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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 5, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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firing. fortunately no one was hurt and barricaded himself in a patrol with an update. i understand the suspect justsu? car for a number of hours. >> reporter: within the past five to ten minutes according to they said the man did surrender the sheriff's office. peacefully when the shots were the suspect was barricaded inside a patrol vehicle in the basement parking lot of the main fired they surrounded him with jail here in downtown san jose. the sheriff's office, santa it's a couple blocks down to the left from our camera position. clara police, tactical and at one point he did have a negotiating team, the sheriff gun. herself was out here at one we're not sure how he got the gun but between around 1:30, point trying to get the man to 2:00 this morning when he got the gun he started firing shots. surrender. this was a man under arrest. again, news conference scheduled a few minutes from now. we presume he was probably being how did the man who was supposed processed to be taken into jail. to be secured in police custody he ended up barricading himself get hold of a gun? inside a patrol volk fehicle fo be a then was able to barricade number of hours. himself. tactical team was out here, a defier shots at one point no one negotiation team. the sheriff herself was actually was hurt. he has surrendered, is in out here herself at one point and might still be as well. custody unarmed. so this went on for a few hours. the sheriff's office is tweeting bob redell, "today in the bay." out this man has surrendered happening today registered
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nurses in the bay area are peacefully. no one was hurt when he fired taking part of a national day of action. off the shots. let's take a live look at a lot of questions how did he samaritan hospital in san jose get that weapon, where was the where you can see the nurses there are appropriately socially breakdown in that security with him being put into jail but, distanced as they try to draw attention to their cause. again -- and, by the way, the they want leaders at the local jail was on lockdown. and national level to provide not clear if they've lifted that better protection for workers on lockdown and several blocks are the front lines of the pandemic. still shut down though we believe they will start opening there is a shortage of ppe and up the roads since this man had an inability to follow minimum surrendered after somehow safety standards still after all obtaining a gun while under arrest and barricading himself these months. inside a patrol car. health care workers plan to reporting live in downtown san rally today outside at least a jose, bob redell, "today in the dozen bay area medical centers. bay." well, a glitch in the all right. all developing while we've been state's covid tracking system on air this morning. 6:01. may be leading to underreporting turning now to weather and of new cases. traffic, taking a live look governor newsom on monday outside overlooking san jose. announced positive test rates we'll check in with mike in just a moment for a look at the are lower but now all that data morning commute. kari, you're talking about the is in question. cloud cover, going to certainly cool things down today. the state's reporting system yeah. we're talking about our inland called cal ready and that's where the issue or the glitch valleys that will see a huge change over the next few days. happened. one infectious disease
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so from napa and sonoma valleys specialist says dozens of county over to the delta, the health sites are missing key numbers. tri-valley down to santa clara valley we're only looking at >> we don't know where we have highs in the 70s today, but you hot spots in the state if we can see our trend that goes up don't know where we have into the 90s over the next few clusters of days while san francisco will see temperatures in the low 60s today. we are going to see the fog causing mist and drizzle. >> the state now wants labs to we'll talk about this hour by manually report to their hour forecast coming up in a few counties until the problem gets minutes. mike, how is it looking right resolved. and now to our keeping up in now for the drive? the classroom series, parents have mixed reaction about how the upcoming school year might it's looking splendid. go for their family. the toll plaza, the backup is a new back-to-school survey starting to form. looks at top concerns from no metering lights registered by parents across the nation, and at this point the biggest worry chp's system but we do see the middle lanes showing the backup is their child becoming infe as folks do slow down. infected. 66% say they're worried about we first have the buildup that that, a little over half say they're worried their child builds back from the metering could infect somebody else. lights to the toll plaza. and a virtual learning the map shows you no major issues on the approach to the area. we may have a couple incidents this fall and aren't confident for the north bay and i'll their children will get a proper follow up on that coming up. education. north to south everything is i'm hoping that we can wait and flowing smoothly. i've circled the activity bob see. teachers had to slam it together
