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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 30, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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meteorologist kari hall has a look at that. and we are starting out with some nice, cool weather for the bay area this morning, but take a look at our highs for today. enjoy some time outside. temperatures up to 81 in clear lake. 68 in san francisco. 76 in palo alto. we'll talk about the halloween forecast coming up. how is it looking for the commute? kari, a live look through oakland is not what you want to see. we'll show folks because we want to talk you through it. the taillights 880 as you head past the coliseum. if you've been watching the last half hour you notice much less flowing, much better movement north past 66 and high street. the map shows you the speed sensors improve. i believe all lanes are now cleared north 880 at 29th. the construction from overnight. the bay bridge toll plaza for more build. the rest of the bay looks great.
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over to you. thank you, mike. breaking news out of turkey where a 7.0 earthquake has reduced some buildings to rubble. it construction about an hour ago southeast of ismere off the coast of turkey. this video of a building just came toppling down, layer upon layer, so much debris. images of crumbled buildings and smoke are flooding twitter this morning. the governor of the city says the city suffered extensive damage. the video is said to be some of the hardest hit neighborhoods there. so far we don't know of any injuries to report but you imagine there must be some with these buildings reduced to rubble. we'll continue to monitor everything going on there. 6:01. now moving on to decision 2020 just four days to go until election day. a record 82 million people have
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already cast their ballots and this morning we have live team coverage. cierra johnson with some of that early voting. >> the final push on the campaign trail, tracie, it's really all about the midwest today. >> reporter: right, marcus, that's where the candidates will be and where a problem could be for president trump. he's bringing a message that we are turning the corner on coronavirus to a state where the numbers seem to show anything but. both presidential candidates land in wisconsin today. the state announced new restrictions this week to deal with an explosion of coronavirus cases. "the new york times" reports half the nation's cities with the highest covid rates are here. >> we can prevent the deaths of people by staying home. >> reporter: president trump insists things are getting better. >> it's rounding the turn.
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it's rounding the turn. >> reporter: but yesterday 90,000 people tested positive shattering the previous record of 80,000 just the day before. so far more than 9 million cases in the u.s. and 229,000 lives lost. >> i'm not going to shut down the country. i'm going to shut down the virus. spending more than just coronavirus, he's spreading division and discord. >> reporter: for the second time this week medics called to a trump rally, people freezing for hours in omaha, passing out from the heat in tampa. >> five days from now we are going to win florida. >> florida, it's up to you. you hold the key. if florida goes blue, it's over. >> reporter: both campaigns are focused on the sunshine state as the key to winning on tuesday. but don't count out the midwest
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where the candidates are today. a combination of the electoral votes from those states could also put a candidate over the top. joe biden ends up his day in iowa. and we're watching the campaigns live this morning. i'm tracie potts, "today in the bay". >> thanks, tracie. now to cierra johnson on voteings centers in the area. >> reporter: just days away and there's big news in the bay area with several of those voting centers opening throughout the county like this one behind me. this is the san mateo voting center. if you're here in san mateo or in alameda county those voting centers are super centers, essentially larger buildings. you don't have to have the smaller polling locations throughout the county. it's important to remember in most cases here in california you do not need to show
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identification but if you are voting for the first time after registering by mail it is probably a good idea to bring your identification just to double-check. voting in contra costa starts at 11:00 this morning. there are 14 regional saerns throughout the county at various churches, hotels, businesses and community centers. a quick check at the contra costa county rejs tgistrar's wee will give you times for voting there. lastly, san francisco county will continue their early voting at the civic center location. this polling site has been open for several weeks now and it continues to see visitors for some making a decision to vote early. a way to ensure their vote was cast and counted in a timely manner. but for others it was out of convenience. take a listen to a few of the early voters i had a chance to speak with in the city and what
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they have to say about completing their civic duty. >> typically i do vote absentee because i travel a lot. given everything going on i wanted to make sure i got it in this year. >> i think it's super easy to vote early. you can see it's huge, i didn't have to wait at all first thing in the morning. maybe that made it easier. there's a ton of workers inside. >> reporter: and to give you an idea how many people have already voted here in the state of california, 8.4 million voters and several thousands more coming out of this week's voting event. we have an array of resources including whether or not you have issues with voting, who to contact as well as voting information, voting times and things like that again on our website we're live in san mateo, cierra johnson for "today in the bay."
