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tv   Today  NBC  October 30, 2020 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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in hayward did clear out of lanes for the nimitz. orange glow here. the international orange, golden gate bridge, a smooth flow. >> all right. that's it for us. a live look at the golden gate bridge. have an amazing friday and weekend. the "today" show is next. >> florida, it's up to you. you hold the key! >> we are gog to win florida. >> where the candidates will be in the closing weekend of the campaign and what the early voting shattering record says about the race. breaking overnight, 90,000 new coronavirus yesterday alone. a new daily high. >> we've got to do something different. we can't just let this happen.
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>> cases skyrockets in almost every state. this morning doctors warn of a new problem. >> i have already gotten reports of individuals with both flu and covid at the same time. >> the mounting concern as the pandemic and flu season collide. packing a punch. new damage up and down the east coast from the fast-moving remnants of hurricane zeta. millions without power. this crane in new york city spun by high winds, sending debris crashing to the streets below. and on the way today, new england's first snow of the season. and the top ranked team in the face of college football, trevor lawrence tests positive for the coronavirus, and will not play this weekend. others who are forced to call off gales to deal with outbreaks of their own.
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those stories, plus costume parties in a year where halloween celebrations will look different. our extravaganza is on with a theme that shows where there's a will, there's way, friday october 30. >> this is "today" with is savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. from studio 1a from rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. welcome to "today." there is something special in the air. not just friday but halloween friday. we have a big halloween blowout planned for you. >> we're going to have the weather forecast. al's got some good news there and of course our big costume reveal. >> i cannot wait for that and as we head into halloween weekend this year, it means that we are heading into the homestretch of presidential race. >> yes, that's right. the campaign's final four days are here.
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and the president and joe biden will be in the same state. the president holding rallies in wisconsin, minnesota and michigan while biden heads to wisconsin, minnesota and iowa. >> americans are already voting. nearly 80 million cast. that's as of last night. >> let's start with kristen welker in the swing state of florida. good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah and hoda. good morning to both of you. after duelling rallies here on thursday, president trump and former vice president joe biden will be crisscrossing the midwest. the president will spotlight the economy, and joe biden will put the focus on covid. it comes as covid cases are surging throughout the midwest, suggesting a trouble nationwide trend. with just four days until election day, covid cases are spiking in iowa, michigan, wisconsin and florida, where both conditions on thursday made an urgent 11th hour push, the competing events offering duelling messages. the president with packed crowds
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in tampa and little social distancing and masks. and biden energizing supporters with two socially distant drive-in rallies. >> you hold the key. if florida goes blue, it's over. >> reporter: despite coronavirus cases surging, the president tried to make the case the country is moving on. >> it's rounding the turn, rounding the turn. i had it. did you know that? i had to get back on the trail. i said this is not good timing. and i got better very quickly. >> reporter: mr. trump even getting a boost from the first lady, who hit the trail for a rare joint appearance. >> my husband's administration is focused on the future. >> reporter: donald trump jr. raising eyebrows overnight with these comments. >> why are they talking about this? oh, because the numbers are almost nothing. >> reporter: biden saying it's time for change.
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he says the president has waved the white flag in the pandemic and it is time for change. >> he is spreading more than the coronavirus. he's spreading division and discord. we need a president to bring us together and not pull us apart. >> reporter: florida voters sharply divided with polls razor tight. >> reporter: why trump? >> because of what he did the first three years in office. >> i think it's time for a change. it's time for something different. >> reporter: meanwhile overnight a victory for republicans. a federal appeals court ruling that mail-in ballots in minnesota must be received by election day in order to be counted. it comes as president donald trump has argued for months the mail-in process is rigged. >> with these ballots, who's sending them, who's receiving them, who's bringing them back, who's signing them? it's ridiculous. >> and of course no evidence of backing up the president's allegations, but meanwhile, more than one-third of the eligible
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voters have cast their ballots far surpassing the previous 2016 levels. >> and another concern. tell us about it. >> reporter: savannah, that is right, that two people who attended the president's rally in gastonia, north carolina, have tested positive for covid. but it is thought that they were not to be from the rally, but rather two individual cases who were in attendance. separately, president trump was to hold a rally in north carolina thursday night. he had to cancel that citing the bad weather. there is a new poll out in north carolina that key battleground state which shows joe biden with a small three-point lead and that is a state that president trump won in 2016. savannah, back to you. >> they are indeed. thank you very much.
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>> president donald trump and joe biden will be campaigning in the same states today, each scheduled to make stops in minnesota and wisconsin. garrett haake joins us now from green bay. good morning. >> reporter: for democrats wisconsin was the one that got away back in 2016. donald trump won the state by about 23,000 votes or about a quarter of the capacity at green bay's lambeau field. now with four days to go, neither candidate is taking it for granted. >> reporter: with four days to go until the final votes are cast, both candidates are descending on wisconsin for one final battle for the badger state. joe biden campaigning here for the first time since september when he vowed not to turn his back on a state hillary clinton infamously ignored four years ago. >> you weren't being seen, represented or heard. i get it. it has to change and i promise you, it will change with me. >> president donald trump returning for the second time this week. >> remember that four years ago? they said donald trump has won the state of wisconsin. it's been a long time since then, republicans did that. but we're actually much higher
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now than we were then. >> reporter: but public polls show otherwise. trump is trailing by 6 1/2 points, dragged down by disapproval of his handling of the covid crisis. with cases soaring across the state, a marquette law school poll released wednesday found that 58% of wisconsinites disapprove of his handling of the pandemic. >> he doesn't want to let us know what's going on. he doesn't care about it and doesn't think it really exists. >> i feel he's done a good job so far, considering everything going on, you know, the virus and how he's handled things. >> reporter: in the last seven days, the state recorded more than 219 deaths. >> and our cases continue to increase, our hospitals are getting tighter and i don't see a light at the end of the tunnel right now. there is no rounding the corner in wisconsin today.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, 1.5 million wisconsinites have voted early. up more than 200% from this time four years ago, but with the supreme court ruling monday that absentee votes received after election day should not be counted, both parties are focusing and the turning out of supporters for final days of in-person early voting supporters of the president are hoping for another election day surprise. wisconsin state law says they can't start counting all those early and absentee ballots until the morning of election day and once they start, they can't finish until they're finished, meaning tuesday night could be a very late night here, hoda. >> and back to coronavirus cases, they're rising in wisconsin. how does that compare with the rest of the country? >> nationally the positivity rate right now is just over 6%. here in wisconsin it's above 27%. that kind of spread one public health official described as a nightmare scenario here in the state. >> that's a shocking number. thank you, garrett.
