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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 8, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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okay. thank you very much, kari. so, we start with breaking news. we just learned about half an hour ago the next presidential debate will be virtual, but we are just finding out within the last few minutes that the president is saying he's not going to participate. it will still be some sort of town hall or would have been, we should say. for that matter. literally this information is just coming into our newsroom right now. the president is saying he will not participate in it. it was scheduled to be held thursday october 15th from miami. the final debate is set for october 22nd in nashville. no word on whether the president, if he'll participate in that one. we know the president this the fact that you continue morning is declaring he is back to work in the oval office and to undermine public confidence in a vaccine. the doctors tell plans to hit the pause button on we should take i'll be the stimulus talks. tracie potts joins us live from first in line to take it.ldake washington with more on that
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story and all the happenings from washington. it. right now at 5:00, head to tracie. >> hi, laura. the president saying he won't head, vice president mike pence participate in the debate after and senator kamala harris in saying initially he was looking their one and only debate. forward to it. but we do know that he is back did either win? to work. enthusestically saying he feels great, even though he's not did either one move either completed the recommended ten-day isolation for a positive voters? we'll have live coverage next. growing google in downtown covid-19 patient. the president's doctor says no san jose. what the massive new development fever in four days, no symptoms might look like but with falling in 24 hours. so, he's back in the oval rents and people leaving the office. cities, is this the right move? new uncertainties ahead in a >> this was a blessing from god live report. that i caught it. >> reporter: president trump out and four bay area counties of isolation, back in the oval not meeting new testing and office praising the experimental tracking minimums when it comes antibody cocktail he's taking. >> i'm going to make it free. to treating covid in disadvantaged communities. how it may impact future reop you're not going to pay for it. it just made me better. i call that a cure. >> i think it's a tragedy that the president deals with covid reopenings as "today in the bay" continues right now. very good thursday morning. i'm laura garcia. like it is something not to >> i'm chrkris sanchez, i'm in marcus washington. worry about. the forecast is changing just a 210,000 people have died.
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bit. we want to start with mike i think it's a travesty. inouye because the roadway is >> reporter: he's back in the blocked in south san jose. >> a picture tells 1,000 words west wing with limited staff and and i don't have time for that protective gear. on the phone with republicans many. let's go look at what our about the coronavirus stimulus. >> the stimulus negotiations are photographer has on highway 101. there we go. traffic is squeezing by in the off. if the speaker is willing to look at those things on a piece center divide but you see across the whole screen that overturned box truck is the reason why by piece basis, then we're northbound 101 has all four functional lanes not functioning willing to look at it. right now. >> reporter: a piece meal deal. no major injuries, but look at that. a lot to clean up. $1,200 checks now and money for chp says at least 5:30 before testing, schools, renters and businesses on hold. they can open this. the map will show you these >> all he has ever wanted in the trucks and these cars all backed negotiation was to send out a up here past blossom hill and check with his name printed on making their way back towards the 85 split and use 85 to 87 it. >> reporter: outside washington, workers are suffering. >> the partisanship is just for your alternate. totally ruining everything for and we'll track the rest of the us. >> we dipped into savings that bay which is easy. back over to kari. are supposed to be there. >> all right. if you're wondering why i was our kids and i just don't know just looking off to the side, my shot was frozen. if there is recovery from that. but now we're all good. >> reporter: economic recovery let's take a look at our air delayed by a president who said quality as we are going to see he's cured of covid two days still some smoke coming in for after leaving the hospital.
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today. we're watching the north bay tracie potts, nbc news. because it will still be >> all right, so, while we sort unhealthy out there. out of the details of the next we've seen that smoke drifting else where across the bay area presidential debate, how about a and the spare the air alert does look at last night's vice continue for today even though presidential debate. we'll have much cooler it was watched by millions of temperatures and clouds moving people. there were some occasionally in. it's going to be a nice day temperature wise. tense exchanges, including this but air quality you'll need to one over the pandemic and the response. watch tha >> they knew and they covered it up. the president said it was a hoax. they minimized the seriousness of it. >> we were able to see to the delivery of billions of supplies so our doctors and nurses had the resources and support they needed. and we began really before the month of february was hard to develop a vaccine. >> the candidates separated by plexiglass also traded shots on the economy and an issue important to many americans right now, racial injustice. >> the president of the united states took a debate stage in front of 70 million americans and refused to condemn white supremacists. >> he condemned the kkk, neo-nazis and white supremacists and has done so repeatedly.
