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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  October 4, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> i'm doing well. i want to thank everybody. first lady is doing well. >> a quick full and recovery. >> just a ball of fire. >> tampa bay lightning has won. >> good morning and welcome to sunday today on this october 4th, i'm willie geist. the president of the united states remains hospitalized this morning just over 48 hours after he announced his diagnosis of covid-19 but the white house is
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sending mixed messages about his health. overnight the president released a 4 minute video from inside walter reed national military medical center. >> i came here and wasn't feeling so well. i feel much better now. >> but the president's doctor released a statement late saturday night warning the president is not yet out of the woods. we will have the latest in a live report from walter reed just ahead and we'll talk to chuck todddbout what the president's condition means for the presidential race. then saturday night live returns for a new season back in studio for the first time in seven months with jim carey playing biden in the first presidential debate. >> plus a big story on the nfl sunday, the patriots-chief game
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now on hold after cam newton reportedly tested positive for coronavirus. plus a new sunday sit down with a life well lived later in the show. let's begin with the latest on president trump's health as he remains hospitalized at walter reed where he is being treated for coronavirus. nbc's white house correspondent kelly o'donnell is outside walter reed. good morning. >> good morning. at times conflicting messaging from the white house. the president's physicians saying they see optimism and progress in the president's condition while also stressing that he still faces serious risk as he begins his second full day hospitalized here at walter reed. the president himself wanted the public to be able to assess how he is doing for themselves. >> the patient in chief, taking charge of his own message. rele
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four minute video recorded inside the hospital saturday evening discussing his own prognosis. >> over the next period of a few days, i guess, that's the real test. so we'll be seeing what happens over the next couple of days. >> late saturday a memo from the president's physician while not yet out of the woods, the team remains cautiously optimistic. on fox, chief of staff mark meadows explained that friday doctors were worried about the president. >> we were real concerned. he had a fever and blood oxygen level had dropped. >> at his briefing when he evaded repeated questions about whether the president ever received supplemental oxygen. >> there's no oxygen, none at this moment and yesterday with the team. while we were all here. he was not on oxygen. >> published reports stated the
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president was given oxygen friday before being hospitalized. the new memo added this, he remains fever free and off supplemental oxygen. in another covid development, chris christie checked himself into a hospital. due to my history of asthma, as an important precautionary measure. christie is part of that cluster of positive cases around the president. some affected attended the supreme court event while christie, kellyanne conway, hope hicks and campaign manager who all have covid spent hours together with the president in debate prep. the president's video served as a substitute for campaigning. >> i'll be back soon and look forward to finishing the campaign. >> the former vice president will be tested today and publish his results. in a virtual town hall he did
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criticize the president's handling of the pandemic but said he was holding back. >> i don't want to be attacking the president and the first lady now because they're now the -- have contracted coronavirus. >> the president's doctor would not answer certain questions like how high the president's fever was. he is now fever free. at the same time, they're also providing key information about his oxygen level and that's a key factor that doctors look at when dealing with coronavirus and they say he has now had his second dose and they planned a five day course of that medication at the time. >> at walter reed national medical center, let's bring in the dean at the baylor college of medicine, vaccine expert and author of the book preventing the next pandemic.
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good morning, we appreciate you being here with us. what would you be looking for today as you look at president trump in that video with the obvious caveat that you're not treating the president, what signs would you be looking for at this point in his recovery? >> well, you know, he has a lot of risk factors. he -- because of his age, the fact that he's male. the fact that he's overweightment so overweight. so he has a lot of components to his history that suggest that he's in a very high risk category. someone with just those facts alone would have potentially 10% mortality rate. so that and the fact that he apparently allegedly needed supplemental oxygen, had fever, these are all signs that it was certainly the right move to bring him to walter reed. now the question is how will he do? over the next few days is crunch time to see whether he will continue to remain off oxygen as
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the doctors say, whether he will need some level of respiratory support. whether he'll never anticogulants. there's more we don't the president's condition than we do know and the fact that he received experimental therapies being given in combination that we don't have any experience about how these experimental therapies are used in combination, that's also going to be very interesting. so i'm hopeful that it sounds like he's not deteriorating so far but he's not out of the woods. that's what we have to look for over the next few days. >> many of the cases we heard about publicly have come from this event. 8 days ago, supreme court event at the white house. a lot of people gathered there contracted coronavirus.
