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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 28, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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be counted. >> what election officials want you to know. and then can we trust the polls? that's one of the big questions many are asking as we count down to "decision 2020". the news at 6:00 starts right now. good wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm jessica aguirre. raj mathai is also with us. >> did the pollsters get it wrong in 2016? not really. we're going to explain why. we're also going to tell you why they think joe biden has a much more secure lead than hillary clinton had four years ago. we'll see you in about three minutes from now. >> okay. thanks, raj. well, the final push to election day is here. >> and it comes as voter anxiety grows about ballot security and misinformation. today this message from twitter. telling users that we may not know the results on election night. therefore, you should be careful of what you read. it comes as voters express concern that their ballot's going to arrive safely and whether they'll be counted safely. many voters are going out of their way to return their
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ballots directly to the registrar's office. >> in santa clara county, more than 437,000 people have cast their ballots. about half, about 220,000, have put their ballots not in the mail but directly into drop boxes. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live at the santa clara county registrar of voters in san jose with more on that. and marianne, people want to make sure they get in and their votes count. >> reporter: they are very concerned about that, janelle. if you look here, this is where people drop off their ballots at the registrar of voters office. many people we talked with today felt that their vote would be secure if they dropped it off at this specific location. 13 miles, that's how far ted and carol bautista drove today to turn in their ballots at the drop box at the registrar voters office in san jose. >> i feel like it is safer to drop it on a place where you will be counted.
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>> reporter: but evelyn mendez with the santa clara county registrar of voters office says there's no need to make a special trip to drop off ballots at this box. >> all of our boxes are safe. they're in secure locations. locked. they all have a tamper seal on them so no one can alter it. >> reporter: tanisha's 19-year-old son is a first-time voter. she turned in his ballot and her own today. she says she felt their votes were just too valuable to mail. >> i wanted to make sure that it got where it needed to go. anything can happen in the mail. >> reporter: rosie sanchez agrees. >> i think that the post office is unreliable. it's unreliable because i did not even receive the original ballot. >> reporter: and twitter is posting this warning to the timeline of its users, that unverified election results could be posted on social media. and it's asking people to be careful about what they read. while across the country the outcome may not be known election night, that's not
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likely in santa clara county. >> we're not expecting a delay. we're going to have results on election day. >> reporter: and we will of course bring you those results all night long on election night, starting at 3:30. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, marianne. so which will it be for you, trump or biden? the national polls indicate at this juncture that joe biden will win the election but how much can you trust the polls? hillary clinton had a similar lead in 2016. raj mathai joins us now. raj, the way we poll now has changed significantly because of what happened in 2016. >> the way we poll and the way we watch the polls, and what we're looking for. they got it half right, jessica, back in 2016. hillary clinton did win the popular vote. which the polls indicated. but there was flaws in that polling, including no real focus of the electoral college. so what are we seeing now and what have we learned?
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let's start now with the national polls. as of tonight, this is the average of the top ten polls, as determined by nbc news. joe biden with an eight-point lead. 51% to president trump's 43%. hillary clinton, by the way, had a four-point lead at this point. so what have we learned? pay more attention to those swing states. that's where the electoral college comes into play. and here it is. look at florida, too close to call. it is even between both men. the other battleground states, pennsylvania. biden up by six points. biden also leading in michigan and arizona. so now the question is, what's the difference from 2016? >> in 2016 the national numbers were not far off. they underestimated trump by maybe about one point, on average, but they were quite close. in some of the key states, though, you know, the polls were off significantly, especially in the midwest, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania.
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a lot of white, non-college-educated voters in particular is where the polls were off in 2016. >> so to be clear, based on the data that you're seeing, you would predict that joe biden wins this election? >> yeah, i mean, i think it, you know, first, one definitely has learned never say never, but all of the -- all of the hard evidence that's out there suggests that biden is running several points ahead of where hillary clinton was in 2016. and that his lead has been remarkably stable. so i think it would take something dramatic -- it would take both a real shift in the dynamics and a big, big error in the polls. larger than we've seen in recent decades. to get a different outcome. >> so that is the data science behind all of it. that's the director of the uc berkeley institute of governmental studies. look at their poll this week. it really shows the anxiety of this election. 88% of the people they asked feel that violence is likely to occur if there are disputes
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about who wins next tuesday's election. 40% of california voters are skeptical of a fair and open election. one other note we should add, are people embarrassed or maybe just hesitant to answer they're voting for donald trump? well, the berkeley institute says that's not a problem they're seeing. in fact, people are answering honestly, especially when it comes to the online polls. a lot to think about here, especially if you're a political junkie, you can get lost and dive into a lot of numbers. back to you. >> that's for sure, raj. if you want to fill out your ballot and you need a little help, we have our guide on our website. it's got lots of resources that can help you. that includes a story from nbc bay area's marianne favro with tips of making sure your signature is verified. well, easing up three bay area counties relaxing restrictions today and allowing more customers indoors. san mateo, contra-costa and marin counties have moved from the red tier into the orange.