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>> this, of course, was the only vice presidential debate. both candidates are expected to be back on the campaign trail later today. now even as more and more people work from home, if they're still lucky enough to have jobs, google plans to build its massive new development in downtown san jose. the plan is called downtown west. "today in the bay" live in san jose to show us how the plans are moving forward and maybe changing because of how we're changing how we work, sharon. >> that's right, kris. you know, this project would bring a lot more office space to this area for google but also because so many people are working from home. it would provide six times more than housing than the original plan before the pandemic. google and the city are working on this massive project described as a city within a city. there will be community hearings and a vote on the project in spring next year. google says the site will include 4,000 housing units and
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25% of that affordable housing. this all comes at a time when home prices are still high while rent prices continue to drop. rent prices are down 10% in san jose and oakland. and 20% down in san francisco. bay area home prices continue to reach unprecedented levels. the median sale price for a single family home in the bay area was $975,000 in august. that's up 16% from a year ago. as we've heard before, the limited supply of houses is the main reason behind the higher prices. also, more and more people are working from home now. realtors say tech workers and other professionals want more space for family and home offices. and, of course, san jose city leaders say they very much appreciate that google is still moving forward with this project during the pandemic. reporting live in san jose, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much, sharon. 5:09 right now. four bay area counties are not meeting california's new equitie
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metrics when it comes to treating coronavirus. issued their first report which is meant to show treatment despairties in the largest counties. it's also now included as part of the color coded tier assessment system allowing counties to reopen. san francisco, contra costa and sonoma counties are all not meeting target goals. eight other california counties also are set to have missed the mark. san francisco muni operators who enforce mask rules are reportedly more likely to be physically and verbally assaulted by riders. the examiner says data from mta finds between april and august there were 31 reported physical attacks on operators and 120 reported verbal attacks. nine of the attacks were mask related while more than half of the 120 verbal altercations also had to do with masks. it's 5:10 right now.
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kari has a look at our cool down that is headed our way. little feeling of fog in the air. >> yeah. it's going to be so nice today. it's been a long time since we've even had some near normal temperatures. so, the cool down will be welcomed. as you get ready to head out the door thisern moi morning, maybeg out to the dublin b.a.r.t. station. more clouds moving in and it is going to be very slow to warm up today as we only reach into the low to mid 60s by noon today and that's because our high temperatures will only reach into the low 70s. we're up to 71 degrees in livermore and 70 in san jose and 60s in palo alto and 71 today in santa rosa. we'll talk more about this cool down and our rain chances if we'll see any. that's coming up. mike, how is it looking right now for the commute? >> kari, still talking about this going on since early morning. before 4:00 this overturned rig we're looking at up in northbound 101 in san jose.
