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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 11, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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this president is guilty of citing insurrection. he has to pay a price for that. capitol siege aftermath. new arrests, the growing investigation into security failures and the push resuming today to remove the president from office. covid deaths in the u.s. hit another milestone as cases in california surge to new record numbers. why recent encouraging signs may not have been as advertised. and we warned about this before, a dangerous surf a live report for those visiting the coast, ongoing danger that led to recent dramatic rescues and deaths.
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"today in the bay" continues right now. good monday morning to you. thank you very much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has this morning off, as i like to call it tuesday. i got ahead of myself last week. i won't do it this week. it's monday after a wonderful weekend. i had a great weekend, did you? >> yes, i did. i'm glad you enjoyed it, too. we'll have more of that kind of weather over the weekend for today, but we're also watching out for king tides. extremely high tides late in the morning that could cause some flooding. but the rain stays north throughout the week and we're going to be on a warming trend. i'll talk more about all of that, that's in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike, what's going on for commuters heading out to work this morning. >> pretty much steady flow as we look at the maps. green would be the color of choice on the roadways. we have a little slowing in altamont. let's see this issue. we've been tracking the incident on west 580 coming through the
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castro valley area. my maps are not waking up either. i hope you do wake up in time to know about this. there you go. traffic break west 580 approaching castro valley boulevard. officials have to move the vehicle off the shoulder. we'll track this, scott. back to you. the first lady released a statement days after the siege on capitol hill. her words posted to and it says in part i'm disappointed and disheartened with what happened last week. i find it shameful that surrounding these tragic events there's been salacious gossip, unwarranted personal attacks and false accusations against me. this time is solely about healing our country and citizens, it shouldn't be used for personal gain. she implores people to stop the violence and expresses sorrow
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for those who died in the riot. we have a live look at capitol hill. more republicans are joining the call for president trump to leave office before inauguration day. >> some want him to resign. others calling for his removal. that process could start this week. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live with a historic request that congress will make today. good morning. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. with just nine days to go in this presidency, today the house of representatives is expected to request that vice president pence use the 25th amendment to remove president trump. inasmuch as sources tell us he's not likely to do so, plan "b" is impeachment. >> reporter: the house of representatives plans to introduce articles of impeachment this week. house speaker nancy pelosi last night on 60 minutes. >> this president is guilty of inciting insurrection. he has to pay a price for that.
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>> reporter: multiple sources tell nbc that vice president pence is unlikely to use the 25th amendment to remove president trump. more than 200 house members and 37 senators want him to resign or be removed. >> every minute and every hour that he is in office represents a clear and present danger. >> donald trump may be in the twitter penalty box, but he still has access to the nuclear codes. that's a frightening prospect. >> reporter: some believe a trial can wait. >> let's give president-elect biden the 100 days he needs to get his agenda off and running. >> reporter: republicans are lining up against the president. >> the best way for our country, chuck, is for the president to resign and go away as soon as possible. >> reporter: as washington remembers the capitol police officer who died after last week's riot. d.c.'s mayor will ask president trump to start inauguration security today. >> this inauguration preparation has to be different than any
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other inauguration with only ten days to go. >> reporter: nbc news learned capitol police were warned of possible violence. tracie potts, nbc news. a live look at twitter headquarters in san francisco where new barricades have gone up in the event that protesters gather. police say internet chatter suggests pro-trump organizers may organize a protest as soon as this morning. this is after twitter permanently suspended the president's account. the actual building is mostly empty these days. people are working remotely from home and police say officers are on stand by for demonstrations whenever they might happen. amazon booted parler from its web hosting services over unmoderated violent lent posts. last week google and apple removed the social network from their app stores. over the weekend parler's ceo said the lockout could end his
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business and the online payment company stripe is cutting ties with the trump campaign saying the president encouraged that violence. east bay congressman eric swalwell will hold a virtual q&a on impeachment at 1:30 this afternoon. the congressman will be joined by political commentator norman j. ornstein and asha ranbpaga. president-elect joe biden is set to receive a second dose of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine today. he received the first dose back on december 21st. cameras covered that event. his wife jill also received the shot. pfizer is recommending the shots be administered 21 days apart. 35 other members of the incoming administration will be vaccinated before inauguration day. u.s. covid cases since the start of the pandemic now total more than 22 million.
