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tv   Today  NBC  October 12, 2020 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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sounds good. that's going to do it for us on >> this is really interesting. some experts are saying we'll "today in the bay" this monday morning. see a lot fewer experience type gifts like the painting classes >> a live look at the half moon or even restaurant gift cards because of concerns about social bay pumpkin weigh-off. distancing they also expect shoppers to who won coming up in our midday news at 11:00. give more traditional or physical presents and experts are predicting more of us will be shipping our gifts instead of going and delivering them in person that all makes sense. >> vicky keeps telling us we good morning. on the trail. have to start now. three weeks out, president trump gearing up for his return to >> yeah, take a page out of al campaigning, saying he is now roker's book. immune from the coronavirus. >> you know, the word "immunity" >> it starts at 3:00 a.m. it starts >> yes. 3:00 a.m means something. >> what if i wake up at 6:00 a.m. >> i think you'll be okay. having really a protective glow. 6:00 a.m., that's still acceptable, i think. it means something. >> and ss he has even tested >> set the alarm, 2:45 wake up the whole house. >> i'll meet you there. negative. >> vick, thank you you'll be back in the third hour with more information. the white house doctor saying some tricks for prime day savings. only he is no longer contagious. >> vicky, thanks so much. and joe biden prepares to before that, we are talking launch his own tour of key with kathie lee on living out battlegrounds with just 22 days her dreams and what she's doing to go. the new national poll revealing the state of the race. her dreams and what she's doing we cannot wait to talk to klg. showdown. confirmation hearings for the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. supreme court nominee amy coney
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barrett getting under way this while he, accused of stealing $5. morning. republicans pushing for a quick the stanford rapist could afford bail; vote before the election. got out the same day. the direction of the court for the senior citizen could not; generations to come hanging in the balance. forced to wait in jail nearly a year. we're there, live. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, deadly confrontation. a demonstrator shot and killed during dueling rallies in replacing it with one based on public safety. denver. a private security guard hired because the size of your wallet by a local tv station now under shouldn't determine arrest. whether or not you're in jail. straight ahead, the dramatic vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. moments caught on camera before and after that fatal encounter. picking up the pieces. hundreds of thousands on the gulf coast still without power after yet another deadly and devastating hurricane. >> i was scared. i was afraid. >> and today heavy rain from what's left of the storm moves its way up the east coast. all that, plus l.a.'s story. >> and that's it, it's over.
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unprecedented season. the team honoring kobe bryant. >> all we wanted to do was do it for him, and we didn't let him down. >> and celebrating with bubbly inside the bubble. and the home crowd goes wild. today, monday, october 12th, vote yes on prop 25 proposition 16 takes some women make as little as 42% of what a man makes. 2020 >> announcer: from nbc news, voting yes on prop 16 this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in helps us fix that. rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody, it's supported by leaders like kamala harris welcome to "today. it's good to have you with us on and opposed by those who have always opposed equality. a monday morning willie is in for hoda. it's october, and yet we can say we have a new nba champion. we either fall from grace or we rise. >> the los angeles lakers, their 17th franchise title tying them together. proposition 16 provides equal opportunities, with the boston celtics. lebron james winning his fourth title as an individual player. he was the mvp and as you pointed out, doing it for kobe levelling the playing field bryant who died less than ten for all of us. months ago, one of the greatest vote yes on prop 16. lakers of all time, of course. >> we'll catch up on that in a moment. a lot happening in the nation's capital today all eyes on that building for
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judge amy coney barrett's supreme court confirmation welcome back our good friend, kathie lee gifford, has a lot to smile about lately. >> she certainly does. she's got a hit new movie "then came you." both of her kids got married over the summer and now a new book. hearing. it's already a pivotal issue in >> she is unstoppable. the campaign, coming at a crucial time in the election she says her success is beyond her wildest dreams now just 22 days away. so i guess it's no surprise that we've got complete coverage. let's start up with peter alexander who is at the white her latest children's boom is house for us all about dreaming hi, peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to it's called "hello little you. dreamer. exactly one week after being kathie lee joins us now. released from the hospital, hi, kath. president trump is preparing to >> hi, guys. hit the road holding rallies i can't tell you how great it is that critics say put politics to see all of you. >> just one more tease shot. before public health no, kidding, this is the actual president trump feeling interview. emboldened claiming he has i've heard the movie is so successful, there's even talk of beaten the virus a sequel more than 30 states are seeing >> you know what, it was in infections on the rise seven states reporting record hospitalizations in minnesota, the state health theaters the first day on department said at least nine people became infected in connection with the president's september 30th and i found out that day it was trending the event last month, one person in the icu. number one movie in america. president trump still recovering from the virus set to hit the i said my movie? gas this week, holding rallies and then it sold out all over the country. in florida, pennsylvania, iowa they added theaters, they added and north carolina over the next
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some screens four days. and then it went to number two after hosting a campaign-style but it stayed the number one event at the white house saturday comedy in the country ever since no mask for him, no social distancing for his guests. then, and today it opens >> i'm feeling great worldwide all over the uk and i don't know about you europe and australia, new how is everyone feeling? >> the president also making a new claim about his health zealand, south africa, canada. status, insisting he tested i mean if you would have told me negative for covid. at my age that i would have written and produced, co-starred >> we're in great shape. and co-written all the music for a movie that would be number one, i'd go -- what? >> kath --at aarp. tested totally negative and real in good shape. >> reporter: if the president has tested negative, his physician, dr. sean conley, has not said so saying president >> take that aarp. trump is no longer a >> i think most of your fans transmission risk to others. were probably shocked when they saw it come out. president trump claiming he's they said oh, my gosh, she's immune to the virus even though scientists are not certain how written it, produced it and starring in this movie long immunity may last or how how did that idea for the movie that's been so successful all much protection it gives. come about >> all because of the "today" >> you know, the word "immunity" show means something. i co-hosted for a week with having really a prot craig ferguson and it was the most explosive week of television i've ever done in my life. >> reporter: but when he hoda was on maternity leave. repeated his claim in a tweet so we just went for lunch
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that he can't get it and can't give it, twitter flagged it as misleading and potentially afterwards and he said, how do harmful. the doctor is vague about whether he has lingering we harness all of this kinetic symptoms or has a fever writing he's been fever-free well over 24 hours and all symptoms improved. the trump campaign facing energy that we have. pushback from dr. anthony fauci boy, that was a terrible craig, after lifting part of a that was awful 7-month-old sound bite for a new ad. but he said anyway, he said you know, we wait for our agents to >> president trump tackled the virus head on, as leaders get a job on television, we're going to die just write a movie should. so he went home to california. i went to bed, woke up at 2:00 >> i can't imagine that anybody in the morning and wrote it. could be doing more. >> it was undeniable, kath, you had a chemistry. it was cracking the lens >> reporter: the president tweeting they are indeed dr. now we see it on the big screen. let's talk about your kids book. fauci's own words, and the i'm so happy, i got a copy of it just this week and it's of president's campaign tweeting it course so sweet, just what we would expect from you and a nice will keep airing the ad. spiritual component too. but dr. fauci tells nbc news they did this without my permission and my comments were taken out of context. tell me about the book. in my five decades of public >> yeah, you know, i think in our culture we have the wrong question that we ask children. service, i have never publicly what do you want to be when you endorse nor do i now endorse any grow up? and the better question is what political candidates. with just 22 days until the has god already planned for you while you were being formed in election, a new national poll has joe biden way ahead of the your mother's womb and what president, 54% to 42% among david calls in the psalm, that likely voters. secret dark place where you're biden, after a weekend stop in awesomely and gloriously
