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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 30, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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election. the news at 6:00. good friday. i'm jessica aguirre. raj ma nigh is with us as well. >> we chat with one of california's top republicans and she tells us why the polling is wrong and why voters will choose the economy over character. we'll see in about three minutes. >> thank you, raj. not backing down. a south bay pastor will keep welcoming parishioners into his church without restrictions even though the church has been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars. tonight that battle is heating up and headed to court. robert handa reports from the calvary chapel of san jose and why that pastor sais standing his ground. >> this is definitely a fight over principle. because both sides acknowledge the legal wrangling could have been avoided. services need to be unrestricted
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and indoors the pastor says. the inside of the chapel in san jose is for many, a place to find peace. one reason 700 parishioners keep attending even as the church defies the public health order. >> it breaks my heart, frankly. there are a lot of people who need church. >> the pas tore says that's why he's continued unrestricted indoor services since may. despite ten county violation notices and $350,000 in fines. the county currently allows places of worship to operate at 25% capacity or up to 100 people tot total. >> people are hurting. people are really hurting. we see it every week. our job, my job, i'm called to help those people that are hurting. >> flanked shoulder to shoulder by churches statewide. only one wearing a mask. the group denounced the plans to seek a restraining order on indoor services there. >> that restraining order will, if it succeeds, place this
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church in a position where they have to decide are we going to bow down to cesar or obey god. >> the group is not against masks, social distancing or outdoor services. but say this is about religious freedom and constitutional rights. the county points out virtually every other place of worship complies. >> this particular institution has been unfortunately, not interested in adhering to any of the safety precautions. sniemgt and not inclined to do soechlt. >> am i willing to go to jail? i'm willing to be obedient to god. >> the fight over the restraining order goes to court monday. the church will continue indoor services while getting fined $5,000 a day. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. thank you, robert. in san francisco, it's being considered a national model in containing the coronavirus. but after a recent spike in covid cases, the city is putting
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things on pause. restaurants, offices and places of worship won't be allowed to increase to 50% capacity. indoor swimming pools, gym locker rooms and bowling alleys were supposed to open on tuesday. that's also on hold. restaurant owners understand the delay but hope it doesn't last too long. >> for the most part, it's sunny out. i don't think it's a problem. during the winter seasons, it's going to be a lot more difficult and be more detrimental to business. >> as for schools, mayor breed says the decision does not affect them. some are scheduled to reopen, others waiting for city approval. sports fan or voter, no matter which you are shall the oakland arena and the former warriors practice facility is opening up for you. it starts tomorrow. voters in alameda county can drop off ballots or fill them out on the spot where their favorite sports teams do their thing. w we go inside one of the locations. >> this used to be the place
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where steph curry and klay thompson would practice layups or three-pointers. but today, carpet covers the floors and instead of blue jerseys, blue voting booths. >> a nailbiter of a basketball game would be nearing the fourth quarter. with the shot click ticking down until tuesday. alameda county registrar workers spent the day transforming the warriors former training facility in downtown oakland into a one stop shop for voters. >> i'm a simple guy. whether you vote or you keep your mouth closed, i'm not much for keeping my mouth closed. >> over in east oakland, we caught up with a person who pulls up to the gates of the coliseum ready to hand off his ballot. >> i heard on the news this morning, it was going to be a dropoff point. >> the oakland arena and the warriors practice facility will open tomorrow starting from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the same hours apply through monday. on election day, all voting locations in the county are open
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from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. inside the oakland arena, video provided by the oakland a's shows staff setting up booths for in-person voting near the north entrance. all that empty parking space outside will serve as a location for curbside voting. >> i think it's a wonderful idea to utilize this space for a very important cause. there's a lot of space here. >> alameda county has seen a historic urge in early votes. the county reports received a little less than half a million ballots so far. >> even they persuaded me to vote this year. closed mouth not going to get fed. if you don't vote, you're going to be hungry. >> in oakland, melissa colorado nbc bay area news. >> despite what the polling suggests, republicans are feeling confident about this election and many gop leaders say there's a new energy in the party. let's bring in raj mathai who spoke with a high-profile republican leader. raj, it's the final sprint to
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election day. >> fascinating four years and we think it's going to be a fascinating four days head of us. when you talk about the -- it's not a blind confidence. they feel they have the energy and the ground game to defeat joe biden. speaking of the candidate, president trump he continues to hold those large rallies. >> four days from now, we're going to win this state and we're going to win four more beautiful years in the white house. >> we here the cheers and all the people among his stop today, the swing states of wisconsin. you saw him in green bay and also in minnesota. it's not just a divided population when we talk about the selection. it's a divided cable news media as well. a lot of people are watching fox news, msnbc, cnn, each network focusing on its own agenda. also the polling. the republicans say the polling is flat wrong.
