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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 14, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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will start shutting off power to thousands of people in the bay area. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. raj mathai is also with us tonight. >> reporter: janelle, it's a multibillion dollar industry and many people are questioning if college football should even return. tonight i'm joined by the head coaches from stanford and cal. we'll see you in a few minutes. >> okay. thank you, raj. first, high temps and gusty winds bursting down on the bay area and placing most counties under a red flag warning. it comes as power shutoffs could begin in just a few minutes in some counties. pg&e is planning to cut the power to 22,000 customers. you can see on this map where those outages could occur. now, all counties except san francisco and marin could be affected. let's get an update on the forecast. jeff? >> over the next couple of hours, the big focus for any kind of gusty winds to 50 miles
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per hour would be in the higher elevations. so you got to get up to the mountains, 2,000, 3,000 feet up to see those top gusts. there's a big contrast between what we're feeling at the lower elevation to what's happening in the mountains. so the red flag fire warning right now for the northeast and south bay. for these on and off mountain gusts of 30 to 50 miles per hour. sustained winds, 10 to 20. so no big change on this forecast. i'm still pinning the best possibility of these higher gusts right here over portions of the north bay, the mountains near calistoga, saint helena and also for napa. so through tonight as we hit 11:00, you'll see the zone here. the strongest winds in the red to magenta color just outside of napa and calistoga. all of this new fire danger comes on top of what has already been a record-setting year. so far 4 million acres burned this year alone. i'll take a look more at that extended forecast coming up in about 18 minutes. >> all right.
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see you soon. thanks so much, jeff. pg&e is shutting off power. the first phase is 6:00 p.m. in napa, solano and sonoma counties. the next round could start at 8:00 tonight. more than 22,000 people could be in the dark for two days. in danville, one of the areas that may lose power to show us what families are doing ahead of these shutoffs. >> reporter: tonight hundreds of people in unincorporated danville, walnut creek and the diablo range are preparing for the possibility that their power is about to be cut for days. >> i'm pleasantly surprised that they did give us some notice. >> reporter: in danville, residents like jim got text messages warning them about the shutoffs and then made a trip to ace hardware to pick up supplies in case his family loses power. >> we got flashlights everywhere that we need them to have. we've talked to neighbors about what they would do. we've made sure that we've got, you know, plenty of water. >> reporter: here's a look at
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where the public safety power shutoffs are supposed to happen in contra-costa county. the areas marked in yellow make up the more than 900 pg&e customers who could be left in the dark tonight. customers like robert lynn, who bought a generator to keep essential appliances running. >> since we got the generator, i power at least, you know, the refrigerator and those essential ones. it won't run the -- the generator won't run the whole house. but, yeah, so i'm okay. >> i was sick and tired of being sick and tired. of the electricity and everything going out. >> reporter: abram wilson invested $400 in a generator last year after a number of pg&e blackouts across the bay area. >> we needed the electricity. we needed the power. that was the only way to make sure that we had it when we needed it. >> reporter: pg&e says it will go through with plans to shut off power any time between 8:00 to 10:00 tonight. in danville, nbc bay area news.
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and take a live look here. a pg&e update right now on tonight's planned power outages. we're going to keep an eye on this news conference that's just getting under way. if there are any new developments, we will definitely bridge it to you in this newscast. fire crews are patrolling the east bay hills to make sure a single spark does not turn into the next wildfire. oakland fire is adding two extra engines to patrol the hills. there is also a cal oes strike team assigned specifically to alameda county. people who live in the hills asked not to park their cars on the narrow, winding hills to make room for fire trucks. >> it would be a shame to have lives lost or more property lost because somebody decided to double park because it was inconvenient to have to walk a couple extra hundred feet. >> i hope everybody gets through this and there's no fire. we are on the top of the hill. >> reporter: the east bay regional park district will also be patrolling. they've closed down ten parks until at least friday.
