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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 4, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, a deadly covid outbreak at the kaiser hospital in san jose. now the focus is turning to patients as questions arise about how the virus spreads so quickly. plus, the number of infected nationwide continues to grow out of control. doctors say we haven't even hit the post holiday surge. some california hospitals can count the number of available beds on one hand. plus, a live look outside in san jose and san francisco. nbc bay area storm ranger tracking the rain moving through as "today in the bay," your monday morning, starts right now.
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i hope you had a great weekend. good morning. i'm laura garcia. and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington will have this week off. there has been an extraordinary number of stories developing overnight. we have crews ready to tell you about it. let's get you out the door with kari and some rain coming in. yes, nice to see the rain as we take a look at what's happening on storm ranger. that's our mobile doppler radar. and it's parked on san bruno mountain so we can see the scan there as we see a lot of the rain in parts of the north bay. the north bay getting the brunt of the rain right now along with some gusty winds. we are going to see these scattered showers continuing to fall as you get ready to head out the door and get your monday started. we'll see a couple waves of rain coming through in the forecast. we'll talk more about that and how much rain to expect coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking for the first monday morning commute of 2021? well, kari, we're looking at the chp note because you're talking about rain in the north bay. chp, as we take a live look at the san mateo bridge, they're
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talking about fog on the east side where our camera is. i don't see a problem but we do see the glow along the spans. just a note as we look at your map, speeds are fine across the san mateo bridge. chp is warning about fog overnight on highway 1 in pacifica. overall the speed sensors look great. we're talking about those conditions as kari has mentioned. for now back to scott. an extraordinary and tragic story out of san jose this morning. a huge covid infection at kaiser hospital in san jose spread perhaps by a christmas costume. one worker in the emergency room has died. a dozen other staffers home after testing positive. marianne favro has the latest from south san jose. >> reporter: this new photo we obtained shows the christmas tree costume an e.r. employee wore inside the emergency department of kaiser permanente's san jose medical center christmas day while mingling with patients and staff in the hallway. since then 44 staff members have
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tested pos it tiitive for covid one additional case reported since yesterday. kaiser is now investigating whether the air-powered inflatable costume may have made it easier for the virus to spread. we spoke with one emergency department employee who asked not to be identified and is worried about patients. >> if we got sick with that minimum protection and the patients had less protection, i'm concerned that there might be a big outbreak amongst the patient population and also that they may have a worsening case of this than some of us have. >> reporter: kaiser started notifying patients of the possible exposure, and the santa clara county public health department confirms it is investigating the outbreak. some hospital staff say the big issue was not the employee in the costume but a lack of routine testing of staff. >> and i feel that this could have been either prevented or really minimized had testing
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been done prior. >> reporter: marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> in the meantime cases in the bay area continue to grow. right now there are nearly 285,000 confirmed infections. the number of dead now stands at more than 2,600 including three people who recently died in berkeley. in the meantime, according to "the press democrat" the largest homeless shelter has temp rarely stopped accepting people due to a covid outbreak 1:1 infections have been confirmed at samuel l. jones hall, the shelter is owned by the city of santa rosa. governor gavin newsom is expected to update california's response to the pandemic today at noon. we'll bring you that news conference at meanwhile, a sign of hope. the number of available beds since you get sick has increased in the bay area up 3%. right now 8.4% of icu beds in the region are open, still well below the state-mandated 15% needed to end those stay-at-home
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orders. so they will remain in effect until at least friday, but we have no reason to believe things are going to improve quickly enough that it won't be extended again. if the stay-at-home orders are extended, so are the closures of many businesses across the bay area. in a second organized rally small businesses and employees are expected to protest the policy on the steps of san francisco's city hall at 11:00 this morning. help is on the way for businesses in the east bay, back open to help businesses after president trump signed the second relief bill. those impacted by covid-19 can get grants ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. applications are now being accepted. parents in marin may get a better sense o when schools ere would open. marin county schools will hold a virtual town hall this afternoon with county public health leaders. it will include an update on covid cases and a question and answer session. many schools this week will resume distance learning but not