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>> we're seeing undersampling of republicans and people who haven't voted in prior elections are simply -- these are some of the areas we've seen and saw in 2016 as well. >> does it concern you that high-profile republicans around the country are not backing donald trump and instead voting for joe biden? >> when you say high-profile, i have heard people who are cabinet level officials, 12, 16 years ago mention they are not high-profile in today's republican party and a member of the rnc. i can't say that's the phenomenon that exceeds 1 or 2%. there's always dissent in every election cycle. >> what about the name calling and bullying, does that impact your vote or people you know that are voting? >> i think it impacts some people. of course, it does. a lot more people are more concerned about seeing 60% tax rates in california and other
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high tax states. the future that democrats are painting we see with joe biden on the campaign trail is a bleak one. we're seeing months or years norv the mockdowns. we're seeing china trade deals and selling our country out. we're seeing no borders. we're seeing some things that make a lot of americans and by the way, the markets very nervous. i think that when you set aside personality and you focus on substance, it's a very clear choice. >> if there's no widespread and clear evidence of voter fraud in swing states, the republican national committee will accept the results of next week's election. also, we'll be hearing from joe biden at 6:30 later on in this newscast. guys, back to you. >> thanks so much, raj. well, it is certainly going to be a subdued halloween for lots of kids across the country. that's not keeping some neighborhoods from getting festive.
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there are several neighborhoods in menlo park keeping the tradition alive. they're used to hosting hundreds of kids on halloween. but they're following cdc guidelines. they're going to cancel the annual trick-or-treating tradition. one dad says the kids understand given the dangers posed by the pandemic. >> we're going to have our decorations up. there will be fun things fort kids. probably take the deck rakes down for halloween itself. we don't want trick-or-treaters. the kids are boo'ing their friends. putting together care packages and taking them to their houses. >> boo'ing is so much fun. this family says there's always next year when halloween will hopefully, hopefully be back to normal. other areas trick-or-treating will still happen is it will just look a little different because of the pandemic. as we've warned you, the cdc is advising against traditional trick-or-treating. but says you don't have to avoid trick-or-treating. doesn't want kids to have close contact with other people.
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don't show up at someone's door. the cdc recommends at the edge of the driveway or front lawn. trunk or treating. indoor haunted houses are also a big no-no. up next, spending her first night in jail. actress lori loughlin heads to the bay area to serve her sentence in that college admissions scandal. what she can expect in her east bay lockup. plus, if you loved seeing it on stage, maybe you'll like it in your closet, too. how the pandemic is impacting the popular costume sales from the san francisco opera. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, i'll look at tomorrow's forecast. plus, if you're looking for something to watch this weekend, i'll share with you something i was involved with. i'll see you in eight minutes. woman: after covid, my hours got cut.
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no on prop 15.
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add another name to the list of famous women who served time at a low security prison in dublin. actress lori loughlin turned herself in today to serve her time for the admissions scandal. is the cheating scandal has now changed the process for everyone. >> reporter: tonight inmate number 77827-112. better known to the world as lori loughlin spends the night at the federal correctional institution in dublin to begin serving her two-month sentence for her role in the admissions scandal. she will have to follow the same rules like a 5:00 a.m. wakeup call, a uniform of brown pants and a t-shirt. >> a lot of the parents i've worked with were not particularly surprised. >> irene a smith used to work for stanford. since news of the scandal broke last year, irina argues that many universities have been more careful about making sure student credentials aren't fake.
