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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 21, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about protecting yourself with shingrix. shingles doesn't care. shingrix protects. this morning a very rare ruling by a judge in the breonna taylor grand jury may have opened the floodgates for jurors to speak freely about the case when they're normally forbidden to talk at all. polls are one way to judge how a candidate is doing the other gauge is money, who has the most and how they're spending it. we've got the breakdown you need to hear. with covid cases on the rise, health experts are seeing record increases in people suffering from anxiety and depression. plus, we're uncovering a
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growing trend in remote learning that shows some students being bullied by others online. >> homophobia. one kid actually typed in there, k kys, kill yourself. we've got the highs and lows as we kick off your wednesday. "early today" starts right now. good morning i'm phillip mena. >> glad you're with us i'm frances rivera with less than two weeks to go until election day, joe biden is picking up another major endorsement. "usa today" broke a records-long tradition urging americans to elect joe biden and reject donald trump they said, we're making our first presidential endorsement we hope it's our last. >> reporter: first lady melania trump was supposed to join
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president trump, her first appearance after suffering coronavirus. she canceled due to a lingering cough. it was over their new plan to create another debate debacle. >> why won't you answer that question >> the question is -- >> radical left -- >> would you shut up, man? >> reporter: the commission announcing late monday president trump and former vice president joe biden will have their microphones muted during portions of thursday's final matchup, president trump telling reporters monday night, i'll participate. i just think it's very unfair. biden off the trail preparing for the debate back in delaware. with election day two weeks away, president trump offering this contrast with his democratic rival. >> they want to raise your taxes, i want to lower your taxes, regulations, all of that. the bottom line, the american dream, the great american dream
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versus being a socialist hellhole. >> reporter: in fact, biden proposes raising taxes on corporations and the super wealthy to help fund priorities like manufacturing, clean energy, and child care. >> so you can raise a lot of money to be able to invest in things that can make your life easier. >> reporter: experts now saying high earners in new york and california could see their combined federal and state tax rates jump from roughly 50% to more than 60%. but, biden says, under his plan, no one making less than $400,000 a year will see their taxes go up president trump has promised to provide middle-class tax cuts but has yet to explain the plan. a source telling me it all unfolded after the president grew irritated with her line of
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questioning. >> geoff, thank you. president trump's re-election campaign has just over $63 million left in the coffers, nearly three times less than the biden team, but the president is trying to make up some lost ground with a flurry of rallies and interviews. nbc's tracie potts joining us. tracie, the president used to have a huge cash advantage. >> it turns out the president's raised a lot of money but spent a lot of money since taking office in 2017 the president raised over a billion dollars, but right now joe biden has a big cash advantage because of the money that the trump campaign has spent. let's take a look. according to the "associated press" and financial disclosures, the trump campaign has about $63 million left, just over $63 million that's three times less, almost three times less than what we're
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seeing with the biden campaign they've got about $17 p million, and we're seeing a lot of that being spent on ads so where did the trump money go? $10 million on a super bowl ad before there was a nominee, 7 million at the trump properties, 6 million on trump merchandise and $43 million in legal fees related to the president's impeachment. murphy said today, quote, you could literally have ten monkeys with flamethrowers go after the money, and they wouldn't have burned it through as stupidly. that's from mike murphy. the president trump tweeting saying he's never had a stronger chance of winning. so the biden cash, big cash advantage here we're seeing him blanket the
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airways with an ad during the world series game. here's a part of that ad. >> there's so much we can do if we choose to take on problems and not each other and choose a president who brings out our best joe biden doesn't need everyone in this country to always agree, just to agree we all love this country. >> biden picking up support today from president trump hitting the campaign trail for the first time phillip? >> i'm still visualizing the monkeys and the famililamethrow. the debate will begin tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 p.m. pacific time. a 65-year-old sergeant harold lloyd preston was fatally shot at an apartment complex
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while investigating a report of a disturbance. the police say the suspect who allegedly opened fire on preston and a second officer surrendering after a tactical unit responded to the scene. that officer was shot in the arm and is expected to survive sergeant harold preston was a 41-year-old veteran at the department and was planning to retire this year. now to a case that's captivated this country. a juror is speak out saying juror members were never asked to consider homicide charges our gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: phillip, brie o na taylor's family is calling for a new prosecutor and another grand jury in a rare review, a juror in the breonna taylor said questions were asked about additional charges and the grand jury was told there wouldn't be none because the prosecutor didn't feel they could make them stick, adding the jury never considered
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homicide charges because they were never given the option. the former emt was shot and killed in march during a botched drug raid. no officers were charged in her death. one was charged with wanton endangerment, his bullets ending up in another's apartment. they say the two other officers were justified because taylor's boyfriend shot at them first police say they identified themselves her boyfriend insists they didn't now the juror says the grand jury didn't agree that certain actions were justified nor that they would be the only charges in the case. a case that has fueled protests worldwide. >> at this time our climates do wish to remain anonymous we're still assessing their position moving forward. >> reporter: grand jury proceedings are typically secret
