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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 16, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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napper. >> a lot more people than usual. >> election day is two and a half weeks away. a flood of ballots pouring in. all across the bay area. >> good evening. thanks for being with us. >> passion and anger and patriotism. fuelling a record turn out. we're on track for a record number of voters. california seeing an innflux of returned ballots. >> at this .150000 ballots has been mailed back. so far this year, 1.5 million have been returned. as more californiaens are expected to vote my mail this year. obviously because of the pandemic. >> in san jose at the registrar office. >> it's been a flurry. the registrar is seeing people
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coming in some to use a traditional voting booth. others dropping off ballots. >> if everyone votes early. perhaps we'll get the results. either the day of. or shortly there after. >> it's been non-stop with the mail in ballots also being processed. as of the morning, santa clara had already received almost 157,000 ballots. 133,000 mail in. >> this is a lot more people than usual. people are excited about the election. soe social media is playing a part. >> in the north bay the postal service is helping ensure everyone gets their ballot. >> anyone that is displaced or impacted by the fire we have established free p.o. boxes here. >> other counties are seeing
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controversy. like unauthorized baltd boxes set out by the republican party. >> we didn't know who was collecting the ballots. and couldn't guarantee them. >> something is not right. it's got to be done right. >> so far the unauthorized boxes haven't shown up in the bay area. state leaders are asking the public to keep an eye out. >> thank you. if you have questions about something on your balts. maybe we can help. watch our presentation of the decision 2020. california votes. it's tomorrow night at 6:30. a lot of information, how to vote. safety of mail if ballot. all the propositions. tomorrow night 6:30. >> a hot saturday. rite now it's actually still a hot fri. beautiful look from oakland. where temperatures reach into
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the 90s. a red flag warning is extended into tomorrow for the north bay and east bay. that means continued fire danger. let's bring in chief meteorologist. we made it to the weekend. we have to be careful. >> we do. that fire danger is extremely isolated and we're on the downward side of the event. there's a caution going on here. due to the fact that things are so dry. winds everywhere have really started to calm down. wind gusts right now at 20 miles per hour. that is a lot better. and you can see over the east bay and the north bay under this isolated red flag fire warning until 8:00 a.m. the wind right now. the sustained wind is only three miles per hour. to calm. there you go there's the story. things are dropping.
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walnut creek a a five to ten miles per hour wind from the north. the other thing is the heat. current temperatures. around 100 for concord. 93 hay ward. 78 redwood city and san francisco 82. coming up this hour. details on the heat as we head through the weekend and what we can expect for that 49 rs game on sunday. >> so after two hot days with no power. thousands are getting relief from the heat. and not having electricity. pg&e just gave you an update. >> what we're hearing is they have a about over all 90% restored. we're at this restaurant here. and we have seen people coming by all day. hoping they can get take out food. the issue was the restaurant was closed today and yesterday. and had been relying on
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generators to power equipment. the lights finally came back on late this afternoon. they are ready to reopen tomorrow. after another challenge in what's already been a tough year. >> this would be a nice busy time. >> they weren't cooking today. just doing cleaning and prep work. >> our kitchen can't function. i haven't purchased a large enough generator yet. they just keep things cold. >> outside just the hum ov generators. inside the kitchen is quiet. and explained the situation to people who stopped by hoping to get something to eat. >> we don't have power. >> no food today. >> it's been a challenge recently. between the pandemic and evacuations and the public safety power shut off. >> the pandemic and the fires. and the power shut off. it adds on top of that.
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it's down 50%. >> late this afternoon the power came back on. and they will be open again tomorrow. >> i don't have power. >> at the community resource center, this student stopped by. he needed to charge his phone. and got school work done elsewhere. >> i have to go downtown. to the parts that have power. luckily my girlfriend has power. >> pg&e said late this afternoon the numbers keep climbing. 82% of customers impacted now have power restored. 50% of the 5,300 in napa. crews inspect power lines to make sure there was no damage before restoring service. they know the community has been through a lot. they are stocking up to make sure they're ready for the next one. >> we try to always have generators in stock. just because. you never know.
