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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 8, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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week. today over 230 lawmakers are calling for the removal of the president. the biggest name today, republican senator lisa murkowski of alaska. she called on the president to resign. she also said she's considering leaving the republican party if it remains the party of trump. >> impeachment or not, speaker pelosi called the joint chiefs of staff chairman general mark milley. she asked me what's being done to prevent the president from launching a nuclear weapon. she called the president, quote, unhinged. also today, law enforcement arrested several of the people who were rioting at the capitol earlier this week. among them, this man, richard barnett. he's the one that sat in speaker pelosi's office with his foot on one of the desks there. he was arrested after turning himself in to police today in arkansas. you can see him here walking into the station wearing that black jacket. the doj, department of justice, may also re-examine the actions of the speakers at that rally on
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wednesday before the riot. the list of speakers includes president trump himself, donald trump jr., and other lawmakers. let's bring in nbc's alice barr. she's live from the white house. alice. >> reporter: janelle and raj, this is a very quickly developing situation tonight as the prospect of impeaching president trump for a second time becomes a much more concrete possibility. house speaker nancy pelosi confirming tonight the house is prepared to move forward with articles of impeachment against president trump if he does not resign. nbc news obtained an early proposal that could be introduced as soon as monday. it includes just one article, incitement of insurrection. >> he provoked an insurrection and an attack against the united states capitol. >> reporter: two republican senators now voicing their concerns. alaska's lisa murkowski told the
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anchorage daily news the president should resign while nebraska's ben sasse said he would consider impeachment. >> the president has disregarded his oath of office. >> reporter: speaker pelosi telling colleagues she spoke to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff about preventing a, quote, unstable president from ordering a nuclear strike. >> what this president has done is ripped the band-aid all the way off to let the country know who he is and what he's about and how thoroughly unfit for office he is. >> reporter: also tonight, twitter permanently suspending president trump's account due to, quote, the risk of further incitement of violence. it comes after he released this video on twitter overnight with a starkly different tone. >> a new administration will be inaugurated on january 20th. >> reporter: president trump stopping short of a full concession but promising an orderly transition of power. he also condemned the violent rioters who even some of his closest allies say he encouraged at a rally immediately before
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the attack. the white house issuing a statement of condolence for the police officer who died after clashing with the mob. flags now flying at half-staff at the capitol he gave his life defending. president trump announced today that in a break with longstanding tradition, he will not go to president-elect biden's inauguration. biden calling that one of the few things they've ever agreed on though he did say that vice president-elect mike pence is welcome to attend. back to you, raj and janelle. >> okay, alice. back and forth it goes. thank you. every member of the bay area delegation, members of congress here, are calling for the president to be removed from office. that includes democrats eric swalwell, jackie speier and barbara lee. it was tweeted, if vp pence and the cabinet won't do the right thing. we will. jackie speier was even more blunt. >> i was on -- i was in the
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gallery when all of this was happening. i lived through that experience, and i must tell you that had any of those individuals had guns, i think a good number of members of congress would be dead today. so i think there has to be action taken. >> a spokesperson for the white house says impeaching the president during his final days in office will only further divide the country. bay area democrats, though, say there's no time to waste. >> to somehow suggest, well, there's only a few more days, this was an act of sedition. >> he has access to the nuclear codes and an unhinged, dangerous leader like that needs to be removed. we just can't allow him to be there a second longer. >> moving forward here, representative swalwell says congress is working to ensure that capitol hill is safe and secure for the upcoming inauguration, which is january 20th. president trump is not alone
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in being banned by twitter. the platform today enacted a virtual purge of accounts tied to the qanon conspiracy theory. they include michael flynn, former national security adviser and trump pardon recipient. attorney sidney powell, who has gone to the courts to overturn election results in president trump's favorite. and a shadowy figure, ron watkins, associated with the dark web. twitter suspended their accounts for what the company calls their sharing of qanon content and it's, quote, potential to lead to offline harm. and check this out. a boat docked outside the san francisco home of twitter's ceo, jack dorsey, bears this message "twitter: ban trump." the maritime protesters onboard are from the consumer advocacy group some of us. it's a broad coalition of nearly 17 million activists. now, we are continuing to watch washington closely. another great resource to get the latest information is on our website,