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in the spring but they've had redell talked about, the person time to prepare for the fall. just surrendered at the santa let's hope for the best. clara main jail. and let's go to meteorologist that's good news. kari hall. >> doing the best they can. still blocked between first and >> yes, they are. 87. back to you. all right, thank you very kari, beautiful weather to much. headlines out of washington this morning, the white house, the enjoy the last couple days of summer before school starts. democrats are close to a deal on unemployment and evictions. the vote is likely coming soon. yes, but it will feel more like fall today. let's get to our capitol hill take a look at our seven-day insider, tracie potts, this forecast. we'll be back to summer this morning. millions of americans holding weekend as we go from the their breath. what do you think, good sign? mid-70s for our inland valleys to the low 90s while san >> reporter: yeah, it's a good francisco and along the coastline, if you're thinking sign considering the fact there about a beach trip this weekend, have been days of stalemate and will reach into the upper 60s in now we have both sides, the city and for a lot of our democrats and the white house, saying they are inching towards beaches as well. mike, how is it looking for the the middle, all the issues are commute? on the table, and even though we you know, kari, the bay don't quite know yet what a deal bridge toll plaza was starting to pack in the traffic but now is going to look like we do have some idea when it might happen. it's moving better than it has for the last 20 minutes. you see the middle lanes, the >> any bill or a broader bill? >> reporter: democrats and the first to clear and it doesn't white house both report progress always work like that at the in negotiations to provide toll plaza. this is an interesting day. coronavirus relief. >> i would characterize the we'll adjust even during the
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conversation as productive and a pandemic, a look at another shot in fremont we're we're looking step in the right direction. >> in some cases we're inching at a breeze. i mentioned the pandemic. along and in others we're making more progress but it takes time. with school starting people will >> reporter: the hopeful time still change their schedule so we'll stand by and try to let line a deal by friday and a vot you know where we expect to see results. that will do it for us this offers on unemployment and morning. the "today" show starts right eviction protection. now. of course we'll continue to ask but narrowing down the size of questions about the standoff as the package is still an issue. the main jail in santa clara county and downtown san jose. >> we're not doing anything close to $3.4 trillion. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: part of the problem republicans aren't on the same page. >> it's not going to produce a moment like we had in march or good morning breaking overnight april where everybody voted aye. in the dark. >> we don't exactly know where millions waking up without power donald trump is. good morning he says a different thing every breaking overnight in the dark. millions waking up without power after isaias slams the entire day. >> reporter: president trump raising eyebrows with his comments about the virus in an interview. >> i think it's under control. east coast neighborhoods evacuated. and paths of destruction from >> how? 1,000 americans are dying a day. >> that's true. and it is what it is, but that doesn't mean we aren't doing >> it's like nothing is there. everything we can. >> reporter: the u.s. on track >> this morning our firsthand
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look at the devastation as the sun rises. to log 1,000 deaths a day for ten days straight. in the heartland the midwest and south the latest centers of an alarming new wave but there is a little bit of progress being made on the of coronavirus cases. >> some of the sickest we've numbers as well. ever see the number of people newly diagnosed with covid-19 every day when you add them up all across the united states, it's dropping just a bit, now just under 60,000 a day, which is still a really big number. >> it is and, unfortunately, in california we're not sure that the data actually represents the true toll. 6:05 now. this is lebanon, the search for survivors there continues after the massive blast in beirut. it's looking like this this morning. very hard to watch. at least 100 people died. thousands more were hurt after a massive explosion that sent a mushroom cloud over the city and then a shock wave hundreds of
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miles away. a san jose woman who grew up in and around beirut and has family there still talked with us last night. her first call was to her mother who lives just eight miles from that explosion site. >> all of a sudden she just hears and feels the entire place kind of shake in a way but really loud bang. i'm torn between what we have going on here and what we have going on there, and my heart is in so many places. i'm really sad about it. >> investigators believe that the blast happened because of a fire at a warehouse that was filled with dangerous and explosive chemicals and that the chemicals may have been illegally stored there. well, now to our keeping up in the classroom series. parents have mixed reactions about how the upcoming school year may go. a new back-to-school survey looks at the top concerns from parents across the nation. the biggest worry, of course, is their child becoming infected. 66% are concerned.
