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tv   Today  NBC  January 13, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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the shoulder. aside from that, it is looking good. and a "life" look at capitol hill as we go, monitoring everything that is happening there. good morning. breaking news. ready to impeach. one week after rioters invaded the u.s. capitol, congress takes action against the president for inciting them. the number three house republican, liz cheney, announng she'll vote yes. as more and more republicans defect. >> the president's role in the insurrection is undeniable. >> and the most powerful man in the senate sends an unmistakable signal. mitch mcconnell reportedly pleased about impeachment after the president, in his first public appearance this week, takes no responsibility. >> people thought what i said was totally appropriate. >> we're live from the capitol to the white house with the very latest.
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battle ready. law enforcement in washington and all 50 states now preparing after far-right groups continue to promote armed attacks around the inauguration. top federal law enforcement speaking out for the very first time. >> you will be charged, and you will be found. and just ahead, the intelligence breakdown. what we're learning about an fbi alert issued one day before the siege. deadliest day. america's coronavirus crisis spiraling out of control. the single-worst day yet for deaths and hospitalizations. >> i think this is the tip of the iceberg. that's my concern, is that we're still on the upswing. >> a desperate effort now under way to control the spread. this morning, the crackdown now facing anyone flying into the u.s., and the major changes to speed up the vaccine rollout. even disneyland getting ready to open as a vaccination supersite. full-court press. faces more positive tests and postponed games, the nba tightens its covid restrictions. what the league is doing now to
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try to keep players on the court. those stories, plus, going up. no winner in mega millions overnight. friday's jackpot climbing to $750 million. if you can't wait, tonight's powerball drawing hours away today, wednesday, january 13th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it is a wednesday morning. we're glad to have you with us. >> it is another very, very busy morning. by all accounts, it will also be an historic one for this country. >> let's set the stage this morning. overnight, the house passed a measure officially calling on mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment to remove president trump.
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the vice president rejected that idea, and in a letter said he would not do so. that opened the door for today's historic second impeachment vote expected this afternoon, exactly one week, almost to the hour, after the siege on the capitol and one week before president-elect biden is sworn in as the 46th president. >> before we begin our coverage, we just want you to see something. these are actually some hopeful images from capitol hill. you're looking at a sea of thank you posters, letters, and notes, saying thank you to the police officers who faced down last week's violence. >> at least one of whom fought and gave his life doing so. we have a lot to get to, starting with nbc's chief white house correspondent kristen welker. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president trump is defiant and sullen this morning. as he is poised to become the first president in u.s. history to be impeached twice. the proceedings already under
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way. in a single article of impeachment, house democrats are formally accusing the president of, quote, inciting violence against the government of the united states. what makes this impeachment very different than the first, the growing number of republican lawmakers who are joining with democrats and calling for president trump to leave office now. overnight, house democrats delivering their final demand to vice president pence, use the 25th amendment to remove president trump from office, or they will impeach him. >> the resolution is adopted. >> reporter: but even before the vote took place, pence rejected the move, citing his refusal last week to follow the president's demands that he try to block the electoral college vote count. pence writing in a letter to house speaker nancy pelosi, "last week, i did not yield to pressure to exert power beyond my constitutional authority to determine the outcome of the election, and i will not now yield to efforts in the house of representatives to play political games at a time so serious in the life of our nation." it comes as a growing number of republicans are breaking ranks with the president.
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the third most powerful house republican leader, liz cheney, saying she'll vote to impeach the president for inciting last week's violence in the capitol, accusing him of lighting the flame of this attack with his fiery remarks. >> we're going to walk down to the capitol. we will never give up. we will never concede. it doesn't happen. we fight. we fight like hell. and if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore. >> reporter: in a scathing statement, cheney writing, there has never been a greater betrayal by a president of the united states of his office and his oath to the constitution. cheney is the most prominent republican to publicly back impeachment, and the list is growing. >> the president's role in the insurrection is undeniable. i will vote to impeach this account. >> reporter: "the new york times" also reporting senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has told associates he believes the president has committed impeachable 0 finances and --
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offenses and that he is pleased democrats are moving to impeach the president, because that will make it easier to purge mr. trump from the party. nbc news has reached out to the majority leader for comment. meanwhile, a defiant president trump in his first public appearance since the attack, lashing out. >> it's really a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics. it's ridiculous. it's absolutely ridiculous. i think it is causing tremendous danger to our country, and it is causing tremendous anger. i want no violence. >> reporter: earlier, the president was pressed by nbc's kelly o'donnell about his remarks to supporters just before the insurrection began. >> what is your personal responsibility? >> it's been analyzed, and people thought that what i said was totally appropriate. >> reporter: president trump clearly not taking responsibility. meanwhile, house speaker nancy pelosi announcing nine impeachment managers overnight. these are the lawmakers who will argue the democrats' case once the articles go to the senate for a trial. now, the lead manager is congressman raskin, whose son
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recently passed away at age 25. rudy giuliani is among those expected to represent the president in the trial. proceedings as we said already under way this morning. all setting the stage for a final vote possibly later today. the president defiant. savannah? >> kristen, thank you. that brings us to nbc's kasie hunt for more on how the day will play out on her beat on capitol hill. kasie, first of all, it is extraordinary to see any republican defections on an issue like impeachment. what do you expect today? do you think there will be more republicans who go on the cheney side of the ledger and decide that this is a vote, as she said, of conscience and vote yes? >> reporter: it is extraordinary, savannah. yesterday afternoon, tuesday, i was reporting between six and 12 republicans were prepared to vote for impeachment, and that was before we heard from liz cheney and also from mitch mcconnell. since then, we've seen people say publicly they could do it. now, as i'm talking to sources,
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they are looking at what these other republicans are saying. there's a thought, there may be as many as 30 republicans who may be willing to break with the president. the anger is just so raw and at the forefront that many of them think they have no other option, savannah. >> of course, i mean, the vast majority of republicans will vote against impeachment. that we expect. but let's talk about the signal that came out of the senate yesterday. mitch mcconnell, the most powerful man in the senate, maybe the most powerful man in the u.s. right now, reported in "the new york times" that he was pleased that impeachment was going forward, and that he was -- he thought it would be easier than to purge trump, once and for all, from the party. this is the kind of thing that does not happen by accident. >> reporter: that's right, savannah. it absolutely does not. this is the equivalent of white smoke coming out of mitch mcconnell's office, signaling that he is willing to move forward with this trial in a way
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that may result in the conviction of president trump. he's said to potentially be coming down on that side. and if he were to vote to convict president trump here, it's entirely possible, perhaps even likely, that they would get the 16 other republicans to vote to convict. that, of course, would likely also bar president trump from future office for the rest of his life. so this could be the final action that republicans in the senate take, as president trump is on his way out of office. savannah? >> there's real suspense today, what happens on the hill. kasie, appreciate it. meantime with the inauguration a week away, federal authorities are stepping up warnings about potential, new attacks. investigators looking into ongoing threats in washington and all across the country, as dozens of arrests are made in connection with last week's violent riot. nbc's tom costello is following that part of the story for us. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so a week until inauguration, and a lot is happening here in downtown d.c.
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to begin with, 9-foot high fencing is now completely circling the perimeter of the capitol building. we have streets all across downtown d.c. blocked off. i'm going to ask my photographer, andy, to pan over to our left because buildings all around d.c. right now are boarding up to protect their glass facades against any potential further violence. andy, do a 360. go completely behind you. i want to show you, we have national guard troop carriers in the streets that are now blocking the streets. we're told national guard troops who come in here, up to 15,000 of them, will, in fact, be armed. meantime, the fbi processing 100,000 tips, arresting dozens of people. that's only just the beginning. with washington already on high alert, growing concerns this morning that far right extremists may be plotting even more attacks at the capitol and around the country. lawmakers briefed about the security situation are raising the alarm.
