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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 5, 2020 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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satchel paige was still dominating batters at 52 celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77 john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come nbc bay area news. in less than 24 hours another stay at home order takes effect for much of the bay area. tonight businesses hoping for a last minute rush before that shutdown begins. >> these people are struggling. we want to support these people. >> but outdoor dining isn't the only thing that will have to change. something families have enjoyed
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is also going away. >> cases continue to rise as hospital beds run dangerously low in other parts of the state. now those areas also pulling back. >> the news at 11:00 starts right now. >> life is about to change for many across the bay area. businesses bracing for big losses, hospital workers continued to be stretched to the limit. sergio quintana begins our coverage from san francisco. >> in san francisco's castro neighborhood cocktails alfresco has become a regular part of many peoples saturday night ritual. >> so sad. i don't know what we're going to do for the next couple of weeks. >> reporter: at the cost ko in the south market neighborhood some people have already started stocking up. >> they didn't have any toilet paper, they were already out of bottled water. the things from last time in march those are gone again.
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>> reporter: san francisco and four other bay area counties have decided to enforce the state's stay at home order before the region as a whole is required to. the bay area region still has 21.7% of beds available more than the 15% trigger set by the state. but the san joaquin valley and southern california regions fell before that threshold this weekend. which means they'll now begin the shelter at home order sunday night. the big concern is not necessarily icu beds. it's the people who work those facilities. >> staff is so critical. and staff are becoming demoralized. and the more we have covid in the community staff are not just going to get sick from regular colds and things from winter they're going to get sick from covild covid as well. >> reporter: there is a glimmer of hope. speaking on the "today" show
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this morning they will vote on approval next thursday, and vax einations could start soon after. >> if the fda commissioner decides to issue approval the eua on that day when the vote is taken as early as friday of next week we could see vaccinations happening across the country. >> front line medical workers will be among the first to get the vaccine, but does not mean they'll be immediately protected. that's because the pfizer vaccine requires a second shot 21 days later. now at 11:00, another popular pandemic attraction in san francisco is temporarily shutting down. we're talking about fort mason flix. the drive in theater has been a source of entertainment for many during the pandemic. movie theater goers tonight offered their thoughts on the new health orders. >> it's complicated i guess, but you have to strike a balance
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between how people police themselves and what's left of the economy and for businesses. >> fort mason flix will screen its last film tomorrow night before going dark until the stay at home order is lifted. in many cities across the bay area streets have been shutdown to help restaurants setup tables and now that's going away. here's nbc bay area's marianne favro in palo alto. >> reporter: now those restaurants have to pack up everything because cars are going to once again move through here. tonight may be the last night evan johnson and his family can walk down the middle of california avenue in palo alto this year. at 10:00 tomorrow night sant ought clara county will prohibit outdoor dining until january. restaurants here will have to divert back to only offering take out and delivery, and this
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street will reopen to make that easier. >> i'm really disappointed. i really like the outdoor dining. and i like it's been closed off to the cars. a really nice atmosphere out here. >> reporter: they specifically dined outdoors tonight because they knew it would be their last chance for a while. eileen said she's always felt safe dining alfresco. >> i do think it's a bit extreme, i do because the people who work in the community, this is another blow to them. >> reporter: michael is one of the owners in palo alto. he says he'll be forced to reduce his staff to a third of what it is now. >> we're trying to switch like we did before on take out only, but of course it affects our
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business a lot mostly because we have to let people go that's the main concern we have. consequences are unemployment and that's the saddest part. >> in addition to the financial challenges restaurants here also have to scramble to take down their tents, move their furniture and store their patio heaters to accommodate cars rolling through here again starting tuesday. investments they made to try to survive covid pushed aside for now. in palo alto marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> sergio mentioned this week southern california is the last time for a while folks can be able to eat at restaurants indoors and out. l.a. county has already banned outdoor dining. it's a big change in places such as orange and san bernardino counties. a grume of berkeley parents says it is fed up with their kids virtual learning, and now they're calling on health officials to reopen the city's schools. parents gathered at mlk park in
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berkeley for a socially distant protest earlier today. they say remote learning does not work for all families. they argue all that screen time is taking a toll on their childrens developments. >> it's really difficult, i think, to connect withal what it means to be a student. >> the parents are calling on the berkeley unified school district to come up with a plan for reopening that goes beyond the currently proposed four hours a week for elementary schools only. now, in a statement the district said, quote, berkeley unified is currently working diligently to be ready to reopen our schools in a hybrid model that will balance families differing needs at the point that state and county health officials indicate that it is safe. >> to put things into perspective let's take a look at the states positivity rate. it's an important metric for tracking the virus' spread. take a look at the graphic.
