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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 31, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, a new year's eve unlike any other. live look in times square where people are being asked to stay away and enjoy events from home. the steps bay area cities are taking to try to keep covid from spreading as many look to ring in 2021. plus. >> we believe this is not an isolated case in san diego county. a confirmed case of the contagious strain of the virus found in california. now the big question, can people who already had covid get the new strain? the radar lighting up as we start out with light weather overnight. rain moved into the bay area.
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vianey arana timing out how long it will last. "today in the bay" starts right now. it is new year's eve. see you later, 2020. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. it would be good if we could have a countdown early in the morning because most of us who work morning shows are asleep by midnight. >> like at 6:00 tonight. >> a noon year's eve. >> exactly. >> we're going to get to that commute this morning because there are wet roads out there. mike has been watching that for us. first, let's start with vianey and a look at the forecast. the rain came as we were asleep, wet roads this morning. >> it is going to be quick moving and not expecting an overall washout of a day and wet pavement like you mentioned in san jose and 48 degrees. you can see a scene on the roads
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and we have more rain on the way. for today, things will calm down and quiet down. we are not expecting major showers into the evening. overnight into 2021, we'll stay dry. the reason i'm showing you doppler radar is because if you look out in the pacific, that's the next storm system we're tracking into the weekend and i'll detail that in a few minutes. let's check in with mike first. >> you said sheen on the road. that's what we see in spots like on the bay bridge toll area but the sheen slippery roadways potentially in many spots around the bay. conditions are a concern today as we look at the map. one crash out of san francisco and getting an update at 280 and 101 and no major concern as far as the sensors go. the rest of the bay a smooth drive, as well. watch those conditions right now if you're heading out on the roads. right back to you, marcus. health officials pleading with the public to stay home for
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new year's eve. unlike last year, this year no firework shows and no parties. >> but restaurants are still cooking up some special meals. jean has more from san francisco. >> reporter: let's call it the no new year's eve. no public celebrations for new year's eve 2020. here in san francisco restaurants that would normally be packed with people hoping to have a front row seat to the fireworks are closed and there are no fireworks. police will be out in force making sure no one gathers. with time almost up for 2020, they're cooking new year's eve dinner at one market in san francisco. >> our second seating is always sold out. >> reporter: this year the dining room is closed and there won't be a firework show. dinner is a three-course meal to take home. >> this year, you know, we're doing to go and we're up to about 170 covers which is pretty good.
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170 to-go meals. >> reporter: people picking up food say it will be a new year's eve like no other. >> usually we have a party with like 15 to 20 people. but not tomorrow night. >> reporter: san francisco police say extra officers will be patrolling areas where people might gather like the embarcadero and reminding people not to celebrate with gun fire. >> what goes up must come down. >> reporter: and not to have their own firework show. >> fireworks are illegal in san francisco. if you're caught lighting fire, withes, in possession of fireworks and selling fireworks and anything dealing with fireworks, you are subject to criminal violation. >> reporter: police are also monitoring social media for events that violate the covid-19 health order. >> reporter: planned to have an outdoor new year's eve dinner event and police department left a notice of violation on the door. >> we said we're going to go
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back to doing what we did because this is the way to go. and if you don't have outdoor dining, people are just going to go to house parties on new year's eve. >> reporter: 620 jones said the event is canceled like everything else. jean elle, "today in the bay." some tribal casinos in san diego county still plan to go ahead with new year's eve celebrations. despite several hundred positive covid-19 infections recently linked to gaming. some planned celebrations are larger than others but one labor union that represents casino workers is doubling down on safety concerns. the california gaming association is calling on the attorney general and the governor to shut down tribal casinos due to the pandemic. the more contains strain of the coronavirus is now confirmed here in california. the governor made that announcement during a lengthy conversation with dr. anthony fauci. the second confirmed case of its kind in the u.s. a 30-year-old man in san diego
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with no travel history has it. dr. fauci says that it was expected to actually the virus would be mutating and pointed out a few things. more contagious, but not more severe and vaccines will work against it. >> when you get vaccinated, the immune response that you make is called poly clonal which means it is against different parts of the virus. even though you have one part of the virus that has changed, it is very likely the other components of the vaccine response will protect you. >> dr. fauci also says the u.s. will catch up on the slow vaccine roll out by january and by spring anyone who wants the vaccine will get it. the u.s. is approaching a grim milestone as we head into 2021. the country is expected to reach the 20 million mark when it c e comes to infections in the coming days. more than 342,000 people who started out alive in 2020, sadly
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will not make it to see the new year. in california, more than 30,000 new infections just confirmed yesterday. the state has 2.2 million cases and around 25,000 deaths. among the growing number of deaths statewide, three residents at the largest skilled nursing facility in the state. according to the chronicle it comes at a heartbreaking time for lagouna honda. it is expected to begin vaccinating residents next week. since the start of the pandemic, laguna honda has had 163 confirmed infections. for updates on the pandemic including cases in the vaccine rollout just head to nbc bay new details. vaccaville police say the canine punched from one of its officers and it shows the officer punching the canine.