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over half are concerned their child could infect someone else. a whopping 83% of parents say they don't feel prepared for virtual learning this fall. and they're not confident their children will be getting a proper education. keeping up i the classroom means keeping up with a lot of different moving parts including a proposed law that would prevent parents from suing their local school district if their kids become infected at school. but at the same time the same bill making its way through the assembly would allow teachers to sue if they are infected on the job. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson live to show us how school leaders are feverishly working to implement those guidelines from the state. they had to wait until the last minute, cierra. 55 pages of guidelines. >> reporter: yes, some school safety measures are ones we're already aware of like wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, but there will be other practices introduced for when the students return to a school building they haven't
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seen since march. now we had a chance to speak with some of those administrators at san jose. they say they've ordered and received 350,000 disposable masks shields for every staff member. there are now permanent hand sanitizing stations and disinfectant stations on campus as well and the district is planning for social distancing in the classroom once their students return. districts around the bay are also working to make protocols for students of different ages and different needs. now the east side union says they understand why parents are desperate for answers because he was, too. >> and our frustration was that the data, the information kept changing week by week by week. and we are just not getting strong leadership from the state or the feds up until probably the last two weeks that they finally have come out and we all have kind of a clear path to move forward.
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>> reporter: that includes guidelines for when students and staff return to school and if someone gets sick. now if one person tests positive, the whole class or that cohort goes home and quarantines for 14 days. if 5% of a school's population have coronavirus the whole school shuts down for 14 days. and if testing shows that 25% of the students in a district test positive, the district, the entire district, must quarantine for 14 days. and you may be wondering what do i do if i see a school not following those safety and health protocols, well, that district you heard from they have implemented a tip line where parents and guardians can report those concerns. they say you can also take them to school leadership. that super says if you don't feel confident that your complaint is being heard by school leadership you can take it to the next level and report those infractions directly to that superintendent. we're live in san francisco. cierra johnson for "today in the bay."
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thank you, cierra. right now at 6:09 as we go hour by hour checking out our forecast a lot of fog along the coastline for this morning. and we are going to see that continue but also some breezy winds pushing that cool air across the bay area. so as we take you to noon, we're seeing temperatures still in the 60s in the tri-valley and over to parts of the inland east bay going into the middle of the afternoon. we're going to see only some mid-70s for san ta rosa. if you're planning on heading out later on this evening, a lot more clouds and fog reaching in across the peninsula into the east bay. i'll be keeping tabs on that and a warmer forecast. mike, how is it looking right now for the morning drive? it's looking good with one change, though. we'll look over to -- actually two changes as we look at the map. at the bottom of the screen we're circling 101 north where we have the slowing and the typical congestion, typical pattern through san jose.
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the exclamation point nearby santa clara main jail where bob redell just updated us, the suspect has surrendered after the standoff. the rest of the roadways look great. we are talking aboutapproach to. i want to circle the top crash. lighter traffic out of vallejo and a build here at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights just yet. back to you. >> thank you, mike. thank you very much, mike. 6:11 right now. it has happened again. another business leader is accused of using federal stimulus dollars for his personal spending spree. coming up, the big ticket items investigators say he bought with your hard-earned taxpayer dollars. plus -- eshlgs another investigation is developing in kodak. another strong day on the markets predicted. the nasdaq is coming near 11,000.
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and we continue our special series "keeping up in the classroom" just to give you some guidelines in california in the fall education for at least 90% of students will be held online. schools cannot reopen for in-person instruction unless their county's coronavirus infections and hospitalizations are stable and unless they seek and get an educational waiver. ♪
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at 6:14 let's check out today's high temperatures across it's going to be much cooler staying in the low 60s near the coast and some low to mid-70s for the inland areas. we'll talk more about what's ahead in our forecast as we heat up coming up in a few minutes. and we're looking at the san mateo bridge where the volume picks up here, a little bit of slowing, maybe some brake tapping. there's a signal you see flashing there. the build is happening now. we'll check on that in just a couple minutes. and good morning and a very happy wednesday to you as well. "the wall street journal" says the securities and exchange commission is looking into that deal the federal government made with kodak to help create and
6:16 am
distribute a coronavirus vaccine. it was a $765 million deal and the stock shot up before the deal was formally announced and so did stock options. when the deal was announced last week president trump said his administration had done something good for america and rochester, new york, in particular, home of kodak. >> we have reached a historic agreement with a great american company, to begin producing critical pharmaceutical ingredients. it's called kodak. >> so that was last week. when we learned questions was being asked about kodak, the president had this to say yesterday. >> i wasn't involved in the deal. the concept of the deal is good. i'll let you know.