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would you expect further spread when you look at where all of those people have been since that day? >> this is a contract tracing nightmare with all of those individuals. it goes to show you how much work contact tracing really is. all the individuals that we know are now infected. you have to go and search all of their movements over the last few days and so the numbers quickly build up. i'm not certain that the white house staff has enough to manage. you have to think of this as an outbreak situation. i'm not sure that the white house medical staff was sufficient. i would imagine they would have brought in the cdc, the centers for disease control by now but i have not heard that. >> so dr. connolly came out yesterday to present an update on president trump. he was evasive on the fact that we got mixed messages from doctors and white house officials, doctors having to go back and correct things that were said during the briefing. how important from your
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standpoint is it that they come out today and are clear and forth right about the president's condition? >> i think the american people need to know what is happening. this is our president. we now need information in a real time way to understand how things are going. when the staff is evasive or not answering questions, people tend to err on the side of thinking the worse. that there's a cover up or the president is far sicker than we realize. i thought the video was odd. i understand it was well intended but it had a kim jong un quality to it that we can't hear about the president in terms of real facts. it may have negative consequences as well. so i think getting the
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president's medical team out there in a very straightforward way. we know he's sick, right? he has risk factors. he's getting lots of intervention. neutralizing antibiotics should be important or the fact that he has that antibody cocktail maybe making a huge difference but these are details that we need to hear about and it's to the president's own benefit because the absence of messaging, the silence, people are going to fear the worst. >> we hope he recovers quickly. a real authority on all ofthis. thank you so much, doctor. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of meet the press, good morning, good to see you. so this is unfortunately familiar to you and to me and to all of us.
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>> we covered this administration from day one. it's tough to get a straight answer out of this white house a lot. that's come home to roost now. as we see from the doctors and chief of staff and officials clarifying the message. what do you expect today from the white house and how much of this is being directed as always from the top down? >> certainly you can't help but wonder certainly the way the doctor spoke about oxygen yesterday and refused to talk about it -- that struck me as a quick reminder, look, a doctor-patient confidentiality and the doctor, does he work for the patient or the public on this one. i think that's a bit of a dilemma for the president's doctor. if your patient doesn't want you to tell certain details you feel obligated to protect your patient's privacy. so the bottom line is this. i do think that's the problem here. we don't have a lot of information we feel comfortable with at this point and at the end of the day we're better off
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reporting what we can actually see. here's what we know. the president was diagnosed with this virus wednesday or thursday. we don't know when the last time he took a negative test and within 48 hours he has been hospitalized. it's clearly pretty serious. >> no question about it, chuck and it's happening now in the home stretch of a presidential campaign. the calendar is shrinking fast. election day is four weeks from tuesday. the president will have to be quarantined for at least another week. we'll see how long he stays in the hospital. is it knowable at this point what impact this has on election day. >> it's not. the one thing that we do know is the debate had a very negative impact on the president. we have a new poll coming out today that's going to show that it really did potentially shake up this race or at least temporarily so but president's diagnosis of him being off the trail will have an impact as well. it is some what unknow ablable.
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how many times have we been hearsaying this is yet unchartered waters. oh, look, here's a new path we have not taken in a presidential campaign. so this is a new one but this campaign in particular, trumps, really is dependent on him being in person for these events. them not having these rallies for two weeks is a hunge, huge hit operationally. >> of course there's the supreme court confirmation process. mitch mcconnell wants to go forward with it. three united states senators contracted covid-19. he wants the hearings to start. some of it on zoom. what's the impact of all of that? >> the appearance of rushing to do this while in vesz. you're worried but not worried enough for something to possibly derail the nomination. i think it's a bad look when it looks like they're so obsessed
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with a political outcome that they public health risk. i think tenate republicans are introducing. >> a lot to talk about this morning. we'll look for much more on the president's coronavirus battle and what it means for the final weeks of the campaign later this morning on meet the press. >> president night live returns last night for a new season and the first show back in the famous studio 8-h since march complete with a live audience and a big star playing joe biden. >> it's saturday night live. >> it's first live studio broadcast in seven months with former cast member chris rock as host. >> president trump's in the hospital from covid and i just want to say my heart goes out to c covid. >> alec baldwin picking up where he left off. >> boring. >> mr. president i haven't even