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pennsylvania, heading to ohio designed by god for his purposes today, urging voters to beware of intimidation tactics at the and it gives a child much polls. greater sense of worth to know >> here's the deal, guys. that they were custom made by you've got to go out and make god for dreams and for life on sure you vote, because the only way we lose this is by the chicanery going on at polling this planet and beyond my parents raised me that way. my dad used to say i love you places. too much to deny you the >> reporter: here's where things stand in some of the key privilege of making mistakes they told me to dream big because god is bigger than battlegrounds. anything you can dream and i think when i look back on this morning a poll shows biden my life, my childhood dreams is up by 6 in the state of were to be an actress and a singer i sort of took a detour, as many michigan, 52%-46%. of us do, and i never got away from those dreams. in nevada, biden also holds a now they're coming in my life lead 52%-46%. and finally in iowa, the candidates in that state are and i want every child to have tied at 49% each. >> peter alexander leading us off. peter, thank you. this blessing. now to the start of what is sure to be a contentious week on to know their dreams are there the other end of pennsylvania avenue. as we mentioned, confirmation for a reason hearings for supreme court where your dreams are and where justice nominee amy coney you follow them will be your barrett are beginning this morning, both sides digging in bliss. for a fight. i taught hoda and jenna over the nbc's capitol hill correspondent
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years, my joy is nonnegotiable kasie hunt has the latest. you guys have heard me say that before >> reporter: the supreme court taking center stage this but where your joy is, is where morning. you're doing what you were born to do. judge amy coney barrett set to and we get away from it as we tell the judiciary committee grow older that the courts are, quote, not designed to solve every problem we've been told by certain or right every wrong in our people you've got to be a lawyer and you've got to go to this and public life. go to that university. in her opening statement well, my son went to oxford obtained by nbc news, barrett university and got his degree to won't mention her conservatism or devout catholic religious views, writing, quote, americans be a screen writer he needed to do that for his of all backgrounds deserve an work. cassidy went to usc and started making movies. independent supreme court that you know, we're all different. i think if god goes to so much interprets our constitution and trouble to make snowflakes laws as they are written. unique and completely different, >> judges are not policy makers. >> reporter: republicans imagine the care he takes in confident they have the votes to confirm barrett, who will designing each child in the womb replace ruth bader ginsburg and of their mother. cement a conservative majority it's just -- i wanted everybody to look at it a little on the court. as a notre dame law professor differently. anita schmidt did such beautiful, beautiful barrett signed on to a 2006 illustrations. and i know you and hoda have had newspaper ad calling the legacy of roe versus wade barbaric and your share of successful she'll face questions about abortion. children's books so you guys know how important those illustrations are. i just write the prose and that's easy for me i was basically writing a little >> i will be focused on her song state of views on a woman's but they spend hours and hours and hours making it come to
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right to choose. life. >> reporter: democrats warning >> kath, you mentioned your she could be the deciding vote kids, they got weddings. what can you tell us about the to strike down the affordable ceremonies care act with arguments in a were they intimate critical case set for just days small? after the election. >> i was invited. the pandemic will make this >> that's a given. hearing unlike any before. what was it like for you. judiciary committee chairman >> there were points in my life lindsey graham denying a request where i felt like i was not from commithtte going to be invited. committee tested positive for cody just got married over labor day in our backyard up in covid-19. joe biden's running mate, kamala connecticut. harris, is also on the committee attending the hearings virtually cass got married at her husband's family farm in from her senate office tweeting that republicans are endangering michigan back in june. lives. that's our driveway coming up to our house, coda and erica. >> i think they are looking for anything to delay things even a and they have been together for seven years. day or two or three. cass and ben had been best friends since she was 11 and he was 14 >> reporter: so instead of testing ahead of the hearing, he knew when he was 14 that he was going to marry her they are relying on so they're sweet stories questionnaires for senators who cass and her husband love this part of the world. are attending the hearing here they have been visiting me hopefully they'll head on this at the capitol in person. senator mike lee who tested way. positive for covid-19 after i'd love it if cody did too one of these days. attending an event at the white but they're happy. house is here at the hearing in person. they have met the person they he gave the opening statement want to spend their life with.
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there's a scripture in 3 john without a mask on. that says i have no greater joy so right now, we are hearing additional opening statements, than to know my children walk in truth. that's the truth you all have children so you and we are expecting to hear from judge amy coney barrett know the other saying, we're only as later on in the day, but it is happy as our least happy child. of course impossible to remove >> my mom always says that what is going on here in, at the capitol from the political why? >> it is a great season in my crucible outside and millions of life. people have cast their ballots >> the vegas odds are in the and the republicans are hoping high favors that the kids are that the hearing reminds them, republican voters of why they going to end up somewhere in the joined the party in the first place. nashville area i'm sure. >> they want to get away from me they are hoping that even if the i don't understand it. >> they're giving us the big voters are nervous about donald wrap we could spend all day with you. trump, this is going to we love you. actually she'll be back on the fourth hour so we'll see you in potentially bring them home, and democrats meanwhile raising a couple of minutes. before we see her in a millions of dollars off of all of this, and of course, amy little while, we'll be looking coney barrett is expected to be for some breakfast inspiration confirmed on a strict party line your ears and to your mouth. vote. willie. >> kasie, these hearings begin just 22 days before election
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day. how is this playing out on the campaign trail with so many of the players, including senator kamala harris directly involved? >> reporter: of course. so republicans are really hoping that this energizes traditional republican voters. perhaps voters who have decided that they don't want to vote for president trump but that they might be willing to vote to keep a republican senate for questions like this very one about the supreme court. but democrats have seen just an absolute wave of donations, on health care she will be asked about the use of the congress' taxing authority and she said that ruling pushed them beyond the plausible meaning and this is going to be crucial if the original mandate is constitutional and if the rest of kit it can remain in effect, oscar the grouch here to tell you, yeah, you, she will get a lot of questions about that. to wear a mask out in public around other people. >> and also the writings of her as a scholar and abortion taking sure it'll keep you healthy. center stage. but more importantly,
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>> yes, we will hear a lot about i won't have to see your happy smiling face. ugh. this, and her opposition of abortion is well known and not and if you don't want to wear a mask, i've just got one thing to tell you. just because she signed on to scram, go away. ugh. the newspaper ads in 2016 when caring for each other because we are all in this together. she was a law professor in 2016 so wear a mask and have a rotten day, will ya? and given her deeply catholic ugh. faith and sounding like they are not attacking her religion, and also when she was in the rose garden in that event called a super spreading event, and she was tested covid over the summer, but she has been repeatedly tested with negative results. as for the timing, mitch mcconnell is saying that the full senate will vote soon, but he has not yet said when. pete, lots to cover, and programming note, the nbc news will have live coverage of the hearing on most of the nbc stations. a man hired to cover a news time to celebrate birthdays with dylan. >> love celebrating birthdays,
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crew in denver is now the victim especially on a monday morning let's spin around those smucker's jars first up we have a happy birthday 100th birthday to duel rallies. the video is disturbing. erbon doak >> reporter: private security from illinois. just a few months ago, get this, he passed his driving test and guard matthew dal llop is held n is the proud owner of a new suspicion of murder after dueling rallies in downtown denver. in the video, you will hear the driver's test. gunshot. ruthie balboni is 100 from >> he has a gun. massachusetts. >> reporter: and you can see the police rushing to the scene she's a huge sports fan and has bowled for more than 60 years. seconds after he opens fire i bet she's got a few strikes in there too. happy birthday 100th birthday to after a man sprays him with a can of mace. judist sachs she's from danbury, connecticut, and nana never leaves the house he is surrounded by law enforcement with the guns pointed and surrenders. without her lipstick. the police have not identified even under her mask. the victim or confirmed what richard back is 100 years old. he was married to the love of side he was affiliated with. his life for 76 years. thank you for your service, sir. >> there was a verbal betsy knight of big fork, minnesota, is celebrating 100 altercation that transpired. years as well. firearm was discharged. she says there are two secrets individual was shot and later to longevity, dancing and red wine pronounced deceased. hear hear. >> and eloise alston of there were two guns recovered at washington, d.c., this hard