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warning of grave concerns about ongoing and violent threats, even with increased security. >> the idea that these people out there are so hostile and deranged, angry, and violent, they'd still be planning these types of attacks knowing what the security presence is like, it tells you something about their intentions and their state of mind, which is, in fact, chilling and harrowing. >> reporter: the new threats ahead of next week's inauguration come as federal prosecutors opened more than 170 cases, charging people for last week's attempted insurrection. the fbi expects to arrest hundreds more in the coming weeks and months. as investigators say they're now just scratching the surface of a mountain of digital evidence. >> regardless of if it was a trespass in the capitol or if someone planted a pipe bomb, you will be charged and you will be found. >> reporter: the fbi warning of armed protests in all 50 states. some states have already begun boarding up capitol buildings and deploying national guard troops.
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but intel officials tell nbc news, chatter about those plans has now shifted in recent days to encrypted messaging platforms. some of them calling for violence against government officials on inauguration day. how big of a threat is the united states facing right now? >> this threat is real. it's present, and the american public should know that law enforcement is working around the clock to make sure that this threat is kept at bay. >> reporter: meanwhile, the incoming senate majority leader is calling on the fbi to add anyone involved in the attack to the national airline no fly list. >> once you're considered a threat to the homeland, you should and must be placed on the no fly list. >> reporter: the fbi says it's considering adding rioters to the no fly list, but the bureau is facing questions about missed intel that could have prevented last week's riot. including an online threat uncovered by the fbi office in norfolk, virginia, that told people going to washington to be ready to fight and "go there ready for war."
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complete with detailed attack plans. >> that information, when my office received that information, we briefed that within 40 minutes to our law enforcement partners. >> reporter: also new this morning, according to senior fbi officials familiar with the matter, intelligence analysts at the fbi did not share the threat assessments picked up online with capitol police beforehand, fearing doing so could have violated free speech protections. >> tom, you pointed out the fbi is looking at all the tapes of the rioters inside the capitol. there are reports a u.s. olympic swimmer, a gold medalist, was seen among the group? >> reporter: "the new york times" and "washington post" are reporting that keller, who was on usa's olympic team, swimming with michael phelps, he has been recognized on video inside the rotunda, and teammates also recognized him, in part, because of how tall he is and he was wearing a usa olympic swimming
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jacket. an olympic jacket. we've reached out to try to confirm that that is him. we have not been able to reach him. he has, it appears, deleted his social media accounts. both "the new york times" and "washington post" reporting it is him, and teammates allegedly also said that's him. we should make one more point. the fbi is encouraging people across the country, if you were in the rotunda or if you were in the capitol illegally, turn yourself in. the charges the people are going to face are potentially carrying up to 20 years in prison. turn yourself in now. guys, back to you. >> tom costello for us at the capitol, thank you. unfortunately, we have a huge other story we're following, the covid crisis. craig joins us for the latest on it. hi, craig. >> savannah, hoda, good morning. good morning to you, as well. both deaths and the number of americans hospitalized with the virus have soared to new records. take a look at this, folks. take a look at the jump in cases. the united states started the year with 20 million. today, that number is nearly 23 million.
7:15 am
that means almost 3 million cases added in less than 2 weeks. this morning, the government is taking new steps to curb the spread. nbc's erin mclaughlin joins us from los angeles with more on that. erin, good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good morning. the cdc has announced new travel restrictions in an attempt to stop new strains of the coronavirus from entering the country. 30 states are now reporting a rise in confirmed covid-19 cases, as the dreaded post holiday surge begins to take hold. this morning, the cdc announcing it will require all passengers to test negative for covid before being allowed into the united states. according to the new rules which go into effect in two weeks, international passengers must be tested within three days of departure. if the passenger does not comply, the airline must deny boarding. it's part of an all-out effort to stop new strains of covid from entering the country. with a more contagious uk
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variant now found in at least 11 states, including most recently, maryland. >> we may have found it faster than other people, but i think it's pretty much everywhere across the country. it's much more contagious. >> reporter: this as a deadly wave of covid-19 crashes across california. >> we had a vision that 2021 would be different, but the fact that it could get worse is kind of unimaginable at this point. >> reporter: in the bay area, icu capacity has dipped below 5%. some hospitals in the north now seeing the kinds of numbers that have plagued the southern part of the state for weeks. >> i think this is the tip of the iceberg. that's my concern, is that we're still on the upswing. >> reporter: at harbor ucla medical center, makeshift isolation rooms are packed with desperately ill patients. oxygen supplies for two are being stretched to four, as medical staff scramble to make it work. >> we have nurses and nursing assistants who are kind of working in teams to try to provide icu care, but many of
7:17 am
the people providing that care are, in fact, not icu-trained personnel. >> reporter: so every day, you're kind of having to make it up as you go? >> it's like puzzles and a jigsaw. we're just moving pieces around, trying to make things fit. >> reporter: the cdc says the travel restrictions are meant to slow the current surge. not only does it require international travelers to get tested before departure, it recommends they get tested three to five days after arrival, as well. they also suggest people self-quarantine for a week. craig? >> erin mclaughlin in los angeles. we should note just ahead, we're going to take a closer look at major, new changes when it comes to who now qualifies for that vaccine, ladies. >> big story, craig. thank you. let us get our first check of the weather. al, good morning. >> good morning, guys. got a coast to coast system going on. it starts out in the pacific with all this moisture, this tropical plume, this atmospheric river. it is a narrow band that comes up and over the cascade ridge.
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what that does is squeeze out all that moisture. snoqualmie pass will have 236 inches of expect a lot of snow wind warnings and advisories, rockies into the plains. alberta clipper comes out of canada, bringing snow for the upper midwest. for tomorrow, that continues east the rain increases into the mid-atlantic by saturday a second low develops along the coast, bringing heavy rain and snow, interior parts of the northeast and new england. snowfall amounts through the upper midwest and the plains, 2 to 6 inches of snow. as we move to the east, we're going to see inland snow somewhere from 2 to 4 inches, from pennsylvania all the way to new england. some isolated 6 inch amounts about an inch to 1/2 inch along the eastern seaboard we're going to get to your local forecast c coming up i in the nt 30 seconds thatat's why i c chose the spk cash card from capital one. cause i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i i bu.
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last year i redeemed $21,000 in cash back... seriouslsly, $21,00000. which i used for new eqequipment, so we can n feed even more dog. thanks to my spark card, we're in over 4,000 stores across the country. what's in your wallet? good morning. i'm kari hall. as we take a live look outside at our sunrise starting out pretty nice. and we'll get a lot of sun in the forecast for today. actually some above normal temperatures reaching in to the mid-60s and this is the kind of weather we'll see throughout the rest of the week into the extended weekend as we reach 70 on sunday. morning temperatures will mostly be in the 40s as we go through the next several days. >> and that is your latest weather. savannah >> al, thank you. coming up, the new security concern, as people with ties to law enforcement and the military
7:20 am
are investigated for taking part in the capitol siege plus, a closer look at what's being done to fix the coronavirus vaccine rollout. what you need to know about the new guidelines just announced, as millions of americans struggle to even book an appointment. a live report from a major vaccine site opening this vaccine site opening this morning, right here in new york. we alwayays have a b big part, it's a b big thing f for us. everyoyone gets totogether... to jusust have funun. the e happy chaoaos... a lot t of noise a and... for meme, i just e enjoy it al. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mamanufacturining plants b by, to s stand for l lower greenee gas ememissions. mamanufacturining plants b by, to s stand with h americans, anand for the e planet. mamanufacturining plants b by, very good morning to you. it is 7:26. here is a look at today's top stories including the new covid vaccine push that is going on. >> reporter: levi stadium could become a mass vaccination site. santa clara county is under pressure to move on to the next tier vaccination that includes those 75 and older. but the cdc wants to include 65 and up. and the county ordered three 65-foot refrigerators to hold bodies of covid victims because four of the hospital morgues are near capacity and three are already full.