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we'll do a study and find out. >> the nasdaq is hitting their all-time record. stocks will trade higher today even as we head to the tenth day in a row of 1,000 american deaths per day from coronavirus. that's a 9/11 every 72 hours. now the nasdaq pulled higher by cupertino's apple which is about 7% away from being worth $2 trillion. it was only two years ago apple crossed the $1 trillion mark. unfortunately, more layoffs to tell you about. probably lay off around 25% of its staff and american airlines, kris and laura, is now saying they will close down their routes to oakland and apparently lay off people. >> travel hit so hard especially here in the bay area. thank you, scott. >> travel and job loss, and so it might be no surprise more and
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more americans just can't keep up with credit card payments. that's according to a new survey which finds nearly 80% are having difficulty just making the minimum payment. 60% say if coronavirus surge and payments. more than a quarter say they're racking up extra charges due to the pandemic. all new this morning learning of another business leader accused of misspending coronavirus federal funding. federal investigators say a texas businessman received $1.6 million in those c.a.r.e.s. relief funds and used the money to buy a lom bore geamborghini, clubs. and another is also facing charges. there's the legal system that you go through and then there's karma and that is some very bad karma.
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>> no kidding. at least they're caught because there are a lot of people struggling right now, having a really tough time. 6:18. let's switch gears. talk about the weather. a little cloud cover to cool us off today, kari. we are going to start out with cloud cover this morning but i wanted to give you an update on what was hurricane isaias, now a post tropical depression as it continues to move up the atlantic coast but this is what it left in its wake as it moved in monday night. it caused some high amounts of flooding as well as spawning 20 tornadoes and that damage was all up and down the east coast. as we get a look at our weather here in the bay area we're starting out with some fog this morning and looking live right now in san francisco the fog and the drizzle will basically linger throughout much of the day but also some gusty winds blows that air into the inland areas and cools it off significantly. now normally in the south bay
6:20 am
we're reaching up to about 82 degrees. we're only up to 71 in downtown san jose today. and those winds will be gusting from the northwest at times at about 20 to 25 miles per hour. over to the east bay spots like the tri-valley will stay in the low 70s today and then you head up to concord where we're only reaching 76 degrees. oakland stays in the 60s. along the coast we're looking at highs that will reach into the low 60s in half moon bay and in palo alto expect a high of 72 degrees. for san francisco or anywhere from the upper 50s to the mid-60s today and our north bay high temperatures still hot further to the north reaching into the mid to upper 80s. but then along the coastline we're staying in the upper 50s while in spots like napa it will be beautiful today. very comfortable with some 70s in the forecast. but look at all the fog that we're going to see along the coastline today that will continue even into the afternoon so no clearing for our beaches today and that mist is going to be coming in so hard it's going
6:21 am
to register as some rain as we go into later today especially in san mateo county, half moon bay may pick up the possibility of about a tenth of an inch of rain today because of this fog that will extend over to the east bay later on this evening and that also continues into early tomorrow. but then after that clears out we're warming up. our interior valleys will reach from the mid-70s today to the 90s this weekend. get ready to head back to some summer heat while san francisco will go from the low 60s today to the upper 60s and we'll see that along the coastline as well. mike, how is it looking right now for the morning commuters about to head out? well, kari, it's looking pretty good relatively speaking. first we'll check the bay bridge toll plaza where the volume does build, the backup builds. no metering lights but this is not that bad considering that it's about 6:21 now and we're looking at the middle lanes finally filled in all the way back to the overcrossing. other lanes are moving nicely,
6:22 am
though. the map we'll show you, look, we have the backup where we showed you. top of the screen this crash which is now on the shoulder for highway 37 would have caused much more backup out of vallejo on a typical traffic day. the volume light there. the same thing through concord for highway 4 out of pittsburg. slowing out of the altamont and a wind advisory from chp. you see that highlighting there. no problems for 84 that's just starting to show more slowing. the rest of the bay, the south bay and peninsula basically at speeds. back to you. thank you very much, mike. mike has been following the road closures around our breaking news that we started the morning with. bob redell is still live at the santa clara county main jail where the suspect there who was barricaded inside a patrol car has now surrendered. what we're learning about that situation and the conditions of that surrender coming up. and also coming up next, nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: confronting covid-19 with uv light at airports and hospitals and other
6:23 am
places. so can uv help you at home? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. that's next.
