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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 15, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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coastline. so, i'm going to go into more detail on what these winds are, what they mean, what does a red flag warning mean, how long is this going to last coming up in my full forecast. mike? >> getting an education. over here we're educating ourself on the speeds and's slo. northbound just around alan rock a crash in the area where we're kind of back to our normal pattern, i believe. we'll double check that in a few minutes. your approach towards the bay bridge and no major problems and at the bay bridge, not a problem. just a change. the metering lights were turned on in the and once you pass the metering lights, everyone funnels together at the incline there and that's where everything really slows down at oakland. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. so, let's get straight to washington and "today in the bay" tracie potts this morning. as the final day of hearings for judge amy coney barrett gets
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under way right now. >> tracie, you know about all the counts. this looks like it is a done deal. >> it looks like it's a done deal because we have some sense of whether 12 republicans and 10 democrats will break when it comes down to voting for her or not. looking live in the hearing room now. they are getting under way. she is done with her questioning. she's not expected to be there today. but we will hear from members of the american bar association and outside witnesses on her nomination. a vote is not a final vote, but we will get a sense of where this committee is headed. we already know because we've been listening for several days as lawmakers questioned her with democrats questioning whether she's a threat to the affordable care act and women's issues. >> this hearing has done nothing to alleviate the concerns raised about why this nominee was chosen and why this is being
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rushed when the american people deserve to be heard. >> this is the first time in american history that we've nominated a woman who is unashamely prolife and embraces her faith without apology and she's going to the court . >> republicans really pushing her qualifications and as you heard, senator graham say suggesting this is a foregone conclusion. so, from here, that preliminary vote ande witnesses today. the committee will take a final vote next week and t setting up for a final senate confirmation vote on october 26th. before the election. back to you. >> we'll be watching for that, tracie, thank you. well, from president trump's supreme court nominee to his latest win in the high court, 2020 census decision this week the court said counting the
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census. kris sanchez with the sudden push to make sure that all californians are counted. kris? >> well, hi, laura. we're here at sfo which gets some of its funding from the federal government and that federal funding is allocated based on census results. now, to tell you the truth, when we filled out our census, it only took about ten minutes or so. you don't have to give any identifying information for your hou household. just how many people you are and how many people live in the home and children and things like that. but it is how billions federal allocated not just here for hos and roadways. it's also how congressional seats are determined for each state. governor newsom tweeted out this reminder that you can fill out the census online or by phone. and if you thought you had more time, you are not alone. it has been a little confusing. the deadline changed a few times, but the supreme court decided the trump administration
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can end the count today instead of at the end of the month. so, you can answer the census online at or by calling 844-330-2020. i'll put this up on my social pages for you, as well. again, census workers will not ask your personal information. they won't ask your immigration status. if you have folks in your life that maybe you think you haven't filled it out, you can make sure that you tell them that, as well. but california we want as much money from the federal government as we can get, right? so, if you want that to happen, make sure you fill out your 2020ense ises. at sfo, kris sanchez "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. live look for you right now walnut creek. this is just one of the cities feeling the impact from the power shutoffs. as you can see right there, a lot of darkness in that area. here's a look at some of the outages numbers we're seeing
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across the bay area. contra costa county, alameda county. they are supposed to end tomorrow morning at 1:00. now, san mateo and san mateo the shutoff is supposed to end tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> it's tough because thousands of people they're waking up without power in the north bay, as well. let's get the latest from there. "today in the bay" cierra johnson monitoring all that for us. good morning, cierra. >> yes, good morning. the folks here in calistoga no stranger to the mandatory shutoffs. as i was coming into town, i could see it was pretty dark. the two gas stations at the end of the road as you come into the main drag were completely dark. they typically have their generators going. i think i may have heard one turn on not too long ago. things here are pretty dark. now, according to pg&e, there are several thousand outages both in napa and sonoma counties. so far, 9,221 customers in napa without power right now. and in sonoma county, 1,819
