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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 13, 2021 4:30am-4:59am PST

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[doorbell rings] babe, are those the tots we ordered? ♪♪ everyone's feeling the late night vibe with my $4 sauced & loaded tots— with cheddar bacon or jalapeño ranch. banning the president after the catastrophe on capitol hill, most companies with distancing themselves from the president. the latest silicon valley techa. and dire covid crisis is overwhelming california hospitals. and mf. >> every vaccine dose sitting in a warehouse rather than going into an arm could mean one more life lost or one more hospital bedomndations from the
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tt will impact people right here in the bay area. "today in the bay" start its right now. good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> and let's check in with weather and traffic starting with kari. >> and we are starting out with a few clouds but overall a clear start in the south bay and we'll still see some of the big waves along the coastline today as well as a sky that will clear out this afternoon and really some spring-like weather in the forecast. i'll talk more about that coming up. good morning, overnightnnd so
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along just fine. no slowdowns just yet. i do want to show you this pretty pretty shot. not because there is trouble, but it is flowing very nicely. about 90 minutes from now, the house of representatives will meet to impeach president trump for a second time. no president in american history has been impeached twice. a live look at capitol hill there, impeachment will likely come as soon as this afternoon. there may not be time for a senate trial. the house warned that it would start the impeachment process if the vice president did not invoke the 25th amendment declaring the president unable to lead. that vote was largely along party lines with only one republican supporting it. vice president pence sent a letter before the debate was over saying that he would so. add youtube to the list of bay area companies that have either banned or suspended president trump from their platforms. youtube says due to concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, it has removeded
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department from the president's youtube channel. the president and his staff cannot upload new content for a minimum of seven days. the number of deaths in california due to covid-19 officily -- exceeding, rather, 30,000. the state department of health confirms more than 500 deaths were just added to the state's overall total and also more than 36,000 new infections. total number of cases exceeds 2.7 million since the start of the pandemic. santa clara county is approaching its 1,000th death from covid-19. currently there are 986 deaths. if it reaches that 1,000 mark, which it is expected to do so today, it will bob the first in the bay area to reach such a grim milestone. and we're getting new perspective on just how dire the icu situation is across california. the website covid tracking project taking a look at the
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number of people admitted to the icu with covid-19. there are high volumes of patients in the area. more than 22,000 people currently in the hospital. and there is a race for a quicker vaccine rollout going on in the east bay. the east bay leadership council plans to hold a virtual meeting this afternoon to discuss that topic. meanwhile a new national effort to speed up the process is now under way. sooed is now recommending everyone 65 and older be moved up to a top priority group to get the vaccines next. right now the next group in line to receive injections include people 75 and older. >> it is clearly people over age 65 that are at the highest risk. the risk though goes up almost
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exponentially after age 75. >> the cdc also says older adults with health conditions should be included in the next round of vaccines. the state will have the advisory group consider those recommendations right away. and parents in one school district say distance learning isn't working. they will try to recall school board members. they took part in a care caravan, some parents saying that three board members are standing in the way of children going back to the classroom. >> they are not fulfilling their responsibilities to their constituents. they no longer represent their community and they should be recalled or theyparents allegin violate the brown act. and how about a little
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breath of fresh air? as we take a live look toward the bay bridge this morning. it is a clear and chilly start. but it will be warming up later in the day. kari hall has the forecast. >> good morning. and we're not seeing a lot of fog near the ground because we have a lot of clouds higher up and also rain just to the north of the bay area, we're still getting in on the spotty sprinkles up around uhe could i a. take a look at the big storm system out in the pacific. but a lot of the rain is staying to our north and that is what we're expecting the next several day. so as you head out, no need for the windshield wipers and you can leave the umbrella at home. in the east bay, temperatures starting out in the mid-40s. a mix of sun and clouds for today as our temperatures heat up and take a look at how nice it will be this afternoon as we reach into the mid-60s. and to about 65 degrees in