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when you switch by october 7th. lily everyone in the house is online and i can't get enough bandwidth to video chat with my book club. try 1 gig internet with at&t fiber. you get more bandwidth and hbo max included. so, everyone stays entertained. so i can just watch the show instead of reading the book? you know, if you turn on your subtitles... that's almost reading. get 1 gig internet with at&t fiber for $49.99a month for a year. no annualcontract. and now get hbo max included. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att welcome back. it's 6:25. all this week nbc bay area is helping families keep up in the classroom. many parents are concerned the virus getting on their kids' school supplies or even their clothing. some products promise to kill it easily with a uv light. >> the question is always does this stuff work?
6:26 am
consumer investigator chris chmura is here to shine a light on those ultraviolet boxes and lamps you may have seen ads for. >> reporter: good morning. first some basic science. scientists say a certain type of uv light can kill microbes and viruses. let's head to sfo where they just installed a uv device there to sanitize the escalators, the hand rails in particular. hospitals use uv robots to sterilize entire rooms. but those machines cost tens of thousands of dollars. since the pandemic began we've seen a surge of ads offering much smaller and less expensive uv lamps for household use. >> the vast majority of the products we're seeing popping up on our social media are basically unproven and untested. many of them are ineffective, in fact, quite a few of them are rubbish. >> reporter: a uv device manufacturer told uproducts are tested and are highly effective when, and this is key, they are
6:27 am
used as directed. tonight at 6:00 we'll have more from both sides. i'll see you again tonight at 6:00. thank you, chris. up next happening on "today in the bay" right now across the nation as well, doctors, nurses, health care workers, they're demanding hospitals step up this is a live look at good samaritan hospital in san jose. up next, what they are asking for plus the pressure that many health officials are now facing. and -- >> reporter: i'm bob redell in san jose with breaking news. an arrestee who obtained a gun started firing shots has finally surrendered. live to the scene. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:30 right now. good morning. breaking news at santa clara county's main jail. shots fired from inside a patrol car, not by an officer but by a detainee. >> somehow the suspect managed to get hold of a gun and a car at that jail and within the last 30 minutes or so that suspect finally surrendered. we've been on the scene in san jose since it started. bob redell live at the jail. are we any closer to knowing how this happened, bob? >> reporter: no. we're waiting to speak with the santa clara county sheriff's office. they're the ones who say the suspect surrendered and they would release a press ig questis person in custody get a gun and
6:31 am
then fire the gun and barricade himself. this happened in the parking lot of the main jail down on the left. when he got the gun, he started firing shots. fortunately no one was hurt. he barricaded himself inside a patrol car. law enforcement did have him surrounded, not only the sheriff's office, santa clara police, they had a tactical team out here, a negotiating team. the sheriff herself was out here at one point. then at around 6:00 this morning the sheriff's office tweeted out this man had surrendered peacefully. as a result the jail was on lockdown at one point and a number of blocks around the jail were shut down. you can see some of them here are still shut down but, again, shots were fired by this man. no one was hurt. he is back in police custody and unarmed. reporting live here in downtown
6:32 am
