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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 13, 2020 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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everybody felt fine. but now im super sick. everyone is sick. i just wish we had been more careful. it would have been easier than this. so wear a mask. do what you can outside. stay six feet apart. good morning. it is 7:00 on the dot on this sunday, september 13th. because some things you just can't take back. a live look outside. do your part to lower the risk. all eyes on levi's stadium in santa clara where we hope the 49ers will be able to take on the arizona cardinals today as we keep an eye on the air quality index. good morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana joins us with a look at your microclimate. four weeks ago this morning those lightning strikes hit. we had that crazy storm, and we've had poor air quality, wildfires, smoke, ash, everything ever since.
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yeah, and, you know, unfortunately, like you said, those fears from the lightning strikes was they would start fires and that's what we're seeing. we're going to continue to see the poor air quality, unfortunately, at least for today as well because we have that spare the air alert in place. it's sort of a mix of smoke and welcome back. "washington post" reporter bob fog especially around the woodward has shocked the country coastline right now. if you take a look at half moon this week with taped comments by bay, you can see the dense fog president donald trump. among the most important using our weather underground cameras there and it looks gray revelations is president's and cloudy in through san jose as well. 61 degrees right now. acknowledge many of the pr wind speeds are calm, which is potential spread and deadliness of covid-19. actu more at ground political analyst larry gerston level, the fact it's not getting the chance to really mix out of joins us with his perspective. the area. current temperatures also good morning to you. relatively cool, 61 degrees in how did this all come about so san jose. 59 in oakland. many months after the recordings 56 in san francisco. and let's talk about the air were made? >> this is amazing. quality. i'll get more detail on that and i mean, woodward went to the what to expect today and president some time ago and
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tomorrow in a few minutes. kira? we'll see you then, vianey, asked the president to talk with thanks so much. we will get back to the air him, to record the meetings. quality in just a moment. first our other top story this they met 18 times, altogether morning. two l.a. county sheriff's about 30 hours of recorded deputies ambushed, shot at point material of the president blank range, and it was all talking. caught on surveillance camera. these are the president's words. you hear his voice. we have a look at the scene from and whole idea of the book is to last night, an aerial view from try to understand the trump our nbc station in los angeles. administration's behavior. and with that trump agreed. the shooting happened about 7:00 now one caveat here is that the p.m. and the hunt is still on for the shooter. trump and his folks thought the investigators say it happened book wouldn't come out until after the election. near a metro station in compton. however, it came out before the a 31-year-old female officer and election. and we're going to see the book 24-year-old male officer both were shot as they sat in their itself in its entirety on patrol cars. tuesday. right now there are some copies that have leaked out and we're th sheriff's office says both beginning to learn an awful lot deputies are fighting for their about those conversations. >> so what are we learning? lives. what are some of the topics? the sheriff's office says both the book which is titled "rage" were part of the same class and as we just showed. have been on the force for just sorry to cut you off there. a little more than one year. >> and i think there will be a lot of rage. we want to warn you the it's amazing because of the surveillance video of the shooting is disturbing. forthrightness of the president. it shows a single shooter, a man, approaching the deputies' yes, as you said earlier on,
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kira, the president knew at parked suv and opening fire least six seems, some say up to through the passenger side eight weeks before hand. the president says he didn't talk about it to keep the panic window. we've chosen to freeze the video before you see the shooting. down. other people would suggest he didn't talk about it because he the l.a. sheriff says that these didn't want it out so they would deputies are more than just a uniform. have to deal with the pandemic. they are real people. >> that was a cowardly act. the president talked about other the two deputies were doing their job, minding their own things, his coziness with business, watching out for the dictators such as kim in north safety of the people on the korea, putin in russia. train and seeing somebody just he talked about such things as walk up and start shooting on racism. he talked about a very secret military weapon that he says the them, it's -- it dismays me at united states has and now, of the same time. course, the rest of the world there's no pretty way to say it. knows. he really spilled a lot of beans >> again, the search continues for who s in this conversation, all of which, again, was captured on as they both cling to their lives. back here in the bay area tape. very few people were around most today is day 27 of unhealthy of the time other than the first air. we've been advised to all stay interview in the oval office. inside to keep safe, but after the rest were done quite about six months of staying confidentially between woodward and the president. inside because of the covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people >> and so, of course it depends ignored those warnings and just
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wanted to get out this weekend. who you ask. some say the president was santana row yesterday was packed. protecting all of us from panic. no parking spots, bustling with others, of course, are saying he people, many without n95 masks wasn't being forthright. so what do you think this says seemingly unconcerned about the about the president's unhealthy conditions. credibility? >> kira, we know most of the people told us that after being cooped up for so long they're willing to just risk being exposed to the poor air quality. votes are baked in. some folks we spoke with traveled to the bay area because it could really make the difference so, yes, republicans are saying i believe the they say even our bad air is better than their air at home. president. he was trying to protect me. >> today is way better than they're making a lot out of nothing. democrats are saying, see, i told you so. usual. i know for santa cruz the air we knew all along he knew and has been horrible. wasn't doing anything about it. leaving 50,000 to 100,000 people it's a little better over here. dying who would have not died >> sanity, needing to interact had we known earlier. but the ones you want to worry about and look to are those with -- have some adult social interaction. independents, that 10% to 15% >> forecasters say the air who could make the difference in quality index is expected to wisconsin, in michigan, in improve this week, but the bay pennsylvania, in florida, in area remains under a spare the those key battleground states. air alert through tomorrow. and so how they look at this and across the bay we found people out in the east bay downstream could say an awful enjoying what they could of lot about the outcome of this their weekend.