7:27 am
and i'm in san ramon, parents and students who attend schools here caravanned their cars outside district headquarters last night honking their horns, trying to send a message that it is time to reopen schools for in-person instruction. the argument being that the virtual classroom is not enough that their kids are fails as a result. and the district says that they can't reopen until covid cases fall to 28 per 100,000 people. right now let's get a look at our mid week forecast with kari hall. >> and we're waking up to a beautiful sunrise and we've seen just a few clouds in the distance as we take a live look outside in walnut creek, but it will be a sunny and warmer day as we reach into the mid to upper 60s. and to the weekend, no rain for the next week.
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and thanks for joining us. another local news update is in half an hour.
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morris in the corner has time to set, read the label, put it up for three. >> all right just when you thought you'd seen everything, take a look at this again. okay he threw up that three pointer did you catch it didn't even catch it go in he just turned his back, like, oh, yeah, i know it is going in. bye, everybody. >> lebron being lebron. >> teammates went crazy after that >> here's the thing, here's what motivated that shot, apparently. he heard a teammate bet him 100 bucks that he wouldn't make it lebron said, quote, a bet didn't official until you look a man in the eye. i had to look him in the eye i turned around, look him in the eye, and said bet, then drained it
7:31 am
makes lebron, lebron. >> didn't wait to watch it sink in may we all have that confidence, right, as we go into our wednesday. morning, everybody 7:30 on a wednesday morning. let's get to the headlines the u.s. government carried out its first execution of a female inmate in nearly seven decades lisa montgomery, the only woman on federal death row, died by lethal injection early this morning she was sentenced to death for the 2004 murder of a pregnant missouri woman supreme court denied a last-ditch effort by her attorneys yesterday who argued their client should not be executed because she was severely mentally ill. michigan's former governor is now facing charges stemming from the flint water crisis. former governor rick snyder, along with his health director and other ex-officials, have been informed they will be charged following a new investigation. the specific charges, though, at this point still unknown flint's water system was contaminated with lead in 2014 after managers switched the city's water to the flint river
7:32 am
in a cost-cutting measure. now, that massive mega millions jackpot we've been telling you about, good news and bad news this morning. the bad news is there were no tickets matching all six numbers in last night's drawing, so no one takes home the prize which brings us, of course, to the good news. the jackpot is on the rise $750 million up for grabs in friday's drawing if you can't manage to wait until then, there's always powerball. that's tonight that drawing worth a cool $550 million. now to a new concern tied to the threats of more extremist violence in washington and at all 50 state capitols. ahead of next week's inauguration. >> as police and the military work to tighten security, there are mounting questions this morning about potential sympathizers in their own ranks. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez is at the michigan state capitol in lansing. hey, gabe. good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. michigan's attorney general tells us that authorities plan
7:33 am
to put up new fencing to protect the state capitol behind me. lansing's mayor is calling on the governor to deploy the national guard across the country, there are also concerns that some in law enforcement may sympathize with the extremists this morning, from virginia to texas to michigan, state capitols are bracing for potentially violent protests this weekend. >> this is not what american democracy looks like. >> reporter: but there's also growing scrutiny of those tasked with keeping the peace police departments from philadelphia to seattle are opening investigations into allegations that some off duty officers may have been involved in last week's insurrection in washington >> if any spd employee participated directly in assaulting the u.s. capitol, i will terminate them >> reporter: officers in virginia and maryland have already been put on leave, and several capitol police officers have been suspended. at least ten more are under investigation. >> clearly, chiefs have got to make sure that every person within the ranks has a clear expectation of their behavior
7:34 am
and is not in any way facilitating or participating in any of these extremist activities. >> reporter: meanwhile, the military's top generals are reminding service members that any act to disrupt the constitutional process is not only against our traditions, values, and oath, it is against the law. several people involved in last week's attack had served in the military, including jake angeli, who became one of the faces of the riot, donning a fur hat and horns. he served two years in the navy. larry rendall brock jr. is a retired air force officer. they've both been arrested officer ashli babbitt was shot and killed by police during the chaos. concerns over far right extremists are especially tense here in michigan where armed militia members crowded into the capitol last april to protest covid lockdown restrictions. michigan's attorney general says some officers sympathized with that movement. >> you'll see a number of law
7:35 am
enforcement agents who were taking selfies with the individuals that had taken over the capitol. so is it a concern to me it is a concern. >> gabe, she's very concerned, michigan's attorney general we just heard from. she's saying their capitol is not safe why not? >> reporter: hoda, just this week, michigan banned open carry of firearms inside the state capitol, but concealed carry is still allowed. michigan's attorney general said the move didn't go far enoug because you might remember last year the armed militia members that came into the capitol, some of them were later arrested, months later, for the alleged plot to kidnap michigan's governor hoda >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. coming up next, we'll go back to the covid crisis and the major changes to expand the vaccine rollout and make shots available to more americans. >> but people who do qualify are finding it's not so simple to get one. we are live with a closer look at the confusion, coming up right afteter this
7:36 am
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7:40 am
we are back. 7:39 on this wednesday morning with our series "vaccinating america. this morning, what's being done to speed up that rollout >> new federal guidelines were just announced to make more doses available to more americans. but people still have a lot of questions when it comes to getting that shot in the arm. >> that's right. nbc's stephanie gosk is at a distribution center opening here in new york, a big one stephanie, good morning. the javits center in midtown >> reporter: hey, good morning, savannah yeah, it is a big one. javits center doors are starting to open. the vaccinations will happen soon this space was used as a field hospital in the spring those new federal guidelines have significantly increased the number of people who qualify for a vaccine. but being eligible for a vaccine and actually getting one are two different things "operation warp speed" says the country is ready for the next phase, urging states to start
7:41 am
vaccinating every adult 65 or older, as well as people with pre-existing conditions. >> with the case counts we face now, there is absolutely no time to waste we need doses going to where they'll be administered quickly and where they'll protect the most vulnerable. >> reporter: federal officials say they are confident pfizer and moderna will come through with the supply needed, announcing that vaccines being held back to ensure enough second doses will now be released instead what about the people at home saying, wow, you know, i'm 67. now i qualify. fantastic. when am i going to get it? >> yeah. i think if you're above 65, you absolutely should be, ideally, able to get it in the upcoming few weeks. states need vaccination sites, they need vaccinators. there's a bunch of work to be done. >> reporter: there are already signs of trouble with the first wave of vaccinations the cdc says only 9.3 million doses have actually been given, out of more than 27 million distributed. frustration and confusion is a common theme
7:42 am
a caregiver in georgia struggling to schedule an appointment. >> such poor planning. i mean, seriously. i called again this morning, starting at 8:30, 194 times on my cell phone, and never got through. >> reporter: this couple in upstate new york, who are now eligible themselves, still can't get vaccines for their 90-year-old parents. >> it is confusing it's confusing the process of getting to a website for an elderly person is confusing and making the arrangements confusing. >> stephanie, the federal government now is releasing those second doses that had been being held off and safeguarded so that there would be enough for folks to get that second dose now, they're saying let them all out at once. why are folks, the officials, so confident there's going to be enough >> reporter: well, savannah, they're getting good news from
7:43 am
the pharmaceutical companies about the production of the vaccine. they say that just as notable as the development of the vaccine has been this manufacturing process. pfizer now says the company is on target to manufacture 2 billion doses in 2021. that's about double their original projection for this year so it's pretty good news on that front. savannah >> it is stephanie, thank you very much hopefully soon, they'll be able to flood the zone, you know, and people can get the vaccines they so badly need. >> absolutely. speaking of someone eligible for a vaccine, mr. roker. >> thank you for pointing that out. >> i'm just saying it is great news. >> thank you very much okay [ laughter ] anyway, 30 degrees above average in the plains. feeling like fall. look at this bismarck, 55 degrees 30 degrees above average wichita, 64. 41 in chicago. tomorrow that all moves east buffalo, 41. eight degrees above average. raleigh, warmer than usual, nashville, as well don't get used to it we have an arctic blast coming in on friday morning look at some of the temperatures
7:44 am
the plains will feel like 4. rapid city, 12, omaha. 23 in chicago. tulsa, 25. saturday morning that moves east where we will have windchills anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees bismarck, it'll feel like 6. pittsburgh, 23 then as we look ahead into the weekend, you can see those temperatures really chilly 33 in buffalo by sunday. 41 in new york city and 48 in charlotte. only 41 degrees on saturday in nashville. that's what's going on around the country. good morning. i'm kari hall. as we take a look at our high temperatures for today, it will reach into the mid-60s and this is for the inland areas. we'll see low 40s over the next few day, but notice no rain in the forecast going into next week. a lot of people have an extended weekend, so it is looking pretty good in through monday, tuesday we're still looking at highs in the upper 60s while san francisco will also go on a warming trend.
