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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 4, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a very good monday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the week off. kari has the extra radar this morning looking for the stormy skies. yes, we have storm ranger powered up on san bruno mountain and scanning the sky for the rain that's moving in. right now it's in parts of the north bay. we're seeing some of the scattered showers moving through. you can see just covers all of sonoma county, mostly with some light rain but also coming along with some gusty winds. i'm watching that heavy rain now starting to approach mill valley, san rafael as well as novato and more where that came from. i'll have a look at how much rain you can expect coming up in a few minutes. mike, we're also getting the gusty winds ahead of the rain. how is that affecting the commute? so far no reports. you're talking about it. we see the road weather index.
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we're looking at the north bay where you talked about down in toward mill valley. wet roadways registering with the green highlighting. the yellow may be foggy conditions there and along the coast perhaps highway 35 and highway 1 overnight reported by chp. i see a little slowing we didn't have last week but a live look shows you the san mateo bridge. it's okay but notes of fog there from the chp as well. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 5:01. the weekend high surf leading to a heartbreaking story in the north bay that is still unresolved this morning. rescuers awaiting for sunrise to recover the body of two children swept away in jenner. the father tried to save them and drowned. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson live in marin, and this is just heart stopping, cierra. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, it really is a really difficult story to even listen to. and as you mentioned the story is unresolved. right now it is a rescue mission for the bodies of those two
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children. we're just over the golden gate bridge at the tip of marin county. i can tell you the rain has really begun to fall. so as we get earlier into the morning that will be what those crews are looking toward to see how the weather is if they can continue that mission. you want to walk through exactly what happened. this happened at blind beach. the sonoma county sheriff's office tells us they received a distress call for three people in the water. this after two small children aged 4 and 6 were swept into the water. the father jumped in after to save them. at one point the father was able to grab on to the 4-year-old, but then was later swept out further to sea. the dad ended up drowning and eventually washed up to shore. several agencies did respond to the situation to continue to search for the children. the coast guard, the sonoma county helicopter unit, all
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responded but as night fell the strong waves and wind made it difficult to continue that search. >> when the cavalry got here, we were searching for the kids, and we found a pair of shoes washed up, a jacket, but no signs of the kids. we looked for hours. and that's where we stand right now. >> reporter: so at this point it is a recovery mission for the bodies of those two children. that rain has seemed to stop. as kari mentioned we're expecting a lot of rain in the north bay, the chalkiness of the waves and, in turn, makes it difficult for those crews to continue. we will, of course, keep you updated as the search continues as well as any information we learned about the family. right now we're not sure where they are from. when we get the information we'll be sure to relay it to you. live in marin county, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> that is one of the saddest stories, thank you very much, cierra. for updates on that rekofrpy mission and the high surf
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advisory be sure to head to that's where we'll post updates throughout the day. it is 5:03. another shocking twist in the anything but normal presidential transition. president trump told georgia's republican secretary of state to find more votes in order to change that state's election results. now that official refused, but what the president did may have been a crime. "today in the bay's" tracie potts has new details on the recorded phone call everyone is talking about this morning. >> reporter: nbc news obtained this recording of president trump calling georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger begging him to change election results. >> i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state. i only need 11,000 votes. fellas, i need 11,000 votes. give me a break. there's nothing wrong with
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saying that, you know, you've recalculated. >> well, mr. president, the challenge that you have is the data you have is wrong. >> reporter: the president pressured raffensperger for an hour even suggesting that not changing the numbers could be illegal. >> that's a criminal -- that's a criminal offense. that's a big risk to you and to ryan, your lawyer. that's a big risk. >> reporter: democrats are condemning the president. >> i actually wasn't surprised by this call. the president has shown us a long, long time ago who he is. >> reporter: no reaction yet from the white house or the trump campaign. the president tweeted that raffensperger was unwilling or unable to answer questions about this. the secretary responded, the truth will come out. on capitol hill a dozen republicans are preparing to challenge the electoral college results and they're facing backlash from their own party. >> it's not an effort that i'm going to support. >> reporter: the new congress is scheduled to certify those
