is the 19th straight week with claims of more than a million people. craig? >> all right, peter alexander at the white house for us, thank you. we want to mention now that all next week we'll be taking a closer look at the financial toll on millions of americans and what can be done about it. it's a special series called "search for solutions: the american economy." we'll have it here on "today" and across all the nbc platforms. >> thank you. one of the president's campaign allies, former presidential hopeful herman cain has died from covid-19. nbc's senior washington correspondent andrea mitchell joins us with more on that. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. herman cain's website says he never accepted conventional wisdom which drives some people crazy. the website adds, that's just the way herman likes it. he burst onto the scene when cain ran for the republican nomination for president and was briefly out front.
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herman cain, a proud tea party conservative worked his way up from poverty to success in the restaurant industry. last month the loyal trump surrogate attended the controversial indoor campaign rally in tulsa without a mask. just nine days later, he was diagnosed with covid. although it is not clear how or where he contracted it. >> he was a very special person. i got to know him very well. and unfortunately he passed away from a thing called the china virus. >> reporter: just days before testing positive, cain defended the president's decision to hold a rally during the pandemic. >> trump tulsa rally. i was there. i saw it for myself. and it was an overwhelming success. >> reporter: and just before being hospitalized posting a since deleted tweet about the president's july 4th celebrausy
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jumped into the gop presidential race in 2011 even leading the pack before the first primaries. a colorful candidate known for his 9-9-9 tax cut. slashing tax cuts across the board. >> it's a bold solution. >> reporter: even parodied on "saturday night live." >> the plan was to get me a show on fox news. at 9:00. >> reporter: he soon dropped out after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced which he denied. in the years that followed, cain hosted a syndicated radio show and made appearances on fox news. >> we have a new sheriff in town. his name is donald j. trump. >> reporter: the president floated cain as a nominee for the federal reserve but he withdrew. herman cain also had a history of cancer putting him in a high
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risk category for covid. mitt romney last night calling cain a formidable champion of business, politics, and policy adding, st. peter will soon here 9-9-9. keep up the fight, my friend. >> andrea mitchell in washington. thank you. now to some more breaking news on this friday morning. al is tracking what is now a hurricane. hurricane isaias is the strong storm that seems to be eyeing the east coast. how we looking, my friend? >> well, right now, craig, our friends in the bahamas are under the gun for this one. a location about 385 miles southeast of nassau, bahamas. it's moving northwest at 17 miles per hour. hurricane warnings up there. but we also have hurricane watches -- tropical storm watches for southern florida. impacts today, it moves south of the bahamas bringing heavy rain. upwards of 10 inches and a big storm surge. then tomorrow, heavy rain and gusty winds for southern florida. the storm moves near the coast, but you also have to remember we're within that area of possibility and probability of errors.
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anywhere from 50 to 80 miles. and you can see hurricane force winds extend out 45 miles by tomorrow. so we're within that cone of uncertainty. and then monday it moves along the carolinas possibly making landfall with rain, winds, high surf likely and may even skirt across the northeastern coast of new york and new jersey. we're looking for rainfall amounts anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of rain to miami all the way up to new york and 1 to 2 inches even in boston depending on the track. that could be even worse. we'll continue to track this. >> all right, al. i'll take it. thank you so much. we are also following search and rescue efforts off the coast of southern california where at least one marine has died in a training accident. and others are missing this morning. courtney kube is live with more. >> reporter: this was a routine training exercise that went
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wrong at about 5:45 p.m. local time yesterday, right near san clemente, california. leaving at least two others injured with one of those in critical condition. search and rescue efforts are underway now being led by the u.s. navy and the u.s. coast guard. it's not exactly clear what happened here. it's being called a mishap involving an amphibious assault vehicle. 15 marines and 1 sailors were inside that vehicle when they went missing. all are assigned to the 15th marine expeditionary unit based out of camp pendelton. writing this morning, we are deeply saddened by this tragic incident. keep our marines, sailors, and their families in your prayers as we continue our search. savannah, the investigation is currently underway. >> okay, courtney. thank you. we've got a lot more to get to on this friday morning
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including the controversy surrounding the unproven consequences of hydroxychloroquine. the doctor in that is speaking out in a new interview. morgan chesky joins us with that interview. >> reporter: good morning. after days of silence, we're hearing from that doctor and minister seen in that video. dr. stella immanuel spoke to kprc and is now doubling down on those highly controversial and widely discredited claims. this morning one of the doctors featured in a now-banned video about the coronavirus is speaking out. >> of course they think i'm dangerous because i'm speaking truth. >> reporter: she was part of a video monday which featured a group of doctors claiming without evidence that there's a cure for covid-19. she pushing hydroxychloroquine as part of the cure for the disease. largely discredited by health experts. the president retweeted the video which was eventually taken down by twitter, facebook, and
7:17 am
youtube. for violating misinformation policies. >> i'm impressed with her and other doctors that stood with her. i think she made sense, but i know nothing about it. >> reporter: despite the backlash, in an interview with kprc, dr. immanuel continued to claim hydroxychloroquine could be part of a cure. >> i don't know why it's about it. when you have 300, 400 patients and none have died, it is not a minority view. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci says scientific data doesn't support her claim. >> all of those trials show consistently that hydroxychloroquine is not effective in the treatment of coronavirus disease or covid-19. >> reporter: there are currently no drugs approved by the fda to prevent or treat covid-19. and the national institutes of health recommend against using hydroxychloroquine for treatment of the virus.
