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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 12, 2021 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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president trump, with just a week left in office. and the one ally that still is proving to be by his side. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. thanks for being with us. >> we begin with the breaking news out of washington, d.c. a lot of talk about invoking the 25th amendment to get president trump out of office. it's not going to happen. vice president pence says it's not good for the country and he is standing by the president. he sent a letter to speaker pelosi about an hour ago. here it is. this comes as democrats are actually voting on a resolution that calls on him to invoke the 25th amendment but mr. pence says he is not considering it. he says the president's fitness for office must be a medical decision based on science and facts not behavior we don't like. he said it would set a terrible precedent. nonetheless the procedure continues. this is a live look at lawmakers debating the resolution to
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officially ask the vice president to invoke the 25th amendment. the democrats will now focus on impeachment. they're expected to vote on that tomorrow. and some republicans are onboard with it. the biggest name, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. according to the "new york times" the senate majority leader mcconnell told associates that impeachment will make it easier to purge trump from the gop. >> in the meantime we're learning more about the tense moments inside the capitol from a bay area lawmaker. twice in the space of a year east bay congressman feared he was close to death. once was a medical crisis back in march. the second time? last wednesday's u.s. capitol attack. >> so all of that was surreal. i'm still incredulous about it, still dealing with it personally. and also it was extremely dangerous. >> in a town hall today he showed his contra costa county constituents a photo of the side
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room off the house floor where he was briefly trapped. last february the devoted marathoner fell and hip -- pardon me - rib during a routine run. a damaged lung turned into life threatening pneumonia. a history buff he says he is appalled by president trump's role in the assault and strongly backs a second impeachment. let's take you live out to the u.s. capitol building this evening as raj just showed you lots of development in this hour. we'll keep an eye throughout this newscast and also be talking with our political analyst in less than 30 minutes. a major update about your stay-at-home order. no more lockdown for the sacramento region. late today the state lifted the order. here's why. icu availability in the sacramento region is 9.4% and it is trending upwards meaning more beds are becoming available.gha but we still need to be cautious. >> as much as i can encourage
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you to keep considering wearing your mask, doing the things like staying at home when you can, i think it is very important to help us through this period of time. >> the state is ramping up its vaccination efforts and hope to vaccinate 1 million people by the end of the weekend. current cases are surging once again. this graph shows the average number of daily new cases on december 28th we peaked at 40,000. after that, a small decline but then it's up again. yesterday the state confirming 40,000 new cases. that's almost back at the peak. it means the surge could surpass the surge at the end of december. let's check in on our icu availability in the bay area. we mentioned sacramento heading toward 15%. that's why the sacramento region, the stay-at-home order has been lifted. here in the bay area we are not near 15%. take a look at some of the numbers. santa clara county 1%. contra costa county a little better 10%. napa county at 0%.
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the county has been out of standard icu beds in napa county for about two weeks. there are new rules for travelers flying into the united states from another country. negative covid tests will now be required to enter the u.s. the cdc says all arriving passengers must show proof of a negative test taken within three days of departure or they have to show proof that they've recovered from the virus. previously the cdc only required a negative test for travelers coming from the uk because of w it is every country. it starts two weeks from today. vaccine roll out speeding up today the cdc announcing new guidelines for getting the covid vaccine. the agency says states should start vaccinating anyone 65 and older and people with preexisting conditions. as of this morning the cdc says nearly 9 million americans have gotten their first dose. in san mateo county there are
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mass vaccination sites at the county event center. we checked it out today on day two to see what's working and what isn't. >> reporter: day two of what san mateo county called a mass vaccination at the county event center was not quite as popular as day one when cars backed up for miles. >> i want to make sure. that's why i'm here. >> reporter: for now the county says this round is focused meaning don't come down if you don't qualify. >> phase 1-a health care workers. >> reporter: that's about 38,000 county residents and if they plan to get the vaccine here, they'll have to show i.d. and proof that they have a job that qualifies. >> i'm an employee of the county in health care. i am a health care provider. and i'm extremely pleased that we're able to get vaccinations. >> reporter: as for everyone else the county says it doesn't have a specific timeline but recognizes there's a lot of pent