7:45 am
>> and that's your latest weather. savannah >> all right, al thank you so much. coming up next, positive tests, canceled games. covid troubles in the nba now. will new bubble-like restrictions be enough to keep players on the court first, these messages. it's time for the lowest pricices of the e season on ththe sleep nunumber 36360 smart bebed. you can n adjust youour conforort on both h sides... your sleleep number r settin. can it helelp me falll asleepep faster? yes, by y gently warming yoyour feet. but,t, can it hehelp keep meme ? absolulutely, it i intelligeny senseses your movevements ad automaticacally adjuststs to kekeep you bototh effortrtlessly comomfortabl. wiwill it helplp me keepep up with m mom? you u got this.. so, , you can rereally prpromise betttter sleep?? not promisise... proveve. and d now duringng the lowet pricices of the e season, the queeeen sleep nunumber 30 c2 smartrt bed is ononly $89. only foror a limiteded time.o learn momore, go too research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that libertrty mutual c customizes your h home insurarance, herere's one thahat'll rereally take e you back.. it's custotomized homeme insurae from libiberty mutuaual! only p pay for whahat you ne. ♪ l liberty. liliberty. liberty.y. liberty. . ♪
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♪ can i wrwrite off ththe wifi in my son'n's treehoususe? ifif that's whwhere you gegt your f freelancingng done, theh. thank yoyou! file witith the helplp of an ex. or, , let an expxpert file f fo. intuit tururbotax liveve we are back. mr. daly is here. >> hello, guys we've been talking a lot about the coronavirus this morning, and now the nba is dealing with its own challenges from the virus. a cluster of cases that has several teams struggling to even get out on the court >> yeah, now the league is putting just a full-court press on to try to stop the spread sam brock is down in miami with details on all of it hey, sam. >> reporter: guys, good morning. look, you know, the nba now is hitting a rough patch, and it's not like the nfl where teams play once a week nba teams can play three to four times a week
7:50 am
if there's not strict adherence to safety protocols things can go south in a hurry. six games postponed so far the league is trying to prevent more >> williamson throws it down. >> reporter: the nba season outside a bubble is off to a very bumpy start teams like the boston celtics, miami heat, and washington wizards are struggling to come up with the minimum eight players just to compete. >> if one player tests positive for covid-19, it can literally take down half of an entire roster. >> reporter: that problem is playing out in real time with the wizards/jazz game scheduled for tonight already postponed. the wizards shutting down practice. >> we have to just always focus on the safety of our players and staff and family that's more important to me than playing the game. >> for three, yes! >> reporter: the heat and sixers did square off last night, but both teams missing key players because of covid. >> we're not in a bubble i don't care how many times we
7:51 am
call it a bubble. >> reporter: now, with infections on the rise, the nba is breaking out bubble-like regulations for at least the next two weeks players and team staff must remain at their residence when in their home markets at all times, except for team and essential activities on the road, similar rules apply. non-team guests at the hotel are now banned even pregame meetings are limited to no more than ten minutes. some players bracing for the new boundaries. >> you come home from practice, come home from a game, and there's not much to do on top of that, they're restricting more and more. >> nice pass >> reporter: but it's better than sinking a season. in a statement, an nba spokesperson tells nbc news, we anticipated there would be game postponements this season and planned the schedule accordingly. there are no plans to pause the season, and we will continue to be guided by our medical experts and health and safety protocols. and the nba also announced the
7:52 am
ban on extended socializing. players spending time together less than 6 feet apart take a look at this photograph this is jayson tatum of the celtics and bradley beal of the washington wizards both all-star. two of the top 20 players in the league, maybe better than that good friends and buddies, standing there shoulder to shoulder, no masks on. that only went on for a minute or two, but tatum later tested positive for covid bradley beal had to then sit out a game the nba trying to crack down what's going on not just during play, before and after, as well. back to you. >> sam brock in miami. we spent time with commissioner adam silver two weeks ago, and he all but acknowledged this was going to happen. the reason it worked last season, they were all in the bubble. >> it makes sense to, you know -- for the after games, you know, giving the high fives, getting close, makes sense to put those rules in place >> wow >> sam, thanks for the story appreciate it. coming up, we have a new video from j.lo. >> oh! >> brand-new i had to use a password to get into it myself this morning. i'll have it coming up. >> exciting.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
aveeno®® healthy.. it's o our naturee™. to improrove skin's s resilie. good morning. we're getting ready for today's impeachment vote. coverage begins later this morning and you can link to a live feed from our home page. and i'm in front of youtube headquarters, this company just the latest bay area tech company to disrupt donald trump's online presence. this after they removed one of his surveillance video i don'ts from youtube. and then forbid him fr posting videos the next seven days. this is after twitter permanently suspended the president. and time to check the forecast with kari hall. a nce day ahead.
7:57 am
>> yes, and take a look at this sunrise that we're getting across the south bay. we'll see a lot more sunshine today and warming temperatures too. it will be well above normal as we reach into the low to mid-60s. still watching out for the dangerous waves along the coastline before the inland area, it will be clear and sunny, morning temperatures starting out in the low 40s and this weekend, reaching 70 and still dry. looks like safe to wash my car. thanks. another update in half an hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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[80's musisic] whatat? i was anan 80's kid. it only gegets better r whenu switchch and save e with gei. it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, all eyes on washington house democrats preparing to impeach the president for the second time. a growing number of republicans breaking ranks to vote for impeachment. >> it's really a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics. >> we're live with everything you need to know then shot of hope. as coronavirus cases continue to rise, how states are working to distribute millions of vaccines. >> our goal is by july 4, to have at least 70% of our population vaccinated. >> this morning, how the happiest place on earth is dolling out doses. plus, teachers on the front
8:01 am
lines. we'll hear from educators across the country about what it's like to teach during the pandemic >> what we're doing right now, even in remote learning, is, in fact, working. >> how they're finding inspiration in staying hopeful for the future and suiting up with justin we'll catch up with justin timberlake about his new film, as the star joins us live. today, wednesday, january 13th, 2021 >> it's a big day for ben. >> i'm turning 10! >> today, praise god, i celebrate my 60th birthday with my husband, randall. ♪ dance, dance, dance ♪ >> hello from illinois. >> it's my birthday today! ♪ can't stop the feeling so jus dance, dance, dance ♪ >> good morning. welcome back to "today." nice to have you with us wednesday morning, smack dab in the middle of the week. >> hump day. >> so fun to see all the well wishes happy birthday
8:02 am
happy everything we do have a real busy morning, so shall we get to the news at 8:00 >> let's get it started. with one week left in his term, the president is facing impeachment today for the second time vice president mike pence last night refused to invoke the 25th amendment to force the president out, setting up today's impeachment vote "weekend today" co-host and chief white house correspondent kristen welker joins us with the latest good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah. good morning to you. it is a somber morning here at the white house, with president trump poised to become the first president ever to be impeached twice. overnight, vice president pence, as you say, savannah, rejecting the democrats' demands to remove the president from office by using the 25th amendment now, it comes as a growing number of republicans are breaking ranks with mr. trump. in fact, the third most powerful house republican leader, liz cheney, saying she will vote to impeach the president for inciting last week's violence at the capitol. as of this morning, at least four other gop lawmakers are joining her.