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>> again back here live. the sign was closed but they plan to be open again tomorrow. and the latest information we have from pg&e is they are 90% restored for all areas. and the goal is to have that at 100% by 10:00 tonight. >> thank you. tense moments in south san francisco. a fire at the iconic sign. and it came dangerously close to homes. this broke out this afternoon. you can see the sign on the hillside. that has been there since the 1920s. many informant nearby homes wonder if it would survive. the flames. fire crews evacuated several streets. >> the fire did bump up against homes. crews made a quick stop and knocked it down.
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>> by about 2:00 p.m. crews did have the upper hand and an hour later firefighters told everyone to start heading home. it's about the best out come they can hope for. we are continuing to track weather alerts across the re. find out if there's an advisory in your city. click on our weather tab. >> wild new details about the theft and return of the engaged lemur from the san francisco zoo. from the kids who found it to the traffic stop that led to an arrest. the lemur was found on a school playground. >> i believe 20 needed a positive story. in the return of the ring tail lemur to his home is such a story. >> as one of the san francisco zoos oldest lemurs recovers back in its habitat. the man accused of stealing him faces serious criminal charges. >> we received a couple very
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important tips from the tip line. >> san frn police tell us 30 year-old is now under arrest and accused of snatching him from the zoo. facing felony charges including grand theft of an animal and looting in state of emergency. it happened during a pandemic. it's how he was found that's getting attention. he was pulled over by police while driving a stolen sanitation truck. during the arrest, officers found pictures of the stolen lemur on his phone. one of the arresting officers said the case was on his mipd because he had just been to the zoo the day before. >> he had black stripes. >> yesterday he turned up on the playground of a preschool. the children were thrilled to see the animal. and parents called 911. animal control safely got him. here's video of the officers getting ready to return him to the zoo. >> it was really cool.
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i thought it was a raccoon. >> today police couldn't tell us how the ring tailed lemur eventually got to daily city. or the reason he was stolen. >> he was an ageing wild animal. who needed special care. including special medicine. he's back here, he's still agitated. dehydrated and hungry. we're working with vet team to get him back to health. we hope to get him returning with his family soon. >> glad he's back. dozens of schools in san francisco could get new names. why mayor breed is criticizing the move. >> the bay area covid-19 numbers are down. are they down equally for all communities? some notable results. we'll share with you from a new study. >> i'll show you how warm for
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tomorrow. a look at the two week rain out look.
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timing is everything. san francisco mayor thinks now is not the time to rename dozens of public schools in the city. the renaming recommendation is part of ongoing effort by the school board in the fight against racism. feinstein elementary. one of the schools some believe needs a new name. >> back in the spring of 2018, the school board established a panel to review all the names of all public schools. now that panel has come back to the board with suggestions to change some of the schools names. >> i'm thinking as an educator what an amazing opportunity to learn about the folks that were venerating and are those people we want to still hold up. and are there other people that
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might be more reflective of values. >> the commissioner on the san francisco board of education. she says her focus is on distance learning. family support and lately unpacking some of the toxic narrative happening around enrollment. renaming schools is not on the top of the agenda. but it's a goal. >> we can eat and chew gum. we're always doing multiple things. >> all on the lest to potentially be renamed. the current names are connected to slavery. genocide or oppression. in a statement released this morning, san francisco mayor made it clear how she feels. saying the school district should focus on public school reopening. not renaming. under public health orders issued at the beginning of september. several schools have been allowed to open. but public schools have yet to make a firm plan to do so. she writes quote to hear the district is focusing energy and
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resources on renames schools. that they haven't opened. is offensive. to parents juggling children's daily at home learning schedule. with doing their own jobs and maintaining sanity. school board commissioner is the one who initially proposed the resolution. he doesn't believe there will ever be a time when people are ready for the change. >> every school on the list has to come up with alternative names by december 18. >> we have new information about the fight against covid-19. remdesivir has little or no effect in reducing coronavirus death. this according to to the world health organization. the antiviral drug made in the bay area. president trump was given remdesivir after testing positive. the w.h.o. is giving a thumbs down to the drug. based on the result of a six month study involving 11,000 people.
