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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 10, 2020 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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okay. check out this video from solano county. a weekend hike turned into a helicopter rescue for an elderly couple. this is because they encountered a mama cow. it happened at lynch canyon park in fairfield. crews say the cow and her calf chased the couple, and during the chase, the couple fell down and hurt themselves. chp used its helicopter siren to scare the mama cow away and then flew the couple to safety. a groundbreaking event in san jose today to help the right now at 11:00, joe homeless. city leaders gathered at a biden expected to announce his future housing site just east of vp pick as early as tomorrow. willow glen. modular units will provide more will senator kamala harris be his running mate? than 100 beds for homeless also -- >> i'm not exaggerating when i families. habitat for humanity will lead say this one month. the construction, which becomes more needed each day. a plea for help from local >> and we also are building gyms and fitness studios. because we have a crisis within the changes owners are asking a crisis.
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the need for housing is for in order to save their businesses. but first, san jose state is tremendous, and now we have a officially out. health crisis on top of that. are stanford and cal next? >> mayor liccardo says this tonight college football on the development could be a powerful example replicated locally and brink. today san jose state postponed even nationally. well, a driver-in without a its football season. tomorrow cal and stanford are likely to do the same. movie but instead a metallica this is a multi-billion dollar concert. the band says it's rehearsing decision that trickles down to for its first concert in nearly many small businesses. a year. they're recording the >> nbc bay area's roz plater has pandemic-style performance this week. more for us. then on august 29th, it will be >> reporter: san jose state's shown at drive-ins across the playing fields will be a quiet country, including the westwind drive-in in concord, also at the zone this fall, after football, alameda county fairgrounds in volleyball, men's and women's pleasanton. it's $115 for a carload of fans. sockers are all being postponed. you'll be able to rock out in leaving coaches players and fans this very unique show. disappointed. sales go on wednesday. >> a lot of broken hearts here the alameda county fairgrounds in spartan land here today. is in my hood. so, raj, you're going to have to we certainly understand the come to me. larger issue, which is >> for sure. we'll do it. they're going to tape that concert secretly in the bay area unfortunatelio somewhere in the next few days. unfortunately our county and our state and our country isn't as >> all right. healthy as we hoped it would be. >> we got to find out. we're back in a moment. >> reporter: san jose state is part of the mountain west conference, which just announced
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an indefinite pass on all fall sports because of the ongoing covid-19 crisis. other conferences and divisions could follow suit. drew dolman is an offensive lineman for the stanford cardinal. >> obviously we want to play. i personally want to play but we want to do it under the right conditions where everybody can be safe and we can be safe around the other people involved whether it be fans or family or coaches. >> reporter: president trump is leading the charge to save the season, tweeting, play college football. it's not just the student athletes who would be disappointed. ncaa football is a huge money maker, bringing in an estimated $7 billion a year. san jose state is hoping it can punt its fall sports for a few months. >> we're looking to possibly move the fall sports into the spring and still optimistic that maybe in november and december, that we'll be in a better place
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and we'll be able to sponsor our winter sports. >> reporter: in san jose, i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. governor newsom says the state's covid data glitch is now fixed. that issue led to a backlog of nearly 300,000 test results. some of those are finally being counted as given and reported to counties. today the south bay added 751 new cases. the county says that does include cases that had been stuck in that backlog, so it's unclear how those numbers actually break down. the total number, though, is significantly higher than the county's average this past week, which stood at 196 cases. we made usaa insurance for veterans like liz and mike. more than 1,700 cases added in an army family who is always at the ready. the bay area today. solano, san mateo, and contra so when they got a little surprise... costa counties all added more two!? than 200 new cases. ...they didn't panic. the region's hot spot, alameda they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. county, though, added just 19. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa - now, governor newsom says that who helped find the right coverage for them massive delay in reporting test results did not impact the that was the easy part. overall trend. california's numbers are usaa insurance is made the way liz and mike need it-
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improving. newsom says hospitalizations are easy. down 19% over the last two weeks, but now the state is dealing with a public health s ake-up. public health officer, dr. sonia angel, abruptly resigned. today the governor repeatedly asked if the resignation was tied to the data glitch, but he refused to answer. >> she resigned. she wrote a resignation letter, and i accepted her resignation. >> newsom says former alameda county public health director dr. erica pan will be the new acting state public health officer. a lot of people are on the verge of being evicted. tomorrow the santa clara county board of supervisors might step in to help. the current eviction moratorium expires at the end of this week. all good things have to come a recent report by the law to an end. the a's nine-game winning streak foundation of silicon valley revealed more than 40,000 south is no more. >> you're not losing faith are bay families and small you? >> no. >> they're still in first place. still one of the best teams in businesses are on the brink of losing their homes and baseball. tonight in anaheim, matt chapman businesses. tomorrow the supervisors will playing like an mvp. vote to extend the moratorium this guy is on fire.