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morgan hill today, santa rosale weather in the forecast. any issues for the morning commute? >> no issues for the commute. there are a couple areas with overnight crashes but they have cleared out. so westbound 580 toward richmond bridge, you are looking at 7 minutes. le westbound 80 towards the bay bridge. and towards the san mateo bridge, no issues there. about 11 minutes. so hopefully the roads stay quiet and we stay good in terms of the drive times. 4:37. still ahead on "today in the bay," the dire deaths happening every 6 minutes in l.a. county and the steps health officials are taking as they look to ramp up vaccines. plus the reviews are coming
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serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, belly pain, and decreased appetite, which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. we're still seeing the dangerous waves along the coastline and the high surf advisory continues until 3:00 this afternoon. so stay well away from the water's edge. we'll talk about our warm
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temperatures for the inland areas and even take a look ahead to the weekend coming up. and a quick glance of a your peninsula drive times. southbound 101, about 12 minutes. to highway 92, five minutes. and to the shoreline boulevard, about 9 minutes. no major accidents to report. good morning. i'm better sha coo bertha coomb. wall street looks like it is open slightly lower. markets are searching for direction. prospects of higher interest rates and whether we'll get a new additional stimulus program coming from the incoming biden administration. today we'll get a report on consumer prices which puts
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inflation front and center for investors. they are wondering whether that could mean higher interest rates and whether the federal reserve might change its policy on rates. meantime, a top executive at walmart says that its customers do not expect to see an budgets would i switching from brand names to store or generic brand, and cherrypicking deals when available. she says the core walmart customer is not immune to the economic slowdown and may even be disproportionately affected noting the pandemic has hit some industries harder than others. and expanding video rental service with new subscription tiers, there is a movies only plan and a more expensive elite tier for games and movies for $15.95 a month. elite subscribers will get early access to sales and can rent titles up to one week before
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they come out. for those on a tight budget, they are also launching a $5 basic plan. scott and laura, i don't know about you, but i find it hard to keep up anymore with which subscriptions i have and what i pay. i really have to do a whole inventory. >> yeah, i got caught off guard by a stream going service that i hadn't watched in months. and you have to see if you're spending your money on takeout these days. maybe a treat for yourself as you stay inside. takeout is becoming top of mind when it comes to food during the pandemic. but do you know if the restaurant you're going to has safety measures in place to try to flatten the curve? now yelp might have the answer. the san francisco gate reports that yelp now will give green checks if restaurants are following covid protocols such as employees wearing masks. if they get mixed safety reviews, it will get an orange question mark. and back behind bars, next, after days on the run, one of the six be inmates who escaped
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the county jail is back in custody. and the growing municipality for the others.
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let's take a peek outside. let's travel to the east bay. a live look outside and walnut creek. kind of looking forward to this warm up. although we really need the
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rain. >> we do. and we'll talk about how much rain we're looking at this point. especially looking ahead and seeing that we don't have any rain in the forecast for quite a while. let's head to the north bay, we're still home schooling and also getting the kids out in the backyard for homeschool recess and our temperatures start out in the low 50s. notice the clouds that we'll see that will get a little more scattered this afternoon as the temperatures reach into the mid-60s. and that is going to be so nice today. the "7-day forecast" is coming up at the bottom of the screen as we look ahead to the e rain. here in the bay area, it will stay t t north of us. so here is the update on how we're doing with the rainfall that we've measured to 24 point for our water year. so santa rosa is lacking, get
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this, 11.5 inches. so we've only made about 5.75 inches of rain. oakland is lacking 7 inches of rain. so these numbers are looking not good at all. san jose needs 5 inches of rain to catch up to normal. so when you look at how much we measured in the percentage of normal, only 33% of santa rosa's rainfall is where we should be for the normal amount with san jose only measuring 16%. so we do need some rain, there is none in the forecast. but at least we will have some nice weather leading into the weekend, checking out concord, what to expect over the next several days, we're going from the low to mid-60swi be on martin luther king jr. day, monday 73 degrees and a lot of people will be off of work and school, so you will have a chance to enjoy it. vianey, how is it looking?
