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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 10, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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behind us. the state is hoping to report the results of all the tests within the next 72 hours. take 2 in oakland. students and parents drove by schools to pick up textbooks and laptops for the first day. the oakland unified school district is still divided how to do long distance learning. this comes as a grim milestone hits. over 60,000 cases of coronavirus. this comes as california continues to struggle to flatten that curve. >> safety at school isn't the only issue parents are dealing with. some bay area parents are concerned after a statewide basketball tournament was held without following the rules set out for keeping athletes safe. as scott budman reports, dozens of teams played anyway. >> a weekend amateur athletic basketball tournament, 78 games
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on four courts in two days inside a gym in rockland and some parents are concerned because the california guidelines specifically say no indoor sporting events. >> the players, the families attendi attending, the coaches, the refs. >> one parent who doesn't want to be identified says while supporting the league and their son on the bay area base aau basketball team that helps young people with skills and scholarships, this gym looks alarmingly full. >> i was aware that it was -- guidelines. it was not supposed to be happening. >> wishing there was another way to play. >> that puts you in an impossible situation when your child wants to play and they want to go to college and they have talent and they're given an opportunity to play. >> we reached out both to the sheriff's department which says it does not enforce california
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sports oriented rules. as for the local basketball team, even after they were told multiple parents voiced concern about playing in rockland, they would not confirm that they were at the tournament. scott budman, nbc bay area news. this is a multibillion dollar decision and it appears that there will be no college football season. late today, san jose state postponed its season. cal and sanford could follow suit. college football generates the biggest money maker for most universities and generates a lot of revenue for local businesses as well. san jose state is part of the mountain west conference which says fall sports might be played in the spring. but that scenario is also unclear. tomorrow, the pac-12 is likely to postpone the season. with the pac-12 decides could lead to a domino effect with other major football conferences. meanwhile, many of the athletes started an online campaign
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saying they want to play this fall. they claim protocols that teams have would keep them safer than if no games were played at all. president trump weighing in. tweeting numerous times today that he wants all games to be played as scheduled. his most recent tweet is this video that shows him meeting with various college football teams. he continues to use the hash tag that the players are using, which is we want to play. >> so are they ready? school starts on wednesday for san jose unified. today they spent the day handing out materials. the entire district will start in the virtual classroom at hoenl. nbc bay area damiano owe joins us with more. >> the digital divide is a nationwide concern. so san jose unified is doing all it can to make sure distance learning is equitable for all. they lined up this morning.
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teachers getting a face-to-face meeting with some students. they ipads and internet hotspots. the things they'll need to even get to a class on wednesday. some students worry about the all virtual lesson plan. >> i think it's going to be pretty hard to learn because i feel like i do better in school instead of on a computer. >> oh, my god. we're very nervous. >> the aguilar family set up sophia's classroom at home trying to make sure she's ready to tackle first grade. >> i'm at home on a leave of absence. >> at san jose unified, no kids will be in classrooms. but teachers will. the district is requiring them to teach those virtual lessons from their actual classrooms in hopes of creating some sense of normalcy. >> she's nervous because she doesn't know a thing about computers and now needs to work as a virtual teacher's aide. >> we know that distance
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learning is inequitable in general. we're going to have a lot of trouble having any semblance of equi equity. >> they've invested millions to make sure no child falls in the digital divide. damian trujillo. >> all nine bay area counties are on the governor's watch list. how do we get off that list? to be removed, counties must meet certain key indicators. meet them consistently for three straight days. let's take a look at how two of the local counties are doing. first, alameda county. it's failing in the number of people it's testing for the virus. it's failing in the number of positive cases. it's too high. alameda county has seen a decline in hospitalizations. so it is meeting that mark. now, san francisco. the testing is good. the right amount of people is being done. homg hospitalizations are down. the number of people testing positive it still too high. the case numbers now. large number of cases confirmed
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this santa clara county in the last 24 hours. more than 750 confirmed. that's because santa clara county catching up on the backlog of tests due that data glitch. the county has more than 12,000 cases. you can see the number there. contra costa county confirming 222 new cases. alameda county continues to be the hotspot with more than 13,000 cases. >> a shakeup at the state public health department lit last night. california health officer abruptly resigned. today the governor announced the bay area doctor willher. this is after a major data glitch of thousands of covid test results. marianne favro has more on the missing results and has some health officials saying we were flying blind. >> we were able to process all of these cases over the weekend, as well as do all of the normal
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weekend work to ensure that we ended the weekend with few records in the cal ready system. we've eliminated that backlog. >> today state public health leaders said they're taking steps to make sure the computer and human errors that caused the data disaster won't happen again. while hundreds of thousands of test results were delayed, governor newsom says they didn't affect the overall trend, which shows california's numbers are improving. snie we referenced about 6300 individuals that were hospitalized. now, below 6,000 represents a 19% decrease over a 14-day period. >> despite the good news, there are still grim realities. the coronavirus has killed more than 10,000 californians and infected more than 550,000. now, the state is dealing with a public health shakeup. after state health officer dr. sonia angel abruptly resigned without explanation last night.