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customers without power. so, this morning, not on that microgrid. that's what's powering downtown and navigating a day without power. that means use electronics wisely and finding a way if they don't have a generator to preserve their food and keep any medication safe. we did have of the challenges of a power shutoff and what it means for his community as those temperatures are expected to rise and so many are working and learning from home. take a listen. >> we are a working class community and you can't keep having to replace the contents of your refrigerator over and over again. and then we've got people with medical conditions that need medications that are refrejeri e refrigerated or medical devices and that is the most challenging. >> exactly. so, kind of a tough day for the folks here as they try to work from home. try to continue the schooling and preserve their food. we will also continue to monitor
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any safety issues in regards to any brush fires or any sparking of anything of that sort. the wind has picked up a little, not too bad. we will definitely keep an eye on that as well as the other outage numbers if they continue to rise or fall. we're live in calistoga, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." . . >> smowe do have the dry hills around the bay and as we look we see what else we have. on our live view at the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup that is continuing to build there on the on just before 6:00. this camera sho lanes except for the car pool lanes, of course. three or more at the toll plaza and this map i showed you a few minutes ago changed and the the slowing across the span has cleared. that's what the metering lights are designed to do. they meter the traffic on the span in case there's a problem. there is not right now. but that causes more backup where the arrow is keeping it
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over there where they have more access to vehicles in case there are issues and need assistance. the rest of the bay smooth drive and the crash cleared. north 101 at cleared from the side of the road. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:08 for you this morning. it has happened again. coming up for you, man or myth an unidentified object. some are calling rocket man, once again, flying high in the skies over los angeles. plus -- >> we're keeping our eyes on the markets this morning. futures all down across the board. more business news straight ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
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taking california for a ride.
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companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take.
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it is 6:11 a.m. get any sort of outdoor exercise or activity out of the way early because your day planner will warm up really quickly after 10:00 a.m. in the 80s eventually and interior valleys can expect to see 90s and also around the coast we have the red flag warning in effect. i'll have your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike? well, there was one problem vianey out of b.a.r.t.antioch.
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there's the backup if you're heading into san francisco. frank, i know you've never been to tahoe, but have you ever had the joy of being in the backup out of bay bridge out of oakland. >> i want to come one day. i'm frank holland and here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open up lower this morning extending two days of losses for the market. the first back-to-back declines in almost a month. investors continue to weigh the odds for a stimulus deal being reached before the election. steven mnuchin saying yesterday would be difficult as democrats and republican s remain far apart. the latest report on the number of people filing for unemployment and earnings from morgan stanley and charles schwab. united airlines a long downturn in travel and a big loss as their sales fell nearly 80%. united has flown less than its rivals throughout the pandemic.
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a strategy for an eventual rebound. some positive signs already. a number of people going through airport security this last sunday hit the highest level since mid march. international flights remain difficult. many companies are hesitant to resume their travel. previously teachers or performers had to use third-party sites and the new feature onzoom will accept payments at paypal it includes so far music, art and photography lessons. can i get that invite and i'll bring some powerade. back over to you. >> it is an open invite and it's going to happen once this pandemic thing is over. you're coming out to the bay area. >> you can come out, look, if you don't like my place, you can go to laura's. >> i'm always there to babysit. >> you got it. big time. thanks, frank.
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6:13 for you this morning. you know what, the pandemic right now, not exactly dealing a winning hand in vegas. the latest proof of that is the encore actually owned by wynn las vegas and that hotel is scaling back its hours due to the mid-week bookings. starting next week only operate from thursday night through monday morning indefinitely. the hotel is being hit hard by the loss of the convention crowd. and trending for you this morning, a plot thickens in the city known for great plots. lala land. >> this is such a strange one here. so, this case we're talking about a possible man in a jet pack. once again, apparently being seen high in the skies above los angeles. here's the latest cockpit video release. >> just saw a flying object. >> flying object. was it a uav or a jet pack? >> like a jet pack.