7:18 am
beyond her controversial coronavirus claims, dr. immanuel has also drawn criticism for pushing unusual conspiracy theories. and for her beliefs about demon spirits and disease. >> it's off the beaten path to say demons are sleeping with you are they? >> yes. demons exist. >> reporter: now, dr. immanuel admits she herself takes the drug and she's treated hundreds of patients with it. she says she plans on sharing her data at a later date. savannah? >> all right. morgan chesky, thank you very much. we turn now to yesterday's final farewell to congressman john lewis. an emotional tribute from family, friends, and former presidents to his life and legacy as he was laid to rest. nbc's blayne alexander has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. congressman john lewis was honored yesterday by all four living former u.s. presidents. three of them in person right here baptist church. it was a stirring and emotional service honoring john lewis with
7:19 am
a call to action. from the one-time church of dr. martin luther king jr. -- ♪ lead me on >> reporter: -- a good-bye to the civil rights icon he inspired. >> we love john robert lewis. >> reporter: his legacy honored by friends, family, and long time staff. and nancy pelosi his congressional colleague of 33 years. >> when he spoke, people listened. when he led, people followed. we loved him very much. >> reporter: that's why nearly every living former president came together to help send him home. >> he was here on a mission that was bigger than personal ambition. >> in the america john lewis fought for and the america i believe in, differences of opinion are inevitable elements
7:20 am
and evidence of democracy in action. >> reporter: it was the stirring eulogy from the nation's first black president who on the morning he was sworn in looked immediately to lewis. >> he was one of the first people i greeted and hugged on that stand, and i told him, this is your day too. >> reporter: and with election day fast approaching amid the tributes, a push to protect the voting rights act for which lewis almost gave his life. >> we should keep marching to make it even better. by making sure every american is automatically registered to vote. by adding polling places and expanding early voting and making election day a national holiday. >> reporter: after one final ride through atlanta, laid to rest but his impact left to live on. >> when we do form a more
7:21 am
perfect union, john lewis will be a founding father of that fuller, fairer, better america. >> reporter: and savannah, he was laid to rest at southview cemetery. it's a historically black cemetery here in atlanta founded by a group of black businessmen because at the time black people were only allowed to use the back gates at existing cemeteries. he's been laid to wife next to his late wife. >> what a stirring eulogy from president obama when he talked about how john lewis was younger than his daughters are now when he first stood up and protests. a young man, 20 years old, and how he changed the world. >> such a fitting tribute yesterday. it really, really was.
7:22 am
>> absolutely. >> mr. roker, what else are we looking at now other than that hurricane barrelling towards florida's coast? >> that's right. well, we've got a stationary front that's bringing heavy rain to parts of the south, the mid-atlantic states as well. we'll look at that in the next half hour. a lot of heat. record-setting heat possible in the southwest over the next 48 hours. and summer highs up into the pacific northwest. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside in the south bay, we're going to see a cloudy start but a sunny
7:23 am
afternoon very much like it was yesterday as we reach into the low 80s. in livermore expect a high of 89 and 91 in concord. for the north bay we're up to 95 in clear lake. santa rosa in the low 80s. as we go through our forecast we'll see a slightly warmer weekend but not by much. we'll cool down a few degrees by the middle of next week. >> that's your latest weather. guys >> all right, al thank you. still ahead, the new documents in the jeffrey epstein case unsealed overnight revealing his emails to ghislaine maxwell and a disturbing new claim from one of their accusers also ahead this morning, we will take you inside last night's thrilling return of the nba and we'll also look ahead to tomorrow's return of hockey. commissioner gary bettman will join us for an exclusive live interview. there he is right there. we'll do that in a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc
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coming up, celebrating bob and elizabeth dole after your local news. good morning. i'm kris sanchez at 7:26. here are our top stories this morning including a fire and a rescue in san francisco. >> reporter: i'm cierra johnson in san francisco where an early morning fire destroyed this building. i'm told one person was sent to the hospital. firefighters also rescued a dog from the scene. everyone was able to escape safely, but here significant dw damage to this apartment. >> reporter: i'm bob redell in the south bay where four costco stores have seen covid-19 outbreaks among its employees. the santa clara county help
7:27 am
department does not think there's any risk to customers, believe they were most likely infected outside of work. costco has been cooperative and taken precautions to prevent any more cases. and we want to get a look at our forecast so we can plan a little fun this weekend, kari. it's going to be a nice weekend for the bay area as we start out with some sunshine in walnut creek. clear skies for our inland areas but still foggy near the coast as well as parts of the south bay. as we check out our high temperatures we are going to still have a wide range looking at the coastal temperatures in the low 60s, mid-60s in san francisco and low 70s in oakland. for the south bay we're up to 81 degrees. also 81 in santa rosa and low to mid-90s for the far east bay as well as the north bay. so we are going to see a nice, warm weekend for the interior valleys. a slight cooldown for the middle of next week as we check out san francisco. still no changes here. we're staying in the 60s over the next seven days.
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kris? all right. we will have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. you are thirsty and we know that you want a cold drink.
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four, three, two, one. >> whoo! >> we're back. 7:30 with the culmination of the very first rokerthon this was six years ago a remarkable 34 hours of uninterrupted weather reporting and it kicked off a beloved tradition here at "today." we are excited to report that it is a tradition that will continue rokerthon coming back next week. al's going to reveal all the details a little bit later this morning.
7:31 am
but we can tell you, spoiler alert, it will not involve al roker having to spend 34 hours talking. >> i mean, i still kind of can't believe he did it. it was amazing we love rokerthon every year i can't wait to see what he's cooked up. that may be a hint 7:30 headlines now we'll start with the coronavirus with the u.s. soaring to 4.5 million cases now. the white house yesterday again called for schools to reopen on schedule >> young people are almostjama the younger, the better. >> a new study in jama pediatrics show children under 5 carry as much of the virus in their noses as older children or adults in the meantime, in hard-hit arizona, some parents are being asked to sign covid liability waivers before their children come back to school. darren wilson, the former ferguson, missouri, police officer who fatally shot michael brown in 2014 will not face
7:32 am
criminal charges that announcement came after a five-month review of documents and other evidence last august brown's father called for a new investigation on the fifth anniversary of his son's death.unarmed teenager sparked protests all over the country. but prosecutors say they cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt the shooting of the unarmed teenager sparked protests all over the country but prosecutors say they cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the officer committed a crime. a massive fire destroyed a pennsylvania apartment building last night and displaced about a hundred residents. it happened about 45 minutes northwest of philly. according to witnesses, the fire started in a single unit but quickly spread through the entire building. four people were sent to the hospital the cause of that fire still under investigation. also this morning, we are getting our first look at newly unsealed court documents that reveal things about jeffrey do reveal things about jeffrey epstein and ghislaine maxwell. keir simmons has been following this story. keir, good morning.
