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tv   Today  NBC  October 7, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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that's significant. >> thank you, mike. thank you for joining us as well. a live look at tonight's vp debate venue in salt lake city. much more debate coverage next on the "today" show. thanks for joining us this morning. those stories plus, guid tributes pour in for eddie van halen. good morning breaking overnight, about face?y the president appears to backtrack overnight and support some stimulus for the economy, just hours after abruptly calling off talks on twitter, saying there will be no relief until after election day wall street immediately falling into a tailspin. the president's own negotiators reportedly caught off guard. how will wall street, washington and main street handle the whiplash hot house. the white house, ground zero of a growing outbreak this morning. the number of infected in the president's inner circle
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climbing to 18. and most of the nation's top military leaders now quarantining after coastguard admiral tests positive. debate night vice presidential face-off hours away what polls are showing about where the race is tightening and joe biden in gettysburg on politics and the pandemic. >> this pandemic is not a red state or blue state issue. it's a virus it's not a political weapon. >> and the state of the campaign, just ahead. breaking overnight, bracing for impact hurricane delta now a major category 3, targeting cancun evacuations underway there across the gulf coast, millions from texas to florida told to prepare now for a potentially catastrophic hit al has the very latest storm track. those stories, plus guitar god ♪ tributes pouring in for
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guitar virtuoso, eddie van hayl hayl haylen, his son, and his wife valerie bertinelli. >> eddie van halen, when you look at a guitar. >> the life and career of a groundbreaking musician "today," wednesday, october 7th, 2020 >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody welcome to "today. it is good to have you with us on a wednesday morning so many people fondly remembering eddie van halen and marveling all over again about his talent. >> and what struck me who was with him in his final moments, his wife, his ex-wife, valerie bertinelli, his son, his brother. very touching. valerie had a beautiful tweet, tribute to him we'll have that in a minute. all eyes on hurricane delta this
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morning. it could be the strongest to strike mexico's caribbean coast in more than a decade. gulf coast is on high alert again. al has the latest to help us to prepare ahead. >> first, to our top story the president seeming to reverse course on whether he will sign new stimulus for the economy before the election. his tweets on the subject sent wall street on a roller coaster ride yesterday he was busy on twitter all day he did not appear in public, as he continues to recover from covid. look at that started with a flurry of tweets early in the morning, went well into the night more than 60 tweets in all from the president. let's get started with the chief white house correspondent hallie jackson in her post this morning. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you this feels a little bit like white house whiplash, right, with the president pushing pieces of a stimulus bill he already rejected earlier in the day. let's be clear, that's already been deemed a nonstarter by the house speaker. so with the president saying he's ending negotiations on a large-scale deal unless and until he wins next month's
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election, the bottom line as we wake up this morning is this millions of americans desperate for some help will have to wait even longer to get answers on whether they'll get it a stimulus shocker overnight, with the president seeming to do an aboutface about those relief bill talks, tweeting if i am sent a stand alone stimulus bill they will go out to our people immediately. just one in a series of tweets sent out to chris wallace, the fda and nancy pelosi. in reality, nbc news is told a large-scale stimulus package is on the sidelines but the white house backs smaller, individual deals even though nancy pelosi already said a piecemeal approach won't work. the speaker of the house earlier on thursday. >> why is the president doing th >> so madam, speaker of the house, why is the president
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doing this >> well, i don't know, but i don't know why the president does much. it's most unfortunate. and we will have a stimulus bill and he won't win the election so we don't have to wait for that to happen. >> that's after president trump killed any movement on a coronavirus bill leaving millions of americans in limbo he said i instructed my team to stop negotiations when immediately after i win we will pass a deal. to help people hit hard by the pandemic, things moving slowly but still moving with fed chair jerome powell warning tuesday of tragic economic risk if the government doesn't do more still, not long after a phone call with mnuchin and key republican leader, the president pressed pause and pressed send on that tweet just as pelosi was on a call with democrats. according to a source on the line she suggested the steroid
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medicine the president is taking after his coronavirus diagnosis may be affecting his judgment. mitch mcconnell accuses democrats of playing politics. >> they didn't want to get a deal this soon we'll re-engage after the election, as the president said. i think we do need another rescue package because of the pending election, we simply weren't able to get together. >> hallie, a lot of folks are watching this and tuning out the washington back and forth. what's the bottom line if you're struggling, if you need a check? are you going to see relief before the election? >> so, we can take that in a couple of different pieces, savannah keep in mind this is the president who wrote a book on negotiating and walking away from the table as a tactic he has shifted his views on a stimulus package before. nothing is a done deal the three things that the president is pushing now, the paycheck protection program, the stimulus checks and airline funding. the house speaker has seemed open to maybe a smaller deal to help the airline industry. that's a glimmer of hope for a
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lot of folks this morning. the chances of broad relief seem less than what they were 24 hours ago. savannah >> thank you, hallie jackson appreciate it. now to the growing coronavirus outbreak in the white house as more top aides in the president's inner circle test positive. peter alexander joins us with that part of the story peter, good morning. >> hoda, good morning to you this was the first day of his illness where president trump did not appear on camera or in photos even as his doctor says he's doing extremely well. here at the white house the outbreak is expanding. we learned of four more positive cases in the last 24 hours dr. fauci calling it unfortunate, emphasizing that the virus is not a hoax and that the spread in the west wing could have been prevented. this morning, president trump is at the white house but his west wing is looking more like a ghost town steven miller, the president's top speechwriter and policy adviser joining a growing list
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of close aides joining a growing list of close aides diagnosed with the virus. >> he has been quarantining but nevertheless tested positive based on a prior exposure. i talked to him before coming to air and is doing well. >> reporter: his wife, vice president pence's aide, tested positive tuesday she left the site of salt lake city ought of an abundance of caution. while much attention is focused on that rose garden event 11 days ago, two other indoor clusters have become focal points, the president's debate prep session, six positives, including hope hicks, kellyanne conway and chris christie. and in addition to press secretary kayleigh mcenany, four press aides also positive. top military chiefs quarantining at home after a top coast guard official tested positive president trump's physician says that the president is
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experiencing no symptoms or experiencing any symptoms that have been for the president's efforts to minimize the threat are infuriating some of the families of more than 210,000 americans who have died from covid. >> don't let it dominate don't let it take over your lives. don't let that happen. >> broadway star nick cordero died three months ago. >> nick didn't let it. it wasn't a choice, and it dominated his life it dominated my life it dominated our family's lives. have some empathy. >> even as president trump receives world class care he insists we are learning to live with covid, falsely comparing to the flu. flu season is coming up, many people every year sometimes over 100,000 and despite the vaccine die from the flu are we going to close down our country? no closed by facebook and flagged by twitter as misleading and potentially harmful. more people have died from coronavirus in the u.s. than those who have died from the flu
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in the past five seasons combined the president himself acknowledging the difference to journalist bob woodward in february. >> it's also more deadly than your -- you know, even your strenuous flus. >> reporter: joe biden weighing in on the campaign trail tuesday in pennsylvania. >> this pandemic is not a red state or blue state issue. this virus doesn't care whether you live -- where you live, what political party you belong to. and it affects us all. it will take anyone's life it's a virus it's not a political weapon. >> reporter: biden, in that speech on the value of wearing masks, saying it's not a political statement, it's a scientific recommendation. "new york times" reports some aides wonder if his behavior were because of a cocktail of drugs, including dexamethasone, that steroid which can cause mood swings and a false sense of euphoria.