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200,000 americans were added yesterday. more than 347,000 americans have died. that's 1 in every 875 people. after more than a week of declining case numbers, california now seeing another surge. yesterday the state reported 49,000 new cases. the positivity rate is 14%. the highest it's been since april. covid-19 testing officially resuming at mission plaza on 24th street in san francisco. the anyone getting tested there will now get a fact sheet answering common questions about the covid vaccine. health leaders say vaccinations will be critical to containing the pandemic along with communication. >> we're asking questions, right? how do people feel about the vaccine? would they take it if it was available? would they not? if they did, where would they feel comfortable? >> the mission has been among the hardest hit communities in the city. this round of testing is expected to run five days a week excluding thursdays and saturdays through the end of
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january. inmates rights groups plan to voice concerns today about a recent spike in covid cases at santa rita jail in dublin. advocates say cases have jumped there from 5 in late december to at least 76 cases. they cite increased crowding and adequate testing. alameda county sheriff's office says less than 10 of those infected inmates are showing symptoms with none yet hospitalized. advocates later today will hold a virtual news conference. high tides are expected to meet with large waves this morning on the coastline. heavy surf over the weekend triggered several rescue efforts. bob joins us live this morning. even along the bay there's been noticeable surf. >> you could see some perhaps along the embarcadero in san francisco. we've seen that before when we had king tides. that's the story this morning, king tides this morning, combine that with high waves you could see minor coasting flooding.
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the national weather service has not extended the high surf warning from this weekend, but we expect waves as high as 18 feet. combine that with the king tides, you could see coastal flooding along the shoreline of the pacific coast. a woman is still missing after she and a man were swept into the ocean. this was yesterday afternoon while looking for muscles on the rocks. a witness was able to save the man. he was taken to the hospital. the woman was too far out according to this woman and sadly she has not yet been found. >> sunday afternoon, a large wave swept a san jose man into the ocean off point bonita. the man and two friends were walking along the bluffs. the coast guard and other first responders had to call off the search at night fall. also yesterday afternoon, the waves flipped four to five small sailboats off santa cruz. in one case, 20 people including 12 children were thrown into the
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ocean when santa cruz fire arrived 7 of the 12 children were already pulled from the water. firefighters rescued the remaining five. fortunately nobody was hurt. everyone is okay. for more on what we'll see, not only in the ocean but in our skies today, i'll send it over to kari hall. good morning. >> we've seen these high waves because of the storms coming in and we have had king tides today because of the closeness, the proximity of the sun, earth and the moon that pulls those waves higher. this creates some high tide. you have that combined with those big breakers, that creates dangerous conditions along the coastline. with those waves today we're still looking at some of those breakers over 20 feet. and those long periods of swells. rip currents will be there with the sneaker waves. it only takes a maximum of two hours before you become unconscious in 52 degree water.
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as we head over to you, mike, you've been watching the morning commute. anything going on? >> we have positive changes over here in castro valley looking at the map. we had the crash and a traffic break, a lot of slowing for west 580 approaching cast vo vro val boulevard. i believe this crash not only cleared from the divide there, but it cleared completely from the freeway. 580, a little slowing out of the altamont and 84. typical for the tri valley. looking at the big picture, pretty much all the major commutes, a live look at palo alto shows you traffic on the peninsula but nothing to be concerned about. back to you. >> all right. good to know. thanks. 5:11 right now. another growing outbreak. at 5:25 on "today in the bay," two in and out locations dealing with a surge in covid cases and the decision being made by the health department over allowing them to remain open. and going virtual. the largest tech show in the
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world kicks off today. no crowds this year but there will be buzz. top products talked about including a see through television. plus -- >> if it seems too good to be true, he probably is. a comeback that's not too good to be true. who is returning and who's not for the next sex in the city rebukr reboot. you're watching "today in the bay."