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by law, but the attorney general reveal 15d hours of audio rorgds, revealing the jurors wanted to hear more. kentucky's attorney general said he disagrees with the judge's decision but will not appeal it, adding that he only asked for the charges that can be proven under state law. phillip? >> gabe, thank you. a researchers from harvard is revealing the staggering impact of covid-19 they found the pandemic has cost about 2.5 million years of life here in the united states. meanwhile hospitalizations are also on the rise again in north dakota, just over a dozen icu beds were still available in the entire state yesterday. and new studies out of nyu found that the chance of a patient dying of covid has dropped down
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to 8%. mental health issues are also climbing. experts report the number of people suffering from anxiety and depression hit an all-time high in september. here's nbc's anne thompson. >> reporter: from the sound of sirens to the distressing headlines. >> as covid-19 rises in 389 states. >> reporter: the coronavirus now taking a toll on america's mental health. >> anxiety and depression was always something that was other people's issue and then it became really ill. >> reporter: 26-year-old nicholas clark lost his job as a bar manager and is trying not to lose hope. >> when you start getting those dark spots, it's hard to want to get out of bed some days. >> reporter: the pandemic has been hard on everyone. new data says there was a 634% jump in people using its online tool for anxiety, and 873% increase in those seeking information about depression are we in a mental health
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crisis >> we're definitely in a mental health crisis right now. what we're seeing is unlike anything we've seen before, and we need to do something about it. >> reporter: the data shows it's particularly dire among young people hallie is among many isolated from friends and the familiar. >> my anxiety has taken over me. >> their lives have been so cut out from underneath them. >> reporter: in september, more than half think of suicide between the ages of 11 and 17. >> reporter: they say it's okay to ask for help in a time unlike anya any other. let's take a look at the weather with janessa webb. good morning. >> good morning. good morning, everyone the winter weather won't stop
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for the upper midwest. right now you're getting a break, but we're still seeing lingering bans across wyoming and montana. we're see 13g inches in central montana, and we are unfortunately going to see another big wave going into later today. also i'm watching severe weather that's making its way from cleveland all the warioly a hig. the heat is building we're almost 90 degrees across the southern plains into florida. with a change in the weather pattern, there comes a critical risk of fire danger. we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right, gentlemjanessa. thank you. it was an old school team effort that was the key to
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victory for the los angeles danger clayton kershaw struck out eight, threw six innings on the mound. mookie betts would add a solo shot tampa could not come back from that the dodgers take game one, 8-3 game two tonight. still to come, virtual classrooms are falling victim to cyberbullying. and how california is bringing the polls to the people five blades and a pivoting flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke, while washing away dirt and oil. so you're ready for the day with a clean shave and a clean face. ♪ ♪ isn't like yesterday.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ did you know that febreze air effects uses 100% natural propellant? cheaper aerosols use artificial propellants. that's why febreze works differently. plus, it eliminates odors with a water-based formula and no dyes. for freshness you'll enjoy. the united states is second in space, and the fact of the matter is that the space score today is 28-8. we've had 28 successful shots. they've had 8. >> you may be ahead of us in the rocket launch, but we're ahead with the color television. >> on this day in 1960, john f. kennedy and republican richard
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nixon squared off in their fourth and final debate. they were the first to be televised. >> no mik cuc cuts ee krer. more than 35 million people have voted so far. on tuesday, wisconsin and other battle ground states starts its first day of early in-person voting shaq brewster has more from walk. >> reporter: the only thing longer than the lines of people who came out to vote are the lines of cars lining up. people are participating in drive-up voting. look at the energy here on the ground more than 915,000 people across the state of wisconsin have already cast a ballot, and that was before early voting started today. of course, we're seeing the start of early voting, people coming out, telling me it's the coronavirus driving them to the polls. the seriousness of this issue as
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wisconsin is dealing with a surge in the pandemic we saw another day of record coronavirus cases, another uptick in coronavirus-related deaths, people saying they understand the political leadership matters, and that's driving them to the polls today. we'll see if that pattern continues through november. >> all right, shaq thank you very much. mean bhooil in california, over 168,000 registered voters in santa cruz will have the polls come to them the vote mobile is helping fire victims to cast their ballots. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frances. here in santa cruz county, it looks like nothing can go wrong. people are surfing, doing yoga in the sun and the rest of it. but this has been a d baarye for this county as it has for so many fire and the pandemic has threatened the way of life and it's threatened voting that's where the vote mobile
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comes in it was put together by the santa cruz county clerk. it's for people who don't have a place to receive their ballot. they can come here and vote in spanish, in-person. when you look at the rest of the country, it's amazing to think that here the 169,000 registered voters in this county have their choice of 15 ballot boxes to drop off their paper ballot.e. it shows you how seriously santa cruz county is taking things. >> jacobo vote. es> up next, wall street ralli on hopes for a new coronavirus relief package keep it here retinol night concentrate from america's number one serum brand. five times more retinol than the no1 retinol serum yet formulated to be gentle on your skin. delivering the combined power of retinol and matrixyl 3000 plus.