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>> you can find up to the minute reporting on our blog, we will be with you tuesday night all night long as the results roll in. our election night coverage starts 7:00 p.m./4:00 p.m. pacific all night long. craig is here with more on the nation's newest coronavirus concerns. hey, craig. >> for the second day the united states set a new record for daily cases. more than 90,000 recorded on thursday alone and this morning that dramatic increase has led to a growing number of states to put tough new restrictions in place. nbc's kathy park is joining us from chicago where rules to curb the crisis are going into effect there. kathy, good morning. >> craig, good morning to you. just four months ago, chicago began loosening the restrictions on the indoor dining, and starting today, indoor dining is going to be banned at restaurants and bars.
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the positivity rate is nearing 7%, and covid infections are spreading faster than near the beginning of the crisis. >> reporter: this morning, covid infections are climbing at an alarming rate in the u.s. and now crossing the 9 million mark with cases rising in nearly every case. the spread is unrelenting especially in the western half of the country and in the midwest. >> we have to do something different and we can't just let this happen. we will have many more hospitalizations and that is going to lead to more deaths. >> reporter: from montana where st. vincent hospital is taking in patients from across the state. >> it is shocking how much it has accelerated from across the state. >> reporter: to illinois shattering a single is day record with 63 new cases. >> and since october alone, the new cases are up nearly 150%. >> reporter: those troubling numbers are triggering new restrictions in chicago.
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starting today, indoor dining and bar service will be shut down. the rollback forcing business owners to expand outdoor seating but it could be a recipe for disaster with many restaurants already struggling to stay open. public health officials are pleading with the public to get flu shots to avoid battling a so-called twindemic. >> i've gotten reports of individuals with the flu and covid at the same time. >> reporter: at this hospital in chicago, this doctor and her colleagues are being pushed to the limits, putting in marathon days. >> we're tired of people telling us we shouldn't be afraid of covid. our hospital and icu beds are filling up. >> reporter: behind me is the first state-run drive-through testing facility for covid, who opened up in march, and we saw the highest testing numbers this
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week, and already looks like a busy day. >> kathy park there for us. thank you, kathy. also this morning millions are without power in the wake of hurricane zeta, the remnants wreaking havoc across the south and up and down the east coast. al is standing by with what is happening today, but first morgan chesky is standing by with more on the destruction. >> reporter: louisiana cannot seem to catch a break during this brutal season. you can get a glimpse of the damage that zeta is leaving behind. the roof of this business is actually blown over from another, and now both are near total losses. zeta is the fifth-named storm to strike the state, and today, we are getting a bigger picture of the total damage that it now leaves behind. >> come on. >> reporter: this morning in the aftermath of hurricane zeta, many families are trying to
7:14 am
count their blessings, despite terrible losses. >> i know they are memories. they are memories. >> reporter: ken wetzel has been here before. he founded a hurricane survivor group after katrina. and when zeta turned towards new orleans, he parked the trailer near a levy to keep it safe. you have used this trailer to help people in the middle of disasters only to be in the mid of one yourself. >> yes, it is a small irony. >> reporter: the fast-moving storm blew through louisiana late wednesday, lifting roofs off homes and pushing boats out of the water. the storm surge hitting mississippi hardest, where one man drown after being trapped in his car. the category two hurricane blamed for at least five other deaths, including a georgia man killed when a tree fell on his own. >> the tree fell on the very corner of the mobile home and damaged that particular room.
7:15 am
>> reporter: in alabama, joe nearly escaped a similar fate. >> it was a death-frightening experience, because when the tree came in all i could do was to roll over in the bed. >> reporter: now businesses and home bearing unmistakable scars. in st. bernard parish, power outages a growing concern. with the election just four days away, they're making sure power is restore and alternate voting sites are ready. >> our priorities are nursing home, schools and because of the election, coming up polling pleases. >> reporter: for so many, a hurricane season that has left this coast battered and exhausted hopefully for the last time this year. >> when you do it over and over again, you get so stressed out. >> reporter: and the remnants of hurricane zeta causing serious issues all the way up to the
7:16 am
northeast. high winds caused a crane atop an 85 story new york city sky scraper to go spinning, tossing debris all the way down on to the streets below. fortunately no one was hurt. >> scary, morgan. >> let's move over to al to get more on zeta and the rest of the halloween forecast. >> 57th street, i just passed that on the way in. they got the streets blocked off. zeta is off shore and the remnant is now pushing through and it is bringing believe it or not some snow up to the north, and north of new york city, and up to albany and scranton and just east or west of boston. as this low pressure pulls away, cold air is pulled in behind it, but the good news is that this precip is short lived along with the snow, and then the skies will clear out, but not before possibly dropping anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow especially interior sections of new england, and we've got bitter cold coming in tomorrow, and the frost advisory and the freeze
7:17 am
warnings stretching from the ohio river valley to the northeast and in fact tomorrow morning it is going to feel like 21 in boston and 35 in d.c. and 26 in binghamton and chilly up around the great lakes, mild out in the rockies and some snow moving, and i should say rain and snow moving into the pacific northwest. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
7:18 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at our high temperatures for today expect it to reach into the upper 70s and a few low 80s, but overall slightly cooler compared to yesterday. a high of 76 degrees in san jose and 80 in concord. we're going to see a few low 80s and more of the same leading into the weekend. halloween weekend looks really nice. don't forget to set your clocks back one hour on sunday morning and early on monday we're looking at temperatures starting out cool but warming up into the low 80s. weather. savannah >> all right, al coming up, how do we celebrate in a safe and fun way considering some cities are banning trick or treating altogether the latest ahead >> and plus, election security how is the u.s. working to fight potential meddling from overseas what the nation's intelligence experts and cyber security experts are telling us this morning. but first, this is "today" on
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... to crispy fluffy eggo homestyle waffles. we are go for... lift off. when they're this crispy and fluffy... i think this one's a solo mission. i understand. would you l'eggo your eggo? a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. some new options for bay area voters. >> reporter: i'm cierra johnson in san mateo. a big weekend for early voting here in the state of california for folks in san mateo or alameda. voting is going to take place at a super center. we have time and location on our website, early voting starts at 11:00 a.m. today in contra costa county. we have that information on our website as well. so far 8.4 million californians have voted early. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. the cdc is recommending you
7:27 am
avoid the traditional trick-or-treating tomorrow night on halloween night. instead of going to the front door, they're asking people to leave the candy in a bag or something at the end of the driveway, the front lawn. that way the kids aren't mingling with people who are outside of their household. they also are asking people to avoid trunk-or-treating, indoor costume parties and indoor haunted houses. got to play it safe out there. let's get a look at the forecast right now with meteorologist kari hall. laura, we're starting out with some fog rolling across the bay. finally it has come back and we'll see some sunshine and slightly cooler temperatures as our highs reach into the mid-70s for palo alto. we'll reach up to 80 in concord and 78 degrees in napa. we do have some nice weather in that halloween weekend forecast as we reach into the low 80s, a little bit warmer than normal but also some cool mornings over the next several days and also some 60s expected along the coastline, laura.