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>> everybody wants to be perceived as being part of the system where they can be played like that. >> lori loughlin and her fashion designer husband were accused of paying half a million dollars in bribes to university of southern california so their two daughters would get accepted to the school as fake athletic recruits. loughlin is among dozens of other people charged in the cheating scandal called operation varsity blues. >> the colleges involved are now employing checks and balances within their athletic admissions progress. >> kathleen shields is the senior associate director of college counseling. she's used to be the former director of admissions at cornell university. kathleen explains that the cheating scandal changed the relationship between university admissions and athletic departments. >> it's internal practices at some colleges and universities who probably needed to look at the way in which they recruit and admit athletes. >> lori loughlin is serving time
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as felicity huffman who completed 11 days of her 14-day sentence last year. the full house star must serve her full sentence and pay a $150,000 fine and complete 100 hours of community service. in dublin, anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. thank you. the patient diagnosed with both covid-19 and the flu. we're told the patient is an adult over the age of 20. solano county public health says they worked for the health care sector and is now recovery. this is the first reported case in the bay area where someone has been infected with both viruses at the same time. >> plus, you know tomorrow is halloween. this is the time when people think about costumes. if you're serious about costume shopping, look no further than the san francisco opera stage. joe rosato jr. shows us how some of the treasures could wind up in your closet. >> opera isn't just about singing. it's about the stage.
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and it's about the costumes. >> a lot of work. >> in a sense, the san francisco opera costume shop is like anybody with a closet bursting at the saemts. >> we periodically clear out our costume stock and -- >> every few years the opera holds a sort of garage sale to unload excess costume treasures. >> people have lined up around the block. definitely not socially distanced. >> in these covid times, the opera decided to hold a virtual sale for the first time. >> you can search by size or you can search by show. >> this is one of my favorite costumes from the merry widow. these are two of my favorite other costumes from the merry widow. >> some of the costumes have been with the opera as long as manuel gutierrez 20 years. >> these are some of the hats for the merry widow act 3. i'm a little sad to see it go.
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but i'm excited for our patrons and the public to see the artistry and the work that we do. >> every costume has been worn on stage at least once. >> it's really heavy. >> this is actually something we had made. >> for exactly which occasion does one don a frilly gown or roman-like tunic. dickens fare. >> the complete outfits cost 75 to $1,000 bucks. the sale takes place november 13th through the 15th. details at sf >> curb times feeling heavy and the drama, seems these duds are a perfect fit. joe rosato jr. nbc bay area news. that is fabulous. >> such great costumes. yes. >> let's talk about this weekend. we've got halloween. you said we're turning our clocks back. we've got the full moon and it's going to be nice. take it away, jeff.
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>> it's so much happening. before the election, the good news is we do not have the high fire danger that we had last weekend. it certainly is a sigh of relief for a lot of us. as we move through tomorrow, wanted to give you that at-home halloween forecast. it's going to look a lot different for many of you. we're going to be in the 70s. at the coast in san francisco, cooler with 60s to also low 70s. looking pretty fantastic as you move through tomorrow. we'll take you around the bay in san jose tomorrow at 81. concord, 83. looking good there. half moon bay. 79 in los gatos. cooler 64. then let's move over to concord. 83. san francisco 69 and napa 81. i want to switch gears and take you approximate to something i was proud to be a part of.
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it was called rebellion stonewall. i posted a panel discussion on this. not only myself but two others were a part of it. judge victoria coal could you ski and kirby lynch with uc berkeley. this documentary takes a look at the stonewall movement and the journey of the lgbt community. everything from the discrimination in the 1950s to the recent triumph. you can go to my twitter for the panel discussion length. you can go to xfinity and search rebellion stonewall to see that documentary and there's a lot of issues addressed in this one hour and certainly a very important thing for anybody that's learning, wanting to learn more about this stonewall movement and the lgbt plus community. we'll see you in 25 minutes for the full forecast. >> thank you, jeff. we appreciate that. still to come, boarding up businesses. what has the headquarters -- take you to san francisco tonight. it must be nice to play by a different set of rules.