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today the governor was repeatedly asked if the resignation was tied to the data glitch, but refused to answer snien. >> she resigned. wrote a resignation letter and i accepted her resignation. >> what he did say was former public health officer, dr. erica pan will be the new acting state public health officer. now that the state fixed the backlog, santa clara county will receive more accurate covid-19 numbers. those numbers could play a krit al role in determining when the county gets off the state's watch list n san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the governor responded to president trump's executive orders. the governor says the state cannot afford the unemployment benefits plan. the president signed those orders over the weekend, on saturday. they include an extra $400 a week in unemployment benefits. now, the states would this -- the state would have to
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contribute $100 of that money. the extra cash would be a huge benefit for californians who have lost their jobs. so the governor says the plan would cost the state $700 million a week. >> there is no money sitting in the piggy bank to be reconstituted for this purpose. it would create a -- even a state as large as california can never absorb. >> a couple things there. the state would need more money from the federal government. the governor emphasized. cuts would have to happen for them to come up with the money for unemployment benefit. up next, the first day of school unlike any other. how students in oakland are handling it. different word but not a different message. the new street mural demanding racial equality in san francisco. i'm chief meteorologist jeff
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back-to-school or nowadays, back to zoom. this is the first day for oakland schools. teachers are still butting heads over how the distance learning will work this semester. melissa colorado has the latest
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from oakland tech high school. >> reporter: while classrooms sat empty like the ones here at oakland technical high school, teachers and students joined more than 2,000 zoom sessions today. students say the classes about . enough time for the teachers to get to know their new class. >> welcome. come on in guys. >> it's not the way he had envisioned this first day of high school. >> it's a little weird not getting to like go to school and experience first day of high school. >> we caught up with theo and his dad mark when they pulled up to oakland tech high school to pick up his textbooks. his only online class today lasted for about an hour where he got to meet his teacher for the first time. labor says the bulk of that time was spent on working through tech issues and making sure all of his classmates were on the same page. >> it's kind of complicated because we have the zoom calls and everything and we have to work out getting all the kids in and everything.
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it's a lot of little moving parts. >> as much as this woman would like her son to experience every high school milestone, she says safety comes first. >> i would rather them do it online than him going into a classroom not knowing if the classes they're taking to keep everybody safe. >> when will the zoom session start to look like a structured class schedule, that's what the teachers union and the district are hammering out. the union is pushing for a distance learning plan calling for less live instruction plan ardmore time to check out with students and establish lines of communication with parents. >> building, you know, relationships with the students and taking these -- this week to make sure that families get access to technology, that's very important. >> they surveyed parents who overwhelmingly said they want their kids to have more live instruction. >> we're doing our best during
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these tense circumstances because of the pandemic to still bring normalcy for our students and families. >> in oakland, melissa, colorado, nbc bay area news. across the bay, students in south san francisco could have their school year pushed back. the superintendent made a recommendation to delay the start of school until next monday. they're supposed to begin this wednesday. the belief is that the extra days will allow families to better understand the plans for a phased reopening while allowing teachers and staff more time to prepare. the teachers union still has to vote on pushing back the start. >> b.a.r.t. is working on a plan to restructure public safety. the boofrd of directors and police citizen review board met this evening. they emphasized police enforcement for homelessness, behavior issues and substance abuse. it is the first of its kind in the u.s. a housing black mural went up today in san francisco.