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worker is 100 years old. get this, she received an honorary degree from savannah the scene. state university when she was 97 the dueling clashes between far years old. >> good for her. >> happy birthday to all of them. right and far left activists, >> i love those. and police in riot gear between dylan, thanks so much. let's turn quickly today's the two sides. food >> we had two groups with today breakfast sandwiches your opposing views, and we know it family is going to love. can always be tense and a potential for violence. >> starting this week and every >> reporter: cell phone footage day this week on our today all caught this heated argument day streaming channel we have cooking classes to improve your daily routine. >> and a member of our get cooking with lineup is with us right now. multi talented country music star and cookbook author jesse james decker it's great to see you. can't wait to hear what you're whipping up. you've got three kids and a husband in the house, you've working on a new album, a fashion line and now you have a new cookbook seconds before the shooting. is that everything nbc affiliate news saying that >> that's pretty good. there is no record for a >> so what are we making today, security guard past or present jessie with the suspect's name and if >> we are making breakfast sandwiches he was operating as a security this is the easiest recipe you guard, it was in violation of the law. will ever make in your life but tensions are high across the
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it's so delicious and why i like country as the latest flash it is not only is it easy, but you can make it in bulk. point takes a fatal turn. we have really hungry kids and a hungry family and it's really, for today, kathy park, nbc news. really delicious got that sweet and savory thing and the suspect could face going on. additional charges if >> we're hoping because you're a authorities find that he was operating as unlicensed security southern cook that it's going to have a little, i don't know, a a little grease in here. >> listen, there's butter, there's grease, there's a whole thing. you can make a healthier version of it just for those that don't want all that butter and grease. >> that's fair carson and i wanting the unhealthy one. jessie, thanks so much we'll let you get started and we'll see the final result coming up in our next hour. we will see you in a little bit. >> thanks, jess, appreciate it jessie is a part of this week's "get cooking with" on our streaming channel on peacock you can tune in each day at 5:00 p.m. eastern and pacific first up, uncle al guard. that's right more to get to this morning, great 30-minute meal including as mentioned that big celebration for lakers nation if you want to cook along with after los angeles was crowned him, scan the qr code on your nba champs overnight nbc national correspondent screen for a shopping list for miguel almaguer is in l.a. for us this morning. everything you'll need for that hi, miguel good morning.
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>> good morning. demo. it was the late kobe bryant who >> al roker is the best cook last won a championship for the lakers a decade ago. now in the year he died, his friend lebron james has brought the title back to los angeles, a fitting ending to one of the among us. and it is not close. most turbulent seasons in league history. it is not close. >> that's why we took off this >> this historic 2020 nba morning. he's preparing. championship belongs to the los we are back with our third and fourth hours coming up right after your local news and angeles lakers. weather. >> reporter: the los angeles lakers conquering the coronavirus battle inside a bubble in south florida, capturing their 17th title sunday night with a 106-93 game six win over miami >> and the lakers will win game six. >> reporter: the dynamic duo of lebron james and anthony davis lifting the lakers to beat the heat >> my heart was pounding i knew we were going to win. >> reporter: it's the fourth championship for james, who became the first player to win nba championship mvps with three different teams. >> for me to be a part of such a historical franchise is an unbelievable feeling. >> reporter: it marks the end to one of the nba's strangest seasons. the nba cancelling all games from mid-march because of the pandemic the league then restarting at the end of july with players, referees, league officials and reporters all sequestered inside of an orlando, florida, sports complex calling it "the bubble." >> we champions, baby. 2020 bubble champions. >> reporter: a strategy that turned out to be a success for the nba, which managed to avoid any outbreaks unlike major league baseball and the nfl.
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the bubble also providing a platform for an unprecedented push for social justice and equality initiatives the nba pausing the playoffs after the milwaukee bucks refused to take the court in protest to the police shooting of jacob blake in kenosha, wisconsin. >> it's been unbelievable. all our players, everybody, had a voice on what's going on in america. so we know we all want to see better days. >> reporter: this was the lakers' first nba finals appearance since 2010 when the late kobe bryant won his fifth and final nba title. kobe bryant, along with his daughter gianna and seven others died in a helicopter crash january 26th. good morning to you. >> i know he's looking down on 8:56. i'm kris sanchez. live at critical where the senate confirmation hearings are under way for amy coney barrett. us, proud of us. i know vanessa is proud of us, got under way three hours ago but we have yet to hear directly from the nominee. she'll give her opening the organization is proud of us. you know, it means a lot to us. statement once all senators >> this is the lakers' 17th championship, tying them for the most all-time with the boston complete their opening remarks celtics. from the judiciary committee. the team is set to arrive back the hearings are expected to continue through thursday. here in los angeles today. senate republicans feel like they have the votes to ensure she does earn that confirmation.
7:17 am
because of the pandemic, there is no plan for a parade, but lakers owner jeanie buss says the city will celebrate when when barrett delivers her statement, we'll head back to the hearings for a live special it's safe to do so. report. savannah for now there's no set time >> i'm sure there's lots of little celebrations going on, miguel, thank you very much. on when that will happen. so the debate begins now a lot of people wondering is scott mcgrew is monitoring the lebron james the greatest of all time or is it still michael hearings and he'll have a full jordan. report in our midday news cast. >> didn't lebron have a funky on our homepage you can link to thing happen at the game before a live broadcast on that hearing. see you back here midday at the last one 11:00. >> well, he has four titles and it limits property tax on people like me. he has lost a bunch, too, and michael is 6-0 in the nba nineteen limits taxes on wildfire victims. finals. >> but the game-winning shot in the game before. it says so right here. >> he was covered, passed it to danny green, made the right play if 19 passes, seniors can move closer to family and the guy missed the shot. or medical care. >> i am so out of my league here. i looked at moving but i can't afford the taxes. dylan, what do you say >> you were doing so well. i was very impressed >> that game that one time >> i didn't know the game was will you help california's most vulnerable? happening. >> i've got you covered. >> so you're well ahead of me. vote 'yes' on prop 19. we still have to talk about the remnants of delta, if you can believe it we've got some of that heavier rain falling in the new york city area stretching down to washington, d.c. this will -- this rain will fall all day long through the mid-atlantic, through
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philadelphia and new york up into new england eventually as well it's streaming in from the south. since it is the remnant of a tropical system, some of these but you've neverhree seen it like this. downpours could produce a lot of now with xfinity internet, you can also rain in a short period of time save on wireless and streaming. so that could lead to flooding get internet that's packed with power and ponding on the streets if and up to $400 in savings with xfinity mobile. you are driving. on tuesday a lot of the real plus, stream your favorites with a flex 4k device heavy rain does make its way up into new england we'll see a couple inches of included at no extra cost. it's three ways to get more and save more. rain, even more in down east maine in tuesday oh look, another 3! since we're talking about the tropics, we have our next get xfinity internet and mobile together, invest plus a flex 4k streaming device- for just $35 a month. this could become epsilon. right now it's just a 30% chance click, call, or visit a store today. of development, but certainly something we'll keep an eye on that's a look at the weather across the country we'll get to your local weather in the next 30 seconds l get to in the next 30 seconds
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good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're taking a look live at our view in dublin as you get ready to head out the door. we're working on our air quality today. unfortunately, it looks a little bit more unhealthy than we've seen in the north bay and moving over to the east bay. moderate air quality across the bay area. our temperatures are starting to crank up, so we are looking at highs that will reach up to 90 in some spots but mostly 80s and 60s near the coast. when was the last time your propburden has gone up.down? >> and that's your latest while the corporate burden has gone down. >> and that's your latest forecast prop 15 reverses that. you guys are still talking about it closes corporate loopholes that. >> and that's why michael jordan and invests in schools, is the greatest basketball player ever. >> i got more than i bargained small business, for. >> i watched "the last dance" so and firefighters. and when the big corporations pay more, now i'm an expert. your tax bill goes down. coming up, a wild weekend in the nfl as the league struggles to tackle its coronavirus that's right. a savings of a hundred twenty-one dollars a year
7:20 am
problems for the average home. new cases, more games delayed. how it could shake up the rest give homeowners a break. of the season. vote yes on 15. and then a bit later on, are you considering traveling for the holidays we've got a story you'll want to see. what the government and the airlines are looking to live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning and welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm sheinelle here with dylan. it's just the two of us this morning. >> the boys decided not to show up. >> and then there were two. al and craig are off this morning. it is monlday, october 12th, an there is a lot going on. we're getting ready for moneyng season and looking for
7:21 am
when was the last time your property tax bill went down? what? never. are you kidding me? for years, the residential burden has gone up. while the corporate burden has gone down. prop 15 reverses that. it closes corporate loopholes and invests in schools, small business, and firefighters. and when the big corporations pay more, your tax bill goes down. that's right. a savings of a hundred twenty-one dollars a year for the average home. give homeowners a break. vote yes on 15.
