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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 19, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm anousha rasta. as hospitals across the state are pushed to the brink tens of thousands of new cases are being reported. in the last 24 hours california added nearly 44,000 new cases, and our positivity rate is now 11.8%. that's up more than 3% in the past two weeks. 272 more californians lost their lives to the virus. icu availability continues to fall. as a whole the bay area has juls 12% of icu beds still available. most of the bay area is in red, which fewer than 15% of icu beds open. san francisco, napa counties they're doing a bit better. they're in the orange. and we've got alameda county in the yellow with icu capacity hovering at 30%. >> from the surge in cases to the need for help. as we approach the christmas holiday there are so many people still in need of help and trying to make it in the bay area. nbc bay area's christie smith
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shows us some of the efforts under way to help. >> reporter: there was a steady line of cars at the sap center in san jose saturday morning, an event that pivoted to a drive-thru amid the pandemic. >> we have the opportunity to serve 500 families from our community in partnership with the sap center and the san jose sharks. they will be getting a gift card to wal-mart. they will be receiving a food box, and they'll also be receiving a bag of toys. >> volunteers who kept covid safety in mind for the holiday and then sharks evander kane came out. >> we've increased the services we're providing because of covid. a lot of these families have been impacted by covid. a lot have lost their jobs or been laid off because of covid. and people are really hurting.
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>> the daily food pantry used to handle 150 people a day. that number has doubled in silicon valley. in san francisco the salvation army will be delivering more meals to seniors for christmas this year. >> through program project room key we've been able to get 29,000 people off the streets during this pandemic. >> reporter: governor newsom providing an update on the state program to help put people in need in vacant hotel rooms. >> we got word from fema their commitment to provide support for this program through the duration of thecoid 19 emergency. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> tonight every bay area county is under a stay at home order, and that is because as we stated our icu bed availability dipped below that 15% threshold. 98% of the state is under a stay
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at home order. a live look at sfo right now where in spite of warnings from health leaders thousands of people are still traveling. tsa says they screened more than a million people across the u.s. just yesterday. last time number wurz that high was the sunday after thanksgiving. tsa officials took to twitter to remind people if they had to travel wear a mask and follow cdc guidelines. >> after a successful run in san jose self-administered testing for covid is coming to gilroy. testing will be available at the south county annex at wren avenue in gilroy. remember it is free. the site is open monday through wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. here's how it works. people watch a short instructional video. then they swab both nasal cavities while a trained staff member watches. the results are then received in about two days. it follows a successful run at emanual baptist church in san
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jose. new at 6:00, california representative mike thompson is among the first americans to get a covid-19 vaccine. thompson says he got the shot as a strong recommendation of the office of the house attending physician. some doses were set aside for members of congress. so thompson says he is very grateful to all the of the scientists who made the vaccine possible. he's encouraging everyone to get the shots as more doses become available. the country is one step closer to having a second coronavirus vaccine in its arsenal. a cdc advisory panel giving the moderna vaccine the green light. the virtual meeting was held hours after the fda authorized the vaccine for emergency use. now the cdc director robert redfield must sign-off on the recommendations. cdc recommends peel with a history of severe allergic reactions to other vaccines should consult their doctor
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before getting vaccinated. the pfizer vaccine rollout continued in the bay area today. el camino health received more than 900 doses of vaccines, and those vaccines will be split in mountain view and los gatos hospitals. infectious disease, critical care nurses and other front line care works will be vaccinated first. >> i was waiting for this moment because this is probably the one tool that we haven't had this entire year that will make a difference. >> el camino health says it anticipates all employees will be vaccinated by spring of 2021. >> leaders of operation warp speed are trying to clear up confusion about the number of vaccine doses promised to states. >> and i take responsibility for the miscommunication. here is the bottom line. i want to make sure that we are 100% committed to fair and