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we've known how politically charged the black lives matter murals have become. the artist is hoping this mural focuses on the attention of a specific problem in the city. >> volunteers of all ages and races came out to the tenderloin to help paint the words housing black on golden gate avenue. in a city known for welcoming immigrants, homeless advocates say that the city needs to do a better job with the black community. it's estimated black makeup only about 5% of the population in san francisco. but 40% of its homeless population. >> it's a different day that we're standing in. especially in the times we're wearing our masks, right? it's a very severe circumstance that we're dealing with and this is probably the best way to get it in the concrete, in the street. >> the mayor of the tenderloin says he believes that black
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experience has layers of bias. including unfair and biased background checks not given to other applicants. he says people are leaving the city due to the pandemic and job loss might help blacks in their fight for housing. >> in the next few months we'll see a greater opportunity. there are a lot of people now homeowners in san francisco that have always had an extra room and maybe we can market those extra rooms. >> reporter: supervisor haney says he will introduce a resolution tomorrow that supports the message that more funding is needed to support programs to house blacks in the community. in san francisco, sharon -- an important groundbreaking. city leaders gathered at a future housing site east of willow glen. modular units will provide -- habitat for humanity will lead the construction which is more needed every we also are build we have a crisis within a
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crisis. the need for housing is tremendous and now we have a health crisis on top of that. >> we're able to build as little as $85,000 per unit. ordinarily, it would cost more than $700,000 per unit to build. we're able to build it in four months rather than four years. that's the kind of progress we need to make. >> mayorly card owe says the development could be a powerful example that could be replicated locally and even nationally. get ready to look up. meteors will be lighting up the bay area skies. the annual perseid meteor shower is back. it's made up of debris left by comets. that debris crashes into the earth's atmosphere creating bright streaks in the sky. perseid lasts for weeks, but the peak of the shower, we'll confirm with jeff, we believe the peak is tomorrow night and wednesday night. is that right? how is it going to look for us?
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>> you got that right. i wish conditions were going to be better. we do have the fog and low clouds couto contend with. there's one spot with the best chance across the bay area. let's take a look at what we're dealing w the perseid meteor shower. as we talked about, it peaks tuesday into wednesday morning. best time to see it is before dawn from 2:00 to 5:30 in the morning. you want to find basically a panoramic view, if possible and look up. you can see here i'm pinpointing the south bay with the best chance to be able to see some of the shooting stars that are traveling 36 miles per second. so as they hit earth's atmosphere, it's creating this friction from high speeds, which, again, creates the flashes of light that we call shooting stars. so south bay, you got the best chance to see this if you want to get up early and get a view of that. let's bring you into tomorrow morning. you can see all of the cloud cover here over marin, napa,
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sonoma counties. fog in san francisco. then there's a little window of clearing down here for san jose. but you'll notice gilroy will have the cloud cover and also spotty drizzle chances. we'll clear back from that fog by 11:00 while the coastline hangs on to patchy clouds. with that cooler breeze remaining at the coast tomorrow, it will make it very comfortable. 82 in napa. upper 80s out here inland with 87 in livermore. head closer to the bay, 71 in oakland. coming up in 25 minutes, we're going to talk about this complex weather pattern that has not only heat but possibly some humidity from hurricane a lit a building into the forecast. we'll give you a nice long look at the seven-day forecast close to 100 this week. i'll see you in 25 minutes with that update. >> sounds good. see you shortly, jeff. up next here at 6:00, the new way to attend the concert. get ready for metallica.
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we'll tell you about a secret concert with a twist.
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a musician getting verbally slapped with his own lyrics. in south dakota, smashmouth's lead singer started the set by shouting f that covid stuff. he didn't say that. i ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. masks were only suggested, not required. it appeared very few people actually chose to wear the masks. the audience members, bikers, who converge annually on sturgis for a massive motorcycle rally. that rally expected to draw a quarter million riders. this might be the story of the night. a drive-in movie without the movie. instead, it's a metallica concert.