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there you see it across the lanes. it looks like a lane of traffic. really that shoulder in the center divide area and look in the distance. all the headlights jammed up here on the map and you'll see that, as well. folks squeezing by and only that service area on the left side but the map shows you the backup extending past silver creek area and almost back towards the 85/1 01 split. c, had chp says it will be 5:30 before they clear that. no tow truck yet. the rest of the bay outside of north 101 through san jose looks great. back over to you. >> all right, busy morning out there. thank you, mike. 5:11 right now. out on bail. still ahead at 5:25 on "today in the bay" an update on the overnight protests in minneapolis hours after the former officer charged in the george floyd case was released. the stock market comes roaring back and roaring
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airplanes. supersonic flight may be in your future. >> all right. that is macaulay culkin. he has a message for you about touching your face and wearing a mask whether or not you're stuck home alone. we'll show you that. you're watching "today in the bay." oscar the grouch here to tell you, yeah, you,
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to wear a mask out in public around other people. sure it'll keep you healthy. but more importantly, i won't have to see your happy smiling face. ugh. and if you don't want to wear a mask, i've just got one thing to tell you. scram, go away. ugh. caring for each other because we are all in this together. so wear a mask and have a rotten day, will ya? ugh. right now at 4:14. we are seeing some clear visibility for many of oour microclimates as you get ready
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to head out this morning and that is because those clouds have lifted up and a weather system moving in and i think it will give us a beautiful sunrise so get ready. we'll talk about what those clouds will bring us as we head into the weekend. that is coming up in a few minutes. >> kari, wish we could use this getting lifted up. the truck overturned and across lanes north 101 just shy of hellyer. the backup in the distance on the map you can see it, as well. back to basically the highway 85 split and use 85 and 87 as your alternate. we'll talk about the progress they have because they need a tow truck, at least one. well, good morning and a very happy thursday to you. facebook says it will delete posts that used militarized language to recruit poll watchers. president trump's campaign has been running ads for what it calls trump's army. facebook says that runs the risk of voter intimidation. facebook also says it will not
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allow any political ads following the end of voting on election day to prevent one candidate from declaring victory too soon. because of all the mail-in ballots it may be several days before we know who won the presidential election and that's okay. no law says we need to know that night. the stock market bounced back wednesday after president trump reversed himself said he would be willing to negotiate some aspects of the next stimulus bill, including relief for airlines. airline stocks, as you might imagined, climbed. energy prices are higher as hurricane delta home to so many oil rigs. first-time jobless claim numbers today. we get those in about 15 minutes showing how many americans went to the unemployment office virtually last week. normally those numbers around 200,000 and around 800,000 each week. the start up unveiled the first version of its supersonic
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airliner. boom supersonic is building the first passenger plane yesterday rolling out its first functioning airplane so it can undergo tests. now, this model is smaller than the actual airliner, it will be about the size of a 737. hasn't flown yet. when it does, the first privately built supersonic airplane in history. i spoke to the company's ceo. >> that's right. historically, this has been governments and militaries only. concorde was a joint venture between the french and british governments and every other supersonic aircraft has been military. this is the first independently developed supersonic jet ever. >> here's a look at the full-size airliner which they have not actually built, but they'll use that small test they'll learn to build the bigger one. great fun. more than 50 years since they developed the concorde. it's been a long time since we've seen a passenger supersonic jet. >> i want to ride the one they test in full, like not the
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model. they build the real one off the model. i want them to test the real one first. >> maybe like the eighth flight. like the eighth flight. >> one, no thanks. >> thanks, scott. >> where is the adventure in you. well, regal movie chain, they're temporarily closing all 536 regal theaters in the u.s. as of today. the move was spurred by "no time to die" the next bond film coming out abandoning its release in favor of an april 2nd reopening. regal is the second largest theater chain behind amc and has bay area theaters in dublin and in oakland. the happiest place on earth will not open again any time soon. that is the latest word from governor newsom about california theme parks including disneyland. the state will work with those new guidelines and the governor says he's concerned about those parks becoming covid hot beds.