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>> thank you, cierra. 6:06. confirmed u.s. covid cases have now pushed past 9 million. nbc found over 24 hour period more than 109,000 new cases were reported. that's the equivalent of one new case every second. more than 229,000 americans have died. someone under the age of 65 has been diagnosed now with covid-19 and the flu. health officials are putting out a warning to get that flu shot. medical professionals believe that's the bay way to stay healthy in these really uncertain times. symptoms can be confusing because it's almost impossible for you or even a doctor to determine if you have covid-19 or the flu. you have to get that test. scary for jose who is worried about keeping his family healthy. >> that's why it's so important to go and get a covid test if you feel you've been exposed and to get your flu shot to make sure that you have some
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protection. >> doctors say it takes two weeks to take effect. that's why it's important to get the shot early. more healdsburg district hospital workers have tested positive for covid-19. the total number is now 14, up from 12 just yesterday. staff members infected over two weeks and the hospital is not considering this an outbreak because they say the cases are isolated from each other and it was actually contracted outside of the hospital. a south bay church is fighting back against a fine. calvary church is facing a $300,000 fine for holding in-person services. the church's pastor along with other church leaders are holding an in-person news conference later today to speak out against those fines. they plan to call out governor newsom and the santa clara county health department.
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saddle up and vote. a woman in the east bay who we've reported on several times took to the streets of oakland yesterday afternoon on horseback. brianna noble and her horse led group of supporters to a ballot drop-off station. she says her goal is to inspire and encourage first-time voters. >> i'm not a person, i'm not a doctor, i'm a horse person. i believe in staying your own lane and doing the best can you to make the biggest difference you can. >> i feel it's a privilege and a lot of people won't get a chance to experience anything like this. >> alameda county registrar says almost 50% have already returned ballots, 470,000 people. that woman could be the pony express, bring it on back with the horses. you know what's coming on back as well, the playground. i told my kids and they are excited to get out and about.
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wear your mask and bring your sanitizer. they've signs posted everywhere to make sure all the kids are wearing masks and staying safe. if you're going to be doing that today we're checking out the forecast in san francisco. light jackets with our start in the mid-50s. a nice mild afternoon as we reach into the mid-60s later today. as we take a look across the bay area expect a slight cooldown compared to yesterday. a high of 76 degrees. 73 in oakland. 78 degrees in napa and santa rosa reaching into the upper 70s. we'll talk more about the halloween forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike, what's going on out there right now for the commute? going from trick to treat for observing, let's show folks the big picture. as we look at our maps, the speed sensors show mostly green. the one exception was san jose. that's one of two exceptions.