6:25 pm
the legendary bay area band announcing this morning it's rehearsing for its first concert in nearly a year. you can watch the concert at drive-ins across the country. it's pre-recorded pandemic-style for 115 bucks a carload. fans can rock out to a unique show. the production company called encore live has produced two other concerts as part of the drive-in series. they think metallica will be the biggest show yet. >> bring your pickup truck. put your lawn chairs in the back. get ready. it's going to be rowdy and a ton of fun. you're going to be poise today have a great time. >> it's relatively safe. they're going to record the performance at a secret location. apparently here in the bay area. sometime this week. then the concert will be shown at the drive-ins on august 29th across the country. locally, you can watch it in concord and the alameda county
6:26 pm
fairgrounds. tickets go on sale this wednesday. >> loving the drive-in situation. here's a coincidence. a barn owl's life saved by twitter. an alarmed homeowner tweeted video of the bird tethered to a light pole. police arrived and calls from the fire department. they rushed the bird to the hospital. to vets at the lindsey wildlife experience, a retreat in walnut creek. the vet says the owl has the equivalent of a broken shoulder. they're fragile with those bones. otherwise okay and expected to recover. up next, at 6:30, president trump pulled away from the podium. what caused the secret service to interrupt his daily briefing. plus, who will joe biden take as his vp. larry gerston gives us his take as the announcement nears. want restaurants to open?
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right now at 6:30, an unusual moment at the white house. president trump taken from the briefing room because of a security incident. secret service agents shot a man outside of the white house grounds. it happened while the president was delivering his coronavirus briefing. the president whisked away from the podium and placed on lockdown. >> it was alarming to see. this comes as the president is taking heat for by passing congress to order his own version of a coronavirus relief package. let's bring in alice barr in washington, d.c. with the
6:30 pm
latest. >> hopefully soon. >> tense moments tonight at the white house. secret service sweeping president trump out of the briefing room in the middle of a press conference. the president quickly returning saying law enforcement shot someone outside the white house grounds and that he understands the person was armed. >> law enforcement shot someone, seems to be the suspect, and the suspect is now on the way to the hospital. i can't tell you the condition of the suspect. there was nobody else injured. i don't believe anything was breached. i asked that question. they were relatively far away. >> meanwhile, president trump facing sharp criticism to both parties for going around congress to issue four executive orders. after weeks of negotiations broke down. the orders include $400 weekly enhanced unemployment benefits down from the $600 democrats had been push to go reinstate. states would have to contribute $100 of that money. >> states don't have the money
6:31 pm
to do this. >> the president also announcing a payroll tax suspension for people making less than $100,000 a year. though that money which funds social security and medicare would still be owed next year. president trump pledged he would push to make the cuts permanent if he's re-elected in november. in baker county, florida today, students stepping back into the classroom and into the heart of the controversy over reopening schools. >> i didn't see a lot of mask wearing. i think that that should have been something that was mandatory. >> with the u.s. now topping 5 million coronavirus cases, a growing number of children are becoming infected. according to the american academy of pediatrics, more than 97,000 kids tested positive in just the last two weeks of july. a 40% increase since the pandemic began. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. >> a big week for joe biden. he's expected to announce his
6:32 pm
running mate sometime this week. among the short list is our own california senator, kamala harris. she isn't alone. other top contenders are rumored to include former national security adviser, susan rice, senator texas a&m ee duckworth, michigan governor gretchen whitmer. biden will announce it before the democratic convention kicking off next monday. let's bring in larry gerston. larr larrya, a lot of speculation. over the weekend, san francisco former mayor willie brown said no. senator harris should say no if asked to be vp. what's the inside story? >> he views the vp position as sort of like nothing. i mean, just stand there and don't say anything. you know, the vp position many years ago was that way. but if you look at recent vice presidents, they've been very
6:33 pm