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nbc bay area's anousha reduasta in redwood city with more on how businesses are reacting to these changes. >> i think it's fantastic. it's phenomenal for us to go from red to orange. but make no mistake about it, there's a lot more work that needs to be done. >> reporter: seven months into the pandemic and covid rules are now less restrictive in three bay area counties. contra-costa, marin and san mateo counties have dropped from the red tier to the orange tier, along with santa cruz. >> i'm excited. i'm very excited about it. i miss my community. >> reporter: for gyms in redwood city like this, that means being able to increase their indoor capacity to 25%. >> as an owner, i think 25% is obviously better than 0%. started at 10%, which wasn't much. especially when the capacity is only about 40 or 50 people, 10% is only four people. >> reporter: joining gyms at 25% capacity are wineries, family entertainment and card rooms. being in the orange tier means businesses like restaurants,
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movie theaters, museums and places of worship can operate at a maximum 50% capacity indoors or 200 people, whichever's fewer. >> my wife and i are erring on the side of safety. >> reporter: restaurant owners like peter and his wife are glad to see more restaurants seating people inside, especially with colder temperatures on the way, but they won't be rushing to do it at their business just yet. they've been focused on it takeout. >> we're just going to wait. our restaurant is so small. it used to be filled in there, but it was cozy. so, you know, the tables were too close to try to get go in and space it out. outside here, we have the tables, chairs six to seven feet apart. >> reporter: retail stores, indoor malls, libraries and offices can now open at full capacity. with the holidays right around the corner and people wanting to gather. san mateo county supervisor wants everyone to not let up. >> we need to remain vigilant. we need to make sure is that people wear their damn mask. we need to make sure that people
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are socially distant. >> reporter: in redwood city, anousha rasta, nbc bay area news. reopening the case ten years after oscar grant died on a b.a.r.t. platform. the investigation into his death is getting another look. the alameda district attorney met face to face with oscar grant's family today. the push is on to have a second b.a.r.t. officer charged in grant's death. nbc bay area's melissa colorado spoke to the grant family and has more from oakland. >> justice delayed is justice denied. >> reporter: it is the mantra the mother of oscar grant has repeated over the last 11 years. since her son was shot and killed by former b.a.r.t. police officer mehserle. a jury convicted mehserle of involuntary manslaughter, but the family of oscar grant says another former b.a.r.t. police officer on the scene, anthony pirone, also needs to face charges. the viral video showing the
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moments that led up to grant's death reveal that pirone pressed his knee and full weight on grant's head. earlier this month, alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley announced she's hand-picked a team of lawyers to reopen the case. today the family and their legal team met in person with o'malley to talk about the future of the investigation. the family did not share specific details, but they did say the death of george floyd was brought up. >> we're cautiously optimistic. about our meeting. >> reporter: bay area attorney and legal analyst dean johnson says too much time has passed for prosecutors to bring up charges against pirone. except for murder. >> those statutes should not apply to tony pirone. >> reporter: unless investigators can uncover explosive medical evidence. johnson says prosecutors have an uphill road ahead of them. >> based on what i've seen, i think this is a very difficult case. >> reporter: in oakland, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news.
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up next, a homeless shelter fight. just where oakland is asking alameda county to house the homeless for the winter. the santa cruz beach boardwalk could be the first amusement park in california to open. the obstacles the park is trying to overcome to get things rolling again. and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. some beautiful weather right now. but i'll show you the impact this is having to some of our local reservoirs. i'll be back in about seven minutes.