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that's starting to clear. the speed sensors up to the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll look at the toll plaza. expect more traffic to head to the maze but not a problem right now. lighter traffic on a friday. they're able to handle it easily. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 6:11 right now. box offices are struggling. no doubt about that. but despite that more movie theaters are reopening in the bay area. we'll tell you where coming up at 6:25. plus -- the average american who works from home has gained an hour because they don't have to commute. what are you doing with your extra hour? out to the futures board this morning. it's been a rough week on wall street as investors worry about this second or possibly third wave of coronavirus that is shutting down states. plus -- ♪
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>> i think that's the energy that's keeping us all going at this point. >> comedian john mulaney is hosting "saturday night live." next, the big news, one week update star is sharing with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:14 on your
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friday morning, i love this shot of the moon right over the fog in san francisco. if you're able to snap a picture of that, send it to me. i'm @karihallweather. temperatures reaching into the upper 60s here. some upper 70s and low 80s elsewhere. we'll get a look at the rest of our microclimate for the week coming up. and i love this shot of oakland. let me explain why. the taillights are moving very smoothly close to the speed limit past the coliseum and through the earlier construction zone cleared now at 29th. over here the richmond side of the bridge, we're picking up more traffic and these folks heading to san rafael may encounse encounter some slowing. what chp has let me know coming up. well, good morning and a very happy friday to you as well. now whether you're headed into work like mike has shown or working from home, you're working from home you have more time because you don't have that
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commute. so what are you doing with the extra time? a new study of us says many of us are using it to work even more. a survey by the university of chicago found 35% of us spend the time we gain from having no commute on work. 15% of us spend that extra time doing things around the house and another 8% of americans use that extra time gained from having no commute to fitting in a second job. walmart, the nation's largest retailer, has told store managers to take guns and ammunitions out of display cases. you can still buy weapons at walmart. you have to ask them to bring them out of the back. walmart says it's a preventative measure as it worries about looting and unrest. it's done this before. it did it after the killing of george floyd. fisker, the elected carmaker, will start trading on the new york stock exchange. it got there in an unusual way, something called a special
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purpose acquisition company so a spac. you'll see more and more of this. explaining what a spac is while we try to wake up, get our coffee and get out the door, maybe not the best use of our time. i'll explain it on our podcast sand hill road next we are. we speak about the future of flight. you can get my most secret travel tips. find sand hill road on apple podcasts, google play, and ask your amazon echo to play it for you. don't let the up arrows fool you. the worst performance since march. the few points gained cannot make up for the drubbing on monday and tuesday and wednesday. expect apple to trade lower after the company said iphone sales fell. now we sort of expected that. i warned you yesterday the iphone came out too late to be included in apple's latest quarterly reports. fewer people bought the old phone because they were waiting
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for the iphone 12. that said you have reports from amazon and apple and facebook and google thursday. collectively they made more than $30 billion in profit in the last three months showing just what behemoths the companies here in the bay area are. amazon up in seattle says it now employs more than a million people, a million people. apple today launches its apple subscription called apple one that puts together the popular services, things like apple tv and apple music. marcus and laura, into one subscription service about $15. >> seems like a better deal. >> you can streamline. there you go. >> you bet. listen to this, boys, trending this morning scarlett johansson and colin jost are married. news of the ceremony was revealed by meals on wheels. the nonprofit says the couple's wedding wish was to help get support to older adults. i love that. and they're asking people
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consider donating. very nice. very giving. good luck to them. this weekend john mulaney hosts "saturday night live." >> he jokingly blames himself for the pandemic. >> and i'm hosting snl this week with the stroke. >> when was the last time you hosted? >> february 2020. >> and what has happened since then? >> a global pandemic that ruined everything. >> john mulaney, you cursed us. >> yeah. sorry about that. >> you can watch mulaney host and the stroke at 11:30 p.m. >> they really put out some great shows. they always have consistently but a big election year so they've had a lot of fun with that. >> it's been fun to watch as well. >> watching the forecast. >> meteorologist kari hall? it looks pretty good for