7:33 am
>> reporter: craig, good morning to you. when you read through these documents, you can see why ghislaine epstein and ghislaine maxwell. keir simmons has been following this story keir, good morning >> reporter: craig, good morning to you when you read through these documents, you can see why ghislaine maxwell's legal team tried so hard to try to prevent their release. perhaps the key legal revelation is in emails between ghislaine maxwell and jeffrey epstein suggesting they had contact at a time her attorneys said they were no longer in touch. they abused young women together according to allegations made in court documents unsealed overnight. jeffrey epstein and ghislaine maxwell mixed with the rich and powerful one of the alleged victims said in testimony in a defamation case that was later settled privately, she's the one what abused me on a regular basis she's the one that procured me, told me what to do, trained me as a sex slave, abused me epmber >> what does justice look like to you now >> justice now is holding
7:34 am
accountable the perpetrators that participated with him >> reporter: ghislaine maxwell was arrested earlier this month and charged in connection with transporting a minor for criminal actual activity the documents contain details how connected she and jeffrey epstein were according to a reporter who had seen them. >> they are influential political types, hollywood a-listers. they're all mentioned. >> reporter: virginia roberts giuffre said she met her at mar-a-lago 20 years ago. with prince andrew who giuffre says had sex with her after a meeting arranged by maxwell. prince andrew said he didn't remember ever meeting her.
7:35 am
>> i'd hop in the car with ghislaine and jeffrey and he said he's coming back to the house. and i want you to do for him what you do for epstein. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: after her arrest, ghislaine maxwell pleaded not guilty and in a 2016 deposition she says, virginia roberts giuffre is an absolute liar. everything she has said is a lie. but newly released emails appear to contradict her claim not to have had contact with jeffrey epstein for a decade in 2015 he writes to her that she has done nothing wrong and urges her to go outside head held high and go to parties. >> keir, what do all these revelations mean potentially for the criminal case? they opened up a civil case, unsealed those records does it have any bearing on this case against ghislaine maxwell >> reporter: well, you know better than any of us we'll have to wait for a court hearing to discover exactly what the evidence is that ghislaine
7:36 am
maxwell faces. these documents have been sealed for many years but much of what is in them have been made public at various times and reports over the years. i think, savannah, two things may worry ghislaine maxwell's legal team the adverse publicity and those emails between her and jeffrey epstein where he appears to be helping her with some kind of a statement in 2015. her legal team had said they hadn't had contact for a decade. as you know, savannah, in any kind of case credibility is crucial. those emails may speak to ghislaine maxwell's credibility. >> all right appreciate it. it's 7:36, craig to you. we'll go inside that nba bubble for a look at last night's restart of the basketball season and we'll also look ahead to the nhl's bubble with commissioner nhl's bubble with commissioner gary bettman
7:37 am
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join tscore savings andet pdeals in store and online.e. plus, help target support your community. enjoy exclusives just for you, at no cost to you. join target circle for free today. normal." this morning the next chapters in the much anticipated return of sports. >> the nba's restart got underway last night with two great games and there were some very noticeable differences. tomorrow the nhl will resume its season we're going to talk about that with commissioner gary bettman in a few moments, but first sam brock joins us from the nba's bubble down in florida sam, i managed to catch some action lt e in a bubble. some of the camera angles and the piping in of the crowdgood .
7:42 am
how well the music, they did a pretty good job of recreating the magic. >> reporter: it is incredible, craig -- good morning -- how well the nba was able to simulate that experience it took 20 weeks to get the games back the games are 48 minutes long. the goal is to get a ball through the hoop but a lot of changes from the national anthem to the logo on the court >> you sort of didn't know were they able to pull it off the ball's up. >> reporter: well before the opening tip -- the nba returned in stunning fashion. every player on the pelicans and jazz wearing black lives matter t-shirts and kneeling alongside coaches and officials during the national anthem. the moment matched a few hours later by lebron james, kawhi leonard, and the l.a. teams. >> the game of basketball is
7:43 am
always bigger than a ball and a rim. >> reporter: those moments of unity just the opening chapter of a new look nba. players wearing masks to the arena and no fans in the stands although they were projected on sideline screens in a touch of irony, -- >> nice spin and the bucket and a foul >> reporter: -- rudy gobert laid in the first basket and scored the winning points after his covid diagnosis halted the season in mid-march. zion williamson dazzled. king james returned to fierce form and at least for now basketball is back >> it was a good start this is a good start tonight it's great to have the nba back and i hope our fans are proud of us tonight >> reporter: the question moving forward, how long will version 2.0 last playing in a disney world bubble so far 344 players have repeatedly been tested and there hasn't been a single positive e test >> the nba isn't taking a victory lap over this because they're mindful the nba finals goes through mid-october >> reporter: baseball already has a mess on its hands with the miami marlins.
7:44 am
17 players on the squad now testing positive for covid since opening day a week ago the team's last opponent the phillies forced to close their ballpark after a coach and staff member contracted the virus. the players' tests have all come back clean >> ovechkin scores >> reporter: and on the ice, the national hockey league is poised to come back two separate bubbles for games in edmonton and toronto, canada. all players undergoing daily testing. and the puck drops for tournament play and a sprint to team sports going on sudden three of the biggest sports leagues in the the stanley cup. the u.s. went from having no team sports going on to all of a sudden three of the biggest sports leagues in the world coming back within two weeks the miami marlins remain a cautionary tale in all this. major league baseball looking at their on and off field behavior to explain what happened
7:45 am
>> thank you joining us now exclusively, the commissioner of the national hockey league gary bettman good morning >> good morning. glad to be with you. >> as sam just reported there, the nba seems to have been successful so far. major league baseball not so much what makes you think the nhl is going to be able to keep the, w variety of phases to get to the point that we could actually start virus at bay >> well, we went through a variety of phases to get to the point that we could actually start playing. we had training camp with teams playing in their own facilities and their own home markets and the last week of training camp, we had 2,500 tests 800 players were tested. they were all negative they're being tested every day in the bubble as well as all personnel in the bubble. all tests have been negative and so we are feeling good about
7:46 am
the fact we've got a contained environment. one player was quoted from the bubble saying this is the safest he's felt since the middle of march. >> so far so good it would seem for the nhl. you just mentioned that you're testing players on a daily basis. there had been some who have suggested that professional athletes should not be getting priority testing in these quick results. but a lot of americans have to wait days and some cases weeks for test results covid-19 test results. what's your response to that criticism that players shouldn't get special treatment on testing? >> well, one of the reasons we're playing in toronto and edmonton in canada is because of the availability of testing and the fact that the amount of covid-19 is very limited in those places and frankly, throughout canada we are paying for our own tests. they're commercially available and we certainly wouldn't do anything that puts ourselves and our needs in front of the medical needs for the community. that's why we decided to go to the two places we created the
7:47 am
bubbles. >> during opening day tomorrow g understand that players and staff are going to be paying tribute to those at the forefront of this antiracism movement that's sweeping the country right now. we saw what the nba did last night. we saw what major league baseball did two weeks ago what can we expect from the nhl tomorrow with regards to that? >> tune in and watch we believe in terms of focusing on the need to combat racism and to also pay tribute to the responders from the medical com. we think we'll be paying the appropriate respect and focusing on particularly social justice. that is something that is a priority for us going forward. community of covid-19. we think we'll be paying the appropriate respect and focusing on particularly social justice that is something that is a priority for us going forward. >> the longest serving active commissioner of any major league sport. gary bettman, good to see you, sir. thanks for your time >> thanks for having me. nbcsn. you can catch the blackhawks and oilers here on nbc blackhawks ad
7:48 am
oilers here on nbc. mr. roker, how about a check of that friday forecast, sir? >> all right. as we sta mr. roker, how about a check of that friday forecast, sir >> all right as we start things off, we look what's going on stretching from the midwest to the mid-atlantic states we've got showers and thunderstorms all part of a system that's going to meander soaking storms in the tennessee river valley risks of flooding. in the tenne river valley. risks of flooding. we're going to be watching that very closely today and into tomorrow that heavy rain starts to we're going to be watching that very closely today and into tomorrow that heavy rain starts to move east pushing up through the ohio river valley strong storms from ohio to mississippi. stretching from missouri all the way into the mid-atlantic. we're looking at 1 to 2 inches locally could be 3 southwest look for record heat today. and summer highs in the pacific northwest. temperatures looking pretty good in the great lakes we'll have an update on isaias at 8:00. that's what's going on around good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall.