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well, as we head into the winter months, the battle is brewing over where to house the homeless when the weather gets colder. oakland is asking alameda county to use the fair grounds in pleasanton as a winter homeless shelter. one oakland city council member says the homeless problem is bigger than one city or town in the county. county supervisor nate miley
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whose district includes the fair grounds says it's a bad idea. he suggests using the oakland coliseum instead. in a letter, the county says it will discuss the matter with oakland to see if there is a location within the city that can house the homeless. >> seems like the tubbs fire was a lifetime ago, but for those affected by it, it's been three years and a long journey to get to this point. this is what the casia park neighborhood in santa rosa looked like back in 2017. the neighborhood wasted no time to start rebuilding the 1,400 homes destroyed in the fire. and today 1,000 of those homes are rebuilt. hundreds more are under construction. and the so-called new coffee neighborhood park reopened today. no one gathered for the opening because of covid, but the city of santa rosa put together this video to mark today's milestone. many santa cruz businesses got up and running today after the county moved its way into the orange tier. the move could put the santa cruz beach boardwalk into the position of becoming the first amusement park in california to reopen.
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nbc bay area's robert handa. >> reporter: there is still a little bit of activity on the boardwalk. of course people here would love to have the rides and all the other attractions that makes the place so popular reopen as soon as possible. other local businesses that got to reopen today say they want to see that, too, and they say the time to strike is now. >> yes! >> ricky has been a regular at boardwalk bowl for 25 years and is thrilled the bowling alley, which first closed in march, reopened at 25% capacity today. >> it's been horrific having it closed. i mean, it's just like -- it was one of my go-to things. i look forward every week. >> what's your feeling about them reopening? >> oh, i'm happy as a clam. >> reporter: director willie king says he's relieved his bowling alley and other neighboring businesses such as restaurants and retail shops can now operate at some level, but adds it won't be a full recovery until the beach boardwalk
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reopens. >> the boardwalk is the soul of santa cruz. very important for us. >> brings a lot of business for you? >> yes, especially in the summer. we lost the summer. >> reporter: beach boardwalk crews have already started cleaning rides but the santa cruz county public health director says state requirements make it a retributstricted open >> it is restricted to 500 tickets. and it also would be restricted only to in-county residents. >> reporter: out of county visitors sisters michelle and jane say one step at a time. >> i think it's very important to remember that we have to wear our masks and do -- and be sensible about it, but not get so stressed about it that we don't do anything. >> reporter: the boardwalk says it is still working out details, such as how to restrict and enforce the number of people coming in. at this point, the focus is still on reopening while keeping the safety of employees and guests as its highest priority. in santa cruz, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> all right.
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let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, we saw a change in that weather tonight. it looks like it's going to be a little warmer for the next couple of days. halloween is right around the corner. >> it's going to be really good. real for anything you're doing for halloween. we know it's going to look a lot different this year, but no big weather events coming our way saturday or sunday. so, yes, jessica, i think whatever anyone has planned, looking all good as we move into this upcoming weekend. let's bring you outside toe the live high-definition sky camera network. pacifica, mostly clear skies. we're not deal with aing with a right now. clear skies into overnight and tomorrow morning. my microclimate forecast, we'll start off first with this weather pattern looking pretty good here. you'll see as we continue through tomorrow morning, we'll see those chilly 40s returning for us. as we move through tomorrow, it's sunny, it stays comfortable. lots of 70s and 80s. there is a fire in central
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california, and with that it could bring in some haze. i'm not expecting any thick smoke, but that's something you might see if you look off towards the east. now, as we move back into the forecast, you'll see for tomorrow temperatures right near average for the daytime highs. 78 in san jose. pretty much perfect day. 81 in morgan hill. 78 in livermore. 80 in concord. 80 up to napa and 78 in santa rosa. not too many differences as you head across the bay area because of the most recent storm system with the wind really helped to level out our conditions. now, the only problem we started to get into, though, of course has been the lack of rainfall. that's the other thing i wanted to take a look at. the current reservoir levels. statewide not doing too bad, averaging 75% to 80% of normal. right here in the bay area, you can see how reservoir levels are dipping to 33% of our historical average with the lexington reservoir at 29.9%.