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>> it was a man flying in a jet pack. that's the air traffic controller flying into lax yesterday. at the time they were flying at 6,000 feet altitude. this is the second time in two months pilots have reported a rocket man sighting near lax. they spoke with a jet pack designer yesterday and he suggests it is something inflatable and not somebody trying to do their best james bond but somehow somebody is flying up and around. >> i know. >> you want to cue that rocketman song by elton john. >> every time you say rocket man i think about it. >> next time i'll sing it. >> stay tuned, everyone. >> got to pay those royalties. >> absolutely. here we go. 6:15 for you this morning and you know we're going to rock to the forecast and vianey is in for kari. another hot one with red flag
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warnings in place. >> another hot one and we have to remain on alert because of the gusty winds we're seeing right now peeking through the higher elevation areas. let's get right into that san francisco forecast right now. 64 degrees. notice the winds in san francisco. three miles per hour. so, if you're at a lower elevation around the coasthe wi concern.s the mountains and hilltops area. we're talking santa cruz mountains and east bay hills and look at mt. st. helena right now. 60-mile-per-hour winds and peaking in mt. diablo and 60-mile-per-hour winds have been clocked and that gives you an idea of why there is such a great concern for those areas. if you live anywhere near the mountainous areas, you have to keep those things in mind. why are we so concerned about these northeast winds? what makes these different and what makes these dry us out? northeast wind is drier and why this brings elevated fire danger. we have that air coming in from
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the northeast and passing over land instead of over. so what happens is it passes over the land making it drier and as that air comes down over the mountains, we'll see that air compress. now, that's going to heat up the air and it makes the trees and the grass and all of that dry and that's called adiabatic heating. something to keep in mind as you're looking at the wind at the mountain areas. as that adiabatic heating happens that drops down our humidity rates. typically we want to see humidity rates above 30%. when we get these sort of winds, they drop down below 10% at time with less recovery overnight which is when the wind tends to back off and then we get recovery. but that's not what we're seeing this time around. as far as that air quality, what will happen with that when it comes to the winds. north bay down to the south bay predicting right now pretty moderate depending, though, on how the fires play out. remember, air quality is always
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an hour-by-hour situation. and that can change depending on if a new fire starts. the direction of the wind and all of those elements contribute to that air quality. you definitely want to stay up to date and download that in, bc bay area app and keeps you updated and posted. especially if you fall under any of those sensitive groups or any pr pr respiratory issues. we'll see the winds pick up once again over night tonight and raise our concern heading into tomorrow. the red flag warning remains in effect through 11:00 a.m. tomorrow and then we get a shift in the winds. we go from off shore winds to onshore winds and that will help cool us off heading into sunday and monday. bringing us more seasonable temps through the bay area and back down into the 80s and dropping by as much as 15 plus degrees. when you look at san francisco and you go from 80s to 70s down to 60s, 60s is actually a little bit more seasonal for this time
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of year, but we have to remember that as we head into today and tomorrow, you want to get out any sort of activity nice and early because we're going to be so quick to warm up that you have to watch out for the heat-related illnesses. look out for each other and look out for your pets. if you have them outdoors, bring them inside. nice, cold cup of water hanging out and he's napping right now but i just want to make sure that we all take care of each other. mike, i'll send it over to you. >> all right. i don't know if binx does this but when it's too hot he just sort of sits in the shade and says i'm not walking any more. folks. the sidewalk is too hot for your hand, too hot for your pups, as well. on the roadways this is pretty cool. green around the bay. i did just notice see where it says 92 mid screen a little slowing at the high rise. i will check on that. the live camera and took a glance and didn't have any
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slowing yet. the bay bridge with the arrow. that was here. that's there. the metering lights over the last 15 minutes if you've been watching since 6:00, you saw it packed in for all lanes and now the middle lanes are starting to move a little bit lighter even already. as we look a bit to the north, the richmond bridge westbound 580 is building the volume, but no slow down at the toll plaza itself. cash payers do have, of course, pay cash in those lanes and fastrack but these are electronic tolls around the bay and not the stopping like we saw before. westbound 580 is slowing a bit here and then a little bit to the north. highway 37 west out of vallejo. that is your traditionalwing right around the north bay. no issues but little pockets of fog were issued around the north bay. highway 1 right along the coast. not a surprise, guys. we know about this. back to you. >> all right, thanks so much, mike. it's 6:20 right now. the buzz continues.