7:49 am
a live look outside in san jose. we'll see these clouds stick around for a little while longer with our high temperatures reaching into the low 80s. we'll have sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. and our high temperatures inland reaching into the 90s, but we'll stay in the low 60s near the coastline. as we look at our seven-day forecast still a wide range in temperatures and slightly warmer in the valleys for saturday and sunday. san francisco likely to see 60s throughout the next seven days. >> and that is your latest weather. savannah? >> all right, al. thank you so much. still >> and that is your latest weather. savannah >> all right, al thank you so much. still ahead this morning, has the pandemic forever changed our morning routine? stephanie ruhle's exclusive interview with starbucks ceo on adapting, the difficulty of enforcing a mask requirement, and why the customer experience might never look the same again. but first these messages soccer practices... ...and new adventures. you hope the more you give the less they'll miss.
7:50 am
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good friday morning to you. i'm kris sanchez. it is 7:56. here's what's happening right now. >> reporter: i'm bob redell in the south bay where four costco stores have seen covid-19 outbreaks among its employees. the santa clara county health department, however, does not think there's any risk to customers, that the employees were most likely infected outside work, that costco has been cooperative and taken numerous precautions to prevent any more cases. >> reporter: i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. crews still working to determine what started this fire. but as you can see, pretty significant damage done to the six-unit building on powell street. we're told one person was hospitalized. firefighters were able to rescue a dog from the fire. again, crews not sure what started it but, thankfully, everyone was able to escape.
7:57 am
a little foggy to start the morning in san francisco but it should be nice all around the bay, right, kari? yes. we are going to have our weather on repeat, so the weather we had yesterday is what you'll enjoy today. as we take a live look outside at a clear start in walnut creek we've seen the clear conditions for the inland areas, fog near the coast. the reason we do see a wide range in temperatures for today. we're reaching into the mid-60s in san francisco, low 70s for oakland, and some upper 70s for palo alto. for san jose we're up to 81 degrees. mid-90s for antioch. as we go through the seven-day forecast our inland temperatures will be slightly warmer for the weekend, but then will cool down by the middle of next week. we check out san francisco, we're leading into august with our typical august weather with morning fog n sunshine. kris? all right. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. hope your day is off to a fantastic start. happy friday!
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, sounding the alarm. the urge from doctors to get the coronavirus under control as the death toll climbs nationwide >> a war against covid and a war against stupidity. >> what a new study reveals about children spreading the disease. ellen degeneres addressing the toxic work environment at her hit show. what she's saying as an internal investigation is launched. her hit show what she's saying as an internal investigation is launched. and a special birthday toast. >> senator elizabeth, senator bob, happy birthday to both of you. >> we'll honor bob and elizabeth dole
8:01 am
>> oh, my word i am absolutely overwhelmed. >> "today," july 31st, 2020. >> we're "today" show superfans from dallas, texas. and we're so excited to ♪ >> we're "today" show superfans from dallas, texas and we're so excited to celebrate his 40th with you. >> hi. happy 50th anniversary we love you. ♪ >> hey, everybody. it's julie and henry from portland, oregon what's the first thing we had to do this morning? >> get coffee for mama and watch hoda and savannah. >> wahoo >> what a cutie. good morning to you and good morning if you're just waking up it's friday morning. we got here, craig and we are super happy look who also woke up this morning. our "today" plaza. they're up from coast to coast they're assembled and ready to party. >> we're going to check in with
8:02 am
by the way, we've got something for you next week on "today" that you're going to want to check out. it's an exclusive look inside l.a. them in just a few minutes here. by the way, we've got something for you next week on "today" that you're going to want to check out. it's an exclusive look inside l.a. county's usc medical center one of the largest public hospitals and busiest trauma centers in the country especially during the surge in week right here on "today." coronavirus cases. its medical director has an urgent plea we all need to hear. we'll have that for you next week right here on "today. >> yeah. and the coronavirus tops our news here at 8:00. dr. anthony fauci expected back on capitol hill today with a warning that the nation is at risk of losing substantial ground in the fight against covid-19 here are the three things we're watching today the number of coronavirus cases a tbroke another single-day record yesterday with more than 250 new deaths from the virus. meanwhile, as president trump and others call for schools to reopen on schedule, a
8:03 am
new study finds that infected children under the age of 5 can carry as much coronavirus in their noses as older children and adults that's raising some concerns about how easily kids may spread the virus even if they have mild or no symptoms at all. and millions of americans are facing new economic uncertainty this morning that $600 a week federal jobless benefit is set to expire today the senate adjourned for the weekend with no action on an emergency extension. now to an entirely different kind of threat all eyes this morning on hurricane isaias as much of the east coast could be feeling the impact of that hurricane very soon al's been trac us how we looking, bud? >> well, right now we are looking at this system this is the latest from the national hurricane center. 340 miles east of nassau it's moving northwest at 17. hurricane warnings up for the bahamas. tropical storm watches up right
8:04 am
now for southern florida it tracks up to the north and through the bahamas on saturday morning. and then it's up along the florida coastline from ft. pierce to daytona beach within the cone of uncertainty. storm surge, heavy rain, damaging winds we're going to have to watch this looks like it makes landfall some time in the carolinas skir and maybe makes landfall across new england. we'll have to continue to track this, because we will be watching that track and that cone of uncertainty right through the weekend. guys? >> al, do we thin around 2:00 a.m. then skirts the northeast coast and maybe makes landfall across new england. we'll have to continue to track this, because we will be watching that track and that cone of uncertainty right through the weekend. guys >> al, do we think it's going to stay cat 1 or is there a possibility it becomes a cat 2 >> well, at one point, it actually does kind of become a category 2 between florida and the bahamas and then we think maybe there's some shear and it breaks up again. we've got warm waters off the coast, so we're going to have
8:05 am