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that all has to do with our record dry february last 2020 february. and also our dry start this fall. so coming up in about 25 minutes, i'll take a look at the overall weather pattern. we'll talk about la nina and the tie into this rain problem that we're having right now and not getting any storm systems. and, of course, it is wednesday. i've already had folks asking. lucy is over here. the rest of the week she has not been. i swear she knows it's wednesday. it's time for her tv time. we're going toe say hi to her a little later on in the show. >> maybe we can see her in her costume. we can't trick or treat, but at least lucy can dress up for us. >> that would be adorable. thanks, jeff. >> we'll find something. >> see you soon. up next, san francisco legend cecilia chang has passed away. we're going to share the amazing story of how she brought chinese food to america. it must be nice to play by a different set of rules.
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tell them [record scratch] of floor and decor the in san leandro! our expansive store is fully equipped with safe distancing guides, so you can browse our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection. or easily order online, and pick up all the products you need for your flooring project curbside! so come discover the perfect floor
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at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. explore floor and decor's newest east bay area location november 2nd, or shop our milpitas or burlingame stores, now open. an influential pillar of the culinary community has passed away. cecilia chang, offer referred to as the mother of chinese food in america, died today in san francisco. nbc bay area's pete sarcerrito tells us why her legacy will last forever. >> reporter: chinese cuisine wouldn't be the same in america if it weren't for cecilia chang.
6:25 pm
she revolutionized chinese food as we know it. the icon passed away today at the age of 100. >> i told my sister sophie, i said, this is -- this is chinese food? she said, that's the only thing you can get. >> reporter: that's chang speaking with nbc bay area back in 2015. and one of our bay area revelations documentaries. she's recalling her less than memorable first time eating chinese food in the states. chang moved to the u.s. in 1959 to help her sister after her husband passed away from cancer. two years later, chang opened the mandarin restaurant on polk street. the restaurant got off to a slow start, but after legendary column knit herb caen raved about the food in his column, business picked up and it stayed that way for years to come. chang vaenchl moved the restaurant to its iconic location in ghiradelli square
6:26 pm
before it was sold in 1996. her son continued the tradition, creating the restaurant chain known as pf chang's. >> cecilia gave me the seal of approval. >> reporter: i spoke with celebrity chef michael meda who said chang was instrumental when it came to his early success in the industry. >> there are certain people that when you cook for them, it's like great music. when you listen to an amazing song and get that little chill that goes down the back of your neck. there's people you cook for and that's the way you feel. i would say cecilia's at the top of my list. >> reporter: in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> you can watch her full interview with cecilia change as part of our "revelations" series. just go to and click on "cecilia chang yts in our top stories bar. still to come at 6:30, president trump and joe biden campaigning in the same battleground state today. the opposing messages the candidates offered on the coronavirus. plus, a surge of cases in
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wri right now at 6:30, less than a week away from election day and both presidential campaigns are in arizona where republicans are in danger of losing what has reliably been a red stronghold. arizona is a handful of states that could be pivotal in this race. >> in a sign of how tight the race is there, the president is rallying in rural areas to make up potential lost votes in the suburbs. nbc's alice barr has the latest on the fight for every vote. ♪ >> reporter: battleground arizona in the spotlight today with president trump and joe biden's running mate kamala harris each making two appearances there today. president trump won the state in 2016. now polls show a tight race with a slight biden advantage. and the president is fighting for every vote. >> there's tremendous energy,
6:31 pm
and we've never seen enthusiasm like this. >> reporter: senator harris meeting with business leaders before a drive-in rally in tucson. >> we've seen how women in small businesses have suffered in the midst of the covid virus. but joe and i are committed to supporting them and giving them more resources. >> reporter: biden voting early back in delaware. he's off the trail but on message. getting a covid briefing from health experts before laying out his plans to get the pandemic under control. >> we'll let science drive our decisions. we will deal honestly with the american people. and we'll never, ever, ever quit. >> reporter: it comes as the white house science office is taking heat for a press release that listed ending the covid-19 pandemic as one of the president's top accomplishments. despite record surges now sweeping the country. a white house spokesperson calling the statement poorly worded. >> we're certainly not getting ahead of it. we're still in the midst of the pandemic. we do say we're turning the
6:32 pm
corner. >> reporter: the grim reality of the virus contradicting the message the president wants to send six days before voting ends. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. >> well, as you can see, more people are voting by mail than ever before because of the pandemic and it's raising questions and concerns around the country about the rules for mail-in ballots. and concerns about possible voter fraud. now, some of these issues already reaching the u.s. supreme court. here's a stanford law professor, bernadette myler. professor myler, so nice for ha you to join us on the show. there is a question how long mail-in ballots and absentee ballots should be counted after the election. one in wisconsin, one in pennsylvania, rulings from the supreme court. tell us more about those rulings. >> thank you so much for having me, first of all. in wisconsin, the supreme court decided that it would overturn a district court ruling holding