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disney recently laid off 28,000 employees. trenning this morning, macaulay culkin may take the title for the most creative face covering. take a look the 40-year-old posting this photo to instagram. his mask showcasing his younger self in his vintage "home alone" look where he grabbed his face, remember that and screamed after putting on some after shave. the re-creation of that moment from the classic film is his way to remind people to take the precautions although touching your face not such a great idea. >> one of those things, why didn't i think of that? that's so cute. really creative masks out there. i like your tortila one, too, laura. >> it's over here. different ones out there. okay. well, if you are going to be out and about, though, maybe a little warmer. yesterday was the first late afternoon that i put on a hoodie
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to go for a bike ride with the kids. it was a little cool out there. >> nice. it finally feels like fall. such a welcome sight to have some cooler temperatures for the bay area. but we better take it in and enjoy because we have a lot of changes ahead. let me first start out with a look of satellite imagery showing what is happening and more clouds prspreading in and also the first of the two weather systems we're expecting moving in. as you can see, no rain with it. all the rain staying off the coast and another one right behind that we are expecting t move in for friday into saturday and, also, looks like that rain avoids the bay area. let's go look hour by hour at what we're looking at here, once again. a spread of clouds moving in. clearing out on friday. then saturday the next one moves in. it does show some light spotty showers, but it's not the heavy rain and the soaking that we needed that we were originally seeing on those computer models. a lot has changed over the past
5:18 am
few days and we may see some spots with some drizzle throughout the day, especially along the coastline. inland a few spotty showers. but we so desperately needed that rain because we are now in an extreme drought now. they do not have drought conditions across much of southern california and near the l.a. area. but here in the bay area, we did not have those heavy rainfalls at the end of the rainy season last year. so, we're starting out the water year this time around and mostly moderate to severe and then as you head farther to the north, we have extreme drought conditions for parts of the north bay. of course, where we do have the fires and, of course, with climate change. we could see more of these periods of some extended drought as we go into the future. so, it really was sad to see that rain drying up in the forecast. we're looking at still some cooler weather and breezy conditions and that will also help hopefully keep the spread of the glass fire from happening so quickly. and it will warm up, again, for the middle of next week.
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all right, mike, i hope you have some better news in the traffic report. >> sorry. nope. we have this, we just have these pictures, kari. we do have folks getting by this truck. overturned since before 4:00 this morning. look at that. they're squeezing by in the center divide surface area and the headlights that is what kari hoped we had better news for. we are waiting for more trucks. i believe chp hasn't updated and another truck in the area perhaps to off load, i hope not, because that will take longer. three miles of backup from the 85/101 split heading up to the scene at hellyer. monterey road which is doing just fine for our speed sensors and as the commute builds and that is over the next 20 minutes. that will mean 101 north of 680 actually maintains a clear drive this morning likely. the rest of the bay hasn't started backing up at all yet. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike.
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developing now former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin awaiting trial for murder is now out on bond. chauvin was released on a noncash bail set at $1 million. he faces 12 years, if he is convicted. hundreds of chemdemonstrators peacefully marched with some traveling by car to the site where floyd died back in may. wisconsin health leaders are trying to contain a new surge in covid cases. in response, the governor announced the opening of a takes effect limiting crowds in bars and restaurants. happening today, parts of new york city will revert back to their most severe covid restrictions in months comes as the city ramps up its crackdown on covid-19 hot spots. the impacted neighborhood are in
5:24 am
brooklyn and in queens. coming up next, the top stories that we're following for you on this thursday morning, including targeting undocumented immigrants. the growing number of arrests ic.e. is revealing it recently made across the state. plus, working to help renters. the relief on the way for some folks in the bay area just trying to make it in the bay. we'll be right back.
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right now at 5:30 breaking news. debate drama. the changes just made to the next presidential debate. this coming after president trump tested positive for covid-19. what he just told fox news about taking part in round two. as "today in the bay "continues right now. good morning. thanks for joining us on this thursday. i'm kris sanchez in for marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we'll get to the forecast and its changes in just a little bit. but want to check in with mike because you've been keeping tabs on this overturned box truck in the south bay. >> that's right, laura. a larger box truck, a delivery style truck you see going to your businesses out there. we're looking at it on its side out there right now northbound on 101. the steady stream of lights coming towards us and more lights over on the left and tow truck activity there but i don't know if one's enough to right that rig and they need two to
5:28 am