watch this closely we've seen rapid intensify a kags of these hurricanes over the last couple of years happened last week as that tropical storm in the gulf really exploded. we're going to have to watch this really closely as it comes across the bahamas >> all right we'll check in with you in a few minutes. thanks, al this morning ellen degeneres speaking out for the first time since an internal investigation was launched on reports of a toxic work environment on her popular daytime talk show. kathy park is following the er popular daytime talk show. story. good morning >> reporter: hey, craig. good morning to you. well, news of the internal probe first broke earlier this week following a report that led to intimidation behind the scenes and now new reports that producers engaged in sexual misconduct and harassment. the host is not part of the investigation. ellen says she is taking responsibility and vowed to correct the issues >> i feel the same way about
8:06 am
you. thanks so much >> reporter: this morning ellen degeneres apologizing writing in a letter to her talk show staff, on day one of our show i told everyone in our first meeting that "the ellen degeneres show"d would be a place of happiness. obviously something changed and i'm disappointed to learn this has not been the case. and for that, i'm sorry. it comes just days after a source close to the production confirmed to nbc news thatn internal probe into the award winning daytime series. my name is on the show and everything we do, and i take responsibility for that. ellen says, i'm committed t anonymous reports alleging a toxic work environment led warner media to launch an internal probe into the award winning daytime series my name is on the show and everything we do, and i take responsibility for that. ellen says, i'm committed to ensuring this does not happen again. earlier this month, buzzfeed first revealed allegations of a toxic workplace culture. and overnight published a new article alleging incidents of had assault from top producers
8:07 am
on the show. buzzfeed says they spoke to 36 former employees, many of them independently corroborating incidents of abuse >> the people i spoke to said that there is what they call a culture of fear and intimidation and that is how the show is allegedly run. >> reporter: ellen is not accused of misconduct herself. warner media confirming to nbc news it interviewed dozens of e corroborated, we are disappointed that the primary findings of the investigation indicated some deficiencies related to the show's day-to-day management. employees past and present saying in part, though not all the allegations were corroborated, we are disappointed that the primary findings of the investigation indicated some deficiencies related to the show's day-to-day management adding there will be several staffing changes multiple outlets now reporting one of the show's executive producer ed glavin will soon be out. he and the other two eps previously telling buzzfeed they take the allegations very seriously. >> listen to one another and be
8:08 am
kind to one another. >> reporter: ellen's signature be kind motto facing new scrutiny for what happened behind the scenes. and we have reached out to ellen, ed glavin, and the other executive producers for comment and have not yet received a response we do want to point out the show is currently on its usual summer hiatus back to you. >> all right kathy park, thank you. savannah, we've got the news covered. it's 8:08. feels like a good time for a little boost >> what would hoda do if she were here today? she would do a boost grandmother's health scare. here's what happened. a few weeks ago the family was told something had been found in their grandmother's colon and it needed a closer look. but then a georgia family is celebrating good news after their beloved grandmother's health scare here's what happened a few weeks ago the family was told something had been found in their grandmother's colon and it needed a closer look but then after more testing and a lot of exams, she got a clean bill of health so just watch her husband's reaction as grandma comes home from the hospital. >> all right
8:09 am
>> your boss has come home your boss has come home. >> just look at the relief on . they call her the boss. a nice reminder that his face i love it. they call her the boss a nice reminder that there is always room for hope i'm sure a lot of prayers too. >> yeah. happy to see the boss. up next, the conversation with the ceo of starbucks. they're talking about the technology being used to make customers feel safe in the shop. and why your morning coffee run may never look the same. that's right after this. ♪ ♪
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we're back we're back with our series focusing on the coronavirus and the search for solutions restaurants nationwide are struggling with the new shut
8:17 am
downs and mandates >> over the past few months, starbucks has been able to reopen more than 90% of its stores, in fact. nbc's senior business correspondent steph ruhle talked with that company's ceo about, i guess, basically how they were able to pull this off. >> indeed. starbucks is the largest coffee chain in the world with more than 30,000 locations and 24 billion bucks in sales and now they're leading the way in a shifting world of dining and retail i spoke exclusively with the coffee chain's ceo about how the company is revamping to get you your morning cup of joe. close to six months into the pandemic, starbucks the country's largest coffee chain is trying to make your once normal coffee run feel normal again. dealing with renewed shutdowns and mask mandates, the company is leading with a new approach according to ceo and president kevin johnson. >> right now what customers want are experiences that are safe, familiar, and convenient >> reporter: the java giant is serving up a more streamlined
8:18 am
experience for customers >> we have over 32,000 stores in over 80 markets around the world. we've developed a digital dashboard that takes fees from government to help track the spread of covid. until there's a vaccine, we are going to be constantly adapting. >> reporter: in the new pick up-only stores, customers can get their coffees from a safe distance at the touch of a button just order on the app, wait for your name, grab it and go. more of these stores, expanded curbside pickup, and drive-throughs will be opened in the next months. the chain is emphasizing new safety protocols, too, though not without challenges >> a big piece for us is safety. make sure the customers and partners feel safe we do standard check ins every day to make sure that we have wellness checks. and we clean our high-touch
8:19 am
areas. we make sure we are frequently cleaning them. >> reporter: how hard has it been to enforce the mask mandate for your partners, for your employees to get customers to adhere to these rules? >> beginning in may, we required all of our starbucks partners to wear facial coverings. we respectfully requested all customers to wear facial coverings in our stores. and candidly most of them did. but, you know, certainly some didn't we partnered with the cdc to make sure we have, you know, an experience that at least meets and hopefully exceeds the cdc requirements for safety. >> reporter: is this the future for starbucks indefinitely >> this is reshaping consumer behavior broadly, i believe. and certainly i think, you know, some of that will continue even after there's a vaccine. and more therapeutics. >> reporter: what do you say to those who say, but we're in a crisis we'd love to put people over profits but we can't afford to >> i think we're past the crisis phase. we're now into execution mode. now were for those who say, look as we entered this downturn, we
8:20 am