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in classroom education following the extended holiday break. for updates on the pandemic including cases and vaccine rollout head to two teenagers are recovering after being shot while driving through pleasanton. several shots were fired near stoneridge angd gibraltar drive. they managed to pull over on 580 east and call for help. the victims, a man and woman, both 18 years old and both are expected to survive. police say it's believed the shooting was targeted, and so far no arrests. the parolee involved in the hit-and-run that killed two women in san francisco could be formally charged as soon as today. police say troy mcalister was drunk when he drove a stolen car through a red light plowing into two women crossing the road in downtown san francisco. one victim, 27-year-old hanako abe, grew up in japan, lived in the city. the other identified as
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elizabeth platt. they say mcalister is a repeat offend offender. they've arrested him several times since april after he was released from a five-year prison sentence. "the chronicle" says he stole the car from a woman he met on a dating site. well, back to the forecast, our storm ranger certainly busy this morning checking rain across the bay area. taking a live look outside at sfo and some of the roads in fremont. "today in the bay's" kari hall is back tracking just how long this wet weather will stick around. good morning, kari. good morning. we're going to see most of the rain during the early hours especially for the north bay. it's already falling. but areas south are not seeing much of that wet weather right now. so if you're getting ready to head out the door and you're in the east bay expect spotty, light rain. some of the heavier rain staying to the north. as we go through this forecast we'll be tracking the showers today along with some high winds. some of those gusts may reach over 40 miles per hour
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especially in the north bay, but we're going to see more waves of rain as we go through the forecast this week. looking at the time line once again most of that heavy rain moving through the north bay and pushing to the south right before lunch time. so i'll talk more about what to expect coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking for most of those dry roads for areas south of san francisco? well, it's still monday morning, the first of the year. folks are managing okay, kari, i think. the conditions are helping south of the north bay you're talking about. the map shows green sensors all around the bay including over there in the tri-valley. we are looking at one incident. you can barely see it on the map, the bay bridge looking just fine on the approach. it's in the north bay. eastbound 80 getting away from highway 12 crash on the shoulder. a live look shows the golden gate bridge and it's doing just fine. conditions are great on the span itself. back to you. thanks so much, mike. 4:38 right now. rolling out hope. still ahead on "today in the
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bay," a new vaccine being given across the pond and the proposals given here as the u.s. tries to speed up the process. and the all-new service entering the streaming market today. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 4:41, the storm will kick up along the coastline so watch out if you're going to be anywhere near the coast
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today. those rogue waves may come up possibly to 25 feet. we'll be watching this as well as the rain and high winds. more on that in the forecast coming up. and the concern is the rain and the high winds. we're looking at cameras. not so bad. let's look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. slicker conditions north of there. we'll show you the bigger view coming up. wall street is set to open higher on this first trading day of the new year. we're coming off strong gains, both the dow and the s&p 500 closing at record highs on thursday to wrap up a big year for equities. the dow up more than 7%. the s&p by 16%. the big standout was technology, the nasdaq soaring 43%, its best annual gain since 2009. investors flocking into technology and so-called work from home stocks like peloton and zoom. in focus today a report on
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construction spending numbers. t-mobile suffered a security breech last month that may have exposed some customers' call records. the company says the information did not include, though, things like your name, your physical or email address, credit card or social security numbers, pass words or p.i.n.s, they have notified half of a percent of its customers or about 200,000 people who may have been impacted. there is a new entry into the crowded tv streaming market. discovery plus launching today on a number of platforms like amazon and roku. it will focus primarily on unscripted shows and include more than 50,000 episodes from discovery channels including hd it tv, the food network and animal planet. it will cost $4.99 a month with ads or $ .99 a month without. with your cnbc business report, i'm brian sullivan. thanks, brian. 4:43 right now. recall support. next on "today in the bay," the
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california politician now backing efforts to recall governor newsom from office. you're watching "today in the bay." james brown and bill cowher welcoming you back
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to the midnight snack run. this is one tricky obstacle course. he's reaching... but he pushes it away! he's approaching a plate of iced cookies... he blows right by 'em oh the fridge looks like he's headed for the soda. wait! he jukes left! grabs the water bottle now he's just gotta get out of there. look what dropped from the sky! don't do it dennis. that's the way you execute a midnight snack run. stand up to cancer and rally want you to reduce your risk for cancer, go to take a look at this monday morning. storm ranger busy tracking rain across the bay area. in fact, here is a live look at it scanning the skies. a look at the radar which is lit up right now. "today in the bay's" kari hall tracking how long this wet weather will last.
