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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 1, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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of a thousand feet above. sustained winds of 10 to 20. let me take you closer to get a look right now at the wind speed currently. you can see on the contour map. very isolated spot of 20 to 30 miles per hour of some of the highest peaks. we are in this blue color of 10 miles per hour winds. a big contrast of those higher elevations. humidity at 28%. most of the hot spots have been on the north side of the fire lines but once again we are still in danger here in calistoga and glenn ellen. air quality stays unhealthy nol tomorr until tomorrow. i will show you when we could get a break on this smoke. i will have it for you in about 18 minutes.
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>> thank you so much, jeff. governor newsom got a close up look where firefighters have been able to accomplish of the hard work that still needs to be done to get the glass fire under control. the governor says it is hart breaki done to get the glass fire under control. the governor says it is hart breaki heartbreaking to see all the devastation. the fire has ravaged more than 55,000 acres. a new conference is just getting underway. we'll monitor it throughout this newscast. right now we'll go to christie live right now at st.helena. whe what do you see where you are at? >> reporter: that may not be the case at higher elevations. the governor was talking about how scenes like this becoming
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far too familiar for many residents in california. he said we have our work cut out to deal with long-term efforts to reduce the fire fire threat in california. >> what else are you guys hearing? >> reporter: governor newsom came to talk and listen standsing in the shadow of damage left behind. he addressed what so many in the region endured. >> wildfires seemingly every single year. this drum beat where people are exhausted and concerned of their future. >> reporter: immediate need of fire suppression of the glass fire burning more than 56,000 acres and prompting new evacuations today. >> we are putting all that we have particularly over the next 36 or so hours. >> reporter: newsom says so far
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this year nearly 4 million acres have burned across the state and stressed continue to increase force and vegetation management is a priority. >> we have developed a partnership to double the amount of acreage that we are managing. >> reporter: he's looking at next year's budget. >> we are putting more resources on suppression and prepositioning assets and more technology and infrared cameras to the ability of using radar and satellite technology and getting more fire engines. >> reporter: back here live is kind of unusual shot. we were talking about the wind earlier. it is not particularly windy. what we have notice within the last five minutes or so of what you are looking at. this is one of our equipment boxes. there is a quite a bit of ash now falling on it. again, it may be happening recently. certainly something is changing.
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that's the latest here, reporting live in napa county, christie smith. nbc bay area news. exhausted firefighters on the frontlines. they are dealing with stronger winds. there are many challenges to protect the evacuated town . crews putting out hot spots near homes and vineyards. a new fire broke out this morning but crews knocked it down quickly as worried homeowners watched. >> there has been a lot of ash and a lot of trees that's hit on the ground. they're not hot ones but large pieces of debris. >> raj mentioned those flare ups triggering more evacuations in napa county.
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this is sonoma county right here. we'll take a look at sonoma. still mandatory evacuation orders. this has not changed much for sonoma county. there are still parts being evacuated on the east side of santa rosa. the evacuation orders go all the way down to glenn ellen. we want to take a look at napa county right now. there are new evacuation orders in napa county. this is st.helena right here. calistoga right here, this area of all mandatory evacuations going all the way to the napa/snonoma county line. new evacuation orders north. the fire you can see spreading this way as new hot spots start to pop up and flare up. big concerns right now. you can get the latest on evacuation orders and detailed streets of which is being evacuated. it is all on our website on
5:06 pm it has been a hard few days and every hour things are changing. so many homeowners are worried in if they are safe. we are in ok bctober but it fee like august and september. the hot temperature prompting a statewide flex alert. we are asked to conserve energy until 10:00 p.m. tonight. we are feeling the heat and seeing the haze. it is only supposed to get worse the next couple of days. robert handa joins us in mount hamilton. it is deja vu for us, robert. >> reporter: that's right up here on mount hamilton, we are able to watch the smoke from the glass fire being pushed from the south bay. it is overwhelming the valley and when you add in the heat cooking up the smog, it is more helpless. the scenery gets more hazy and temperature keeps ongoing up.
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not the temperature for oktoberfest. people showing up early smell food instead of wildfires smoke. >> burning smoke in my eyes, well, i don't like that so i stay in doors. >> reporter: the kraft coffee shop does not want to reduce hours light it had to but will for the sake of workers and customers. >> we were here hour after hour breathing in the poor air quality. we are always concerned with the impact that they are felt. >> reporter: the bay area air quality management district says there is reasons to be worried of the wildfires smoke coming in contains microscopic particulate matter. >> it could get deep in your lungs. >> reporter: a lot think about when planning outdoor events.