want to put people over profit but we couldn't. we just economically couldn't. and that's where i think as you said before, we all have a responsibility in this we all have to come together and help each other through this >> all right so steph, that's how starbucks has managed to deal with the pandemic what about other coffee chains these mom and pops how are they going to be able to do it? it's not so perky. dunkin' brands, for example, have confirmed they could close 800 locations by the end of the year and starbucks is the behemoth. they can use artificial intelligence, a partnership with the cdc to keep customers and employees safe for mom and pop coffee houses, this is going to be a really difficult road >> all right you. thank you. let us check in once again with mr. roker for a check of that weekend forecast. hey, al. >> hey, craig. good morning we're looking at some really heavy rain in the mid-atlantic states tennessee river valley
8:21 am
and we're looking at record setting heat in the west very much like summer with temperatures in the 80s in the >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall looking live outside right now in san jose. it's a cloudy start to the morning. we're going to see our skies clearing within the next couple of hours, and our temperatures reaching into the low 80s. a really pleasantly warm day. but for some of us, it's still going to be hot as we reach up to 94 in antsioc. santa rosa in the lower 80s. going through the seven-day forecast, it will be slightly warmer for the weekend and then a cooldown by the middle of next week. >> that's your latest weather, guys. >> al, thank you >> thank you now to last night's special birthday celebration for senators bob and elizabeth dole that had savannah guthrie with the honor of hosting >> it was a fun one. mrs. dole just turned 84 and mr. dole, 97 while we know the senators would want their celebration to focus
8:22 am
on unity and hope. in fact, they insisted on it of course we had to add in love, music, and cocktails through 45 years of marriage, bob and elizabeth dole have shared everything. leadership, politics, love, faith, and a devotion to their two dogs >> and that's leader >> reporter: they also share a july birthday which they celebrated last night in a very 2020 way a virtual birthday party for the ages senator elizabeth, senator bob, happy birthday to both of you. and i had the honor of hosting >> savannah, we are just thrilled to be with you tonight. >> reporter: that dole sense of humor kicked things off when i asked about their spirits after quarantining for the last fiveu. "the way you look tonight" and bob suddenly months >> one night we were listening
8:23 am
to this beautiful song "the way you look tonight" and bob suddenly intervened, interrupted and said, well, i don't know about tonight >> reporter: that humor helping make them the quintessential washington couple. well wishes soon began to pour in from across the country and across party lines >> happy birthday to both elizabeth and bob dole two great americans. two wonderful people and two friends. >> bob and elizabeth, happy birthday i'm glad to add my voice to the many thousands of people who wish you that. >> reporter: not just to say happy birthday, but to say thank you. >> let me thank you for all you have done for our country over the years and all you've done for me >> my wish for our country is more leaders like the doles. >> and thank you for setting examples of working and good faith to find common ground. >> elizabeth, you are an angel and everybody knows that you are both american heroes
8:24 am
>> reporter: but the doles have always made it clear who they see as heroes. the veteran caregivers they support as part of their hidden heroes campaign. >> i need a hug. >> reporter: and those hidden heroes and their veterans had messages for the doles too >> we thank you for your tireless works on behalf of veterans and their keepers >> allow me to sing this for you. >> reporter: there was music from lee greenwood ♪ i know i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> reporter: and senator bob's favorite cocktail. >> we are going to entitle it the national treasure. so to you guys cheers >> reporter: but there was one more surprise of the misty water colored kind >> well, i must be the most unlikely guest at your virtual
8:25 am
birthday party, bob. and you were so sweet to tell me that my music helped you daughter recent recovery >> reporter: the doles were clearly touched by the outpouring of love and admirations. >> oh, my word i am just absolutely overwhelmed. i mean, to hear from so many precious friends and such beautiful messages and you know, savannah, we love you dearly you're family to us. you really are >> reporter: and they had one message they wanted to share with us. >> we draw energy from the warmth of your friendship, from your support, from your love and let's just keep giving that to each other during these incredibly challenging times >> reporter: an important reminder that in the face of every challenge, we are stronger together it was such a lovely and warm and inspiring night, craig it was really fun. and they told me they were going to really go have a cosmo right.
8:26 am
they've earned it. >> yeah. >> looked like a special night, sa after the celebration. >> good for them they've earned it. >> yeah. good morning to you. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. happening today, a scaled down weekend for street closures of hartz avenue taking effect in danville. going forward it will stretch only between prospect and school street. the old closure was about twice as long to diablo road but merchants felt the closure was not boosting business. ucsf helping to set up a free pop-up testing site in the mission district. it's loengcated at the b.a.r.t. station on 24th andfridays. let's get a look at the forecast for you on this friday. a good day to get out and have some fun, but with those masks. >> yes, enjoy some time outside.
8:27 am
we are going to have another really comfortable day. while we are still looking at all of our microclimates in full effect, some fog near the coast and hot weather for the inland valleys. anywhere from 60 degrees in half moon bay to 95 in clearlake. as we go through the forecast, it will be a touch warmer for the weekend, but, still, no huge spikes in temperatures and, marcus, we actually cool down by the middle of next week. >> we'll have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
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8:30 now on this fri-yay morning. it is the last day of july 2020. can you believe that, guys geez >> no. >> just ahead, the return of one of our absolutely most favorite traditions here at the show. rokerthon's back
8:31 am
al's bringing it back next week aiming to make history once again. and here's your tease. he's going to spill the beans on his plans in just a moment >> all right we're looking forward to see what al's got up his sleeve. also can't wait to share a conversation with alanis morissette she's back with her first album in eight years we talk about that, using music to work through trying times, f. we had a lot of laughs. we hear from alanis who's got a special performance for us as well, guys. >> that's right. and two of our favorites are going to be joining us next her family we had a lot of laughs we hear from alanis who's got a special performance for us as well, guys >> that's right. and two of our favorites are going to be joining us next week the great jamie lee curtis will be here. we'll chat with her about her new podcast and how she reached out to john travolta on the anniversary of their movie "perfect" to show her costar's support. and seth rogan is going to be here to talk about the challenges of playing dual roles in his new comedy. how about we celebrate right now with my "today" plaza. the virtual crowd is here.
