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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 11, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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grant's family responding to the latest developments involving b.a.r.t. police officers. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening on this monday, and thanks for joining us. . >> i'm jessica aguirre, janelle has more on the slow vaccine rollout we're in the midst of. >> it is slow, and it's been like this for weeks. counties are now taking matters into their own hands to speed up the vaccination process, and that includes a new vaccination drive through. where it's at and who gets to go. that story coming up in a few minutes. >> it is a two-pronged plan. that's how house democrats are moving forward to remove president trump from office. pressure is mounting to hold mr. trump accountable for his role in inciting the violence at the capitol. today the house formally introduced a measure calling on vice president pence to activate the 25th amendment.
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they plan to vote on that a tomorrow. they also introduced one article of impeachment which charges the president with incitement of insurrection in urging his supporters to march on the capitol last week. >> we cannot simply let this go. we can never heal as a nation if we don't have justice first. >> lawmakers will vote on that this wednesday. all of this coming as the fbi is warning law enforcement across the u.s. about possible armed protests at all 50 state capitals as soon as saturday. agents say an armed group threatening to travel to washington, d.c. and stage an uprising if congress removes the president from office. is it cancel culture? or should he step down? there are now demands for a bay area republican official to resign after many say he cheered on last week's riot. phil reynolds posted this message on facebook as the mob rushed into capitol hill. the post says, quote, the war
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has begun. citizens take arms. reynol reynolds claims his words are twisted. >> reporter: he once ran unsuccessfully for congress. his online post shocked and angered many people, including assemblyman evan lowe who was once mayor of campbell. the riot at the nation's capitol has put the public and public officials on edge and certainly raised the emotional stakes on any messages, pro or con, about the violence that took place, that may be why evan lowe wrote a furious reply to phil reynolds when he wrote, the war has begun, citizens take arms, freedom shall prevail. we must protect our constitution to the death. lowe is one of many calling for reynolds to resign as a member of the republican central
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committee. lowe said he's determined to hold reynolds, a long-time campbell official accountable for his statements. >> it's horrible to see this type of rhetoric and comes, harmful comments with respect to an elected representative. this individual should be ashamed, disgraced and removed from office. >> reporter: reynolds declined to be introduerviewed on camera says his words are being twisted. he says he was trying to rally the public against the rioters, though he's not convinced the rioters were pro-trump groups. >> i saw our sovereignty being threatened. when i said take up arms, the meaning behind that was, prepare yourself to protect our nation. >> reporter: the two sides are at a stalemate. low says he doesn't buy the explanation at all and bleefeli the rhetoric will lead to more
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violence. and reynolds says he has no intention of rye signing. a new push under way to ramp you wi up vaccinations. contra costa wants to vaccinate 7,000 people a day. to do that, pharmacies at some safe way and rite aid stores will be giving out vaccines. those eligible will need to make an appointment. meanwhile, the state is opening up mass vaccination sites, tapping the national guard for help. >> we see the vaccine effort as the highest priority for contra costa county and there is nothing that we're focussed more on right now than vaccinating our residents quickly, safely and efficiently. >> the governor unveiled a new public service campaign saying his goal is to have a million
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californians vaccinated by this weekend. we could soon be getting our vaccines at major drive through locations like the oakland coliseum parking lot or the parking lot at levi stadium. for now there are other smaller sites including one in san mateo county. a lot of talk, and now there's action. >> oh, for sure. we're used to those covid testing drive throughs. now we have a vaccination drively. it's a massive clinic that just opened up today in san mateo county. the drive through clinic is at the event center, the county event center in san mateo. it's for all eligible health care workers and residents that fall under the current phase 1a. sky ranger captured the long lines at the clinic which uses the moderna vaccine. people filled out online forms to confirm their eligibility and registered to make their
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appointment. it does not include those with kaiser who have their own allotment. county leaders say the number vaccinated isn't good enough. >> at a risk of stating the obvious, we can't afford to lose a month. we can't afford to lose a week, even a day given the toll that the virus is taking on our county, both from a health standpoint and economic standpoint. p. >> a plan was laid out for better communication. for example the county does not know how many vaccines had been administered at certain hospitals because the county does not have jurisdiction over them, the state does. and the state gives large health care companies like kaiser and palo alto medical foundation their own allotment. so supervisors say if they get
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data from all the hospitals in the south bay they would have a better idea how fast people are getting vaccinated and who is getting vaccinated. so counties all over the bay area taking steps to make sure the vaccines they have get used. they want to speed up this process right away. raj and jessica? >> that is key. thank you, janelle. it's looking like our stay-at-home order is not going to be lifted anytime soon. you sigh the bay area's bed availability dropped to the lowest point yet, .07. now in terms of our local counties, most of us remain in the red zone. less than 15% of standard icu beds are available. sonoma county also bad, really bad, santa clara and napa counties at 0% in the south bay, 0% icu availability in napa