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introduced the candidates yet. >> tell that to my adderall chris, let's get this show on the road and off the rails. >> just one second, chris. >> and jim carey and joe biden. >> it looks like you're ready to debate, joe. >> absolutely. not, but i got the beginning of 46 fantastic ideas. >> snl alum maya rudolph reprised her role as kamala harris. >> america needs a woman as president. >> the show also included performances by megan the stalli stallion. >> we need to protect our black women. >> a touching tribute to ruth bader ginsburg portrayed by kate mckinnon. after broadcasting from their homes, the cast finally back at 30 rock. front line workers treated to front row seats and plenty of
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covid-19 precautions including mandatory masks and daily testing. >> i haven't had so much stuff up my nose since i shared a dressing room with chris farley. >> in order to safely bring all the laughs in person to our strange new normal. >> wear a mask. be safe out there. >> nbc news. >> it is great to see them back. thank you so much. the marquee match up on today's nfl schedule is on hold this morning. the patriots-chiefs game has been postponed after new england's star quarterback cam newton tested positive for coronavirus according to several reports. a quarterback on the chiefs practice squad also tested positive. the game will be moved to monday or tuesday. and today's titantitans-steelere has been postponed after a outbreak on the titan's team. >> a dramatic finish at the third leg of horse racings
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triple crown the preakness. >> they're nose to nose, all the way to the wire and it's going to be a photo finish. >> what a finish. the photo finish showing the filly swiss sky diver edging out good morning. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. how about 49 degrees. appropriate in santa rosa. 59 in san jose. of course sunday night football here on nbc bay area, 49ers and eagles, temperatures in the mid-80s around kickoff time after daytime temperatures will be in the upper 80s around san jose. 90 inland. improving air quality, cooler temperatures. rain chances starting friday. straight ahead, we will turn on this busy sunday morning to our
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good morning. it is sunday, october 4th. here is a live look outside san jose. a little bit of cloud cover and chilly temperatures. thank you so much for starting your sunday with us. i'm kira klapper. meteorologist rob mayeda is in. i had to turn the heater on in my car this morning, rob. starting to feel a bit more like fall outside. a few areas waking up to the 40s. good news the smoke not nearly as widespread as yesterday morning. some of the temperatures down to 49 degrees currently in santa
6:27 am
rosa. that's the lucky number of the day. 59 in san jose. speaking of the 49ers forecast sunday night football here on nbc bay area, 49ers/eagles. kickoff temperatures in the mid-80s. and for your temperatures around the bay, as you do your tailgating from home today around the inner bay, temperatures in the 70s and 80s and low to mid-90s inland. while not as hot as yesterday still some mid-90s out there. 70s near san francisco. closer to 80 in oakland. look at the changes later this week. cooler temperatures and some rain. we'll talk about how much we're expecting out of those storms in our forecast coming up at 7:00. kira? looking forward to that, rob. see you then. speaking of this weather getting cooler, it's helping the fire region. people in sonoma county are going back home although in other areas the danger is far from over. windy conditions caused the flare-ups in napa county yesterday. flames reached the night sky as
6:28 am
fire crews worked in the dark to get a handle on the flare-ups for a few hours before the sunset a fleet of large helicopters kicked into action trying to protect nearby homes. neighbors who live in st. helena watched as helicopters and they saw how fast the flames moved earlier this week. >> this flared up from the wind. the one up here flared up from the wind. we've been lucky the wind is blowing south of us, for us, because we live here. >> they are hoping the weather conditions improve so they can get a handle on this glass fire. now to the live look at levi's stadium. you can kind of see it in the dark and the bad air quality, this air quality could impact tonight's sunday football game. the nfl and the niners closely watching our skies and monitoring the aqi. the nfl says it will consider
6:29 am
postponing or moving the game if the air quality index is higher than 200. fortunately for niners fans it isn't expected to get higher than about 150 today. you can watch "sunday night football" on nbc bay area. we have you covered. our own janelle wang and raj mathai will be at levi's stadium at 3:00 p.m. kickoff is at 5:25. following the game our prime time newscast live from levi's stadium. 6:29. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," contact tracing going high tech. an update on the two bay area an update on the two bay area tech giants helping trace in the bay area, we believe in science. traffic and air pollution will be even worse after the pandemic. that's why we support measure rr to keep caltrain running. which is at risk of shutdown because of the crisis. to keep millions of cars off our roads, to reduce air pollution and fight climate change.