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the man who shot the footage says he thinks the dog was punched ten times before he started recording. we know the dog was checked out by the vet and in the care of a third party. exam that video to help determine if the officer's action were appropriate. new this morning an oakland city council member is now speaking out after shots were fired near her home. council member sheng thao tweeted saying several homes near her home in laurel were hit by gun fire. she then went on to say safety is a top priority for her. she says she will continue to advocate for programs like and work to ensure important roles like community resource officers are not fired. no word on who fired the shots. now some follow up out of the south bay. asking twitter and facebook to add mayor sam licardo's address.
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group from the hero tent and outreach san jose are organizing a march that could lead to his neighborhood, again. this wouldn't be the first time activists went into his home. back in august and november people vandalized his home with spray paint. founders of the group say they never received a take down request and taking down their accounts is violation of their free speech. a busy week for sky ranger. this morning light rain falling in parts of the bay area and that's just the start as we kick off the new year with a wet pattern. here's a live look for you at the wet roads and the bay bridge this morning. you can see right there. cierra as and the bay bridge. 93% of normal this time of year this is in lake tahoe area. vianey arana is tracking all of this for us. i would maemg thimagine this ise
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when it's really exciting for forecasters because you get to see everything happening. >> we were a little late when it came to the rain and snow in 2020. we should have been seeing this type of weather november, late october. we'll take it. weekend to early next week. take a look at what moves in. so friday night into saturday morning, we get another quick moving storm and that's going to bring a couple more inches to the sierra. if you notice in the time bar to the right-hand corner, taking this time line all the way through next tuesday, which is when an additional storm moves in on wednesday night, we get up to 29 inches of snow in kingvale and kirkwood 22 inches and as you guys know, the sierra snow pack does more than just look pretty and provide us great snowboarding weather. it provides a third of california's water supply. so very important. let's get a check of the roads with mike. >> all right, vianey, good note about wet roads and also chain
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control for highway 80 and let's talk about san francisco and we'll look at that crash southbound 280 at 101. on that connector reports that there may be one, possibly two lanes affected. crews are moving around the area and do watch for the flashing lights. no slowing on the sensors. we're waiting for chp to give us more information on that. east 80 and a spinout. both were reported as single-car spinouts. we're talking about slicker roadways as we look at the rest of the bay, a smooth drive and no problems on the sensors. note for tonight, new year's eve. b.a.r.t. service still stopped at 9:00 p.m. those special events like fireworks and what not. other agencies are giving free rides starting at 8:00 p.m. for safety sake, try to use them. back to you. >> thanks, mike. tourists be aware. still ahead on "today in the bay" big sir set up with the
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good morning, i'm frank holland from cnbc. wall street is set for a slightly lower open on this final trading day of the year. stocks finishing with modest
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gains as the dow managed to notch another record high. the senate fails to act on bigger stimulus checks. the markets are on track to cap off a really remarkable year. the nasdaq is up more than 43% and s&p 500 more than 15% and the dow 6%. in focus today the latest report on the number of people filing for unemployment, new jobless claims are expected to increase for the third time in four weeks. ticketmaster will pay a $10 million fine to escape charges on hacking a rival. this sends a long running legal battle that dominant over ticket sales per concert. several counts to commit hacking and wire fraud targeting its rival songkick. 10% of seats directly through their fan club which could potentially cut into tick ticketmaster profit. identify clients and discourage them from doing business with songkick. amazon is buying podcast
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producer wondery. it is known there true crime shows such as "dr. death" and it will continue to be available to listeners on a number of platforms for free when the amazon deal closes and then join amazon music. back over to you guys. >> sounds good there. frank, i like that tie, brother. >> thanks, man. listen, happy new year, guys. happy to end the year with you guys. >> us, too. >> we hope so. good things for all in 2021. >> january 5th. >> yes. 110 years. >> 110 years. >> white crimson tide. >> i'm going to throw this out real quick. >> till the day we die, man. >> the road is long, rough and rugged, marcus. happy new year.
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>> same to you. >> like the anniversary there. congrats, guys. party is over, next on "today in the bay" the operation on crashing down on large gatherings in the state's most populated county and the growing number of events officers have already shut down. we'll be right back.