7:28 am
something for everyone, thanks so much, kari. we'll have another local news update in half an hour. have a great friday morning. [ whispering ]
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we step into our halloween costumes there's a shiny little hint for you. whose toes are those >> those are not mine. >> not roker's >> we'll find out in just a bit. >> i'm starting to put it together it's going to be really good let's get to the 7:30 headlines. the family of a man the shot by police saying they're not calling for him to be charged with murder but they say
7:31 am
different training methods may have kept walter wallace jr. alive. wallace was holding a knife when he approached the police during a confrontation, they say he refused to drop it city officials expect to release body camera footage and 911 audio by the end of next week. >> clemson star quarterback trevor lawrence has tested positive for covid-19. lawrence is perhaps college football's best known player and it's widely believed he'll be the first player taken in next year's nfl draft clemson's head coach says lawrence will miss tomorrow's game against boston college saying he has mild symptoms and is in isolation for at least ten days >> now for a wild chase inside a texas high school. take a look. that is a raccoon. it got inside trinity high school school staffers chased the animal through the halls animal control officers were eventually called in
7:32 am
that's like the fastest racoon i've ever seen the racoon was too fast and someone opened the door and the racoon ran free. >> meantime, given the pandemic and record breaking surge in covid cases, halloween will look very different this weekend. many families are having to rethink their plans, if they get celebrated at all. stephanie goss has more on that. good morning >> reporter: good morning. i know you guys are going to be celebrating later but the reality is halloween will be tough this year. parents, getting creative. the costume parties and halloween will either look really different or not at all >> reporter: usually the most difficult thing about halloween is deciding what costume to wear but this year the challenge is trying to find the fun while keeping things safe. the mayor of washington, d.c.
7:33 am
with this warning. >> make sure that what should be a fun holiday gathering doesn't turn into a tragedy for your family >> reporter: the governor of rhode island going even further. >> there should be no halloween parties this weekend of any size this isn't the year to do it >> reporter: the cdc has been clear. costume parties and even large ones outside are unsafe. >> trick or treat. >> reporter: traditional trick or treating isn't safe either with all of the door knocking, candy grabbing and crowds. some towns have banned it all together while other places are suggesting safer options >> i feel bad for the kids >> put treats out prewrapped so each child can take their own little bundle to go. no need for you to even answer the door >> what are you dressing up as >> reporter: the snyder family
7:34 am
in d.c. wanted to give their community something to celebrate with an emphasis on safety >> let's put on a parade and give kids a chance to get dressed in costumes, be able to get seen, get cheered up, get some candy >> protective masks and strict social distancing are a must more than 400 people are coming, all with specific arrival times, which meant acquiring special health plans and permits in advance. >> it is about family and friends and doing the things that can keep you mentally and emotionally healthy and happy while doing that in a safe way >> reporter: health officials fear that some people won't take precautions, quickly turning halloween parties into potential super spreader events. now they're issuing another warning. >> six, eight, ten people come together in someone's home you get one person who is asymptomatic and infected and all of a sudden four or five people in that gathering are infected >> and there actually have been some super spreader events what can you tell us about
7:35 am
those? >> on the same day on long island, a wedding with 91 people, 30 tested positive and a birthday party with 50 people, 26 tested positive, a local official calling it a flagrant disregard for other people's health hoda >> steph, thank you so much. >> everyone is so tired of restrictions, we want to be normal but we got to hang on for a little while longer. next hour, we're going to answer your most googled questions about halloween 2020 including more on how to give and get candy safely >> first, though, an nbc news investigation on election security with just four days to go now, are we better prepared to fend off foreign meddling than we were in 2016 cynthia mcfadden talking with intelligence officials and security cyber experts to find out. we'll have that right after this
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♪ wild thing i... think i... you know what i think? i think you owe us $48.50... wild thing. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. back to 7:39 a new nbc investigation with the election security. yesterday we talked to homeland security secretary, who was very clear, america has every reason to trust the integrity of the voting system >> but that doesn't mean the system isn't vulnerable to meddling by foreign governments wishing to do harm to the system. our nbc correspondent cynthia mcfadden has more on this.