6:33 pm
that wisconsin voters could have a few more days for their mail-in ballots to arrive. by contrast, in pennsylvania, the court has so far at least declined to overturn a state court ruling granting pennsylvania voters a few more days. now, what explains this difference? i think one -- one explanation is that the court has signalled that it wants to defer to state decisions about the electoral process. so when a state court makes a determination that voters should have a little bit more time because of covid then it will grant that decision, but in the wisconsin case, justice kavanaugh and justice gorsuch really emphasized that it was a federal district court rather than state courts making this decision. this is going to be an issue with a big impact on the election, though, because a number of swing states have conflicts between state legislatures and democratic governors about whether or not
6:34 pm
to extend the deadlines for mail-in ballots. >> okay. that is much clearer. thanks so much, professor. so since these votes may or may not be due on election day, depending on the state, and here in california, i know so many people have already voted by mail but they're not going to be counted until after 8:00 p.m. on election night. so we might not know -- and very good possibility who the president will be on election night. is there some sort of deadline we will have to know the final results by? >> yeah, i want to really emphasize your point that we may not know on election night who the president will be. because in the past absentee ballots and other ballots that are coming in and haven't been counted yet on election day have often been quite significant in different states. in terms of determining the election. and often those do skew towards the democrats for some unknown reasons. so we may not know until well
6:35 pm
after the election who actually won. contrary to what president trump has been saying, that we have to have a decision on election night. now, there is some requirements statutorily about when electors have to be chosen. so under the constitution, congress determines the day on which the electors who will ultimately select the president are chosen and when they're going to give their vote and that day has to be the same throughout the united states when they give their votes. so under federal law, states are supposed to have resolved any controversies about their election by december 8th, which is called kind of the safe harbor, and then the electors have to vote on december 14th. there are some scenarios under which potentially a president might not be chosen under -- by those dates, but basically the opportunities for challenging really get smaller at that point. and in deciding bush v. gore,
6:36 pm
the case involving the 2000 election, the supreme court really weighed heavily the interest of finalizing the election and making sure that that safe harbor deadline was complied with. >> professor, that's like five weeks after election day. what if the results are not all yet -- could this election or -- be decided somehow and reach the u.s. supreme court? >> it could definitely reach the supreme court. certainly many issues having to do with the election have already reached the supreme court. i can imagine scenarios whereby the court would again be asked to weigh in, as in bush v. gore. another scenario would be that for some reason the slate of electors would be contested. and so then congress would have to weigh in under article ii. congress also -- the president of congress -- of the senate, who is the vice president, is supposed to count the votes of
6:37 pm
the electors in the presence of congress. and so congress might have to weigh in about the election at that unlikely event. >> okay. this is unprecedented. we could see many things we've never seen before. okay. thank you so much, professor. thank you so much for your time. history lessons. good to know. thanks. >> thanks. while the combination of voter enthusiasm and the coronavirus have forced alameda county to trade hundreds of tiny polling places for one that's, yes, coliseum sized. in fact, it is the oakland coliseum. the a's are footing the bill to open it up. unlike neighborhood polling places which are open only on election day, the coliseum site will be open from saturday through tuesday. so you can cast your ballot in-person or you can drop it off curbside. now in the south bay, levi's stadium has the same game plan. shark tank has also been a ballot drop-off site since october 5th. now, our website has a complete voter guide on the state props and the ballot issues for every county. you can also find information
6:38 pm
about voting by mail, official ballot drop-off locations, all of that. go to more employees at ucsf are now quarantining after five people tested positive for covid-19. the hospital says that during the last week two patients who were sharing a room and three employees who cared for them tested positive. tonight more than two dozen employees are now quarantining. none of them have tested positive so far. ucsf says the positive cases have not forced them to cancel, though, anyone else's appointments. tough new restrictions overseas in germany. the country will implement a four-week shutdown of bars, restaurants and theaters in an effort to get a new speak spike in covid-19 cases under control. france is also going back on lockdown. new restrictions there will close nonessential businesses including bars and restaurants and restrict travel starting friday. it's unclear how long they will be in place in france. well, a covid surge in europe launched a selloff by nervous investors here in the united states.