8:03 am
democratic congressman jason crow saying earlier he believes there's even more support among republicans, but some fear for their safety take a listen. >> i talked to over a dozen that said they know we need to do this, that we should do this, that many of them admitted that donald trump is dangerous and he needs to leave office as quickly as possible, but they actually are fearing for their own lives. they told me this, that they fear for their own safety. >> reporter: now, "the new york times" is reporting that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has told associates he believes the president has committed impeachable offenses as for today, the house is expected to start debate in just a few hours with a final vote expected later today savannah >> kristen, thank you very much. of course, nbc news will bring you the very latest from washington as it happens throughout the day on these stations. now to the latest on the covid fight. with more doses of the vaccine available, many states are trying to make it easier for people to get the vital shot this morning, in california,
8:04 am
disneyland has been transformed into a vaccination supersite it is part of the state's goal of vaccinating 1 million residents by this weekend. here's nbc's gadi schwartz >> reporter: nearly a year after the coronavirus shut down disneyland, the happiest place on earth is reopening its doors. the magic kingdom offering a shot of hope, becoming a super point of distribution vaccine site the location is eventually expected to vaccinate up to 20,000 people a day. >> our goal is by july 4 to have at least 70% of our population vaccinated you can see the massiveness of the task. >> reporter: these tents will soon become medical field sites. the county asking for volunteers to help, joining a team of trained paramedics and emts. >> it helps when you have a provider, a host like disney it's a great name, and it's instant recognition. so it is a big deal. >> reporter: for months, the magic kingdom has gone head-to-head with the state, fighting to reopen during the
8:05 am
pandemic now, disneyland is joining forces with state health authorities, saying, in part, after a year in which so many of our community faced unprecedented hardship and uncertainty, there is now reason for optimism >> i know it can't go fast enough get out of the freezer and into people's arms, these vaccines. now dolling out doses, too end of the week, dodger stadium expected to be administering 12,000 shots a day petco park in san diego is aiming to vaccinate 35,000 people a week. similar scenes are starting to play out all across the country. >> we know that this is our shot of hope, to get through the pandemic >> reporter: outside boston, gillette stadium, home to the new england patriots, will soon be home to massachusetts' first mass vaccination site. as amusement parks and sports arenas come together to save lives. for "today," gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. >> good to see that. meanwhile this morning, an
8:06 am
integral part of the excitement will be back at this year's masters golf tournament. the war of the fans. augusta national says that a limited number of spectators will be allowed at the masters in april with covid safeguards, like masks and mandatory testing. the club did not say, however, how many tickets will be available or how those tickets will be distributed. you might remember last year's delayed tournament was held in november without live spectators all right. guys, we got the news covered. would you like a boost >> yes. >> here we go. all right. waiting to be accepted by your dream college can be one of the most anxious times in a young person's life. check out what happens when this student in kentucky logs on to see if he got into duke university >> oh, man oh, man. >> status update >> status update. >> it said welcome, and i was like, oh oh >> oh! let's go
8:07 am
i got into duke! let's go oh, my god i got into duke! let's go let's go oh, my god look at this i'm in i'm in >> oh, yeah, he's in that, by the way, was his sister she's there for moral support, to celebrate him that's a moment. that's a moment right there. >> happy blue devil. good for him >> wow coming up next, it's a story that every parent needs to see it's our eye-opening look at teaching in the pandemic >> on my seventh hour of screen time today i can't even imagine how my students are feeling >> teachers from across the country working both online and in classrooms, getting real about the challenges, their concerns, and how they're finding creative ways to connect with their kids. first, these messages. ♪ you're not using too much are you hon?
8:08 am
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8:12 am
we are back with our special series, "teachers on the front lines. carson joins us once again. >> yeah, guys. we all have kids in school right now, so we know about the challenges on our end as parents, but what about the men and women who are tasked with teaching our kids? ten months now into the pandemic, how are they holding up >> it is a good question so we sent investigator consumer correspondent vicky nguyen to look into it and talk to folks good morning. >> good morning. like many of our front line workers, teachers are under pressure like never before they're balancing personal worries about their safety and learning how to teach as the rules keep changing. the good news, the vaccines are on the way, and some states are now fast-tracking teachers to protect them this morning, a firsthand look at how our teachers are coping >> today was one of those days where i had to dig deep. >> i'm definitely reaching a breaking point >> i'm exhausted >> it's been a heck of a week,
8:13 am
deciding at the very last minute that we will switch to virtual learning. >> reporter: teachers sharing video diaries of what it feels like day to day, teaching during this pandemic. >> currently on my seventh hour of screen time today i can't even imagine how my students are feeling >> almost every day since march has been like this >> reporter: cornelius minor is a middle schoolteacher in brooklyn, new york. >> at first, it was the terror of covid-19 itself and the massive loss of life it felt like it was the reality, that in the eyes of the state, not all of our lives matter. now, it's this, that the very democracy upon which our educations rest and upon which our nation rests is not just being questioned by folks but attacked by folks. every day, teaching feels incredibly heavy. >> reporter: we spoke with four public schoolteachers from across the country to learn how they're teaching through it all. show of hands, how many of you are actually worried about your own health in contracting
8:14 am
coronavirus? you all are. >> when we started the first day of school with kids in person, we still didn't have the cleaning supplies. we're told we had to go buy our own spray bottles. >> my individual health has to come first me. ing remote is important to >> reporter: how many of you have had students who contracted the coronavirus? all of you >> it's really alarming because where my school is at, it is also considered a hot sp. >> reporter: some are returning to the classroom despite concerns about their own health. do you feel like you're being presented with a very tough, almost impossible choice >> i do. we are in the position where we're choosing our life over our livelihood no one should be put in that position >> reporter: long term, they worry the pandemic can make the current teacher shortage even worse. have any of you considered leaving teaching as a profession because of these challenges? all of you a survey taken last august found
8:15 am
28% of educators said the pandemic made them more likely to leave teaching. >> i was increasingly concerned about being exposed to the coronavirus. >> reporter: andrea murphy taught high school psychology in mesa, arizona, for 27 years. last october, after teaching in person for three weeks, she made the toughest decision of her career >> i found myself becoming more stressed, more concerned, and physically ill then i realized that maybe i just needed to retire now. >> reporter: what currently worries you the most as a teacher? >> my fear is that by putting all this pressure on kids, we are not giving them the space that they need. >> there's extreme amount of pressure for all of us to outperform with no resources, and i think that that's pretty ridiculous >> reporter: but teachers are finding inspiration from support groups online and using their creativity to keep kids engaged.
8:16 am
♪ whether it is dressing in costume. >> sometimes i need to become a greek warrior. >> reporter: dancing or producing a virtual sing-a-long. ♪ teachers tell us what keeps them going is what got them started, the joy of seeing students light up when they learn >> what we're doing right now, even in remote learning, is, in fact, working. >> i'm feeling hopeful >> today was a great day >> look, i think we always knew teachers were important, but this pandemic has really highlighted the work that they are doing. as a parent of three young girls in school myself, we can't thank our teachers enough. we talk about these vaccines some are getting them sooner than first anticipated the teachers union in new york city announced a program to speed up and expand access to vaccines for its nearly 200,000 members. today is the first day new york city educators will be getting the vaccines.