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>> absolutely. we had to pivot many times and this is one of those the moments we are doing it. >> reporter: again, air quality officials say the smoke we are seeing is bad enough that hot temperatures will boost the impact of the smog or ozone so they say be especially careful tonight and tomorrow. live in the south bay, robert handa, nbc bay area news. robert, thank you, you can check the air quality right on our website, we made it easy for you, put in your city on our map and you will get the current reading. that's an a victory for firefighters today, scu is 100% contained. this is the fire burned in the east bay and the south bay. the flames engulfed mount hamilton came in feet of the observatory, luckily most of the observatory was safe. east of san jose and down to the morgan hill area burned for 44
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days, 222 structures were destroyed and six injuries were reported. covid-19 has changed the way we work, we study and the way we play. now it is changing how we vote. tonight we go behind the scenes in san francisco to see if voting will be safe and easy, ballots are being mailed out next week. here is nbc bay area's anousha arasta. >> we are not going to let covid stop us to make sure you have access to vote in san francisco at your convenience. >> reporter: the city of san francisco wants to present to you this new voting center across city hall where early voting starts as soon as this upcoming monday. >> reporte >> although we can't do what we have done in the past and provide early voting in city hall, we are going to be doing early voting right outside on grove street and what looks like a beautiful party town. >> reporter: inside that tent
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are covid friendly rules. you have to follow if you are going to come. >> everything is organized so that people can maintain social distancing. >> reporter: you can drop off a mail-in ballot here. if the new voting center is too far or busy for you, there are 588 locations across the city where you can vote in person or drop off the ballot. what's different this year is the city will mail one of those ballots to every register voter. if you plan on mailing the ballot back, they recommend you do that before election day just to be on the safe side. >> reporter: there a >> there are thousands of ballots when people mail it too late. >> reporter: san francisco is giving your ballots 17 days after election day to arrive in case of the usual three just in case there is an issue at the post office. >> there is no excuse for everyone in the city who's a registered voter not to vote.
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>> reporter: anousha rasta. nbc bay area news. we are waiting a briefing from cal fire is about to start its nightly update. we are monitoring the news conference that conference, we'll bring you all the latest. a special reserved table coming to bay area restaurants. we'll introduce you to the person that inspires this project. ahmad west covid surge of more than two dozen cases on the rise and the heartbreaking loss of john legend and his wife are sharing with the world that hits home for so many when we see you tonight on "nightly news."
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i understand we have a long way to go and i will continue to take the necessary steps to better serve this community. what a long agonizing four-hour game. the a's won the playoffs series and they are moving to the next
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rou round. the a's fell behind before rallying. when chad hinder hut this 2-run single. the a's now play the astros in the next round. all of those games will be played at dodgers' stadium. we'll hear from the a's at our 6:00 p.m. newscast. we are in a good news. returning back to normal, the options of eating in doors at local restaurants are becoming more available. >> the next time you eat out, you may notice something different, something inspired by a bay area group veterans. . >> reporter: the story began in the recent past that somehow now feel like ancient history. >> back in the day when we can gather to eat in a crowded restaurant. >> reporter: it was every thursday morning in those
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precovid times, a group of five veterans, would get together for breakfast at the cafe. >> we would talk about the war, years ago. >> reporter: they did not always sit at the same table though. that like chris says is where the story really starts. >> we are here and their table is over there and we noticed them. they're always there the same tame we were on thursdays. >> reporter: mike who served in the coast guard in early '60s, say one table eventually approached oeeach other. the two groups became one, bonded over shared military experiences, when, where are or which branch they serve. like what they ate, for example. >> well, that's one thing we all have in common. if you are in service, you sure
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as heck had spam over breakfast. >> reporter: spam made by minnesota was a staple in the military for decades. one member of the group shows up with a can of span took a picture. >> we jumped on this opportunity to talk to them >> jeff baker is a vice president at cormel. >> reporter: cormel sent a crew to create a video about the group. that's not all. they want to see this story of veterans connected. cormel is now approaching restaurants across the industry asking them to establish tables of honor in chuck's name reserved for vets once a week to drop into connect with others. >> what a great idea to put a
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table together for people can come and share their stories and experiences and make new relationships, or new/old relationships. >> reporter: just like in-door dining, covid-19 put a slight hold but they are committed to finishing what they started. just like the men they are. nbc bay area news. >> that's one of the best stories of the week. >> i would like to be tat table next door eavesdropping. i would love to hear those stories. >> we'll go to the bell cafe at los gato and having spam. >> jeff, tell us more. >> what we have been focusing on is our immediate fire danger and
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the air quality. we'll bring you outside right now. the interesting thing to note about this, we have extremely unhealthy air in calistoga. you can see it looks just as unhealthy as all the smoke from fires to the north is pushing down across the bay area. and even some of that orange tint beginning to occur in the sky out there. a lot of the rain from the sun, they're getting hung up in the smoke particles and bouncing around. we are seeing more of the red and yellow to your eyes. we are getting kind of funky with the smoke. very unhealthy. san francisco very warm at 81 degrees. what about the wind. we are under the red flag fire warning until saturday now, at 6:00 a.m. for all the bay area mountains. of course our big focus is right here on this large glass fire in the north bay. you can see this is as look right at the wind speed.