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. it is 5:14. let's get you out the door in the tri valley with a look at temperatures in the upper 30s. it's cold but at least we will have a nice afternoon as we get a lot of sunshine and temperatures reaching into the mid 50s by noon. we'll talk more about a bigger warmup in our forecast, that's coming up in a few minutes. >> we have some debris reported on the nimitz through high ward. as we look at oakland, traffic is flowing smoothly. both directions, a lot of headlights southbound past the coliseum. we'll check the bigger view coming up. red lights on wall street this morning. good morning to you as we look at the futures. money coming off the table. we had an exuberant week on wall street last week. we expect a loss today. twitter is going to be down this morning we expect as well as it
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pulled the president off twitter. that may affect the number of people interested in twitter. the stock trading lower. the pg&e a is pulling one o the most important tournaments from president trump's golf course in bedminster, new jersey. in a statement the pga of america president did not directly mention the attack on the capitol but in many ways what he did say was way more harsh. he said playing golf at a trump club would be bad for pga's business and could hurt the sport itself. in response trump's team says the pga has no right to terminate the agreement. well, happening today, the consumer electronics show is kicking off. not in las vegas this year, instead it's going virtual with about 1,000 exhibiters participating. you can expect buzz worthy tvs with a new 8k resolution and l.e.d. technology. even transparent displays for commercial use, where you can
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see right through it. samsung will unveil some new phones this thursday during samsung unpacked on the last day of ces. trending this morning, put on those dancing shoes. "ellen" is back. production for her talk show resumes taping today. the show was briefly put on hold due to the rising number of covid cases in southern california and ellen degeneres herself testing positive last month. you can watch "ellen" here at 4:00 every day on nbc bay area. and "sex in the city" is coming back to television. >> original stars, sara jessica parker, cynthia nixon made the headlines. the new series will be called "and just like that" it will follow carrie, miranda and charlotte as they navigate their
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friendship in their 50s. no samantha this time around. production will begin late spring in new york city. that was such a popular show and a few movies they put out as well. >> it's sobering they're in their 50s. wow. really? >> everybody ages. >> i'm in my 50s, too, we all age, but it hits you. >> maybe they'll talk about how they're next in line for the covid vaccine or something like that. >> they got their aarp card. >> let's check in with kari hall. >> that's so funny, but i'll be looking forward to that. let's see what's going on and where we can see. for most of the bay area, visibility is clear. but check out napa. we have some really dense fog in that area. visibility down to a quarter mile. once all the fog clears, temperatures reaching into the low 60s for the south bay.
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mid 50s for parts of the east bay where the fog lingers longer around antioch and martinez. going through the forecast, showing you what it will look like for the rain as we go through the week. where we see the green, it stays to the north of the bay area. there will be several storm systems passing by, but it doesn't look like we'll get much out of this. some of our rainfall totals and forecasts for that show only a few hundred dre ths of an inch rain. look how much higher those rainfall totals may be around ft. bragg. once again that rain staying well to the north of us. so it's a pretty much dry week ahead. it starts out cool with the storm systems passing by, more clouds between tuesday and wednesday. look at the weekend. you can start to make some plans to get outside and enjoy some of that time out there in the sunshine with san francisco, of course, monitoring those king tides and a potential of some
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flooding for today and tomorrow. the rest of the week, we are going to see a warming trend get under way. and some low 60s by the end of the week. this weekend, once again, looking nice all across the bay area. and, mike, woouf beyou've been the bay area commute. how is it looking? >> pretty smooth. i don't have to report any major crashes. i can focus on reports of debris and other hazards now looking at the map. you can see green dominating the speed sensors. i want to take you over towards hayward. we checked out an incident reported there. it's just an orange cone. that should be cleared from the roadway. there may be another incident a little further north through san leandro, watching for another debris report there. we get over towards the approach, that's fine. a crash on monument way in walnut creek, just off of 680. anov overturned vehicle there. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the update is as it has
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been all morning, light volume of traffic, no wait, no problems to or from the city from the east bay. back to you. >> all right. thanks. up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> they say he's in good hands but he needs one arm of the company to communicate with the other arm. i'm chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. plus our team is always on social media. check out mike inouye reposting this picture of the japanese cultural and community center thanking the public for their support after several historic cherry blossom trees were damaged in san francisco. the center says due to the public's outreach they plan to replace the trees by spring. but it will in part depend on the city to meet its timeline. nice to see. make sure you follow mike inouye, he's on facebook, twitter and instagram. look at that smile. we'll be right back.