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savannah >> dr. vin gupta, always a disclosure you're not treating the president but based on the information that's publicly available, where would he be in the course of his illness if the first positive test we know of was october 1st? >> he is about a week into his course what's key here is the onset of symptoms, not necessarily when he got diagnosed as a lung doc who has cared for these patients i'm worried about that initial presentation. obviously he got aggressive treatment up front how did he do seven to ten days after the onset of symptoms? looking into the weekend, is he having worsening shortness of breath, fever, cough if he isn't, perhaps he's in the clear and definitely on the mend what happens a week after the onset of symptoms is definitely key. >> first dose of the monoclonal antibodies i guess we're all doctors now, dr. gupta, and remdesivir, the five-day course that ended
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yesterday. the steroids are the final piece of the puzzle that we're aware of do you think he's still taking those steroids >> so, it should by nih guidelines fda approval has stipulated if you rule in pneumonia, and by all indications, that is what the president has, with the information available to us, he should get ten days of dexamethasone, at the white house unit or walter reed, he should get ten days. hope he gets it. >> let's talk about his tweet. he did compare covid to the flu. is it comparable, i guess, is the bottom line? >> no. it's really disappointing and, frankly, upsetting that we continually have to talk about this false analogy the only commonality is that they're both respiratory viruses. as a respiratory doc, covid-19 has killed seven times more americans than a regular flu
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season it isn't to be minimized covid-19 is vastly more dangerous. savannah also, control of the outbreak is key here covid-19 asymptomatic individuals can start spreading it 24 hours after exposure we know with flu generally speaking, you only spread it if you're symptomatic asymptomatic flu not a common thing. you're usually symptomatic with fever, chills, body aches seven days after exposure. much easier to control with screening at a workplace, covid-19 that's why testing is important. finally, let's not forget, we have a vaccine for influenza and crossover immunity year after year it's why h1n1 was not as deadly as we feared because there's some degree of built-in immunity in the population. obviously we have none of that for covid-19 we need to stop with these comparisons. the president is misleading the country when he's talking about this it puts our guard down we need to stop that. >> dr. gupta up early with us.
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thank you very much. we appreciate it. 7:13 craig joins us now with more on the race to election day, 17 days away. >> tonight marks the lone vice presidential debate. given everything that's happened over the last week, additional coronavirus safety measures are being put into place geoff bennett has made his way to salt lake city, utah. he's inside the debate hall this morning. geoff, good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good morning. this vice presidential debate has been transformed top to bottom by the coronavirus pandemic, starting with president trump's own positive diagnosis and stretching to a last-minute dust-up last night over the debate stage setup. mainly these plexiglass barriers you see that will separate the candidates senator kamala harris' team requested that plexiglass. the vice presidential's team initially objected to it but relented, in part given the uptick of positive cases within the white house and the
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campaign >> reporter: if the vice president debate is extra precautions. plexiglass barriers will separate mike pence and kamala harris when they face off in salt lake city the candidates will be seated at least 12 feet apart rather than the originally planned seven feet of separation despite the increasing number of positive cases between white house and trump campaign officials, including the president and first lady, the administration says pence has continued to test negative. >> the president told me he was headed back to the white house, he told me to head to utah, and we're looking very much forward to the vice presidential debate. >> reporter: the move to add plexiglass, requested by the harris camp, was mocked by the vice president's office. katie miller, pence spokeswoman said if senator harris wants to use a fortress around herself, have at it in the lead-up to the debate,
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pence has held multiple prep sessions is, some of them stretching for hours, for pence. harris, doing the same, holding no public events with allies playing pence in mock sessions, including former mayor pete buttigieg, according to a person who is familiar. former vice president joe biden say he and president trump shouldn't have another debate as long as the president remains positive for the virus. >> as long as he has covid we shouldn't have a debate. >> reporter: in pennsylvania tuesday offering this vow. >> i'll be a president who appeals in the best of us not the worst. >> reporter: getting backup from michelle obama, former first lady urging americans to vote and closing arguments in a videotaped message. >> we can no longer pretend we don't know exactly who and what this president stands for. search your hearts and your conscience and then vote for joe biden like your lives depend on it.
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>> reporter: less than 30 days before election day, we're getting a snapshot of the race by the way of two new polls in two key battleground states. let's start with florida, suffolk university show them tied at 45% a piece. keep in mind that president trump won florida by two percentage points in 2016. and now to reuters ipsis polls with them tied again at 47 points, and also a number of undecided voters there, and potential for key undecided voters there. >> there's two type polls, geoff. all this coming as joe biden is
7:18 am
getting a high-profile endorsement from a seasoned intelligence community chief, general michael hayden what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that's right. general hayden served as the head of the cia under george w. bush, but last night he put out an ad. hayden suffered a stroke in 2018 and suffers from aphasia. >> if there's another term for president trump, i don't know what happens to america. i absolutely disagree with some of biden's policies, but that's not important. what's important is the united states, and i'm supporting joe biden. biden is a good man. donald trump is not. >> general hayden served in the military for some 40-plus years and says donald trump threatens to undo all of the alliances that the u.s. enjoys craig, no word back yet from the trump campaign. >> geoff bennett for us there in salt lake city thank you. >> reminder, you can watch the vice presidential debate with savannah and lester holt hosting here on nbc, starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern
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ve a big weather story. hurricane delta is battering towards the gulf coast. al is tracking it. good morning. >> good morning. hurricane warnings out for that area it has made landfall now rapid intensification storm. this is a big story, intensifying 35 miles per hour, at least in 24 hours this thing has blown past that. in 24 hours it's increased 85 miles per hour only three other storms have strengthened as fast of the fastest jump from a tropical depression to a category 4 storm. because of this warming climate, water temperatures in the caribbean at 90, rapid intensification more likely. 20 miles south of cancun, 110 miles an hour, moving northwest at 7 extreme winds and rain over the yucatan peninsula. tomorrow it intensifies again to a category 4 storm friday morning. we're expecting landfall as a category 3 storm some time late friday
7:20 am
into possibly saturday, but it is looking like it sped up to make landfall friday saturday afternoon with rainfall into the gulf coast, but you ask the -- you can see that it has sped up. so it will make landfall friday afternoon, with flooding rain along the central gulf coast that cone of uncertainty stretches from louisiana all the way to the texas/louisiana border it weakens as it moves inland. rainfall amounts upwards of a foot o of rain or r more possis. look how f far inland d that hey rain band goes later on we'll get a better idea of the winds this is a small storm. eye of the storm at 4 naututical miles. it expects to expand that means big problems as i it gets c closer to l land. we'll get to youour local forect coming up in the next 30 seconds. (four girls vo) the popolls! voted! (grandma vo) go out and vote! it's so important! (man at poll vo) woo! (grandma vo) it's the most important thing you can do!