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today. our temperatures will be cooler compared to yesterday reaching up to 76 degrees. gilroy reaching 81 degrees. so enjoy some more time outside today. we get a breezy wind with concord topping out at 80 degrees. 76 in martinez. along the coastline we'll feel a chill as the fog has returned. half moon bay, 64. 74 in redwood city. mostly 60s in san francisco. our north bay highs will reach up to 82 degrees at ukiah and in santa rosa a high of 76. as we make plans for halloween if you're going to be anywhere around the bay or inland areas expect temperatures during the middle of the day at about 80 degrees. i think we'll sit on the patio and decorate pumpkins. later on in the evening maybe a movie on the back patio. it will be in the mid-60s and cooling off quickly, so make sure you're dressed nice and warm. i want to show you places where
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maybe you can drive, take a little road trip this weekend and check out beautiful fall colors. right now the peak fall colors are up to about 6,000, 7,000 feet. where you see the orange and red leaves indicates where we are seeing the best in the fall colors around the sierra. once again a little bit of a drive can give you some very picturesque pictures for our families and maybe even some of the scenery there. as we get a look at some areas around lake tahoe and as well as yosemite, mammoth lake we are getting those peak fall colors. check it out at and you can get something more specific before you plan your road trip. thankfully no high wind events either. by the middle to end of next week we could see a few of those rain showers moving closer to us from the pacific northwest but not really at this point expecting any rain. so as we go through the seven-day forecast we'll stay
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above normal in terms of temperatures in the valleys reaching into the low 80s. and then still seeing more of the same as we go into the middle of next week while san francisco will have a bit of a warm-up. some fog the next couple of days. once that clears out we'll see highs reaching into the low 70s especially early next week. mike, people are getting out the door for work. how is it looking for the commute? it's looking great, kari. a note with the time change on sunday, remember when you're leaving work if you're going into the office it will be darker likely if you're leaving after 5:00. that will affect the traffic. meanwhile looking right now before the sun is up at the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights. a light friday drive. the arrow marks westbound your commute direction but eastbound the lower deck approaching treasure island a spinout there might be affecting your right lanes. we'll track that and i'll let you know if it is a problem. an issue westbound 580 may have
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more slowing although the traffic break has been run to northbound 101 where there was a minor crash in san rafael. i think the lanes are clearing now and we don't see any more slowing. that lasted only five minutes. the rest of the bay has a smooth, easy drive and that should last much of your friday morning. handing it back to you. thanks, mike. happening now for you today it is world lemur day. coming up we'll tell you how perhaps the world's most famous lemur is celebrating in san francisco. you're watching "today in the bay." give you my world ♪
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we work hand-in-hand in resolving problems in english and spanish. we've responded to more than 4,723 complaints. the telemundo crew helped manuel in san francisco. he says he was still being build for a theme park membership after he canceled it. he got a $78 refund. jess in santa clara asked nbc bay area responds for help with a telecom account. she couldn't get a billing problem straightened out on her own. we went straight to the corporate office and it gave jessica a credit of $54. if you've had a run-in this year we want to hear about it. point your camera's phone at this qr code or go to survey. either route takes us to our five-minute questionnaire.
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we'll be back with results in november. today more bay area theaters are reopening. century san francisco center will reopen along with some sin mark theaters in the south bay. amc set to open eight locations in the bay area including in sunnyvale and san francisco. and happening today it is all about the lemurs, laura. >> who knew, marcus, but today is world lemur day. lemurs at san francisco zoo could use a day, don't you think, especially mackey who had a tough week when someone stole him. wound up in a daly city parking lot. the san francisco zoo had some events to celebrate including a visit from the police officers who helped rescue mackey. we have some breaking news this morning happening just a short time ago a huge earthquake in turkey, a 7.0. we'll have a look at the damages already being reported. plus --
6:28 am
>> reporter: halloween is just a day away. how to trick-or-treat while still minimizing the spread of covid-19. and we're live in seattle right here. this is a live look where the 49ers will be facing maybe their biggest test of the season so far taking on the seahawks. coming up for you how jimmy g is feeling about the game. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:30, are you ready for halloween? no doubt it will be a lot different this year. we have you covered like a mummy on how to celebrate safely. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> so scared. i'm scared now. >> don't get scared, mike. i've got you. i'm marcus washington. >> i thought you were more like vincent price this morning. >> working on it. >> i can tell. let's get to the halloween forecast with kari hall. i understand we'll have a big, full moon. >> yes, we are. we are seeing that right now as we take a live look out there and we're going to see a beautiful start to our day. a nice halloween in the 60s and 70s as we head into the evening