7:40 am
good morning, cynthia. >> good morning. cybersecurity officials tell us that there are some alarm bells going off, and the next few days are critical. having said that, there is no evidence the russians have penetrated our voting. in 2016 they made probes in all 50 states. but that doesn't mean the russians or some other bad foreign actor couldn't wage some kind of assault. it's impossible to protect against every eventuality. >> reporter: what are intelligence officials worrying about this morning >> something that sows discord or confusion. >> reporter: this is frank who was the director of cybersecurity at the fbi. >> imagine an infrastructure attack, maybe in some key precincts or states, swing states for the election, where maybe power goes out or maybe the 911 service goes out >> reporter: until earlier this
7:41 am
year, matt drake oversaw the fbi's cyber threats from foreign governments. first, the good news is it clear to you the states and localities are in a better position to fend off a cyber attack >> absolutely. i think they are. they are receiving help from the federal government and local and state governments have done at will of work in the past few years to harden the systems and the processes. >> reporter: but will it be enough >> we have identified that two foreign actors, iran and russia, have taken specific actions. >> reporter: just last week officials announced they've documented attacks against state and local governments coming from russia's fsb, successor to the kgb, infiltrating dozens of state and county computer systems and in at least two instances stealing materials officials will not confirm where the breaches occurred. they also acknowledge in a couple limited cases the russians gained access to
7:42 am
election-related networks. a source briefed on the matter tells us those states are california and indiana, though officials are quick to say it did not have to do with the casting or counting of ballots so what are the range of problems the u.s. must protect against? >> the first is a direct attack on the election infrastructure and/or results the second is social media propaganda and perception management about how we think about the election and the third could be some unrelated event in the cyber world that just causes confusion. >> reporter: turning off the power in even one american city would certainly do the trick how likely is it >> i put the likelihood of the social media propaganda as very high i would put the odds of foreign powers seizing the election at that time a very low to medium level. >> reporter: but upping the concern, the identity of the
7:43 am
hackers. called energetic bear, they're highly informed russians over the past five years they have been able to attack a power grid or another frightening possibility, without changing a single vote, the russians or some other foreign government could certainly undermine people's confidence in the results. intelligence sources tell nbc news that the russians have a plan to do just that in 2016 if hillary clinton scored a narrow victory. >> the nightmare scenario for u.s. intelligence officials is if there's a contested election and one of the candidates is crying fraud, that becomes such an easy area for the russians to attack, both in terms of a cyber attack and disinformation. and raise questions about the results of the election.
7:44 am
>> and cyber attacks. >> last year the crooks got away with about 966 local governments were attacked by ran someware. -- ransomware. the crooks got away with about $7.5 billion. >> ransomware attacks could have a devastating affect, couldn't they >> absolutely they could ransomware has become a popular vector to malicious actors to use. it could be difficult for some places to overcome at that >> you can't possibly plug all the holes, can you >> they absolutely can't before an adversary is determined to get into it, they're going do that. that's why you have cyber command out there to send a message to russia and other foreign governments, don't do this or you will pay a price >> reporter: experts tell us all-out attack by a foreign government is highly unlikely because of the red line it would cross. but it's worth noting what's called a perception hack seems
7:45 am
to be already under way. that means a foreign government, like russia, is suggesting that they could in fact access our election system and interfere, whether they could or not. and that is troubling. >> cynthia, the staggering number of ransomware attacks, that you mentioned there in story of the local governments and have we seen those attempted on the national level and anything that might have been done to try to impact this election >> i'll tell you earlier this month in georgia there was a ransomware attack of a city government, and what happened was the election system, which officials do not think was the target was affected. it should down voting map locations online it also shut down temporarily the ability of that county to validate mail-in ballots by taking down the signature portion of their web site. so keep -- as they say, stay on the lookout.
7:46 am
i think it's really also worth noting, this is a hard topic to talk about the secretary of state, a republican in washington state said to us, look, election security is a lot like fight club first rule of fight club, you don't talk about fight club. first rule of election security, you know a lot is going on and that you cannot see and probably shouldn't, but there are barriers being erected and i think that it's fair to say that the 4 states and federal government are doing all they can to make shure nothing dreadful happens. >> cynthia mcfadden. i love the fact that you're a big fight club fan as well thank you, cynthia >> who knew. i didn't see that one coming let's turn to al and get a check of the weather hi >> we have a steel cage match from the national hurricane
7:47 am
center this just in, in the next five days, most likely this will become a tropical system the development area is going to put it in sometime this weekend into the caribbean -- central caribbean sea. we're going to be watching that. election day, the good news is, we can talk about maybe a system coming into the pacific northwest, being cold and blustery in new england. the rest of the country on election day, if you're going old school, you're standing out there, socially distant, weather will not be a deterrent for you to go out and cast your vote good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. look at this beautiful sunrise that we have happening over the south bay. a live look outside in san jose. it's also a chilly morning, so grab a jacket before you head out. it'll be a warm afternoon. as we reach into the upper 70s and 80s, but slightly cooler compared to yesterday, and as we go through the forecast we'll see our temperatures mostly in the 70s and low 80s for the
7:48 am
inland areas. nice weather for halloween. and that is your latest weather. >> all right, mr. roker. thank you, good sir. coming up here on a friday morning, more on our guide to a safe and fun halloween is it okay to hand out candy this year? if you do, should you sanitize each piece before eating >> vicki nguyen will have the answers to your most common google searches, but first these messages. the support we've had over the last few months has been amazing. i have a soft spot for local places. it's not just a work environment. everyone here is family. gonna go ahead and support him, get my hair cut, leave a big tip.
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7:52 am
normally it would be outside but we have no plaza the weather wasn't really there for it so all is well that ends well craig is upstairs where the last-minute touches are being prepared >> this is the calm before the storm, so to speak the garment bags, costumes are in these bags. here's yours, hoda's >> i got my shoes right here >> ready to go >> those are actually the shoes he's going to wear so the big halloween reveal, the tradition continues in just a few moments. but first, this is "today" on nbc! ♪ this is the first day of my life♪
7:53 am
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>> reporter: i'm cierra johnson in san mateo. a big weekend for early voting here in the state of california for folks in san mateo or alameda. voting is going to take place at a super center. we have time and location on our website, early voting starts at 11:00 today in contra costa county. we have that information on our website as well. so far 8.4 million californians have voted early. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. a new university study shows most americans working from home have saved an hour of commute time. and what are we doing with that hour? it turns out we're just working harder for the boss, one hour. some of us are doing some household chores and taking care of children. and then a few of us are using
7:57 am
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♪ ohhh yeahhh! just connect your myq® app to key. ♪ ohhh yeahhh! get free in-garage delivery with myq® and key by amazon. it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, final count down. with just four days to go until the election, the president and joe biden battling it out in those key swing states >> we are going to win florida. >> florida, it is up to you. >> the candidates are headed to the midwest today, and wred live with the three things that you need to know. plus boos and don'ts and how to hand out candy to fun virtual activities that the whole family will love. we are answering your most googled questions.