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equitable distribution to everybody in the united states of america. >> the general explained the number of doses available to allocate ended up being lower than expected and that resulted in states receiving fewer doses than first promised. pirna is promising more accurate numbers and a smoother process moving forward. holiday shopping looks a whole lot different this year. this is look at san francisco's union square today. normally this time of year the streets and stores packed with shoppers. but this year a few people our out and about. they were picking up some items from stores, but those who come to the area every year shop for christmas say it looks and feels like a ghost town. >> you don't see the hustle and the bustle like people scrambling for last minute presents. so it's quite different. >> instead of browsing stores
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many customers just stopped by to pick up items they ordered online or over the phone. >> and to add to all that apple says it's temporarily shutting down all its california stores. the company says it's making the move out of an abundance of caution as cases in this state skyrocket. just yesterday apple decided to temporarily close stores in los angeles only. 24 hours later things have changed, gotten bigger. customers can still pick up existing orders for the next few days. this is not the first time apple has closed stores because of covid. you might remember the company shutdown thousands of stores at the beginning of the pandemic back in march and again during the summer surge. that surge in cases pushing backcourt cases including holmes. she's accused of masterminding a
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multi-million dollar scheme. the accuracy of her blood testing technology, she has pleaded not guilty to the charges. still many of us are working from home but what if your home was on an island? the new trend that some americans are hopping on. and a successful final launch for spacex, a beautiful one, too. more about the mission and that secret payload. and we've had cold mornings to start. we're expecting a little bit of a warmup plus the first day of winter is ahead, and of course tracking the possibility of some christmas rain. i'll have the full forecast coming up. stay with us. a drink with friends can turn into a few. stop! it's easy to lose track. and getting a dui is easier than you think. plan ahead, call a cab. share a ride. if you choose to drink, choose a sober way to go. go safely, california.
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stop! it's easy to lose track. and getting a dui is easier than you think. plan ahead, call a cab. share a ride. if you choose to drink, choose a sober way to go. go safely, california. a live look at capitol hill tonight where congress is back at work trying to pass the new covid-19 relief package. now, yesterday president trump signed a two day extension giving congress until midnight tomorrow to come up with a deal. democrats say the sticking point here is the demand by republican senator pat toomey of pennsylvania that would block the federal reserve from restarting lending programs to states next year. republicans say those programs were always meant to be temporary. now, leaders on both sides of the aisle agree that they are very close to finalizing a deal, however. a vote is expected tomorrow. working from home could turn into working from home on an island. the island of bermuda to be
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specific. it had fewer than 250 covid-19 cases, and it wants to keep it that way. but it's also offering residential certificates for americans wanting to work their remotely. a lot of them will work on the island for up to a year while also enjoying the perks of being a citizen of bermuda. >> you can't really be sad when you wake up to this every day, which is good. >> there's a strict testing plan in place, strict and extensive. people must test negative before they arrive and on their eight and 14th day. if you want to see that new story head to our platform nbclx or anytime on spacex is closing out a successful year of missions by sending a new spy satellite into space today. the national recognizance office
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launched the classified payload along spacex's falcon 9 rocket. it's part of its mission to provide intelligence data to the department of defense. back here on earth it is still considered fall, feeling a lot like winter and it sounds like you're promising us a bit of christmas miracle, sounds like some rain? >> i can only be hopeful but it's looking okay, looking decent. it is the last week of fall and winter starts on monday. we're looking forward to it. let's take a look at your headlines right now. morning, cold lows again in the 30s. a bit of frost might be possible, a bit of fog as well. for tomorrow it is the last official day of fall, go jump in some leaves, celebrate and the first full day of winter is monday. the reason there's a question mark there is because the models are working on the timing of
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this. whenever it comes to a long-range outlook anything further out than 24 hours you never know with the timing. walnut creek right now the forecast it's 29 degrees. and the temperature dips again so that means between 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 a.m. it's going to be really cold in san jose. it starts to dip down into the low 40s as well, heading into the overnight hours in san francisco, 56 degrees right now. and then it starts to dip down into those low to mid40s into the early morning hours. so what do we going on in the atmosphere? satellite radar right now showcasing for the most part over the bay area we've got high pressure. it's also kept our temperatures pretty steady, but for tomorrow we're actually going to warm up a little bit. still seasonable for the most part. just a couple of degrees in some areas which could mean upper 60s, maybe even low 70s depending on just how high this temperature goes into the afternoon for the interior