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county. optimistically, we could get out of this and end the stay at home by the end of the month, but experts say it may be the end of february until we can end these stay-at-home orders. >> it's because we have a surge upon a surge upon a surge. today the icu bed availability is less than 1% and continues to drop. san francisco general's top emergency doctor says he's never seen it this bad. covid-19 cases overwhelming both the icu and hospital staff. forcing them to find new places for their patients. as nbc bay area's thom jensen reports, new years eve infections are piling on top of thanksgiving and christmas surges and may not peak until this weekend. >> reporter: during the summer, covid-19 patient numbers at san francisco's largest hospital, san francisco general, peaked at fewer than 50 cases. today there are 63 covid beds taken at the hospital and 11 of those patients are in intensive care. >> the numbers have never been
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higher, we have never had more patients in the hospital fighting covid than we have right now. >> reporter: dr. christopher caldwell who heads up emergency medicine at the hospital says nearly every covid bed is now full and computer modeling suggests the worst is get to come, probably by this weekend with those infected on new year's eve starting to get seriously sick. >> we are concerned, and the modeling is raising that concern, realizing that that impact is still coming and that impact is probably going to be very significant. >> reporter: dr. caldwell says he hopes people behaved better over the holiday than computer mode models anticipate, meaning a smaller wave. 98% of the medical staff has now received at least the first of two vaccine doses, but he's asking everyone to be vigilant
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with masking and social distancing, because he's running out of roomo t treat those who don't. >> as much as there is light at the end of the tunnel, it is way too early to let our guard down. >> the hospital is not turning away any local covid-19 patients, but it has had to stop accepting overflow from other hospitals due to this latest surge. as dr. caldwell and other medic medical professionals across the area work to contain the virus. 12 years after he was killed, there's another update in the oscar grant case. no new criminal charges. that's what the alameda county d.a. has decided for the second b.a.r.t. officer. dennis peroni is the officer seen holding down oscar grant when he was shot and killed on new year's day 2009. right there on a b.a.r.t. platform. he was not charged at the time, but the d.a. reopened the case
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in october. today the d.a. concluded peroni's actions should be condemned but will not be charged for any criminal offense. >> my heart hurts today. because 12 years i've been cryin' out for justice for my son. >> oscar grant's family had called for a murder charge against peroni. the d.a. says there's no evidence that he knew in advance grant was going to be shot. we all know how the pandemic has destroyed bay area jobs, new numbers showing how many have been lost. also sailboats capsized like dominoes. the dangerous waves along the coast that led to a rescue of a dozen children. stay with us. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll have more on those waves, plus details on what's happening with our reservoirs across the state. i'm back in about eight minutes. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. that big protest never materialized. sfpd was on stand by for hours in front of twitter headquarters preparing for a pro-trump rally. no one showed up, though. it was supposed to begin at 8:00. by 8:30 it was clear there wasn't going to be a protest anymore.
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twitter has suspended president trump from the platform. the next senator is making history as california's first latino senator. in an interview, he says the capitol assault was not a shock to people of color, who have frequently felt dread during the past four years, such as after charlottesville and george floyd's death. >> i can tell you for latinos, we have been feeling this since before the shooting in el paso. before the shooting in gilroy, and it's now at the doorstep for members of the house and members of the senate. >> senator-delegate padilla says he will be a yes vote if the senate is asked to impeach trump. he says his back ground makes him eager to address climate change and vaccine distribution
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and other issues. in the coming weeks it will be harder for restaurants, even vaccines can't stabilize the immediate picture. among the layoffs are some 600 layoffs to two bay area casinos. two upscale resorts cite the lack in business travel and mandates for their continued closures. big questions about why a sailing school sent children out in the water in potentially deadly surf. the kids were part of the school run by the santa cruz yacht club. thankfully, a handful of nearby surfers rushed in and pulled several of the kids out of the water and onto their surfboards until the harbormaster arrived. >> we swam right to the rescue right away and grabbed kids most
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in need and a couple people came in right on the next wave and we grabbed other kids, pulled them away from the rocks. >> thank goodness, that could have been deadly here. thanks in part to the surfers and their quick action, no one was seriously injured. the club is taking actions to prevent a similar situation in the future. this is something jeff has been talking about, high surf, including what's to come in the next couple days, jeff. >> and that high surf, as you mentioned, just so extremely dangerous. best advice is really not to head to the beaches at least until wednesday right now as we are expecting high waves. you can see on the current weather dashboard of the situation on our coast i put together here. we're getting current buoy reports of 8 to 11 feet, but there are isolated breakers possible into wednesday afternoon of 25 feet.