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we have focused on the last four months. let's start with september. on september 4th the positivity rate, 4.8%. then it falls off the table, drops down. one month later it's down to 2.8%. early november cases start to rise to 3.3%, and look at it now. just yesterday the positivity rate has soared to 7.6%. okay, we know there are a lot of moving parts to this new stay at home order, so we've broken it all down for you on our website. it's once you get there make sure you click on that red bar on top of the home page. >> well, if 2020 hasn't been hard enough so far how about some fire danger in december. we'll continue to track potential power out shshutoffs, updating the situation. and just in the past few hours statewide the shutoffs could impact about 92,000 customers in 16 counties and two tribal communities. here in the bay area maybe 2,500
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customers or so could lose power up in napa county. in sonoma county only a few dozen customers could be impacted. rob, what's going on? >> well, one thing the wind will help to do is actually improve our air quality. that's going to start to move on out as you see the clearing skies on the satellite. and that's going to set the stage as the winds pick up tomorrow. we'll begin to see the wind speeds pick up across the north bay hills. 20 to 35 mile per hour gulsts a times. the reason why these north winds are an issue is that they're going to bring the humidity levels down. those numbers do start to drop off on monday. as the wind returns the unfern c aspect how long this could last and when real rain chances return coming up in about 5
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minutes. president trump was in georgia tonight supporting candidates in a high stakes senate race. republican senators david perdue and kelly loeffler are in runoff elections that could change the power dynamic in the senate. the president delivered a long speech at a rally in support of the senators. at several times during the rally the president blalsed georgia's republican governor over the election outcome. the crowd greeted mr. trump with chants of four more years and cheered when he made false claims of election fraud. >> i wanted to come see my president and my next president for the next four years. >> so does that mean you don't accept that biden won the election? >> not at all. >> georgia's ballots have been recounted twice now, but mr. trump is demanding a separate signature check for all voters. the governor says he cannot legally do that. biden attending church in
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wilmington, delaware, this morning. biden walked very gingerly into st. joseph on the brandy wine church. you see that limp he's got. it's been a week since he fractured his ankle. still ahead the u.k. going through extensive training ahead of the vaccine rollout tonight just how many vaccinations they're going to be able to administer every day. we're going to tell you next. and the best table in the room. how about the only table? the unique way a hotel restaurant is staying in business while keeping everyone socially distanced. ♪ (vo) add some thrill to your wish list. at the season of audi sales event.
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closer and closer. hospital workers in the u.k. are training this weekend to administer those vaccines starting tuesday. the first covid-19 vaccines will be given to those most at risk of dying from the virus and those most likely to spread the virus. the u.k. is the first to approve use of pfizer's vaccine. medical officials say staff are getting ready to give hundreds of vaccinations per day. >> we expect quite quickly to go up to about 400 a day and beyond that 500 and above. and we're putting plans in place already, we're starting to plan if we need to increase that where do we go next? we're making every effort to ensure that we respond to the priority list. >> for starters the u.k. is going to receive 800,000 doeses of the pfizer vaccine, that's enough to vaccinate 400,000 people, two shots each. one of the challenges is to make sure everyone comes back for the second round of the shot three weeks after getting the first
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one. not just the u.k., russia today began rolling out its own coronavirus vaccine across moskow for people in high risk groups. russia touted this as the world's first registered covid-19 vaccine after the government gave it regulatory approval in early august. the vaccine received the go ahead after being tested on only several dozen people which drew considerable criticism at home and abroad. well, the best table in the house at a new york city restaurant is not a table at all but a hotel room. the crocodile which is french for the crocodile arb a french restaurant has created a totally private rest rntd experience inside empty hotel rooms. the restaurant owner and chef adan o'neil says he came up with the idea to try to make up some of the business he's lost. now every room on the hotel second floor has been converted into dining rooms. the bed moved outlet, a table
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moved in for $100 per person diners get the room for the entire night to enjoy french food and drinks. >> it's great. as soon as we walked in, felt like it was very welcoming. >> it's almost like having dinner at somebody's house and not having to do the dishes. and the food is much better. >> but then it cost as few hundred bucks, though. chef o'neil says the reaction has been positive across the board, the rooms are fully booked most weekends. now to something good. a family in pleasanton has setup a giving tree right in front of their house to help children in need this holiday season. >> very cool. the decorated tree has a sign asking if anyone in need has a child in need. the family usually adopts a child or family from the giving tree where their own children attends school but this year it's virtual.