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results wednesday. tracie potts, nbc news. and a live look at capitol hill where the business end of the stimulus payments concludes today. for many americans the latest $600 patients arrived digitally last friday or over the weekend. today the u.s. treasury officially transfers funds to banks to fund the payments. nearly 150 million payments went out either online or through paper checks and prepaid debit cards. the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down. there are now more than 20 million confirmed infections nationwide. nearly 352,000 people have died. california is approaching 2.5 million cases with the impact from christmas and new year's still playing out. deaths have now surpassed the 26,500 mark. and, of course, there's the new strain of covid. they're find that go in southern california. authorities in san bernardino county have identified at least two cases involving people living in the same home in big
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bear. one had contact with a traveler who returned from the uk last month where this mutant strain was first discovered. this adds to the four cases confirmed last week in san diego county. experts say the new strain not only spreads faster but children are more vulnerable. a live look in los angeles where the situation is really becoming even more critical for maxed out hospitals. teams are preparing to ration resources due to the overload of icu cases. not just hospitals, either. southern california funeral homes have had to turn away some families because they're just running out of space. some mortuaries are dealing with more than five times the amounts of deaths. people are fearing for loved ones' care. >> my biggest fear for my husband being transferred elsewhere is that he's going to regress and become very ill again with covid again. >> l.a. mayor eric garcetti says
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the county is recording new covid cases at a rate of one every six seconds. and later today the county plans to reopen its massive covid testing site at dodger stadium which is recently shut down to address traffic concerns. >> we do have new video out of san diego county where a temporary emergency field hospital has been set up on the 10th and 11th floors of a medical center for non-covid patients suffering from things like heart attacks and accidents. hospitals are now rationing out care deciding who does and does not get care. one in four people tested in san diego county now testing positive. and no signs of letup yet in a simmering battle surrounding a restaurant in wine country. the bistro and bar remained open last night. the owners recently posted their reasons for ignoring county health orders. they argue restaurants have been the scapegoat for increased
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covid cases and its business is just as essential as retail stores they believe. the owners vow to remain open for in-person dining even as they risk the possibility of losing their operating permit. happening today oakland is holding its first ever virtual inauguration ceremony. mayor libby schaaf will give opening remarks at 11:00 a.m. and the acting city clerk will give the oath to five city councilmembers, the city attorney and four board of education directors. a special city council meeting will follow where the council president and vice mayor will be elected. it's 5:09. b.a.r.t. says it won't accept its new shipment of new train cars until after a major software problem is fixed. the so-called fleet of the future was manufactured by germany's bombardier. b.a.r.t. says during station stops a glitch in the new car software requires five minutes to reboot. our investigative unit released an in-depth "derailed."
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our storm ranger busy this monday morning tracking rain across the bay area. a live look at it scanning the skies and a look at the radar which is lit up right now. "today in the bay's" kari hall tracking how long this wet weather will last. and how much we should get. good morning, kari. good morning. it's so nice to see this rain coming in. we've got storm ranger powered up and tracking it mostly across the north bay where we're seeing some of the light rain falling. we head down to marin county. it's getting a little bit heavier here. watch out for the downpours around mill valley. for the tri-valley it's still dry. you'll probably make it on without the rain coming in but we'll see the rain arriving in spots like dublin as we head to about 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. i'm tracking it all. i'll have another update. mike, how is it looking right now for the bay area commute? kari, so far, i guess
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continuing the last couple of weeks we have a lighter volume of traffic out there. a few little changes today. as we look at the maps the conditions are the concern. over here the big view shows no major issues. we will zoom out. what we didn't see last week, we will see now, highway 84 a little bit of slowing. actually much more focused over the last ten minutes starting to clear. the altamont pass cleared over the last five from westbound 580 and the live look shows you a steady flow of traffic but, again, big spacing, watch those slicker roads. back to you, laura. thanks so much, mike. 5:11. jumping off. still ahead at 5:25 on "today in the bay," the moment that stunned patrons at one rooftop bar in downtown nashville along with the christmas day bombing investigation. and rolling out an all new design. a look at the latest tesla model in one coveted car market. the goal the company recently missed. plus --
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♪ >> this is "jeopardy"! >> what is a final good-bye? the anticipation ahead of alex trebek's final episode. you're watching "today in the bay."