8:17 am
>> you made a good point there while the piece was running. you said teachers want to be heard. they want you to know they are going through something in this moment i think us as parents, it's like, we want to help them we want to do something. is there something you think parents can do to help out teachers >> yes, absolutely the teachers have told us, become an advocate for your teachers get involved in the school board meetings, even if it is virtually. volunteer if you can help fundraise teachers told me that even if you can send an email telling them a child's success story, that makes them go a long way. it fills their emotional bank, right? so those are little things you can do they don't even cost money make a big difference in letting teachers know they're valued, appreciated, and respected. >> say thank you, basically. >> every parent who has tried to help their kid learn at home. >> of course. >> is appreciating what teachers do more than ever. it's so hard. >> teachers were underappreciated before the pandemic >> grossly underpaid >> absolutely. >> i walked in yesterday, del
8:18 am
was on his mat doing p.e i said, this is remarkable virtual, 12 kids they pivot like that >> that's one of my favorite classes now. 45 minutes of physical activity. thank you, teachers. we need it. >> thank you, vicky. by the way, sheinelle jones also held her own online roundtable with teachers, coast to coast, talking about the tough choices they've had to make and whether they thought they'd be able to get the vaccine. she'll have that story coming up in about 45 minutes on the "3rd hour of today. >> it's a good conversation, so let's keep it going. let's get a check of the weather, al. >> as we take a look now, we have wet weather making its way with snowy weather in the pacific northwest. also a clipper getting ready to come out of alberta and come into parts of the u.s. 30-degree temperatures 30s from the great lakes to the northeast and new england. only warm weather in southern florida and california with temperatures in the 70s. relatively quiet today windy conditions through the plains today the chinook winds. high surf advisory
8:19 am
central california coast cold and dry in the northeast. rainy down in the central and southern part of florida that's what's going on around i'm meteorologist kerry hall, as we check out what to expect over the next seven days. a lot of sunshine, cool mornings and warm afternoons. it will feel like spring around the bear, especially as we head into the weekend with our temperatures going into the mid-60s to 70s on sunday. in san francisco upper 50s today. also looking at sunshine here and into the long weekend. our weather stays very mild. yo% >> and that is your latest weather. best part of the day now >> here we go. >> carson? first up on "pop start," this morning, good morning, everybody. jennifer lopez we got a first look at her brand-new music video for "in the morning. though it is early, this might be the most glamorous thing you ♪ if you lo see all day.
8:20 am
♪ if you love m say it in the morning not just in the evening only when you want my body want my body ♪ ♪ baby, love me like you mean ♪ baby, love me like you mean i not just in the evenin only when you want my body want my body ♪ >> wow. >> great singer, great actor, great dancer, has the ability to stop time at age 51. what can't j.lo do incredible >> she actually put one on her instagram where she had a picture of her in the morning, just woke up. one glammed up and cutting between. >> she stopped time at, like, 25. >> imagine the bracket of stopping time, celebrity edition. it's j.lo and gwen stefani. >> yeah. >> that's it. >> that's a tough bracket right there. next up, aaron rodgers "jeopardy" superfan. when he's not winning games fo the green bay packers, rodgers tunes in for the beloved game show competing on the show in the past rodgers revealed he will be guest hosting an upcoming
8:21 am
episode of the show. >> one of my idols growing up was alex trebek. being able to be on "jeopardy" years ago, even though my wardrobe outfit wasn't the greatest choice. >> doesn't matter. everybody dresses very bad on that show. >> they're doing some guest hosting spots, and it's going to be released pretty soon, but i have the opportunity to do one of those. >> let's go! >> for those wondering if aaron rodgers is qualified to follow in alex trebek's footsteps and guest host the show, not only when he was on did he win as a contestant, he destroyed the competition. >> leader of the pack, $400. >> in 1911, roald amundsen led four sleds, 52 dogs to this spot, that's far south but not warm aaron? >> what is the south pole. >> correct aaron? >> who is alexander the great. >> correct aaron? >> what is mt. everest. >> right aaron again.
8:22 am
>> who is custer >> george armstrong custer you got him. >> boom. >> how about that? >> wow. >> aaron rodgers >> get your jaw off the floor. >> impressive. >> al talented guy. "sex and the city. as we told you earlier this week the limited series is coming back as "just like that. sarah jessica parker, nixon, and davis coming back. samantha, kim cattrall, is not coming back. she sent a subtle message by liking a fan's supportive tweet, reading, "i am saddened that samantha will not return, i applaud doing what is best for you and think this is a great example, putting yourself first. well done, kim cattrall. other "sex and the city" fans have been a little more direct with their opinions on why kim cattrall isn't coming back one instagram user saying, parker and cattrall dislike each other, which prompted a response from sarah jessica parker. reading, no, i don't dislike her. i never said that and never would. samantha isn't part of this story, but she'll always be a part of us
8:23 am
no matter where we are or what we're doing. there's that maybe one day we'll get a scoop of what's going on, when they do a reunion show one day. finally, if anything, 2020 was a year of streaming tv shows and movies we have a top ten list, ranked by minutes watched in 2020 nielsen putting together a top 10 list and ranking them by most watched in minutes the most streamed original series was "ozark. 30.5 billion minutes watched "tiger king" at numb fouer one of the shows that spread through word of mouth. "mandalorian" rolledut in the top five >> this is the way. >> one of your favs. >> little grogu. >> grogu, i love you so much. >> one of the shows to watch >> finale is so good. >> we watched ted lasso, another pretty good one. not 100% for all the kids, but it is a good -- it is pretty clean. >> on apple? >> that is a good one. >> with jason sudeikis. >> luke cage on netflix. unbelievable. >> really? >> yeah.
8:24 am
>> when it came to acquired series, "the office" notched over 57 billion minutes streamed it is on peacock now from our parent company nbc universal fan-favorite "schitt's creek." also making the top five this is a big one. you like this one? >> i like that one during the pandemic, i needed funny. i watched that. >> it won, like, every award. >> sure. >> home run. >> when it came to movies, the kids run our households. "frozen 2" streamed the most, followed by "moana," "secret life of pets 2," and "hamilton." made that list craig, you're good for a fifth of those. >> easily a fifth. there was one point i'd walk in every day, and del was on the couch. not just watching, but singing along, word for word >> some of those words are a little rough. >> well, we tried to -- yeah don't forget about our "start today" series you'll hear from peloton instructor and my life coach alex toussaint later this week he deserves all the love he'll get. incredible instructor with an
8:25 am
inspiring story himself. this guy went from mopping floors at a gym to now being a beloved peloton icon and on his way to greatness we'll share that journey with you on friday. i said, if you take alex's class, music is a huge, important part of it i'm helping him curate the list for our ride on thursday for the workout. we've been collaborating together i have been dropping a couple. we did "i'm a boss." "middle child" yesterday today is "ante up. this is a 20-year-old classic, new york underground hip hop anthem m.o.p. shoutout, brooklyn m.o.p. the guys are great this is a song lik talk about the minute it came out, it was beloved. anything you're doing, if you're on a marathon and you don't think you can make it just to the finish line, play that song. i promise you. next tp like, "eye of thtiger" >> you are selling to >> i love when you take us back to your trl days.
8:26 am
>> let's go. how many time do we have "ante up." shout out loud records straight ahead, new movie getting buzz guess who will be with us live justin timberlake and his equally impressive young co-star. they're with us after your local good morning, it's 8:26. san mateo county health leaders today plan to hold a virtual meeting about vaccinations to make sure the process is fair. the county has the bay area's only drive-thru vaccination clinic, now entering its third day at the event center in san mateo. meanwhile, safeway pharmacists will help vaccinate 5,000 in-home health care workers. they approved the plan for 11 safeway pharmacies county wide. we're seeing a lot of sunshine start out today and it's going to be a nice afternoon, in fact warming up
8:27 am
into the mid-60s across the bay area. we're still watching out for dangerous waves across the coastline but the inland areas, no concerns. we continue to warm up until the end of the weekend as well as weekend. check out the peak of our temperatures reaching 70 sunday and we're still looking at warmth into early next week as our drive weather continues. san francisco expect highs in the upper 50s and then 60s over the next several days and also milder morning temperatures at least going into the weekend as well as early next week. pretty quiet here, scott. >> sounds like it, kari. we'll have another local news update in a half hour, and always at
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is 8:30 now it's a wednesday morning it is the 13th day of january, 2021 we are excited we are excited because we have justin timberlake. >> j.t. >> live. he's going to talk about his new movie. he has a talented co-star. he steals a lot of scenes, ryder. he is making his big film debut. we'll talk to justin and ryder. >> look at justin. we can't believe you're on the show either.