8:32 am
let's put up the big board let's see it ererica, savannah >> i love it and we've got to talk to the adami family they're in san diego they really woke up early for us guys, this is a big week for your family. you're celebrating a lot, right? >> we are. good morning, savannah and craig. we're celebrating my mom's 80th birthday, and -- >> my father's 80th birthday >> and our 20th wedding anniversary. >> wow oh, my gosh. you have so much to be happy about. i'm so happy i know grandma karen is watching and she's turning 80 now, i heard that your son evan is a "today" show fan and can even do a little "today" show trick. something he has memorized. you want to take it away? >> from nbc news, this is
8:33 am
"today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from trick. something he has memorized you want to take it away >> from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a on rockefeller plaza. >> wow >> i mean, evan, you got it. well done, guys. happy everything thank you for being with us. >> our voice guy may be in trouble. the voice of the show may be in trouble. how about we go to virginia beach, virginia, for a moment? dolores and robert standing by there. they're standing by with their son alex where are you? into us and, ale, what prompted you to write i there they are >> hey >> there they are. >> good morning. >> good to see you so good to see you so alex wrote into us and, alex, what prompted you to write in about mom and dad? >> oh, man trying not to get emotional. they've been the most incredible parent and they've spent 50 years together devoting themselves to the service of
8:34 am
others and to each other >> 50 year anniversary happy anniversary to both of you. robert's a retired navy captain. robert, you've been a pediatrician for 50 years. dolores, a pediatric nurse practitioner for nearly 50 years. yeah, they've spent their lives serving other people how are you going to celebrate serving other people. how are you going to celebrate the anniversary? >> we're the anniversary? >> we're going to have a party >> okay. >> and my son's birthday is tomorrow >> oh, alex, you didn't even tell us. happy birthday to you too. >> yeah. >> born on our anniversary >> my mother predicted it. >> wow special week in that house too >> yes >> congratulations happy anniversary. happy 50th happy birthday, alex, as well. >> thank you, craig. >> how about one more look at the whole gang here? let's pop the wall up. we've got the gall family. judy and henry up early there in oregon
8:35 am
we see the moran family. we see you brandon samuel turning 2 today thank you. shs got a mug. for waking -- and we hope to see you soon. let's get i'm sorry we overcharged you for that >> so many happy faces and we're so glad to have them with us this is easy if you want to get in on the action, sign up at and we hope to see you soon let's get to al's forecast one more time. hey, al. morning. >> hey, guys good morning let's look at your forecast. starting off with tomorrow we got a flood threat in the ohio river valley, tennessee river valleys as well. excessive heat from the pacific northwest, western plains all the way into the southwest sunday, sunday the summer heat continues out west with some showers in the rockies region we're looking at stormy conditions again through the appalachianser midwest. and we're going to be watching isaias showers and thunderstorms making their way along the southeastern atlantic coast that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your
8:36 am
>> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. still foggy in san francisco, but clearing up for many of the inland areas. we check out our high temperatures. expected to only reach 66 in the city. 73 in oakland. some low 80s in san jose, as well as low 80s in santa rosa today with 90s for the interior valley. so we're going to be slightly hotter for the weekend. but not by much. and then as we go into next week, we'll continue to cool off coming back to some more seasonable weather and our typical fog in san francisco. guys >> all right, al we can't wait. we need the reveal rokerthon is on. what's it going to be this year? >> that's right. we try to always nail the forecast, but one of the things i'm really proud of is over the years doing the rokerthon. we've teamed up with the guinness world records to do some fun and amazing things. this time we're about to do it
8:37 am
again. we got the team together here we go >> let the rokerthon begin >> brace yourself, america, for a rokerthon revival. from a 34-hour long live weather report to forecasting in all 50 states. and college collaborations. >> you did it! >> this is something tastier than ever before it's rokerthon the great american sandwich relay. a virtual attempt at a new guinness world records title and you can watch the whole thing unfold live, thursday, marcus samuelsson and so many more august 6th with me as host more than 60 celebrated chefs. marcus samuelsson and so many more slicing up super sandwiches for go bread? top and bottom fillings at least two of the classics
8:38 am
think turkey to tuna, cold cuts to cheese. and condiments of course. it's a snack everybody can take a bite out of. and no, hot dogs do not count, guys but i promise you it's going to be exciting. we're going to be having a lot of fun and most importantly of all, we are going to be raising awareness for feeding america and world central kitchen and encouraging folks to donate as well so i'm really excited. join us for rokerthon 4, the great american sandwich relay. again, that's thursday, august " 6th right here on "today" and in full on "today" all day on peacock. this is right in your wheel house. >> yes, it is. >> can't wait. >> combines everything al loves. >> you guys can take it is going to be tasty. >> man >> it is >> and this is right in your wheel house.
8:39 am
>> yes, it is. >> can't wait. >> combines everything al loves. >> you guys can take part, if you want make some sandwiches >> sure. i can make a sandwich. >> even i can make a sandwich. right, al? good call. >> i'm going to count you all in >> all right we'll be there >> all right good coming up next, our chat with alanis morissette sharing the stories behind her hits over the years and returning to the spotlight with a new album eight years in the making. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're back 8:41 with our citi summer music series on "today." we are psyched for this one. you caught up with alanis morissette >> i did it's hard to believe it's been 25 years since she first really burst onto the music scene with that record "jagged little pill." the album broke records and alanis has been a force in music ever since today she's out with a brand new album and sharing a special performance with us in just a few. but first, our chat. alanis opening up about how mother hood has changed her and why she thinks anger gets a bad wrap
8:42 am
♪ i want you to know >> the best part about writing songs for me is certainly when i write it, it's for me in that inception moment >> with that instantly recognizable voice and unmistaken brutal honesty, she set onto the music scene in the '90s hits like "you oughta know" and "you learn." you were pretty courageous in that time. now so many women have followed in that pathyou were kind of out there alone really putting it out in a big way? >> yes i often say this big feminist wave was coming and i volunteered really quickly i have my surf board i'll ride that wave.