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we knew it was coming, kari, and we certainly need it. sure do. i mean, this is something that's been a nice, welcome change as we start out this new year this morning. we are going to see the rain moving from the north bay and then across the rest of the bay area. let's check it out. here is a look at storm ranger right now showing that rain in the north bay. and soap as we get a closer look we can see a lot of green showing some light showers across much of sonoma county moving into napa county and some light rain also falling in marin county. a lot of this first wave of rain will be some of the heaviest rain we'll see this week even though there are quite a few storms out there and also will bring a decent amount of snow for the sierra. a look at this long connection moving down all the way close to hawaii. so this is going to give it a slight boost in the rainfall totals but also giving us some high winds. let's talk about this wind forecast because we're going to stop it right here at noon.
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we're seeing those winds in the north bay over 40 miles per hour, so that's enough to knock around those garbage cans or whatever you have in the yard today. you'll want to make sure that you're careful out there especially with the high winds that may bring down some tree branches. and then as we go into this evening we'll start to seep the winds calming down mostly at about 25 to possibly still some 30-mile-per-hour gusts as the storm system moves through. going through the time line of the rain, the first round of heavy rain moving through the north bay and then working its way across the east bay peninsula as well as the south bay. by later this evening it's mostly clearing out. as we head into tomorrow we have a dry day before another round of rain comes in but it looks very light for wednesday into early thursday morning. so we're looking at for most of the north bay the possibility of anywhere from a half to three-quarters of an inch of rain. elsewhere across the bay area it's looking more like a tenth to a quarter inch of rain. not a whole lot of it here from san francisco over to the east
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bay and look at how light it will be for the south bay. but still nice to see some rain, but, mike, it's not impacting the main part of the commute. that's right, kari. as you said most of the rain is to the north. right over there my weather move. as we move the map north, it takes kari's data and translates to the conditions on the roadway. the green conditions are damp or slick roadways and yellow highlighting may be foggy. keep that in mind along the coast. warnings from chp as we talked about the coast. highway 1 as well as perhaps the san mateo bridge, the bay bridge. you can see how very light the traffic is. the flags are moving. you see that on the right side of the screen. so do keep in mind there may be gusty conditions but no problems reported. back to you, scott. mike, let's talk about vaccines. today the united kingdom is rolling out the oxford
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astrazeneca vaccine. dialysis patient brian pinkard was the first to get the shot given by the chief nurse. the oxford astrazeneca vaccine is cheaper and easier to use since it doesn't require the super cold storage by the pfizer vaccine. trials here were temporarily halted in the u.s. after some patients became ill. authorities have not yet approved it for use on americans. meantime, disturbing numbers on our efforts, the u.s. vaccinated one-tenth of the number of people it had expected to by the turn of the year under operation warp speed. one solution is to double the number of people getting their first dose by not reserving the second dose for a follow-up shot with the hope and expectation that when you need your follow-up shot there will be a dose available. these numbers show where we're struggling. so far more than 4 million americans have received the first dose. that's according to the cdc, but 13 million doses are out there
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available and, again, 4 million vaccinated in a period of time that washington had hoped to vaccinate 20 million. to find out where you are in the vaccine line check out our interactive tool. it will ask you some questions including where you live and if you're an essential worker and a rough estimate about your place in line. we put a link to it right on the front page at right there on the top on the trending bar. the 117th congress held its first session over the weekend. new lawmakers were sworn in and bay area representative nancy pelosi was re-elected speaker of the house, her fourth term, and won with a very slim majority. in the senate mike pence gaveled in the body's first meeting as part of the 117th congress. the new senate is already shing up to be a divided one with two contentious runoffs in georgia and a controversial vote expeed wednesday to certify the 2020 presidential election