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the all-star third baseman had through september 30th. two home runs and six rbis. new at 11:00 tonight, the pandemic continues to take its toll on small gyms, many of unfortunately angels star mike which are just at the end of the trout countered with two home line. fitness studio owners in san runs of his own, including the game winner in the bottom of the francisco say if they are not allowed to reopen soon, many of eighth. angels beat the athletics 9-8. those workout spots will just be the giants in houston. gone for good. nbc bay area's jean elle gives cover your eyes. us a closer look. another sloppy game defensively. that's donovan solano right >> reporter: working out on the there. had two of the giants' three street isn't exactly working for errors. solano actually been one of the small fitness studios in san francisco. team's best players this season >> when the landlord comes but not tonight. looking for the rent, we're not astros win 6-4. going to have it. the giants drop to 7-11 on the so this is a band-aid. season. all right. >> reporter: dave at mx 3 golf's newest star is taking his fitness says during the pandemic, he has closed a yoga victory lap. former cal bear collin morikawa studio, laid off trainers, and is taking on debt. will be on the "today" show with no reopening date for tomorrow morning and they'll fitness studios on the table, he razz him about the trophy and other owners are facing a presentation yesterday. grim reality. he won the pga championship at >> i'm not exaggerating when i harding park in san francisco say this entire business sector yesterday. it's his first major could collapse within one month. championship. the guy is only 23 years old. >> reporter: he's part of the he wins $3 million before taxes. san francisco independent fitness studio coalition. so about a $2 million takeaway. the group says 60 small studios
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we're back in a moment. with 700 employees should be hi. we're glad you came in. allowed to safely operate inside jue client at a time, stand what's on your mind? can you help keep these guys protected online? easy. connect to the xfi gateway. what about wireless data options for the family? 30 feet away from them. you can customize and save. >> reporter: exercise studio what about internet speeds owners took their concerns to the small business commission that can keep up with my gaming? tonight, pleading with san let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. francisco's health officer to allow them to reopen before they and now with our stores reopening, close for good. we're putting healthy practices in place. >> we're seeing people shut down come visit a store today. left and right. >> i do have to wonder how your stop in or book an appointment online at a time that works for you. decision-making would be if your now that's simple, easy, awesome. salary, your livelihood, and your family was on the line. ask. shop. discover at your local xfinity store today. >> reporter: dr. thomas aragon said he is hoping the state is in the process of changing reopening guidelines that will focus more on risk factors instead of specific industry. >> because i can't give you a rational reason why a physical therapist can do this and somebody who does personal services who i know can mitigate risk can't. >> reporter: the san francisco independent fitness studio coalition says city leaders aren't providing specifics about why the studios must remain closed or how to safely reopen,
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and it's considering taking legal action. jean elle, nbc bay area news. back to zoom. in oakland, today's first day of classrooms sat empty while mal. teachers and students joined more than 2,000 zoom sessions. at oakland tech high school, take a look. online learning lasted roughly an hour as teachers introduced themselves and tech issues were worked out. meanwhile, teachers and the oakland unified school district are still trying to figure out what classes will look like. the teachers union wants less live instruction time and more time to check in with students. the district says parents want more live instruction. either way, it will be a unique school year. >> it's kind of complicated because we have the zoom calls and we have to work out getting all the kids in. it's a lot of moving parties. >> i would rather do it online than to have him go into a classroom not really knowing
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what they're doing to keep everybody safe. >> a lot of layers here. the two sides will be back at it tomorrow trying to reach an agreement. south san francisco schools are scheduled to begin wednesday, but the superintendent there wanted to push back the start date. a recommendation has been made to the school board to delay the start of school until next monday, so just a few days. the pleef is that the extra days will allow families to better understand plans for the phased reopening while allowing teachers and staff more time to prepare. the teachers union still has to vote on delaying the start. in the south bay, a lot of schools start on wednesday as well. today teachers with the san jose unified school district handed out ipads, chromebooks, and internet hot spots to many families. students will learn from home for at least the first few months. but teachers will give their lessons from the classroom on campuses. we put together a list of all the bay area school districts and their back-to-school plans. okay. are you ready? tomorrow night the world of just go to and dance semifinals and two bay click on the "return to school
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plans" on the front page. area superstars are hoping to dramatic moments inside and make the cut. they've been dancing since they outside of the white house. were kids. minutes into president trump's they actually used to compete coronavirus briefing this against each other but decided afternoon, the secret service to join forces in hopes of whisked him out of the room. winning. they're close. they'll compete against five president trump said it was because of a shooting outside the white house. you can see in this cell phone other acts with only two moving on to the finals. you can catch the spectacular video officers crowding around moves tomorrow night at 10:00 the area outside. right here on nbc bay area. the secret service says one of raj, we should try out for this. its officers did fire their gun, hitting a man. >> i'd like to thank the secret silence from raj. i guess that's a no. service for doing their always bye-bye. >> good night. quick and very effective work. but there was an actual shooting, and somebody's been taken to the hospital. i don't know the condition of the person. >> no word yet on what prompted this shooting or whether the man was armed. we could know as early as tomorrow who will joe biden pick as his running mate? a decision will come by the end of the week before next week's democratic national convention.