hook up together to right the rig and get it out of the way. maybe 5:30 but it's 5:31 and still haven't budged. that backup they're stopping it, again. getting ready to do more activity and perhaps position another truck. i'll keep my eye s on this off camera. the backup extends over three miles to the 85 split with north 101. monterey road picking up a little more traffic but no big concern yet. it could be a good alternate. word of people turning around on the onramp at blossom hill to get out of that backup, don't do that, folks. the rest of the bay light traffic right now, kari. i've enjoyed the change in the weather, as well. >> yeah. we're looking much better here. the weather department in terms of temperatures. as we go through today looking at our temperature trend heading through noon, it's going to be really nice. make some plans to get outside and so much cooler and a lot of our inland areas for the valleys
5:29 am
only reaching to the low 70s today, if you can believe that. we'll talk about what is ahead in our forecast coming up in a few minutes, kris and laura. >> thank you very much, kari. the breaking news we're following this morning. debate drama. we're not talking about last night's debate but what is coming down the road in the next presidential debate. within the last hour, the commission on presidential debates said it would hold a virtual debate with president trump and joe biden in different locations. president trump was quick to fire back on live tv just a short time ago saying he won't do it. >> i heard that the commission a little while ago changed the debate style. and that's not acceptable to us. >> well, you're saying you're not going to participate? >> i'm not going to waste my time in a virtual debate. you sit behind a computer ask do a debate, it's ridiculous. >> for now the debate is still scheduled to be eheheld next
5:30 am
thursday town hall style from miami. all of this breaking news comes after the vice presidential candidates faced off in their first and only debate last night. the two tackled an array of topics in salt lake city ranging from health care to covid. cierra johnson is live in san francisco with a break down for us this morning. cierra? >> good morning. yes, safe to say the debate last night between vice president mike pence and senator kamala harris was civil, but there were some moments of tension as the two debated some of the nation's most pressing issue. the first topic they tackled as expected, covid-19. just a week after president trump was diagnosed with the virus. senator harris reasserted her campaign's message that the trump administration simply failed in its handling of the pandemic while the vice president touted trump as a president who put the health of america first. take a listen. >> they knew and they covered it up. the president said it was a hoax.
5:31 am
they minimized the seriousness of it. >> we were able to see to the delivery of billions of supplies so our doctors and nurses had the resources and support they needed. and we began really before the month of february. it was hard to develop a vaccine. >> another point of contention, the president's handling of racial injustice. trump's response to whether or not he would condemn white supremacists at the first debate was addressed by both candidates. >> the president of the united states took a debate stage in front of 70 million americans and refused to condemn white supremacists. >> he condemned the kkk, neo-nazi and white supremacist and has done so repeatedly. >> and although this is the only debate the two will engage in, it proved to be a completely different debate than the one we saw about a week ago. they both stuck to their talking point, but at times had trouble
5:32 am
sticking to the time limit. very interesting night played out last night. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson, "today in the bay." >> thanks for always listening to your time cues, too. more glass fire evacuees are being allowed to return to their homes and some will find nothing. some of those homes are just gone. at a high school in santa rosa a one-stop of information and clean-up kits have been set up for residents. this is a place that has experienced with destructive forest fires. so, local officials knew how to streamline that process of offering support. they are now passing out kits with clean-up equipment like shovels and sifters and masks. >> my last three pretty good size buildings and fortunately my home is still there, but won't be able to be lived there in for six months. >> burned homes are full of contaminants and stuff and it's important that people utilize the ppe they have so they're not inhaling the ashes from the home. >> the kits will be available to residents to help clean up.
5:33 am
they can be picked up at the high school and two other sites in sonoma county through next week. we've got new details this morning. activists are reportedly suing the city of san francisco accusing police of using illegal surveillance during the george floyd protests. "the chronicle" reports that the police department tapped into a network of hundreds of surveillance cameras in the union square area to spy on protesters without legal authority to do so. the city bans the use of osurveillance technology without prior approval from supervisors except in emergencies. neither the city nor police are commenting at this time. homeland security is talking about arrests made in a week-long bust targeting undocumented immigrants across california. between september 28th and october 2nd, i.c.e. agents arrested 128 people mostly in southern california. but also six in the bay area.
5:34 am
nearly all of those arrested have either prior convictions or pending charges. ndhs says the arrest went on despite california's sanctuary policies. now to our pandemic coverage. the bay area not seeing a spike right now, but, there are still hundreds of new cases reported. look by county by county and in total there are now 105,000 confirmed cases. and a staff member for governor newsom tested positive for covid-19. the governor said he had no contact with that employee, but there's another separate case. another state worker also tested positive and that employee works in a shared space with some of the governor's staff. but, again, the employee did not have direct contact with the guff. dr. fauci joining a virtual event that starts at 5:00 p.m. fauci will answer questions about the virus and how it could affect the ability of colleges to reepoen safely.