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in california, we're the only state where wealthy trust fund heirs get their own tax loophole. these tax cheats avoid millions in taxes on vacation homes and coastal mansions depriving our schools. prop 19 closes this unfair loophole that's been exploited by an elite few and helps our schools, firefighters, and seniors. vote 'yes' on prop 19. tell them [record scratch] the party's over.
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san francisco stores and businesses are boarding up as precaution ahead of election day. we're concerned about the possibility of political protests. in the financial district, crews are busy installing plywood today. the union square business improvement district estimates up to 75% of their stores might board up by election night. there are no known threats to the city or polling places. but they have canceled days off for all officers. neighbors took notice of the
6:25 pm
boarded up storefront. >> where we're at. i hope we got to get it righted. this kiennd of represents new america and not what i think any of us want. >> the business improvement district says given the heightened attention and emotions surrounding this election, some businesses are doing this out of abundance of caution. >> tonight's making it in the bay, the weather may be cooling down but the housing market still hot in san francisco and san jose. homes continue to sell faster than they did last year. in san jose, the medium price for a home in september topped $1.1 million. that's nearly 15% higher than a year ago. san francisco's median sale price is just over $900,000. it's an increase of more than 16% over september of last year. >> up next at 6:30, less than 100 hours of campaigning left. how president trump and joe biden spent their last friday before election day. >> meeting virtually with
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we're now four days away from election night and president trump and democratic challenger joe biden are battling for votes across the midwest. visiting states battling covid-19 surges. this after the nation shattered a new daily record with one american now testing positive every second. mr. biden made taking on the pandemic a centerpiece of his campaign while the president keeps trying to move past it. >> it's hard to do with the crippling effects going on. alice barr is tracking the movements on the campaign trail. >> with four days to the finish line, the candidates are sprinting across the midwest. bringing the same message to critical swing state voters. >> get out to vote. >> but delivering it in different ways. joe biden holding a drive-in rally today in iowa before crossing paths with president
6:30 pm
trump in minnesota and wisconsin. >> we want a america to be united again. >> the president starting his midwest swing in michigan with the latest in a string of packed and largely maskless rallies. >> we're doing better now than we ever did. there's more enthusiasm. the crowds are much bigger. >> the contrast is striking. in a region where the accelerating covid-19 pandemic is dealing its sharpest blow. nationwide, cases are crossed the 9 million mark with a record 90,000 reported just yesterday. one new case every second. despite these comments from president trump's son -- >> why are they talking about deaths? because the number is almost nothing. >> in fact, the u.s. reported 982 covid deaths on thursday. as the president and his team try to push past the parnd pandemic. >> we're doing well with respect to making the turn on the
6:31 pm
pandemic. >> team biden is pushing for broader support. running mate kamala harris campaigning today in texas. a traditionally republican stong hold that could now be a tossup. >> i don't take anything for granted. we're going to work for every single vote up to the last minute. >> smashing past records, it's a fight to the finish for every ballot left. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. rthe nation's top doctor promised the coronavirus vaccine will be free of any political manipulation. that promise came during dr. fauci's meeting with bay area health leaders today. they held a virtual forum with dr. fauci. santa clara county health director was one of the moderators. he addressed the hesitancy around trusting a covid vaccine. >> i will see it and all of my scientific colleagues will see it. so if anybody tries to do an end run about getting something approved before it's ready for
6:32 pm
the american public, that won't happen. >> dr. fauci also offered words of praise for dr. cody's back to school plan. he says the slow controlled return to in-person learning makes sense. >> a big step for california in the fight against covid-19. a new lab for rapid testing opened today in los angeles county. governor newsom took a tour of the lab. he says since there was no national testing strategy in place, california took action on its own. the state-of-the-art lab was built in two months. it will allow the state to process, 150,000 more tests a day than it does now. governor newsom says with the holidays around the corner, the lab comes at a crucial time. >> this lab is happening right at the right time. this lab and our capacity now substantial increase by minimum estimate of 75% increase in our total testing capacity. >> governor newsom said the goal is to have results within 24
6:33 pm
hours, 48 hours at the most. the outcry to dissolve the silicon valley organization known as the -- the issue is an ad decried as racist. it forced the resignation of the ceo and apology from svo. several city leaders and activists say it's not just one ad. it's a pattern. he held up attack ads used against him in 2016 to prove it. >> the distortion of youthful indiscretions that i had more than 20 years ago were used to fuel a campaign of misinformation. i believe to scare people into thinking that i was a criminal and that i shouldn't be trusted. >> in february, they used racist tactics in darkening my skin in a mailer. >> this ad is only different because it was used against a white candidate. today's participants say it means nothing when the political consultants are in place.