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it shows remdesivir didn't notably reduce the numb of days patients to need in the hospital. >> most counties continue to make great progress flattening the covid-19 curve. but under the surface there's a troubling exception. covid-19 continues to hit minority communities so much harder. local leader are now trying to make that change. >> the study took place in the fruit vail community of oakland. even though we're seeing stride in controlling covid-19, it's clear it's not happening everywhere. >> oakland is the thoes most unapologetic sanctuary city in the united states. >> with a backdrop of affordable housing. the mayor and leaders and healthcare experts gather to tell the story of the community hard hit by covid-19. the partners tested nearly 1,000
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participants in the fruit vail neighborhood. over one weekend last month and found among those tested.5% tested positive. 5% latino adults and children tested positive. 860 antibody tests were given that week. and 11% of the latino adults and children tested positive. along with alarming 26% with a mya community. >> the antigen testing is high. people had the virus. without knowing it. and got over it. before we were able to get to them. >> community leaders say the study new results confirm what many have been saying for months. it continues to ravage minority communities and there's a big need for more funding and out rage in the sanctuary city. >> our commitment to serving
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everyone. has not diminished one bit. it is only stronger. >> those tested in the study also answer questions such as food insecurity and medical care. with nearly 40% of the participants saying they're concerned about being able to feed families. more than 20% of the participants were uninsured and lacked medical care. all adding up to a population that cannot afford to do things like quarantine after potentially being exposed to the virus. >> there's a different impact for the different communities in the bay area. let's bring in chief meteorologist. we have made it to friday. what's on tap? >> we are on the downward side of this wind event. ten to 20 miles per hour winds. so that is the good news. we have an isolated red flag fire warning. out of the caution.
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issued by the local government because it's dry skb warm. the wind is calming down. the heat we smashed records today. let's bring in and get a look at how the temperatures compared to the records. and you can see we got up to 101. the record was 90. concord 95. record 88. san francisco 92. record 90. oakland also a new record at 92. and san jose record setting at 95. we always know in san francisco it's uncomfortable without air-conditioning in the 80s and 90s i want to let you know even though the fog isn't coming in now. we should see ocean breeze returning tonight and temperatures dropping to the 60s by 10 and 11:00 p.m. numbers tomorrow i do see going down a few more degrees. not quite as hot. still a warm day for october. we're in fall. 91 san jose. over to oakland 88.
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san francisco 79. let's bring it out to ten days. napa. fire danger has been so hot there. not this weekend but the weekend after, right now the way things are trending we could get into the 70s. that's excellent. what about rain chances next two weeks we are below average for rain chances. i'll be back and details on the 49ers game sunday. >> a big game sunday night. >> all right. >> tickets to nowhere. groceries lost. and the disable bill that is all static. we respond. when was the last time your property tax bill went down?
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recovering money for viewers every day. lots of cases behind the scenes that you never see on tv. we have a look at a few of those quiet resolutions. >> just this year we have helped viewers like you save or get back more than half a million dollars. let's put the spotlight on josh. he paid for season tickets to an event venue but couldn't get answers about whether there would be events this year. we called and opened the flood gates to a $4,000 refund. hungry for his money back. he paid for a grocery delivery that never arrived.
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we contacted the supermarket. he bagged a refund. >> locked in a billing battle. a resolution that put $54 back in her pocket. >> do you need help with an unfair bill or refund? connect with us. tap the responds option. or give us a call. >> have a great weekend. >> all right. nice work. thank you. working the campaign trail. continuing to battle for votes. we'll analyze the top moments from last nights town halls. did it help or hurt candidates?