6:32 am
and this weekend we'll be setting our clocks back an hour. we'll talk about that in the forecast coming up. mike, how is it looking right now for the commute? >> there's no backup and even though we had a problem with the slow drive with the construction crew it cleared without incident. westbound slowing and the sensors getting into san francisco and the volume starting to build on the decline. but also notice out of san francisco toward treasure island slowing. that spinout is blocking at least one lane. that's your slowdown to oakland from the city. back to you. we continue to follow this breaking news out of turkey where a 7.0 earthquake has reduced some buildings to rubble. it was centered 45 miles southeast of izmir off the coast of turkey. this is video you see here of a
6:33 am
building that came crumbling down. so much debris. we're told about 20 buildings collapsed. images of the crumbled buildings and smoke are continuing to flood twitter this morning. the governor of izmir concerned the city has sustained extensive damage. there are three people trapped but there's no word yet on the number of casualties. we are turning to our pandemic coverage from the cdc on down health leaders are recommending against traditional trick-or-treating for halloween tomorrow night. bob, what should the kids do instead? >> reporter: well, the centers for disease and control isn't telling you not to send your kids out. they don't want your kids to go up to the house, the front porch or the door, ring the doorbell and come in contact with someone inside that will hand them candy who is not part of their
6:34 am
household. our government's doctors and scientists are recommending people leave bags of candy or treats at the end of the driveway or yard. the cdc recommends avoiding the following high-risk activities. trunk or treating where candy is handed out from trunks of lined up cars. indoor costume parties and haunted houses where people are screaming and spreading germs. during a typical halloween in san francisco thousands of people would be celebrating in the castro district. this year city supervisor along with the merchants association are recommending people stay home tomorrow night to prevent the spread of covid-19. >> we are asking people to stay home, if they want to come and go to a restaurant or do a little shopping during the day, that's okay. >> not having the big party.
6:35 am
>> reporter: the cdc says the following are okay that will prevent or limit the spread of covid-19. the following activities, outdoor costume parades, parties and movie night as long as they are outdoors. a haunted forest is okay if it's open air and the traffic flow is one way. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> have fun but do it safely. thanks, bob. happening today the most famous doctor in the country heading to the south bay. dr. anthony fauci will meet with bay area leaders to discuss how to lower case numbers while allowing for a safe reopening. joining him on the panel santa clara county public health officer dr. sara cody. the silicon valley leadership group is hosting the event. city and community leaders in san jose will meet on the steps of city hall to talk about the political ad sending shock waves through silicon valley.
6:36 am
the organization political action group posted the add opposing a city council candidate. the naacp is among many groups calling it racist because it shows a group of black south african men rioting. among the developments yesterday the ceo of the group stepping down. the group also now investigating how the add became a reality. today councilmembers will lead a news conference at 11:00. a live look at the seattle skyline where jimmy g and the 49ers are headed for a very important business trip, one that takes place on the field. sunday they play division rival seahawks. one big difference this time around no fans. seattle has some of the loudest fans around but they're all sidelined due to the pandemic. jimmy g, for one, not complaining. >> i'll miss the atmosphere up there. it's a cool place to play with
6:37 am
the fans. definitely with the cadence, the procedure and all that stuff it will make it easier for us. >> go to it, jimmy g. the seahawks, meantime, are coming off their first loss of the season. it's 6:37. up next on "today in the bay," bay area people moving to texas in droves. but is it right now? >> voting access in houston and here in the bay area. plus -- >> it felt pretty good. i felt important going there, getting my voice heard. >> reporter: 19 years old, voting for the first time. dropped off his ballot with his dad. this is an experience unlike any other. we'll hear from them and from more seasoned voters about why you should still get out to vote because there is time. we're really down to the wire. we'll check on what's happening
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with the candidates on the campaign trail. how the dow is doing, it has been a terrible week as investors worry about record after record of coronavirus cases and thousands of deaths. you're watching "today in the bay." (garage door opening) it is my father's love... it is his passion- it is his fault he didn't lock the garage. don't even think about it! been there, done that. with liftmaster® powered by myq®, know what's happening in your garage- from anywhere. woman: after covid, my hours got so we can't pay our bills. and now our family budget is gonna be hit hard with prop 15. the yes on 15 ads say it only raises taxes on big corporations. that's not true - we're all going to pay. $11 billion in new property taxes will get passed on to small businesses and farms.