6:34 pm
they want it disbanded and rebuilt. while enduring a record fire season, the -- not on the fire line but in court. nbc bay area investigative reporter jeff -- shows us why cal fire has been ordered to pay $15 million for essentially framing a property owner to take the blame for starting a wildfire. >> this was the moonlight fire back in 2007. it tore through 65,000 acres. the investigative report blamed the state's largest private landowner. for sparking the fire when a subcontractor scraped a rock. fear it was a victim of a trail of fraud by an agency afrng orred to go after deep pockets to pay for firefighting costs and provide feed money for a training fund later shutdown. they picked up surprising
6:35 pm
allies. former cal fire officials like tom hoffman. >> couldn't sit there and watch and remain silent. >> the 23-year veteran was head of cal fire's law enforcement division at the time of the fire. after he retired, he and another retired colleague submitted this court brief under scoring flaws in the moonlight probe. hoffman says he took heat from former colleagues. he felt obligated to reinforce the gravity of what one judge called a vast array of impropriety. like an investigator destroying notes and stating in his final report that the bulldozer operator put the blame when he was flatly denying it. >> the contradictory statements given by the investigator and to me that's a cover-up. >> but in a twist, sierra
6:36 pm
pacific region paying the government 1 million in cash and forestland. pursue sanctions in state court. r where it finally prevailed this month. a state judge ordered cal fire to pay $15 million for his campaign. sierra pacific to spend countless hours sifting through false and misleading information to defend against questionable findings. hoffman says he's amazed at cal fire's tenacity. >> in light of all of this damning evidence, why the department chose to fight this thing tooth and nail is just beyond me. >> cal fire didn't respond to our request for comment but sierra pacific believes that cal fire learned its lesson for having pursued a wildfire investigation in a fraudulent manner. although the legal war -- there's one question that may never be resolved. >> we still don't know what
6:37 pm
caused this fire. >> nbc bay area news. up next, a price hike for netflix. how much more it's going to cost to you stream the next season of stranger things. who's supporting prop 15? joe biden. biden says, "every kid deserves a quality education and every family deserves to live in a safe, healthy community. that's why i support prop. 15." vote yes. schools and communities first is responsible for the contents of this ad.
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who's supkamala harris.5? harris says, "a corporate tax loophole has allowed billions to be drained from our public schools and local communities. no more. i'm proud to support prop 15." vote yes. schools and communities first is responsible for the content of this ad. bon voyage. cruise ship -- the no sail order. the cdc issued a new conditional sail order. that takes effect on sunday. cruise lines have to prove their
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covid-19 protocols are effective before they allow passengers back. ships have to warn passengers in advance. a new study. grocery store workers are at increased risk of covid-19 infection. researchers in boston tested 104 employees of a grocery store. 20% had -- the study researchers hope the results prompt the government and store owners to provide better testing, protection and guidance for store workers. it's going to cost a bit more to binge on your favorite shows. netflix is raising prices. the premium tier is going up by $2 to 18 bucks a mornt. the basic plan sticks at $8. they cite creating original programming for the increase. >> they have had a lot of original programming. we're all sitting at home watching a lot of tv these days,
6:41 pm
jeff. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. we certainly are. this weekend, going to be some good weather to get outside a little bit in between binge watching of whatever your favorite show is. hopefully it's nbc bay area. let's get a look of the forecast in a couple of minutes. we'll talk about some cooler weather coming in. i'll see you back here. say theme park payment problem and a telecom bill complaint. we respond to bills of all sizes. i'm investigative reporter chris chmura. next. it is his passion- it is his fault he didn't lock the garage. don't even think about it! been there, done that. with liftmaster® powered by myq®, know what's happening in your garage- from anywhere.