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coming up next on "today in the bay." what senator kamala harris is saying about the fly that landed on vice president mike pence's head and really stole the vp debate. you're watching "today in the bay." woman 1: get your vote-by-mail ballot? woman 2: you can stay healthy
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welcome back. it's 6:23. moving on to decision 2020. 19 days until the election. people are already voting in record numbers. u.s. elections monitors the number of mail-in ballots by
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state and in north carolina where early voting just started, more than 500,000 people have already voted. in california, it's more than a million. across the u.s., more than 16 million people have already cast their ballots. okay, so, do you remember, laura, the fly that went viral during the vice presidential debate? >> yeah. how could you forget it? >> absolutely. presidential nominee kamala harris was asked about it msnbc rachel maddow. >> if you noticed the fly on vice president pence's head at the time during the debate, we could see it at home? could you see it sitting next to him? >> it's important that we kind of find a way, all of us, to move on. and, you know, kind of fly away
6:25 am
from this subject. >> fly away from this subject. look, the infamous debate that moment, anyway, already on "snl" as well with jim carrey. playing joe biden who became the fly. >> that was pretty funny on "saturday night live." well, here's another thing you may have we're a little coordinating today. a lot of us wearing purple, matching. it's certainly all for a very good cause. >> today is spirit day and a day we stand against bullying in the lgbtq community. the team all there in our purple today to show our support to lgbtq and bullying of any kind not tolerated. i want you to send us a picture of you in your purple and send it to facebook and laura garcia or marcus washington nbc bay
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area with the #spiritday. >> i'm going to post my facebook right now. i did instagram earlier. trying to get it done in the commercial break. >> it's tough. >> we're busy. all right. here we go. 6:26 for you this morning. back to our top story and back to our team coverage of those fires and the danger. a red flag warning is in effect. the thousands of customers who had their power turned off as a result. you're watching "today in the bay." (garage door opening) it is my father's love... it is his passion- it is his fault he didn't lock the garage. don't even think about it! been there, done that. with liftmaster® powered by myq®, know what's happening in your garage- from anywhere.
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right now at 6:30 watching and waiting. >> thousands without power across the bay area because of high fire danger. our crews the dry and dangerous conditions. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good morning to you. thanks so much for making us part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we'll check in with mike in just moments. vianey is in for kari and red flag warning still in effect. >> it is. and, you know, we've already seen gusty winds, peak winds at the mt. diablo range area. 60 plus miles per hour. so, if you're thinking to yourself it doesn't really feel windy out here for today, well, it's because if you're at a lower elevation, you're not really going to see the effects of that wind. it is the higher elevation areas
6:30 am
with all the dry brush that we've seen quickly can spread with just one fire that we're really concerned about. these are your headlines for today. we're talking about mountain wind gusts and northeast winds 30, 40, now 60-mile-per-hour and that dry air is going to mean low mewmidity and talking about warm temperatures with the heat advisory also in effect through tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. that kicks in at 11:00 a.m. today because we're really quick to warm up. right around your lunch hour we'll see some 90s for the interior valleys. mike. >> vianey, we have a back up at the bay bridge. we know about that at the toll plaza may get worse because as we look at the span our camera from emeryville shows you slowing and tail lights bog down a little bit more or at least slow down. the map shows you across the span from the toll plaza.