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we are continuing to track weather alerts across the bay area. you can find out if there is an advisory in your area. just go to our website,, and you can click on "weather" in our "top stories" bar. will, new video tonight that shows the deadly shooting by a napa county sheriff's sergeant. it shows the sergeant stopping a man during a traffic stop and then a minute later shots are fired and the man is killed. the sheriff says his sergeant had no choice and he believes the video proves that. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez, she's live in napa county where friends of the man say the story does not add up. jodi? >> reporter: well, the shooting happened not far from here. garcia had just delivered pizza to a nearby hotel where his friends had been evacuated. from their calistoga home during the wildfire. the sheriff's department says he didn't have his headlights on and they say it turns out his blood alcohol level was nearly four times above the legal limit. what happened was captured on body camera video.
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a warning, it's graphic. it started as a routine traffic stop. but within a minute, 47-year-old juan adrian garcia had been shot by a napa sheriff's sergeant. body camera video shows garcia approaching the officer with his hands behind his back. the sergeant tries to create distance, but garcia approaches him again. with one hand behind him, ignoring the officer's commands to stop. >> stop! stop! stop! "gunshots ] >> he perceived a threat, a threat of deadly force, and so with that, with all the events that occurred and the things that occurred, he perceived that threat and he tried to give it -- he tried to de-escalate it. >> juan was the type of guy that always had a smile on his face. was always cool, calm and collected. >> reporter: garcia's co-worker says it doesn't make sense.
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worked with garcia at this busy napa restaurant where he said he never saw him lose his temper. he said the officer didn't need to shoot. >> he's absolutely unarmed. of course he's unarmed. this is napa. who carries guns in napa? no one. we carry cabernet and chardonnay, won't carry pistols. >> i did not see the dash cam video. they wouldn't show it to us which would have shown both of juan's hands were empty when he got out of his car. i did not see the officer begin juan any warning before he fired those shots at juan. >> reporter: an attorney for garcia's family says she's troubled by the video and is investigating. garcia's older brother says his family is devastated. >> i am so sad. very sad. my little brother -- was my little brother. >> reporter: in napa county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a milestone day for south bay businesses. many are now able to offer indoor services for the first time since the pandemic began. the santa clara county public
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health department cleared the way for thousands of businesses to partially reopen indoor operations. this comes after the county moved into the state's orange tier. but restrictions are still a big part of the changes. qualifying restaurants can reopen for indoor dining at 25% capacity only. diners need to be from the same household and one person needs to be willing to provide specific contact information just in case for contact tracing. late today, the university of alabama announced legendary football coach nick saban tested positive for covid-19. this comes as the staffonford football team was cleared to begin practicing back on campus today. raj mathai joins us with the latest on the big business of college football. raj, we're talking about three here in the bay area, three major teams. >> reporter: yeah, janelle. you know this very well. this is hardly a football story. this is a multibillion dollar industry that extends all the way down to even the local restaurants in berkeley and palo alto and san jose.
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now, here's what we know tonight. this is all part of the college football ecosystem, right? but here's the other reality. a college team consists of about 140 players and staff. we just mentioned nick saban of the university of alabama, he tested positive. the university of florida has essentially frozen its season after 21 players tested positive. so the questions remain, is it even worth it to play this football season? right now. >> i got into college football because i love college football and i love working with college athletes and you ask any one of them, their answer is a resounding yes. if our guys didn't want to play then we wouldn't do it. >> reporter: the stanford head coach there david shaw, we had really honest conversations today. there's a lot of pushback, you might know, even within the stanford medical community that the football team should just sit out the season. last week the team practiced at woodside high school in san mateo county, but today they're back on campus after getting the
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green light from santa clara county. another issue with all of this, social justice. many of these players just having a difficult time navigating through the unrest in the country. they know they're not just the normal type of student athletes. they're part of this big business of college football. >> some of these things have hit some of our guys really, really hard, and part of what i've told them that's one of the things you came to stanford for. you came to stanford to lead. so what's a way that we can help people from your neighborhood? what's the way we can help people in this area? so there's some things that we've done, some things that we plan on doing going forward to once again make these situations better. engaging with our local police force. engaging with all of our local officials and trying to build a community. communities nowadays are difficult. you know, it's not just your neighborhood, it's where you go to school, it's where you work, and trying to make sure that people are treated equally. >> no two of us are alike and that's a good thing, but we can
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come together and work together to accomplish something as a team, and i think that, again, it can be a great example, football, and our team in general, to others outside of what it looks like when we can appreciate each other's differences and have some respectful discourse and then go out and work our butts off toward a common goal. >> reporter: justin wilcox, david shaw not your stereotypical college football coaches. they are very thoughtful in their approach to players. but here's the bottom line. we're having a season as early as november 7th for cal against washington. stanford plays oregon. also november 7th. and san jose state kicks off against air force just a couple of weeks from now on october no fans allowed, but gentleman ge janelle, as you know, the television revenue for schools and the universities is substantial. that's what they're going to rely on in just a couple of weeks. >> big bucks. thanks so much, raj. up next, rents are plummeting in san francisco.