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okay. every day of the week. nbc bay area responds of course. consumer investigator chris chmura here with a look at the recent wins. >> we work hand in hand with colleagues at telemundo to resolve consumer problems in english and spanish. so far we've responding to more than 4,700 viewers. our crew helped manuel in san francisco. he was still being billed for a theme park membership after he canceled it. they called the park and helped manuel get a $78 refund. jess in santa clara asked for help on a telecom account. she couldn't get a billing problem straightend out on her own. it gave jessica a credit of $54. if you had a run-in with the
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customer service department of any company, we want to hear about it. point your camera's phone at this qr code. go to for this survey. either one takes you to the questionnai questionnaire. we'd like to get results in november. sewing stitches with love. fire victims in santa cruz county. volunteers from the czu, lightning fire quilt organization handed out quilts to victims. they gave out 200 quilts in all. we spoke with one man who lost his home in the fire. he's so grateful for all this. >> there's been a lot of need in the community and it's been really great to see so many people step up and help out people in need right now. they help out right now. >> the quilt association and the santa cruz county operation center made this quilt drive possible. >> while celebrating halloween will look a little different for
6:46 pm
a lot of people as they come up with safe ways to get their scare on. this is a candy chute. they got the idea online. they plan to chute it through a cardboard tube and constructed an outdoor house. for those not comfortable walking through the haunted house, the brentwood car wash is offering an alternative. a drive-through haunted house. spooked and scared while sitting in your car. >> you're driving in. so you're inside and in -- in your own vehicle. we have families that come in three times the same night because they love it. >> now, whether they're trick-or-treating, lots of people say they're going to do what they can to try and str a little fun on halloween. even if they have to be socially distant and can't trick-or-treat. >> we are not trick-or-treating. but we're going to be outside. we need a check of the forecast.
6:47 pm
we're doing an outdoor halloween hunt. >> dressed as a crab. >> i'm going to be a crab. >> ooh. >> ariel from the little mermaid. i'll be sebastian. we're going to be outside and doing a little egg hunt or chocolate halloween hunt in the backyard. >> that's a good idea. >> how is the weather, jeff? >> sounds perfect, janelle. i got check out your instagram for hopefully some pictures of thatment it's going to be spooktacular as we head through tomorrow and that weather forecast. really not going to disappoint. on top of that, as we get you outside to our live high definition sky camera, look at this. in the upper left-hand side of your screen, hopefully you can see it. we do have the moon right now, which is building towards a full moon on halloween. easily happens every 18 years or so. but, again, this is the year a full moon tomorrow on halloween. the next timex pekt today happen
6:48 pm
is 2039. it will be a halloween to remember for many reasons. as we move through tomorrow, i'm calling it great weekend weather. we'll start off with cool 40s, mostly clear skies. temperatures stay comfortable with lots of sunshine. there is a fire in california. it's been producing a little bit of haze the past couple of days. i think it could bring us -- nothing in the way of major smoke. overall, it would be okay. chilly 49 in the tri-valley. south bay at 51. mostly clear skies, 48 for the east bay. san francisco. really no fog here. 50 degrees and the north bay at 49. so for that spooktacular forecast, it talks about at home. temperatures in the 70s here for most of the bay area. at the coast or san francisco. we'll be in the 60s to low 70s. let's give you in the specifics. we warm ups a a degree or two
6:49 pm
tomorrow. san jose, at 81 degrees. right here through the east bay. 79 in vallejo and more of the 70s right here through the peninsula and 77 in redwood city. a light wind out of the north at 6. you don't have to worry about holding on to it too much. because the winds won't be that gusty. san francisco we have 72 in the mission and over towards maria, 68. you want to have fun. 80 in santa rosa. 79 in novato and 72 in mill valley. it's dry and nice this weekend. we can all use it after the fire danger recently. i want a focus on the next weather change. november 7th through the 14th, is it looks more and more like -- our chances of rain, it's still up in the air right now. we want to bring rainfall back to the west coast. we have to get closer to this before we can pin down the rainfall or if we get it.