6:31 am
no details yet i'm tracking as a bridge crew will hopefully get there quickly. the approach through contra costa and alameda county is great. slowing again at the san mateo bridge westbound and also circled the approach to the dublin interchange and sounds like a crash there in lanes for west 580. back to you. >> all right, thanks, mike. well, live look for you right now in the north bay in downtown calistoga. this is where power is out this morning. but, of course, you can still see some lights on and that is from backup generators just to help businesses. as for other places in the north bay, well, not so much. here's the number of the outages in sonoma, solona and napa county. it adds up to near lly 12,000 customers without power. this is to limit fire danger but that does not make it easier for people sheltering or working from home, laura. >> that's right. and all the kids distance learning. conditions in the east bay right now. "today in the bay" bob redell in
6:32 am
danville with another area dealing with the shutoffs and restaurants have been trying to open and here they're shutting them down in a way with the power. >> well, we don't believe that any restaurants are shut down or lost their power in danville proper. a lot of these shutdowns in unincorporated areas but the co wildfires. gusty. i don't know if you can see the breeze behind me with the thin s blowing behind me and the temperatures and the sun is not even up yet. again, unfortunately, good conditions for wildfires and no reports of fire activity in the east bay. but as a precaution last night pg&e did shut down power for customers here in danville just a small number here. the east and south bays and on the peninsula. so, the power lines and equipment aren't energized if they get knocked down by these winds. the latest numbers from pg&e and
6:33 am
contra costa county under 1,000 customers and san mateo county around 1,700 and santa clara county around 2,200 customers. oakland public works prepared the public for these public safety shutoffs and setting up stop sign and the neighborhoods where the lights are going to be out. power might not get turned back on until 10:00 tomorrow night because pg&e would still have to check their lines and equip >> it will be followed quickly by another period of wind thursday night into friday. it's really looking to us like two risk periods of winds. >> our son's best friend is going to be coming over tomorrow because he's not going to have power. >> we spoke with one woman in pleasanton who just bought a new power generator to keep her home electroified during these possible shut downs. she's been through this before. she tells us she needs her house
6:34 am
air conditioned because she raises english bull dogs and to prevent the food in her fridge from spoiling. reporting live here in danville, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:33 right now. live look inside senate chambers on capitol hill. just in, the senate panel confirmation vote is now set for supreme court nominee judge amy coney barrett. the panel will have its say one week from today, october 22nd. the senate judiciary committee is set to approve her nomination. now, yesterday barrett spent much of the time deflecting questions on her specific views, but tried to assure the country that she does not have an agenda. the last democrat to question her was democratic vice presidential nominee and california senator kamala harris. >> would you consider the 135 million people who gained protections under the affordable care act when deciding a case that challenges that law?
6:35 am
>> senator harris, if i were to be confirmed and conclude that i was able to sit on the case pursuant to the recusal statute and then if i heard the case and decided the case, i would consider all the protections that congress put in place. >> so now we know that the vote is scheduled for one week from today. we'll see when confirmation possibly could take place. republicans are expected to have the vote to approve barrett's nomination. new this morning, new order from the state supreme court to reexamine the conviction of scott peterson. peterson has now been removed from death row in the murder of his wife in 2002. his attorneys argue one of the jurors withheld information to get on the panel. peterson's conviction is not expected to be overturned. but it is being sent back to san mateo superior court for review with the response expected by
6:36 am
next month. san francisco police have a mystery on their hands this morning. this is after someone stole a lemur from the san francisco zoo. the lemur his name is maki and the zoo reported him missing yesterday morning. police believe someone broke into the habitat. the zookeepers say he's old and slower than the rest of the troop making him more easy to catch. one expert says that the highly endangered animal, they do not make for great pets. >> he's not going to enjoy having this animal in their lives and the animal, maki, is not going to enjoy being part of the human world that they can't survive in. >> now, authorities hope that surveillance video provides them some clues or better yet a tip from someone who actually knows something about this. the last time an animal was stolen from the san francisco zoo was 20 years ago. this is when a tip helped police track down two stolen koalas. as for you and working today even if it's from home, don't
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forget to drop, cover and holden o. today is the annual great california shakeout. that's how it actually started anyway when it was actually introduced in 2008. that event has actually gone global on the third thursday of october. people are advised on how to practice during a real quake in terms of survival and recovery. california's office of emergency services also recommends using that new my shake this is to re earthquake warning. >> you know, they only recently started the actual data but i grew up as a californian and we'd have these drills when i was a little girl in school getting under your desk like that. but you have felt an earthquake here, mike. >> i have felt three or four. about three or four that i felt. i remember the first one. and the first one, you never forget the first one. >> yeah, exactly.