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we're proud to help them help you everyday. developing in indonesia, divers are searching for the data recorders of a plane that plunged into the java sea two days ago with 62 people on board. the boeing 737 was leaving jakarta's main airport for bonera island when it disappeared from radar screens. rescuers have found victims and personal item sgroos ns.
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new details in the soho karen case, the woman accused of attacking a black teenager in new york over what she believed was a stolen iphone. miya ponsetto faces grand larceny, two counts of assault. cell phone and security cameras caught the confrontation with the 14-year-old boy. video shows her demanding the teen's phone claiming he stole it. her phone had actually been left in an uber. since last month 145 in and out employees have tested positive for covid-19. according to the sf gate the outbreaks are in recently opened locations, one in colorado springs, the other in aurora. the health department says it does not plan to force those restaurants to shut down. 5:25 right now. the city of san diego is cracking down on businesses defying health orders. the mayor and police say seven repeat offenders have been cited and more than 100 businesses
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have been contacted already. however some businesses say there's sporadic enforcement and some restaurants are openly flaunting the rules by allowing indoor dining. abc bay area responds to a peninsula family who had a beef with a food app. chris chmura's team delivered. >> reporter: kenny legdget said he set his car insurance company to the motor club, so he needed all state to refund his 166 bucks or reroute the money because the auto club said it is 8 bucks a month and kenny had no need to repay 20 months of roadside assistance. kenny said he called five different times and got five different answers. he called us and our team contacted all state and said thanks again for contacting us on this matter. our team made contact with the customer, everything has been cleared up and the issue resolved. within four days, kenny said all
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state applied the $166 payment to his car insurance premium. we tackle a lot of insurance cases. some companies respond, others do not. there's one way to guarantee a response. complain to the state's department of insurance. when you do that insurance companies are required by law to reply. if your case is going nowhere, let us know. go to and click the responds area on the menu or call us at 888-996-tips. coming up next, top story wooe stories we're following today. including an outbreak of covid has stanford rethinking its reopening plans. and what six inmates were able to make behind bars to allow them to escape from a merced jail. we'll be right back. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. . bracing for potential problems. the reason twitter is barricading offices this morning after banning trump. plus rolling out more vaccines. the new proposal in the bay area's largest county to allow more people to roll up their sleeves. and boosting protections for struggling businesses. the deadline business owners need to know to receive help during these tough economic times. "today in the bay" continues right now. good monday morning to you. hope you had a great weekend. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew.
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marcus washington has the morning off. >> let's get your first out the door check with kari. good morning. >> good morning. here's what i'm watching for today. king tides could cause some flooding along the coastline today. for the week, the rain stays to the north of us. we will continue with dry conditions throughout the week. we'll look at the fog, where we're seeing that this morning temperatures as well as the rain, where we will see that coming up in a few minutes. mike, what's going on as drivers get ready to head to work? they're doing all right. the speed sensors at the bay bridge toll plaza, show there's no backup, so do think live cameras. a little bit of fog registering up in the north bay, maybe vallejo towards sonoma, looking at a smooth flow of traffic. the one incident at the top of the screen, a rollover, a flipped vehicle reported eastbound 80.