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and measure rr helps essential workers like me get to work and keep our communities healthy. relieve traffic. reduce pollution. rescue caltrain. [all] yes on measure rr. >> mr. president, please let him speak. he let you speak. let him speak. >> but he's lying. i can't point out if he says a lie. >> i said two words you son of a no, don't do it joe. it's exactly what he wants. don't let your inner white whitey bulger come out. >> that's jim carey and alec baldwin on the season premiere of saturday night live. it returned to studio 8-h for
6:31 am
the first time since early march. chris rock hosted with musical guest megan the stallion. around this time two years ago we took you to the hamptons home of ina garten known to her fans as the barefoot contessa. that's where she has been trying out recipes for her new book with her husband of 51 years as the lucky taste tester. she's also been videoing her new show. she is camera woman, audio engineer and everything else. we got together over zoom for a sunday sit down to catch up and have a drink.
6:32 am
>> it sounds complicated but it's easy to make. >> she has a way of making things look easy. even when her job has never been more difficult. >> sorry, i'm not a camera man. did i do that wrong? okay. oh, shoot. i almost lost the whole thing. >> covid-19 dramatically changed the production of her famed food network show barefoot contessa. with no crew in her home, she has been filming new episodes on her own. >> it's taking forever. >> and acting as camera woman for interviews like ours. >> i'm so happy to see you. >> i'm so happy to see you too. >> you're sort of a one woman band doing your show by yourself. >> i'm the orchestra conductor and playing all the instruments at the same time. it's just insane. i have done an entire show and i forgot to turn the mic on so i had to do it again.
6:33 am
that was bad. >> i can't wait to see that one. >> let's just say i know how to make that dish really well. i did it three times. >> that looks amazing, doesn't it? >> over 18 years of her hit show, the beloved cook, author, and tv personality has made a living by inviting us into her home. we first toured her east hampton dream house in 2018. >> so i built that house 25 years ago. do you like my commute to work. >> do you need a hand in the kitchen? >> yeah. i always need a hand in the kitchen. it's just another day at the office. >> these days it's quite different. >> in the middle of may i was curled up in a ball in bed going i can't make dinner anymore. i can't not see my friends. i was doing instagram every day so people could have ideas. >> i have to imagine for someone like you who makes her life, not just her living but her life
6:34 am
about gathering people, those first few months must have been tough. >> i lost the reason why i cook. it's nice to cook for jerry. but i would never cook for myself. i cook because i love to take care of people. so we made another plan one is that we would see people outside. >> this is one of the places that we all need. >> friends outdoors and spending time in her garden. >> that's where we were exploring. we were looking for thifigs as recall. >> a fig tree but it never had figs. see everything isn't perfect in wonderland, right? >> do you see them? tiny little fig there. >> oh, yeah. >> i see them. >> i think i'm so lucky that i
6:35 am
get up every morning and say what do i feel like doing today? and that's testing a recipe. i can put it out in the world and give people the tools so that they can really enjoy. it's an incredible gift. >> so with all of this cooking you have been doing, have you discovered some new dishes. >> i hate leftovers. i already had it. it was better yesterday. what i found is i kind of wrapped myself around leftovers so if i'm making like a short rib stew, the next day i'll put it and make it into a pasta sauce. >> she is reinventing it too in her latest cook book. >> tell me about the idea behind modern comfort food. >> it was going to come out just before the election and no matter what side of the aisle you were on i think people were going to be really stressed and i thought let's do a comfort food back but make it more modern with fresher ingredients and easier to make. it was amazing. this is where i live.
6:36 am
i love comfort food. it with was the easiest book i've ever written. it felt right. >> during these stressful times it's important to keep traditions alive. my favorite tradition is the cocktail hour. >> you have also gotten a cocktail that became an internet phenomenon. >> in these times, this is really important. >> tell me about the idea behind the giant cosmo. >> how crazy was that? i was downstairs with my assistant and there were two enormous martin glasses somebody sent me as a gift. i think i'll be funny about it thinking a few people will see it. it obviously struck a nerve. >> stay safe, have a very good time and don't forget the cocktails.
6:37 am
>> so my wife wants to have a cocktail with you and jeffrey. what do you say we do it over zoom? >> we can do that. >> what about a cosmo? >> a regular sized one. >> are you ready for a cosmo. >> cheers to you. >> cheers, guys. >> christine made the delicious pasta out of the new cookbook. >> did you? >> i felt like ina for the day. >> i hear he proposed to you in 6th grade. >> in that classroom. not in 6th grade. many years later. >> i would have done it in 6th grade, but i was worried about the answer i'd get. >> that's very different from us because jeffrey still hasn't proposed to me. he just told me when we were getting married. >> well, you know, this is the first time for i don't know how many years. >> 40 years. >> in 40 years that i do.