8:31 am
>> we're shocked >> yeah, there you go. he's like in a hostage video right now. all right. we'll talk to him in a little bit. >> ryder is ready. >> ryder is pumped >> scene-stealer is ready to do his thing. then jill martin you know how i love her. she has steals and deals in beauty and wellness. she's going to help us upgrade our self-care routine, carson. self-care in the new year. >> i like that. >> hostage video, i like that. 30 minutes from now, we'll start the "3rd hour of today." coming up, a young man who never got the chance to live out his military dream, but now his parents are honoring him by creating a legacy that they hope will carry on for generations. it's a really cool story we'll have that for you. guys, tomorrow on "today," our good buddy, gwen stefani, looking forward to catching up with gwen. she'll be performing her newest hit. that's tomorrow. 31 minutes past the hour mr. roker, a check of the weather? >> we'll look ahead to the weekend. never too early to do that
8:32 am
we look at friday. nice snowstorm getting itsel together, coming through the great lakes and northern plains. santa ana winds setting up for southern california. mild in the east saturday, heavy rain along the northeast coast. snow showers back through the great lakes and appalachians warm and dry out west. sunday, sunday, lake-effect snow starts firing up around the great lakes. look for some more snow coming into the plains. very mild through the southwest into southern california sunshine from the gulf coast into the southeastern atlantic that's what's going on around good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's head over to the east bay with a live look outside in walnut creek. we are still seeing some clouds here and there but we're looking at a lot more sunshine in this forecast, and warmer temperatures. we're going to feel more like spring across the bay area as we head close to 70 degrees for the end of the week into the weekend. but we do need rain and we don't see any of it as we head into the beginning of next week.
8:33 am
san francisco will be warming as well. >> that is your latest weather the nhl returning to the ice tonight. the puck drops on a new season with a triple-header of action on nbc sn. coverage begins at 5:30 eastern. >> wow, that was quick >> al, thank you. coming up, one face you'll recognize, and one that's brand-new to the big screen. both adorable. >> adorbs. we have justin timberlake and his new co-star. >> look ryder. at s offersrs california phonene free s specializeded phon. like c cordless phph, - (phone r ringing) - big butttton, and volulume-enhanceced phones. geget detailss on this s state progogram. call or visitt
8:34 am
8:35 am
now calilifornia phohones offefers free dedevices and accessssories fofor your mobobile phone.e. likeke this devivice to increrease volumeme on your cecell phone.. - ( phone e ringing )) - get detailils on thisis state prorogram call or visit 8:35 looky, looky, looky. look at who is joining us. justin timberlake, who stars in a new film called "palmer. it is out later this month look at little 8-year-old ryder allen. we'll know his name. very first film. we're happy to have ryder with us >> justin plays eddie palmer, a
8:36 am
former football star recently released from prison while readjusting into society, he relung -- reluctantly finds himself caring for a young boy and happens to learn a thing or two for himself take a look. >> can i get it? >> what about being peter the prince or pirate? >> i want to be penelope the princess. >> you can't be a princess pick something else. >> why emily is going as a princess. >> emily is a girl. >> so? >> come here look at me some costumes are made for girls, and some are made for boys now, it don't mean you can't wear it. you can. but kids are mean. especially when they see something that they ain't used to seeing. >> justin, good morning. ryder, good morning. welcome to the "today" show, both of you. justin, i saw the trailer for this i'm going to give it my five kleenex box rating i think there will be tears.
8:37 am
do you agree >> the film is very, very emotional, yes it was a really special script i remember when i first read it and felt like it was just timely and had so much heart. i was really, really thrilled to be able to make this movie >> well, in real life, obviously, you're a dad, so did you draw on some of those real-life instincts when you were taking care of ryder? >> sure. i mean, i think even with generations before me, i thought of my grandfather. i thought of my father i thought of my experiences being a dad, as well they definitely -- there was a
8:38 am
lot in the tank to draw from. >> all right enough of you, buddy oughenf the j.t. let's get to thetar s the show, der.ry >> absolutely. >> you are so good in this movie, man congratulations. it's your first movie. what was it like working with justin timberlake? did you know he was a big star >> um, actually, at first, i had no idea who justin timberlake was. but -- >> we're aging me. >> huh >> keep going, ryder you got it ignore him keep going >> anyway, so it was amazing working with justin, i think, obviously. one of the best parts about working with justin is the experience that i got with him all the notes, all the jokes, all the just experience. including, i think, which is a day-to-day friendship between
8:39 am
us so really great time filming with him, still even a great time seeing him. so he is my best friend. best movie friend, hello really just great working with him. >> well, j.t., you obviously had to climb out of that -- i have no idea who you are thing with ryder -- but you've more than made up for it you have best friend status right there. you must have fallen in love with this kid. you know, ryder has a ton of talent >> thank you >> yeah. thanks for aging me up on that one, guys, on the first part no, no ryder and i, we tested, you know, a big group of young actors, and i remember from the
8:40 am
first moment that fisher stevens, director, and myself, within about two minutes of testing ryder, there was just so much soul and something that just came out of this young -- this young boy that we just knew he was really, really special. he really brings it home in the movie. working every day, we really -- you know, ryder and i have a lot of inside jokes. we created a real bond it was a really special experience, for everyone all the actors were fantastic. yeah, i feel like ryder is my -- that's my little buddy right there. >> well, j.t., so much buzz on the movie. you can't make that stuff up, so congrats it's been sitting around for a minute in the pandemic it's out, and we're excited for people to see it also, i'm going to ask you about maybe some breaking news you're excited about the film coming out, but you're going to
8:41 am
be performing at the inauguration, called "celebrating america." what can you tell us about that? >> yeah. i'm super excited about that yeah, between the film and the inauguration, it feels like, hopefully, the theme of 2021 is redemption you know so, yeah, i'm very excited there's a song that i wrote with a new artist, who was just nominated for a grammy, ant clemons. we wrote a song called "better days," and we're going to be performing it at the inauguration incredibly excited what an honor. we got a phone call to be asked for that, and i was like, ah, yes. >> the answer is yes >> our friend john bon jovi, also performing. demi lovato. tom hanks will host this
8:42 am
90-minute special that will be on most of the networks. >> a fun way to end, justin. we were talking about song writing. you were talking about this, and i was thinking about carson. when i watched a little clip of you, you were talking about, on a radio show, how the song "sexyback" came to be. i just want to show this clip. we're just going to take you back take a look. >> okay. >> so he's -- and i was like, oh, i already know how i'm coming in on this. what you gonna say i do, i just go like this. i'm bringing sexyback. he goes, yeah! never forget this moment he's - i was like, oh, i already know how i'm coming in on this. the beat is playing. what you gonna say hmm, hmm i'll go like this, i'm bringing sexyback he goes, yeah. >> is it that easy >> it's tiktok, i get it. >> some songs take days, and some songs are a moment.