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♪ ♪ oh, this is how it starts ♪ lightning strikes the heart ♪ the day has just begun ♪ brighter than the sun ♪ oh, we could be the stars ♪ falling from the sky
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♪ shining how we want ♪ brighter than the sun ♪ i swear you hit me like a vision ♪ ♪ but who am i to tell fate where it's supposed to go? ♪ ♪ oh, this is how it starts ♪ lightning strikes the heart ♪ the day has just begun ♪ brighter than the sun ♪ oh, we could be the stars ♪ falling from the sky ♪ shining how we want ♪ brighter than the sun oroweat bread. gathering, baking and delivering the goodness of nature... from one generation to the next and from seed to slice. ♪ good monday morning. if you are looking at what's happening in the sierra with this storm moving in there's the potential of getting anywhere from 5 to 14 inches.
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that's really good news for our snowpack, and there's more snow on the way while we get some rain. we'll talk about that rain in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. and, kari, we're talking about the companies out there for your easy volume. the conditions in the north bay. as we look at the golden gate bridge, some drops on the lens, mist on the roadway. we'll give you the bigger look coming up. tesla shares up more than 1% ahead of the opening bell. comes as sales rose 36% last year. carmaker did miss its goal of delivering half a million vehicles in 2020. but only by 500 cars. elon musk stuck with that goal though the pandemic shut down tesla's fremont plant for several weeks. this morning tesla introduced its new model y in china that will be built in shanghai. the final episodes of "jeopardy" with alex trebek hosting are this week. the game show legend died back
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in november at the age of 80. trebek had a public battle with stage four pancreatic cancer. this week's episodes were recorded days before he died and will include special tributes. he hosted more than 8,000 episodes of "jeopardy" starting in 1984. trending this morning anyone can cook but only a few people can sing. >> so the online sensation r ratatouille shows they can belt out a song. ♪ anyone can cook you can grill it, boil or fry ♪ >> last week's effort managed to raise $1 million for performers impacted by the pandemic. tiktok users are supposed to pay $5 for the new year's day performance. wayne brady and adam lambert some of the big name performers who took part in the production.
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>> really unique and original. >> who would have thought making a musical out of ratatoulli. >> no kidding. i'm doing it right now. you just can't tell. >> we all are, yes. >> exactly. hey, kari hall is back this monday morning. and, as promised, rain. how much of it? well, we're going to see most of the rain in the north bay today. the rest of us won't see as much. let's get a look at where the rain is falling right now as we check out storm ranger. that's our mobile doppler radar. with the scans picking up on a lot of green. i want you to take to you marin and the richmond-san rafael bridge f. you're heading out it will be quite soggy there and we're starting to see some of the showers moving into the sunset district in san francisco.
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some of the light rain rolling through now, what it looks like way out there in the pacific as we've seen it working north to south. it's also kicking up high waves along the coastline and it's made it very dangerous. there's this high surf advisory that continues until 11:00 tomorrow evening and some of those breakers may come up as high as over 25 feet. that is so dangerous. and those seas look so angry as you're looking along the coastline. you want to stay well away from the water. we've seen the high winds picking up as we go to noon today. check out santa rosa, san francisco. those winds are over 40 miles an hour. those high winds could knock some things over, so you do want to be really careful out there today as the storm system comes through. not a lot of rain but definitely some high winds.