8:01 am
>> and tricks and treats we're kicking off the holiday extravaganza with tricks you won't want to miss, today, friday october 30, 2020 on nbc >> we hit a home run ♪ quit playing tricks on me happy halloween "today" show our family went back to the future >> it's this little pumpkin's first halloween. happy halloween! good morning welcome to "today" on a friday morning. it's not just any friday, it halloween eve. you have to be in the spirit after that. >> we are pumped up not only for our own costume but for our plazaween. >> i'm going to miss saying plazaween. we will make it the best and show you all of the costumes
8:02 am
just after your news at 8:00. the candidates head to the midwest today to begin the final weekend of the presidential campaign kristen welker joins us with the three things to watch in politics today good morning >> hi, savannah, good morning to you you. this is the final sprint, and the race is intensifying with those candidates holding dueling rallies here in florida yesterday. they couldn't have looked more different. president donald trump drawing a crowd of thousands in tampa, very little social distancing, very few masks joe biden held two rallies here in florida yesterday they were both drive-in rallies and socially distanced the candidates had very distinct messages as it relates to the pandemic take a listen to what they both had to say >> it's rounding the turn, it's rounding the turn. i had it did you know that? i had to get back on the trail i said this is not good timing i got better very quickly. >> he's spreading more than just
8:03 am
coronavirus. he's spreading division and discord. we need a president that will bring us together, not pull us apart. >> reporter: the candidates do head to the battleground midwest today where cases of covid are surging. they will actually cross paths. they will both be in wisconsin and minnesota. biden will head to iowa, president donald trump will head to michigan. the president will put the spotlight on the economy vice president biden will try to keep the focus on the pandemic he has made that a key issue, really taking aim at the president's handling of this crisis now, we're getting a new snapshot of the race, new quinnipiac polls let me break them down to you first we head to pennsylvania where biden is up 51 to 44%. in florida the race gets tighter, biden up 45 to 42%. in ohio, biden also leading there 48 to 43%. still the race very close in all
8:04 am
of these critical battleground states, also very close in florida, but more than a third of eligible voters have already cast their ballots in this election with just four days to go savannah >> kristen, thank you. of course stay with "today" and nbc news for the very latest on the closing days of the campaign >> at the end of next month, pope francis will officially make wilton gregory the first black cardinal of the catholic church he sees his sign for the hope of encouragement and support for 3 million black parishioners in the united states. anne thompson has the story. >> reporter: if he wears the burden of history well, perhaps it's because he spent more than half his 72 years as a catholic bishop >> my ministry as bishop is a ministry that invites, encourages and then models a spirit of collaboration and
8:05 am
mutual affection and respect >> reporter: as archbishop of washington recently chastising the use of a catholic shrine for a presidential photo-op in the midst of black lives matter protests, decades earlier instituting a zero tolerance policy for abusive priests as bishop of belleville, illinois. >> reporter: has the church done all it can on the issue of clergy sex abuse >> no. what we have done is good. it is effective, but it is an ongoing struggle to make sure that our kids are safe. >> reporter: like the country, he is going to help to shepherd a church that is often divided along racial lines. >> what would attract black americans to a church that's dominated by white european descendents? >> we are a church of immigrants.
8:06 am
we ra conglomerate of people who have arrived on the same shores usually for the same reasons of seeking a better life for themselves and their kids. >> reporter: his way in was catholic grade school in chicago. he converted and became a priest gregory's ministry of inclusion extends to pope francis's support for the union of same-sex couples >> he didn't go into the issue, of to sacramental marriage, but he simply invites us to say treat them with respect. >> reporter: and it is the family that has given gregory strength. >> what would your grandmother say? >> she would probably say, do a good job, honey, the world's watching. >> reporter: indeed, it is. for today, nbc news, anne thompson.
8:07 am
>> fascinating conversation. a new expedition has discovered a coral reef off the coast of australia and it's taller than the empire state building that had never been mapped before scientists are using a robot being sub to explore the reef and the many forms of life it supports. it's the largest detached reef discovered in years and if does not show any signs of recent environmental damage either. >> okay. so we have the news covered and i have a boost. i hope y'all are in the mood to dance, because there was an uber driver and passenger in seattle who felt this connection. when they heard a song that they both felt a connection. so what are you supposed to do well, you open up the door and get out and dance. ♪ ♪ >> and just like that, two
8:08 am
strangers just met, boom there's a show in the middle of a hotel parking lot. pretty good moves, too don't you love when the moment hits you >> music is the universal language >> yes, it is. >> when we come back, you have lots of questions and they have all the answers. vicki and dr. torres are going join us for a deeper dive of the biggest concerns can that people are googling when it comes to halloween fun and safety. and plus, speaking of halloween, it is almost time for us to get into the costumes and any guesses of whose head this is going on? oh, it is a hairdo. >> it is a wig. >> oh. >> that is fast approaching for the big reveal. but first, these messages.
8:09 am
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morning with a friendly reminder, in case you've forgotten, halloween is tomorrow like previous holidays in this pandemic, it is going to require a few adjustments. >> we've rounded up google's top questions about halloween. >> we're going to start with dr. john health concerns are front and center let us put up the three most searched questions related to staying safe here's the first one is halloween cancelled, dr. john >> absolutely not, savannah. halloween is not cancelled it's one of my favorite holidays this year the cdc is saying traditional trick or treating
8:13 am
should be out. social distancing is the key look at your state and local rules, follow those. but think about avoiding those areas you might interact with other people, indoor parties, costumes, parades, just use your imagination more this year >> let's take a deeper dive into the cdc guidelines what are the dos and don'ts? >> so one of the main things is that you want to remember is that you have to social distance, and you don't want to do anything that you can't social distance. and take hand sanitizer. make sure you use this before you get home and also masks they're going to be extremely important this year. you want to use a cloth mask the cdc is saying don't use a costume mask and cloth mask together for children under the age of 2 and those with breathing problems shouldn't be using cloth masks to begin with. they might want to stay home if they can't social distance >> speaking of children, our third question here.