san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, an active scene there. 6:31 right now. let's turn to weather and traffic together, taking a look, can you make it out? san francisco. we know it gets like this sometimes. certainly it will cool things off across the bay, right, kari? yes, so some very dense fog in san francisco means much cooler weather for the rest of us. we're even seeing it into the tri-valley as we take a live look outside in dublin. we will see some breaks in the cloud and sunshine later today but we're staying mostly in the 60s and 70s here. at 2:00 we're only at 69 degrees and reaching into the low 70s for the tri-valley. we head up to the north bay. it's still going to be hot and clear reaching 88 degrees. notice the coastal temperatures staying in the 60s and some gusty winds today. we'll talk more about this and also a look ahead in the
6:33 am
forecast coming up later. mike, how is it looking right now for the commute? it's looking great, kari. overall lighter traffic. i know this first look will look like it's full but, hold on a second and look at the lanes on the outside of the shot. those are not yet filled in all the way. the middle lanes are the ones that built in moving its way out at the bay bridge toll plaza. a smooth drive for the lanes between the hov and the middle toll lanes. the map shows you no major issues coming through contra costa county or in the north bay. a smooth flow of traffic. as you move your way down to the south bay the only incident we've marked, there's no slowing on the sensors. we just mark the area around that main jail. bob showed you a couple intersections blocked off. back to you. >> thank you very much. happening today registered nurses in the bay area taking part in a fashinational day of action. a live look at good samaritan hospital in san jose where you see they're quickly coming upon
6:34 am
a shift change at about 7:00 this morning, but there's lots of workers out there waving to the cars passing by as well. workers calling for leaders at the local and national level to better protect workers on the front lines of this pandemic. we've heard their concerns for quite some time now. organizers cite the shortage of ppe and an inability to follow minimum safety standards. they're also asking congress to extend federal unemployment benefits. health care workers are planning rallies outside at least a dozen bay area medical centers. startling new trend across the country, state and local public health officials, many of them women, say they are being harassed and even threatened during the pandemic. since the pandemic took hold more than 30 health leaders across 18 states have quit, lost their job or retired. you remember that the orange county health director resigned. protesters have shown up at their homes and some of these women have even received death
6:35 am
threats. santa clara county health director sara cody received threats. the "today" show talks with four different health officials including dr. barbara ferrer who works for the department of public health. she says she's been getting hate mail since march. >> one woman said, you know, using very foul language, somebody needed to shoot me and another person volunteered to take that task on. >> wait a second, they threatened your life? >> yes. we all have to understand how angry people are. people have lost so much. >> there's more of that revealing interview coming up this morning on the "today" show. new details, a sad day, as the remains of seven marines and one navy sailor have been located off the coast of southern california. the crew was onboard an amphibious assault vehicle when it started taking on water last week near san clemente island. seven others were rescued. officials say the vehicle is under nearly 400 feet of water.
6:36 am
the navy will start recovering the remains today. the cause has not been determined. and we do have continuing coverage, a former uber engineer is sentenced to 18 months in prison. he pleaded guilty to stealing trade secrets about self-driving cars from google and then taking them over to uber when he made the transition himself. along with a prison sentence he has been ordered to pay more than $850,000 in fines and restitution. uber and the google-owned wamo settled with uber agreeing to give wamo $245 million in stock. happening today marin county leaders will hold a virtual history lesson tied to the proposed renaming of streets named after sir frances drake. it comes after the statue you see on your screen was removed last week due to ties to the slave trade. the county is also now looking into changing the name of sir frances drake high school.