6:38 am
well, i've lived in the bay area for so long. i was here for '89. wait until there's a big one, buddy. >> we'll hold out on that as long as we can. decision 2020. coming up, president trump and joe biden's dueling town halls tonight. buckle up. a live report from washington is straight ahead. a moment from last night's billboard music awards trending worldwide. john legend delivers a tribute to his wife. the personal struggle that inspired this personal performance. 6:38. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:40 am
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and it is 6:41 right now. check out your san jose dan planner for today. by 11:00 a.m. the upper 70s and we are expecting to top out in those 90s. a red flag warning is in place and a heat advisory is in place but for how long? i'll have that answer coming up in my full forecast. let's check in with mike. >> how long is the backup? two miles right now for 580 west heading towards the dublin interchange. let's look at the live view. things are backed up because of i think three lanes blocked right now for west 580 and all those headlights jammed up. there's a crash there and there's also something on the san mateo bridge westbound now just showing the slow drive on
6:42 am
the flat section. the high rise. that's where things really bogged down and then clear in through foster city. we'll give you your alternates. an important choice to make when crossing the bay. >> thanks so much. 6:41. decision 2020. we are less than three weeks to the election and democratic candidate joe biden continues to lead president trump in the polls. take a look at the latest national nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. it find biden ahead of trump by 11 points among registered voters. 42%. the margin of error is 3%. the poll was conducted after trump returned to the white house from his bout with covid. "today in the bay" tracie potts is live. what is happening on the campaign trail today? >> so, today is going to be interesting. it was supposed to be the second presidential debate. but as you know, the commission decided to cancel that after president trump said he didn't want to attend a virtual debate.
6:43 am
they thought that was safer. that's not happening. but you will see both candidates live tonight just not on the same stage since both men were available, they were snagged by two different networks, including ours to do town hall meetings. live town hall meetings airing at the same time. so, we're going to see both of them tonight. grab your remote if you want to do a very interesting split screen of the presidential candidates toni you mentioned that poll. it also shows the president doing very well on the economy and joe biden continues to hammer the president's coronavirus response. >> longer donald trump is president the more reckless he seems to get. we only have three weeks left to go. >> vice president biden, you owe the people of america an apology because it turns out you are a corrupt politician. okay. >> so, we can hear more of that. joe biden did a town hall with
6:44 am
nbc a week ago. president trump criticizing that saying that he was given easy questions. we'll see what happens with the president's town hall tonight, which is being hosted by nbc, our own savannah guthrie is going to be moderating that town hall with questions from voters. the undecided voters and that's happening tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> thank you very much, tracie. 6:44. taking a live look at sfo for you this morning. suddenly this morning getting into paradise getting a little bit easier. >> you know for months a trip to hawaii also meant self-quarantine and not any more. "today in the bay" kris sanchez is live for us from sfo and actually talking about those rumors that she's already booked her ticket, kris. tell me you got one for laura and me. >> what, really. >> i tell you what, marcus.