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those winds gradually start to calm down. some of the waves of heavier rain move through the north bay and then start to work into the east "today in the bay" early in the afternoon. a lot of that rain weakens as it moves down the peninsula and into the south bay, so we're not going to see as much of that rain, but there will be the potential of still about a tenth to a quarter of an inch of rain and then another wave coming in. that's most likely between late wednesday afternoon into early thursday morning. so our north bay rainfall totals will be the highest this is where we do have a microclimate weather alert because the rain totals may reach anywhere from a half to three-quarters of an inch along with the high winds. i'm watching that. i'll have another update coming up. mike, what is going on now with the commute? kari, what you talked about is what's going on for the light commute. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows us what you're talking about, a little damp roadways here at the oakland side of this span for i-80. a look on the right side, the wind moving those flags around. as we look it at the map, the
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arrow marks where we look at our camera. the top left of the screen north 101 at lucas valley road. a crash up there may be blocking a couple lanes. should reopen all but your fast lane the next couple of minutes. the sensors haven't been showing slowing. chp is moving quickly. as we widen out, the green highlighting that permeates the north bay and in the east bay that's where there are slicker roadways. lighter traffic means out of the altamont things are looking good right now. watch for that rain moving around. back to you. will do, thanks, mike. up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: we aim to simmer a dispute that's been cooking on the peninsula. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. but first, our team is always on social media as are the beans. kris sanchez sharing her black-eyed beans recipe. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california. some video not far away, in fact, from where the christmas day bombing happened in downtown nashville. two b.a.s.e. jumpers stunning patrons at a rooftop bar. they walked in and then jumped. the video shows them climbing that ledge gliding down to the street. the woman who shot this video says an officer told her one of the jumpers had been arrested. meantime new drone video providing a better sense of the wide destruction from the christmas day explosion in that
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same city. you can see where a lot of the damage still remains. the cleanup expected to take some time. no reopening date set for the blast area. now the motive is still under investigation but the fbi is now reviewing messages sent by the bomber prior to the attack that killed him. new details this morning, a firing hearing is set for today for two louisville police detectives tied to the breonna taylor shooting. the department reportedly intends to fire them n. march officers raided taylor's apartment to obtain evidence in a drug investigation. police did not find drugs but shot and killed taylor during that raid. james was the officer who obtained the no-knock warrant. cosgrove is believed to be the officer who fired the shot that killed taylor. a live look at sfo this morning where holiday air travel led to record numbers since the start of the pandemic. tsa agents say more than a million people passed through the nation's airports over the weekend, the most since
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mid-march. dr. anthony fauci says the increase was predictable but now is even more crucial to social distance due to the expected post-holiday surge. nbc bay area responds to a peninsula family who had a beef with a food app. >> chris chmura's team delivered. >> reporter: good morning. let's talk about the ang family in san carlos. they operate number five kitchen which they call 100% family owned and operated. henry ang, the chef, called us because someone outside the family was taking orders. grubhub. henry said grubhub added number five kitchen to its delivery app without their knowledge or consent. he said that causes problems because its menu changes and grubhub doesn't always keep up. when customers get upset they gripe to the angs and not grubhub. henry wanted grubhub to remove no 5 kitchen. we contacted headquarters and a
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rep responded the same day. she wrote thank you for reaching out and sharing mr. eng's request. we have removed his restaurant from the grubhub marketplace. this doesn't add a penny to our $4 million tote board but we're still glad to help. some cases are just priceless. share your complaints on click the responds option from the main menu or call us 888-996-tips. speaking of pennies, maybe more money for you after nobody won the latest mega millions and powerball jackpot. if you're feeling lucky this might be the time to get your tickets. tomorrow's mega millions jackpot will top $432 million. if you're really lucky, you hit the powerball jackpot. that's $410 million. you win both of them which seems fairly likely, right? $842 million combined. up next -- >> it shows how hard it is. >> right? yes. it's darned near impossible. it doesn't stop us from playing.
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so coronavirus in the classroom. we'll talk about that coming up next. the growing debate at one bay area school over resuming in-person learning. plus, how parents can weigh in on the issue. plus, rolling out relief for businesses in need. the bay area county launching an all-new program starting today and what you need to know to apply. we'll tell you all about it when we come back. 5:27 right now.
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right now at 5:30, a deadly covid outbreak at the kaiser hospital in san jose. now the focus is turning to patients as questions arise about how the virus spread so quickly. plus, the number of infections nationwide continues to grow out of control. doctors say we haven't even hit the post-holiday surge. some california hospitals can count the number of available beds on one hand. plus a live look outside. storm ranger tracking a new round of rain moving through as "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good monday morning to you. thank you for starting your week with us, the first monday of 2021. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the week off. there have been extraordinary number of stories developing overnight. we have crews ready to tell you all about them, many of them are just tragic. let's get you out the door this morning. a rainstorm moving in, kari.