5:32 am
we're watching that through fairfield. not a concern if you're not heading out of the area through the north bay. the rest of the bay at speeds for the most part. back to you, scott. >> just days after twitter b banned president trump, his supporters are believed to be organizing a protest outside company headquarters in san francisco. last night san francisco police were seen putting up barricades. sierra johnson is live there keeping an eye on the situation. what's the latest? >> good morning. all is quiet, as you mentioned those supporters and backers of crump say they believe the president is being treated unfairly by the tech giant so they're planning a demonstration in front of the headquarters later this morning. right now as i mentioned things are quiet. you can see the barricades in the distance surrounding the building. twitter, it is important to mention, twitter was one of the first businesses to begin working from home. so the initial thought was the building would be empty.
5:33 am
we're told by some of those local business owners that there are employees working inside of the building. now, trump was banned from the platform on friday following riots at the nation's capitol a couple days before. the president's account has more than 88 million followers. initially the account was banned for 12 hours due to what twitter called severe violations of our civic integrity policy after he used the account to condemn mike pence and his supporters stormed the capitol. neighbors living near the headquarters say they understand the seriousness of this situation but are trusting police to handle it. >> i think it would be people coming in from outside the city more than likely. there's not been much reports of that so far. >> especially with what happened last wednesday, we cannot afford to be complacent. >> now the san francisco police say they have officers on
5:34 am
stand-by for the planned demonstration telling us we will have sufficient resources available to respond to any demonstrations as well as calls for service city-wide. another look out here, it seems as if it's business as usual. twitter is in the distance with those barricades around it. we'll be out here all morning as the situation gets under way. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger taking to twitter with a video message about the violence at the capitol. schwarzenegger, a republican, recalled his childhood in austria under nazi rule and drew parallels between the violence then and the violence at the capitol. he denounced wednesday's insurrection and criticized president trump. >> what happened just not shattered the windows at the capitol, they did not just break down the doors of the building that housed american democracy, they trampled the very
5:35 am
principles of which our country was founded. >> the former governor compared wednesday's mob to the night of broken glass, that was a night in 1938 when a mob of nazi sympathizers stormed jewish neighborhoods in germany destroying jewish-owned businesses rounding up jewish men for concentration camps and killing dozens of people in the process. schwarzenegger called wednesday's events america's day of broken glass. turning to the pandemic. when you average them all up, the percentage of available icu beds in the bay area remains at an all-time low, holding at 3%. here's where things stand county by county. most of the bay area is in a red zone, that means less than 15% of the standard icu beds are open. napa is zero up there. this means the standard icu beds are full and new patients may have to go to full surge
5:36 am
facilities. today president-elect joe biden getting his second covid vaccine, if you're a regular joe you may wonder when you'll get yours. today santa clara county will talk about how they're planning for all that. kris sanchez joins us live from san jose with more on that. good morning. >> good morning to you. we've seen a lot of vaccination videos lately, if you don't like needles you probably covered your eyes, right now only about a third of all the county's health care workers are vaccinated, we can't move forward until they are all vaccinated. they're getting vaccinated at work and the county is also setting up a vaccine clinic for county's fire, ems and paramedics. santa clara county says they are working on adding an additional vaccine clinic to give 6,000 shots a day once they're able to physically have those doses in hand. >> the vaccines come in waves. we get 50,000 to 100,000 at a
5:37 am
time. one of our key factors in being able to expand capacity further is whether or not we will have enough vaccine. >> down in l.a., the testing site at dodgers stadium, which you might have seen video of will become a vaccinate site as the state begins to move through the vaccine phases and tiers. covid vaccinations are under way right now for health care workers, care facility employees and residents, dentists and dental workers have been added to the list. by february, vaccinations should begin for people older than 75, teachers, fire, ems, police and grocery workers. here in this county many of them have already been vaccinated. soon after people 65 and older, transportation workers, people who are homeless or incarcerated will be next in line. health care systems are sending notification already to members like this one from sutter health that the lines for the vaccine is starting to move.