8:14 am
candy. how do you safely give out candy? >> that's going to be the important thing, craig remember the old days where you basically have a basket or cup or bowl and people just reach in and get candy. don't want to do that this year. instead individually package them and don't have them come door to door put a table out front. if you remember what vicky talked about last year, have a drone or candy shoot or something where you can get creative and get it to them at the same time you social distance that's going to be the key this year >> thank you, dr. john why don't we turn to vicky now here are the three most popular questions about halloween activities the first one is a great place to start people don't know what they should be. so what should they be for halloween? >> i love these open-ended questions on google, like what's the meaning of life? some are suggesting you dress up like 2020, put on a garbage bag and paint some flames on, and
8:15 am
you are done. whatever your costume is, the key is to have a mask and incorporate that mask. wonder woman has a mask this year there's a pumpkin, a harry potter character the cool thing about it is once halloween is over, these masks are reusable as well, and as dr. john mentioned, don't double up on the masks and make sure it covers the nose and the mouth. >> this next question, folks are curious about virtual halloween activities search is up 3600% for that question. this is what you want to remember we want to stay apart but do things that are together so zoom costume room we're going to do this with some friends from california tomorrow, have everybody get dressed up so the kids can see each other this is especially important for a lot of kids out of school this year, and they don't even have a parade at school decorating pumpkins and a scavenger hunt if you're not trick or treating, you walk around your neighborhood and think of all
8:16 am
the things that represent halloween, pumpkins, spider webs, witches, ghost, see how many things you can spot those are fun ways to do something with your kids where you you're not getting together with other people. >> how about if you want to have an adult halloween party what can you do? >> it's so tempting. halloween is on a saturday this year during the day go to a pumpkin patch or orchard at night keep it outside, keep it small only with a circle of people that you trust. something else that is interesting and i think that joe pryor did it yesterday is the drive-through haunted house. you can see if it is available in your area. that would not happen for me because the last thing they want to do is to be scared while i am behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. but apparently it's really fun people are doing that. so anything you can do to stay outside and still get in the spirit >> i might make some witch's brew or something like that.
8:17 am
>> oh yeah >> vicky, dr. john, thank you. >> another question that's being asked a lot, how's the weather looking for halloween? mr. roker? >> not looking too bad we'll get to that in just a little bit we are looking at a system making its way off the northeast coast, the remnants of zeta out first. in between everything fairly calm that's really great news as we check out what we're looking for for today. again, a little light, leftover snow in the northeast and new england, mild out in the rockies and wet weather making its way into the pacific northwest that's what's going on around >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we take a live look outside in san francisco. the fog is already starting to clear up across the bay. and it's going to be slightly cooler with our high reaching 68 degrees. the air 73 into oakland and 76 degrees in the south bay reaching up to 80 degrees in the east bay as well as the
8:18 am
tri-valley. we're going to have a nice halloween weekend with our inland temperatures reaching up to 80. slightly warmer on sunday and temperatures peaking on monday. all right, you're getting over that sugar high, right, after halloween? you need a little palate cleanser it's time for sunday night football night in america! yes, that's right. we've got the dallas cowboys partner, they're going to be flying on in, aaw! into lincoln financial field, that's right, and they are going to be flying around and it is going to be barn burner. they're going to be lasso them and start riding them around. it's a sunday night football night in america happy halloween! >> how many york peppermint patties -- >> too many. my head's about to go! >> it's so good. >> take your pick, partner >> do the eagle one more time.
8:19 am
[ screams >> aaw >> yes. >> i can't top that but i can give you matthew mcconaughey he's willie geist's guest this weekend and of course they talk about his acting career and of course his famous catch phrase. >> all right, all right, all right. how you doin'? >> first three words i ever said on film. >> and it's true you just came up with that on your own >> that -- there was not a word written about that entire scene. i said slater's rides shotgun, he's always dubed up and then i heard action i looked up, all right, all right, all right >> how often, honestly, do you hear that from people? every day? >> all the time.
8:20 am
i see pictures, people have it tattooed in very sensational places on their body. >> i love it i think he's come to terms with the fact that people will always associate that term with him good times. you can catch that interview with willie geist this weekend on "today. >> next up, congratulations for scarlet johansson and colin jost >> i love they did this meals on wheels they knew it was going to get a lot of attention they were engaged last year after two years of dating and so certainly congratulations to the newlyweds. >> next up, "the tonight show" is in the halloween mood with a new round of hashtags.
8:21 am
jimmy asked fans to send in their best tweets for the new halloween edition. it's 2020 and things aren't usually normal >> putting on a costume and it the first time you've used a zipper all year. >> candy cigarettes because even the kids are stressed. trick or treat, stay six feet, throw me candy from the street >> new peanut special, it's a rapid test, charlie brown. >> you have to find a way to laugh out of all of this. and finally, it is time for the grand finale of plazaween. so many beautiful families we've assembled the final four groups you've been voting for. on monday, elaine a, vivian and alexandra won over the voters. best friends from wall, new jersey, and they are the sanderson sisters from "hocus pocus. and then tuesday it was the
8:22 am
solomons who won thanks to their "game of thrones" scene with a few dragons and of course an iron throne. wednesday's winners, the robinson family. they transformed their home in detroit into a carnival. and last up we have twins carter and cooper they were thursday's winners their love for "hamilton" inspired this theme with costumes their mom made from scratch. mom of the year. are you ready? drum roll, please, the winners of plazaween are olivia, elena and vivian and alexandra. girls! how do you guys feel >> how do you feel >> we feel great. >> i love it >> we have a treat for you we are sending you a bundle of "today" show swag. provided by the shop at nbc studios, but because we are so grateful for all of the families, we are going to be
8:23 am
sending one to each of the final four. so everybody wins. everybody gets a prize. thank you all for participating. and the plaza, everybody went all out. >> that is a tough choice for the final four, and congratulations to the winners, because we had a great bunch in there. >> thank you for making halloween so much fun for us, and we miss the plaza, you made it so much fun. everybody's with us. congratulations for all. >> thank you >> all right when we come back, it's going to be our turn. costume reveal >> all we can say right now is somebody is bringing some major bling to our celebration >> that's a good tease >> the moment we've all been waiting for coming up after your local news
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning to you. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. more bay area movie theaters reopen today. the century san francisco center will reopen along with some sin mark theaters in the south bay. amc is also set to open eight locations in the bay area including sunnyvale and san francisco. theaters are allowed to seat up to 50% capacity. this is depending on the county. eating and drinking not allowed inside theaters in san francisco and santa clara counties but it is okay in alameda county. well, you don't need to go to the theaters right now anyway. meteorologist kari hall has the nice forecast to get outside. >> it's going to be a great
8:27 am
weekend. we're looking at a cool start this morning, but warming up this afternoon. here's a look at our high for today reaching into the mid-70s for the south bay. parts of the peninsula up to 80 today in livermore. san francisco will reach up to 68 degrees. and for the north bay, expect a high up to 82 degrees in ukiah. as we go through that halloween forecast for the bay and inland areas, also expect some low-80s tomorrow for a high and then going into tomorrow evening. it's going to cool off quickly going into the upper 60s by 7:00 and some mid-60s at 8:00. and through the rest of the forecast, quiet weather continues into next week, marcus. >> thanks, kari. we'll have another local news update in 30 minutes. as a nurse, i've faced the fear
8:28 am
of being stretched too thin to do my job right. and it's not just health care workers. our teachers and school staff are going the extra mile for our kids. our firefighters are taking on unthinkable missions to keep us safe. how can we keep giving billions in tax breaks to rich corporations when our communities need that money? prop 15 closes corporate loopholes and invests in our schools, health care, and public safety. help us do our jobs. vote yes on 15.