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good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's take a look at our high temperatures today. we're going to see a spread in temperatures from the coast to the inland areas anywhere from the upper 50s in half moon bay to the mid-80s for the interior valleys. but we are on trend for some cooler air to move in with more clouds. also a slight chance of some spotty showers but not a good soaking. overall we are looking at some highs in the 70s inland and 60s near the coast. and that's your latest weather, guys? >> al, thank you coming up, a and that's your latest weather, guys? >> al, thank you a big move to crack down on misinformation with the election one month away facebook's decision to ban qanon and the dangerous messages being spread by the conspiracy group. plus tributes pouring in for the guitarist eddie van halen. carson will look at how he
7:22 am
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♪ ♪ good morning. 7:26. i'm laura garcia. here is a look at our top stories including amazon making new inroads today in contra costa county. >> reporter: i'm bob redell in oakley where in a few hours the city and amazon will cut the ribbon on this brand-new 150-square-foot distribution center that is expected to be up and running by the end of the month. the air of oakley tells us he expects this to create 800 jobs. the city has a population of 44,000 people. eventually the entire buildout of this business park expected to bring in half a million dollars a year in property tax revenue.
7:27 am
>> reporter: i'm kris sanchez, already this is a record breaking election for people who want to pass the ballot. statewide 84% of californians are registered to vote which is 3 million more than during the same time the last presidential cycle. in santa clara county hit 1 million registered voters which is 83% of eligible voters in the county. voter registration continues through october 19th. early voting is already under way and ballots are in the mail. if you want to track yours go to my facebook page. thanks, kris. we're talking about the spare the air day extended into thursday. kari has a look at our forecast. yes, especially for the north bay. we don't want to add any more pollution to the air so need to do our part. it will still be unhealthy in the north bay as we look at our air quality but improving elsewhere across the bay area. as we've been talking about all throughout the past several days our rain chances for the weekend, unfortunately, doesn't look that likely but we are
7:28 am
still looking at a cooldown across the bay area. laura? thanks so much. we'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. proposition 16 takes on discrimination.
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some women make as littltle as 42% of w what a man n makes. votingng yes on prprop 16 helps usus fix that.t. itit's supppported by l les like kamamala harrisis and oppoposed by thohose who have alwlways opposesed equal. we eitither fall from grarace or we r rise. totogether. prproposition n 16 prprovides eququal opportutun, levelling the playing field fofor all of u us. vote yeses on prop 1 1.
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♪ back now you know that sound, van halen shaped by eddie van halen. we were all saddened by the news he passed away he was surrounded by his current wife, former wife, valerie bertinelli, son wolfgang her beloved, as she called him. >> earliest mtv stars,
7:31 am
remembered as one of the biggest mtv stars. >> we look forward to that food and drug administration released new guidelines yesterday for manufacturers of coronavirus vaccine. this move had been delayed by the white house. now it's full steam ahead. vaccine developers will, in fact, need to study participants, those who get the vaccine, for at least two months to look for any possible safety issues or side effects before the fda will consider authorization. those guidelines make it unlikely that a vaccine would be authorized by election day the president blasted the recommendations on twitter as, quote, just another political hit job. st. louis couple captured on camera, pointing guns at protesters was indicted tuesday. mark and patricia mccloskey faced two counts each, for a weapon and tampering with evidence they said they were frightened for their lives when protesters marched past their mansion in
7:32 am
june mike parson said he will pardon the couple if convicted. basketball, l.a. lakers are one win away from their 17th nba title. >> robinson, stolen by james james drives inside and throws it down. >> lebron james led the way, 28 points 123 -- 12 rebounds, and the lakers went on the beat the miami heat, 102-96. l.a. leads the series 3-1. game five on friday. >> double-double for lebron. hard to stop the lakers. and congratulations to the seattle storm. they captured their fourth wnba championship last night with a clean sweep of the las vegas aces, winning the title for the second time in the last three years and ratings were up. facebook says it is now removing all accounts associated
7:33 am
with the right-wing conspiracy movement known as qanon, a hub for wild internet rumors and disinformation campaigns, some now aimed at joe biden nbc's tom costello has been looking into the movement. tom, this is an extraordinary step by facebook. >> yeah. this is a very big deal. back in august, facebook removed 1500 accounts associated with qanon. now it says it's moving all accounts on facebook and instagram because it needs to limit the ability of qanon and militarized social movements from organizing on their platforms. qanon the last few months has exploded with outlandish, outlandish conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns aimed at influencing the election it's a serious blow to the qanon internet conspiracy campaign that most americans would say sounds completely crazy. big-named democrats, hollywood stars and the mega rich are actually child trafficking
7:34 am
pedophiles who kill children in satanic rituals. in recent weeks they've targeted joe biden and suggested president trump doesn't really have covid now facebook says it's taking down all qanon accounts, saying our dangerous organizations operations team will continue to enforce this policy and proactively detect content for removal instead of relying on user reports facebook acted after regular users complained. >> the problem was a lot of users were getting harassed to the point they couldn't use instagram or facebook anymore. they were getting accused of being part of this child-leading cabal. >> someone named q is deep inside the government, sending out coded messages and working with president trump to dismantle the child abduction cult and president trump has promoted qanon tweets and links. >> i don't know much about the movement other than i understand they like me very much which i appreciate.