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up demand. >> the message really is your time will come soon. please be patient while we work through phase 1-a. >> reporter: county health officials also tell us when it comes to the next round of vaccine shots largely focusing venues like this one they say they'll aim for smaller venues and drug stores. in san mateo county, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> we are trying to get there. thank you, scott. we know santa clara county is a covid hot spot. today health officials released a grim picture of the near future. icus are full and so are the morgues. we have more on not just the numbers but what's being done>> department told county health leaders today that the morgues at three south bay hospitals are full and four near capacity. so right now the county board of
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supervisors is thinking about activating the mass fatality plan, used when a crisis oefrms the region's hospitals and morgues and has specific guidelines from managing the overflow to how relatives are allowed to retrieve bodies. all of this as hospitals look for more space to treat covid patients. >> we've had just 20 icu beds remaining in the hospital. once again for a county of 2 million people this is unacceptable. >> it felt as if we were on an active bat in. what felt like lge refrigerator trailers to help with the morgue capacity. it says the number of deaths has increased dramatically since december. now the county is also setting a lofty goal of vaccinating 80% of
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the population by august 1st about 91,000 vaccinations a week so urgent efforts to try to get the coronavirus under control in the south bay. >> that's tough to hear. thank you, janelle. a warning tonight in santa clara county from leaders regarding misinformation about the vaccine. some people are receiving text messages of extra vaccine supply and even providing a link to register and make an appointment at vaccination sites. here is what you need to know. the county says the text messages are fake. they're false. county leaders say the only appointments currently being scheduled are for health care workers who qualify for vaccination under phase 1a. the next group eligible, people over the age of 75 and certain front line essential workers. get comfortable at home. today san francisco leaders announced stay-at-home restrictions will likely stay in place through at least the end of january. the city top health adviser says access to the vaccine for most
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people is still months away. and that coupled with rising hospitalizations, cases, means the city just can't reopen. he said since the holidays cases have gone up by 28%. >> we must continue to work to flatten this curve. we need to turn this around. the current trajectory is not sustainable. >> some positive news on the vaccine roll out dr. colfax says all residents at laguna hospital which is the country's largest skilled nursing facility have gotten their first shots. help is on the way. a new $62 million plan will provide relief for small businesses in san francisco struggling because of the pandemic. it is a combination of grants and low to zero interest loans. mayor breed says she wants to focus on these businesses that have been left out of the previous relief programs. this new plan will more than triple the amount of financial aid provided so far. the board of supervisors still
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needs to approve it. up next the sneak attack in contra costa county. a woman out for a walk with her family becomes the victim of a paint ball attack. detectives now seeing if she wasn't the only one. also, you probably have done it yourself. forgotten an online password. but we'll tell you how it is costing a san francisco man possibly hundreds of millions of dollars. i'm chief meat meet jeff ranieri tracking the cloud cover. i'll tell you when the sun returns and an update on our drought in about eight minutes.
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an east bay family routine evening walk turned into a terrifying ordeal after someone opened fire on them. what turned out to be a paint gun. shots sent the family running for cover and left a mom bruised and rattled. the family is warning others tonight to be careful. >> this is where the attack took place. an east bay couple and their two teenage kids were walking along pleasant hill road last night when a car drove by firing paint balls at them. >> like a popping, rat-a-tat. >> reporter: celeste describes what she thought was gun fire as she and her family took their evening walk and she suddenly
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felt the sting of what turned out to be a paint ball round. >> i felt down and it was wet and i looked and i saw something on my hand and i said i've been shot. >> reporter: turns out the liquid wasn't blood but orange paint. it left her with painful welts and bruising. >> i probably would have lost an eye had it hit me in the eye looking at my leg. definitely. >> reporter: she says the shooter came by for a second pass. >> watch out. watch out. >> reporter: firing at them again. she was able to get video of the dark blue car speeding away. >> it's not okay. it's not okay to treat people like this. you know, we're just innocent family taking a walk. >> reporter: pleasant hill police say the suspect faced possible felony assault charges. she says she understands it is an emotionally charged tame for many right now but says there is no excuse for violent behavior. >> it's pretty terror like.