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they'll raise prices... ...higher gas, health care, food...even day care. we can't make ends meet now. families can't afford 15. no on prop 15. traffic and air pollution will be even worse after the pandemic. that's why we support measure rr to keep caltrain running. which is at risk of shutdown because of the crisis. to keep millions of cars off our roads, to reduce air pollution and fight climate change.
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and measure rr helps essential workers like me get to work and keep our communities healthy. relieve traffic. reduce pollution. rescue caltrain. [all] yes on measure rr. you can take a day off fromy worrying about your packages. ♪ ohhh yeahhh! just connect your myq® app to key. ♪ ohhh yeahhh! get free in-garage delivery with myq® and key by amazon. right now at 6:40 as we home school and get outside in the backyard we're starting out with cool temperatures this morning in san ramon.
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we're going to be at about 44 degrees at 7:00. a very quick warm-up as we head into the upper 70s here today. we'll talk about what's ahead in our halloween forecast coming up in a few minutes. and i'm tracking the bay bridge across the span. now those headlights are going east from san francisco. smooth on the oakland side. still some slowing from an earlier crash as you head out of sf. fore live look across the same water looking at the san mateo bridge. headlights are both moving smoothly. voting, as lionel richie would sing -- ♪ all night long that's happening in houston. the polling place will reopen, get this, 24 hours, all day and night. people leaving the bay area, most of them choosing texas.
6:42 am
the texas governor is allowing houston with more than 4 million people just one ballot drop-off box. compare that to santa clara county with 2 million people. something to think about if you're thinking of heading to texas. we have team coverage of all things decision 2020 with just days to go. the candidates' schedules are starting to match up. both candidates in florida, both in wisconsin and minnesota today. >> they really are matching up with both candidates following each other. these are obviously very key states, business which iwiscons. president trump spoke about opening up the country to strengthen the economy. joe biden spoke of bringing the country together. >> we choose hope over fear, unity over division, and we
6:43 am
choose science over fiction. and, yes, we choose truth over lies. >> this explosive economic growth is four times greater than what the experts expected. they expected a number that would be like 7%, 8%. yesterday's gdp numbers were 7.4% for the quarter. the president is complaining the annualized rate with a quarterly rate was indeed the biggest in history. trying to project an annualized rate at a time of pandemic gives you very strange numbers both positive and negative. donald trump jr. getting pushback after he went on a fox news program and said the coronavirus death rate has, quote, gone to almost nothing. 908 americans had died the day before. >> why are they talking about deaths?
6:44 am
oh, oh, because the number is almost nothing, because we've gotten control of this. we understand how it works. they have the therapeutics to be able to deal with this. look at my instagram, it's gone to almost nothing. >> the death rate has been quite steady. 1,074 dead since yesterday. 1,132 the day before that. tuesday was low, 485. last weekend into monday, 2,145. so since this time last week 5,744 americans, the equivalent of 26 crashes of the boeing 737 max. the sooners ignored the rain and lined up to vote at the local baseball stadium. early voting actually closes today in some states including georgia. 80 million americans have voted.