6:45 am
now that marcus is back no one is going to miss me. i could just head over to the ticket counter right now. tell you what, though, knowing that you don't have to quarantine for two weeks once you get to your destination really is a game changer. but, there is a caveat. you do have to test negative for covid-19 before you get on that flight. this is a recent change this morning. starting today, you can get a rapid test right before you take off from sfo or at oakland international. hawaii's department of health approved the airports and the united airlines so-called trusted partners so that people can then travel and not have to quarantine once they get to hawaii and even people who are not headed to hawaii, they like the idea. >> i think it's a great idea any time you can save travelers' time getting to their destination and if the testing is done in a really clear way
6:46 am
where they know that it's effective and they can determine whether travelers are carrying the virus or not. i think it's a great idea. >> that was that gentleman's first flight since march. so we're hoping it goes well for him. strict guidelines in california are working to slow the spread of covid-19. if you look at the blue line there on the graph on your screen, that's the rate at which people are testing positive here in california. the positivity rate went from about 40% back in april to a 2.6% average for the last two weeks. that is really a lot of progress. this is at a time when a lot of other states are seeing big surges. new york saw its highest rate of hospitalizations since june. wisconsin set records for the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths in a single day. now, while things are starting to look up since the pandemic began, 855,000 californians got covid-19 and nearly 17,000 did not survive. so, it's still critical to mask
6:47 am
up, keep your social distance and if you're going to hawaii, book a buddy pass because i'll follow you there. at sfo, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> you're not going anywhere. we'll miss you, kris. a great work from home place, i must say. 6:47 right now. a new surge of cases in france is prompting hospitals theremea. covid patients now make up nearly half of the alone. 32,000 people in france have died. french leaders are imposing a nightly curfew for more than half the country. curfews start this saturday between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. the 49er faithful right now mourning the death of a legend. defensive lineman and hall of famer fred dean was a main stay during the team's hay day in the early '80s when the niners won the first two super bowls.
6:48 am
he recently was hospitalized for symptoms and fred dean was just 65 years old. a live look for you right now at global life field in texas where the dodgers and the braves played game four of their national league championship series later today. the last night was one for the history books. the dodgers scored the most ever first inning runs for a post-season game with 11. they won 15-3. they're down in the series 2-1. trending this morning, music superstar john legend with a tribute to his wife chrissy teigen after she suffered a miscarriage. >> yeah, he actually honored her during his performance last night at the billboard music awards. ♪ >> he actually performed that song "never break" dedicating it to his wife after that miscarriage two weeks ago. post malone, though, the big winner of the night. he captured 9 of the 16 awards
6:49 am
he was nominated for including top artist and top male artist. >> i'm honestly blown away just by the love that everybody has shown to me and honestly i appreciate it more than i could ever express. >> every time he wins i'm more intrigued about the tattoos on his face. last night, also, was a night to honor a legend. guitar legend eddie van halen died last week of cancer. he performed at the award show back in 2015. >> nice memory of him. if you're going to get a face tattoo, marcus, that's bet our consultants. >> what would you get? nbc. >> "today in the bay" across my forehead. >> there you go. >> maybe get the eyeball. >> that's a little too weird for me. go ahead. >> we gettbetter get to the
6:50 am
forecast. hot enough in the forecast. >> yeah. i mean, i don't have any tattoos, but i did almost get one on my foot and then i got scared. that was a long time ago. all right. so, let's talk about your forecast. now, we are under a microclimate weather alert and the temperatures right now already in the 60s and the 70s. so, that just gives you a sneak peek of what we're working expecting for today. heat advisory in place until tomorrow at r microclimate highs for today. a lot of suns beautiful and loo great but it will be hot. we have 80s and 90s and, of course, those windy hills which is our major area for concern. let's talk about what this means when we talk about those dry northeast winds. look at our fire danger index when it comes to humidity. right now we're going to be seeing critical numbers right around the 3:00 mark because our relative humidity is going to fall below that 10% mark in areas like ukiah, clear lake,
6:51 am
napa, concord and livermore and all less than 20% and mix that in with the winds and the elevated temperatures. those are the three ingredients that go into a red flag warning. as far as your air quality, we're going to expect to see moderate air quality. again, this is going to depend on the possibility of seeing new fires, which is what we don't want to see but those winds will, once again, be kicking up once again. peak winds in mt. diablo of 60 plus miles per hour and halt temperatures remain into tomorrow and also into saturday and then we get a little bit of relief from the heat with a shift in the winds going from off shore winds to onshore winds. that's also going to drop those temperatures down into the 70s for san francisco and then back down. little more seasonal and into the 60s. for now remain on alert and we'll keep you posted, of course. download our nbc bay area app and keep you posted on social media. we'll send it over to mike. >> you are the queen of social media, vianey. >> over here we're looking over
6:52 am
to what is not voted the king of the commute. slow one on the san mateo bridge westbound. the flat section. where our camera is, slow. past the toll plaza. basically stopped right now. much worse from this view on our camera. as we look at the travel times, you're going to choose the dumbarton bridge the number to the bottom of the screen. saves you 15 minutes better as far as the drive across and you do have to reroute from 92 on the map you see you head south on the nimitz across the 84 and back on 101 as you take that route around san mateo and probably saves you a little time and grieve there. looks like whatever is happening on the high rise may have cleared. we still avoid the san mateo bridge westbound. the rest of the drive pretty slow and no problems and very slow at the dublin area as you're approaching the crash which should be clearing soon right there at 580 jammed up from basically.