6:39 pm
markets plunging today with the dow falling more than 900 points. the s&p and the nasdaq showed similar declines. the shutdowns announced today in germany and france that janelle just told you about fueled fears of harsher restrictions headed to the u.s. and perhaps even an extended global recession. up next, a feral pig fight. the controversial method to trap the position that led san jose leaders to say no. that led san to say no. ig that led san jose leaders to say no. s that led sa leaders to say no.
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bow and arrows will not be used to control those pesky wild pigs in san jose. packs of 200-pound feral pigs have been destroying lawns and golf courses across the city, and right now the city only allows licensed trappers to catch the pigs, but the pigs are getting smart and avoiding those traps. the problem has just gotten worse. earlier this month city leaders considered allowing trappers to take out the pigs with cross bows, but at last night's city council meeting, that was shot down. the city is now trying to come up with a new plan. one way to stop a wildfire is to take away the fuel. that's who the contra-costa fire crews did today in danville. they cleared the brush, they trimmed the trees. they say the work will decrease the chances of a fire starting. crews will be back on that trail tomorrow. tacos sold from a shipping container in oakland are getting some michelin love. pandemic has left the world's great restaurants like napa county's french laundry in
6:43 pm
limbo. no stars are being awarded this year, however, distinguished chefs like berkeley's alice waters and dominique corren received green stars honoring their sustainability. there is a new honor called inspector discoveries. the shipping container kitchen at taco's oscar in oakland and hayward. >> yum. that is delicious. okay. it is dinner time. lucy is here to join us for lucy wednesday. she has her barette in. jeff, take it away. >> she's been kind of in the green room so to speak. getting a little feisty. we'll say hello to lucy. she's going through the hair and the makeup right now. we'll talk more about our rainfall issues and what's causing the big problem and what the next couple of weeks look like when it comes to that rain. see you back here with lucy in a couple minutes. woman: after covid, my hours got cut.
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you contact a company with a problem. did you get help or the runaround? the nbc bay area responds and telemundo 48 responde teams want to know. scan this qr code or go to to sound off. well, it looks like people are still going ahead with their holiday travel plans. the ceo of jetblue says flight
6:47 pm
bookings for the holiday season haven't been hurt by those rising covid cases here in the u.s. he says it's likely due to a lot of kids coming home from college, people who haven't seen friends and family in a long time. the cdc warned about the risks associated with traveling during the holiday season. okay. we've heard about drug-sniffing dogs, what about a coronavirus-sniffing dog? a pilot program in finland is trying to show that they can detect the coronavirus. researchers claim they're nearing 100% sensitivity rate with the dogs. this is happening at helsinki airport. they're collecting sweaty samples from thousands of arriving passengers to show a dog's nose. it turns out it somehow can detect the covid-19 virus even better than medical testing. >> but, you know, really soft thing you have on your carpet in a home or, you know, that starts barking and wants to have food and go out. this is actually a super accurate machine. >> scientists are not sure yet exactly what the dog sniffs when
6:48 pm
they detect the virus, but they say there is strong evidence that the sweat odor of a covid-19 positive person is different than those who do not have the virus. well, dogs are remarkable, and so is our very own lucy. it's lucy wednesdays. lucy, so good to see your face. lights, camera, action. she's got her hair done and ready to go. >> it's her pebbles costume. >> it is her pebbles costume. just for you, too, jess. i know you're requesting the r barette in her hair, she's rocking it. a haircut tomorrow, so that's going to get a lot shorter. nonetheless, enjoying the great weather. lucy was tired of the wind and the leaves out there from that windstorm, so it has definitely been a good day for lucy. so giving her hellos for all of you back at home that always request to see her on wednesday. let's go ahead and get you into that weather forecast. the big problem of course has been the rainfall, the lack of
6:49 pm