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valley. concord, 62 degrees, livermore, 63. san francisco in those low 60s. let's talk about those rain chances. so, again, this is a long-range outlook. but right now it's looking like the first initial system isn't really going to touch most of the bay area. and that's on monday night into tuesday and looks like it's going to remain mainly in far monterey county potentially and the most we're going to see from that is wind getting kicked up. and christmas eve, christmas day, so look what's approaching out in the pacific. but, again, the issue here is going to be the timing and just how much rain we get. so we still have to get a little bit close to the date to find out, but right now looks like it could move in either late christmas day and then the day after the 26th as well has a light to moderate showers. overall the seven day forecast here's a closer look. i did leave those rain chances
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on there for friday and saturday. of course you see santa claus there. winter starts at 2:02, oh, not tomorrow. tomorrow it's sunday and on monday is when winter starts. 2:02 a.m. we welcome the official start of winter. and then of course inland areas we're going to see temperatures in the 60s for tomorrow, and notice what happens heading into the workweek ahead. we start to dip down into those 50s, but, hey, any chance of rain is a good chance for us. we certainly need it, and it would be a beautiful christmas miracle if we woke up to at least some sort of rain on christmas day. that's all on my part. i'll send it over to you guys. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed. a major victory for the duke and duchess of sussex. the new agreement between the couple and a photo agency that will protect baby archie.
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prince harry and meghan markle won a legal battle with the paparazzi. the photo agency splash u.k. has agreed not to take any photos of the royal couple and their son archie in the future. this comes after they published casual photos of meghan and archie hiking last summer. the couple has been open about their new lives. meghan writing recently about the heart break of a miscarriage. they even signed a podcasting deal with spotify. nonprofits have been crucial this year, helping people who have found themselves in need because of the pandemic. but who is that helps the helpers? one college student found the answer in an unlikely place. here's garvin thomas. >> reporter: the story begins like almost all of them do these
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days, at home. namely conor hardy at home thinking about what he could and could not do during a pandemic. what conor couldn't do was one of his favorite things in the world, volunteer at san francisco's rescue. what conor could do is stair into his family's backyard which happens to be dominated by a huge mire lelen tree. >> i've been watching all of quarantine drop lemons. >> reporter: over the years conor's family has used what lemons they could, donated some to a friend's restaurant but threw most of the rotten ones out that fell to the ground. it got conor majoring in economic thinks what else could he do with that? so he posted on next door looking for suggestions and the responses flooded in. >> i can't even explain how much feedback and i got for mire
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lemons. >> reporter: so conor quickly started picking the lemons. >> you go up here and then grab some. >> reporter: it became clear to conor that people were crazy about mire lemons, and there was money to be made. just not for him. >> honestly it felt like wrong to do that. >> reporter: conor started selling them by the hundreds to customers right from his front steps. and the money went, of course, to family dog rescue. >> this is like the best of both. i could give lemons back to the community, the neighbors, people were obsessed with them. and then i could also donate the money to the shelter and help the shelter. and i felt really guilty i couldn't volunteer. this ladder is like the best thing that's ever happened. >> conor not only raised hundreds of dollars for the shelter. he raised his spirits in the process. >> i got to meet all these really nice people. literally the whole time this quarantine i haven't been afraid of new strangers. it's like seriously been such a
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highlight of my quarantine. this was like a perfect little one. >> reporter: proving a new adage that when life adds you a pandemic, look around for ways to make the most of it. >> these are like the best ones. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. tokyo is making it easier for people to stay sanitized while shopping. >> 20 hand washing stations are setup in popular shopping districts and you can see them here. the machines don't require connection to running water. instead they recycle the water through a three stage cleaning process, and that's not all. they also clean smart phones. not with that stuff. they deoo do it under 30 secondwise the hem of uv light. wow, all right. today was national wreaths across america day honoring the memory of military veterans and our very own damian mc'd the event calling the one of the