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in walnut creek our crews saw election. >> and, quickly, before we let folks at the park having you go, do you think this picnics, shopping at the farmers revelation falls into the market. if you have to go outdoors, try background with other issues as we near the election? your best to limit your time >> i don't think so. outside. experts with the bay area air chuck todd talked about this as quality management district tell well earlier in the show because us there are still many unknowns it all deals with the covid when it comes to the wildfire virus. that's why. smoke's negative impact on our that's affected 200,000 deaths health. >> for most of us you can go out now, over 6 million americans. a little bit if you have to run i think this is going to resonate with people because errands, things like that. it's the fundamental reason why there aren't a ton of definitive there may be change in this studies for when air quality gets this high, what the results election. >> there's just so much every are. week, but, larry, we do we know it's a lung irritant, appreciate your insight every and we know wildfire smoke week. i would look forward to seeing you a week from now and seeing creates vascular problems. >> and remember those cloth how things have changed. thanks to you, larry. masks we're all wearing for the it is 7:50. we'll be back with a fefinal lot pandemic, unfortunately, do not protect us from the smoke. weather. wear an n95 on one even though t won't filter every single last particle of the wildfire smoke. it will improve your safety. now to a grim discovery at
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the north complex fire burning near chico in oroville. three more bodies were found, bringing the death toll in that fire alone to 12. fire crews are struggling to make progress. so far more than 258,000 acres have burned. the fire is just 22% contained. gusting winds have eased, and smoke has blocked out the sun lowering temperatures there, but that smoke is actually helping firefighters. >> the fire is still burning. we do have a spot across the road which is not what we wanted. our saving grace we have the smoky air above us which is keeping the fire down. >> the north complex fire remains the deadliest in california this year. the death toll could climb. several people are still unaccounted for. there are 28 major fires burning across our how widespread they are.
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since the beginning of the year wildfires have burned more than 3 million acres, destroyed 4,000 structures. 22 people have died. the scu fire is at 98% containment. the lnu fire in the north bay is 96% contained. and the czu fire in the santa cruz is 87% up from 85%. the august fire in mendocino county is just 25% contained. and the creek fire, raging in the sierra national forest near fresno, is only 8% contained. a little bit of a bright spot, a welcome sight, help arriving this weekend. ten firefighters from the new jersey forest fire service landed at sfo. firefighters from dallas also are heading to california to help fight these massive fires. turning now to decision 2020, the president was in
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nevada rallying supporters. it comes ahead of a trip to northern california tomorrow for an update on the devastating fires here. president trump hit several familiar themes including the economy, law and order and complaints of unfair media coverage. he also spent a fair amount of time attacking his opponent, presidential candidate joe biden. he accused biden as having an good sunday morning. i hope your morning is off to an extreme left-wind agenda when it okay start especially with the comes to policing to green current views. it's looking a little gray, and energy. >> california has already we're getting a mix of fog and implemented this extreme agenda, smoke throughout the bay area. and they are experiencing so how is our air quality massive blackouts. currently looking and what can you know that. we expect moving forward? let's get right into it because california. they like wind. i have this great shot of they like wind. cupertino hills and this is oh, darling, let's watch thanks to the pg&e camera as you television. could see there the glow of the i'm sorry, the wind isn't sky when it comes to sunshine in blowing. we can't watch television. >> as you likely know the recent the corner but certainly noticing that haze. power shutoffs were due to the and that's what's going to remain in the skies throughout dangerous fire conditions not a today. we have those foggy conditions especially around the coastline. lack of energy because of our reliance on wind power. it's also managed to make its way further inland.