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what's behind it and just how far they have dropped. and i'll have a look at the fire forecast and the wind as we head through the next 36 hours. and tonight, we continue an important conversation. up next, we invite you to stay with us for our special "race in america" the conversation. marcus washington and i will be joined by amy alison, the president and founder of she the people. and ruben, a catholic deacon and president of sacred heart nativity schools in san jose. he's going to talk to us about racism in the catholic church. that's coming up right here at 6:30. when was the last time your property tax bill went down?
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what? never. are you kidding me? for years, the residential burden has gone up.
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while the corporate burden has gone down. prop 15 reverses that. it closes corporate loopholes and invests in schools, small business, and firefighters. and when the big corporations pay more, your tax bill goes down. that's right. a savings of a hundred twenty-one dollars a year for the average home. give homeowners a break. vote yes on 15. . making it in the bay. rents are finally dipping in the bay area and around the country, but no place is seeing rents drop faster than the city of san francisco. so what's making one of the most expensive cities in america suddenly a lot more affordable?
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our business tech reporter scott budman says there isn't just one answer. >> michael is about to save a lot of money. and like many people who live here in san francisco, these days, he's going to do it by moving out. >> i'm moving somewhere where i'm paying half the price. i can do my job just as well. and i'm going to be able to, like, ski and surf and cycle. >> reporter: for michael, washington state is the new destination. according to a recent survey, enough renters are leaving the city that the typical studio apartment is down 30% over the last year. one-bedrooms down 24%. two-bedroom rents down 21%. >> we haven't seen anything like that. >> reporter: among the factors, the number of companies that don't require you to come in to work. >> it's the compound effect on the demand side of a recession and the move to work from home or the ability to work from
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wherever you want. >> another factor, tech companies still hiring here in the bay area but telling new employees they don't have to move here. at least not yet. in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. tonight, some big artists will take the stage at the billboard music awards. it's quite a feat given covid restrictions. that got us wondering how and when will concerts resume. we asked nbc bay area's chris chmura to find out. >> good evening. the bottom line is concerts as we remember them probably will not resume any time soon. over the past few weeks, we've been speaking with artists, promotors and venue operators about the future. they all seem to agree the six-foot rule is a huge hurdle. >> we don't anticipate that we'll have concerts until there is a vaccine and the social distancing is a thing of the past. >> but that doesn't mean all live music has gone silent. tonight after the billboard awards, we'll show you how some
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musicians are getting creative to keep playing. please join us tonight after the billboard music awards. >> thank you, chris. okay. let's check in with jeff ranieri. we have a red flag warning. fire danger, especially in the higher elevations. tell about that, jeff. >> that's exactly right. it's really all about the mountains for this best chance of wind gusts of 30 to 50 miles per hour. it's much, much stiffer down at the lower elevations where the wind's relatively light at the current moment. only 5 to 10 miles per hour. so the red flag fire warning for the northeast and the south bay, higher elevations for those 30 to 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. this expires at 11:00 a.m. on friday. so the wind tonight, the big focus for that wind building into the mountains would be the north bay. you can see that red to magenta color there. that's those 30 to 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts that are possible. again, later this evening. we'll see that same trend as we head through thursday morning and also as we progress through thursday afternoon.