6:50 pm
all in all, our next change looking to move in november 7th through the 14th. i'll deep you updated on that. rainfall still far. i want to give you a quick look at this. close to 2 inches behind for averages. we definitely could use that rainfall here in november most certainly. my extended fork, we had 60s to 70s in san francisco. halloween on saturday. time change on sunday. clocks go back one hour. for election day on tuesday, 70 in san francisco. right here for the inland valleys, you can see if that time change happens on sunday. the new sunset will be 5:10 at night. getting darker earlier. for election day on tuesday. at 80 degrees. there's that pattern change mentioned. 69 degrees for the high. hopefully eventually that brings us some rain chances. i don't know about you two. but it feels like a big buildup to this weekend because of everything that's happening. and then, of course, next week as well. it's like you want to kind of
6:51 pm
get to the weekend already. but you don't want to hurry things along too much. i don't know. are you with me on that? >> yeah. the anticipation of what's happening. planning in. something. >> i know we have election day. lot going on. >> we're going to hold on. thanks, jeff. we're making a push for the playoffs. how the earthquakes are close to making a post-season comeback. [ whispering ] what's this? oh, are we kicking karly out? we live with at&t. it was a lapse in judgment. at&t, we called this house meeting because you advertise gig-speed internet, but we can't sign up for that here. yeah, but i'm just like warming up to those speeds. you've lived here two years. the personal attacks aren't helping, karly. don't you have like a hot pilates class to get to or something? [ muffled scream ] stop living with at&t. xfinity can deliver gig to the most homes.
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6:54 pm
it has certainly been a wild season for the san jose earthquakes. went through one of the worst teams to being in playoff contention now. >> the big reason for the turn around. the spark off the bench from a player. here's anthony flores. >> long before he was old enough to make a first save, j.t. mars
6:55 pm
en skou ski knew he wanted to be a goalkeeper for the san jose earthquakes. >> it's surreal. i literally can't find the words to say what it's like playing for the quakes. it's a lifelong dream come true. >> it began in alamo where he started playing soccer at the age of 5. he's a product of the quakes academy. at the time only the third homegrown player to sign with the club. >> even growing up, i wanted to be a professional soccer player. there was never real a a plan b. i'm lucky and fortunate that it's happened. >> the quakes are fortunate he's on the team. since being inserted into the starting lineup, san jose has turned its season around. winning five of the last eight matches with four shutouts. >> to be honest, it's not much of what i've done. i think everybody else in front of me has been playing great. >> that great play moved them into seventh place in the
6:56 pm
seedings and with two matches remaining, they're in position to punch their ticket to the playoffs for the thirst third time in the past nine shooens. >> we don't depend on anybody else. if we play well and get the results we need, then we're in. >> no spectators are allowed on sunday. but their presence will be felt. parked just outside the stadium. >> the fact that they're out there in their cars watching on the big screen, honking, it's really cool. the time that they've put in to support the club and everything that they do for it, it's really special. >> special moments like this helping j.t. live out his childhood dreams. anthony flores, nbc bay area. the soccer drive-in. >> i know, right. >> so crazy. everything is a drive-in now. >> exactly. that does it for us. see you at 11:00. bye bye. (garage door opening) it is my father's love...
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