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18 days away from election night. president trump and democratic rival joe biden rallying in key states. attempting to persuade voters. this comes after last nights
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nationally televised dualing town halls. >> tv ratings were higher for biden and a stark contrast in the tone of each event. one thing in common, both men dodged critical questions. >> we have the latest. >> the presidential candidates picking up the pace on the campaign trail today. president trump hitting two battlegrounds with appearances in georgia and florida. the president promising to fast track covid-19 vaccines to seniors. >> immediate deliver the vaccine directly to the nursing homes at no cost to our seniors. >> joe biden doubling down with two events in michigan. after simultaneous town hall last night. highlighted their stark differences. the president argumentative under tough questions. saying he couldn't remember whether he had taken a required covid-19 test the day of the last presidential debate. three days before entering the hospital. he appeared to admit being some
6:31 pm
$400 million in debt. >> it's a tiny percentage of my net worth. >> he refused to denounce the baseless fringe conspiracy theories. that democrats and celebrities are pedophiles and president trump is the savior. >> i know nothing about it. >> i just told you. >> what you tell me doesn't necessarily make it fact. >> the town hall striking a calmer tone. with detailed policy discussions. biden admitted support for the 1994 crime bill was a mistake. but still wouldn't tell voters clearly whether he supports adding justice to the supreme court. >> they have a right to know. they will before they vote. >> you'll come out with a clear position before election day. >> a head spinning channel swapping night. previewing the final in person debate next thursday in
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nashville. >> so who benefitted from the town hall? did it really reveal anything about the election? let's bring in political analyst. it was fascinating to watch. who was able to win over undecided voters? >> point-blank. >> that's hard to tell. there's so few undecided left. what the candidates were doing more than that was shoring up the base. for biden that base has grown considerably. for trump the base has shrunk. the state he is campaigning. florida should have been his. georgia should have been his. these are states that shouchb in his pocket a long time ago. and that's where he's going. that doesn't bode well for the president. >> how did the moderators do? republicans point out she interrupted the president a lot. she was able to get answers. that we weren't able to get for several weeks. >> i think the moderators were
6:33 pm
fabulous. i didn't expect this. they were great. she stuck with it. she went after the president four times. over whether he took the test. before the air the first debate. four times. and finally i guess you aren't going to tell us. and george with biden. he went after him. calmer of course. he went after him saying what's the story? are you going to enlarge the court. and he refused to say. and finally dragged out i will tell you something once they have gone ahead and ruled on how barrett is confirmed. these are things that they were able to do. the moderators. it all worked out in my opinion. very successfully. >> biggest strategy point for the president. how does he win the election
6:34 pm
with his base. >> we have thoen for sometime the president has a very narrow path. biden can lose all kind of states because he has so many balls in the air and so many states that are not in his camp awful close. the president has to win florida. he has no choice. president has to win ohio. you can expect to see ohio two or three more times before this election is over. he has a he must win. biden has a choice. he has a menu. and states may fall may not. it looks good in a former blue wall is restored. michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania. biden is going to arizona. which were until recently a republican state. he's going to texas. that's amazing. the fact that he's going to all the states on top of the base, makes it more difficult for the president. he has a very tall mountain to climb. that said, four years ago, too many people -- myself included. were saying the same thing.
6:35 pm
>> good analysis. thank you. >> the federal budget deficit hit all time high of over $3 trillion. that's trillion. and that's just for this fiscal year. more than triple last years shortfall. no surprise. because of the coronavirus. most of the debt came from the $2 trillion cares act which sent stimulus checks and unemployment to people displaced by the pandemic. and billions of dollars to help small businesses and large corporations survive the pandemic. over all the entire national debt now stands at under $27 trillion. which translates into under $82,000 for every single american. >> good news. a way to relax and enjoy the weekend. go to a concert. virtually. this will be music to your ears. app hour ago the biggest names in music kicked off a three day music festival.