important. some have had bigger portfolios than others. biden was one of them. certainly, they have taken a life of their own. get a lot of recognition. let's remember one thing. of the 15 most recent vice presidents, five, five have gone on to be president. you're not talking about a hypothetical with nothing behind it. you're talking about somebody in that position who could be the president. wouldn't be the first time. >> he talks about bringing in a woman, perhaps a woman of color. how much does that -- how much does that help him or does it help him at all? >> i think it will help him with the base. it will help him certainly wn. women have become the centerpiece of the democratic party. the gender gap as we call it, it's 25 points. that is to say, 25% more women vote for the democrats than the republicans. when it comes to men, it's slightly divided and a little
6:34 pm
bit more for the republicans. women have become really the cornerstone and i think biden recognizes that. this isn't a matter of just being nice to somebody. it's a matter of honoring and recognizing the importance of the gender gap and what it might mean to him. >> susan rice, tammy duck bowod kamala harris, will that vice president really be the one running. he's still in the basement and presumed to be there for several more weeks. >> that all depends upon covid-19. so many of us are wondering what this campaign is going to be like because it doesn't seem very clear right now. the longer that virus hangs around, the harder it's going to be for anybody to campaign, biden, the president, the vice presidential nominees. you name it. this campaign will be done very differently. woe don't know yet how because we don't know how long it's going to last. right now, everybody is assuming that the campaigns are not going to have very much of a personal
6:35 pm
touch. even the debates it looks like will have these two people in different places. they'll be doing it via zoom. there's no way to have an audience. it's going to be unique. >> if kamala harris is the vice presidential running mate, will the trump campaign go at her aggressively based on what she did here in california? >> they may. when she was d.a. and attorney general, she was reasonably tough when it came to law and order. this is something that a lot of people forget. it's hard to imagine the trump administration going after her for that. she's going to be hard to pick apart. there's no question. she does need one thing. she for california because california is going to vot for biden no matter what. the state is overwhelmingly democratic. in the last poll, biden has a 39% edge over trump.
6:36 pm
so that's important. but the most important thing about the vice president's nomination these days is don't lose anything. don't do anything to hurt your campaign. think sarah palin for example. that's happened in the past. as long as she holds her own. we know how articulate she is and she can handle herself on the debate stage. she should be okay. i think she'll be a hard one to pick apart. >> gut feel. yes or no answer, will it be kamala harris? >> i gave up on my gut a long time ago. the president has to decide for so many reasons, most of which does he feel good about this person. remember one thing, biden calls himself a transitional president. that's because he's looking to the next generation. he's the last of that one. whoever gets that job may, in fact, be running for president in four years. >> if it is kamala harris, a big boost for the black community and the indian american community. she's of both races there.
6:37 pm
thank you, larry. thank you, gentlemen. in the south bay, young people are being hit hard by covid-19. but the virus isn't the only thing they're dealing with. nearly 20% of covid cases in santa clara county are in adults, ages 20 to 29. health leaders say many young people are also grappling with the mental toll the pandemic is taking on their lives. they shared suggestions today for coping. >> one important strategy is to acknowledge your feelings and hopefully you can connect with somebody and talk about your feelings as well. >> other tips, something that makes you feel happy, like gardening or watching a movie. get outdoors, get he exercise. while wearing a mags being of course and being diligent about social distancing. got more manageable for south bay students. they're spending $7 million to help underconnected communities. the money goes towards buying laptops and tablets. as well as wi-fi and hotspots.
6:38 pm
one teacher called the improved access to the internet life altering. >> internet was vital before this pandemic. but now families rely on it entirely to live, learn and thrive. >> education officials say about 50,000 students don't have the necessary tools added for at-home learning. many east san jose students do their homework on smartphones because it's the only device that they have access to. >> up next, helping tenants during this pandemic. the south bay supervisor looking to extend eviction protection.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
unless something changes, a lot of people could be evicted. housing advocates and renters are urging county supervisors to extend the eviction moratorium.