6:38 am
i always thought that was going to be great. >> breakfast, lunch and dinner. and you know what, it is amazing. i think somebody said good marriages have gotten better during the pandemic and bad marriages have gotten worse. >> thank you for letting us into your house. we love you guys. we somewhehave socially distanc cocktails. >> that's what we all need during this time. ina's new cookbook modern comfort food comes out on tuesday. it's available for preorder now and those brand new episodes of barefoot contessa featuring her handiwork behind the camera begin sunday october 25th at 12:00 p.m. eastern and pacific on food network. don't forget to subscribe to the sunday sit down podcast to hear the full length interview with
6:39 am
ina garten. you can hear it on apple podcast and we are preempted next sunday so in two weeks a sit down with loren michaels on bringing the show back to studio 8-h after 7 months away. now approaching nearly a half and the morning starting off chilly and actually seeing a little less smoke. something we're seeing on the computer models as we go throughout the day today. you can see how the sunrise looks, mostly clear skies. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. look at the air quality back into the moderate to good range for most of the bay area this morning. that is a pleasant change from what we saw in the last 24 hours. good news for the 49ers game right here on nbc bay area. kickoff temperatures in the mid-80s, cooling to the 70s towards the end of the game.
6:40 am
>> our highs and lows of the week including the viral video that has fleetwood mac and cranberry juice, perhaps, back on the charts. >> but up next, our sunday spotlight takes us on a trip to the place where single use plastic bottles have been banned. reducing trash and serving as a potential model for the united states. we're back in just 60 seconds. instantly clear every day congestion with vicks sinex saline nasal mist.
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for drug free relief that works fast. vicks sinex. instantly clear everday congestion. sprinting past every leak in our softest, smoothest fabric. she's confident, protected, her strength respected. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you. from drinking straws to shopping bags to water bottles, you may have noticed single use plastic is on the way out. products are built to last but when they're used once and are thrown away they pile up quickly in landfills and sit there. one small island nation around the globe is taking on the problem with a plan that may serve the world.
6:42 am
nbc's kerry sanders. >> you know his photos. a photographer to the british royal family who now uses his growing calling to call attention to a worldwide problem. his photo campaign contrasts some of the most magnificent spots like the maldese where single use plastics are rapidly d destroying the environment but with much effort can be plastic is -- it caused so much damage to the environment. >> the maldese is made up of more than 1,100 islands and most of them do not have a water source so that means drinking water for most people comes imported in plastic bottles and that's where the problem begins.
6:43 am
>> he began focussing his attention on plastics five years ago. worldwide we use an estimated $500 billion plastic bottles a year and while recycling has made a dent, he discovered that's not a long-term solution. so when a country is rapidly using land to sea level rise, they did what no other nation has done before. outlaw single use plastics. >> this is where the garbage winds up. much of it plastic. 700 tons a day. 30 years ago this was a small island with a lagoon and a coral reef. today it's three times it's size, appropriately nicknamed trash island. >> this place is bad. this is the part of every nation and country people don't see. >> you're trying to tell the world pay attention. >> pay attention to what the
6:44 am
maldese are doing. >> is there a message that we in the united states, such a big nation can take from a small chain of islands halfway around the world? >> that's a big one. this small nation being a leader in banishing plastic so putting out a message to the world saying we're the first. >> the law doesn't take effect for another three years but already at least one island here is implementing it. on the 100 achere island, they have done away with single use plastics and garbage output has been reduced. >> you can see less people smoking in the world. it's the same with single use plastic. it's bad for the planet. it's bad for your health. >> a tiny nation of islands making big waves and proving to the world what's possible.
6:45 am
for sunday today, kerry sanders, the maldives. >> this week we highlight another life well lived. at the dawn of the television age in the 1950s, american presidents had to concern themselves not just with what they said but how they appeared to the country on tv. one legendary make up artist was there for nine of them with her powder and her counsel. >> lillian brown that grew up on a farm in ohio and began her career as a teacher in a one room schoolhouse served as make up artist and occasional confidant to united states presidents from eisenhower to clinton. in 1953, brown began producing educational television programs in virginia. soon, she was hosting a weekly children's show in the same studio where cbs news shot it's public affairs program face the nation.