rainfall. it's been all about la menina. we have la nina developing right now. when the cool pacific waters starts to develop with la nina, we get high pressure developing as a result. that's hoping to push the storm track well off to the north of us, keeping some of the best rain chances right there near seattle. now, at times we can start to see the storm track move down over the bay area, but we need to see some larger changes for that to begin to happen. so, again, la nina is blocking the storm track. we'll talk more about that long-range outlook in just a bit. i do want to get you into tomorrow's forecast. you've got the dog going for a walk. yourself out for some exercise. cool to start here with temperatures in the 40s and mostly clear skies. down to 47 in the tri-valley. also dipping down to 46 in the north bay and 47 in the east bay. temperatures tomorrow, i don't really think they're going to change a whole lot. so no matter where you head across the bay area, except the coast, it's going to be pretty
6:50 pm
much the same. let me show you. you can see down in the south bay, 80 in cupertino, also 80 in san jose. more of those 80s right over to the east bay with 81 in antioch and 80 in walnut creek. as you head closer to the bay and the peninsula we'll be in the 70s. 76 in redwood city and right up toward san francisco, we have a mix of temperatures with 60s and 70s. 65 in the marina and over to the mission, 73. for the north bay, we are coming in with 80 in sonoma, also 77 in novato. now, my extended forecast in san francisco, pretty simple. we'll be dry over the next seven days and for halloween, 69 degrees. for that time change on sunday, we'll be at 73 with more of those 70s moving in next week. and right here across the inland valleys, we're also seeing those numbers stay pretty comfortable. no hot 100s with 80s this upcoming weekend as halloween arrives and also more of those 80s into next week. so we talked about that problem with the rainfall and la nina. let me show you the next two weeks out, our rain outlook.
6:51 pm
it does look a little bit more promising, as you can see, once we get to november the 6th. a lot of rain off to the north of us. only some slight shower changes near the bay area by november the 6th. better bets of rain over the sierra. that would be the pattern change we would need to finally get some rainfall in here. so we're holding out maybe for the third week of november for potentially some of that wet weather to arrive. lucy seems pretty excited about that today. and, yeah, she's getting a haircut tomorrow. so it's going to be a lot different next week for lucy wednesday. i think we're going to go a little bit shorter, for sure. it will be easier to take care of. >> okay. that's true. she looks cute in any hair style. nice to see her face. nice to see you too, jeff. thanks so much. >> all right. you too. >> the pandemic continues to cause problems across the sports world as more teams and games are moved or postponed. anthony flores shows us the widespread impact. that's next. give you my world ♪
6:52 pm
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okay. from our national pastime to football, everything in it between, sports continues to feel the impact of covid-19. >> yeah, nbc bay area's anthony flores shows us how it's forcing adjustments with our local college teams and pro ball. >> after a thrilling season-opening victory -- >> right side and they did not get it. >> the spartans prepared to hit the road, but covid-19 changed the game plan. because of a surge in cases in new mexico, the football game has been relocated this weekend to the bay area. >> everybody is dealing with some complication from the pandemic. it's just -- it's the reality of the situation we're all in, and everyone's doing the best they can. >> the pandemic is also preventing the cal men's basketball program from taking the court.
6:56 pm
the golden bears are pausing team workouts for two weeks after their first positive test of a student athlete since daily testing began at the start of the month. >> dodgers have won it all in 2020. >> the dodgers won their first world series title in 32 years last night. but this is what has everybody talking. third baseman justin turner celebrating with teammates after being pulled from the game in the eighth inning for a positive covid-19 test. turner could face a fine or suspension from major league baseball for breaking the league's coronavirus protocols. the pandemic is slowing down the big ten season. saturday's game between wisconsin and nebraska has been scratched after a dozen people within the badgers' program tested positive for the virus in the past five days. and in the nfl, the houston texans closed their facility after their first positive test. fortunately there's no game to postpone because it's their bye week. anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> a lot of adjustments.
6:57 pm
>> yep. that's for sure. in every single part of our lives. >> that's going to do it for us at 6:00. we'll see you at 11:00. bye.
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we are unrecognizable. >> chrissie teigen's return of a tragic loss, what she now. s everyone to know. >> she's so smart. >> how it all began, gwen and blake's complete love story. >> why does it take all of my career education? >> the marcy blue scandal goes beyond lori and felicity. >> they are strapped opened. >> when we went into joe exotic's house. >> just when you thought you heard everything tiger king, now comes a ghost story. >> wait a minute, did he mean literally "ghosts?" [ musipl


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