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right at the top there, we've got a section called "capitol riot updates." it's on our trending bar. it's an easy way to find all of our stories and updates all in one place. our other top story this evening, the continued fight against covid. could it be the beginning of that dreaded post-holiday surge? today california reported 50,000 cases. that's the most we've seen in a week. now, most days this week, as we've been reporting, the state reported between 30,000 and 35,000 cases a day, but now we're up to 50,000. it also marks three weeks since the state mandated stay-at-home order. the region's standard icu bed availability has to be above 15% before that order can be lifted. right now, our icu availability is at 3%, which is nowhere close to where we need to be. we've been asking this question now for weeks. how many people are actually getting that shot? in santa clara county, more than 47,000 health care workers have gotten their first doses of the
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vaccine. that's not even half, though, of the 140,000 health care workers that need to be vaccinated. today the county announced those health care workers can now get their shots from their own personal doctors, and the county is opening and expanding vaccination sites. here's nbc bay area's robert handa with the details. >> reporter: the public health department has been under pressure to administer more vaccinations. after three weeks, only about a third of the eligible public health workers have gotten shots. but officials say that pace is about to change. kevin got his first covid vaccination shot today at the santa clara county public health site on tully road. as a dental hygienist, he was able to be vaccinated after the state expanded who qualified to be in the current phase 1a. >> it gives a little peace of mind because i have kids at home. my wife's in health care. my whole family is in health care. being able to get the vaccine early, try to help not just my family but the community.
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>> reporter: today the county public health department says even more workers can get shots and faster. health officer dr. sara cody said at this point only about 47,000 of the 110,000 doses have been administered. but now hospitals and other facilities throughout the county have been supplied with either the pfizer or moderna vaccine. so health workers can now get a shot through their own personal care physicians. that means going from about 1,500 shots a day to more than 6,000 a day. >> together, many, many, many county residents have been able to be vaccinated, and that is the good news. that systems are up and running. >> reporter: still, with tens of thousands of health workers still waiting to be vaccinated, not too mention 2 million residents overall, the health department says it understands the public feels impatient especially since the county doesn't really know when shipments will arrive. >> i think an important point is this the most delicate
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supply/demand dance you can possibly imagine. >> reporter: the county is opening a new facility to administer the vaccine and says it hopes to go into phase 1b, which would include teachers and people over 75 years old, by the end of the month. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. we mentioned that icu bed availability in the bay area. look for the red here. five counties in the red with less than 15% availability. napa, solano, contra costa, san mateo, and santa clara county. take a look at santa clara county in the south bay. just 1% of its icu beds are available. and, again, napa county with 0%. janelle. >> yeah, because those icu bed numbers are dangerously low, the stay-at-home order will remain in effect, and that means businesses will remain closed. jessica aguirre joins us now. jessica, this is such bad news for thousands of local businesses just barely hanging on. >> boy, is it, janelle. it's just such a dire situation all the way around. it's a dire situation when you
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look at the icu bed availability. it's a dire situation when you look at the fact about the stay-at-home order. it's a dire situation for these businesses that don't know how much longer they can survive like this. it's a tough way to go, you know? in san jose, restaurants along the north first street corridor have long been dependent on tech workers for business, and now it's clear that those tech offices are not going to be opening for some time. so the situation is getting worse. even they're struggling just to keep those doors open even after letting most of their staff go. >> probably about a 70% difference, 80%. sometimes more, especially with the shelter in place, the pandemic. people do not know what to do. they don't know if they should stay home or come out.
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>> some of the small businesses we've visited today say they've already applied for a california small business relief grant. they can also apply for another round of federal ppp loans starting monday. the hope is they'll have enough to keep them afloat, but the truth is they're not sure if this continues, if they'll be able to survive. and those businesses in san jose are really emblematic of small businesses all across the bay area that find themselves in the exact same position. >> this is so difficult for so many people. thank you so much, jessica. well, we're going to stay in the south bay where san jose state is capping its historic football season with a controversial tally of 13 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. the university has been criticized for its handling of the virus, including team protocols and its lack of clarity on player health. after their first win of the mountain west title, coaches released players to spend christmas with their families, violating the county's mandatory ten-day quarantine rules. a week later, a half a dozen players were out sick for the
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arizona bowl, which the spartans lost 34-13. up next here at 5:00, a change to california's travel advisory. what you need to know if you plan on leaving the state anytime soon. plus two jackpots worth nearly $1 billion combined. the bay area has lotto fever, and why a lot of people are buying their tickets at this specific spot in the south bay. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll have details on our big weather change and why i think we could be drying out for more than seven days. i'll have details on that coming up in about six minutes.