6:37 am
that meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. coming up next scott mcgrew with the latest from washington. kris, president trump says the explosion in beirut was part of an attack, but we don't know who told him that. that's not what we're indicating elsewhere. out to the big board this morning, the dow up for the fourth straight day. the nasdaq within just a short distance of 11,000. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:39 as you get ready to head out for your drive to work in antioch expect temperatures in the low 60s and clouds but clearing out later in the morning as you get out and about and run those errands. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates and talk about a warmer forecast coming up. and the metering lights registered on at the bay bridge toll plaza, still a gentle, gradual build. the lanes off 580 closest to us are now packing up. you see folks slowing on the approach to the toll plaza. we'll talk about what else is going on. a lighter day today. in napa a former police officer who is also an army veteran is challenging the dmv. scott parkhurst says he applied for a license plate which was rejected. he wanted it to say blthinl, short for blue thin line. he says the dmv approved plates twice before focused on law enforcement but for some reason
6:41 am
this was rejected. >> the state of california, you can't do that. you can't tell another police officer that blue thin line is offensive, aggressive, and threatening. that's not fair. >> parkhurst believes that his rejection violates his freedom of speech. happening today in the east bay piedmont is taking several unprecedented steps in the name of racial awareness. they're flying the black lives matter flag in place of their city flag as part of a larger resolution rejecting racism and promoting inclusion and equality. the city, which is mostly white, also apologized for any discriminatory or exclusionary aspects of its history and pledged to stand up to bigotry and intolerance. black lives matter flag will fly through the end of the month. to decision 2020 now and all new this morning joe biden has a massive nearly 40-point lead
6:42 am
over president trump in california which may not be a surprise as we are california, but the numbers are noteworthy. a new uc berkeley poll finds that 67% of likely voters in the golden state prefer biden compared to 28% who support trump. the rest say they're undecided. a new poll also finds strong support for senator kamala harris and southern california congresswoman karen bass as biden's vp pick. president trump says he suspects a military attack is behind that explosion in beirut. >> but, scott mcgrew, a different cause seems more likely? it does, indeed. lebanese officials, laura, say it was the 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate apparently stored in a warehouse that caught fire. to give you perspective on that, it was half a ton of ammonium nitrate that leveled the federal building in oklahoma city. as we have been reporting that
6:43 am
explosion has killed at least 100 people, damaged well over half the city. at a press conference yesterday president trump said the u.s. military had told him it was likely a military attack. but military leaders tell nbc that is almost certainly not the case. >> i met with some of our great generals, and they just seem to feel that it was not some kind of a manufacturing explosion type of event. this was a -- seems to be according to them -- they would know better than i would, but they seem to think it was an attack, it was a bomb of some kind, yes. >> president trump is back to holding those daily coronavirus briefings where he takes questions. that's what you saw there. so we are eager to get a question in there asking which generals are you talking about and can we talk to them. video here of then-candidate trump accepting the republican party's nomination for president
6:44 am
back in 2016, back when you could gather in large crowds. the republicans are still trying to figure out what to do about this year's acceptance speech. there's talk of holding it on the white house south lawn. now normally the white house is not supposed to be used for political events, but every president walks up to the line on that. this would be definitely going over the traditional line. the law actually allows it in the case of a president, not anyone else. speaker pelosi, for instance, can't use her office at the capitol to make a political ad. but the president of the united states can do that. and we're getting word that the deal is closer on that unemployment bonus. we will continue to watch that. we'll be updating that in the midday news. and, of course, i always update you on twitter as well. mitch mcconnell saying he's willing to go with that $600 a week bonus payment. so watch twitter for any updates. can you find me on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew.
6:45 am
>> thanks so much, scott. now to a follow-up, a new health warning is in place for people in los angeles county, do not gather. it comes after a huge party was held at a mansion near beverly hills. it made national officers say nearly 200 people attended the party. now health leaders are banning gatherings and parties. if people violate the order they could be fined or go to jail. well, now to a shopping spree all in the name of something good and this one is to help support homeless youth in the east bay. >> as the leaders of the covenant house of california say at the start of the pandemic a lot of the young people they work with lost their jobs. so last month forever 21 decided to step in and help. the major retailer, which is going through bankruptcy right now, donated merchandise from its bay street emeryville store to the covenant house. those young people were able to choose what they needed for free. >> no expectations, no credit card, no cash, you can have all
6:46 am