6:46 am
cbs noticed browns guest looked better on camera than theirs did so the networks hired her. no formal training but an early eye for what looks good on camera. she became a fix tour ture at t white house. she worked with president kennedy and made up jacqueline kennedy for her famous white house tour. >> brown carried a tie and a pair of sox in her bag in case she didn't like the president's look. she gave pointers on diction and camera angles too. she worked at several universities and public speaking at georgetown and later one for female politicians at yale. on august 8th, 1974, brown was
6:47 am
called to the white house. there she found president richard nixon weeping. brown lightened the mood with an old story they shared and the president's tears dried. then she applied his make up just minutes before he re-signed the presidency. lillian brown, a presidential make-up artist and adviser that had a front row seat to history died last month at home in mcclain, virginia. she was 106 what would joe biden's plan do for you? families with young children could get nearly $7,000 dollars for child care. buying your first home, you'll get $15,000 dollars towards the down payment. if you get paid by the hour, your income could grow by as much as $14,000 dollars. older seniors, your yearly social security benefits could increase by $1,300 dollars. the biden plan: the wealthy and big corporations pay more, you benefit. i'm joe biden and i approve this message.
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oh, yeah! there's always somethiat ross.n store yep. oh yeah! say yes to those looks, the best brands... ...and "check you out" bargains! savings from top to bottom! that's yes for less. at ross. it is time for the highs and lows of the week. our first high goes to the tiny wise green baby who has become a mascot and travel buddy for the brave men and women battling the western wildfires. when a 5-year-old boy named carver heard about the wildfires in his home state of oregon he wanted to send fire crews something special to keep them company during their long difficult days and he knew just what they needed. a baby yoda doll from the
6:51 am
mandal saying thank you firefighters. here's a friend for you in case you get lonely. they took him out to the front lines and started a popular facebook group to document his travels. baby yoda has been there as a good luck charm fighting four wildfires in oregon and colorado. riding along in helicopters and carver's grandma says bringing smiles to weary firefighters. >> what makes me the most happy is the fact that it's bringing some happiness to these people that are literally putting their lives on, washington, and canada now requested a visit from baby yoda. our first look impose to the moment we've all had when you're a presidential nominee doing a zoom interview on live national television and your account times out. on tuesday night hillary clinton
6:52 am
was interviewed on msnbc using zoom from home. in the middle of an answer she was interrupted by a familiar pop up window. the warning that reads you're meeting will end in ten minutes. it then offered a recommendation that secretary clinton upgrade to zoom pro for unlimiting group meeting minutes. someone behind the scenes quickly closed the notice and secretary clinton later responded on quitter, okay, okay. i'll upgrade. we're all just working on the i.t. help desk these days. >> our next high goes to the overnight resurgence of a classic fleetwood mac song thanks to one man in idaho of hp singing to dreams while skateboarding and drinking cranberry juice and it's turned into a internet phenomenon.
6:53 am
♪ >> there's just something about it. you can watch it on a loop. nathan's carefree vibe, skating along while hammering down some oceanspray struck a cord earning more than 20 million views on tiktok and 23 million more on twitter. even better, sales of the song spiked 184% in a week while spotify streams increased 127%. it entered rolling stones top 100 this week at number 28. fleetwood mac giving it's stamp of approval retweeting the video and writing we love this. but that's not all. as the clip nathan revealed he was broke down. so his new fans rallied to
6:54 am
donate $10,000, which he now plans to use to upgrade that car, surprise his mom, and yes, to buy as much oceanspray kr cranberry juice as a man can ever want. >> argue foiour final low goes watching 60,000 bottles of wine go to waste. this was the scene at a winery in spain this week when a vat exploded gutting out 13,000 gallons of red wine like an open fire hydrant. sending all of that. a delicious full bodied horror movie wit hthis is an athlete, twenty reps deep, sprinting past every leak in our softest, smoothest fabric. she's confident, protected, her strength respected.
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more of your sunday today mug shots. thank you leona, rebecca, surfing in ohio. cool. steven in randolph, new hampshire. nova and vivian in illinois. milton in baltimore. emily in ohio and kim a 12 year breast cancer survivor in lancaster, pennsylvania bringing attention to october's national breast cancer awareness month. thank you, kim, you're looking great. send us a photo of you with your mug and the hashtag sunday today. and remember, you can get that big ole sunday today mug at the nbc online store. thank you for spending part of
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your morning with us. we'll be
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good morning. it is sunday, october 4th, as we take a look over san jose. looks pretty nice out there. still some cloud cover, some haze and it is chilly. thank you so much for starting your sunday morning with us. i'm kira klapper. meteorologist rob mayeda is in for vianey with a look at your microclimate forecast. you talked about cooling temperatures and i felt i could feel it this morning. thank the heavens. yeah, we're seeing temperatures in the upper 40s, up around santa rosa and all attention on the big


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