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the man police believe is
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responsible for killing a young san francisco boy made his first court appearance today. 18-year-old james harbor is facing several charges, including the murder of jace young. the 6-year-old was watching fireworks on july 4th in the bay view neighborhood when he was shot and killed. police believe this was a deliberate shooting but jace was not the intended target. jace's family was in the courtroom. they say they want justice. >> you know, my song is not going to get to eat again. my son is not going to get to do none of those things. he's not going to get to wake up, and it would be fitting that that would be the same for him and any other party that's involved. >> the case was delayed until next tuesday for plea entry. the judge will also dewhether to keep him in custody pending trial. this pandemic is looming large over california's upcoming budget, but surprisingly there's more money to spend than projected. because so many affluent workers could work from home, california took in more tax money than expected, creating a $15 billion
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windfall. governor newsom wants to direct that money into relief for those who lost jobs, mostly in restaurants and retail. his plan includes a $600 stimulus payment for those who make less than $30,000 a year. now, this is in addition to the federal stimulus payment. another $4 billion will help small businesses and create jobs, and the governor says the pandemic demands a record investment in public schools. >> that's why we're putting $4.6 billion up to extend learning time, to provide supports to our schools or summer school and before and after school programs. >> a key non-covid budget item is $1 billion for wildfire and forest resiliency. state lawmakers reconvene next week to begin formal budget talks. well, you have two chances, tonight and tomorrow night. hundreds of millions of dollars could be yours. both the mega millions and the powerball have huge jackpots,
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nearly $1 billion combined. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is at ernie's liquors in san jose, which has a history of creating new millionaires. damian, did you get your tickets? >> reporter: i did, but you know what, janelle? one big winner and now everybody wants to buy their ticket here at ernie's liquors in san jose. this is the time to come right now because there's no one standing in line. now, $522 million is what someone made out with over two years ago. now everyone is hoping the store has another golden ticket or two. the owner of ernie's liquors knew the frenzy was coming, and how could it not? the jackpots are huge. $470 million for powerball. $520 million for mega millions. >> people just come in in bunches, and that's when the rush is going to be. >> reporter: in helps that ernie's liquors is already on the big lotto map. >> i feel lucky right now. that's all. >> how lucky are you feeling?
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>> really lucky because i check on google. this is the lucky spot. >> i'm the lucky one today. >> i hope i won. >> reporter: some represearen't sure they know the rules for playing. they just know they want to be a part of it. and how would they spend the money? >> help my mom first, pay off everything. then after that, invest it, then get a house, then get the car i want. >> then go crazy? >> no, not crazy. >> buy a house in some tropical climate area and get a covid vaccine and hopefully go somewhere where there's no masks. >> reporter: dreams of a lotto winner at ernie's. the owner says they come as far away as the central valley because to them, this is their lucky place. the last ticket for a mega millions will be sold tonight at 7:00. the drawing is at 8:00.
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if you didn't get in on that one, you have a chance tomorrow, powerball. right now powerball is at $470 million. that draw is tomorrow. we're live at ernie's liquors in san jose. i >> damian, if you do win, are you coming to work on monday? >> reporter: i'm a company guy, raj, so i will be there. i'll see you there. >> he's coming to clear out his desk, janelle. >> no. i believe he would still keep working. he's totally committed. thanks, damian. on the other case, me, jeff, we might be out of here, right? >> no, no, no. we would of course show up. you know, you guys, i bet i've got at least one or two of the winning numbers in my forecast here. >> what are they? >> well, we just have to wait and see, right? i've got lots of combinations.