the clothes you would ever imagine. amazing. i can't think of anything else i could say. i'm grateful. thank you bay street and thank you covenant house. >> the covenant house says the new accessories will help them feel empowered next n. a 6-year-old girl from oakland took matters into her own hands when she learned the zoo might have to close because of the pandemic. she started a fund-raiser and raised more than $100,000 in just two weeks. she shared with kelly clarkson how the zoo showed its appreciation. >> this is a scratch on a piece of cardboard. >> what? that is incredibly cool! >> oh, my goodness, look at that. the full interview is coming up today on "the kelly clarkson show" here on nbc bay area. that is super cute. trending this morning a
6:47 am
recommended list of questions to talk about before you marry your honey. >> that's right. and we're not talking about a gift registry here. it's a premarriage check list, and it's all posted by a 21-year-old twitter user from california. it includes 20 essential issues she believes all couples should discuss and work out before you tie the knot including talking about children and religion, debt, finances, even clothing and use of social media. also recommended tackling anger management issues. that's important. and discussing one's five to ten year time line. the woman who posted it says she's single, which is surprising a lot of people. before you say "i do" say "i don't" to credit card debt, i don't to talking on your phone at the table. they are important things to work out. >> the good thing is she's 21 and still does know everything unlike the rest of us who have
6:48 am
figured out that we don't know anything. kari, you do know the weather, though. that's just science. yeah, it's a good tip to know each other before you get married or talk. hmm. so intriguing. let's get a look at this sunrise this morning as we check out the east bay view from cummings skyway, a beautiful start to our wednesday morning as we see more clouds rolling overhead and it's coming from the fog near the coastline today. let's get a look at our south bay high temperatures. we don't always get weather like this. we're talking about 10 to 11 degrees below normal today for a high temperature as we reach into the low 70s in downtown san jose. we're coming out of the 90s, even 80s, to trade that out for some 70s today for the south county. as we go over to the east bay we're also looking at some milder weather from the tri-valley, some low 70s, heading up to spots like
6:49 am
martinez. 72 degrees today while oakland will stay in the 60s. we're in the low 60s in half moon bay and then for palo alto we're reaching into the low 70s. it's going to be also cool and windy in san francisco with that fog remaining overhead. at times some drizzle coming down so the embarcadero reaches 62 degrees. and we're in the upper 80s still for the far north bay, for clear lake. but then for santa rosa it will be nice with highs in the mid-70s. looking at our hour by hour forecast and our cloud cover here, there's going to be so much of the fog and drizzle that it may actually measure up in the rainfall bucket especially for san mateo county. along the coastline we could see up to a tenth of an inch of rain near half moon bay and the inland areas all of the clouds and fog will start to cause some drizzle later this evening even for the east bay. so we're watching out for that much cooler weather along with
6:50 am
the cloud cover that will linger for today from napa to sonoma county over to the delta, the tri-valley, down to santa clara valley. all of our inland areas will see highs only reaching into the 70s today. but then as we look at our general temperature trend over the next few days we're going into the 80s and then the 90s. get ready for a hot weekend in the valleys as we reach into the 90s. san francisco and along the coastline we're mostly staying in the 60s and although we have a lot of fog today we will get a little bit more sunshine going into the weekend with our temperatures coming up a few more degrees. mike, you've been keeping an eye on the commute. anything new causing issues? no, it looks pretty calm. we want to call out, though, the area around the main jail where bob redell continues to follow the effects after the standoff and the suspect surrendered there. we're looking at heading maybe mission. watch for the area right around the jail for a couple of
6:51 am
closures bob saw still going on and 101 starts to show the build now toward the area as well north from 680 to oakland road. the tri-valley typical slowing there. it may be more build for the castro valley. nothing dramatic. as we move to the rest of the bay, a smooth flow of traffic at the toll plaza approach. the toll plaza itself does have the backup and metering lights and across the richmond bridge the last ten minutes have shown more slowing. the live look shows the toll no there coming out of richmond heading over across and to the north bay. back to you. thank you, mike. 6:51. and happening now a big win for meghan markle. she won a court battle to keep the names of five of her friends private. ma markle is suing the publisher of "mail" over five articles that published portions of a handwritten letter she wrote to her estranged father. the judge ruled her friends who spoke anonymously to another magazine about the articles can remain anonymous. it's 6:51 right now. coming up next a quick loobreakt
6:52 am
talking about. san jose's main jail, the scene of a dramatic standoff this morning including shots fired from a patrol car from a detainee. how he got the gun, where he is now. we'll bring you the latest in a live update from the scene. reporter bob redell has been out there all morning long. a lot more ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. breaking news in san jose. >> that's right. we want to go live to bob redell outside of the main jail, the scene of an unusual early morning standoff. >> reporter: we're about five minutes from the sheriff's office, they will hold a news conference about a man in custody in the basement underneath the jail around 1:30, 2:00 this morning.
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