5:35 am
san francisco is boosting renter protections to help tenants try to make it in the bay. the examiner reports that supervisors failed to halt no-fault evictions until march of next year. help tenants struggling during the pandemic. mayor london breed banned evictions and this order was initially supposed to end next month. 5:38 right now. you know what is starting for us in the bay area, cooler temperatures kari has been telling us about. >> welcome change, indeed. we're going to also still have some drifts of smoke so even though the weather will be nicer temperature wise, we still do need to limit our time outside especially in the north bay where the air quality remains unhealthy and we'll see at times some of that smoke moving else where into the bay area. now, it has been clearing a little bit this morning for the bay and the coast, but expect at times more of that smoke coming
5:36 am
in for this afternoon. now, we're also watching the weather conditions around the glass fire because that also has an impact eon how much smoke we're seeing and how fast that fire will be spreading. temperatures this morning in the mid 50s and much higher humidity. good news there, as well. mike, what is the update on that south bay accident. >> well, kari, talking about north 101. effectively all lanes are still blocked but we do have changes over there. last we saw the live picture joining now. the rig was on its side. on its wheels and on its tires. it looks like it's in good enough shape to be moved and i'm not sure. it has been sitting there for seven minutes now. folks still squeezing by. you see as folks get past that ask dart back to the right to fill in the other lines and gun it. be careful through that area. three miles of backup heading here and 680 through the construction zone and north of mission boulevard. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike.
5:37 am
5:40 right now. a growing and deadly outbreak at a california nursing home. next on "today in the bay" the request that one college is making also to hundreds of students and teachers amid a surge in cases of covid on campus. as laura and kris were telling you, ittic l ilooks lik next presidential debate is much up in the air. we'll dive into the history books to see what we can find. one of the biggest music festivals in the world. what we're learning about another delay for the coachella music festival. you're watching "today in the bay." say yes... to the best bargains ever at ross! yes! oh, yeah! yep. yesss! savings on savings on savings?
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savings from top to bottom! that's yes for less. at ross. right now at 35:43. let's head out the door in the east bay with our temperature trend. as you get ready to step out upper 50s and a lot of clouds. we'll see it slowly warming up today as it will be much cooler this afternoon. we were hoping for some rain this weekend, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. we were hoping for this clear roadway north 101. survey says, not yet. the rig is on its wheels and tires right now still have four lanes blocking northbound 101 just shy of hellyer and now we have the commute building there, as well as at the bay bridge. look at the backup forming in the middle lanes right on schedule for this pattern coming out of the east bay. >> thank you, mike. breaking right now. the latest just released weekly
5:41 am
jobless numbers and the labor department says 840,000 people filed first-time claims last week. that is slightly higher than the forecast. it also 9,000 fewer than the week prior. continuing claims came in at just under 11 million people. 5:44. brand-new this morning, the next presidential debate we found out will be virtual. all right. within minutes, scott mcgrew, we found out the president said he wouldn't go. >> right. the commission on presidential debates made that announcement this morning and you brought that to our viewers saying the move would guarantee the health and safety of all involved. president trump, as you reported, said he's not interested. back at the oval office still despite being contagious well under the ten-day to isolate. if we have a remote debate, it certainly wouldn't be the first time. >> the democratic presidential
5:42 am
nominee senator john f. kennedy separated by 3,000 miles the republican richard m. nixon. now joined for tonight's discussion by a network of electronic facilities which permits each candidate to see and hear the other. >> probably used your electronic facility last night to watch the vice presidential debate. it was largely civil. our cierra johnson is taking a look at that and highlights coming up. an appeals court says president trump has to turn over his tax returns to a grand jury in manhattan who we believe is looking into two things. the payment mr. trump made to two women including stormy daniels and possible tax evasion by the trump administration or organization. president trump pushing the fda to give quick approval to an experimental drug for covid-19. regeneron was given to him at the hospital and he went on to
5:43 am
praise it. >> i wasn't feeling so hot and within a very short period of time they gave me regeneron. and other things, too. but they gave me regeneron and it was unbelievable. i felt good immediately. i felt as good three days ago as i do now. so, i just want to say, we have regeneron and a very similar drug from eli lily and they're coming out and trying to get them on an emergency basis. i've authorized it. and if you're in the hospital and you're feeling really bad, i think we're going to work it so you get them and you're going to get them free. >> the atlanta journal constitution reports that white house chief of staff mark meadows held a lavish wedding reception for his daughter in may despite the governor of georgia prohibiting large groups. meadows has not responded to the allegations but the journal of constitution says it has pictures it has not published