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8:30 am
twas the night before halloween, all through 1a, not a creature was stirring, such an odd thing to say because "today" does have halloween in full force, but to promote safety, we had to change course we're staying inside but staying upbeat for a musical morning that's no trick, all treat live from new york city, the studio 1a theater proudly presents today's best of broadway
8:31 am
here's your host carson daly >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome. this year we've seen the lights go down on broadway, but that is about to change. the lights are going up and the curtain will rise on a one of a kind show in certainly a one of a kind year. many of us have been feeling a little bit down these last few months, but music is an excellent source of comfort. it's one of the few things that's been able to connect all of us. here in new york the beat begins on broadway. we are taking a moment to celebrate the stories, scores and songs that move us welcome to "today's" best of broadway our first act is the longest running american musical in broadway history bob fosse's 1975 show stopping production about stardom, fosse9 scandal and all that jazz,
8:32 am
that's right, i'm talking about "chicago." a tour de force on stage, even earning the oscar for best picture. >> our face is back in the papers, our name is on the marquee. ladies and gentlemen, thelma and roxy. >> the first time there's been an act in this nation of not only one little lady but two you've read about them in the papers and now here they are, chicago's own scintillating sinners, roxy and thelma okay, ladies of jazz, let's go to hell in a fast car and keep it hot. ♪
8:33 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wow, i am out of breath just watching great job, ladies. we appreciate it let's move on. our next act is the most talked about broadway musical of all time it is the hottest ticket in town ♪ first time i'm thinking past tomorrow ♪ "hamilton," the show about the $10 founding father and the american revolution that starred -- started its own revolution lin miranda's show took broadway by storm winning a whopping 11
8:34 am
tonys. hundreds waited in line sometimes overnight for a seat sometimes in the room where it all happened. here's your shot at "hamilton. ♪ get your education, don't forget from whence you came ♪ ♪ and the world's going to know your name ♪ ♪ alexander hamilton, my name i alexander hamilton ♪ ♪ there's a million things i haven't done but just you wait ♪ ♪ ♪ just you wait ♪ i am not throwing away my shot, i am not throwing away my shot ♪ ♪ you'll be back, time will tell, you'll remember that i served you well ♪
8:35 am
♪ oceans rise, empires fall, an we have seen each other through it all ♪ ♪ and when push comes to shove ♪ i will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love ♪ ♪ ta-da ta-da ta-da dah, dah, dah da ta-da dah, dah, dah ♪ >> da da, that song is going to be stuck in my head all day now. we'll move on to a mega musical feline phenomenon. andrew lloyd webber's iconic show has been translated in 15 languages and has been seen by over 73 million people worldwide.
8:36 am
audiences went crazy for "cats," a show about one memorable night in the moonlight ♪ ♪ and a new day will begin ♪ another night is over, anothe day is dawning ♪ ♪ touch me, it's so easy to leave me ♪ in sun ♪ all alone with my memories of my days in the sun ♪ >> there you have it, a classic right there. much like our next act on this day 17 years ago, a broadway musical changed us for good ♪ defying gravity
8:37 am
"wicked" tells the story of the unlikely friendship between the witches of oz before dorothy dropped in glenda made "wicked" the second highest grossing broadway show of all time. so let's journey back to the most enchanting city for their most popular performances. ♪ there's nobody wiser, not whe it comes to popular ♪ ♪ i know all about popular and you'll be who you be ♪ ♪ instead of dreary who you wer or are ♪ ♪ nothing can stop you from pop becoming popular ♪ ♪ defying gravity, with you and i defying gravity ♪ ♪ nobody in all of us, no wizar
8:38 am
that there is or was ♪ ♪ is ever going to break me down ♪ >> man, what a show. let's hear it for our incredible cast and crew. we're going to have much more from "today's best of broadway" including how the real stars helped us get into character that is right after this that is right after this. it's not easy now with this pandemic. second harvest makes me really really happy. meatballs, mexican rice, chicken enchiladas, and mole. for almost twenty years. *speaking in spanish
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
pick up the pace and make the skirts shorter. >> oh, no. >> and you are just like my country. ♪ and tonight is over ♪ the night is over >> oh, i am sorry. >> oh, my gosh. >> that is so great. ♪ you and i >> you remember five minutes ago? >> so good. >> it was so good. >> i think that this is maybe our best yet. i know that we say it every year. >> it was. it was. >> you guys are so amazing. >> i'm so impressed with sheinelle. she had to teach me how to dance. she did it >> you know what, cheers to broadway this reminds us how great broadway is. >> wasn't it apparent that al has been on broadway just watching him >> oh, yeah. >> there's only one veteran here
8:42 am
it's al. >> how was my live syncing they killed my mic cat thing before >> i've dressed up as a cat almost every single year but also this was my childhood dream. >> that is to be revealed, right? >> you nailed it there's so much to tell. we're so excited and grateful to everyone who helped us we want to take you behind the scenes now no, i'm not wearing any makeup. why? this halloween was no small task the costumes and the choreography here's a look at how it all came together ♪ they say the neon lights are bright on broadway ♪ ♪ that's why i'm not singing >> we chose "wicked. i loved the idea that you think that someone is bad, but you have to look a little deeper and maybe you will see another side.