7:35 am
>> facebook owns instagram savannah talked with them about what they look for. >> most of what we look at is focused on safety, celebrating violence or hate speech. these are actually at their root safety issues. >> reporter: the fbi labels qanon a domestic terror threat early follower went to prison after firing a gun at a d.c. pizza restaurant, searching for a nonexistent pedophile cult another man used an armored car to block traffic on the hoover dam. why do you call it a digital cult >> it's made people become so disassociated with their lives and the people within their lives. it sends people into almost an alternative reality. >> reporter: also this morning,
7:36 am
citi group has fired a manager for allegedly operateling a qanon website but the movement continues to grow, millions of followers believing in a shadowy figure named q and a deep strait satanic cult those posts are hosted on a website in the philippines run by a pig farmer. can't make this stuff up run by a pig farmer who also runs racist and pornographic websites by the way, the whole notion of this anti-semitic canard of eating children has gone back thousands of years and has bubbled up time and time again, savannah. >> so concerning another consequence you've been reporting about is if there's all these conspiracy theories on child trafficking it's actually had an effect on real trafficking and the investigation into real traffickers. >> reporter: right legitimate groups combating child trafficking say they're being swamped with calls and
7:37 am
emails from people who say they saw something online they have to go track it down right away it has something to do with children being abducted. the vast, vast majority of cases, these are all completely blown out of proportion or simply have no basis, in fact, whatsoever, and they're causing legitimate groups to go chasing after rumors instead of really focusing on where the real problem is in child trafficking. so, listen, nobody is for child trafficking. the point is trying to really dictate and direct where the attention goes. >> all right tom, thanks for shining a light. appreciate it. when we come back on this wednesday morning, carson will join us, as we remember the life of legendary rock star and guitarist eddie van halen. first, these messages. itit's for peoeople who hahe beenen hospitalilized for a heheart attackck. brbrilinta is s taken wita low-w-dose aspiririn, no more e than 100 m milligras as it affefects how w well brililinta works. brililinta helpsps keep platates from stickcking togethther
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7:42 am
chillsls, muscle a aches or co, or if yoyou plan to o or recentlyly received d a vacci. ♪ nothing i is everythihing ask your d dermatologigist abouout skyrizi.i. 7:42 carson joins us with a big loss to the music world, rock 'n' roll icon eddie van halen. >> that's right. for a generation of fans there was none better. eddie was a virtuoso with his own unique and style he passed away from throat cancer at anal 65, leaving behind a legacy of rock anthems and a band like no other ♪ >> for a generation of rock fans, eddie van halen guitar solo had an unmistakable sound born in the netherlands and raised in pasadena, eddie and his brother, alex, began
7:43 am
studying music as children in the mid '70s, the brothers launched van halen with singer david lee roth and bassist michael anthony. ♪ girl you really got me now >> with hits like "you really got me" and "running with the devil," their self debuted album was a smash, selling more than 10 million records ♪ might as well jump >> eddie even jumped on the keyboards for 1984's "jump," tailor made for the mtv era. "panama" and many more, van halen became a staple of hard rock and top 40 radio. ♪ >> and that unforgettable solo in the middle of michael jackson's mega hit "beat it," that's eddie, too. ♪ >> in 1981, eddie married actress valerie bertinelli their son, wolfgang, would eventually join the band
7:44 am
valerie writing through all your challenging treatments for lung cancer, you kept that gorgeous spirit and imish grin. i'm so grateful wolfie and i were able to hold you in your last moments wolfgang adding every moment i've shared with him on and off stage was a gift i love you so much, pop. after roth left the band, eddie struggled with substance abuse and health issues but the band soldiered on including a surprise reunion with roth in 2012. ♪ until the end, van halen's magnetic smile lit up the night. >> any kid who ever looked at the electric guitar and had to think of eddie van halen.
7:45 am
>> scores of rock legends paying tribute on social media to a guitar hero whose playing spoke for itself. >> to me i never wanted to be, quote, unquote, a rock 'n' roll star i always wanted to be a musician. >> there's a lot to unpack here. everybody had eddie van halen in top ten. i had them in mt. rushmore solo album we talked about, literally best guitar solo of all time it was his style you saw in the piece that made him different than everybody else. two hands on the fret. it was the way he played so much so that eddie invented a guitar aid there's a u.s. patent that he applied for and got. picture of the patent, picture of him it's an aid that enables the guitar face to be perpendicular so you can get your two hands up there. >> you have to be eddie van halen to do it. >> that's the thing. that's for sure. he was the best. quick story about the solo he did for "beat it," biggest rock band in l.a., biggest band in
7:46 am
the world. he gets the call to do this and does it for free quincy jones says come be on the session with michael in west lake he does it for a case of beer and dance lessons from michael. >> are you kidding >> the rumor is that michael walked out for a little while and eddie reworked the entire middle section of the song where normally a rock star would walk in lay down the solo and leave and michael came back in and eddie said, well, did some stuff, and he played it and michael loved it and the rest is history. >> what would he be like if he walked in today? >> he walked in my dressing room, light up a smoke, gave me the guitar i love what valerie wrote. god bless you, valerie impish grin, and mischievous grin with this high wattage smile. for the next six hours, we would all be telling everybody, man, i met eddie van halen today and he was the greatest guy. >> i don't know if this urban legend or true, but he was in a record store the time "beat it"
7:47 am
came out and he said that guy's trying to sound like eddie van halen and he goes, no, that is me. >> a story that when they were recording that a sound monitor speaker actually lit on fire when he was playing the solo i don't know if it's true but i believe it. >> that's cool. >> god bless him and his fans and family right now we're thinking of them all. >> truer words never spoken about eddie van halen. windy conditions in the northeast and new england. 37 million people impacted as this front pushes in, showers stretching from the great lakes into the northeast and new england. local downpours, gusty winds, air travel and high profile vehicle also have some problems as that moves to the coast the other big story? warm temperatures, 10 to 20 degrees above average almost from coast to coast. d.c., atlanta, oklahoma city, omaha, all the way to phoenix, near record temperatures today, right on into tomorrow, stretching from charlotte all the way to salt lake city, down to el paso this weekend, temperatures will
7:48 am
be very mild for october, 70s in cleveland, nashville, on into little rock for the low 80s. that's what's going on across tr good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. fog and drizzle extending into the inland areas as well. now those clouds will be slow to clear keeping our temperatures down for today as we will only reach into the mid-70s in palo alto. we have some upper 70s expected for san jose and some mid-80s for the tri-valley and inland parts of the east bay. 75 in napa and in santa rosa. through the forecast we continue to cool off with more clouds and humidity for the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah >> al, thank you. still ahead, natalie has an exclusive conversation with oliviaia newton-jojohn. >> everything she's learned through three fights with breast cancer has inspired a new passioion project t to help oto families first, t these messasages.
7:49 am
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coming up, guys, what's the deal with 2020? >> terrible seinfeld impression but he does sum up the year perfectly. that's ahead on pop start. newborn twins happy, healthy, boy do they have a story to tell. mom and dad will tell it when ththey join usus after youour l news tremfya® may incncrease your r risk of infnfections and lower r your abilility to fight t them. tetell your dodoctor if yoyoue anan infectionon or symptotoms or i if you hadd a vaccinine or plan n to. trememfya®. . uncover clclearen ththat can lasast. jansnssen can hehelp you expxe costst support o options.
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7:56 am
ththe content t of this ada. good morning to you. it is 7:56. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at what's happening now. >> reporter: i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. many schools begin to reopen their doors in the midst of the pandemic, some news from the state's top doctor, dr. ghaly, says he has found no connection between k-12 reopening and the spread of coronavirus. he says it still could be a little early with the results lacking, but he says what he sees so far is promising. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. president trump seems to be walking back some of his opposition to a new stimulus bill tweeting several things including he would support individual payments to families and support for airlines. yesterday he said the white house would not participate in negotiations at all.
7:57 am
before that he tweeted from the hospital his support for a stimulus. this is a reversal of the reversal of the reversal. wall street pleased with the latest progress. checking in with kari for a quick look at the forecast. we are going to see some cooler temperatures today, only reaching into the mid-80s in our warmest spots and that continues through the end of the week as we get more clouds and we're also watching out for spotty rain chances by the weekend, laura. sounds good. some changes in the works. another update in half an hour. have a great morning as we take a live look outside this morning. oscar the grouch here to tell you, yeah, you,
7:58 am
to wear a mask out in public around other people. sure it'll keep you healthy. but more importantly, i won't have to see your happy smiling face. ugh. and if you don't want to wear a mask, i've just got one thing to tell you. scram, go away. ugh.