8:43 am
let's do this. >> it was more like a musical tsunami for alanis with "jagged little pill" selling more than 33 million copies worldwide. 25 years since "jagged little pill." that record has stood the test of time. do you feel pride? >> i feel excited and i'm so happy people used this i get a lot of feedback about how people have used various songs to help them through different periods of time in their life where they felt they needed it. ♪ isn't it ironic >> people love the song "ironic. but then afterwards, people said, you know, all those things in the song they're not really ironic ♪ traffic jam when you're already late ♪ and then i read that you didn't even really want that song on the record which seems very ironic >> there's a lot of ironies for a song that has no ironies in them
8:44 am
i didn't really think that song should go on the record. that was met with much resistance i said fine. and then that wound up being th. so there. i think song i had my butt kicked for for 25 years don't worry about it >> but everyone loves the song so there i think you have the last laugh. >> it's the last giggle, laugh, cry. >> these days, laughter is abundant at home where alanis and her husband have three little ones. 9-year-old, 4-year-old, and baby winter who's just shy of 1 how's it going during this pandemic you're home, you got three kids. you got a lot of togetherness. >> a lot of togetherness >> how did you manage to write a record during all of this? >> the multitasking has gone to a whole other level. so i can be recording a vocal, writing lyrics and recording ec
8:45 am
the same time. >> the new studio album "such pretty forks in the the same time. >> the new studio album "such pretty forks in the road" is her first in eight years. "rolling stone" called it wrenching. i agree. it's powerful. where did it come from >> every song comes from the unconscious. so if i'm repressing any feelings like anger, sadness, fear, they'll come out like gang busters like it's being channelled or coming through me in a way i'm barely in control of >> it's that unleashed emotion giving alanis' music a signature rawness. it's part of your legacy are you good with that >> yeah. no, i love anger the current of anger is enough to move worlds it underlies all activism, all showings up, all standing up for one's self all of that is fueled by anger ♪ these are the reasons i
8:46 am
drink ♪ >> her album tackles everything. you're sending this new music into the world what are you hoping people take from it? >> i really offer these songs up and if it can offer people some comfort or knowledge about their not being alone. >> music is a healer >> for all of us, yeah especially with so many of us at home just to have music is that universal hug. >> well, alanis is really busy as you can see not just writing music she's also working on a memoir she plans to hit the road on a world tour as soon as she can, as soon as it's safe and feasible they were going to do a 25-year anniversary for "jagged little pill" tour had to be postponed. but she wants to get back on the road >> three kids too. three kids and managed to put out an album in quarantine making us all feel lazy. we're not done with alanis yet up next, we'll share a special performance from the grammy winner but first this is "today" on nbc. it is morning and we know that you want coffee.
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>> announcer: the >> announcer: the citi music series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi we're back with more of our citi summer music series and more from alanis morissette as well >> yeah. as we mentioned, her new album is out today here is alanis with her new song called "ablaze." ♪ first thing that you'll notic is some separation from each other ♪ ♪ yes it's a lie ♪ we've been believing since iml time immemorial ♪ ♪ there was an apple, there was conflict in the fabric a snake, there was division ♪
8:50 am
♪ there was a split, there was conflict in the fabric of life ♪ ♪ one became two and then out f themselves ♪ ♪ everyone was pitted against each everyone was out for themselves ♪ ♪ everyone was pitted against each other, conflict overwhelmed ♪ ♪ all our devotions and temperaments are pulled from different wells ♪ ♪ we seem to easily forget we are made of the same cells ♪ ♪ to my boy, all that energy so vital ♪ ♪ and my boy, all that energy so ♪ love your hues and your blues in equal measure ♪ ♪ your comings and your goings away ♪ ♪ my m away ♪ ♪ my mission is to keep the light in your eyes ablaze ♪ ♪ second thing you'll notice is that often we think that there's not enough ♪ ♪ it might feel dark, it might feel lonely and you wonder why,
8:51 am
feel lonely and you you're here ♪ ♪ you may be overcome with darkness and a sense of hopelessness ♪ ♪ but it won't matter if you keep the core connected to the oneness ♪ ♪ to hopelessness ♪ ♪ but it won't matter if you keep the core connected to the oneness ♪ ♪ to my girl, your innocence an fire ♪ ♪ when you reach out i am here ♪ the nest is hell or high water ♪ ♪ the nest is never going away ♪ my mission is to keep the light in your eyes ablaze ♪ abl ♪ and this cord is ♪ and this cord is unbreakable ♪ this pilot light is there in your pocket ♪ ♪ and this bond beyond unshakable
8:52 am
unshakable ♪ ♪ even if we all forget ♪ all at the same time ♪ if we forget at the same time ♪ ♪ to my boy, my precious gentle warrior ♪ ♪ to your sweetness and your d through all your days ♪ ♪ my mission is to keep strength in exploring ♪ ♪ may this bond stay with you through all your days ♪ ♪ my mission is to keep the light in your eyes ablaze ♪ ♪ my mission is to keep the light in your eyes ablaze ♪p th light in your eyes ablaze ♪ >> big thanks to alanis >> big thanks to alanis morissette for a song and a hou.
8:53 am
but first great conversation the album is called "such pretty forks in theoad. r
8:54 am
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big weekend plans, big weekend plans, s.g.? >> just laying around like always how about you? >> same thing. lots of lazy going to be lots of lazy >> yes so much lazy. >> mr. roker coming up in the third hour of "today," our exclusive interview with a coronavirus survivor the first to receive a double lung transplant. we'll also get more on the nba's return more in the fourth hour including the song from alanis morissette >> yes and get excited because rokerthon is coming back next week we can't wait. see you next hour. >> you bet >> first your check of local news and weather have a great lazy weekend, everybody. >> lazy.
8:56 am
good morning. i'm marcus washington. it's 8:56. breaking news for you this morning. in southern california, that's where military search crews are combing through the waters of training accident involving an amphibious assault vehicle. one marine is confirmed dead. eight more missing. that mishap happened a little before 6:00 last night during a routine training involving teams from camp pendleton. right now you're looking at
8:57 am
older video of a previous training mission involving that same group. last night's accident involved a total of 16 service members. eight of them have been recovered. one of the two rescued is in critical condition. happening now we're monitoring those developments on the search. we're talking to our sister station in san diego and we'll have updates at midday. we're also posting the updates on our twitter feed. san francisco firefighters are trying to determine what sparked a big early morning fire in north beach. this happened on powell near bay street. one person had to be rescued and is now in the hospital. tloi link to that full story on our home page. some say changes are needed in the car keenas bridge. ahead, a live call to action.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> and good morning to you. happy friday. welcome to the third hour of "today" on this final day of july, believe it or not. craig melvin in studio 1a. al and sheinelle continue to work from home. dylan's enjoying time off this week. good to see both of your smiling faces at the end of the week. >> you, too, sir. >> morning. >> you as well, madam. >> we start this friday morning with that breaking news we've been following out west. one marine has died. eight others are missing. this all comes after an accident during a training exercise off


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