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it was very terrifying. we've heard the term down that because that's not a great road to be on right now. >> reporter: in pleasant hill, jodie hernandez, nbc bay area news. a call for justice in the east bay. a group of elected leaders are blasting the alameda county district attorney and her decision not to file new criminal charges against a b.a.r.t. police officer involved in the death of oscar grant. oakland city council member lauren taylor along with b.a.r.t. directors had some harsh words for da nancy o'malley today. yesterday o'malley announced her office had concluded there was not enough evidence to support new charges against former b.a.r.t. police officer anthony pieroni, the officer seen holding down oscar grant when another officer shot and killed him on the b.a.r.t. platform on new year's day of 2009. >> we have waited too long as a community, as a national and
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international community to get justice for oscar grant. and justus delayed isrn o'malle has not responded to today's comments and today's news conference. two months after california voters passed the ride share initiative prop 22 a group of drivers and labor unions contends it is un-constitutional. they have filed a lawsuit with state supreme court claiming 22 limits to power of elected officials. the suit says the proposition blocks the legislature's ability to grant workers the right to organize unions. one of the three drivers who joined the lawsuit said the people of california should make laws not the wealthy executives who led the ride share company. have you ever forgotten your pass word? for most of us probably yes. but this forgotten pass word is worth millions of dollars. this is aggravating. a san francisco man has two chances remaining to figure out
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the pass word to his digital wallet. that wallet is holding about $220 million bucks of bitcoin. according to the "new york times" the man lost the piece of paper where he wrote down the pass word for the account years ago. the digital wallet only gives users ten guesses before it locks and encrypts the account forever. he's got two more chances. maybe it's his middle name and the year he was born. >> oh, gosh. doesn't he have it written down someplace on a piece of paper upside down highlighted somewhere stuffed in a drawer? we all have that? >> it's somewhere. gosh. >> what do you think? >> yikes. well, i have never had that happen with bitcoin but i did once, i couldn't get into my phone with some encryption and the whole thing was erased. >> crazy. >> it's on a different scale. it was painful. okay. that guy is in for a lot more
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pain if he can't find that pass word. i felt i could relate. let's bring you into the micro climate forecast tonight. we have some dangerous waves out here at the coast line. if for any reason you were heading to the beaches please, please stay out of the water. we have our high surf advisory in effect where waves could get up to 25 feet. again, that is for our entire coast line. current reports reading 11 to 13 feet but isolated waves up to 25 feet will be possible. now the weather pattern today pretty gloomy outside. we have the cloud cover i talked about moving in. a little spotty drizzle and the best rain chances up toward oregon and the california border and then out here more cloud cover on the way as we roll into tomorrow morning. so here is the deal. forecast tomorrow. i think we start off with the clouds through most of the bay area and then by the afternoon we should start to get in on some sunshine especially from san francisco to the east bay and down to the south bay. it's up into the north bay where we could be locked in with cloud
6:19 pm
cover through tomorrow afternoon. temperatures warming up a little bit with some increased sunshine. 65 in livermore. 64 san jose. 63 palo alto. right over to san francisco we're looking at 59 on my forecast. let's bring you into the seven day. there is a lot to talk about here. as we head through the next few days i expect some patchy fog to return by thursday morning. then eventually we start to see the sun return. up to 68 on saturday with some sunshine. 70 on sunday. about 15 degrees above our averages. then it's looking more and more clear that by next monday we could have wind in the hills out of the northeast. 15 to 25 miles per hour. that is a drying wind. it is usually a fire wind force. can increase the fire danger. we have had some rain recently so it is going to help that. with that 70 on sunday and the warmer weather comingda on that. 74.34% of california is now in a severe drought.
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we are 4 to 11 inches behind for the rainfall season. jessica, in less than a half hour i'll take a look at the snow pack and break apart those numbers and when we could get things to change for us. i can confirm tonight i had no problems getting in on my phone since i'm using it to broadcast live back to the studio. >> you've got your pass word. all good to go. thank you, jeff. much more to come in the next 40 minutes including president trump losing support among republicans by the hour. what's going to happen at tomorrow's impeachment hearing? we'll be joined by our political analyst. also, 2035 isn't coming fast enough for one local leader. when she wants to ban the sale of gas powered cars in her city. but first, lotto fever hitting an all time high. two separate jack pots worth more than a billion dollars. "b" billion. we'll show you the lucky bay area stores.