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>> you know, i think people which sort of take a breather, maybe enjoy a second you cup of coffee because so far the roads are pretty quiet. there are cars out there, but in terms of accidents, we're nothing to report. so let's take you to the tri-valley because it usually starts to build around this hour. westbound 580 from grant line to 680, 21 minutes. southbound 680 to vargas, about 10 minutes. so far so good. scott. authorities in central california have captured one of six inmates who escaped from the merced county jail over the weekend. they used a homemade rope to scale down the side of the jail. authorities captured a 22-year-old escapee west of fresno. one of the other escapees is from vallejo, all considered
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armed and dangerous. and taking a live look at the l.a. skyline and some staggering new numbers in l.a. county's covid crisis, over the past week, more than 1600 people there actually died including 288 yesterday. some 230 deaths per day equates for one every six minutes. at the same time, the county is now on a push to transition from testing to vaccinations. making testing more of a challenge for those who need it now. health experts point out the switch is still beneficial in the long run. >> it will impact our when you we continue to vaccinate more people, the need for test decreases. >> l.a. county is also approaching another milestone, 1 million confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic. san diego county is tracking down on covid-19 rule breakers as the region deals with the
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surge of cases. last night the county board of supervisors approved nine more compliance teams and increased fines for those who violate the reopening plan and noncompliance businesses will be ineligible for relief funds. so far 17,000 violation complaints have been reported. the county has 91,000 cases and 747 deaths. and only 13 days into 2021 and many are taking advantage of the state's health insurance market place. state officials say 1.6 million people have gotten insurance through cover california so far in year, that is nearly 200,000 more people compared with the same time last year. and if you still need coverage, you can do so until january 31st. new this morning, a cat in southern california just found three years after a huge mudslide. patches was thought to be dead
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the entire time. the mudslide of course triggered by a big wildfire back in 2018. animal officials say the kalt resurfaced last month, was brought in as a stray. but they did that microchip scan resdreel veal revealing her ide. and the partner of the owner of the cat had survived so they had a nice moment to reunite. pretty amazing. coming up next, back to the ice. the all-new look sharks are getting ahead of the season opener tomorrow night. but first, happening now, plane wreckage debris, victims pulled from the water near indonesia. officials still don't have the reason the plane crashed. 62 people were on board and everybody died. divers continue to look for the cockpit voice recorder.
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yesterday they recovered the data recorder. the plane disappeared minutes after taking off from jakarta. when you're through with powering through,anre.
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theraflu hot beats cold.
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are sharks have a new look be and it is because of the pandemic. they will have ad details on their helmets. and the s.a.p. logo will be featured on the home game helmets and the zoom logo on there for the away game. nhl is allowing ads to be sold on thehelmets to recoup some of their losses. they play against the coyotes tomorrow night. no word when they can actually
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in saints clara county so they are braced in arizona. and eric paschal is in quarantine. they could have used him last night when the pacers pulled away from the dubs, steph curry gave the warriors a two point lead in the fourth but pacers went on a 13 point run, won the game 104-95. the warriors play tomorrow on the road in denver. trending this morning, we now know the most streamed television show of 2020. you can guess what it is? here is a hint, employees working at a paper company in scranton. >> one, two, three! >> it is "the office." according to a report by nielsen, last year americans streamed more than 57 million minutes of the show. the second was"grey's anatomy." and you can watch "the office"
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on nbc universal's i like age a. well, let's get back to the serious stuff. setting the stage for impeachment. next on "today in the bay," we're live on capitol hill breaking down what is expected to happen in the next few hours. also the growing security concerns for lawmakers. plus we will have more on coronavirus in the classroom, frustrated parents demanding schools reopen, but san ramon valley school board says not so fast. the growing debate still under way.
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tires, brakes—and headlight bulbs, too. sylvania's lighting experts know that if you wait until burnout... you'll lose up to 50 feet of visibility. that's from here... to here... darkness. switch to a new pair of sylvania bulbs today, and see better tonight. this president is not meeting the duties of office and clearly not capable of it. >> right now at president trump for the second timestt of a historic day on capitol hill. we'll have a live report from washington, d.c. on the unfolding political firestorm. plus lifting stay-at-home orders, some counties are getting more freedom as california fights to flatten the curve. one county lifts restrictions, another one tells people to stay away. and frustrations growing in the east bay. parents fed up with distanced
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learning. the actions they are taking. "today in the bay" continues >> good morning, we wake up every day to history in the making, it has become almost routine, but extraordinary developments today. but let's get you out the door. >> and we've seen some light spotty rain here and there, but for the most part as you head to work this morning, it is a dry start. we have these clouds rolling by as the storm system for the most part stays to the north of us, but it has been kicking up some big waves along the coastline. a lot of people live along the coast seeing that and you want it say well away from the water. it will still be pretty bad today. we're look ahead to calmer weather in the forecast coming up. vianey, how is the commute? >> i've been


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