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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 17, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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and decreased appetite, which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. we're committed to helping ensure trulicity is available and affordable. learn more at once a fierce hurricane, now sally threatens with slow and disastrous drenching rains across the deep south. the president blasts his own cdc chief over the timing and distribution of yet an unidentified coronavirus vaccine and president trump pushing back against the effectiveness of masks. shocking new images of the aftermath of some of the west coast wildfires as thousands of homes have been decimated. >> and the biggest moments from
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the academy of country music awards "early today" starts right now >> good morning. i'm frances rivera >> i'm phillip mena. >> sally has now downgraded to a tropical depression. it's delivering record rainfall in georgia and in the carolinas. the storm scraped through the coastline leaving seaside towns in disarray. in pensacola streets turned to rivers 377 people had to be rescued more than 500,000 have spent the night in total darkness because of power outages and dozens of families will have the daunting task of cleaning up what's left of their homes. >> reporter: early wednesday morning hurricane sally came ashoreg a savage punch it hit the alabama, florida gulf coast, some of the storm's path caught offguard. >> we thought it was going to the alabama state line, thinking
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it was barely a hurricane and wake up to this, it's just like a nightmare. >> reporter: a nightmare that overwhelmed some coastal areas with water more than 30 inches in some areas. winds strong enough to push over this semitruck in mobile, alabama, and rip trees out of the ground in florida. one slammed through the bedroom of jeff english's 91-year-old father >> so fortunately he was down in the other area of the den. >> reporter: in pensacola, florida, a segment of the three mile bridge is gone. while the wind ripped off the outer wall of a condominium building in gulf shores, alabama. >> no one took it as seriously as we should have. >> reporter: now it's time to clean up and recover all right. janessa webb joinings now tracking sally i have a quick question. forgive my ignorance but it is
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now speeding up. the problem yesterday is that it was slowing before it made landfall how is it that it's now speeding up once it hit land? >> you know, when these tropical systems hit land they kind of break apart. sally was a slow moving go for at least 36 hours but what we're seeing right now is the only the eastern half of this storm system that is left. the western half has completely dissipated and so that's why it continues to gain momentum now coming out of the north and east at 9 miles per hour, so as phillip said, this is the fastest we've seen a tropical depression sally and it will continue to drop a good amount of rain. right now headed to atlanta where we're expecting at least 3 to 5 inches. it turns into an area of low pressure but it is still stable and the front quadrant of this storm system, so charlotte, we are expecting record amounts of rain, at least 5 to 6 inches and
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we'll be completely done with sally by friday. so this has been an agonizing storm system be glad to see this lee but we have more in the tropics and more storms brewing. >> we are heading through that alphabet blasting through these storm names. the global race for a coronavirus vaccine continues as cases surge and even though the u.s. has not approved a vaccine yet the cdc is releasing details of its sweeping vaccination program. the head of the cdc says it won't be instantly available to the public >> reporter: the mass vaccination program will begin 24 hours after fda atrooufl ppra vaccine. they'll work together to dispense the vaccines. they will be free and distributed in three phases with the first vaccines going to
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priority populations like health work ers and those at greatest risk of severe illness >> it can be a very important tool to help us fight the pandemic but only if we use it right. >> reporter: some vaccines are expected to be given in two doses three to four weeks apart and must come from the same manufacturer but news that it will be a while. >> if we had a vaccine say released today, then it's going to take us probably in the order of nine months, six to nine months to get the american public vaccinated. >> in other words, next summer >> how difficult will it be to vaccinate the entire country >> there are an enormous number of hurdles to vaccination. one of them is fundamentally trust and in recent weeks we've seen an undermining of trust in the fda and the cdc and that's going to make it harder to protect us >> reporter: holos show americans are worried about politics rushing vaccine