5:38 am
we'll monitor what that 11:00 a.m. discussion is today with the santa clara county health leaders and elected leaders, we'll let you know what they have to say in our midday news. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." freshmen and sophomores at stanford will have to wait longer to return to campus. the school is saying students must learn from home until the summer quarter, meaning they won't be on campus during the winter quarter. the decision comes following a recent increase in new cases on campus. at least one ucsf professor of medicine says the decision makes sense in terms of health and safety. >> those younger are more likely to have asymptomatic infection. so the protection is kind of more for the community and for others than necessarily for that group. >> "the stanford daily" reports it will invite juniors and seniors back in the spring but the plans are subject to change. graduate students and students with special circumstances
5:39 am
started moving in over the last few days. some undergrads with approved special circumstances will be allowed to stay on campus for now. starting this week, up to $2 million abowill be available through the renewed paycheck protection in this latest round san jose will hold an informational webinar on wednesday with details on how to apply. with those loans becoming available, still not clear how devastating 2020 was to restaurants in san francisco. the golden gate restaurant association tells "forbes" magazine the san francisco chamber of commerce says around 52% of city restaurants did not show any credit card business as of a few months ago. outdoor dining and limited indoor capacity was allowed then. also active health permit figures are currently
5:40 am
unavailable. the association tells sf gate restaurant closures may reach as high as 85% without government intervention. we may hear from the alameda county district attorney today about a potential new charge against an officer who was tied to the deadly shooting of oscar grant. the former b.a.r.t. police officer who fired the lethal round was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. a second officer with mehserle, dennis peroni was never charged. video of the 2009 incident shows peroni leaning atop grant. the family expects to hear from the d.a. today. happening now in merced county, a manhunt is under way after six inmates escaped from the county jail. this is a look at the inmates. manuel allen leone is from vallejo. the sheriff's office says jail staff noticed the inmates were missing from their cells in the
5:41 am
downtown jail yesterday morning. it appears just before midnight the inmates got on to the roof and used a homemade rope to scale down the side of the building. 5:40 on your monday morning. looking at the east bay, walnut creek, this morning a clear start across the bay area. meteorologist kari hall is tracking our forecast for the day and for the week. good morning. >> yes. so good morning. we're starting out with fog in some spots, not all of us seeing it. look at the visibility that we have up around napa. only a quarter of a mile, but once again that fog is not very widespread. heading back to the east bay, if you're home schooling and looking for that chance to get outside, if you want some warmer weather, wait until about noon, 1:00. our temperatures will reach into the upper 50s and we'll get some sunshine today. we'll talk about a warming trend in the forecast coming up. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> we continue to trend with mostly speed limit readings over here. the green sensors on the map,
5:42 am
let's pull up the full screen, enjoy the virtual drive. taking you to san francisco, disabled vehicle reported at 280 at jn new year's egeneva. no slowdown reported. in the east bay, westbound 80 at san pablo, a disabled vehicle may be blocking one lane. watch that. in fairfield, that crash, no major injuries there. let's send it over to bob. the high dangerous surf swept two people out to the pacific ocean. the effect the king tides could have on conditions today. plus it turns out getting an $18,000 debit card from the edd is apparently fairly easy to do during the early months of the pandemic. new details on how a massive inmate scam was reportedly first uncovered at a jail in the bay area. you're watching "today in the bay."