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lotto mania. lotto fever. a lot of cash to be handed out. nearly $1.2 billion up for grabs the next two nights. first up tonight the megamillions. the jackpot at $625 million. this is the eighth largest jackpot in u.s. history. no one has won the megamillions since mid september. it has rolled over 33 times. people today headed to their favorite liquor or convenience stores to buy tickets and we didn't find any lines at all possibly because of covid concerns. your chance of winning the megamillions? 1 in 303 million. what will people do with the money if they win? >> if i win i'm going to help people. that's what i'm going to do because a lot of people are hurting right now because of the pandemic and what is the use of having money if you can't help people? >> my family would be taken care of, my kids. a lot of people are going to get a lot of nice gifts this year.
6:25 pm
>> now if you don't win the megamillions tonight there is the powerball tomorrow night. $550 million up for grabs. a smaller jackpot but your chances are better. instead of 1 in 303 million it's 1 in 292 million. this is the coincidence. the powerball has also rolled over 33 times. and tomorrow january 13th could prove to be a lucky draw day. wednesday's powerball drawing coincides with the fifth anniversary of the powerball record jackpot of $1.6 billion. that was five years ago tomorrow. it was shared by winners in california, florida, and tennessee. so a lot of money up for grabs. if you don't have your ticket for megamillions tonight you still have a chance. the last ticket will be handed out and sold at 7:45 p.m. then the drawing is at 8:00. if you win, $625 million, i did some research and math this afternoon. i was a math major for the first two years of college. if you stacked up $625 million
6:26 pm
in $100 bills? it would reach 2200 feet high. that is two sales force towers in san francisco on top of each other. >> sounds wonderful. >> i've always loved the sales force towers. >> i am doing, you know, research today so i had to buy my own tickets just to make sure >> i did that last week. i didn't win. >> yeah. >> what time does the newscast end? 7:00? we still got a chance to go out and buy some tickets. thanks, janelle. >> thank you. up next at 6:30, president trump delivers his first speech since the capitol riot as democratic lawmakers prepare to impeach him. our political analyst tells us what to expect over the next 24 hours. banning the sale of gas powered cars. one bay a
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♪ ♪ we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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right now at 6:30, no 25th amendment. vice president pence says he will not invoke that amendment to remove presi amendment is not in the best interests of this nation. >> late today he sent a letter to speaker nancy pelosi, this letter, in it he says the president's fitness for office must be a medical decision based on science and facts not based on behavior we don't like.
6:30 pm
mr. pence said it would be a terrible precedent to invoke the 25th. this is happening at the same time house members are voting on a resolution that calls on pence to invoke the 25th amendment. this is a live look at that vote. democrats have a back-up plan. impeachment. they are expected to vote on that tomorrow. in the last hour east bay congressman eric swalwell was named as impeachment manager. some republicans are backing impeachment. the biggest name is senate majority leader mitch mcconnell according to the "new york times." mcconnell told associates impeachment will make it easier to purge trump from the gop. also today the country received its first fbi briefing on the capitol attacks. the department of justice says the investigation is just beginning and more charges are coming. right now more than 100,000 pieces of video have been submitted for this investigation. there is a serious concern about the inauguration. the inauguration is one week from tomorrow. large, metal gates have been
6:31 pm
installed around the capitol perimeter. >> we want to bring in our political analyst to talk about the effort of the democrats to remove the president from office. let's bring larry in. let's start with this growing number of republicans, very high level republicans, liz chaney, mitch mcconnell, now saying they support impeachment and in mcconnell's case he has to be rubbed the wrong way by the fact of how this turned out for him personally. >> that's exactly it. this is a blockbuster as far as mcconnell's involvement. he is really livid over the fact that in his eyes he lost his position as majority leader because of the two senate seats in georgia that went democratic according to mcconnell because of the way that trump managed it or failed to manage it. all he did was go down there and express his grievances two times. so he's got a grudge to bear. monnell has never liked a lot of what trump has done but as
6:32 pm
majority leader wanting to keep his minions in place he's gone along with it especially for some u.s. senators who really appreciated what trump was all about. for mcconnell to move over and say he is looking forward to this, that it may be an opportunity for the republicans to purge themselves of the trumpism if you will, this is big. what it means down the line in terms of other republican votes we don't know but this is big. it's a big, symbolic point. >> how does that open the flood gates for other republicans? does it give them implicit permission to, if mcconnell and liz chaney are saying open the gates for more republicans to say, okay. i'm not risking as much now if i do this? >> two answers here. first of all, yes. it gives them the green light if you will. you don't have to worry about honing any kind of line. just go do what you want to do. the other thing is, look. jessica, at the end of the day these guys all face election except for those that retire.