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tomorrow president trump is due half moon bay, the shot you can to travel just outside see with our weather underground sacramentoback in 2018, this ism cameras this is a view over san jose. current temperatures in the 50s a similar visit, as the and 60s. 61 degrees. president toured the destruction our air quality does remain from the campfire in paradise. unhealthy. now we have a pretty dense fog trump has been criticized for going this morning, and we're not publicly referencing the down to less than two miles in wildfires until yesterday in a visibility in the south bay, tweet, but his administration that marine layer has sort of notes that the president did made its way further inland down indeed sign a disaster to less than two miles in declaration for california about a month ago. livermore. oakland down to about a mile. it is 7:09, and we do have santa cruz now at less than a much more ahead on "today in the mile. keep in mind that when we're bay." coming up, we take you live to seeing this low visibility it's talk with chuck todd who has a not just fog. it's also smoke. so we'll see a little bit of preview of this week's "meet the press." clearing of the fog, but because levi's stadium, where is it? it's mixing with the smoke, still shrouded in smoke. we are tracking today's air we're likely going to keep on quality to see if today's game will happen next. seeing the gray skies through the afternoon. now what does this mean for our air quality? we had a little bit of a clearing yesterday because of onshore flow. then the dolandfire smoke over bay area into the we're still at less than 200 but
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it remains unhealthy. the north bay right now at 169. when i mentioned the numbers we're talking about the air quality index which measures the particulate matter based on what the readings are. right now in the bay 166. the south bay 171 and remember on friday we managed to climb no the 200s. yesterday we had a couple of areas in the tri-valley climb above the 200s. that really is an hour-by-hour situation. so it's important to note that even though those are current numbers within the next hour that can che that starts, if there's a shift in something. so keep youjose's temperature tr this afternoon, 79 degrees by about 3:00. we're actually going to be running a few degrees cooler because of that onshore flow. not going to get much in the way of, you know, significant clearing in the skies. so the big question here is will the game go on? well, this is what we're looking at right now. the bay area air quality
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management district outlook shows an aqi forecast between 190 and 200 right around game time, which is 1:25. you can see this view of lee vi stadium. showing a mix of fog a idea wha we're forecasting. halftime still expecting to keep the smoke and haze. if it goes above 200 it could bring impacts of delays. the reason for that is anything above 200 is considered very unhealthy. so as we inch closer to that game time we'll have a better idea of where the air quality stands. as far as your forecast, by tuesday we have a low-pressure system near the coast that will bring a shift in the winds, hopefully bettering our air quality and then it will be locally breezy at times especially for the higher welcome back. just like every sunday time to elevation mountain areas heading bring in chuck todd, nbc news into thursday as that low political director and moderator continues to stay off the shore. of "meet the press." you can see it there and that's thanks for joining us this going to keep us at least with morning. the temperatures in the 60s and
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chuck, hard to believe times 70s and 80s for san francisco seem to be flying, we have about and inland areas. a month and a half until the kira? all right, vianey, thank you presidential election. i had to pull out my calendar to so much. we will keep our fingers crossed be sure. last week you and i talked about for the 49ers game today. president trump's recent well, what better way to end a newscast than with a story of an negative comments about the military. this week yet another bombshell, adorable puppy rescued from a the release of bob woodward's fire zone. butte county sheriff's deputies recordings and with holding were up near berry creek outside of chico and oroville where the about information of covid-19. will these revelations impact north complex fire is burning. the presidential race? one rescuer happened to spot this puppy, this little black >> well, i think it's already impacted it in two ways, number one, this was a lost week for puppy. the president. it's not any lost week, this is he was taken to the vet for a the first week after labor day, full checkup. deputies were able to locate his the first week of the general election. if you think about it, go back family. to last friday, you mentioned nk you so much for making us a part of your sunday the piece about "the atlantic" and military folks. morning. more local news tonight and all they had this whole plan after day on the republican convention to we'll see you back here next turn this campaign, put biden on weekend. take care. the defensive, make him defend ♪ unrest in the streets, try to focus this on the economy and