7:59 am
caring for each other because we are all in this together. so wear a mask and have a rotten day, will ya? ugh.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, white house whiplash. overnight, president trump appears to reverse course after tweeting he won't release a coronavirus relief deal until after the election list of president trump's top aides infected with the virus gets longer. we're live with the latest plus, hopelessly devoted our onone on one w with oliviaia nenewton john.n. >> you l look radianant as alwa. >> i feel wonderful. i feel really, really good, thank you. i'm very grateful for that. >> how she's's doing in n her be againsnst breast c cancer and d big g step she's's taking toto others. >> once wewe start thehe resear, we'll knknow what woworks, and that's the plan.
8:01 am
that's the dream and double the blessing. the incredible story of twin boys who defied the odds during a global pandemic. >> 10% chance to live, and they did it they fought through it. >> the proud parents join us live with their miracle babies, "today," wednesday october 7th, 2020 >> good morning! we're the bates family from north carolina, and we're celebrating 5th birthday. >> shout out to our fellow nursing students at the university of north carolina charlotte. >> watching the "today" show from washington. >> and celebrating our engagement. >> whoo! >> ahh. >> congratulations, everybody. nice to have you along, bright
8:02 am
and early on a wednesday morning. >> hump day. daily reminder, set that dvr for 7:00 a.m. if you're getting up later these days, set the dvr. you've missed a lot. we can't tell you everything you missed but you can rewind it and see it for yourself. >> you don't want to miss hoda's story tomorrow it's beautiful. >> it really is. imagine this, your boss got sick with covid and you saved his life keterring sloane center, head nurse ended up coming down with coronavirus. the women and men who helped to save him the group reunites it is real beautiful. a lot of love in that room right there. >> i look forward to that. let's get you caught up on the news at 8:00 on a wednesday morning. the president sending mixed signals of whether he does support new stimulus for the economy. he's also dealing with an outbreak of covid in his own administration peter alexander joins us with three things he's watching this morning. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
8:03 am
savannah president trump on twitter abruptly called off talks for a new coronavirus relief bill, first ordering his treasury secretary to stop negotiating with the white house speaker, nancy pelosi, until after the election that sent the markets into a spiral the president later reversing course, urging congress to approve a series of new, smaller relief measures. yesterday was the first day since his illness we did not see the president on camera or in photos it comes as the outbreak at the white house has is expanding four more positive cases over the last 24 hours. among those infected, steven miller, the president's top speech writer, senior policy adviser. miller now the 18th white house aide or ally to test positive. he was actually one of six people in the president's debate prep sessions to become infected, including chris christie, kellyanne conway and hope hicks tonight in salt lake city, vice president mike pence and senator kamala harris, they'll finally square off in their first and
8:04 am
only vp debate due to the pandemic, two plexiglass barriers have been assembled on the stage savannah >> peter, thank you very much. top security officials issued a joint statement expressing confidence in the election system. the head of counterintelligence is warning about foreign efforts to influence voters. he talked to chief correspondent richard engel who joins us from london richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. the top spy hunter, william evannia, in the u.s. government does express confidence that the u.s. government, from cyber command to the cia and fbi, which takes the lead in protecting the elections are ready, but he warns foreign adversaries are trying to hack into the voting system, spread disinformation and try to collect derogatory information
8:05 am
about the campaigns, the candidates and prominent americans. we're heading now into the homestretch going into the election what should people be looking for? >> we're very confident that election infrastructure and posture is very resilient. we're not worried about changing votes at scale we are worried about influence of the american voter and the ability of the american voter to understand where they should get real information, especially when they're voting. how to vote, where to vote be patient when you vote be prepared. >> you said that -- please clarify if i'm misquoting you -- that there were attempts to sway this year's election, which is almost upon us, and that china is pushing for biden, that iran is pushing for biden and russia is pushing for president trump is that accurate >> it was an intelligent community assessment but i will caution even we are standing behind that. >> is russia putting out
8:06 am
disinformation to help get president trump elected? in a disinformation campaign to help vice president biden? >> yeah. they all are i will t and is china actively engaging in a disinformation campaign to help vice president biden? >> yeah. they all are i will throw iran in there as well if vladimir putin at the end of the day wants our country to eat itself, he wants mass chaos. as does china. both of them are exacerbating and amplifying socialcord on both sides of the aisle to prevent u.s. citizens to continue to argue at protests. >> are we making it easier for them you said vladimir putin wants chaos in the united states, turmoil. just go outside. did he win >> i think we, right now, are helping him facilitate getting him to smile every day the most important thing we could do this november and currently now is vote, show vladimir putin and xi jinping and the ayatollah that we make the decision who our elected officials are, period. >> today is vladimir putin's birthday
8:07 am
he's 68 years old. to mark the occasion he gave an interview with russian television, commented on the u.s. election, said he could work with either of the candidates, and he said that russia is not attempting to influence the election craig? >> some stark warnings there richard engel for us, thank you. a reminder here, folks. with the election now just 27 days away, there is a fantastic tool at your disposal that helps you find out more information about the voting rules in your state. it's at again that's >> we got the news covered. kids, let's get to morning boost. her mom says 14-year-old kayla kosmalski never wanted more than anything than to make the cheer squad at her new high school. kayla, who has downs syndrome, practiced for 16 hours the
8:08 am
weekend before tryouts. watch her reaction when she hits a message on her phone and finds out she made the team. >> you made the squad? >> yeah. >> are you crying? kayla, i'm so proud of you. >> you don't know what this means to me. >> girlfriend, i love you. you worked hard. you deserve it. >> she said she was feeling confident. on the day of tryouts she turned to her mom and said mom, don't stress. i've got this. i've got this. >> she had it.