6:33 pm
they are thinking what's it going to be like in 2022? has the wind changed? has the anti-trump element now become very, very fervent given what's happened over the last few days? if that's the case i want to get off of that horse and get on the other horse because i want to be on the right side when everything falls apart. so that is another big reason for a lot of these senators as well. >> we see the resolution as happening right now, voting on whether they should have that 25th amendment. you know, enacted. but pence sent a letter to pelosi saying that it's really meant for when a president is incapacitated because of a mental issue. what is the strategy there for pence now? >> well, first of all, pence is taking the easy way out. i'll tell you why. you read the 25th amendment it doesn't say it has to be a physical problem. it can be anything that leaves the president incapacitated. so pence has chosen to interpret it that way but that is not necessarily what it means. what it means for pence again,
6:34 pm
thinking about his future, why should he put himself in harm's way? let the situation work its way out. let the democrats do what they want to do. i want to keep my hands clean because that way my options are protected. there is no reason for pence to go ahead and do what others might do or fail to do. let him stay clean is what his thoughts are so he can keep his options. >> what about average americans just watching all of this? first watching the capitol. now watching this and saying, okay. we've got just a week left. why are we going through all this? >> this is loik a wildfire rele americans now, 56-44 in f relea people accepting the biden presidency much more than they had in the past. you put all of these things
6:35 pm
together and you can see the public lining up. this was an incredible event what we saw last wednesday. it was horrific. it had the president's hands all over it. if you like the event and there were soms the president's hands were all over it. if you found it horrific the president's hands were all over it. and so it's connected. that's what makes this impeachment effort so much different than the first impeachment effort. that was about something that happened early in the presidency. it was hard for people to understand. everybody saw this. everybody sees it day after day and with more and more video they see more and more stuff that just looks terrible. it was an attack on the united states and that is what so many people find offensive. >> larry, very quickly, all this talk about the president pardoning himself. where would that likely go? >> we don't know. there was a recommendation out of the department of justice several years ago that said it
6:36 pm
wouldn't work. the president may try to find it. here's one other possibility i'm going to slip by right now. the president sees things going really bad. he cuts a deal at the end with pelosi and schumer to resign so that in exchange they decide not to go after him. it's a possibility. it may happen. the president's options are limited and the options are increasing every day. a lot to happen in the next few days. hold on to your hat. the city of berkeley always does things a bit differently and that is what we like about it. the latest twist ban the sale of new gas powered cars by 2027. >> reporter: it was back in september when governor gavin newsom announced a new environmental initiative setting a goal to eliminate gas only
6:37 pm
vehicle engines by 2035. berkeley city council member kate harrison says berkeley can reach that goal even faster. >> we need a plan. we need to know when we'll get off these gas powered cars. >> harrison wanted to study this to see what it would take to ban cars that run on gas or diesel by 2027. used cars and the sale of trucks would not apply. >> i think we all have to recognize the challenge before us. this will not affect our sales tax once the transition is made. >> i'm not sure if 2027 is realistic. >> the mayor worries what this would mean for the city's car dealerships which each bring in a large chunk of the city's sales tax. >> our auto dealerships are important parts of our local economy. we need to do this in a way that is thoughtful. >> reporter: the manager at this honda dealership declined to talk on camera saying he was waiting to hear back from the city.