8:43 am
hoda is my girl. she's my glenda. ♪ ♪ >> i have never, ever been a princessy halloweeny kind of person. to be glenda the good witch is amazing you picture that dress on broadway, you picture it spinning around and glenda walking through. you picture all of this. check this baby out. >> i really wanted to be the wicked witch. very witchy. >> i'm a little nervous about the green face if i'm totally honest, i think my kids will be terrified. >> let's go see mommy. >> what do i need to know to really channel her essence >> it's really about learning to harness my own power as a woman and to not be afraid of my ferocity >> oh, look.
8:44 am
your daughter is behind you. >> oh, look. >> well, i get to spell out some of your high notes >> you do? >> it's lip sync'd >> your broom choreography are you ready? ♪ if you care to find me >> then do a lot of this and point at everybody like that and at the end, a nice broadway button >> what's a broadway button? >> you get to the last note of the chorus and button! >> the broadway button >> i'm fortunate to have been i. i will tell you there for the premiere i will tell you and literally this is no exaggeration, a shiver went down my spine. >> a few months ago, disney plus decided to make it available on demand and my 6-year-old son is hooked this is not an exaggeration.
8:45 am
we've seen it over the past few months 50 times, from beginning to end >> i chose king george because i do feel regal. i feel like i was meant to rule. chris jackson, aka george washington. from one george to another, how do i channel the inner royalty. >> al, i don't think that you to work that hard, sir. you walk on to the stage with such a regal nature that you project. >> i am playing hamilton, and any specific advice for my character? >> you should warm up. he has a lot of words, and a little intonation. hmm. mm-mmm. >> so anything that you can do to immerse yourself in the time. i notice that craig has a little whiskey behind himself >> don't have to tell me twice >> let's raise a glass, a toast to freedom, to hamilton and to
8:46 am
king george. >> "cats" is a very special musical to me. it is the very first musical that we took mila to on broadway. my kids tried to teach me how to get into character and they taught me how to do my meows. poppy told me how to hiss, and how to hiss if something happened that i don't really like. i did practice this song when i was taking vocal lessons in fourth grade it goes a little something like ♪ memories all alone in the moonlight ♪ >> fourth grade jenna would not believe i get to put on the real cats costume from the broadway show i came in here looking like a human and now i am one of to
8:47 am
most famous cats transformed. to be one of the most famous cats of all time is something i will not forget. >> just don't mess up. >> my first time joining the big halloween shown i was tina turner and it ended up being a thing. and then janet jackson now my third time, i feel a little bit of pressure >> so what better way to step up her game than to try to teach me how to dance, too. >> when we started out, it was that i had to find her language. >>m sof the things that she comes up, it is just hilarious. >> go high, and then we're coming for you. we have probably logged probably 20 hours, 30 hours practicing. so, yeah, we have probably practiced more than anyone. >> what is it about "chicago" that people love >> it's got a lot of humor, really good music and
8:48 am
extraordinary casting by bob fosse. >> do you have any advice for us >> if you have a dance captain, listen to your dance captain >> we don't have dance captain we just learn it off youtube >> do you have any famous lines? >> none of us got enough love, and that's show biz, kids. >> that's show biz, kids >> that's show biz, kids >> that was awesome! >> way to go >> by the way, broadway has been so generous to us. a lot of us are wearing the original costumes from the shows. cats, glenda and alphaba hamilton. >> the real deal. >> and my crown. >> your king's outfit does not breathe? >> no, i am still wearing some of jonathan's sweat. >> well, it is original. >> and we wanted to say that it means so much to us to pay tribute to broadway, and that
8:49 am
community, as we all know, it has been hit really, really hard by the pandemic. theaters may have been closed, but when broadway heard that we wanted to put on a show, the theaters came out, and they opened up shops that have been closed down and even competitors came out to help us out to pull it off for one morning. we could not be more grateful for one morning. >> we're talking make-up artists teaching our make-up artists >> the hair. >> the real wigs >> and deana menzel was trying to do a little halloween surprise for her son so she wore a challenging outfit >> and sheinelle, you must teach us all how to dance. that is the only thing that we will beg for. >> rita wilson said make sure it flows you a the way down to your fingertips, don't let it end at your arms. >> to learn more about how you can help support broadway right now, we have information on our web site, >> if you loved this and love broadway, will you go help them out?
8:50 am
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wow. that's right that's what you call a finish. it's the broadway button end it but she kept her hat on. >> if you don't rehearse with the hat, you forget how tall it is. >> please go back to glenda. >> i can't. i can't sit in my chair. it is a lot of -- >> excuse me. i just can't eat cabbage. that is a kathie lee line. she lives on
8:53 am
>> it's the morning before halloween. hope we are in the spirit. we sure are. and we have a little more. >> who would have thought we'd have royalty during the weather >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at our high temperatures for today, we're reaching into the upper 70s and a few low 80s. along the coastline, expect highs mostly in the 60s for this afternoon. and we're making plans for halloween. we're going to have some really nice weather with highs reaching up to the upper 70s for the bay and inland areas. cooling down for the evenings back into the 60s. and as we go through the seven-day forecast, expect highs in the upper 70s and low 80s. >> that's your latest weather, my queen >> thank you, al
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
biggest productions. this even more so because the entire show had to be planned virtually. >> we want to thank every single person who made this thing happen our amazing graphics department, our editors, scott goldberg and dave emanuel >> our wardrobe musicians and designers for going above and beyond >> of course another huge thank you to broadway and their community. we love you, broadway. good morning to you. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. as election day nears, bay area voters will have more options available to vote, cast ballots or even turn in those completed ballots. starting today, 18 new polling locations will open in contra costa. meanwhile, for most others in the bay area, new polling locations will open tomorrow.
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to be drained from our public schools and local communities. no more. i'm proud to support prop 15." vote yes. schools and communities first is responsible for the content of this ad. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is a special halloween edition of the third hour of "today." ladies and gentlemen or ghouls and goblins -- >> it's halloween in studio 1a. >> we present to you the third hour of "today," best of broadway. >> sit back, relax and enjoy. >> introducing sheinelle jones, thel ma kelly


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