6:45 am
i'm scott mcgrew. >> thanks good. thanks so much. we're bringing in kris sanchez now. i hope an event with susan rice yesterday as part of the ywca's annual inspire luncheon. here is what she had to say about young voters. >> they get a voice in a vote. if they don't exercise that, they get what they get. it may not be the world they inherit. >> you talked to a lot of young voters. are they coming out this year? >> reporter: a lot of young voters are turning out and may be more engaged for the first time this year. while a lot of folks are talking about the presidential election,
6:46 am
the young voters we talked with really moved to vote and affect change in their communities on the issue of climate change. one young voter even talking about the mayor in his city and how he looked up his record to see if it was consistent. trump and biden not necessarily the only headline for them. >> at the same time i didn't worry about getting anything wrong because it was my opinion. >> i would see the biggest impact in my local community. >> i'm seeing who is going to be able to get us through the next four years in the best way possible. >> reporter: according to the nextgen america, the youth
6:47 am
voting initiative, young voters tend to vote later and tend to vote in person which will be a different experience this year because of the pandemic. we got some advice from young voters from more seasoned voters who urge them to get out and vote anyway. >> no matter how insignificant you feel, your voice does matter. >> get involved, be active, vote early if possible. tell your friends. >> just do it. i don't care who you vote for. >> reporter: we skipped over some of the data. 13% of all california voters will be 18 to 25 on election day. that's about the same we see here, the highest voter registration is in santa clara county. they all average about that 10%
6:48 am
to 13% in the bay area. they have very passionate about it. >> you've been bringing us the voices of the voter. that's really bringing a lot of people out to vote. >> reporter: it's bringing a lot of people out to vote and almost all of the voters we talked with over the last two weeks. i had help from bob and cierra in other parts of the bay area. they did mention the presidential election and were quick to note they felt their vote was most powerful at the local level. when talking about state propositions and local measures and our ballot, we know those things really affect our lives. sometimes even more than who is in the white house. >> scott mcgrew, same question for you. nationally the presidential election we've seen it bringing out millions you recall.
6:49 am
>> kris sanchez, tip o'neill had the same idea. all politics are local. it is going to affect you much more on a local level than on a national level. that said, yes, you are seeing huge turnout. in texas, for instance, there are more people that have early voted than voted at all in 2016 which is just amazing. and remember these states are not prepared for this level of early voting particularly in pennsylvania. they set up the rules for early voting before the pandemic and so they're going to be overwhelmed in some cases. and as i said before it will take some time to get these results back so we all understand what in the world just happened on election day. >> there you have it. the pulse of the bay area and the nation right now as decision 2020 coming close to election day. thanks, scott and kris. if you have any questions, we have resources on everything from what is on your ballot to how to make sure those ballots stay secure and counted.
6:50 am
6:49 on friday morning. i want to check weather and traffic together. halloween, voting going on. a big weekend, kari. how is it looking? absolutely. and we are going to be falling back with our clocks setting them back one hour. i always recommend walking to your local poll if you're able to and enjoy some sunshine. get some air, really think about your decision. temperatures starting out in the 40s. all of that sunshine we can soak up today. as we get out the door this morning it is chilly. i want to show you what's going on with napa. now starting out at 36 degrees. it is very cool there and we're seeing some fog in santa rosa where the visibility is down to
6:51 am
half of a mile. elsewhere it's clear and temperatures in the 40s to 50s. a jacket needed to start but not so much this afternoon as we warm up. it's going to happen quickly through late morning into the afternoon reaching 76 degrees in palo alto and in san jose, up to 80 in concord and livermore and some low 80s for parts of the north bay but, of course, we're watching that halloween forecast for the bay and inland areas. very noise and warm during the middle of the day. if you're enjoying time outside with the family expect it to be in the upper 70s and along the coast some local 60s up and down the coast in san francisco. as the sun sets you'll be watching those halloween decorations around the neighborhood or going for a walk mostly in the mid-60s so make sure you have a jacket with you. we are talking about the full moon that's happening this weekend for halloween. not only is it the smallest moon of the year because of how far away it is, but it's the second full moon of the month. it's on halloween and that's the first time that's happened since
6:52 am