6:38 pm
the mayor says if the city wants to tackle carbon emissions it needs to first convert its fleet of city owned vehicles to all electric. >> we also need to make our buses and other vehicles electric as well. >> councilmember harrison says she is going to refer city staff to look into this but says the goal is to set targets and have berkeley lead the country in the fight against climate change. >> we know this is happening. right now. we want to be at the front of the market. >> reporter: in berkeley, nbc bay area news. up next, pleading for a change. the bay area city asking the state to bend the rules and reopen outdoor dining.
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down outdoor dining. they insist eating outside is safer than shopping, which is still allowed. health experts counter the dining tends to mix households which is extremely risky. >> it just seems like the way they're doing it is arbitrary. people getting punished are the mom and pops. this is the business my wife and i started, put our entire life savings into it, and we're not making enough to pay the rent. >> harvard researchers say the number of small businesses in marin county alone dropped by almost 40% over the course of 2020. >> seniors living in san francisco retirement homes are likely to sleep easier tonight after getting their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. about 300 people at the san francisco tower senior center were vaccinated as well that is 90% of residents and 70% of the staff. >> we live in a place where death is prominent. they are old people and they
6:42 pm
die. we know that. but that is usually countered by the fact that there is life here. a good life here. for the last year we've lost a year. there hasn't been life here. all we've seen is death. we're eager to have the other side of it. >> cvs and walgreens helped administer those shots. let's turn to our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri coming to us from his living room with his dog by his side. hello, jeff. >> she is around here somewhere. you know, right now across the bay area we've had the clouds return. we'll update you on when the sun comes out. also the sierra snow pack and our latest numbers and when we could be hitting some record in. >> i'm the consumer investigator. there is additional help for unemployed workers. we'll show you how much and how to get it next.
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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the race to get people vaccinated has hit a road block this time the widespread fear of needles. the journal of advanced nursing found about a quarter of all adults have a significant fear of needles. that's about 7% of adults. they say so afraid they actually refuse to get any type of shot. now health experts are offering up several suggestions to help people overcome their fear. they suggest drawing, meditating, counting things as they get shots. there is also the thing called the shot blocker which blocks the pain. they use that with kids. or just man up and do it. you have to do it. in just eight days president-elect joe biden will take office. now we're learning more about the white house, how it is gearing up. the white house has been the site of several covid-19 outbreaks during the pandemic so the staff will do a complete, thorough deep cleaning before the bidens move in. the cleaning is above and beyond what typically occurs during the
6:46 pm
transition. and purchase orders reviewed by nbc news shows the cleaning will cost nearly are you ready for this half a million dollars. >> ooh. going to be really clean. if you lost work during or even before the pandemic you might be able to claim more than $3,000 in additional support from the federal government. here's our consumer investigator. >> reporter: when congress passed the recent stimulant act it included extended unemployment benefits $300 per week up to 11 weeks. the act included money for traditional unemployment which laid off workers collect and pua pandemic unemployment assistance which people like gig workers, contractors, and small business owners can collect. here's how the extra $300 per week will get to you and what you need to do. first the treasury sent the money to the states. then they take over. in california, the employment development department will dispense the money. there are two basic steps. first the edd says it will automatically recalculate and notify claimants through its website ui online, mail, or text
6:47 pm
message. next, when you get the message you'll lce of answering basic questions e continue receiving benefit payments. the state says the process is under way for people collecting regular unemployment. but if your benefits ran out or you received pua the edd says it might take longer to get the extra $300 per week. first it has to put revised computer programming in place. if you've just been laid off or never applied it is important to get the ball rolling asap. do that online at thank you. parents may lose out on some sleep but if their babies are born in 2020 they benefit from federal stimulus money. when new parents file their 2020 tax return those who qualify will receive a recovery tax rebate credit for that new baby. parents of adopted children also qualify. the irs website says the rebate
6:48 pm
will generally be paid as a tax refund. across the pond britain is now 12 days into brexit and some realities are setting in. nbc news points to this customs line, dutch customs line with the uk no longer part of europe's single market. visitors from england are seeing their belongings increasingly seized by border agents. not guns or drugs but sandwiches wrapped in tin foil. in this case ham. eu laws bar the entry of animal products including meat and cheese from countries outside the union. >> oh, no. >> not my ham sandwich. >> keep your hands off my sandwich. >> no! >> all right. jeff, it was gloomy outside sun? >> we'll definitely get sunshine and everybody else is looking forward to some blue sky even if it is january.