8:09 am
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whwhat's important to yoyou-le your balallot-is o on its way.y. every day,y, all acrososs amer, we deleliver for y you. anand we alwayays will. because i trust their quality. vitamins, they were the first toto be verifified by usp,, an indepenendent organanization ththat sets ststrict qualily and d purity statandards. naturere made. the #1#1 pharmacisist-recommed vitatamin and susupplement b . welcome back. for breast cancer awareness month we are shining natalie is going to catch up with olivia newton-john, outrunning cancer for nearly three decades. she'll update us on her journey, what she's learned and the help and hope she is passing on to others, after this welcome back for breast cancer awareness month we are shining a light on the disease that affects millions of people every year. we're doing that by sharing the stories of fighters. fighters who inspire so many
8:15 am
with their courage. >> yeah. one in eight women is likely to develop breast cancer. it's a frightening number. one that olivia newton-john wants to change. >> she has battled breast cancer three times. she doesn't call herself a survivor she calls herself a cancer thriver and is on a mission to help others with the disease natalie morales caught up with olivia exclusively natalie, good to see you. >> good to see you guys as well. olivia newton-john has long been an advocate for a holistic approach to fighting cancer, 25 years after her own first breast cancer diagnosis, she says she is living beyond cancer and exceeding all expectations and she wants others to benefit from all that she's learned and continues to fight for with her newly launched olivia newton-john foundation from her iconic hits -- ♪ let's get physical physical >> and big-screen roles -- >> tell me about it. >> -- to her advocacy for those battling and living with cancer, olivia newton-john brings love and light to everything she does olivia, you look radiant as always. i feel really, really good,
8:16 am
thank you. i'm very grateful for that. >> what is the update on your health >> my update, it's very good i'm doing well. >> the 72-year-old is positively thriving, she says, while living with stage four metastatic breast cancer. >> what does it mean to live beyond cancer for you? >> cancer can engulf your mind and engulf your being, and i try not to live my life with that in my mind all the time i live beyond it i love beyond it i sing beyond it and i want that for everybody. >> she credits medicinal plants for gaining strength. >> i've seen incredible beauty of the plants and their healing abilities, and it has made me extraordinarily fascinated by it. >> it's that vision that is at the center of the newly launched olivia newton-john foundation. >> having gone through chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and all different kinds of treatments, i always wondered
8:17 am
why we can't find kinder treatments for cancer, to help the body heal itself and boost the immune system, not poison us. >> her experience comes firsthand, years of benefiting from the power of plants thanks to her husband of 14 years, who she lovingly calls amazon john, an expert in herbal medicine. >> i know from the plants and herbs that my husband has introduced me to, well beyond canada's herbs i've taken them, it's helped to strengthen my body there's not been scientific research into these other ways of treating cancer so once we start the research, we'll know what works, and that's the plan. that's the dream. >> though experimental, she says it's something that has helped her, and she hopes will help others affected by cancer around the globe. it's an extension of work that's already being done at the olivia newton-john cancer wellness and research center in melbourne,
8:18 am
australia. >> good morning. how are you? >> i visited the center in 2017 with olivia who, after her late east of recurrence of cancer, was back and more passionate than ever about the center's way of treating cancer with mind, body and spirit, along with a combination of eastern and western medicine why do you feel now, especially this timing during the pandemic, that being able to launch this is more important than ever? >> i think that right now everyone is so focused on health and it's maybe given everyone a real wake-up call as to how important your health is but cancer patients have been dealing with this forever, you know, before covid and after covid, there will ststill be people going through cancer. >> while busy launching her new foundation, she's staying safe at home, enjoying her animals and her love of nature, and spending lots of time with her
8:19 am
first love, daughter chloe there are blessings with this time, i suppose. >> yes. >> that's being home more, and being more quiet and looking inward more. >> i feel very grateful. every day, i'm grateful to be here it's a time to really, really appreciate being home and doing the basic things, and having a routine, which i don't think i've ever had in my whole life because i've always been moving and living out of a suitcase it's a novelty. >> how do you stay positive in the different challenges in your life >> i've always tended to be a positive person. obviously, i've had times when i've had moments, but i always remind myself that this, too, will pass. it's true, it will you can make a choice to see the good, or you can make a choice to see the negative, and that will be how your life goes if you see the positive in things, then you'll go towards that it's a healthier way to think, because your mind is everything. the way you think directs your life, your choices, your health, everything. >> good advice for all of us, especially right now olivia is not advocating for an
8:20 am
all or none approach when it comes to treating cancer, but for her at stage four it's really about pain management and staying otherwise strong and healthy. she says medicinal plants have helped her with that, as you can see. >> you can really see how it's working for her i wonder what the american cancer society says about her approach i imagine it's controversial. >> it is but they support more research they say there are early clinical trials under way. while the studies don't show a cure for the disease, some scientists report that plant medicines like thc, cbd, they could slow the growth of certain types of cancer. and also i want to let you know benefiting the research right now, olivia's foundation is doing an online auction through julian's it's live right now. all of her fans can scoop up some of her most prized memorabilia, including song hits and lyrics for a very good cause, guys. >> we also love your
8:21 am
relationship, natalie, with her. >> i was just thinking of that you talked to her so many times over the years what would 10-year-old natalie morales say if she knew she got to know olivia newton-john. >> i would have fainted when you told me that at 10 years old i would get to talk to olivia newton-john. she's my idol then and still is. you can tell by the way she lives her life. >> and a friend. 8:21 now let's get another check of the forecast mr. roker is standing by. >> we've got an update from the national hurricane center. delta has made landfall west of cancun. it's moving northwest at cancun 105 miles northwest at 17. it becomes a category 4 storm early friday morning and then by friday afternoon, it is just off the louisiana coastline, but that cone of uncertainty i about 200 miles wide and then it makes its way as a
8:22 am
tropical system on up into the tennessee river valley rainfall right now looking like anywhere from 7 to 10 inches, isolated amounts of up to 12 inches that could go up of course, we haven't even started talking about wind damage yet we'll is . good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. unhealthy care quality an issue for the north bay. seeing improvements elsewhere across the bay area. a good air quality day, seeing also slightly cooler temperatures with the south bay high reaching into the upper 70s. mid-70s for the peninsula, towards the tri-valley, mid-80s today. north bay reaching into the mid-70s. continuing to cool off over the next several days. >> and that is your latest weather. craig? >> all right it's that time of the morning, mr. daly. >> pop start jerry seinfeld is up first new book is coming out, and he stop bid the late show to tell stephen colbert all about it as most things do, things turned
8:23 am
to the pandemic. jerry has a great analogy for what the coronavirus has been like for the world. >> it's really like, um, the whole planet getting detention and when you get out of detention, you're really going to see things a little differently -- hopefully, you'll learn to appreciate a little better that's what we have to do. but we probably won't. >> leave it to jerry to say we should learn something but we probably will not. up next, david letterman and his giant beard are up for the netflix show my next guest needs no introduction in the past seasons he has welcomed george clooney and barack obama and in his last
8:24 am
sessions, he has welcomed in r at the goats, but it's not my idea of a lizzo, david chappelle, and spent some time with robert down, jr.'s farm. >> i've been doing this show and each time i'm gratified because the person in that chair is so much smarter than i am. >> that's great. >> i'll air drop it to you do you know what air drop is >> sure. >> okay. >> come on, boys. >> anything here that needs to be milked? >> i mean, we could take a run at the goats, but it's not my idea of a good time. >> dave looks like he was part of the farm there. new season premiers october 21st on netflix up next, tim mcgraw is shooting for husband of the year the country star celebrating 24 years of marriage with singer wife faith hill with an instagram post that features a slide show of memories, including a song off his new album "hard to stay mad at." ♪ i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you ♪ ♪ you're hard to stay mad at >> tim writing alongside that video, you have been a role model for three remarkable young women who have made me a better man than i ever thought i could
8:25 am
be the future will surely hold more of all of these things it only matters if i'm with you. tim's anniversary video for faith hill is nice, but raises the bar, i think, immeasurably for husbands everywhere, which is not cool, tim slow down, buddy that's pop start just ahead here, special for this wednesday morning, steals and deals will help you entertain in a safe and fun way this holiday season. that's after your local news fte.
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. walking off the job for a five doctor day strike citing stalled talks and help with the pandemic. alameda saying the talks stalled two years. reporting that a trustee calmed the strike a blind side when he appeared before alameda county supervisors saying residents will feel that impact. a good look at the forecast. kari hall is standing by. >> and marcus, we have several things we're watching in the forecast including the smoke in the north bay that continues around the area, the glass fire.