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so no big change in that forecast as we move through tomorrow. once we hit friday morning, we'll hang on to a little bit of wind early on at 6:00 a.m. for the mountains and then we will gradually see that wind starting to diminish as we head through friday afternoon. temperatures tomorrow with that dryer northeasterly wind will be warmer to start. mostly clear skies. 65 in the south bay. peninsula at 62. also, plenty of mid to upper 60s from the east bay to the north bay. afternoon temperatures tomorrow on the warm side. no triple digits, but we'll be close. 96 in concord. 94, morgan hill. san francisco, that's a warm day for you, 85 degrees. my extended forecast cools it off in sf once we hit sunday, monday and tuesday. starting to get some 60s back. and right here across the inland valleys, we'll begin to drop sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday. real fast, no big rain chances here. look at santa rosa. next several days, only a 10% chance of rain as we move
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through next monday. so not looking good for rain chances. this is just another hit to us here in 2020. janelle? >> okay. thanks, jeff. up next, how jimmy g. is doing after his ankle sprain. sports is next.
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great day on the lake! it is. lunch is cookin'! and i saved a bunch of money on my boat insurance with geico. fellas, can it get any better than this? whoa! my old hairstyle grew back. so did mine. [80's music] what? i was an 80's kid. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. the 49ers are back in prime time this weekend when they host the l.a. rams on "sunday night football," right here on nbc bay area. injuries taking a toll on this team. and they're in last place in
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their division after back-to-back losses at levis. quarterback jimmy garoppolo practiced today. he's trying to rebound after getting benched against the dolphins this past sunday. jimmy g. is still dealing with a high ankle sprain from three weeks ago. if he's healthy, he will start sunday night. >> you know, if you can play, you still got to go out there and perform. i'll be the judge of that, watching him throughout the week. if he has a good week of practice and looks like he gives us the best chance to win then i won't hesitate. if it looks like it hurts in the game and it's prohibiting him. we'll do what we did again. >> 49ers take on the rams on "sunday night football." kickoff is at 5:20 right here on nbc bay area. as you know, the second presidential debate is off, but nbc news will host a town hall with president trump tomorrow night. the town hall will take place in miami outside of the perez art museum. nbc news anchor savannah guthrie will moderate a conversation between the president and miami voters. t 8:00 p.m.
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it is the exact location where lester holt moderated a town hall with presidential nominee joe biden last week. you can watch the biden town hall if you missed that. that was on october 5th. on our website, just go to and clinic on "biden town hall" at the top of the screen. well, that wraps up the news at 6:00 p.m., but please stick around as we have our next installment of rays in america the conversation. jessica aguirre and marcus washington join us right after the break. stay with us. in business you have to be able to shift-pivot-adapt. then do it all over again. comcast business gives you fast, reliable internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network.
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about the covid-19 virus. it's real. it's dangerous. and we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. we can do this. if we do it together. breonna taylor. >> black lives matter. >> breonna taylor. there's a war being waged on our lives, so we say in the name of breonna taylor that it stops
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today. >> this system is broken and has been broken for such a long time. for people to now be waking up to that -- >> translator: >> we're not seen. we're not heard. we're not valued. it's unfortunate because we're human. >> the breakthrough has to come through the ballot box. people have to get out and vote for the change they want to see. well, we've talked a lot about change following george floyd's death, and tonight we are 20 days away from election day. now, the greatest contribution we can make is to vote. not just for the president, but for those making decisions about how we are governed and policed in our cities and counties. the hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets to demand change, but for some that change has not been enough. good evening to you. thanks so much for joining us. this is our sixth rays in ameri ? "race in america" episode.
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they've also brought a lot of hope and unity. we've seen young and old from different communities coming together and standing firm with the conviction that change has to happen. now, we saw an historic law also in california, which looks at slavery reparations, even as calls for justice continue for breonna taylor, seven months after her death. >> justice now. >> black lives matter. >> their voices have echoed from shore to shore. >> no justice -- >> no peace. >> in the wake of the death of george floyd, no longer asking for change, demanding it. >> no justice, no peace. >> but are their voices being heard. >> breonna taylor. say her name. >> breonna taylor. >> in louisville, kentucky, a grand jury declined to press murder charges against the police officers who killed breonna taylor during a botched raid. >> i was reassured wednesday of why i have no faith in the legal system. >> no justice --


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