6:53 am
back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now for you, scientists say september 2020 was the world's hottest on record. they began keeping record in 1880. unusual high temperatures recorded off siberia and the middle east and parts of south america in september are also contributing to being a remarkably hot year. scientists say high temperatures have played a major role in disasters from fires in california to floods in asia."t bay." we have a quick look at our top stories this thursday morning. live updates from the power shut off leaving thousands of people in the dark this morning. we're tracking when that power will be restored and the dangerous weather conditions. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:56 right now. welcome back. a quick look at the top stories we're following this morning including the pg&e power shutoffs. >> an update from cierra zjohnsn in calistoga. >> yes, good morning. a good portion of this town is without power although you can see a little bit of the downtown area does have power because of the microgrid that was installed a little bit ago but in terms of power, pg&e saying that 9,221
6:57 am
customers in napa county currently without power right now. as for sonoma county, 1,819 customers there without power. right now as folks waking up there approaching hour 12 of having their power cut off. they'll have to navigate that today figur how to keep their food cold. back to you guys. >> i'm bob redell in danville where parts of this town and a lot of parts of the east bay especially unincorporated parts are shut down because of this red flag warning that is in effect right now. a lot of gusty wind out here and we've also felt some warm temperatures. unfortunately, these are perfect conditions for wildfires but, fortunately, no wildfire activity. take a look at the numbers. you can see if you look at contra costa county, alameda and san mateo counties combined just
6:58 am
over 10,000 customers right now that had their power shut off since last night and that power might not be turned on, again, until 10:00 tomorrow night. reporting live here in danville, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. just into our newsroom right now, we are finding out that an aide to senator kamala harris has tested positive for coronavirus. the campaign says senator harris has not been in close contact with this person and she will return to in-person campaigning on monday, october 19th. but that news just literally into our newsroom. i was reading the press release. let's get a look at the forecast today. another hot one. vianey is in for kari. >> it's going to be hot and going to be windy for the hilltop areas. so, you know, one thing we're going to be monitoring is the red flag warning because that will be in effect through tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. and we're going to notice the gusty conditions pick up once again
6:59 am
tonight. so, we won't be in the clear until then when it comes to the fire danger. we're talking dry conditions. look at the temperatures for today. 90s. tomorrow we'll stay in the 90s and really all through the end of tomorrow and then get a little bit of cooling heading into sunday and monday when we see a shift in the winds from off shore to onshore and also from san francisco. today in the 80s, as well. not much relief from the heat even around the coastline area. social media sites.out our mike? >> the update right the tail li better from our camera west across the flat section and then into the high rise or san mteo bridge. the dumbarton your alternate. 580 also shows recovery and the crash has cleared from the lanes and west is still slow from isabel all the way to the camera right here and interesting the alternate to westbound 580 if
7:00 am
you're heading down 680 would be highway 84 there, as well. 84 is our lucky number right now as far as commuters go. >> sounds good. thank you so much. that will do it for us. what a gorgeous shot to leave you with. >> absolutely. live look for you at the golden gate bridge. thanks for making us part of your morning. prolong the pandemic. >> get everyone you know to vote. >> with just 19 days to go, what


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