6:36 pm
to raise money for independent music venues at risk of folding. the bay area own g easy. performing from the stage at the independent in san francisco. it has been closed and without revenue since march. >> being closed for seventh months and not doing what we do and that's put on shows. it's been really mentally debilitating and emotionally. to all the people that work at this venue. >> rap, rock, country music. a little bit of everything. foo fighters and among the artists performing in support of more than 25 venues across the country. a good program. check it out on the you tube channel. national independent venue association. >> good acts there. up next scary moments for window
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proposition 16 takes some women make as little as 42% of what a man makes. voting yes on prop 16 helps us fix that. it's supported by leaders like kamala harris
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rope system on the roof. to repel down and then they got the men down to the ground. they are okay. >> good save. >> without sounding too dramatic the 49ers season might be on the line sunday night. if they lose they'll be 2-4 on the season. 49ers alumni weekend. among the guys part of the festivities. that guy. brett jones. to the 49ers. three super bowl rings and passes from joe montana. and steve young. the big topic of discussion can jimmy g bounce back from ankle injury. >> every player will tell you i don't think about it. that's a lie. every player that comes back from injury is thinking about it. he might forget it. during the game. he is thinking about it. especially if he feels it. so you have to put your mind
6:41 pm
over the matter. and deal with it. >> nice to catch up with him. is he thinking about it? yeah. he said today the injured ankle feels great. what are we going to see sunday night? kick off 5:20. pregame coverage 3:00 p.m. from levy. >> what kind of game are we going to have? >> good game weather. great air quality. and we'll start off in the 80s and dropping into 70s. we'll have a closer look at that. plus details on when we'll see temperatures drop. woman 1: get your vote-by-mail ballot?
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woman 2: you can stay healthy and fill it out from the safety of home. surfer: or you can fill it out anywhere. man 1: it's easy to mail it back. you don't even need a stamp. man 2: or you can use an official drop box. woman 3: you can even drop it off at the polls. man 3: then, track it to confirm your county got it. see? they got it!
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woman 4: mail ballots are the simple, safe, and secure way to ensure that your vote is counted.
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lots of us depend on ride share companies to get around. should drivers for companies like uber and door dash be considered independent contractors or employees? california voters will make the decision november 3. >> i have been driving for five years. >> when he punches the clock for his job as an uber driver. >> there's nothing else quite like it. >> somehow it doesn't feel like work. >> i find this fun. entertaining, talking to people. >> he's a retired who commutes to pick up passengers. >> i like it. i can do it when i want it. i have grand kids. >> the flexibility changed when
6:45 pm
the state passed a gig workers as actual company employees. companies fought the law and threatened to shut down in california. they're backing prop 22 on the november ballot. which would exempt them and allow drivers to remain independent. >> we're in a technology world. why can't we have cars with technology driving around town taking work and doing it when people want? >> that is echoed by another driver. who because of a physical disability can't work every day. >> that's why i took this job. to begin with. i didn't have to like pick and choose a schedule to work into. and i like being my own boss. >> 22 would set wage guarantees for drivers and health insurance subsidies for certain hours. other drivers see a downside. to not being classified as
6:46 pm
employees. lift driver says she and others have been forced to supply their own ppe during the covid-19 pandemic. >> these are rich companies. and should be doing more to support the drivers. >> prop 22 would take away benefits granted. like sick time. and healthcare. >> it carves out a special place for the companies not to have to follow the law. it would only benefit these companies. >> so far the yes on 22 campaign raised $180 million the most ever for a california initiative. >> i like to help people. >> his car leaves no doubt about his position on 22. and thoughts on what will happen if it doesn't pass. >> i'm out of a job. plain and simple. >> his hope the only time clock he punches will be his own. >> i love it. >> all right. if you haven't done so, carve out some time and research the
6:47 pm