5:44 am
and in,nbc showing about 70 peo gathered dancing and eating indoors without masks. the head of the security office diagnosed with covid. bloomberg reports he is very seriously ill. you can follow us on twitter i'm @scottmcgrew. >> that is very concerning. thank you, scott. in the meantime a skilled nursing home in santa cruz county is now dealing with a deadly outbreak of covid-19. nine pop elhave died at watsonville post acute center. more than 60 patients and staff have been infected since the start of the outbreak three weeks ago. state and county health workers are now helping. well, all students at a small shasta county college are now in quarantine after an outbreak that sickened dozens of students and teachers. at least 137 people have been infected with covid-19 since classes resumed one month ago at the bethel school. it is run by the bethel mega church in reading. an evangelical college.
5:45 am
the school says 68 out of its 1,600 students have active cases. most of them having contracted the virus from social interactions outside of school hours and off campus. and new this morning, bad news for music lovers. the show will not go on at coachella after all. not this year anyway. the event was rescheduled from april to this month and now festival organizers are just calling the whole thing off. the event usually draws 250 fans to the desert in southern california, but promoters say coachella may return next october, but they haven't set any dates just yet. well, trending this morning, kris. barbie is going viral for her new message addressing racism. take a listen. >> white people get an advantage they didn't earn and get a disadvantage that they didn't deserve. >> exactly. it's really serious. >> those are the mattel dolls
5:46 am
barbie and nikki and describes two instances where she was racially profiled or experienced subtle discrimination. she and barbie talk about the black lives matter movement and the importance in speaking out against racism. the video now has more than 105,000 views. >> another avenue to talk to kids. >> i mean, i don't know who that audience is at this point, but it's not bad if it's any kid of any age playing with barbies. >> big difference from when barbie used to say math is hard, right? >> barbie has come a long way. >> yeah. >> right. >> good point. our forecast is also changing. hello, kari. >> yep. they're going to have much cooler temperatures today. take a look at our highs for this afternoon and compare it even to yesterday. our cooling trend continues as
5:47 am
san jose will only reach 70 degrees and then we'll see some low 70s for the inland areas from concord over towards the trivalley and livermore and up to 72 today in napa and san francisco reaching 64 degrees. really nice weather. a lot of changes because we're seeing this first weather system coming in. you can see all the clouds pushing into the central coast, as well as the bay area. but, unfortunately, it arer not bri bringing a lot of rain but a shift in the wind direction and bringing in higher humidity. another system right behind that that is well to the north that will be moving over towards t n. a couple weather systems originally that we hope would bring us a good soaking and the models have dried up only showing some rain off the coast with the first one and the second one keeps that rain across the north. it will still be a very active weather pattern, but high pressure moving in by next week. we'll warm up those temperatures
5:48 am
up and block our chances of getting any more rain. another case of historic flooding possible along the gulf coast with hurricane delta now a category 2. that is expected to continue to strengthen as it moves into the louisiana coast over the next 24 to 36 hours. here at home, it is going to be a welcome change. nice, quiet weather. hopefully no more of those fires and the glass fire continuing to slow down in its spread. we will warm up, though, for the middle of next week. mike, what is the update on the traffic alert? >> well, i wish it was like frying showing up on your seven-day. breezy, but not a breeze yet. north 101. look at the live camera. we still have the box truck blocking the lanes and notice more flashing lights red and blue. they're just to the north side approaching hellyer there and folks standing in the roadway. i am hoping that mean s they wil stop traffic temporarily and move this out of a couple lanes
5:49 am
and right now folks are squeezing by on the shoulder. the map shows you where we're going with the backup of the headlights about three miles back to the 85 split. as far as you can go folks are seeing the backup and making the choice to make a85. 87 slow to capitol hill. that is yo overnight construction 80 through hayward and north through sunol out of fremont. still very slow there. the bay bridge starts a little build there in the middle lanes. back to you. >> all right, thank you, mike. well, the president of world athletics, the sports international governing body says he stands by his statements. he said that he believes athletes should be able to advocate for social and racial justice at the olympics. four-time medalist sebastian is speaking out against the game's rules and now meeting with organizers ahead of next year's games in tokyo and working with a social justice team to hammer out any possible rule changes.