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development. 52% of adults don't trust president trump's comments about vaccines the nation's top health officials insisted science is not being politicized even though the cdc has told governors to prepare for distribute vaccines two days before the presidential election >> there is no e-mails, no phone calls, no back room chats connected with your choosing that particular date >> absolutely not. >> reporter: progress for a potential treatment, lily saying its drug derived from the anti body of one of the first american covid patients dramatically decreased hospitalization risk the results have not been independently reviewed ane 200,000 marks, advice from the cdc. >> this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against covid than when i take a covid vaccine. >> reporter: another reminder
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that the best defense is one of the simplest president trump and joe biden are back on the campaign trail today vying for voters in a pair of swing states the president is holding a rally in wisconsin while biden will speak at a town hall in pennsylvania it comes a day after the two candidates clashed over the administration's coronavirus response let's get more to tracie potts the big debate here was over a timeline for the vaccine. >> reporter: so the president is saying that we could be seeing that vaccine would be weeks, sometime next month before the election and of course health experts, drug maker, you just heard ann thompson talking about this, the cdc saying it's more likely that it will be next year and joe biden on the campaign trail criticizing the president. he believes that this whole vaccine process has been
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politicized and he's questioning the timing >> we can't allow politics to interfere with the vaccine in any way. i trust vaccines, i trust scientists but i don't trust donald trump and at this moment the american people can't either. >> i'm calling on biden to stop promoting his anti vaccine theories because all they're doing is hurting the importance of what we're doing. >> reporter: president trump publicly disagreeing with the cdc director who told congress once a vaccine is approved it's going to take six to nine months to mass produce enough to widely distribute it to the public. they also disagree on masks with redfield telling congress he believes a mask, wearing one, may be more effective against coronavirus than the vaccine >> still not on the same page. thank you.
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global cases of coronavirus are on the uptick especially in europe but the continent is learning how to live with the virus even as cases surge and the possibility of a second wave lingers. for the most part europeans have gone back to work and schools and restaurants have reopened. a stark contrast from here in the united states. the uk is dealing with a new testing crisis due to a backlog of covid tests we turn to roth sanchez who's live in london >> good morning. president trump is still referring to the coronavirus as an invisible enemy to be confronted and defeated. in much of europe the attitude now is this is an unwelcome neighbor we don't like it but we have to live with it that means those big dramatic lockdowns you saw in the early pandemic has been replaced with local measures and things are getting back to a semblance of normal schools are reopened across the
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european continent indoor dining which is creeping back in new york and california is now the norm in many european countries and they're not talking about the vaccine as vir the long haul. i don't want to be overly rosy numbers are going up in european countries. prime minister johnson promising millions of tests today. right now the country is struggling to do 200 thousands likely to be restrictions at christmas time >> thank you a star studded night at the academy country music awards ♪ ♪
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>> taylor swift graced the stage with a performance of her folklore song betty. kicked off with opening performances from luke bryan, eric church, thomas rhett and carrie underwood all were nominated for entertainer of the year. >> it was a tie for the award going home to both thomas rhett and carrie underwood. >> old dominion won the award for group of the year. >> let's check back in with janessa webb who's watching so much more than just sally even with sally doing so much trouble even now >> we're still watching this tropical depression because the carolinas, you're up next. we're not out of the woods the flood threat, the feeder bands that are going to cause
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the severe weather threat from raleigh, durham to the charlotte area record breaking rain a few tornlados could spark up and we'll continue to watch at least a good amount of 5 to 6 inches across the carolinas,0s mostly cloudy conditions across the northeast. a few rain drops across richmond and i feel like i've been saying this a lot. the tropics is just beginning. i have more storms we're watching >> that's the thing, we've got another six to agts weeks in hurricane season thank you so much. kanye west is saying that
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twitter put him in time-out. he's won 21 grammy awards for his music but he was seen urinating on a statue and shared the personal phone number of a magazine editor. he used friends like rick fox and candace owens to get the word out that he was kicked off of twitter >> always an interesting read if you have the time to go all through it how a man stole allegedly $10 million of coronavirus relief >>an> d relief on the way for firefighters battling the devastating blazes out west. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo!