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all right. we're all just feeling kind of crazy, right? it's the end of the week. we're ready for that weekend to get here, and we're going to get you all squared away on what's coming our way. so as we bring you into that microclimate forecast tonight, we have seen our latest storm system moving on out. it was a really quick hit of some rainfall very early this morning. i also wanted to show you how the past seven days stacked up on the rainfall totals. it was pretty impressive for the north bay. we saw 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches across the higher elevations. santa rosa, 1.46 of an inch. that was great. look how it dropped off as you went from oakland to the south. oakland just over three quarters of an inch. redwood city, only 0.28 of an inch. san jose with 0.06 inch. good news to the north but everyone else not doing enough to put a dent in our rain dp deficit. that's four to ten inches
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behind. high pressure is going to be building in over the next seven days, and i really think this will continue to keep the storm track off to the north. now, one thing to note with this area of high pressure, it is going to bring in some warmer temperatures, that drier weather. but i also think a little bit of fog for the morning at times and some cloud cover as well. let's get you started off with a look at that fog. we are seeing some of the lowest visibility over to half moon bay. 2 1/2 miles right now. also dropping in concord down to 4 miles. look, overall i think as we roll through tomorrow morning, if you're traveling, it would be thickest down interstate 5 and 99 and also the chance of that ground fog over the east bay and the south bay. it's not picking it up too well in the model there, but i know with the way temperatures are going now, we have the best chance over the east and the south bay for some of that fog. now, once we head through tomorrow afternoon, that sunshine comes out, and it's going to shape us up with a pretty good day. as we roll through tomorrow morning, we're going to start off chilly. down to 37 for the tri-valley. south bay at 40. also coming in with some cold
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numbers for the east bay. 39 degrees and the north bay at 38. daytime highs tomorrow down in the south bay, back up into the 60s. 62 here in morgan hill. relatively light winds out of the northwest at 10. through the east bay, up to 62 in walnut creek. 61 in pleasanton. over to the peninsula, 60 in redwood city. daly city dropping off to 55. more of those 50s across san francisco with 58 in the mission. and through the north bay, we have 62 in napa, 61 in santa rosa. my extended forecast keeps dry weather the next seven days. we have some king tides returning monday and tuesday. that would give us some coastal flooding problems at all of our beaches, so you got to watch out for that. right here through the inland valleys, temperatures by next thursday and friday with this dry weather going to the upper 60s. so that's going to be some good weather with these covid restrictions in place to at least be able to get some of that fresh air. i think things will pick up once we head back into early
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february. all in all, not a bad next seven days even though i love to see rain this time of the year. we can all use a little bit of sunshine here and there right now. >> so both of you aren't coming back to work on monday? >> no. jeff said he would. i'm like iffy. i think it's just been such a very difficult year, i got to think about it. >> it's only a week into the year, janelle. >> i'm lumping it all together. >> and what would you do, raj? >> i would be here. >> would you be here monday? >> for a week, i'd be here. >> ah. >> we're back in a moment. stay with us. okay. coming up. is the test accurate enough? the fda sending out a warning about one specific type of covid test. that's next. late details about the growing impeachment effort against president trump as video emerges of the showdown and shooting at the capitol that left a rioter dead. also, try to unravel the confusion over who qualifies for
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stay close to home. that's the message once again from state health leaders. here's the updated travel advisory. californians are being asked to avoid nonessential travel to any part of the state more than 120 miles from your home. if you do go beyond that 120-mile radius, you're required to self-quarantine for ten days. now, this is similar to what santa clara county and san francisco are already requiring. this updated order does not apply to esstial workers on the job. marin county is partnering up with a covid-19 testing company, but there are questions about how accurate the test actually is. the company offering the tests is curative. it's a startup based in l.a. county. curative tests have been used to test lawmakers and aides on capitol hill, but earlier this week the fda issued a warning to congress because the tests were returning a high rate of false negatives. curative founder says he is confident in his company's data
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and he's working with the fda on the matter. back in a moment. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. finally at 5:00, nbc bay area and telemundo 48 are teaming up to make a positive impact on our community. >> we're giving away money, a
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grant challenge powered by the comcast nbc universal foundation. we're awarding $315,000 in grants to local nonprofits tackling everyday challenges through innovative solutions. submit your application at . tonight the push intensifying to impeach president trump for inciting the deadly attack on the capitol and twitter just moments ago permanently suspending the president's account. the threat from nancy pelosi saying if president trump does not leave office immediately house democrats will take action to make him the only president in history to be impeached twice. now the first republan senator to say i want him out the president saying he won't attend joe biden's inauguration we'll tell you how biden is reacting to that disturbing new video inside the siege. the moment an officer opens fire killing one of the inv


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