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the pressure and mounting, and the anticipation building. joe biden's running mate might be the most important decision he makes. unning mate yet? >> yeah, i have. >> who is it? >> you. >> here's what we know. his announcement will be announced online followed by a biographical video of his pick and then a joint appearance. the campaign says the major contenders, all women, have already had in-person interviews. that includes senator kamala harris, who is an oakland native and former d.a. of san francisco. >> she's a hard one to attack because when she was d.a. and when she was even attorney general, she was reasonably tough whether it came to law and order. she's going to be hard to pick apart. >> other front-runners, former national security adviser susan rice, senators tammy duckworth and elizabeth warren, and congresswoman karen bass and val demonstrati
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demin demings, also michigan governor gretchen whitmer. a recent column comparing the selection process to an episode of "the bachelor". >> the discrimination, the attacks that we've seen, that's what they are doing. they're aeptding thnticipating think it's a good idea. >> the campaign will also combat racist attacks if biden chooses a black woman. today the group 100 prominent black men said the urgency to pick a black woman has gone from something that should happen to something that has to happen. this echos an appeal from black women. >> this is the moment that we need to make sure that the issues around racism, sexism, equality, racial justice, income equality, is addressed in a magnificent, big way. >> next week's democratic national convention is in milwaukee, but most of it will be virtual. biden will accept the nomination from his party from his home base in delaware. so does it matter which type
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you wear? ahead, a new eye-opening study on masks that could have you rethinking the kind you use. also not much social distancing or mask-wearing. the crowded concert and the bay area band's comments making headlines. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll show you how widespread the fog is for tomorrow morning and the big heat on the way in just a few minutes.
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a san jose musician is catching a lot of grief on social media. last night at a crowded concert in south dakota, smash mouth lead singer steve harwell started the set by shouting "f that covid stuff." we cleaned up the language a bit. critics tweeted back a famous line from the hit all-star. it says, i ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. masks were only suggested. as s, not many people
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seem to be wearing them, and social distancing wasn't quite there either. but smash mouth says safety precautions were taken. the band's manager telling billboard, quote, the promoter did a fantastic job with their covid protocol. they had a very strict social distancing and mask policy in place for all workers. the audience members were mostly bikers who converge annually on the town of sturgis for a massive motorcycle rally. it's expected to draw up to a quarter of a million riders, likely the nation's biggest gathering since the pandemic began. well, it's no longer to mask or not to mask. it's whether all masks are created equal. it turns out they're not. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd shows us a new study that looks at which masks work and which ones really don't offer you that much protection. >> reporter: they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. and in california, everyone is required to wear one. >> i think we should all just wear it. what's -- whether you believe in it or not, just wear it.