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results. there's more support this morning as activists work to recall governor newsom from office. former san diego mayor kevin faulkener has added his name. "the tribune" reached out for comment but did not hear back. he, himself, is strongly considering his own run for governor. new this morning few places in southern california now considered some of the riskest in america to live in. after four years the first national risk index which looked at all the counties in the u.s. and based rankings on vulnerability to natural disaster. l.a. county was number one on the list as the riskiest. number nine is riverside followed by san bernardino county. the safest and lease risky county is loudoun county outside of washington, d.c. new video of a fully recovered fox who has gone back to the wild. back in september this little guy was badly burned in the north complex fire in butte county.
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all four paws were burned. they bandaged him up. after six weeks he has fully recovered and has gone back home to the wild. >> probably very happily, too. just ahead on "today in the bay," one last highlight or two for niners fans to savor for an otherwise forgettable season. the unforgettable performance from steph curry who scaled new heights against portland. it's all coming up when "today in the bay" returns. but first, breaking news, julian assange cannot be extradited to the united states. that just came in, the latest ruling from a british judge. assange is expected to face charges of espionage and hacking government computers here in the u.s. related to the publication of hundreds of thousands of documents about the wars in afghanistan and iraq. american officials say assange helped chelsea manning breach the u.s. espionage act.
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he's been in custody in britain since 2019.
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the only thing left for the 49ers, clearing out their lockers. they were away from home in arizona. that's where they ended the season actually yesterday against the seattle seahawks. eventually seattle looked like it had something to play for. george kittle had the big niners highlight. a one-handed catch for 41 yards. seattle ended up winning the game, 26-23. the niners finished the season 6-10. maybe steph has some gas left in the tank after all in basketball. he certainly answered his recent
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critics dropping a career high 62 points as the warriors beat the portland trail blazers 13 137-122. not slowing down, coming up next on "today in the bay," the growing number of covid cases and the overflow at southern california hospitals and, be sadly, funeral homes. plus, the president's phone call that is sending shock waves through capitol hill and america. we will take you live to washington to break down the reaction coming up.
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right now at 5:00, tragedy along the coast. a father drowns trying to save his children from being swept away. the recovery mission that is still ongoing and how incoming rain could hamper the effort. plus -- i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. because we won the state. >> is that the sound of the president breaking the law? new reaction to the president's astonishing weekend phone call with election leaders in georgia. and surging out of control. the shocking number of new cases now being reported at a rate of every six seconds in los angeles. the new impact it's having beyond the already overwhelmed medical centers as "today in the
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bay" continues right now. a very good monday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the week off. kari has the extra radar this morning looking for the stormy skies. yes, we have storm ranger powered up on san bruno mountain and scanning the sky for the rain that's moving in. right now it's in parts of the north bay. we're seeing some of the scattered showers moving through. you can see just covers all of sonoma county, mostly with some light rain but also coming along with some gusty winds. i'm watching that heavy rain now starting to approach mill valley, san rafael as well as novato and more where that came from. i'll have a look at how much rain you can expect coming up in a few minutes. mike, we're also getting the gusty winds ahead of the rain. how is that affecting the commute? so far no reports. you're talking about it. we see the road weather


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