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and we're also undergoing king tides. those are the highest of high tides, and we think tomorrow morning from 8:30 to 11:00 in the morning we'll have very high tide which will bring the threat of coastal flooding. the best advice, not to head to the beaches at least right now. i want you to be aware of the overcast skies coming back and a chance of north bay drizzle. we have a storm system off to the north. that's what's helping to bring those changes. temperatures dropping a couple degrees with upper 50s and low 60s through the bay. 59 santa rosa, down in san jose 61. look, what we really need is rainfall. and i do not have good news on this front. next seven days we are looking at diminishing chances, by next monday down to a 0% chance of rain and that of course not good news for the reservoirs. the four largest reservoirs in the state dropping to 78% of historical average. one of the closest ones 67% of
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normal. dry weather and warming weather. by this weekend, upper 60s to 70 degrees, not what we should be having in january, coming up in 25 minutes i'll have more in the forecast. i'll see you then. >> thank you, jeff. much more to come in the next 40 minutes, including the new push to impeach the president, what bay area lawmakers are saying about a timeline and the potential impact on the next administration's agenda. and what happens between now and then? we bring in our political analyst, larry gerston on what can happen in the nine days before president biden is sworn in. and the controversy over this photo.
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the firestorm is growing over the leaked cover of "vogue" magazine featuring vice president-elect kamala harris. the magazine picked this picture. it features harris against a wrinkly backdrop wearing a dark blazer, jeans and sneakers. it features the colors of her howard university sorority. then there's the photo of her standing in a powder blue suit and a power pose. they chose the light blue power suit and did not know the photos would be swapped. critics are blasting "vogue" for choosing the casual look for the history-making vice president-elect. >> the idea of being on "vogue" isn't that it's a straightforward representation of a person, it's about elevating that person to the status of an icon. >> is this how you're going to
6:24 pm
celebrate this historic moment on black history month with this image of a black woman out into the world? no, it's a problem. >> very similar reaction when i posted the pictures on my facebook page. agnes parker said quote, disrespectful. she's the vice president-elect. shame on "vogue." kelly fuller posted the one on the left looks like amateurs did the photo shoot. the one on the right looks like a magazine. and one said the photo with the pink backdrop looks like a high school prom photo. "vogue" did release a statement saying the team felt the informal image captured the vice president elect's authentic, approachable nature. so there's increasing pressure for "vogue" to swap the photos back to the more formal pose. we don't know what they're going
6:25 pm
to do, but the "vogue" issue hits stands in a few weeks. up next at 6:30, impeachment or the 25th amendment. a lot of talk about this. our political analyst, larry gerston, breaks down which of those strategies is likely to be the next step in the democrats' push to unseat the president. plus, grand jury transcripts released. we investigate new details in the santa clara county sheriff's office gun permit probe. ♪ ♪ it't's the branand new chicn dadance song u uh ♪ ♪ get d down heat i it up lilike a saunana ♪
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right now at 6:30, political posturing or the real thing? lawmakers launch a two-pronged effort to remove president trump from office before january 20th, the house office giving the vice president an ultimatum. they introduced a measure calling on vice president pence to activate the 25th amendment. they plan to vote on that tomorrow. >> in the likely event the vice president does not invoke the 25th amendment house democrats are ready to go to an alternati alternative route. they have charged the president with incitement of an insurrection. lawmakers will vote on that on wednesday. house lawmakers say they have the votes to impeach the president, but do they have the time? eric swalwell addressed that this afternoon. >> it will be like the bay of pigs, you know, you're going to
6:29 pm