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yeah, and this is something that's nice to see. some much-needed rain. it's mostly falling in the north bay. we're going to track it as we're seeing rain through sonoma and napa county starting to lighten up for marin county. but it's moving over to parts of the east bay. some of those showers moving through as you get ready to head over to vallejo. we're going to be tracking this rain throughout the morning as well as those high winds and more rain in the forecast. more on that coming up in a few minutes. mike, what are you watching for the morning commute? possible slicker roadways may be an issue. so far it's just slicker, not a problem. as we look at the map i hear the wind kicking up in the south bay. that's about it as well. i'm going to zoom in to a problem just reported over the last few minutes. the second crash blocks, i believe, three of your right lanes as you head to the dublin interchange for west 580. things are really jamming up. chp is not yet on scene. folks may use that cutthrough on
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84. we'll see if this causes a ripple over in the tri-valley, scott. back to you. >> mike, a devastating morning at the kaiser hospital in south san jose. we now know one staff member has died from the covid outbreak. we first told you about this weekend. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live there now with an update on the investigation, at least 44 cases and the possibility, kris, it started in the most bizarre of ways. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. first, we want to tell you what we know about that woman who died. she was a registration clerk here at kaiser hospital on p pottle. we would imagine she had contact with people as she was intaking people as they arrived in the emergency room. she passed away on sunday from complications of that covid infection. she was among 44 staff members who tested positive for covid. all of them worked on christmas day, and that is really important to note because kaiser
5:33 am
and santa clara county public health officials are now investigating whether an employee who was looking to spread cheer in an air-powered christmas tree costume spread coronavirus on christmas instead. another employee who asked not to be identified told nbc bay area they're worried about their patients. >> if we got sick with that minimum protection and the patients have less protection, i'm concerned that there might be a big outbreak amongst the patient population, and, also, that they may have a worsening case of this than some of us have. >> reporter: kaiser administrators told us they are reaching out to patients who may have been exposed to covid starting with those who showed up in the emergency room on christmas day. but this is a very bad time to have any sort of additional surge aside from any holiday gatherings because as of yesterday there were 34 icu beds
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in all units, all hospitals, in the entire county. so that's not just for people who get sick and have covid complications. that's if, god forbid, you have a car crash and need an icu bed, those are the beds allotted for you as well. so do stay home. the surge is continuing. and now we know there could be more cases here at this particular hospital. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. there are now nearly 285,000 confirmed infections. the number of dead now stands at more than 2,600 including three people who recently died in berkeley. in the meantime according to "the press democrat" the largest homeless shelter has temporarily stopped accepting people due to a covid outbreak. 11 infections confirmed at samuel l. jones hall. the shelter is owned by the city of santa rosa. governor gavin newsom is expected to update fallujah's response to the pandemic today at noon. we'll bring you that news
5:35 am
conference at kris was talking about the number of available beds, so a sign of hope should you get sick, the number of beds has increased slightly in the bay area, up 3%. 8.4% of icu beds in the region open. but that's still well below the state-mandated 15% needed to end the stay-at-home orders, which are in full effect right now until at least friday, but the likelihood is they will be extended for a very long time. if the stay-at-home orders are extended, so, too, are the closures for many bay area businesses. some small business owners and employees are expected to gather for another protest at 11:00 this morning on the stems of san francisco's city hall. well, help is now on the way for businesses in the east bay that includes the business assistance program. it's now back open to help small businesses after president trump signed a second relief bill. grants range from $5,000 to $25,000. applications are now being accepted. 5:35.
5:36 am
meanwhile, parents in marin county may get a better sense of when schools will open or if they'll open. marin county schools will hold a virtual town hall this afternoon with county public health leaders. that will include an update on the covid cases and a question and answer session as well. many schools this week will resume distance learning but not in-classroom education following the extended holiday break. for updates on the pandemic including cases and the vac even rollout we have all that information at two teenagers now recovering after they were shot while driving through pleasanton. investigators say several shots were fired near stone ridge and gibraltar drive not too far from creekside park. the victims managed to pull over on 580 east calling for help. the victims, a man and a woman both 18 years old and both are expected to survive. police say it's believed the shooting was targeted.
5:37 am
so far no arrests. the parolee accused in the new year's eve hit-and-run that killed two women in san francisco may be formally charged as soon as today. now police say troy mcalister was drunk when he drove a stolen car through a red light, plowing into two women crossing the road in san francisco downtown. one victim, 27-year-old hanako abe grew up in japan, lived in the city. the other is identified as 60-year-old elizabeth platt. authorities say mcalister is a repeat offender. they've arrested him several times since april after he was released from a five-year prison sentence. "the chronicle" reports he stole a car from a woman he had met on a dating site. back to the forecast this monday morning, our storm ranger busy this morning tracking rain across parts of the bay area. a live look outside at sfo and the roads in fremont. slick out there. take it easy. "today in the bay's" kari hall is tracking how long this wet weather will last. nice to see the rain, kari.