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law and order and instead he's having to play -- having to explain himself. he's tweeted or re-tweeted about that atlantic article some 60 times. he can't stop talking about woodward. i would say as a distraction this has had a huge impact to him already. as an issue i'm one who believes the coronavirus, those that are voting on the virus, have already decided. i think that explains biden's lead in some places. i think it explains why he's doing well with the most vulnerable population by age, it's folks over 65. >> and so if i can piggyback on what you were mentioning about joe biden, so if trump is talking so much about "the atlantic" article still, what do you think biden needs to focus (vo) while you may not be running an architectural firm, on to improve his odds? tending hives of honeybees, and mentoring a teenager >> it's interesting. there's a lot of people giving joe biden advice on this. -your life is just as unique. yo care,
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james carville, that's who we're calling stupid, and he would accept that. >> chuck, as always, thanks so much. we look forward to seeing you a week from now and hope you join chuck for this morning's "meet the press." ♪ this sunday the president and the pandemic. he'll have multiple issues including with the chair of the >> i didn't lie. >> bob woodward reveals republican national committee. and with peter strzok. president trump knew how deadly the coronavirus was. >> what i said is we have to be calm. we can't be panicked. >> at the same time he was saying this. >> now you treat this like the tune in to "meet the press" at flu. >> one day it's like a miracle, 8:00 a.m. right after this it will disappear. >> mr. trump on the defensive. newscast. you know coming up in about 30 >> they wanted me to come out and scream, people are dying, minutes from now we will talk with our political analyst larry we're dying. >> and under attack. gerston for our weekly segment. >> he lied to the american we'll continue to take a look at people. >> even hearing from his own the latest revelations from experts. >> when you downplay "washington post" reporter bob woodward's book about president trump. okay, shifting gears just a little bit, some good news for the state's fight against coronavirus. california's 14-day average testing positivity rate is just at 3. %. that's the lowest it's been since the start of the pandemic. the number of daily new cases is
7:16 am
continuing to drop as well. just yesterday the state confirmed more than 4,100 new cases. sounds like a lot but take a look at this. it shows the number of daily new cases since march, its mid-august. since then the number of cases has declined. case levels are now similar to how they were in june when the shelter at home order was lifted. so fingers continue to be crossed. oxford university says trials for its coronavirus vaccine will resume. this announcement comes days after it was paused because of a reported side effect in a patient. the university said it is common for some patients to have a reaction during a large vaccine trial. it is important that they evaluate every case to ensure the safety of the vaccine. oxford will not disclose the reasons for the patients' reaction but the university says they will continue to monitor that patient closely. 18,000 people are estimated to have received this vaccine as part of the trial and there was
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only one issue. we're turning now to our microclimate coverage despite the poor air quality. this was the scene at a san jose farmer's market yesterday. one person we spoke with said it is important for them to support local farmers in this pandemic and the poor weather conditions. >> i think it helps to bring people together and feel like they're still a community, people going through the same thing and at the same time i think it helps the small, local businesses and local farmers sell their stuff and still be able to make money in the pandemic even when times are hard. >> my household has been supporting local restaurants a lot. and now to sports. the 49ers, oh, my goodness, are monitoring the air quality this is a live look at levi's stadiu. we showed this to you right break. the nfl is closely watching the situation. as of now today's game is still
7:18 am
on. we have a closer look at what the air looked like at the stadium yesterday. kickoff between the niners and cardinals is set for just before 1:30 today. is it just my eyes or does it look worse this morning than it did yesterday? let's check in with the expert, vianey arana. she has a look at our full microclimate forecast. hey, vianey. good morning, kira. the reason it probably looks worse this morning is because we had some of that fog, that marine layer, mixing in further inland. it's more of a combination of fog and smoke, not just smoke, which is what is making it look a little bit more dense this morning. we are monitoring the air quality very closely. so let's take a look at how that's doing. half moon bay, the foggy conditions all around the coastline and in through san jose as well. current temperatures now 61 degrees. we're starting out fairly cool. let's take a look at the temperatures throughout the bay area and the foggy conditions.