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lets look at our high temperatures for today. we're reaching in the low 60s in the south bay. it's going to be nice with well above normal temperatures. fog lingers longer in the east bay, so temperatures slightly cooler. we'll look at what's ahead for the rest of the week as rain hits parts of the bay area. that's coming up in a few minutes. a smooth flow of traffic around, but no major issues when we look outside, we can see
5:46 am
fremont has a glow nor tfor the lights. this is near tesla. they may be calling for a tow truck. the legislature begins its 2021 session in sacramento. among the items on the agenda, bills related to the pandemic including extending protections for renters, maybe redirecting decisionmaking authority away from governor newsom and quick action on one of his budget proposals, a $600 stimulus payment for low-income californians. the session was supposed to begin last week but was pushed back due to the surge in covid-19 cases. new details on the widespread inmate fraud being investigated in the employment development department. the chronicle is reporting a plot uncovered at san mateo county jail first triggered the statewide investigations. it was at the beginning of july. the inspector put it together while playing back a reported
5:47 am
phone call by an inmate with an armed robbery charge. at the time the edd would send out $18,000 debit cards for some of the back dated claims. the inspector tipped off state prison leaders. more than 20 people tied to this ring have been charged. health leaders in l.a. county are pulling bac back on d tests that are believed to have false negatives. it is being halted at pop-up sites. the fda issued an alert saying the test could be inaccurate on asymptomatic people. the company is standing behind its mouth swabs and last week mayor eric garcetti defended them. the tests are common in the bay area with curatives used in six bay area county. a very serious warning, tie tides will mix with large waves this morning on the coastline. this is happening again. heavy surf over the weekend triggered several rescue efforts.
5:48 am
bob redell joins us live from foster city this morning. what should people heading out to the coast be aware of, these warnings that we keep giving out? >> good morning laura and scott. the national weather service has not extended the high surf warning from this weekend, but they are warning about the possibility of minor coastal flooding because you're still going to have waves of 18 feet and lower. you know, in that range, on the pacific coast shoreline this morning, you combine that with the king tides, which will be happening and you get the two of those factors and you could have some flooding. so something to be aware of if you're out and about on the beach this morning. a woman is still missing after she and a man were swept in the ocean. this is while they were looking for muscles yesterday afternoon on the rocks at pescadero state beach. the man was rescued, but the woman was last seen going under the water. also sunday afternoon, a large
5:49 am
wave swept a san jose man into the ocean. this happened off point bonita. the man and two friends were walking along the bluffs when the large wave came in. the coast guard had to call off their search at night fall last night. they're supposed to resume this morning to look for him. also yesterday afternoon, the waves off santa cruz flipped four to five small sail boats. in one case, 20 people including 12 children were thrown into the ocean. when santa cruz fire arrived, 7 of the 12 children were pulled from the water. the firefighters rescued the remaining five. no one was hurt. everyone is okay. reporting live in foster city, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thankful that everyone was okay in that case. as we've been saying it's very dangerous along the coastline right now, kari. >> it is, and we're dealing with
5:50 am
king tides toa s today. during king tides, the sun, the moon and the earth are closer together and that creates a gravitational pull and the earth is a little bit closer to the moon as we are going through the next month or so during the winter time. this causes the water to be pulled further inland, and when you have storms off the coast, it generates big waves that could cause dangerous conditions. every now and then these breakers could reach over 20 feet with long period swells. if you get drawn out into the water it takes a while before the next wave comes in that could push you closer to the coast. you have these rip currents and sneaker waves. if you're standing on the beach, suddenly a big wave could come up higher than the other ones. for the people swept out, the water temperature is at 52 degrees. so it's about two-hour maximum before you're able to survive
5:51 am
the hypothermia out there. it's very dangerous. so we're looking at king tides that will once again pull those waves further to the inland areas and it's happening late morning today. so water temperatures at 52 degrees. we'll see the king tide at its maximum at about 9:00 this morning. we've seen the storms rolling in. what's happening is a lot of the rain is staying to the north of us. we are going to be missing out on most of this rain throughout the week except for the north bay. so let's get a look at what we're expecting for rainfall. notice that novato and napa don't get anything. heading up towards ft. bragg, some higher rainfall totals. decent amounts there. three quarters of an inch. we'll have a cool start to the weekend. as we look at our seven-day temperature trend for napa, high temperatures in the upper 50s. by the weekend, it will be 70 degrees and sunny, you can already start to make some plans to get outside this weekend. mike, just getting out the door