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these prices are for everyone. with the oak and the eagle as witness, consider us square. i made that from memory, i know your face that well. when you want the real deal... like a good neighbor, state farm is there. a very good morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia. a look at our top stories this morning including some children returning to in-person classes in palo alto. >> reporter: i'm sharon katsuda where kids are heading back for in-person learning. they'll be heading to campus instead of zoom calls due to lower covid-19 numbers. last month they voted on strg students head back to class. many parents and teachers objected by the district is moving forward with pre-k through first and later second
7:27 am
and third graders. >> reporter: i'm bob redell in san ramon. a surge in early voting. the registrar of voter's office tells us as of friday nearly 70,000 ballots have already been returned. almost 10%. typically the office would have expected between 200 and 500 ballots by this time in previous elections. kari has a look at our forecast for this monday morning. a little bit of a warm-up on the way. yeah. we're going to have this continue through the week. take a look at our high temperatures today. we'll start out with our highs reaching into the mid-60s near the coastline and some low 90s for the inland valley. just a few spots mostly 80s. we'll still have some high temperatures this week and it will feel like summer especially by the end of the week once this high fire danger kicks in. it will be because of low humidity and strong winds and that's something we'll be watching for thursday and friday.
7:28 am
laura? all right. sounds good. thank you very much. and thank you for joining us as well. back to the "today" show. we'll be back here in half an hour with a local news update. proposition 16 takes on discrimination. some women make as little as 42% of what a man makes. voting yes on prop 16 helps us fix that. it's supported by leaders like kamala harris and opposed by those who have always opposed equality. we either fall from grace or we rise.
7:29 am
together. proposition 16 provides equal opportunities, levelling the playing field for all of us. vote yes on prop 16. woman 1: get your woman 2: you can stay healthy and fill it out from the safety of home. surfer: or you can fill it out anywhere. man 1: it's easy to mail it back. you don't even need a stamp. man 2: or you can use an official drop box. woman 3: you can even drop it off at the polls. man 3: then, track it to confirm your county got it. see? they got it! woman 4: mail ballots are the simple, safe, and secure way to ensure that your vote is counted. the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety.
7:30 am
because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. they avoid taking any responsibility for -- >> we do not. >> mr. vice president, i'm speaking i'm speaking >> well, i'm just trying -- >> but i'm speaking. >> yes, but -- >> i'm speaking. see, i'm speaking right now. i'm speaking >> i understand that i understand. >> yeah, i don't think you do, because you're talking and i'm speaking >> we're back, 7:30. you didn't think snl would let the vice presidential debate go by without taking a swing.
7:31 am
of course that was the big news last week. we'll see what they do next week you actually have an interview with loren michaels. >> snl creator, they have been there 46 years we sat down and talked about this season of tackling the mountain to climb during the pandemic as far as getting the show on the air with jim carrey and joe biden and lauren michaels and all of that coming up on sunday. >> carson will have more about it on popstart as well. a little bit later we'll have more about the musical guest because you were there breaking the news that jack white filled in. >> they had to cancel somebody else boom, jack white is ready and waiting. let us get to your 7:30 headlines on a monday morning. new research suggesting the coronavirus appears to survive on surfaces such as glass and stainless steel for longer than once believed. according to a study by australia's national science agency, the virus can remain infectious on 28 days on surfaces like cell phones or money. the experiment was conducted in the dark at room temperature uv light has been shown to kill
7:32 am
the virus. researchers say the findings highlight the need for cleaning and hand washing to combat covid-19. now to some dramatic video out of south florida showing a boat spinning out of control, luckily with no one onboard. officials say that three men were on the boat for a photo shoot this weekend when somehow they fell overboard. the men had to dive under the water several times to avoid being run over by the boat eventually it hit a dock and went airborne. it came to rest after hitting another dock thankfully no one was seriously hurt. now to the nfl and a comeback story for the ages. washington quarterback alex smith was back in action yesterday for the first time in almost two years after recovering from a severe leg injury that almost cost him his life >> here he is, coming back on an nfl football field >> what a moment smith entered yesterday's game against the rams in the second quarter after starter kyle allen was hurt this is his first action since
7:33 am
in two places during a game against the houston texans later, he developed a life-threatening infection, but smith was determined to return to the field and after 17 surgeries, he did just that, drawing praise from fans and players all over the country >> he was a great player before he got hurt. glad to see him back on the field. the news not so good for the league in terms of an ongoing coronavirus outbreak. >> yes, it has been a struggle. new cases are forcing the league to do some major juggling with the remainder of the season's schedule and questions are mounting over the effectiveness of the league's safety measures. let's go to morgan chesky in dallas this morning. hi, morgan, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, willie, good morning to you. multiple teams, multiple outbreaks. now some think that the nfl is on the edge of a covid collapse. yesterday games were rescheduled for eight teams over the next month and a half making the schedule look more like a jigsaw puzzle this morning, the frustration finally starting to show
7:34 am
this morning, the nfl's season being blitzed by covid-19. >> the nfl has altered the week five schedule again. >> reporter: positive covid tests sunday involving the new england patriots and tennessee titans now throw the league schedule into disarray. >> we'll continue to be able to adjust and adapt and it is not day by day, but more hour by hour. >> reporter: the nfl closed the patriots and titans facilities sunday morning the pats for the third time in just ten days, postponing their monday night game against the denver broncos. >> it doesn't matter who's at fault, who has a positive test, we all have to deal with it. >> reporter: and the titans who have already had one game postponed this season, shut down with their 24th positive test. just one day after tennessee returned to the practice field for the first time this month. the nfl forced to make schedule decisions on the fly >> chiefs against the bills, which was originally scheduled for this thursday, then was reportedly going to be played on sunday will instead be played
7:35 am
next monday night. >> reporter: this comes in stark contrast to the nba's largely successful bubble approach, which ended last night in orlando. the nfl rescheduled eight games involving eight teams sunday and that doesn't include the titans who were slated to play the buffalo bills tuesday. only the second time in 70 years the nfl has hosted a tuesday game with cracks starting to show on the nfl's coronavirus protocol, players sounding off. >> for them it's not about what's in our best interests or our health and safety, it's about what can we make protocolwise that sounds good, looks good, and how can we go out and play games. >> reporter: games now in jeopardy, putting the nfl in unprecedented territory. >> roger goodell is going to have to make a choice. either add an extra week after the end of the regular season to make up multiple games, or for multiple teams to not play the full 16-game schedule. that is a decision that is going
7:36 am
to have tremendous consequences. >> morgan, i know the league is also considering possible penalties in lieu of this outbreak what more can you tell us about that >> reporter: yeah, savannah, they could be pretty serious we know commissioner roger goodell put out a memo last week letting teams know that if they are caught violating these covid protocols, they could face anything from a forfeit of a game to even loss of draft picks. pretty serious stuff savannah. >> all right, morgan, thank you very much. just ahead this morning, we've got encouraging news if you were hoping to travel over the holidays the new safety precautions now being put in place to win back your business. that story right after this. since pioneering the suv in 1935, the chevy suburban has carried many things. nothing more important than family.