6:41 pm
>> now the governor will allow us to extend that protection through september, and i believe tomorrow we will extend that again. >> a vote on a possible extension is expected at the meeting tomorrow. if approved, it gives tenants more time to pay back rent without fear of eviction. some health care providers in the south bay got much needed help today. more ppe. today, large boxes of ppe were given away at san jose city college to doctors with smaller offices that operate in santa clara county. roughly 550 small practices were given two months of ppe, personal protective equipment. the boxes include masks, gowns, gloves and hand sanitizer so badly needed. >> going to the small and solo physicians. they're not part of large medical groups, not part of hospitals, institutions and they really struggle to get access to
6:42 pm
ppe. >> the ppe is provided by the state and costs approximately $2.5 million. beginning today, san francisco is the first county in the states to make all phone calls from jail free. the goal is to make it easier for prisoners who come from low-income communities to call their families. the sheriff's office negotiated a fixed rate contract to provide the phone service in jail, which it says is the lowest possible cost to taxpayers. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. it was a super warm weekend. even still, a little warm today. but not as much. >> yeah. we're going to see numbers about a little cooler tomorrow. then we do have bigger heat on the way this week. even some humidity. i'll explain this kind of wild and wacky weather pattern ahead for us in about eight minutes. >> thank you, jeff. plus no social distancing. no mask. want to show you how schools in germany are welcoming students back. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now.
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can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's our weekend special. save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. plus 0% interest for 48 months on all smart beds. ends monday.
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what started as protests evolved into violence overnight in chicago. thousands of people flooded the downtown area last night to dough nouns the police shooting of a man earlier in the day. videos of the shooting spread quickly on social media triggering demonstrations which was followed by looting and rioting. over a hundred people arrested. the mayor did not mince words when talking about what happened. >> to engage in this criminal behavior. let's be clear. we are coming for you. >> the city has now been put under curfew until 6:00 tomorrow morning. devastating gas explosion in baltimore. it leveled that area. this is an aerial video. three houses blown to bits. surrounding homes reported shattered windows and doors. one woman died. six others seriously injured. investigators say they don't know exactly what led to that explosion. okay, is your mask effective? a new study from duke university
6:46 pm
reveals which masks work the best. the scientists had people say the phrase stay healthy, people, over and over. first without a mask and then again with 14 different types of masks. a computer then counted the number of particles inside each mask. they found the most effective mask was the fitted n95. the one the medical community uses. followed by surgical masks and cotton masks. here's the take away. the experts find that any mask is better than no mask. this isn't the news we want to hear. schools reopening. new information from the american academy of pediatrics. more children are getting infected with covid-19. scientists say that there's been a 40% increase in pediatric cases. chif children now make up more than 9% of all covid cases. as the u.s. argues whether to reopen schools, germany is
6:47 pm
sending back students into the classroom with unexpected rules. nbc carl nasman shows us. >> strange day in germany. sending students back to physical classrooms even in the space of a surge in coronavirus cases. it's to keep them from falling any further behind. here's how they plan to get kids back in classrooms. increased hygiene measures. staggered break times to avoid overcrowding. but the more controversial issue has to do with face masks. some schools in some states in germany will not be requiring students to wear them inside classrooms. that's causing a big debate there. the other thing that's a bit controversial is social distancing. students won't be required to stay six feet apart. they'll be grouped into clusters. if one student tests positive, they can quarantine the group instead of shutting down the
6:48 pm
whole school. administrators already saying there's no way to keep people 100% safe. >> because i'm young and healthy, because everyone in germany has health insurance, i'm not that concerned about corona. those of my colleagues at risk to it are able to stay at hoenl. for me personally, it's the best possible compromise. because i knew that as long as we're doing long distance learning, we're leaving some behind. >> reporter: especially those districts in the u.s. considering whether to reopen schools or go online only in the fall. carl nasman, nbc news, london. let's bring in our meteorologist jeff ranieri. a back to zoom forecast here as we try to get back to school. take it away, jeff. >> i know. the parents, you know, look out the window. okay. looks like a pretty good time for recess. it's going to be one of those days tomorrow. there's really not going to be too much getting in the way.
6:49 pm
we will have the fog for the morning. otherwise, a nice day setting up on tuesday. let's get into the microclimate forecast. we can show you the extremes that we're dealing with right now. nothing out of the ordinary for this time of the year. san francisco is fogged in. drizzle. currently 61 degrees in san jose. lots of blue sky. with the fog so strong, this means as we roll into tomorrow morning, we'll have widespread coverage here of cloud cover over the north bay. even notice some of these areas of green. that's my computer model picking up on spotty drizzle near the coastline. possibly to the north bay. we'll have that cloud cover through contra costa, alameda county. a little window of partly cloudy skies for san jose. notice into gilroy, you'll start with low clouds. i think 95% of that cloud cover is going to push back and clear out by 11:00 in the morning with that fog hanging on at the coastline.