propositions. a lot of key issues here. our web site is great place to start. we have a complete voter guide. that goes beyond the presidential election and ballot issues and every county. information about voting by mail and where you can drop off your ballot. it's all online. >> all right. let's bring in jeff. the weekend is here. >> we want to enjoy it. we have to be careful. >> we do. the wind is for very isolated locations. so i think for most of us we have a nice weekend coming our way. we have excellent air quality. no smoke to deal with. and excellent visibility. outside to the live high definition sky camera. you can see once again that great air quality. there is some isolated fire danger. the red flag fire warning issued by the government. using some caution. over all what i'm seeing is
6:48 pm
spotty mountain wind. until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. for the low elevations 5 to 15 miles per hour. you can see in my wind map. 4 miles per hour to calm. there you go. that tells the story on that map. there's only a slight chance of maybe a little pop of wind up here towards the north bay. moving through later on tonight. you can see the yellow color. 20 to 30 miles per hour. tomorrow morning we'll see a little bit of chance of wind and by the afternoon it will calm down. with the direction of the wind it will start mostly clear. temperatures in the low 60s. 62 south bay. a little bit cooler for san francisco. with ocean breeze trying to creep back in. that should start off nicer. temperatures drop a couple
6:49 pm
degrees tomorrow. it's knot the cool 70s. fall weather. at least it's not as hot as today. right over the east bay 94 concord. the peninsula also dropping a few degrees to 88 redwood city. san francisco in the 70s. 83 in the mission. across the north bay up to 92. dropping temperatures down in san francisco with the ocean breeze gradually returning down to 70 sunday. 60s monday and tuesday. up a little bit into next wednesday and thursday. inland valley seeing temperature changes. we'll drop down 89 on sunday. with the ocean breeze coming back. and should hold steady with upper 80s. through about thursday of next week. and friday dropping it down to 82. okay let's get back to the party at hand.
6:50 pm
on sunday. the 49ers right here in sunday night football. and 84 degrees for the kick off. halftime 78 and fourth quarter 73 degrees. that looks perfect. it's that 3:00 p.m. preshow. are you all geared up? >> knowing you. i know you are. >> we'll bring sunscreen for that. it will be hot. >> nice. yeah. it will be warm. >> thank you. your card board cut off will be fine in the heat. >> go say hi. bring me home. >> i'll take a picture with it. >> up next one ot bay areas most legendary athletes is leaving the bay area. say it ain't so. jumbo joe. give you my world ♪
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but i can't say i expected this. because it was easy. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15.
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all right. what is it going to be? glass empty, full, half full? it's a critical sunday for the 49ers. >> glass is half full. >> okay. >> we think. niners will bounce back in a big way. hopefully jimmy g is healthy again. >> after a solid and healthy week of practice, garoppolo and the 49ers offense are ready to roll. >> as far as the ankle it's feeling great. >> the same can't be said about the defense. they're still battling through injury. with nick lost for the year. sherman on injured reserve. and several other out of the line up.
6:55 pm
the niners secondary was torched in a blow out loss last sunday against the dolphins. >> every once in a while even the greatest get punched in the mouth. i believe this is a top ten defensive unit. >> it should be getting help. corner back is expected to play sunday. after being in the nfl concussion protocol. the testifies will still be down a starting line backer. because of the high ankle sprain against the rams team. led by former cal quarterback goff. >> i think everyone has to play the best they can. and i have to coach the best i can. i have haven't seen that yet. that's what we're trying to do sfwl along with trying to be at their best the 49ers also have to solve the mystery of winning at home. they are 0-3 this season. >> nothing that we need to say or talk about. it's more of a feeling in the building. guys feeling it. coaches foaling it. it's -- we're in a good spot
6:56 pm
with a good opportunity sunday. >> in front of a national audience. on sunday night football right here on nbc. >> okay. niners could turn it around. here's a live look. weather will be good. no fans. but you can see it here sunday night. >> finally tonight. good-bye to a bay area sports lekd. tears of teal. >> jumbo joe is jumping ship. sharks legend is heading to the toronto maple leaves. the 41 year-old is spent the last 15 seasons here with the sharks. he came clean shaven and leaves with that. a six time all star. former league mvp and we say -- i speak for a lot of us. thanks for good memories. good luck. >> he's been great to the bay area. that'll do it for us.
6:57 pm
thanks for watching.
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john and chrissie out for the first time as legend shares new words about his wife's bravely following their loss. transforming into a legend, but how did she help jennifer hudson become an american idol? >> jason bourne. >> and why is matt trolling and ben for losing his batman role? >> i said, what happened? >> was this woman's sister kidnapped or was it all a hoax in


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