feel, days will feel like months as we try and get to what has to be a peaceful transition of power. >> brace yourselves, that is the advice from representative eric swalwell of the east bay during a facebook live conversation with a former fbi agent and a political scientist. the topic at hand, impeaching president trump for provoking a deadly riot. >> this is going to be another wild week. >> in criminal law, this is call the incitement. >> he says congress needs to act quickly. tomorrow the president heads to texas to highlight progress on his border wall. >> many, many destructive things he could do. god knows what incitement he'll do when he goes to the border again tomorrow. >> house republicans are warning democrats about forcing out trump saying such a move will only be more divisive. former fbi analyst says if lawmakers want people to still
6:30 pm
have faith in our democracy, republicans and democrats need to work together. >> there is a deprogramming that has to happen, a mass deprogramming. and it's going to start, eric, with your colleagues, because it's coming. it's coming from inside the house. >> reporter: nbc news reports two u.s. capitol officers were suspended and at least ten more are under investigation for their alleged roles in the deadly insurrection. >> that's disturbing. and like you just don't think of, i don't think of, i don't want to think of law enforcement officers as people who would be a part of an attack on the capitol. and what do we do about that? >> the impeachment vote in the house could start as soon as wednesday. melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> let's bring in larry gerston. is all of this just pouring gasoline on the fire? and i ask that in a sense of
6:31 pm
democrats pursuing impeachment and the 25th amendment. can the nation handle all this? >> look what the nation has already handled. they've handled the break in into the capitol, the first since 1812. we've seen people go in there with weapons, bombs. how much has the nation already handled. and the question is, how do you get, excuse me, a handle on the handle? and i think that's what this is really all about. confronting what is the most serious crisis in this nation, the most serious constitutional crisis since the civil war. that's pretty heavy. >> as you know, the president likes to play offense and attack. what are his next moves? we talked about him going to the border tomorrow, what else does he have going on here? >> he no doubt will have other events that he'll try to nurture if you will. he doesn't have his primary means of communicating anymore, that's twitter. although it's possible that other efforts that he's used, parler for example may be
6:32 pm
reconstituted in a week or so. but he will in whatever way he can make his case. the president believes he's been aggrieved. he believes they're all against him and that this is all unnecessary. so he will take every step he can to make that, to make his feelings known. that's what's going to happen. >> a lot of his supporters in facebook and twitter, they're private companies. right wing media say they're taking away his voice and first amendment rights, do they have a leg to stand on there? >> there's no doubt about it that they're doing that. this gets to the first amendment and freedom of speech. there's one thing we know about the bill of rights. there's n not a singlgle rigigh is absololute. long ago there was a supreme court case. if you declare fire in a movie house, guess what, you're responsible. it was my freedom of speech, no, not if there could be harm. and that parallels to this idea
6:33 pm
of inciting insurrection. is that a first amendment abuse? i'm not sure there are too many who say that's abuse other than trump's allies. >> what is the end game here as president. >> the president's end game is to come out looking as good as he can. and he may harbor thoughts of running for 2024. he has a lot of money he's collected in his defense efforts. as far as congress goes, particularly the house democrats and some republicans, their idea is to make a statement, that wherever you are m yoin your presidency, the first day or the last, you cannot be responsible for attempting to bring down another branch of the government. that is serious stuff. >> you've written severalbooks, perhaps this might be part of your next book. we've had a few days to digest all this now. historically, how will you or
6:34 pm
other political authors describe this period the country is going through. >> i believe what we've seen in the last week is truly the nation's most important, significant constitutional crisis since the civil war. you're talking about an organized group of people. this wasn't just a mob. these people had all the elements to try to bring down the congress. they talked about, about hanging the vice president. killing the speaker. this is serious stuff. 's not a question of seeking to divide the country. the country is divided. and it comes largely from the president. and, and this is the price that the nation is paying. it's a serious price. and now what we have to do is find some way to get past it and really, to quote president-elect biden, find some way to be healed. >> it's challenging for all of us living in this country right now. thank you, larry. well, a judge unsealed transcripts today in a secret grand jury investigation.