6:50 pm
so tomorrow morning, we're starting off with temperatures here in the 50s. 59 in the south bay. tri-valley at 57. san francisco, some fog, spotty drizzle and 54 degrees. now, through the day tomorrow, i really think once we hit the early afternoon, a lot of parents might be sending their kids outside for recess. it's not going to be too hot. san jose looking at 84. morgan hill 86. for the inland east bay, we've had 90s the past couple of days, we're cooling off a couple of degrees because of that stronger fog pattern. 86 in concord. let's bring you to the peninsula where we have lots of 70s from redwood city to san mateo. sunshine for the afternoon. light wind out of the northwest at 7. in san francisco, we'll keep with the trend of 50s and 60s. with the marina coming in at 59. the embarcadero and the downtown region at 65. more up to the north, you can see close to the bay, 76 in mill valley. up to novato, sonoma and napa,
6:51 pm
we'll be warmer with low to mid-830s. tomorrow looks great. i think a lot of the parents later on this week might struggle with the weather and finding a good time without the heat. send the kids outside. here's what we have happening. hurricane owe lit a to the south. it will be moving up and the area of hot high pressure. i think the next couple of days, we'll see the humidity inching closer and that heat building towards the bay area. so in san francisco, the change i really think is going to be minimal. we'll into low 70s friday, saturday, sunday. that's warmer for sf standards. the inland valleys, upper 80s tomorrow to 95 on thursday. and 99 on friday. a potential here of some humidity. we'll keep upper 90s for the weekend. it's going to be hot ahead. but i know one person looking forward to the heat. jessica, this forecast is probably pleasing you pretty
6:52 pm
good except for the humidity part, right? >> not good for the hair. >> can't you tell from my hair that the humidity is a problem. >> you guys are both from florida. you can handle the humidity. >> thanks, jeff. we can. up next, the million dollar smile and the $2 million payout and a little bumble with the trophy when he tried to put it up there. former cal golfer, collin morikawa. back in a moment. hi. we're glad you came in. what's on your mind? can you help keep these guys protected online? easy. connect to the xfi gateway. what about wireless data options for the family? you can customize and save. what about internet speeds that can keep up with my gaming? let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. and now with our stores reopening, we're putting healthy practices in place. come visit a store today. stop in or book an appointment online at a time that works for you. now that's simple, easy, awesome. ask. shop. discover at your local xfinity store today.
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as we mentioned earlier in the newscast, numerous college football teams will not be playing this fall. >> this is a big deal. the mountain west conference making the decision for san jose state. when it postponed all fall sports. they made that announcement a couple hours ago. it is leaving open the possibility of rescheduling the games in the spring. but that also is doubtful at this point. as for cal and stanford, what are they going to do? their future should be made more clear tomorrow. the big ten, s.e.c. and other major conferences are also at the same crossroads. a lot of people buzzing about former cal golfer collin morikawa.
6:56 pm
we've done a bunch of stories about this guy. he won the pga championship yesterday at harding park. the only mistake he made was during the trophy ceremony. what a great smile and great swing he has. 23 years old. the only two golfers that won a major at that age, jack nicklaus and tiger woods. his coach at cal tells us morikawa pours milk in his bowl first and then adds cereal. >> no, usually the cereal and then the milk. is that the key to winning the pga? >> if that's the case, i'm going to start doing that. he's never seen someone do that before. perhaps that's the real breakfast of champions. what a great story. we've known this guy for a lot of years. this is his first major. he gets a $2 million payout. his life is all of a sudden going to change over night after winning yesterday. >> i think he can pour a lot of milk into the trophy and the cereal after. >> he's on the "today" show tomorrow for an exclusive interview.
6:57 pm
>> that does it for us at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye bye. see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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7:00 pm
we're sitting here in malibu. >> at his home. how bad is it? plus, star had to escape from this inferno at her home. >> it's friday. >> as kanye, kim and the kids returns what was hopefully a healing vacation, "access" looks at the beautiful family they've built together. >> his name was going to be ye. >> i love acting. >> her latest triumph, but we've been there all along for beyonce's acting evolution


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