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>> reporter: a group of duke university researchers conducting the latest study to try and determine if all masks are created equal. >> it's not the case that any mask is better than nothing. there are some masks that actually hurt rather than do good. >> reporter: the group testing 14 different types of face coverings from folded bandannas to the n95s. >> stay healthy, people. >> reporter: n95s came out on top. surgical masks and cotton homemade masks were also effective. those conducting the study could see that by speaking into this box, using a laser light and camera to record droplets. meanwhile, neck fleeces, knitted masks and bandannas proved not to be effective at all because the material is thin and if they become saturated with germs, they can actually be worse than wearing nothing. doctors here in the bay area are not surprised by the latest study. >> bandannas are open at the
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bottom, so when you breathe, everything is collecting at the bottom of a bandanna. it passes down into your neck and onto your chest. that's not really a good idea. >> reporter: duke university researchers say they conducted this study to help people better understand the options they have to protect themselves during this pandemic. >> we want to bind together as a society to rid ourselves of this monster. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. not what we want to hear. as school is starting back up, more children are getting infected with covid-19. that's according to the american academy of pediatrics. siept scientists say there's been a 40% increase in pediatric cases. children now make up nearly 9% of all covid cases. san francisco streets got a new mural today. volunteers of all ages and races were in the tenderloin to help paint the words "housing black" on golden gate avenue. it was painted on the concrete with the hopes that it would spur some concrete solutions in
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a city that has long been accused of pushing out its black residents. it's estimated blacks make up only about 5% of the population in the city and yet 40% of its homeless population. >> it's a very severe circumstance that we're dealing with, and this is probably the best way to get it in the concrete, in the street. >> supervisor matt haney, you see there, says he'll introduce a resolution tomorrow that supports today's message that more funding is needed for programs that help blacks get into housing. a setback for uber and lyft. a san francisco judge ruled that ride share drivers should issue an injunction that lasts ten days, which forces the companies to classify their drivers as employees and then grant them benefits. uber and lyft say they will appeal and uber adds it doesn't anticipate any immediate change to its business. lyft says drivers don't want to be employees, and it will continue to fight for their
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independence. california's attorney general and three cities attorney including san francisco's contend under the new law, ab-5, uber and lyft don't have a choice. get ready to look up. meteors will be lighting up the bay area sky. the annual perseid meteor shower. the debris crashes into the earth's atmosphere creating bright streaks in the sky as they burn up. perseid lasts for week but the peak of the shower is tomorrow night and then wednesday night. we also know that a certain someone probably has his telescope -- >> that guy. >> -- ready to go. >> take it away, jeff. >> i just hope the fog -- the fog is going to be kind of 50/50 for me on if that's going to be getting in the way, the way things are positioned right now. that's going to be a big problem for a lot of us is the clouds and that fog. let's give you a look right now. if you're going to be up early, 2:00 a.m. to about 4:30 in the
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morning is really some of the best time to get a view of that. you can see in this top-down view of the cloud cover, down here over the south bay, you'd have the best chance of potentially seeing something, again, tomorrow morning, also into wednesday morning. otherwise we have those low clouds in the east bay, the north bay, and also san francisco to start right there at 7:30 in the morning. now, 95% of that clears back as we head through 11:00 in the morning. that will set us up with a lot of sunshine away from the coast. so that means we're going to start off with some 50s again tomorrow. kind of a chilly start if you're up early. 59 for the south bay. tri-valley at 57. i have you down to 54 here in san francisco. some of that fog, also spotty drizzle, and 255 55 in the nort bay. tomorrow, we know it's back to school, albeit back to skoal at home. for the parents looking to send their kids outside for some recess, anytime between 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. is going to be
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that best time slot. we'll have that sunshine, and it is not the hottest part of the day. so there's something to maybe you out there if you're trying to schedule that. otherwise, 84 in san jose. we'll bring you over to the east bay, and we're actually cooling off a couple of degrees tomorrow because of that fog pattern getting a little stronger. it will bring us to 86 in concord. for the peninsula, lots of 70s here from redwood city to san mateo. san francisco, lots of 50s and 60s. 59 in the marina. 65 in downtown. right here across the north bay, 82 in napa. beautiful weather tomorrow, but i'm tracking some changes ahead i wanted you to see. we have a hurricane to the south, hot air to the south. we'll see some humidity from this hurricane moving close as we head through this week. also that hot air starting to push in as well. so much, much hotter later on. san francisco, 70s friday, saturday, and sunday. and check it out inland. we are going to see the humidity increase by friday up to 99, and
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we'll keep those upper 90s for this weekend as well. so i think the parents are going to like it tomorrow. by friday, kids at home, the hot weather, a little bit of humidity, might be a little bit challenging. but we'll get through it, right? >> that's when the parents have to go outside. >> yes, for a week. into the hot weather. >> you got it. >> thanks, jeff. well, the show must go on. legendary band determined to entertain its fans during the pandemic. raj's favorite band, metallica's big concert announcement just ahead. >> we're going to go to this convert. and we have jimmy. >> hey, everyone. tonight we have an all new show with bryan cranston, julia garner, and music from surfaces, plus my latest do not read list. it's an all new "tonight show" right after your late local news. happening now, the tsa says it's finding more guns in people's carry john bon bags. last month agents screened 75% fewer travelers compared to july of last year, but they found
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three times as many guns. some air travel safety experts say it could be driven by higher gun sales or more efficient screening with fewer passengers. we're back in a moment. - [narrator] did you just reward yourself
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