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stocks closed mostly higher on tuesday as wall street welcomed some upbeat earnings reports. with the fate of millions hanging in the balance, stimulus negotiations hit a snag. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is urging the white house against striking a deal before the election, mcconnell throwing cold water on president trump's remarks telling them to go even big on a bigger bill speaker pelosi and treasury secretary mnuchin are expected
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we're going to ease the burden of the major cost in your life- health care. we're going to protect social security and increase the benefits for millions of seniors. when i announced i was running, i said that's the reason, to rebuild the backbone of this country: hard-working folks of the middle class. i'm joe biden and i approve this message. secret stops sweat 3x more hard-working folks of the middle class. ♪yo yo yo yo yo yo start your day with secret. than ordinary antiperspirants. with secret you're unstoppable. no sweat. try it and love it or get your money back. secret. ♪ all strength, no sweat good morning, everyone we're in a temperature battle. the change in the jet stream is allowing for warmer air from california all the way to the southwest. this is going to enhance the fire danger we're currently seeing today an evaleted fire risk for northern california with gusty conditions we'll be right back.
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while students and teachers find ways to adjust to learning, some kids have found a new way to bully classmates right online in their classrooms. they're using the text chat feature to make fun of other kids. >> she came down and said, mom, i think you should see this. >> reporter: it happened to linda's kid in the first week of school she got bullied in the virtual classroom. >> it was filled with homophobia one kid actually typed there, kys, kill yourself. >> reporter: psychologists say they're seeing this more and
4:27 am
more, kids using the text chat to make fun of other kids, some really nasty stuff. >> we notice kids are getting teased for what they have in their background or don't have, if it's a household with not a lot of resources. >> reporter: carla is an elementary teacher she said her students are generally pretty innocent. she reminds them to be positive. >> i warn them i can see every message that's there and the principal can check too. >> all you need is one child to make fun of someone and then everyone else jumps on that. >> the only reason they're doing it is because they feel like they have that disconnect there where they can do it. >> reporter: kids should know their names are attached to the comments they make, but teachers have so much on their plate, it's easy for them to miss the comments flying in and out they say you should check in on
4:28 am
the virtual learning, help them learn to make appropriate small talk in the virtual classes and if they or you see bullying, reach out to teachers and school administrators, and remind clevelands anything they say while they're tucked cozy in their tiny little box, eventually they're going to be back in a real classroom and they're going to have to see the kids they hurt face-to-face. the best idea across the board always seems to be just be nice to everybody. >> how sim poll. thanks to tim furlong of wcau for that issue cyberbullying was an issue even before covid but that's their classroom that's where they are. >> it's easier to bust the bullies because there's written record of that nonsense. celebrating birthdays today, kim kardashian west is 40. judge judy turned 78 and joyce
4:29 am
randolph turns 96 on october 21st >> thank you for waking up with us i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. comi up onng if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, now might not be the best time to ask yourself, are my bones strong? life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones from fracture with 1 shot every 6 months. do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, are pregnant, are allergic to it, or take xgeva®. serious allergic reactions like low blood pressure, trouble breathing, throat tightness, face, lip or tongue swelling, rash, itching or hives have happened. tell your doctor about dental problems, as severe jaw bone problems may happen. or new or unusual pain in your hip, groin, or thigh, as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred. speak to your doctor before stopping, skipping or delaying prolia®, as spine and other bone fractures have occurred. prolia® can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium, serious infections, which could need hospitalization,
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skin problems, and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. are you ready? ask your doctor about prolia® fda approved for 10 years. i'd rather pg&e shut down the power and keep us safe than, you know, worry about more fires. >> right now 4:30, waiting it out. thousands across the bay area prepare for potential power shutoffs as fire danger looms. next the region put on high alert. plus, a new life line for restaurants in downtown san jose. the decision that could help them boost business straight ahead. and let it roll. the 15-story observation wheel will start spinning today at golden gate park. what you need to know if you want to hop on, of course, coming up for you. "today in the bay" continues.


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