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50s and 60s to start our morning, and here it is. this is what i was talking about when i mentioned the fog and the reason it probably looks a lot worse today in terms of that camera because right now in san jose visibility is down to less than two miles, and then down to about four miles in santa cruz. san martin less than a mile. when we talk about visibility, we're talking about you're driving how much ahead you can see in front of you. that's what we mean when we say visibility. mountain view down to about two mills. so if you look at this, you notice how much further inland that fog has managed to make its way in. we see it around the coastline all the time. as we get into the afternoon, we're going to get a good increase in onshore flow which will help us figure out some of the air quality. where is the air quality now? let's see where it currently stands. keep in mind the air quality really is an hour-by-hour situation. if there's a new fire that starts that will impact it. if there's a shift in the wind, that would impact it.
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right now the number is still in the red, meaning above 150 on the air quality index, unhealthy throughout, staying just below 170 -- or i should say 171 in the south bay. i know that's what we've been paying attention to in terms of the game. i am going to get to that levi's forecast. san jose temperature trend we're going to be running a few degrees cooler because of the onshore flow. yesterday we had a little bit of clearing but then we got a period of heavy smoke again from the dolan fire as it began to push in our direction. so this is what i mean when i say it's an hour-by-hour situation. it might be good now and then something might happen that might change that within the next hour. it's important to download our nbc bay area app. we do keep you updated and you can check on your location. let's take a look. levi's stadium kickoff is at 1:25. where is the forecast going to stand? the bay area air quality
7:21 am
district has not looked from 190 to 200, temps in the 70s. keep in mind from what i seen it looks like if the air quality index goes above 200 that's where the concern comes in and that's where delays could happen. we're going to monitor that as we inch closer right around noon. we'll probably have a better idea where that air quality will stand. long-range outlook now better clearing with the low-pressure system off the pacific with the west/southwest wind that will help clear the air quality heading into tuesday. a little bit of rain chances, not for us here but for oregon who is seeing impacts from the fires of their own as well. heading into wednesday and thursday we have a low that moves inland by friday and we get some showers again to our north. temperature in the 60s for san francisco. and then in inland areas we'll remain in the 80s. kira? wow, all right, vianey. so much to follow. we'll see you again in a few minutes. we do have much more ahead on "today in the bay" coming up. i think that people have to understand that this is
7:22 am
everyone's issue. >> only on nbc bay area, we speak one-on-one with senator and vice presidential candidate kamala harris. what she's saying about the devastating wildfires here and what it means for the rest of the country coming up. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. welcome back. she is running for vice president and keeping a close eye on her home state as wildfires continue to burn in california. talking about senator kamala harris. she sat down exclusively with our own raj mathai. >> senator harris, nice to have you back on the program here. just your first reaction when you saw the images coming out of your hometown, coming from the bay area, coming from the west coast, what was going through your mind? >> just, you know, i was there in paradise when paradise burned, the i just feel a concern. and, of course, what we need to
7:25 am
do is give the families, give the firefighters, the first responders as much assistance and help as possible. and so my first response is that we've got to do everything we can to help these folks who are battling these fires and families being evacuated and displaced. >> would there be more ofan outcry if they were to wake up and see it firsthand? it doesn't seem like it's really a big issue. >> i think that people have to understand this is everyone's issue. i have talked with my colleagues who represent oureighboring states who are dealing with the same thing. and by extension, if you look at the tragedies that people on the gulf coast have faced because of other extreme weather conditi s conditions, i think most americans should understand we are all being impacted and people are dying because of these extreme climate changes. >> you talk about an immediate response. just yesterday governor newsom,
7:26 am
your longtime ally said he had a long chat with president trump and the president was very supportive in terms of federal help. the president himself will be in sacramento to tour the burn area himself. is he doing enough? because optically and through his actions he is moving forward here as president. >> listen, i have talked to the governor on a frequent basis and also to our firefighters. my brother-in-law happens to be a firefighter in california. we need all the assistance we can get, and nobody should be playing political games with this. the reality is that what tse losing their homes and people who have family members who have lost their lives, they don't have time for photo-opes and political games. this needs to be about getting resources on the ground as quickly as possible and not distracting from the needs of the people. in terms of joe biden and me, our first priority is going to be making sure people are safe, which is why we have a plan for
7:27 am
dealing, for example, with the coronavirus, which has impacted over 6 million people and almost 200,000 people have died. donald trump has had no national plan for testing, for contact tracing, for administration of treatment, for masks, for ppes, and these are all areas of focus for joe biden and myself. >> well, that's it for now, but we posted raj's entire interview on our website, again, it is exclusive. you will only see that here. there you can find full election coverage as november 3rd, election day, draws ever closer. 7:27. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up an all-out manhunt in southern california after two deputies were shot inside their squad car last night. surveillance video has emerged. we are tracking the very latest. and the air quality here in the bay area stubbornly sticking around. at
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good morning. it is sunday, september 13th, just shy of 7:30 as we take a live look outside. dark, foggy and smoky skies over levi's stadium as we train our eyes on whether that game will happen at levi's stadium in just about, oh, six hours from now. thanks so much for joining us on this sunday. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana joins us with a look at your microclimate forecast. it's not just smoke out there in santa clara. it is also fog. that gives me, i don't know, a little bit of relief this morning, vianey. yeah, you know, we're certainly seeing the fog. it made it further inland this morning and is decreasing some of the visibility including the site you saw there, it was supposed to be levi's stadium behind the fog and smoke.