5:38 am
it is. and we are tracking it with storm ranger. i want to show you where it's raining. not all of us are starting out with wet weather yet but we will see it moving on through in the north bay, parts of marin county moving to solano county. make sure those windshield wipers are working and you have the umbrella because we have a lot more of this rain that will be rolling in as we go into today. we're going to see it moving from north to south along with some gusty winds and those winds are really going to be an issue heading into late morning as well as the afternoon as rain pushes through. this evening is looking like it will start to clear out. we'll talk about that coming up. mike, taes mostly the north bay seeing the commute. >> yes, but still the warning for those driving up there, the big problem right now is the tri-valley. we'll look at our dublin camera west 580. this looks just fine, the volume of traffic steady.
5:39 am
outside of our camera view we have two crashes that happened and one still remains blocking the majority of your middle lanes there. your far right lane and two left lanes are open. amroechg the 680 interchange that is a problem for the tri-valley, the dublin interchange is getting very busy and relatively speaking. the rest of the approach moving smoothly out of the altamont. folks may be moving to 84 and that will ripple out to the rest of the tri-valley. all moving at speed but, again, we're watching for the effects of that north bay rain. bob? >> reporter: as coronavirus cases continue to surge, a glimmer of hope. more on the availability of icu beds in the bay area. and the president's phone call sending shock waves through capitol hill. our washington insider breaks down some of the most explosive clips and the reaction coming in. plus, unforgettable performance from steph curry who
5:40 am
scaled new heights last night against portland. it's all coming up when "today in the bay" returns. it's 5:39. ♪ ♪ oh, this is how it starts ♪ lightning strikes the heart
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♪ the day has just begun ♪ brighter than the sun ♪ oh, we could be the stars ♪ falling from the sky ♪ shining how we want ♪ brighter than the sun ♪ i swear you hit me like a vision ♪ ♪ but who am i to tell fate where it's supposed to go? ♪ ♪ oh, this is how it starts ♪ lightning strikes the heart ♪ the day has just begun ♪ brighter than the sun ♪ oh, we could be the stars ♪ falling from the sky ♪ shining how we want ♪ brighter than the sun oroweat bread. gathering, baking and delivering the goodness of nature... from one generation to the next and from seed to slice. ♪
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right now at 5:42 let's head to san jose. i wanted to give you a look at our live camera and the temperature right now at 54 degrees. we'll see that rain moving in at about 10:00 this morning, but it'll be earlier for areas to the north, so we'll talk about the time line of the rain and
5:43 am
the high winds in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. and, kari, the time line extended as you're heading west 580 jammed up to the dublin interchange for our traffic alert. a live look shows you the dublin camera starting to slow down a bit as folks traveling west approaching the dublin interchange. we'll track the progress as reported by chp and those sensors. all right. we'll check back with you. 5:43 right now. covid cases still surging here in the bay area. there is a sign of hope. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live this morning. we're seeing a slight uptick in the number of available icu beds? >> reporter: correct, laura, that's some good news, not to say hospitals here in the bay area are still not overwhelmed. they are. but over the weekend the standardive cu availability jumped more than 3%. this was saturday going into sunday. right now 8.4% of beds in our
5:44 am
region are open up from 5.1% from where it was the day before. as you look at the map of capacity across the state the san joaquin valley struggling with zero percent capacity. as we look at the counties in the bay area, napa is at zero percent, contra costa, marin, santa clara, sonoma at 10% or below. alameda county and san francisco, they're well over 30%. we don't have updated numbers from san mateo or solano counties. >> so we've been 100% capacity for weeks. the biggest strain is on the icu. we're relatively successful about getting the moderately ill patients through the emergency department and then through the hospital, but these icu patients have a protract ed course. if they wind up on the ventilator that ends up being weeks of care.