7:37 am
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7:41 am
gabe, good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning. nearly 40% of americans say they plan to travel this holiday season for many half of them it will be the first time doing so since the pandemic started as the airline industry fights for its life, it's also battling questions about safety this morning, new options for holiday travel may be taking off. the u.s. now in talks with airlines and foreign governments about ways to jumpstart travel between the u.s. and europe, and exploring rapid testing on designated travel corridors between select cities as a way to shorten quarantines on major routes like new york to london, where u.s. travelers currently face a 14-day quarantine on arrival. potential changes that could come as soon as the holidays, now just two months away this as airlines fight to survive and tens of thousands of u.s. airline workers remain furloughed the industry desperate for a boost is adding new routes to entice travelers while emphasizing cleaning and safety
7:42 am
protocols. carriers like united, jetblue and hawaiian air lines are announcing plans to offer coronavirus tests to travelers. and some airports like tampa are providing optional covid tests to passengers right in the terminal 39% of people say they plan to travel during the holiday season 21% say they usually would but won't this year. the cdc still warns travel increases a person's chance of getting and spreading coronavirus. but for those planning to take a trip, travel booking app hopper advises making holiday reservations before the end of october to get the best deals. domestic airfares for thanksgiving and christmas trips are expected to be about 40% cheaper this year, with deals spread across more days. >> you're not really going to be losing out on a great deal by flying a little bit earlier or flying a little bit later. being able to have a little bit more time to quarantine, get tested before seeing family members is something that people are really taking into consideration this year.
7:43 am
>> reporter: for those who still aren't sure, many hotels and airlines are hoping to calm nerves with flexible cancellation policies. >> this is definitely the most flexible year to book in, so if you're thinking about traveling, now is a good time to make that booking. >> gabe, those people presumably are traveling to get together with friends and family for the holidays what's the cdc saying about safe ways to do that? >> reporter: yeah, willie. the cdc has released those guidelines for celebrating the holidays safely. it mentioned that low-risk activities include small dinners with family members as well as virtual gatherings obviously also moderate risk activities include small outdoor dinner with family and nearby friends of course those high-risk activities include shopping in crowded stores and large indoor gatherings it's best to avoid that. but the holiday travel season will look very different if you're at the airports now for example, sky lounges, they're prepackaging snacks,
7:44 am
they have plenty of hand sanitizers everywhere. hotels are doing things very differently. so this holiday travel season will be one like none other, guys. >> for sure. turkey over zoom gabe gutierrez, thanks so much, gabe. >> it will cut down on any family fights, though. just mute. sorry, bad connection, uncle john anyway, let's check in with dylan and get the latest on the weather. good morning. good morning and it is chilly in the northeast where we do have the rain besides that where we aren't seeing a lot of rain this morning, we've got temperatures well above average we'll stay 5 to 10 degrees above average for the beginning of the st. louis a high of 75 tomorrow, dallas 85 degrees. atlanta should hit 80 degrees on tuesday. as we continue through the week temperatures stay mild through d.c., but in chicago wednesday is the last really warm day, 73 degrees. then 57 for a high on thursday and only 50 degrees on friday. in the southwest, once again we do have excessive heat warnings in effect for especially southern california where temperatures will be close to record highs
7:45 am
we're looking at them obviously well above average close to record highs in phoenix, yuma, arizona, las vegas. the record is 95 and we should hit about 92 we are going to stay in the triple digits most of this week through good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's take a live look outside in san francisco. such a beautiful start to our monday morning. we have some improved air quality for now but we will start to see the drifts of smoke coming back in by this afternoon. and it's going to be warmer with our coastline in the 60s. much of the bay in the inland valleys in the 80s and even low 90s today. that heating trend continues throughout the week. we will have a high fire danger especially as we head from wednesday through friday. >> and tha forecast back to you guys. >> thank you, dylan. coming up, meghan markle, what she's revealing about the, quote, almost unsurvivable online abuse she suffered. plus her message to young people
7:46 am
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7:50 am
we are back. carson is joining us now with an interview that's got a lot of people talking. >> in her podcast debut, meghan markle revealed her struggles with being trolled on the internet and the impact it's had on her mental health kelly cobiella is in london with more on this hi, kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah both harry and meghan were talking about teenage mental health on this podcast meghan really opened up about how tough that first year and a half as a member of the royal family really was. meghan markle and prince harry, masked, told the hosts of the teenager therapy podcast they know how it feels to be bullied. >> i'm told in 2019 i was the most trolled person in the entire world, male or female now, eight months of that, i wasn't even visible. i was on maternity leave or with a baby
7:51 am
but what was able to just be manufactured and churned out, it's almost unsurvivable. >> reporter: the duke and dutchess of sussex marked world mental health day on the podcast. harper's bazaar uk posting its support but banning feedback because of racist comments it gets about the dutchess. the couple stepped back as senior royals in january after telling itv the role was taking a toll. >> the impact on your physical and mental health, all the pressure that you feel under >> thank you for asking because not many people have asked if i'm okay but it's -- it's a very real thing. >> reporter: now settled in southern california with son archie, meghan says they're doing really well. some of their work is still causing controversy. >> when we vote our values are put into action and our voices are heard. >> reporter: republican congressman jason smith of missouri on friday posted this on twitter, accusing the couple of interfering in the election, asking the queen to strip the
7:52 am
couple of their titles the dutchess told fortune's senior editor last month there was nothing controversial in what she said. >> if you listen to what i actually say, it's not controversial. >> reporter: the couple, determined to speak out about on the importance of education over the weekend and getting >> reporter: talking about about all the firsts that harry and meghan have been able to see with their son archie because of lockdown, one of the few bright sides of lockdown there in california there have been reports in the british media lately that harry could be heading back this way in the coming weeks. the palace isn't commenting on that, but they do note or it should be noted that meghan's trial against "the mail on sunday" is set to start january 11th if they want to be in person in that trial they'll have to self-quarantine for two weeks
7:53 am
leading up to it >> kelly, thank you very much. appreciate it. just ahead this morning, it is prime season for holiday shopping vicky nguyen has what you need to know before amazon's biggest deals of the holiday season go online overnight guys, coming up on popstart how the 90210 cast honored luke perry on what would have been his 54th birthday. we'll vit for you. hvit for you. . . . ♪ i like big jeans. itty-bitty jeans. ♪ ♪ feelin' trendy y'all, with the straight jeans ♪ showin' off those curves, 'cause you the queen ♪ ♪ everyone go slay in your old navy jeans ♪ this monday and tuesday
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7:56 am
♪ a very good morning to you. it is 7:56. i'm laura garcia. here is a look at what's happening now. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. in washington this morning the hearings for possibly the next supreme court associate justice are under way. amy coney barrett walked in with her family to a room that was full of sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer, many in masks this morning. we are continuing to watch that nomination process. we'll have a full report for you on the midday news. >> reporter: i'm cierra johnson in half moon bay. the pandemic isn't necessarily stopping things here at the annual pumpkin weigh-in. you can see folks are gathering around to have their big gourds weighed. the winner gets thousands in