7:31 am
the mix is causing these ies. check out halfoon m bay. you can certainly see the gray cover there and the visibility in san jose with santa clara county down to less than two miles. so that just gives you an idea of how dense some of that fog is in through mountain view, less than three miles. san carlo down to three miles. santa cruz down to less than three miles. so as far as that fog goes, we'll get some clearing for inland areas, less clearing around the coastline. that air quality is a big factor heading into today, not just for health concerns but, of course, the big game at levi's stadium. right now numbers remain below the 200 mark in the red. in the south bay, 171. now keep in mind that the range in red is b and 200. we're going to see a little bit of an increase in onshore flow. it's very important to note that this can really change hour by hour. there could be a new fire that
7:32 am
starts creating more smoke. we'll keep a close eye on this forecast in a few minutes. we will get back to the air quality in a minute, but first, our top story this morning. two l.a. county sheriff's deputies ambushed, shot last night, and it was caught on surveillance camera. we have a look at the scene from the aerial view from our nbc station in los angeles. the shooting happened about 7:00 p.m., and the hunt is on still for the shooter. investigators say the shooting happened near a metra station in compton. a female officer and male officer, both shot as they sat in their patrol car. they both underwent surgery last night, both are, quote, fighting for their lives. both deputies were part of the same class. they have only been on the force for a little more than one year. we want to you that the surveillance video of the shooting is disturbing. the video shows a single shooter approaching the deputies parked
7:33 am
in their suv and then opening fire through the passenger side window before running away. we paused it, we froze it, we took out the part where he shoots. and there you can see him running away. the l.a. sheriff says that's deputies are more than just a uniform. they are real people. >> that was a cowardly act. the two deputies were doing their job, minding their own business watching out for the safety of the people on the train, and seeing somebody just walk up and just start shooting on them it -- it pisses me off. it dismays me at the same time. there's no pretty way to say it. >> again, the search continues for who shot the-to-de two depu. they both cling to their lives. today is day 27 of unhealthy air. we have all been advised to stay inside, to keep safe. after about six months of staying inside because of the covid-19 pandemic, a lot of
7:34 am
people ignored those warnings just wanting to get outside. santana row was packed yesterday bustling with people, many without n95 masks, seemingly unconcerned about the unhealthy air conditions. people told us that after being cooped up for risk being exposed. they just want to get out. some folks even traveled to the bay area. they say even our bad air is better than their air at home. >> today is way better than usual. i know in santa cruz the air has been horrible. it's a little better over here. >> sanity. needing to interact with -- have some social adult interaction. >> forecasters say the air quality index is expected to improve this week, but the bay air yrea remain under a spare t air alert through tomorrow. our cloth masks for the pandemic
7:35 am
don't block out the smoke. this ongoing poor air quality has people in the bay area looking for any kind of relief. some businesses we found are getting a lot of service calls. to better protect people's homes from the smoke, "today in the bay's" sergio quintana explains. >> reporter: air so thick you can see it. this is the 26th consecutive day a spare the air alert has been issued in the bay area. >> replacing electrical stuff. >> reporter: some of the bay area's busiest businesses are air conditioning and ventilation repair crews, that includes this team at heating and air hvac services. >> pretty busy. we get in around 130 calls a day. >> reporter: 130 calls a day? >> yes. >> reporter: the smoke is so thick customers are struggling to keep it out of their homes. one of the most popular installations recently are air scrubbers. >> the air scrubbers basically kill airborne bacteria, 99% of
7:36 am
viruses, filter smoke, dust and all that. >> reporter: at center hardware in san francisco there's been a run on portable air purifiers. >> it's been crazy. we've been busy with the fires and busy with covid. right now as you can see we have some fans left, air purifiers we're getting back in stock this week. >> reporter: it's tough to find them across the bay area. the other two most popular items at this local ace hardware store are n95 masks and air filters for home fans and heaters. >> i realized i have the wrong type -- not a high enough filtration. i'm hoping my eyes will stop. >> reporter: unfortunately as the fires continue to rage, the smoke is going to stick around. the current spare the air alert has been extended to monday. in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. now to a grim discovery at