2001. so a lot of sights to watch out for as well as the fall color that we're seeing blooming across california. you can check out this map at and see where in the sierras the best place to go to see the most bright colors as we head into the peak part of fall season. we are also seeing around the lake tahoe area down to yosemite reaching that full peak. it's something that you might want to check out here very soon. we'll get a look at the seven-day forecast coming up. mike, how is it looking now for the commute? kari, you had all those great graphics. the lower deck getting out of the city eastbound was slow. it's now cleared from the earlier crash and the speed sensors just took ten minutes until they were green all the way to treasure island. and then over to the oakland side. it's just westbound with a little slowing but no metering lights. that's a great drive. the rest of the bay shows a nice
6:53 am
smooth drive as well. a couple of crashes both of them on the shoulder, just a minor distraction but no major injuries. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now for you anyone looking to say good-bye to 2020 in sin city will have to do so minus one of the big traditions. there will be no fireworks show this year. city leaders say special things are planned for those who descend on las vegas to help send out -- get out of here 2020 -- get out the door. >> why would you want to say good-bye? coming up next, a quick look at the top stories we're covering including breaking news overseas. a massive earthquake collapses buildings in turkey. new details just coming in to our newsroom. plus, if you haven't voted yet there are some new supe super-sized options becoming available ahead in a live report. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:56. we want to bring you the latest on the breaking news out of turkey where a 7.0 earthquake reduced some buildings to rubble. it struck about two hours ago. it was centered 45 miles southeast of izmir off the coast of turkey. about 20 buildings have collapsed. the governor of izmir confirm his city has suffered
6:57 am
substantial damage. we know there are people trapped. there's no word yet on casualties. whoever thought things like this would not be happening on halloween. well, things are not the same with the coronavirus. health leaders are recommending against traditional trick-or-treating. "today in the bay's" bob redell, what should the kids do this year? >> reporter: the cdc isn't telling people not to go out trick-or-treating. they don't want you to have your kids go up to a house, ring the front doorbell and then have someone inside the house hand them candy, someone who is outside their household. minimize the spread of covid-19. they're asking people who are at home to leave their candy or their treats, whatever it is, at the end of the driveway or the end of the front lawn in little bags so kids can pick them up and maintain social distance. the cdc is asking people to avoid trunk or treating where you have your cars lined up.
6:58 am
indoor costume parties and indoor haunted houses, especially since inside the haunted houses there's a lot of people screaming and potentially spreading germs. reporting live in livermore, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. now to decision 2020 and we are just four days from election day. a record 82 million people across the country have already cast their ballots. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson live with details on new early voting options starting this weekend. >> reporter: good morning. yes, there's actually some early voting starting today. we'll get no that in a moment. early voting in several other bay area counties are set to begin today. now if you live in san mateo or alameda county this would be your location if you live in san mateo and alameda you would be voting at the coliseum, both super voter centers meaning essentially a bigger location as opposed to having some of the smaller voting locations in
6:59 am
terms of identification, identification is not required if you've voted before but it's best to bring it if you mailed in your registration. today is a big day for contra costa county. voting there begins at 11:00 this morning. there are 17 regional voting centers throughout the area. a quick check will give you more information on that. just to give you an idea how many californians have voted 8.4 million. you can, of course, check out our website for more information on where to vote and how to vote for this upcoming election. back to you guys. thank you, cierra. let's take a look at our seven-day forecast. our temperatures will be in the upper 70s for our inland areas. halloween for the valleys will reach up to 80 degrees, cooling down to the low 50s. we'll set our clocks back one hour while san francisco will see the fog returning and slightly cooler temperatures this weekend. how is the commute rolling, mike? rolling well through fremont though more traffic as the crash
7:00 am
in hayward did clear out of lanes for the nimitz. orange glow here. the international orange, golden gate bridge, a smooth flow. >> all right. that's it for us. a live look at the golden gate bridge. have an amazing friday and weekend. the "today" show is next. >> florida, it's up to you. you hold the key! >> we are gog to win florida. >> where the candidates will be in the closing weekend of the campaign and what the early voting shattering record says about the race. breaking overnight, 90,000 new coronavirus yesterday alone. a new daily high. >> we've got to do something different.


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