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highlights of his year. wreaths are placed at 1.7 million veterans headstones. this year's theme was being an american worth fighting for. all right, let's check in with anthony flores right now, and i couldn't believe what i was seeing today and really all season long. thank you to san jose state. you lifted us all up, wonderful. >> yeah, no wreaths for the bronco but they do have a shiny new truthy. the unbeaten season continues. we'll have reaction from the partens first ever mountain west conference championship. stick around. sports is next.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. mission accomplished. san jose state has climbed the mountain. the spartans taking on boise state in the mountain west conference championship game. now, that game being played this afternoon in the spartans home away from home, las vegas. san jose state strikes first. nick starkal hitched trey walker, makes a move, breaks a
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tackle and he is off and running. 55 yards for the touch down. 7-3 spartans after one. with clutch throwing four field goals in the second quarter. the spartans led by 13 at the break. then in the fourth the lead down to six starkal connects with isaiah for the 30-yard score. the spartans beat the broncos 34-20. san jose state mountain west champs for the first time in school history. >> what a night. what a night for san jose state university. what a night for our players and our fans. just incredible. you know, it's just been a beautiful journey. it's been magical. it's been incredibly challenging. i think it's an awesome lesson that you can -- that we can learn if you just work hard and stick together that incredible things can happen. >> all right, stanford playing its final game of the season against ucla down at the rose
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bowl. first quarter on third and goal austin jones walks it in for his eighth touch down of the year. right now they lead it 20-17 in the third quarter. well, it was once a great rivalry but now it's being flexed out of prime time. the niners cowboy game moved from sunday night on nbc to an afternoon kick off in dallas. both teams are struggling this season. the niners still have an outside shot of making the playoffs, but really they just need a win, something they haven't done since arriving in arizona. >> since we've come here i think we've taken two steps back so i haven't really thought at all about playoffs, pregames. it's important to me we play better. there's a certain standard we expect no matter what your excuses are. i know we can play better than we have in the last two weeks. >> be sure to join our friends at nbc sports bay area for 49ers pregame live sunday morning at 9:00. they'll get you ready for the niners and cowboys. and when the game is over switch
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back to nbc sports bay area for 49ers post game live for analysis and reaction. well, the warriors are three days away from tipping off the nba season. they're at brooklyn on tuesday. another update draymond green is doubtful for the season opener with a muscle strained in his right foot. as for the team, they're ready and excited to get on the court. >> i love this team. i love their energy. i love their spirit. i love their willingness to learn, so i think all of us are going into the season very, very excited and happy to be playing. >> all right, the season opener tuesday against k.d. and the nets, how about those san jose spartans? mountain west champs for the first time. that's a look at sports. more news after the break. this year, xfinity internet gives you more options than a holiday dinner table. pick the speed that's right for you,
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get over six thousand eight hundred dollars below msrp on this equinox. get the chevy employee discount for everyone today. we are following breaking news in the south bay where there are reports of a shooting at the great mall in milpitas. not a lot of information available right now. the first calls came in about 40 minutes ago. we've gotten calls into the newsroom several from people at the mall who say they took shelter in stores. marianne favro is there and she says authorities are confirming now there was a shooting at the shopping center. a very chaotic scene. we'll continue to follow the story on-air and online. >> thanks for joining us. we'll be back again at 11:00 and
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of course we'll have more on that breaking news as well. have a great night. >> take care. male a nnouncer: you're watching an nbc bay area news special. tonight, "nbc bay area responds." theresa brees: it's been an absolute nightmare. chris chmura: mold, maggots, mildew. just some of the damage bay area fire victims say they're fighting to get their insurance companies to cover. we take their case and help you avoid their headaches. the covid-19 vaccine is here. we're answering an important question, how much it will cost you. lisa turner: i literally wanna pull my hair out. chris: we've been watching the state of customer service in 2020. see how your experience compares to hundreds of people we polled in a national survey. and a big warning about those little qr codes. we'll explain the risk and help you spot dangerous fakes.


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