6:49 pm
if we can't get the rainfall you want the sun. let's bring you into our micro climate forecast tonight. i want to start off with a look at the snow pack. we talked about the drought erl yearn the state is drawing back into moderate to severe drought. the snow supplying a third of our water supply. a slow start in the fall and beginning of winter. 60% of normal for the northern sierra. 54% the central sierra and the southern sierra 30% of normal. the big problem is high pressure. this is really this on and off prolonged pattern and we have la nina in place to help spur off the regions of high pressure which keep the storms away and that is what we're seeing right now. this area of high pressure to the south is really acting like a big shield blocking us from getting thehere. even though there is a storm off little bit of spotty drizzle today but that is just abouthro
6:50 pm
tomorrow morning, get ready for more clouds to return. i think we could have a few patches of sun for the south bay but overall it is an overcast start. then as we roll through the afternoon, notice the east bay through livermore and pleasanton and alamo getting sun and the south bay and the peninsula. up to the north bay will stay socked in with the cloud cover. some getting the sun tomorrow. others staying cloudy. tomorrow morning it is pretty simple. we'll begin with the chilly 40s down to 44 in the tri valley. the same story over to the east bay. san francisco and the north bay with the north bay there with some of the coldest lows down to 43 degrees. daytime highs tomorrow warm up a couple degrees with anticipated sunshine for the afternoon. that puts us down here in the south bay back up to 66 in gilroy and 64 for san jose. bring it over to the east bay. up to 64.
6:51 pm
63 palo alto. 60 daly city. san francisco sees 50s right across the marina and then we're pushing up into low 60s here for downtown and the mission. temperatures not too much different as well for the north bay. 65 in sonoma and 63 santa rosa. my extended forecast in san francisco keeps it dry the next seven days. i think we'll get morning fog returning thursday and friday. then that sun will get back here as we roll into the weekend and slightly warmer temperatures up to 64 on sunday. for the inland valleys do notice numbers keep warming up. by saturday 68 and sunshine. by sunday 70. look at this. the record high in livermore is 69 degrees. we could be talking about record setting heat this weekend. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. now let's put it all into perspective. it is going to be warmer than normal but thankfully nothing like this summer. we had 17 days at 100 and hotter
6:52 pm
in livermore, the hottest september day ever getting to 112 degrees. i think just about everyone is happy with those temperatures coming our way except one person. jessica, i know you love those 100s. if you could step it back to a hundred degrees you might do so, right? maybe? >> a hundred percent. love it. >> thanks. >> i knew it. well, up next the warriors on a roll but they got bad news today about one of their best young players. >> first, we have money to give away. nbc bay area and telemundo are teaming up for project innovation, a grant challenge powered by the comcast nbc universal foundation. the project innovation recognizes and awards $315,000 in grants to local nonprofits tackling every day challenges through innovative solutions. to learn more about the program and to submit your application go to nbc bay
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okay. they have been fun to watch, the warriors even without klay thompson looking good and for their third straight win
6:56 pm
tonight. >> that is the glass half full. >> that's my thing. >> sixth man eric paschall is entering the nba covid protocol. it is unclear if he tested positive or had close contact with someone who did >> i am not going to provide any details other than to say he won't play tonight and we are hopeful he'll be back soon. >> that is a bummer. tip-off at chase center tonight at 7:40. the sharks have a new look. new helmets with the sap and zoom decal. the sap logo will be featured on the home game helmets the black ones and the zoom logo for away games the white ones. the sharks' season begins this thursday in arizonacotes. maybe we should get nbc bay area helmets for them. pretty cool. big peacock on there. >> it is funny that now we don't have to explain what the zoom means. >> amazing. that's it for us here at 6:00.
6:57 pm
have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00. we made usaa insurance not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way
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>> fiercely annoying. >> chaos, extravagance and a little love may make bling empire the next sensation. >> and her stylish pop has celebritied talking too.


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