7:37 am
the north complex fire burning near chico outside ofore bodies bringing the death toll in that fire alone to 12. fire crews are struggling to make progress. so far more than 258,000 acres have burned. the fire is just 22% contained. gusting winds have eased, smoke has blocked out the sun lowering the temperatures, and the firefighters say it's actually helping. >> the fire is still burning. we do have a spot across the road. not what we wanted but we do have the smoky air above us right now. >> we just got word the containment has gone up a little bit to 26% this morning. the north complex fire remains the deadliest in california this year. the death toll could climb because several people are still unaccounted for. there are 28 major wildfires
7:38 am
burning across our state right now. here is a widespread they are. since the beginning of the wildfires have burned more than 3 million acres and depp steroid nearly 4,000 structures. here is where we stand in the bay area. the scu fire is holding steady, 98% containment. the lnu fire in the north bay is 96% contained. and the czu fire in the santa cruz mountains is up to 87%. the august fire in mendocino county is 25% contained. and the creek fire raging in the sierra national forest near fresno just 8% contained. turning now to decision 2020. president trump was in nevada rallying supporters yesterday. this comes ahead of a trip to california tomorrow. for the update on the devastating wildfires here. president trump hsncluding the economy, law and order, and
7:39 am
comp coverage. he also spent a fair amount of time attacking democratic presidential candidate joe biden. trump accused biden of having an extreme left-wing agenda from policing to green energy. >> california has already implemented this extreme agenda, and they are experiencing massive blackouts. you know that. california. they like wind. they like wind. oh, darling, let's watch television. i'm sorry, the wind isn't blowing tonight. we can't watch television. >> as you likely know the recent power shutoffs were due to the dangerous fire conditions not a lack of energy because of reliance on wind power. again tomorrow the president is due to travel just outside of sacramento for a briefing on our state's wildfire. this is video from back in 2018 when the president toured the destruction from the campfire in paradise, also outside of chico. trump has been criticized for not publicly referencing the
7:40 am
wildfires until yesterday in a tweet but his administration notes that the president did indeed sign a disaster declaration for california about a month ago. it is just shy of 7:40. still to come on "today in the bay," shocking revelations from president trump in a new book by journalist bob woodward. what impact could it have on the november election? political analyst larry gerston joins us in just a few minutes. first, why the giants and padres may be headed back to the diamond today after a player tested positive for coronavirus. anthony flores breaks it down next in sports.
7:41 am
7:42 am
good morning, everyone. i'm anthony flores. some tough news for the a's. they are losing the best fielding third baseman in baseball. matt chapman will have surgery monday on a strained right hip. he's expected to miss the rest of the season. the a's playing a double-header in texas. they lost game one, 5-2, but bounced back in a big way in
7:43 am
game two. already up 7-0, marcus simeon smashes a three-run shot to left. the a's win game two, 10-1. the giants and padres could be returning to the diamond today. according to bob nightingale of "usa today" major league baseball has informed both teams to prepare for a double-header today. that's if test results from the latest round of covid-19 tests all come back negative. now the report claims the player who tested positive has since had two negative tests. friday and saturday's games were postponed after the giants say someone in their organization tested positive for the coronavirus. the nfl continues to monitor the air quality in santa clara. the air has been bad all week in the bay area. now if the air quality index level surges past 200, which is very unhealthy, the game could be delayed or even postponed. here is what the niners had to say after practicing all week in the smoky conditions. >> surprisingly the air quality doesn't seem as bad as it looks.
7:44 am
>> it looks crazy outside but i haven't really felt anything different as far as my wind. i think we'll be fine. i think we'll be fine. whatever comes out sunday, we will deal with and keep the ball rolling. >> as of right now kickoff is still scheduled for this afternoon at 1:25 against the arizona cardinals. the raiders opened their season in carolina. that's a look at your morning sports. i'm anthony flrs. it was just a get together with friends. no big deal.
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