7:57 am
prize money. we'll have an update at the midday newscast. right as we see big pumpkins, summer makes a return, kari. right. it's going to be very hot as we head through this week. once again we'll see our high temperatures reaching into the upper 80s, but then 90s in the forecast as we go into tomorrow as well as throughout the rest of the week. unfortunately, we're also going to have a high fire danger as those winds pick up from wednesday through friday. laura? all right. thank you very much. we'll keep tabs on that as well as your local news. another update in half an hour. oscar the grouch here to tell you, yeah, you,
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." the president hitting the road campaigning after he says he tested negative for the coronavirus. >> i'm feeling great. i don't know about you. how is everyone feeling? >> the president's schedule jam packed with rallies while all eyes are on capitol hill as the confirmation hearings for judge amy coney barrett get under way. we're live with everything you need to know. plus prime time. just hours to go before amazon's big deal day. we'll break down the hottest bargains to help you save big. >> you want to pay attention to anything amazon has. >> an exclusive look at early deals and how other retailers
8:01 am
ar and she's back. we'll catch up with our friend, kathie lee gifford. how she's been celebrating life in a few big ways. today, monday, october 12th, 2020. ♪ >> hi, hoda. >> we're from denver, colorado. >> we're big "today" show fans. >> nothing like starting our day with a run and the "today" show! >> celebrating our birthday from florida! and good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." it is a monday morning. we are glad you're up early with us. hoda and craig are off. we've got willie here this morning. good morning. actually, you know you can set your dvr at 7:00 a.m. so even if you're -- have you heard about this new thing, dvr? >> you're on top of the trend. >> yes, very exciting. i have to say i'm so glad your
8:02 am
here because we want to give a little congratulations and brag on you a bit. willie and his team at "sunday today" have received an edward r. murrow award. this is one of journalism's top honors for breaking news coverage of the shootings at el paso and dayton on a sunday morning. handling that so well. congratulations to you. >> and congratulations to our team. as i said yesterday, it feels a little strange accepting an award for such a terrible morning. so we do so in tribute to the victims of that day but we have a great scrappy crew on sundays. unfortunately we wake up to a lot of this on sundays. let's turn to the news here at 8:00 with president trump and joe biden hitting the campaign trail hard with just over three weeks to go now until election day. in washington, the president's controversial supreme court pick faces her first hearing. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander has got the three things to watch in politics today. hi, peter. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. just a week after getting out of the hospital, president trump is now preparing to hit the road over the next several days with rallies in four states, putting politics above public health,
8:03 am
his critics say. the president claims he's tested negative for the virus but his doctor, dr. sean conley, has not said so. dr. anthony fauci is speaking out about a new trump campaign ad that lifts an old fauci sound bite praising the administration's covid response. fauci tells nbc news in a statement it was done without his permission and his comments he says were taken out of context. joe biden heads to ohio today, a state that the democrats lost by a wide margin four years ago but recent polls show this time around it is a tight race in that state. and this morning what many people will be watching, the supreme court taking center stage as the confirmation hearings begin for amy coney po succeed ruth bader ginsburg barely two weeks after barrett was nominated. republicans are pushing to confirm her before election day when they fear losing the white house and possibly the senate as well. in barrett's opening statement she's not going to mention her
8:04 am
conservatism or devout catholic views. the republicans are touting her characteristics, but democrats are fearing that she will turn back abortion rights. back to you. >> nbc news will have live coverage of today's confirmation hearing on most of these nbc stations. meanwhile the remnants of hurricane delta are bringing rain up and down the east coast. in the gulf coast where the storm made landfall over the weekend, h weekend, hundreds of thousands of people still without power. nbc's sam brock is in lake charles, louisiana, for us sam, good morning. >> reporter: willie, savannah, good morning lake charles devastated by laura, as you can see. then delta comes right on its heels in almost the exact same spot all over this community this morning you'll find homes with tarps over the top of them many of those tarps did not make it through this latest storm, meaning a painful recovery process has to start all over again. this morning the devastation from hurricane delta sending shock waves through the gulf after the category 2 storm
8:05 am
chewed up mobile homes, turned over tractor-trailers, and left southwest louisiana stunned. >> first you're in disbelief and you're in denial this can't possibly be happening. >> reporter: delta touching down with 100-mile-an-hour rounds in creole, a mere 12 miles away. from laura's landfall. >> i started rebuilding and this one came the same track. it's just devastating to lose as much as you lose and then you lose again. >> reporter: battle scars from back-to-back hurricanes evident across the coast. residents in the coast are again cleaning up layers of muck dragged in from the storm. chris and lori showed us how high the water surged. >> the water got approximately right here. >> reporter: blue tarps on rooftops blankets communities all over louisiana as delta's wrath extended east to mississippi -- >> walked outside and there's this massive tree just laying on top of our house. >> reporter: and even atlanta,
8:06 am
where heavy rain is blamed for derailing a freight train. the region rocked by storms is now trying to stand strong. >> people in southeast lou are strong and made to withstand stuff like hurricanes. >> reporter: as we look at huge piles of debris, power lines that are still down, concerns about safety now after the storm. of the three confirmed fatalities, a 19-year-old drowning in rip currents in florida. and here in the state of louisiana, an 86-year-old man died refueling his generator officials urging caution as the power is still out in many places willie, back to you. >> sam brock in lake charles, louisiana. sam, thanks so much. now it's time for a little boost. >> hoda is off but a high school football player in south dakota took the field for the first time in three years and scored a touchdown that gave everybody goosebumps a car accident his freshman year left him in a wheelchair but his coach promised him that some day he would reach the end zone again so it happened in the fourth quarter of
8:07 am
friday's game, brady rolled onto the field. his teammates helped him up and together they carried the ball across the goal line players and coaches from both teams rushed in to congratulate brady. he said it's been three years since i put pads on and it feels really good. >> that is a beautiful moment. what i love about those too, it's not just the home team but the other team that gets in on the act as well. it's beautiful. straight ahead, with coronavirus cases and hospitalizations on the rise, could new york be headed for another shutdown we will put that question to governor andrew cuomo in a live interview right after this n spi. to see that no matter what nature does, people will do more. with one of the industry's largest catastrophe response teams, state farm will always be among the first to arrive
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save big on things for you, for each other, and everything you need to start your holiday shopping early. amazon prime day. october 13th and 14th. nature made helps you win the night. our extended release melatonin helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. nature made. the #1 pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand.
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however, there is one thing you can be certain of. the men and woman of the united states postal service. we are here to deliver your cards, packages and prescriptions. and also deliver the peace of mind knowing that what's important to you-like your ballot-is on its way. every day, all across america, we deliver for you. and we always will. we are back at 8:11 with some unwelcome news when it the troubles rise in hospitalizations reported here in new york state as officials grapple with emerging hot spots here and across the country.