5:50 am
much more ahead on "today in the bay" this thursday morning, including why one inmate in alameda county that they consider dangerous is being set free., prince piwilliam's new campaign to help fight climate change by giving you a chance to win a million dollars. we'll show you how, next. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back to "today in the bay." it's 5:56 on thursday morning. developing right now, a former police officer is facing charges for creating a fake go fund me page for fallen federal officer patrick underwood. underwood you may recall was shot and killed in oakland back in may. the officer in d.c. claimed he was a relative raising money for funeral expenses. federal investigators say dominik gregory kept thousands of dollars donated by people trying to help. investigators say underwood was shot by an air force sergeant who they say sprayed bullets across a guard shack in front of a federal building. well, new this morning an alameda county jail mman is out
5:54 am
jail. in 19t 3 butler was convicted of raping two women and served 18 years. but at the time of his release in 2006, alameda county tried to hold a new trial to keep him locked up for good but that trial never happened because of delays. new this morning, more people are leaving the bay area for a little piece of paradise. at the beginning of the year until june, californians have bought nearly 600 million dollars worth of property in hawaii. that makes up over 40% of total sales coming from the u.s. real estate agents say since the pandemic, many people from the west coast are speeding up their retirement and just moving to the islands. people are moving because they realize they can work from home and how lovely it could be if you work from home from hawaii. well, prince william is teaming up with environmentalists to try to fight climate change. the prince and nationalest
5:55 am
launched a contest and the goal of the earthshot prize is to create 50 solutions to climate problems by 2030. five $1 million prizes will be awarded each year for the next ten years. it's 6:00. quickly approaching and breaking overnight, the president says he's not going to participate in the next debate. that announcement coming just w within the last hour from president trump after the debate commission had decided that the next presidential debate would all be virtual. we'll hear from the president himself as the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. and a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm kris sanchez. i'm in for marcus washington. also have highlights from last night's vice presidential debate and we'll dive into all of that. but, first, we want to get your forecast with meteorologist kari
5:56 am
hall. goodern moin morning, kari. >> as you get ready to head out and taking public transportation. in dublin we'll see temperatures in the mid 50s as we'll see more clouds moving in and a slow climb in temperatures because it will be a cooler day as our highs only reach into the mid 60s for oakland and 70 for san jose and 72 degrees for napa. we're going to have this lasting for a little while longer. we'll talk about what is ahead in the weekend forecast coming up. mike, what is the update on that breaking news? >> i am hoping we can get that live camera because i threw it in the run down at the last minute there. we are still looking at the closure of the functional lanes of northbound 101. what i mean by that, the main traffic lanes are all blocked by this big rig that was crossing the lanes and since before 4:00 this morning and so you're jammed down to just the shoulder you can use. looking at the map and the backup goes three miles with the split with 85.
5:57 am
lighter traffic flow keeps things moving smoothly aside from the three-mile stretch of 101 and slowing fremont out of fremont into sunol for that construction crew. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:00 right now. so much breaking political news this morning. we've got our team ready to go. "today in the bay" cierra johnson has highlights from last night's vice presidential debate. we begin in washington with tracie potts and breaking news from the president. the p
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