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information. the sacramento reports they may have seen an update that the fire was 51% contained before the blaze intensified. in oregon the search continues for dozens of missing people more than 2,300 homes were destroyed. one firefighter returned to his neighborhood only to find his home in ruins. >> this is all that's left of my house. >> i loved it here i love this place so much. >> officials say downed power lined sparked at least 13 fires across oregon. 22 people were injured after two planes collided wednesday morning. 16 of the victims weret scene. there were no fatal injuries but authorities advised people to stay away. a new jersey attorney has been charged with multiple counts of bank fraud after
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not bad considering the photographer paid just six bucks for it before the shoot with the rap icon looking to see the country, michelob ultra is searching for a chief exploration officer. they're going to tour across the u.s. for months. now to wall street, the latest unveiling but making big bucks off of flipping houses steve has the details from london good morning >> reporter: yeah, good morning, frances. first of all i will say that the u.s. markets are looking lower something for our viewers to watch. that aside, as you say the home
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market looks pretty robust at the moment and home flipping where you do up a home and you sell it for profit as well the profits are going up up to $67,900 in the second quarter. that is up from around 63,000 in the first quarter. less people are doing it and ems where as we were saying beforehand, it's cheaper than the original coming in and available for reorder but it's been redesigned. it's so you can do wireless gaming and you can game on a pc as well. a lot of demand for that product out there already. back to you guys coming up, a big day for golfers. the u.s. open about to tee off >> and terrifying moments in oklahoma a large explosion turning the night sky orange little distance. here to reassure parents who are a little worried.
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we have an update on the recovery of one of the los angeles deputies who was shot during an ambush in compton. one of the deputies has been released from the hospital in a tweet, sheriff announced that the male deputy was discharged saying he has a long road ahead for recovery but he is not alone the 24-year-old was shot along with a 31-year-old deputy while sitting in their patrol car at a metro rail station on saturday a reward has increased to $300,000 officials say a high
4:27 am
pressure gas line ruptured wednesday night in obamacare orrick -- oklahoma police say there were no reports of injuries or building damage but they did evacuate rtesidents from there patients have so much to thank nurses for in 2020 and now that includes helping them vote. joe has the story. >> reporter: on top of helping to deliver babies, two ob nurses are helping to deliver votes >> you need to register to vote. >> reporter: their efforts go beyond this registration live in new york they created a program to help patients vote even though they're suddenly stuck in a hospital bed >> voting is really important to us because we want to take care of our patients as a whole if something is important to our patients then it's important to us. >> reporter: they did it in 2018 >> thank you >> reporter: starting a couple days before election day patients could fill out an
4:28 am
application for an absentee ballot volunteers delivered it to the election board where the patient was registered and picked up a ballot after patients filled out their ballots volunteers turned them in before polls closed >> i went into nursing to make a difference for people. i like to make a difference. >> reporter: this year more hospitals are taking part turning beds into voting booths. >> so many ways they go above and way beyond >> this is a new one never heard of that. golf's u.s. open tees off today. no spectators will be on the course in new york tiger woods could become the winningest golfer if he takes home the trophy and phil mickelson is looking for his first u.s. open crown at the age of 50. coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on nbc.
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tiger and phil how about that for a throwback thursday reference >> something else for us to watch. thanks for starting your thursday with "early today." >> have a great friday eve and follow us, dear california, we know these are challenging times... and with summer here, energy bills are rising. together, we can save energy and money... by taking steps to stay cool while using less. keep safe and keep it golden.
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>> whether it's fireworks or what, definitely we hear it throughout the night. right now at 4:30, neighborhoods on high alert. up next, the crackdown one east bay community is making to stop wildfires from starting. plus, housing the homeless. coming up, how bay area hotels are playing a permanent role in that as others struggle to stay open altogether. expiring soon. the rent moratorium on small businesses across san francisco. so, what happens now? we take a closer look in the making in the bay series. "today in the bay" starts right now.


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