8:12 am
we will talk about that with governor andrew cuomo in just a moment but first, nbc's stephanie gosk has a closer look at how new york has handled the pandemic. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning. you know, to date more than -- or nearly, rather, 33,000 people have died in the state of new york from covid-19 that's more than any other state. now there are 800 people in the hospital, bringing back painful fears about a city and a state on the brink for more than 100 days, the nation's eyes were on new york, new york city and surrounding areas. up against a public health emergency not seen in a century. as the state's governor, democrat andrew cuomo prepared to mount an unprecedented response to covid-19. >> we're going to put out an executive order today. new york state on pause. talk about the most drastic action we can take this is the most drastic action we can take. >> reporter: cuomo closed schools and all non-essential businesses
8:13 am
the city that never sleeps, grinded to a halt, as area hospitals became overrun with desperately ill patients surreal scenes emerged out of the chaos. refrigerator trucks stationed outside hospitals. a navy hospital ship, the uss comfort, sailing into new york harbor and a field hospital erected in the middle of central park all of it as new york saw more than 700 deaths a day. >> every number is a face, right? and that's been painfully obvious to me every day. >> reporter: cuomo's daily press conferences quickly gained national attention the governor often speaking directly to washington >> acknowledge to the american people that covid exists it is a major problem. >> reporter: but cuomo's controversial decision to send recovering covid patients to new york nursing homes soon sparked outrage. >> it's sad how our policies in this state led to so many deaths. >> reporter: cuomo later
8:14 am
reversed the directive eventually in early may, new york's case and death count began to drop. >> what new yorkers did is extraordinary. and they saved thousands of lives. >> reporter: but today, outrage over new school and business closures in virus hot spots across the city, as governor cuomo steps back in front of the cameras. >> but a cluster problem is serious, because a cluster problem can grow. >> reporter: governor cuomo has issued an executive order for nine zip codes here in new york city and the bronx and queens, imposing new restrictions, including closing down schools and limiting religious services. over the weekend, the city says that it issued 60 summonses and more than $150,000 in fines. willie. >> steph, thank you very much. joining us now is new york governor andrew cuomo. he has a new book out called "american crisis, leadership lessons from the covid-19
8:15 am
pandemic." governor cuomo, good morning it's good to have you with us. we'll talk about the book in just a moment but i want to first ask you about the state of affairs here in new york we know that hospitalizations are rising new york after that march, april and may we suffered through got its arms around coronavirus. but it does look like we're heading into a fall and winter where people are worried about what's coming ahead. so how are you looking at this next period as governor? >> thank you good morning, willie we are coming into a fall and people should be worried the experts all along have been telling us in the fall the flu comes back, people go indoors, schools open so you should look for a rise in new york we're doing something different. overall the new york situation is very, very good we're about 1% infection rate, which is one of the lowest rates in the united states of america. we do a tremendous amount of testing. we do more testing in one day than most states do in a week. so we can target very small clusters, we call them, where cases are starting and then we attack those clusters. that's what we're doing right
8:16 am
now. we have a cluster in brooklyn and in queens primarily, which is primarily a hasidic jewish community that doesn't want to accept the social distancing rules, et cetera so it's about 2% of the population but we're focusing on that 2%. and we need the ability to focus on these small clusters now. because if you don't catch a cluster, then it becomes a contagion. >> governor, as you know there are a lot of people who live in this city and state and as someone who works in new york and lives in new york and has kids in school in new york believes it's inevitable things will shut down again because of what we've heard from public health experts about the fall and the winter are you preparing for the possibility of another shutdown? >> no, i'm not there yet, willie i don't believe it's inevitable. i believe it's possible, i don't believe it's inevitable. i think we have to get smarter as a country we have to get smarter as states we're dealing with a virus
8:17 am
we have to use the science and get more sophisticated, and that's where we are in new york. look, we're closing down areas that are about one or two square miles, right these are tiny areas but we have that kind of data. and if you can target that way and close down small areas, then it's not inevitable that the spread gets so large that you would have to close down an entire city or a state >> so, governor -- >> get smart is the point, willie. >> let's talk about the book, "american crisis." i want to talk about some of the details of it. but just broadly the idea of it. can you see why a lot of people think if you say we're in the na book, a retrospective in the middle of it, celebrating the things that you did right, feels off and strange given what may be ahead >> no. willie, it's not a celebration at all the game isn't over. it is halftime
8:18 am
we didn't lose, it's only halftime and we had some success. but we also are making a lot of mistakes and when we go into the locker room as a nation and we talk about the first half, we better learn because if we don't learn the lessons, the second half is going to be worse, i can tell you that we have to stop the denial we have to stop the politics we have to stop the partisanship we're dealing with a virus the virus doesn't respond to politics we're seven months into this the president has a rose garden ceremony, gets covid, comes out and says that was no big deal. i mean it's incredible how little we have learned in seven months, and we have to get smarter and we have to get better >> so with 33,000 nearly people dead in the state of new york, what have you learned as you write about in the early stages that you can apply to later? for example, was it a mistake to send those covid-positive
8:19 am
patients back into nursing homes? >> yeah, here's the first lesson for this nation, willie. how did you not know the virus was coming to the united states? they call it the china virus it wasn't the china virus, it was the european virus you had sars, you had mers, you had ebola, you had dengue. how did you not have a medical watchdog system? where was the cdc? where was the department of homeland security? the reason new york's numbers were so high was because the virus was coming here for months undetected it moved from china to europe and then flights were coming from europe. the president banned china travel january 29th -- >> did you make any mistakes in this process >> oh, yes. >> you're talking about the federal government what about you >> yes, that was the first point was that the federal government missed it coming here. second, we were the first state to do a mask mandate, willie i could have done it earlier the experts were saying the
8:20 am
masks didn't work. common sense said the masks would work i could have done that earlier testing, we got testing as fast as we could. in retrospect, we should have understood that some virus like this would come back after mers and sars and have more sophistication for testing that it took this nation seven months to come up with a real testing regimen and we're still not doing it, that was a mistake. >> i've got one more question for you quickly before we go there's an axios report that says the biden campaign is looking very carefully at you as a potential candidate to become attorney general if joe biden wins this election your advisor was adamant in his denial if your old friend, joe biden, came to you if he were elected and said governor, i'd like you to be my attorney general, you would say what >> i would say you are an old friend, you are a good friend, you're going to win this
8:21 am
election, you're going to be the president, i'll help you any way i can. i'm a new yorker i said i would serve as governor, and those rumors, willie, those are only from people who want to get me out of new york i don't know why, but that's where that is coming from. >> so you would say no, you would not accept the attorney general job. >> i have no interest in going into washington. i said when this covid situation started, just so i had total credibility with the people of the state, i'm not running for president, i'm not running for vice president, i don't want to go to washington i just am giving you the straight advice as your governor and that's where i am. >> all right, governor andrew cuomo, thank you for your time this morning the book is called "american crisis." now let's turn and get a quick check of the weather dylan. >> good morning again, everyone. here in new york it is going to certainly be a dreary day. the remnants of delta continuing to make their way through the northeast. back through the midwest we also have this cold front that's triggering some showers and storms today that will actually help clear out the rain in the northeast going into tomorrow. behind that temperatures are
8:22 am
well above average we could break some records in the southwest. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's take a look outside in the tri-valley in dublin. hazy out there and our air quality will be able to more unhealthy today, especially in the north bay, inland east bay. but for the rest of the bay area, moderate air quality. we are seeing that smoke return as our temperatures go up. our inland valleys will reach into the upper 80s today and 90s throughout the rest of the week. high fire danger by the end of this workweek. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you. look, it's popstart time, everybody. >> who's excited for popstart? >> i am. >> oh, people in the back. nice to see you, good morning. we start with jack white he was the weekend's last-minute musical guest on snl after country singer morgan wallen was dropped for breaking the coronavirus protocol white, who is known for his
8:23 am
guitar skills and unique sound, paid tribute to eddie van halen, not with a van halen song but using a guitar designed by the late rocker for this impressive solo ♪ you can hear that van halen. white posting a few photos of the guitar on instagram saying eddie was very kind to me and saw that this was made for me. i won't even en insult the man by trying to play one of his songs. thanks again eddie for this guitar and rest in peace, sir. we said it last week, anybody who plays electric guitar obviously clearly owes something to eddie van halen jack white included in that. next up, dylan, 90210. the show recently marked its 30th anniversary over the weekend the cast remembered luke perry on what would have been his 53rd birthday the actor passed away march of
8:24 am
2019 after suffering a stroke. jenny garth posting forever in my heart brian austin green sharing a throwback pic with the caption happy birthday, brother. love you and ian ziering writing all brothers from different mothers. happy birthday, l.p. rip. it seemed like luke was one of those guys everybody had nothing but nice things to say about him. finally, gwen stefani and no doubt they're celebrating the 25th anniversary of their album "tragic kingdom. wow. >> we're old. >> the throwback photo from the band the album was huge for them. their first debut went under the radar. and "tragic kingdom" had their breakout singles "don't speak" and "just a girl" and along with the memorable music video. ♪ gwen writing on instagram talking about what it was likesd
8:25 am
then immediately setting off on a world tour. >> i'm going on tour from the video shoot and not coming home for two and a half years never had ink i went to san fra. and now i'm going around the world with my music, with no doubt with my friends, my best friends. >> i feel like i was a part of that band. in 1995 i was a dj at kmoe, a radio station in san jose, california when no doubt came to town, i was a good friend with them and i watched that video of "just a girl" with them on the tour bus for the very first time. a fun fact, i don't know if i told gwen this their very first tour bus they ever had was the band journey's old tour bus. >> oh, wow. >> on the front of the bus where the bands would put their names, they kept the journey tag on the bus and we watched the "just a girl" individual joe. >> i was going to say my first concert was a no doubt concert but you topped that. >> i am that old.