8:27 am
we are on a cooling trend continuing over the next few days, but for the weekend, models trending drier than we originally expected with our rain chances. it will bring in more clouds and humidity as we start to see a couple of weather systems moving by. in terms of temperatures, a much-needed cool down. we're going from mid-80s today to low 70s by the weekend and there may still be spotty showers here or there, not expecting a significant rainfall amount. and then, for san francisco, going to see more fog and cooler temperatures, marcus. >> thanks, kari. another local news update coming up for you in 30 minutes. (gararage door o opening) it is my f father's lolove..
8:28 am
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♪ ohhh yeahahhh! get t free in-gagarage delivy with myq® and key b by amazo. 8:30 now, wednesday morning, october 7th, 2020. check them out look at that we have a real big family to meet on "today" plaza. we can't wait to sit and visit with you guys. glad you woke up early. >> fired up, too. >> by the way, speaking of adorableness, how about this twin baby brothers. >> oh. >> let's meet vince and little pauly, two miracles, and their wonderful family will share their story. it was not easy for them to get here and get to this moment but here they are. it's really incredible, will touch your hearts. >> adorable.
8:31 am
then jill martin is working on steals and deals filled with kitchen items, craig, that will come in handy and is sure to be a holiday season like no other. >> looking forward to that, carson. a few hours -- a few hours, geez few minutes from now, there he is, dr. mcdreamy himself, patrick dempsey, will join us. he will tell us about this devilish new drama he's in you'll see patrick dempsey in a way you've not seen him before all right. meantime world mental health day is on saturday tomorrow on "today," we're launching a special series focused on mental health the first thing we'll focus on -- this is obviously important for kids, between remote learning, isolation and a pause on favorite activities, what's the impact this pandemic is having on teenagers vicki nguyen will take a look at that, as well as some answers. hey, al, how about a look at the weather? >> let's look at the weekend,
8:32 am
get this week over with. a cool start in the northeast and unseasonably warm through the mid plains and sunshine and seasonal out west, but they are dealing with delta down on the gulf coast, and then as we move into saturday, flooding rain moves into the mississippi/tennessee river valleys. sunshine from the plains, great lakes, all the way down into record heat with texas, and a pacific storm moves into the good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's a foggy start to the day. not only for san francisco but for the inland areas as it's still misting and drizzling. highs into the mid-80s inland area. look at temperatures. it continues to cool off with more clouds. also a slight chance of rain
8:33 am
from friday into saturday. nice and mild on sunday, and warming up early next week. >> and that's your latest weather. hoda >> all right, al, thank you. coming up next, the most adorable "today" exclusive you'll ever see. you are looking at the salmonese twins, their 2-year-old, too, will join us
8:34 am
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once you mail it, drop it off at your polling place or at a drop box. vote by mail ballots. simple, safe, secure. counted. learn more at ongoing series, "with you today. this morning, miracle baby twins who defied the odds, but it was not an easy road home. >> no. it was really touch and go for dana and joe salmonese as mom and babies endured scares, including giving the stress during a pandemic. that's not even half the story you see a happy ending, because
8:36 am
they're holding those two happy endings right there. first, god answered prayers, they say, with these two healthy miracle baby fighters. >> this is vince he was born 4 pounds, 1 ounce. >> and these are our miracle baby fighters. >> dana and joe salmonese's twin babies are called the miracle baby fighters, and for good reason. >> 10% chance to live, and they did it they fought through it. >> the twins' mom, dana, had a rollercoaster pregnancy. doctors noticed an abnormality during a sonogram. dana had a rare condition called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, when twins share a placenta and one baby gets more blood than the other. >> blood than the other. >> something was not done she ran a risk of 70% or higher that she would lose one or both of the babies. >> at nyu winthrop hospital, the babies received a life-saving
8:37 am
surgery while in the womb. >> i remember being in my car and crying and crying and crying, not knowing what my future held. >> the surgery was in march at the height of covid. to be safe, dana's doctors sent her home on bed rest, but at 20 weeks, her water broke. >> i thought i was giving birth to two babies that would not be able to get help and would have to die in my arms. and i was scared. >> staying at the hospital was still too risky. dana could get an infection. she was on bed rest at home while joe cared for their toddler, gianna. an added worry, dana's husband, joe, first responder firefighter, came into contact with covid patients and had to take extra precautions. >> i would come home, take everything off, shower at the firehouse i would be doing these things but as an extra precaution i would do at home anyway. >> dana says the support from friends gave her courage when she needed it most. >> it was all our friends, signs outside, their cars saying you can do this. you're strong. it gave me courage. >> at 31 weeks, dana had a c-section, the twins taken to
8:38 am
the nicu. >> i kept saying it's mommy. it's mommy hi i couldn't wait to meet you. >> vince went home first, then after an emotional hospital send-off a few weeks later, pauly had a homecoming of his own. >> i had the most amazing blessings from god. >> these guys are really, truly miracle babies. >> what a story, dana and joe salmonese join us exclusively along with those miracles, 4-month-old boys, vince and pauly. good morning, family. >> hi. >> good morning. thanks for having us. >> we're so glad to see you. i know gianna is off camera. she's almost 2 we know how 2-year-olds can be maybe we'll see her later. >> she's a little wild. >> how is everybody doing? do you want to tell everyone the nicknames you gave them? >> vince the prince and pauly
8:39 am
smally. >> came up with it to keep track of them. >> is this true that the guys from the jersey shore, pauly and vinny were like, cool, they named them after us? is that true >> yes. >> these guys are from the north shore. >> that was so cool, though, when they shouted us out awesome. >> very cool. >> you've been through so much i can't imagine what it must feel like to be able to have those babies home. they're both home now. i was so struck, actually, guys, that the babies -- the first time they met outside the womb was actually like a month later. they didn't immediately get to be right next to each other. do they have that twin thing going on do they seem to recognize each other? >> oh, yes when we put them next to each other, they definitely have a twin thing going on, and a little bit of competition, too one starts crying, the other one starts crying for attention. it's funny
8:40 am
they play off each other. >> it's not funny at night when one starts crying, the other one starts crying. >> dana, i was just thinking about -- we're listening to all the things that happened to you in the hospital. the fact that you had surgery, basically, before those children were born. you were in the middle of a pandemic it was touch and go. they told you that your children had a 10% chance of surviving. what was the thing that kept you going through all of that? >> i have to say my faith. god has -- i always say don't tell god how big your storm is you tell the storm how big your god is i just kept praying and it really got me through the most difficult time in my life. >> it's so beautiful such an inspiration for people joe, you must look at your wife and just marvel at her i mean, she just gave up so much for those babies and had to be on bed rest. >> that's true. >> what do you think of what she
8:41 am