5:45 am
>> reporter: that dr. paul silka with regional medical in san jose speaking about his hospital who tells us the biggest challenge is yet to come with what he expects will be a post-holiday surge in cases. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." and of course, bob, for many the vaccine will not come in time. dialysis patient pinkard the first to get the shot administered by the chief nurse at oxford university hospital. the vaccine is cheaper and easier to use since it does not require the super cold storage needed for other approved vaccines. you may recall trials of the oxford vaccine were temporarily halted in the u.s. after some patients became ill. and the u.s. rollout only just starting. warp speed completing one-tenth of its projected number of
5:46 am
vaccinations. double the number of people getting the first dose by not reserving a second dose for the follow-up shot. that's with the hope another dose is available when the follow-up is required. these numbers show where we're stumbling. so far more than 4 million americans have received the first dose of the vaccine according to the cdc. more than 13 million are available. again, 4 million vaccinated in a period of time. washington hopes to vaccinate 20 million. we're on the lookout from reaction to the white house after the president's bid to pressure the georgia secretary of state, as he put it, find more votes to change the election results. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live with a recorded phone call everyone is talking about this morning. tracie? >> reporter: a lot of people couldn't believe their ears with the president making what turned out to be an hour long phone
5:47 am
call with the georgia secretary of state where he not only pressured brad raffensperger to change georgia's vote total but also suggested not doing so could be criminal. >> i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state. i only need 11,000 votes. fellas, i need 11,000 votes. give me a break. there's nothing wrong with saying that, you know, that you've recalculated. >> well, mr. president, the challenge that you have is the data you have is wrong. >> reporter: now we are also hearing from republicans and democrats, the backlash to this republicans not answering a lot of questions about what the president said but democrats are condemning the president for this phone call.
5:48 am
>> i actually wasn't surprised by this call. the president has shown us a long, long time ago who he is. >> reporter: so we are it continuing to follow up. we have not heard from the white house or the trump campaign. the president went on twitter saying that it was raffensperger, the secretary of state, wouldn't or couldn't answer questions about these debunked conspiracy theories that he talked a lot about on that hour long phone call. and the secretary of state responded on twitter saying that the truth will come out. the president promising to say more about it at a rally in georgia tonight. >> because you have that senate run-off election in georgia. what impact is this phone call going to have on that race? >> reporter: well, he may talk about it at that rally, and make no mistake, these two georgia senate run-off races are huge. the runoffs are tomorrow.
5:49 am
there's been a lot of talk about it not only in georgia but all over the country. the president is going down to support the two republicans tonight. president-elect biden will be in atlanta supporting the democrats and they are critical because they could tip the balance of power in the senate, the last two races to be called. if both democrats win, democrats gain control. if one republican wins then republicans retain control. >> tracie potts live from washington, thanks so much. it is 5:49 right now. there's more support in morning as activists work to recall governor gavin newsom from office. former san diego mayor kevin faulconer has added his name to a petition supporting that effort. faulconer himself is strongly considering his own run for governor. new this morning a few places in southern california considered some of the riskiest to live in. after four years fema published its first national risk index
5:50 am
which looks at all of the counties in the u.s. basing their ranking on vulnerability to natural disasters. l.a. county was number one on the list as the riskiest. number nine, riverside county, followed by san bernardino county. the safest and lease risky county is loudoun county outside of washington, d.c. new video this morning. this is a fully recovered fox who is going to go back to the wild. back in september this little guy was badly burned in the north complex fire. you see all four paws were burned, the gold county wildlife rescue says after six weeks he fully recovered and he's going back to the wild. you technically right now are watching fox news. >> but no, you're not. have you been saving that all morning? >> i've been waiting. i've been waiting. >> scott waited six months for that. >> no kidding. there you have it.
5:51 am
>> not wrong. >> right now monday morning. kari is back this morning. some rain overnight. we have some great news in the weather department, some rain but it's not coming along with some bad weather. we need the soaking rains coming in every few days and that's exactly what we have this week. let's get a look at storm ranger. we have it parked on san bruno mountain and it is showing that rain moving through mill valley, parts of marin county moving into the east bay. we have a lot more where that came from. as we go into late this morning into the afternoon this rain will be pushing from north to south with some of the heaviest rain in the north bay. i wanted to widen out and show you the connection of this subtropical moisture that's rolling through into the bay area but most of it mostly in the north bay. the rest of the bay area at least getting some of that moisture and the rain. it's coming along with some high winds. i wanted to stop the time line here at 12:30.