6:35 pm
the focus, accusations that people bribed south bay officials to get concealed weapons permits. stephen stock broke some of the first stories of the scandal last year and has now new revelations from today's documents. >> according to this transcript, 32 different people testified before this second grand jury, 12 of them employees of apple, most working in security. one more time. according to this transcript, 32 different people testified before this second grand jury, 12 of them employees of apple. most of them working in security. restaurants along this stretch of downtown cupertino served as key meeting locations for many of the events outlined in the grand jury transcripts. according to the transcripts, about a half-dozen apple security execs met with sha sheriffs' officials at the lazy
6:36 pm
dog restaurant to discuss concealed carry permits for their team. because many of the apple executives were former law enforcement officials who did not support sheriff smith they were told there was no way apple could get the ccws for any of their personnel. jump ahead a year and at another restaurant down the street where the undersheriff told eric mueller and dave golo that they may be able to get the ccws for apple. one told the grand jury, rick sung told us the sheriff was running for reelection and asked for a campaign koccontribution. another testified that after being asked if i supported
6:37 pm
sheriff smith i felt a red flag come up for me. i felt it unusual to have a conversation about us asking for a service from the sheriff's office and a campaign. they have evidence that apple's head of global security, tom moyer, met with sheriff smith in 2018 just before announcing that apple had been granted four ccws for their security personnel. in october of that year according to the transcripts, both mueller and moyer each gave the $1,000 donation to sheriff smith's reelection campaign. two were indicted by the grand jury. >> there is no evidence that tom moy moyer made any bribe and these transcripts pr transcripts prove it. >> swanson says the transcripts
6:38 pm
show no quid pro quo. >> that was tom going through the process exactly the way you're supposed to. he was meeting with the sheriff about a number of issues. one of them involved asking nor ccws for four security personnel at apple. from that conversation, he understood that that was something that the sheriff was supportive of. >> rebound, score! >> san jose sharks hockey was also discussed in the transcripts. several people, including congressman mike honda testified about going to an election victory celebration with sheriff smith at the s.a.p. center. honda, a long-time smith supporter merely testified he attended the event and there's no evidence he knew about or participated in any way in the pay to play scheme. sheriff lori smith has kifts consistently declined to comment. she did appear before one grand
6:39 pm
jury but asserted her right not to testify under the fifth amendment. her undersheriff, rick sung, did the same thing. attorneys for the other people indicted in this case all say their clients are innocent and look forward to proving that in their day in court. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. the investigative team will continue to investigate that story regarding the sheriff's department. just when people are starting to enjoy it, a change to a popular park on the peninsula. we'll tell you about it next.
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
we have crowd control on the peninsula. almost since it opened to the public for the first time last year, a palo alto park has had to limit access. it's getting too much love, basically. the city council in palo alto could limit access to foothills park even more by lowering it to
6:42 pm
500 people a day instead of 750. this past weekend, rangers closedhe t entrance from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. which are usually peak hours. the closure will be imposed when crowds are at capacity. it was opened to residents for decades until a lawsuit last year. the park would have been a nice place to be today because it was beautiful outside. >> yes. oh, you got that right, jessica. and you know, tomorrow's still a decent day outside if you can deal with some cloud cover. we'll talk about the change in our weather tomorrow and when temperatures near 70 and sunshinene is back in the forecast.. i'll see you back here in about six minutes.
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well, tonight we respond to a san jose driver who needed help with his car insurance company. he was in good happenends after called our consumer reporter, chris chmura. >> kenny has allstate insurance and is a member of their auto club. he accidently sent his car insurance payment to the motor club. so he needed allstate to refund his $166 or reroute the money,
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he didn't have any need to prepay 20 months of roadside assistance. he says he called five different times and got five different answers, so he called us. our team contacted allstate and said our team made contact with the customer and everything has been cleared up. and the issue has been resolved. within four days, kenny said allstate had applied the $166 payment to his car insurance premium. we tackle a lot of insurance cases. some respond, some do not. there is one way to respond, complain to the state. go to our website or call us. i got a cute story regarding jeff. around 4:00 p.m.
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before the newscast, he does these weather promos, hi, i'm jeff ranieri, and all of a sudden, he says "lucy, you got to be quiet, you got to stop barking." >> you heard that! >> it was really cute. >> lucy, lucy, what are you doing? i'm going to try to get her up here, you guys. >> now she's quiet of course. >> i know, i know. she had last week off due to the breaking news. we're going to getter had her week. she'll pop up for a quick hello. it's always fun doing the work from home, right? you never know what's going to happen. and we do have this area of high pressure keeping our major chances of rainfall away. but there is a storm system just off to the north that's going to bring some rainfall. we're not going to get any rain from that, but i do expect rain to move down from that storm system, and that's going to be the big chahange for tomorrow.
6:48 pm
high pressure blocking the big rain chances. it looks impressive as you see on the satellite radar picture now. those best chances going to the oregon/california board and for . no sunglasses if you are commuting to work. as we roll through the afternoon you can see it's continued dry weather with the gray skies. but off to the north around ft. bragg and redding, snow around shasta. and the clouds look like they're going to hold through wednesday morning and a little bit for wednesday afternoon and eventually, we're going to get some warmer weather back in the mix. let's bring you into tomorrow morning's forecast. we'll start off chilly, not overly cold. 46 in the south bay. tri valley at 44.