did? >> extremely proud of her. not many people i know can go through that, what she went through, and during a pandemic on top of that, you know, i'm on the front lines and she has to worry about me bringing home covid. it was just -- it was a lot. it was like a bad nightmare, to tell you the truth now everything is finally -- we're finally waking up. it still feels surreal, what we went through i always tell her it could be worse. we just kept pushing along and hoping for the best. we really didn't think that they were going to make it. and they really are miracles it's amazing how far they came i can't thank dr. chavez enough. he is my hero, what he did he saved their lives i can't thank him enough thank you, dr. chavez. >> joe and dana, your beautiful babies gosh, miracles do happen we see it. by the way, joe you're our hero. not only are you a front line firefighter, you're also taking care of the 2-year-old when mom's on bed rest, somebody has to take care of that
8:42 am
toddler. as moms of toddlers, hats off to you. >> yeah. i was cooking for gianna, mama mama has to raise twins, you have to cook a lot. >> you guys seem to have it all down you're awesome salmonese family, blessings to you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> feel-good story of the day. after every show, they say you remember one story, and that's definitely going to be our one. still ahead this morning, we'll give your kitchen an upgrade. jill's steals and deals for socially distant fall get-togethers. when you take a lookok at her rerecord, it all b begins to un-ravel. anann ravel's no reforormer, she's backed b by big corprporas who've poured hundreds of ththousands ininto her camamp. and d she opposeses ballot m mes to makake the econonomy more fr fofor working g people. only davave cortese e is endorsy the e californiaia democratitic. hehe's helplping us battle thehe pandemicc
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8:45 am
having. >> who better to guide us than jill martin? she has found some bargains and for instant access, grab that phone, scan the qr code at the bottom of your screen. there it is right there. scan that. what's up, jill? good morning. >> hi there. welcome to my home kitchen seven months ago this was a room i didn't spend much time in. now i feel like it's become everyone's meeting and eating grounds. i grabbed up some elevated essentials to heat up the kitchen game. so we started with the super heated steam countertop oven. this is great for quick an easy meals. the oven uses super heated steam technology it's extra roomy look how i made this 12-inch personal pizza i can't wait to eat and how crispy it looks. retail is $399.99. the deal $149. over 60% off
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next up, sophie conran bakeware collection retail is $48 to $84, and there are eight styles to choose from. comes in this beautiful gift box, made from durable porcelain and can be used in the freezer or oven and straight to the table. get this, it's dishwasher, oven and microwave safe easy breezy. retail $43 to $80. the deal $15 to $40, up to 50% off. this is something that a lot of you can use. it is cuisipro. great to have on hand for all those thanksgiving turkeys fat separator helps to make gravies and sauces the retail is $60.95 retail, and
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8:49 am
bakeware collection and the cuisiproroasting accessory, the two-piece cookbook set, and the random house cookbook, and the ballerini blender, the ullo wine purifier happy cooking, everyone. hope to add a little spice and love to your holiday meals we'll send it back to our anchor chefs in the studio. >> have my eye on that 800-watt blender. make gold dust with that. >> the gr code is right beneath us if you want to scan that. can you also head to we're back in a moment
8:50 am
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8:51 am
we're back at 8:51 time for some birthdays. >> all right we like to have those smucker jars ready let's spin them and celebrate some birthdays
8:52 am
happy 1st birthday to calvin ford of buffalo, new york. looking for calvin, check out the grocery store, because it is one of his favorite spots to visit. me, too. leo lang is from canal winchester, ohio, always in a good mood and laughs at everything i need him here. happy first birthday to kinsley kemper from fair view heights, illinois at this bright age he already likes reading. and ayden douglas, columbus, georgia, nothing he loves to do than eat his snacks. >> makes two of us paisleigh, and happy 1st birthday to emmaline ralph from verona, wisconsin. if she's not out for a walk she'll be playing with her puppy brother. >> so cute >> should we keep the celebrating going? >> okay.
8:53 am
out on the plaza, am looking for one family, the smothers family in maryland. and they have seven kids. i am going to name them. we have mia, marie, mandisa, malika, malaki, and ranging from 5 months to 9 years and hats off to mom and dad. you have your hands full, but we are celebrating a moment. tell us what you are celebrating today. >> hi, everyone. we're celebrating my husband's 39th birthday and mandi will be 6 on saturday. >> yay >> someone wants to steal the show. >> here we go. an air force veteran for nearly a decade serving overseas. >> thank you. >> has given his life to his country and his family we just want to celebrate you. the 5-month-old old that you have in your -- who are these two little guys?
8:54 am
>> my gosh. >> this is malachi and miles. >> we love all the ms. thank you so much. we appreciate you. why did you guys pick the letter m as your favorite letter? >> we picked the letter m. i was trying to be creative. my mom's family all has in their names so we picked m names melana, mika, malachi. >> we're hoping mika comes out of her shell one of these days. >> thank you so much chucuck, thanks s for your s see quickly. back to the big board, we don't have a lot of time good to see you guys university of north carolina girls, thank you so much shout out to aunt annie.
8:55 am
my aunt annie was a nurse in north carolina we see you, just got engaged congratulations. camden, where are you? 19 today and everybody thank you. we appreciate you joining us >> when she started that announcement, i thought she was going to say she was having another child. >> you never know. they're awesome. what a great plaza today. >> beautiful. >> that's it expert tips to help small businesses get back on track. >> and on hoda and jenna, if you've ever been apple picking we have the tastiest dessert with your apples did you all do it yet? >> not yet. >> i did. >> of course he did. we have that and more and first your local news. back to the big board. >> thank you.
8:56 am
good morning. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. amazon cutting the ribbon on a new distribution center in east contra costa county located in oak loy on wilbur avenue. this morning the center initially creating new jobs opening lamter this month at a site dupont chemical plant and amazon becoming the city's
8:57 am
largest employer. at the ribbon cutting talking to oakley leaders and a live report during our newsday news cast. raising new hopes when it comes to reopening california schools. the state's top health leader says there's no link to reopening schools for in-person opening and increased coronavirus transmission. go to our homee page foror moro that storory. > more e local weatather comp in a an hour. hey need,, thatat risky jobob gets ten times s harder. prop fififteen makeses corporats papay their fafair share.. to i invest in o our communini, in ourur clinics,, in the essssential wororkers whwho treat eveveryone- ririch, poor, , and in-betetw. whetheher it's s this pandedemr ththe next heaealth crisisi, vote yeses on prop f fifteen. fofor all of u us.
8:58 am
kari tracks the fall changes for the rest of the work week. today in the bay from 4:30 t sflo. vice presidential showdown. team coverage and full analysis of the debate. plus a cooldown. kari tracks fall changes for the rest of the workweek "today in the bay" 4:30 to 7:00 tomorrow morning.
8:59 am
the ununfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
9:00 am
this is the third hour of today. good wednesday morning to you. have a hap happy, happy day. >> hump day. >> you can add that in there. >> dylan, craig and sheinelle. wednesday, october 7th, the hump day. >> yes. >> boy, do we have a packed show. later on, we'll be talking small business businesses. maybe you own one. maybe you know one in your town that's struggling. well, we all do. we'll tell you what resources are available to help those folks right now. >> plus can't wait to talk about patrick dempsey, who will join us live.


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