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well, happening now a beach hazard warning is in effect
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because of dangerous sneaker waves and rip currents. this video was taken this week at ocean beach a place known for dangerous conditions and some of that surprise surf. vianey, anyone heading to the beach we have been talking about this all week and for a while. you need to be really careful. >> you definitely do because when we're dealing with the dangerous rip currents, it can really come in really quick intervals. you want to keep a safe distance from the coastline. sometimes people tend to think that where the water is calm is the safest but that's actually one of the first signs of a rip current compared to where the crashing waves are. the high surf in effect until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. you have to be really careful out there into the evening hours and we'll continue to see the strong waves into tomorrow and then we'll see a little bit of calming into the weekend. let's look at the current conditions and beautiful shot to
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start the morning and you may see some sheen on the roads and we had the rain move in overnight just as we forecasted and here's another big difference. cold 30s dipping down into the 20s for the north bay. this morning a lot milder conditions. we're talking 40s and 50s to start out our afternoon and we're going to see mostly sunshine and taking a look at doppler radar and things will quiet down with that first quick moving storm that passed overnight. dry through today and into friday morning and, of course, our storm ranger up and scanning and he will stay up there. the reason for that because we have multiple storms on the way. let's talk about clearing for this afternoon. temperatures going to be slightly warmer. talking one to two degrees. still pretty seasonable. your hour-by-hour outlook. nice day ahead. fantastic night to stay in your home and enjoy a cozy night in to bring in 2021. looking ahead towards friday, we're talking late friday, 6:00, 7:00, we're going to have another quick-moving storm.
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the north bay down spreading through the south bay and spotty cha chances and then more rain on the way for the first workweek of 2021. mike, how are the roads doing? >> vianey, you mentioned the sheen on the road may be slip in spots because damp roadways from overnight rain and take you out to the altamont pass. and vasco road no problem and dark and windy roadways and slick could be an issue. slow it down for safety sake. we had a couple spinouts circled one near over the right side and possibly in the slow lane and the other one over in san francisco and south 280 at 101 may be affecting that connector ramp. the sensors not slowing but activity registered there by the chp. quick look outside shows you fremont and misty conditions out there, as well. again, that rain may kick up and tires will lift that up into mist as you travel behind another vehicle. back to you.
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>> clearly makes it dirt a efor the cars, too. thanks so much. this morning people living near big sir tired of tourists clogging highway. include a year-long moratorium on parking at that famous bridge. everybody wants a picture there. >> residents there say they can actually have hours long delays and the tourists could be dangerously near the edge when taking those photos. advance parking reservations. >> that show "big little lies" made it popular, too. massive crackdown on underground parties in southern california. l.a. sheriff office says in the past month they arrested more than 200 people for being at parties that were violating covid-19 health orerders. this is prompting a new warning about new year's eve gatherings.
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>> do not get together with others on new year's eve. do not host or attend a party in person. do not travel. celebrate virtually. stay at home. welcome had new year with the people in your household and no one else. >> extra law enforcement is expected to cross parts of the state to make sure crowds don't gather and people are following covid safety measures. coming up, for the 49ers and the raiders. neither team making the playoffs. and there's an extra fly in the ointment for the silver and black fans. the reason the season finale won't be on bay area television. happening today and happening now for you, today is the last day that the uk is still part of the european union. the so-called brexit is final today after the uk voted in 2016 to leave the eu. that trade deal was announced on christmas eve and the trade agreement which took more than nine months to negotiate and the
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27-nation eu could continue to trade goods without tariffs or quotas. we'll be right back. 4:54.
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oh, the season for the 49ers comes to an end this weekend. looking to the future, though, the team has resigned kicker robbie gould through 2022. he will not play this sunday, he landed on the covid-19 list. the raiders will not make the playoffs. the silver and black's final game won't be played on bay area television local stations. instead l.a. rams and arizona cardinals game which has playoff
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implications will air instead. the best sports story in the bay area right now, san jose state football getting ready for the wbiggest game of the season. the ball game. the team's most successful season in more than 80 years. kickoff at 11:00 this morning. outdoor dining despite the shutdown. a live report on the east bay restaurant that kept its patio open despite those fines. plus the road to reopening. breaking down governor gavin newsom's plan to get students back into the classroom. crafting our authentic fragrances
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begins with ingredients from the earth ... to create fragrances infused with natural essential oils. air wick scented oils. connect to nature.
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right now at 5:00, operation speed at a crawl. president trump administration is admitting the covid-19 vaccine is not rolling out as fast as promised. a washington insider breaks that down and also reveals what else is happening today on capitol hill. plus -- >> i came here on purpose because they're open. serving up a battle. a live report on the east bay restaurant that is defying orders and staying open. the growing fines it's now facing. and a live look outside across the bay area. nbc bay area storm ranger tracking the light showers out this morning as vianey arana tells us it's just the beginning of the wet weather. it's new year's eve. good-b


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