6:49 pm
more widespread 40s over the east bay, san francisco and the north bay. temperatures dropping off a couple degrees tomorrow. all in all, it will feel like january out here. in the south bay we have you at 60 in cupertino and 60 in san jose. no big differences here, 57 in vallejo and 61 in danville. winds light at five. 56 in half moon bay will be the chilliest and down to palo alto, 60 degrees will be the mildest. right here through san francisco, 58 in the mission. and the marina, 55. usually it's very windy, or can be. you're looking good there. and right here through the north bay, 59 in sonoma, 57 in mill valley. my extended forecast in san francisco, dry the next seven days. i did want to warn you again, king tides at the beaches tomorrow. very high surf. the best advice is not to head to the beaches or in the water due to the dangerous conditions.
6:50 pm
by the weekend we get mid-60s and sunshine returning. we are going up to 68 by saturday, 70 on sunday with sunshine. and here's the good news. while it's dry the next seven days, we're still looking at january 28th through february 8th of about one to two storms, 65% chance of that happening. you guys want to see lucy real fast? if we come back on camera, i know the camera's going to be moving here. she is taking a nap down here. i don't know if you can see it or not. >> oh, we see it. >> lucy! what are you doing? >> it's a monday, forget it, i'm not interested. >> leave me alone, jeff. that's what she said. >> my sag card is only for wednesday. >> she just ate. exactly. she just had dinner, so she's out for a while now. >> nice to see both of you. thanks, jeff. all right, up next, is tokyo still happening? athletes around the world
6:51 pm
continue to prepare for the delayed olympics, including some athletes in san jose. anthony flores joins us next. but first, we have money to give away. we are teaming up to make a positive impact on our community through project innovation. it's a grant challenge powered by the comcast nbc universal foundation project. it recognizes and awards $315,000 in grants to local non-profits tackling every day challenges through innovative solutions. you can learn more about the proe program and submit your application at innovation
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well, basically, he said thanks about no thanks. patriots' bill belichick has declined an offer by president trump to receive the medal of freedom. today in a statement he says, quote, remaining true to the people, team and country i love outweigh the benefits of any individual award. the medal of freedom is the highest award any u.s. citizen can receive. is it going to happen? we're less than 200 days till the tokyo olympics. >> whether it happens or not,
6:55 pm
our local athletes keep training, and that includes some earthquakes. >> here'ss anthony floreres. >> he'e's wororn the b black an forr three seasons with the earthquakes. but this summer, jt marcinkowski is to trade those colors for red, white and blue. >> as a kid you watch the olympics every four years. >> the quakes' goalkeeper is in florida at a camp competing for a spot on the u.s. olympic team. >> anytime you're called in, it's an honor and a privilege. >> also hoping to show their best are his san jose teammates jackson yueill and cade cowell. >> is there a comfort level knowing you will have two other of your teammates with you in cap camp? >> absolutely. being there for him would make us more comfortable.
6:56 pm
>> the alamo native is no stranger to big-time soccer. he's played for the senior national team, but this time around, he eyes the starting job in tokyo. >> obviously, the goal is to be on the national team and be a regular with the national team, but putting pressure on myself is unnecessary, and i really just want to play well and show what i can do. >> did you ever think a kid from alamo, from the bay area, would have an opportunity to be representing his country in between the posts at the olympics. >> no. i think the olympics were something so far-fetched i never thought it possible. and for it to be potentially six months away, it's a treatmedrea true. >> before realizing that dream, the u.s. has to qualify for the games. that tournament begins in march. >> that a's's a good story. and the ball can't hit his face.
6:57 pm
he's too pretty. opening ceremonies, july 23rd in tokyo. researarch shows p people remer cocommercials s with nostatal.
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this is a major, major, miss. >> major controversy over this kamala harris "vogue" cover so what's the issue? >> and just like that -- >> s surprise. "sex and the city" shall return but with no samantha. does this open a door for a more diverse show? >> there is a body in green lake. >> it's crazy that nobody saw anything. >> just after a tragic incident with her baby the mysterious death of this 23-year-old seattle mother. >> i have no signs of suicide. >> tell us about you and sharno. >> i feel blessed right now. >> and new year, new love. which of t these couplples are d to last? ♪ so our babies are going to be flier an


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