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they decided to take the spirit of giving into their own hands and put the tree right outside their home. they hope the message spreads and they can reach even more children this holiday season. >> very good. >> all right, rob mayeda, you've got three or four of the top stories tonight. the air, the wind, the fire danger. take it away. >> well, at least we'll have two of those three to talk about tomorrow as the wind picks up that should begin to help in terms of our air quality at the wind speeds do start to accelerate around the bay area. temperatures right now close to 50 degrees in san francisco. other areas cooling to the mid-40s as you get into walnut creek and san jose 47 degrees. we'll have temperatures in these 30s and 40s and that's the more consistent part of the forecast. better news could be the air quality tomorrow as the wind picks up that's going to push
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the air pollution. the storm doppler radar not seeing much. this is very unusual we don't have any storms coming in every two to three days. the rain producing clouds still missing us to the north. so you know how the progression goes. 30s and 40s to start, probably more clouds to start the day and the clouds will begin to thin out as we head through the afternoon and our temperatures should climb mostly into the low to mid-60s tomorrow, mid-60s around morgan hill, the tri-valley and santa rosa. some of the warmest spots close to 67 degrees around the north bay. but the attention this hour tomorrow night will be the wind. these areas here in red inland interior north bay counties, napa county, sonoma county and also lake county. those are the areas that will see the driest and strongest wind gusts. very likely it'll be from about 4:00 a.m. and 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. in the morning where see the wind speeds at their
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strongest. and 5:00 wind speeds start to come back down. brief increase of fire danger. not quite as strong as you saw in october, but again we should not have to talk about this in december. you see how the storms continue to miss us off to the north. right now if we look at the long-range forecast if we take this out to about ten days we begin to see a bit of rainfall. you have to look right there. you can see that's when we might begin to see a chance of rain coming back into the forecast. in the meantime warmer temperatures and upper 60s around san francisco, and some some of the our inland locations we'll have a chance at some 60s and 70s. as we head to the ten day outlook i think as we get toward the 14th and 15th we'll be hopeful the rain does make a come back. the forecast continues to trend to at least something there in rain chances around the 14th and
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15th. grasping literally a dry thin air but the rain will eventually get here. it has to at some point. >> there's a lot of hope in that weather forecast. rob, thank you. let's check in with anthony flores right now. this is a good football day the bay area has had in a long time. >> especially for the san jose state spartans. the last time they were unbeaten this late in the college football season. stick around. sports is next.
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21-0 lead and they'd go onto win 25-34. that's 5 and 0 for the first time since 1939. >> i just love how our team plays for each other, care about each other. part of this time has been whatever month for our team the beauty of it is we get to do this together. and that's what family is all about. >> in berkeley cal taking on number 23 oregon. third quarter golden bears playing catch-up. chase garbers airs it out for miko for the touch down. upsetting the ducks 21-17. give it up to stanford for rolling with the punches. they got kicked out of a mall parking lot they were trying to practice in, so they had to go to a public park. it didn't bother them against number 22 washington. the cardinals jump out to a 24-3 lead and stanford hands washington and not bad considering all they had to do
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to get to game day. >> there are two types of people, people that complain and people that act. so we want to be those people that act. and hey, if this is what we have to do, great let's do it. that's kind of been the mantra the entire week. >> and that's a look at sports. more news after the break. in a land not so far away. people are saving hundreds on the most reliable network with xfinity mobile. they can choose from the latest phones or bring their own. and choose the data option that's right for them. they even get nationwide 5g at no extra cost. and since they are on the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfation, they live happily ever after. again, again! xfinity mobile. your wireless. your rules. your way to stay closer together. click, call, or visit an xfinity store today.
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this week they named for their first ever runner-up for the time award. >> "saturday night live" is next. have a great night. >> good night.
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