5:52 am
this morning. how is it looking for the commute? >> that was a great explanation about the waves. thank you. let's talk about the green sensors around the bay. we have a little slowing over here, the altamont pass is getting better. speeds now just dipping a bit below the limit. same thing for highway 84. i sir called see a bit of fog a the benicia or carquinez bridges possible. we don't have any traffic issues as far as slowing, no delays out of oakland in towards san francisco. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:52 right now. nfl divisional playoffs are set. the ravens and lamar jackson
5:53 am
took out tennessee. they take on buffalo next saturday on nbc bay area. new orleans drew brees and the saints no match for the bears. they notch an easy win, 21-9. the saints host tampa next sunday. cleveland had the biggest surprise jumping out to a huge lead in pittsburg and toppling the steelers 48-37. the browns win their first playoff game since 1993. they'll travel to top-seed kansas city next sunday. here are the four divisional games next weekend including l.a. rams in green bay. the warriors pulled out a big win last night. damian lee was fouled with five seconds left and made both free-throws, that put the warriors up by one. then toronto had the last shot. they put up a shot that bounced around and bounced away. so warriors win 106-105. they wrap up a seven-game home stand against indiana tomorrow. happening now, pope francis
5:54 am
changing church laws to allow more women to do things during mass, including reading the eucharistic gospel and serve as ministers. coming up, looking for stolen costumes from the san jose dance theater. the company already struggling during this pandemic. we'll tell you how valuable those costumes are. first a reminder for you, nbc bay area and telemundo 48 teaming up to make a positive impact on our community with positive innovation. project innovation recognizes and awards $315,000 in grants to local non-profits. you can learn more about the
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(soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students. behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen. and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday. welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." more than $20,000 has been raised to replace the cherry blossom trees in san francisco's
5:58 am
japantown. you may recall we were telling you about this last week, during the early morning of january 1st and the 3rd someone ruined the trees outside the japanese cultural and community center. administrators say it was a deliberate act because this you were all broken all the way down to the trunk. the trees were planted to commemorate the 1994 visit to the city by the emperor and empress of japan. the search is on for $20,000 worth of costumes stolen from a san jose dance theater. the costumes are used for a number of productions including the nutcracker, swan lake and sleeping beauty. a $1,000 reward is offered for tips leading to the costume being found. the theater says the theft is a tough blow during the pannedemi. >> like all businesses in arts we have been struggling during the pandemic. so this is another real setback for us, but we've been going 55 years, we will persevere, i
5:59 am
assure you that. >> the dance theater is home to the longest running performance of the nutcracker in san jose running 55 years. there's a new push to end free parking in san francisco. the sfmta facing more money problems because of the pandemic. so the transit agency is looking to reform the city's parking program. one idea batted around is ending that free parking. there are 280,000 parking spaces across the city. about half of those are free. the about 26,000 are metered, another 80,000 require a residential parking permit. a proposal would require parking permit or passes for the whole city. you can watch a symbol of america be born, a bald eagle has laid an egg in southern california. now nature lovers can watch the hatchling via online feed. the mother delivered the baby this weekend near big bear. friends of big bear valley installed that camera.
6:00 am
they expect that egg to hatch around valentine's day. >> very nice. right now at 6:00, is president trump heading towards a second impeachment? this morning house speaker nancy pelosi is expected to make moves. we hear she will start by giving vice president mike pence an ultimatum. the capitol is back open for business. we're watching both the capitol and the white house. coming up next, we're hearing from melania trump about the attack on the capitol. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. happy monday morning to you. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia. talk about a nice weekend. look at the pacific. looks great out there, but the waves are massive and dangerous. check out a strong wave flipping over a row of boats, there were about a dozen kids on bo


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