8:26 am
>> carson's movie stories, we can't even get in that game. just ahead, vicky nguyen gets us ready for tomorrow's start of amazon prime day with an exclusive sneak peek at some of the deals. plus three words, kathie lee live we'll chat with her. boy, we have a lot to talk about. good morning to you. 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. two stanford professors the winners of a nobel prize in economics. they are recognized for their achievements in proving our auctions work, including hard to sell itemize. his neighbor and fellow winner, professor wilson, went over and knocked on his door so we could talk to him in the middle of the night to share the news. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. starting to heat up. >> yeah, we're looking at temperatures today that will
8:27 am
jump about ten degrees from yesterday in some spots. reaching up to 85 today in san jose. 90 in livermore. 90 in concord. santa rosa, 88. 60s near the coastline. as we go through week we are going to see high pressure building off the coast and forcing our winds offshore with a dry wind and low humidity. high fire danger, so we're monitoring for the north bay and east bay hills. our temperatures will be cranking up to the mid-90s over the next several days. kris? >> thank you, kari. more local news in just a half hour. hope your day is off to a good start. (garage door opening) it is my father's love...
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♪ ohhh yeahhh! just connect your myq® app to key. ♪ ohhh yeahhh! get free in-garage delivery with myq® and key by amazon. this week jimmy has bts,ton. jessica alba, big shawn and eddie redmayne and keith urban with kevin heart on "to night show." we are back at 8:30 on a monday morning. it's the 12th monday morning it's the 12th of october, 2020 we've got a fun half hour ahead. >> yes, we do. amazon prime day begins tomorrow it's the first time some of us will begin holiday shopping. vicky nguyen has a sneak peek at some of the deals and what other major retailers are going to do to compete. plus we love any excuse to see this face. there she is, kathie lee
8:31 am
gifford. so much to catch up with her. she has a new movie which is a hit, a new book and of course weddings for both of her kids and maybe her own love life we will have to get into. what do you think, klg she is like whoa. yes, can't wait for klg in just a few. on "today" food we'll get cooking with jesse james decker. if you haven't had breakfast yet, you're in luck. she's whipping up some breakfast sandwiches your entire family will love. coming up on the third hour, a little food for thought. we'll visit a community garden helping family as just to their new life in america and learn english along the way. and tomorrow on "today," the legendary david bern will be here to talk about music and bringing his critically acclaimed broadway show to tv. >> that's huge. >> how cool is that? all right, dylan, let's get a check of the weather. >> and it is certainly going to remain dreary in the northeast as we start off the week it's just the remnants of delta moving through
8:32 am
we also have spotty thunderstorms possible back through the midwest with a cold front. mountain snow to kick off the week in the highest elevations out west heading towards wednesday we'll see most of the country clear out. still dealing with very warm temperatures in the southwest, close to record highs likely through the middle of the week we finish off the week with another round of showers, especially in the northeast. we will see some pockets of heavier rain and a big cooldown moving into the middle of the country as temperatures drop below average. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. heading through the middle of the week we're watching out for the potential of a high fire danger wednesday through friday as we start to see an offshore wind developing. there will be a high fire danger for the north bay, moderate for the east bay hills. as we take a look at our temperatures, it's going to get really hot along with high winds we'll be picking up. we're going from the upper 80s today to the low 90s which will continue throughout the rest of this week.
8:33 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, thank you. coming up next, the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. >> good morning. get ready to shop till you drop. amazon's prime day event i hours away morning plus the other retailers that are getting in on the game i'll have an action plan to help you safe big bucks this year that's next on "today." that's next on "today." but first, this is "today" taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take.
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we are back at 8:35 with today's consumer this morning the first big push for, yes, holiday shopping led by one of the largest shopping events of the year, amazon prime day. >> oh, yes, it is that time of day, time of year, perfect time to stock up and save nbc's investigative correspondent, vicky nguyen, has been looking into it so it's shopping season. >> can you believe it? 73 days until christmas. prime day is here upon us. the sales go live tomorrow
8:36 am
morning at 3:00 eastern. this year amazon is offering deals on more than a million products it is not just amazon. this morning we're also showing you the other retailers where you can scoop up big savings so what should you buy and what should you hold off on i have your holiday shopping guide, plus new deals amazon, target and walmart are revealing exclusively to us. it's the super bowl of savings the holiday shopping season kicking off earlier than ever, with amazon shaking things up. >> it's easier to save than ever. >> sara is the shopping expert for retailmenot. >> prime day is much later in the year than normal how does this affect our holiday shopping >> i expect shoppers to start getting out there and shopping for holiday gifts. our research suggests that 75% of people are looking to start their holiday shopping earlier than ever. >> amazon now hours away from its biggest event of the year. two days of mega deals this morning amazon exclusively revealing deals to "today" viewers. 40% off this gotham steel cookware and bakeware set. for kids, 43% off this avengers action pack. but it's not just amazon
8:37 am
walmart has its big save event under way exclusively sharing its deals with us. starting tomorrow, $132 off this 50-inch samsung tv and $68 off this hover board for kids. target's online deal days begin tomorrow through wednesday shoppers can save $150 on beats studio 3 headphones and 30% off kids fleece and denim. many other retailers like these also offering big bargains according to the national retail federation, 59% of consumers say they'll do more of their holiday shopping online this year compared to last year. and they're looking for deals. 94% of shoppers are just as or more important this year as a result of covid-19. >> are prime day deals really the best deals you'll see all year long? >> prime day deals are great on a few certain categories pay attention to anything amazon owns so devices, echo, kindle, fire,
8:38 am
things like that even amazon clothing brands like the essentials and the basics. >> with fierce competition how can you take advantage of the savings? first familiarize yourself with a retailer's app or website. then make your shopping list on the amazon app, you can get deal alerts. it's easy, just launch the amazon app, tap on the settings menu and then tap today's deals. click on the icon that says upcoming and then just scroll down when you see an item you want, just tap watch this deal you'll be notified when that item goes on sale. another tip, on prime day look for deal badges like this that say prime day deal if you see this icon, you know the item has been discounted experts say electronics, clothing, shoes, jewelry and kitchen appliances top the list of hot items. >> this is a year where we may not want to wait for deeper deals. why is that? >> that's exactly right. this is a very uncertain time. i think we should certainly expect inventory
8:39 am
shipping delays. so if you see something, a really good deal, for example, pounce on it now. >> but don't settle for the price you see. check the competition, including amazon's two biggest rivals, walmart and target, to see if the item is cheaper. are there any items shoppers should hold off on to wait for deeper discounts. >> in the middle of december, for example, is when you'll find the deepest discounts on those toys, but you run the risk of those items potentially selling out. >> to save money on shipping, order bigger ticket items like tvs and furniture online and select in-store pickup. >> it might be in your best interests to consider buy online, pick up in store where you can take advantage of deep discounts happening online. >> tips for you to save big this prime day. and another tip to keep in mind, other retailers like best buy might have the same item on your wish list so always ask for a price match if you don't want to
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