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you can look at the top color of the screen, we are seeing a little bit of orange and yellow color popping here. those are some 20 to 30 miles per hour and isolated at some of the highest peaks and down in santa rosa in the blue. a big contrast setting up from low elevations and the high elevations. right down at the fire lines, it remains hot. 91 humidity and 28%. tomorrow is 96. most of the hot spots been on the northern side. the way the winds are blowing from the north and the south, ken wood and glenn ellen. my ohour by hour, look at the wind forecast tonight and early tomorrow morning. we are seeing some of that wind. tomorrow morning, more 20 to about 20 miles per hour gusts at theevening, we could see
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more live spread winds here throughout the fire zones and higher elevation. you can see a lot of these orange color. again, by friday evening, then as we roll through saturday morning, it will become a little bit less and once we hit saturday afternoon, you can see the wind direction is changing. it is more in the west and calmer for the mountains. saturday afternoon, we should see those winds cam dolm down. this is grandular data. i want to get in here a look at the smoke, we are all getting choked by it. hard to be outside for more than 2 or 3 minutes. all of that red is the smoke. tonight and tomorrow, you can see how that smoke circulates around and stays with us. what you are going to see by saturday we should see the weather pattern pushing the smoke off towards the east a little bit more. saturday could offer us some of
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the first benefits. you can see the smoke we are pushing right off towards the east. saturday we could see that change in the smoke. warm tomorrow, 90 100 in land. 86 for oakland. i have 70s right there at the coastline. temperatures start to drop once he hit the weekend. back down to the 60s next week. in land valleys going down to 85 on sunday. look at next thursday, 77 degrees. that's going to feel cold to us and there is going to be a system that'll bring us some rainfall close to the bay area so i will end on a good note here. there is a chance for some rain in northern california maybe next friday and saturday. >> that brings a smile to our face as well. >> for sure. >> yes. coming up, not just a glass fire but a bunch of fires in northern california producing a lot of smoke. we'll show you how bad it is. that's next. this election,
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all californians will be able to vote safely from home. every active, registered voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot with a unique barcode. you can track it using where's my ballot? and you'll receive automatic notifications by text, email or voice call to let you know the status of your ballot once you mail it, drop it off at your polling place or at a drop box. vote by mail ballots. simple, safe, secure. counted. learn more at
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traffic and air pollution will be even worse after the pandemic. that's why we support measure rr to keep caltrain running. which is at risk of shutdown because of the crisis. to keep millions of cars off our roads, to reduce air pollution and fight climate change. and measure rr helps essential workers like me get to work and keep our communities healthy. relieve traffic. reduce pollution. rescue caltrain. [all] yes on measure rr.
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the glass fire is not the only one in california kicking up a lot of smoke. check out the satellite from noah. the check out the cluster of fire, that's the august fire burning. right to the right, there is the zog fire. that's burning in chester county. air quality ex perpperts and al are in place because of heavy smokes and all those fires being pushed into the bay area. a new member of nbc. we are talking about shepard smith for 23 years. he was a staple at fox news.
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last october he stunned his viewers and colleagues by announcing that he's leaving the network. n cnbc, not stocks and bonds but straight news. he has a lot to say about the presidential debate debacle. >> they signed onto the rules that we gave them. that's a nonprofit. and the reason for those rules so that we can learn something, your position on things so we can get to know you better. the rules are there for us and when they break them, that's disrespectful in my opinion. i am not doing the newscast right now. that's disrespectful. i didn't like it and i didn't appreciate it and i didn't learn from it. >> the news with shepard smith debuted on cnbc. you can watch it at 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on cnbc. we'll be back in a moment. give you my world ♪
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the mountain lion cub is so small, he fits in the little card board box, janelle. he got an attitude and a swagger
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of a big cat. he had no lung damage, they gave him antibiotic and dinner, of course. a firefighter found the cub. because he's too young to return, once he's recovered, he'll likely go to a preserve. lester holt is next. tonight tgrowing backlash after president trump's refusal to condemn white supremacy. denyi denying knowledge of a white nationalist group after telling them to stand back and stand by. also the president threatening not to accept rule changes after his interruptions in t first debate. and rising concerns of voter intimidation after he urged his supporters to patrol the polls. also, tens of thousands of airline workers out of a job, with washington deadlocked, is there any hope of another bailout deal the death toll
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