5:52 am
take a look at these wind speeds and miles per hour. we can see some of the winds and gusts up to 43 miles an hour in san francisco and santa rosa. that will knock some things around. as we go into this evening it gradually starts to calm down with some calmer winds coming in. that's also when the rain will be moving out. as we look at the time line, widespread rain up until the evening commute. and then it's mostly clearing out. as we go into tomorrow it's all dry. we'll see another system on wednesday. it does look weaker. doesn't look to bring us a lot of rain. parts of the north bay will see some of the heaviest rainfall totals anywhere from a half to three-quarters of an inch and we'll be watching that fall throughout the morning into early in the afternoon. mike, you've been watching a traffic alert. what's the update? kari, we still have a big update. we have your middle lanes
5:53 am
blocked. just shy of the interchange. we had two crashes. one a little bit closer to 680. one still remains in your middle lanes and that's the big backup. he looks severe just past our camera to the dublin interchange. outside of that, look, highway 84 i expected more traffic to divert that way. the lighter volume overall is keeping things relatively smooth to the rest of the tri-valley. the bay bridge toll plaza, last week we are starting to see a build over there as well. watch the winds kicking up. back to you. the only thing left for the 49ers, clearing out their lockers at their home away from home in arizona where they ended the season yesterday. eventually seattle looked like it had something to play for. george kittle had the big niners
5:54 am
highlight, a one-handed catch. seattle won the game, 26-23. the niners finished 6-10. steph has some gas in the tank after all, certainly answering his recent critics last night dropping a career high 62 points as the warriors beat the portland trail blazers 137-122. curry scored the most points by a warrior since rick berry did it, 64 points, back in 1974. new news this morning, julian assange cannot be extradited to the united states, this according to a ruling from a british judge. assange expected to face charges of espionage and hacking government computers here in the u.s. related to the publication of hundreds of thousands leaked documents about the wars in afghanistan and iraq. american officials say assange helped chelsea manning breach the u.s. espionage act and accomplish classified information. assange has been in custody in britain since 2019. metropolitan more ahead this
5:55 am
monday morning on "today in the bay" including the north bay restaurants that's the latest business to defy the lockdown order. plus, the national hockey league coming to tahoe. who will play, when and where all next. you're watching "today in the bay." my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it,
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welcome back. you're watching pay bay. a new electronic system for the bridges is now in effect. ahead of the morning's commute the antioch, carquinez, dumbarton, richmond and san mateo bridges. customers who pay tolls with fastrak or a license plate account will see no difference in statements but drivers not enrolled in either program will receive a monthly invoice. no signs of a letup just yet in a simmering battle surrounding a defiant restaurant in wine country. the bistro and bar rained open last night. the owners posted their reasons for defying county health orders arguing restaurants have been the scapegoat and its businesses
5:59 am
are just as essential as retail stores. the owners vow to remain open for indoor dining even as they risk the possibility of losing their operating permit. oakland schools are reminding parents meal pickups resume today. some locations, though, have changed. there are 13 locations where families can receive grab and go meals. pickup days are mondays and thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and the district offers free weekly deliveries. it will be different this time because of the pandemic. the first two games will be televised on nbc. they're set to take place at edgewood tahoe resort. fans are not allowed. the las vegas golden knights are set to take on the colorado avalanche february 20th. on the 21st it's the bruins from boston playing the philadelphia flyers. happening today an annual tradition to get rid of christmas trees. they plan to begin the process
6:00 am
of recycling trees. the collection runs through january 15th. they are asking to remove decorations and the lights. don't put a tree in a recycling bin the night before pickup. if the tree is 6 feet or taller you have to cut it in half. >> if you can't recycle in san francisco another option is just have a goat eat it. a dairy goat farm, goats eat most of the branches down to the stubs. the farm then burns what's left and uses the ashes in their garden so nothing goes to waste. right now at 6:00, dangerous waves turn deadly. beachgoers warned to stay alert as a high surf warning continues along the coast. it's happening -- a search is resuming for two children pulled into the ocean by sneaker waves. will the weather conditions, however, cooperate in the


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