8:43 am
they all kind of happen in different ways the backstory to that song was i was listening to david bowie's "rebel, rebel" for a few days. for whatever reason, the feeling that i got from that song, you know, obviously, the songs sound completely different, but the feeling i got from that song was some of the bravado that i think came out when i was listening to what my longtime collaborator, timbaland, was working on, on his drum machine yeah, i don't know sometimes you just black out sometimes you just black out and something happens. >> it's fun to look at the process, justin. thank you so much. >> and, ryder, we are so happy to meet you. >> go, ryder. >> yup, thank you so much. the movie, "palmer," premieres friday, january 29th you can find it on apple tv
8:44 am
plus thank you, guys. >> later, j.t. appreciate you, buddy. >> ryder, i'll facetime you later. >> nice seeing you what >> i said i'll facetime you later, buddy >> hello, america! >> there you go. >> wait, i thought he was talking to us. no >> you can catch that specia inauguration, "celebrating america," event next wednesday on nbc. >> how cute is ryder next, jill martin is turning your home into a spa a batch of steals and deals to help you relax and renew your help you relax and renew your look in 2021 ♪♪ ♪ oh, this is how it starts ♪ ♪ ligightning strtrikes the h ♪ ♪ the d day has jusust begun ♪ ♪ brighteter than thehe sun ♪ ♪ o oh, we coululd be the s st♪ ♪ f falling frorom the sky y ♪ ♪ shinining how we e want ♪ ♪ bririghter thanan the sun ♪ oroweaeat bread. gatherering, bakiking and delelivering the goododness of nanature... from onene generatioion to t the next and from s seed to slilice.
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8:46 am
we're back with more of our "start today" steals and deals. >> all right we're excited. we have "today" lifestyle and commerce contributor jill martin with us, to share some of the best buys in beauty that will elevate your wellness routine in 2021. >> folks, don't forget that my microphone is not on the qr code is at the bottom of the screen. >> don't get so close. 6 feet, buddy. >> you broke my bubble
8:47 am
i haven't had the shot yet >> i'll take it away from here that was about the qr code, which is at the bottom of the screen what an interview i'm following because i'm going to help brin sexyback as justin said, after a tough 2020 many of us are looking to relax and renew our self-care routines in 2021 i have a few of my favorite products to pamper yourself. let's get started with thi mud mask set i tried everything i'm wearing now if i look refreshed. the mud mask set, retail is $76. the company is rooted in therapeutic benefits and believes you should be able to get the royal treatment at home. it is derived from mud in italian thermal springs. inspired by italian spa culture, the mud masks deeply purify and exfoliates skin without drying it out the brand says you will see
8:48 am
results in just two to five minutes. i definitely felt refreshed in the five minutes set includes two masks, and both are great to use on your face. also used it on my body. retail, $76. the deal, $25. that's 67% off next up, the jeffrey joutine. four products for morning and night. the wash, toner, serum, and botanical refresh, renew, renewal skin care set. retail, $122 this is revamping the routine. four products for morning and night. the wash, toner, serum, and cream. it has botanicals and aloe the company says it increases radiance and reduces fine lines and wrinkles started using this a week ago. i feel the tightness retail, $122 the deal $30 that's 75% off next up, a game-changer. the skin cleanser massager retail, $99.99 if you're wearing a lot of makeup these days, or even just a little for the zoom calls, this really cleans your face this is a great gadget to upgrade your cleaning routine. one side had soft, silicone
8:49 am
bristles for cleansing the other side has waves for massaging and infusing 15,000 vibrations per minute it is designed to reach every contour of your face retail, $99.99 the deal, $49. it is 50% off. it really makes a big difference in getting all your makeup off next up, the laura geller everyday makeup essential set. retail, $126 this has everything you need each set comes with five items the color correcting foundation, the blush an brighten compact, the travel brush, a lipstick and eyeliner the foundation comes in nine different shades head to to see the options. the color correcting foundation and blush are fan favorites of the brand. they're known for weightless coverage that gives you the perfect, warm flush. the retail $126. the deal for the entire set, $39. that's 69% off all right. if you have trouble hair like me, this apple cider vinegar hair care bundle
8:50 am
retail, $127 i tried this out while interviewing the product this hair care bundle includes four best-selling products hair rinse, detangling conner, dry shampoo and a scalp scrub. it changes the game, even if you use it once a week all products have a color safe formula and are animal friendly and vegan. celebrity fans include kristin cavallari and miley cyrus. retail $127. the deal $34 it is 74% off. this takes me back to the '80s a little bit ten essential oils in this diffuser set the retail $149.99 it lights up, which really gives you that sort of feel of soothing it is also a diffuser paired with ten different essential oils scents like lavender, eucalyptus, and jasmine. they are offering two different
8:51 am
diffuser styles with 1 different light combinations you can set any mood retail, $149.99. the deal, $39. that's 74% off so that wraps up our "steals and deals" start today edition sometimes, guys, small investments can help make a big difference in your everyday routine. i will send it back to you in the studio for a wrap-up. >> jilly-jilly, thank you so much let's go through the products one more time. we were paying attention the borghese mud mask set. she tried it on her body, and it also works really well i was taking notes the jeffrey james botanical skin care set the pop sonic skin cleanser and massager carson >> let me see what i can recall. the laura geller everyday makeup essential set. the apple vinegar thing with the scalp scrub was awesome. the aromatherapy diffuser set, i bought three already you can scan that qr code or head to to shop those bargains and more. jill, thank you so much for the great deals. >> thanks, jill. >> we're back.
8:52 am
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back now w back now with a sweet story that's bringing some much-needed hope in the wake of what happened at the capitol last week >> that's right. here's nbc's anne thompson >> reporter: it's hard to imagine that anything good could come from this officer daniel hodges, a six-year veteran of the d.c. police, bloodied and in agony, pinned between doors, trying to fight off rioters at the capitol last week. the good is 10-year-old emma jablonski. >> dear officer, i'm emma, and i'm 10 years old >> reporter: in tears and horrified by what she saw, the fourth grader, whose favorite subject is art, put pencil to paper and wrote the officer a get well note. >> i hope you heal from being crushed. i feel bad for you those people are really bad, hurting you. >> reporter: adding a few emma originals to cheer him up.
8:55 am
what did you hope your letter would do >> i hoped it would be -- it would help him feel better about himself and that there was somebody who cared about him and didn't want him being hurt. >> reporter: but emma lives in montana and didn't know where to send it. so her mom johnna posted the note on twitter. >> i was hoping just to get an address. that was it. to get an address so we can get it in the right man's hands. >> but you got much more than that >> reporter: striking a chord around the world, from europe to australia. >> it's very easy to say mean things on the internet just being able to put that kindness out there. >> i was blown away. >> reporter: nbc 4, our washington, d.c., station, brought emma and officer hodges together on a zoom call. >> i'm doing a lot better now, and thank you so much for this support. it really means a lot to me. and to all the officers ou there who worked that day, thank you. how are you doing?
8:56 am
>> i'm doing well. are you okay >> yeah, yeah. i'm doing all right, all things considered, you know i just got a headache that won't quit, kind of banged up, but i'm looking forward to getting back out there. >> reporter: the terror and tears of a week ago soothed by a child's simple act of caring. >> from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. we really appreciate it. >> reporter: to help heal the wounds of a police officer and maybe even our nation. >> wow >> we needed that. >> anne thompson reporting there. way to go, emma. >> little word of love heals a lot. we're back after your local i'm scott mcgrew. i live look inside the house of representatives, where another historic day is playing out. they are voting to impeach president trump for the second time. they are deciding on several motions but the vote to impeach
8:57 am
is expected to happen later today. this will be the first time a president's impeached twice. big questions about what happens next. legal experts feel if the senate were to hold an impeachment trial any time after the inauguration, that would fall outside the bounds of what's constitutionally legal. happening now, nbc is expected to begin live network coverage within the hour. once that coverage begins, they'll stay on the debate and the vote until the final gavel. in the meantime, you can head to we have a live link and live feed of what's going on right now in congress. meanwhile, the battle in santa clara county against covid taking a turn. on one hand, the rising number of deaths is creating new problems for hospital morgues. they're reaching overflow capacity. vaccinations are also expanding. more details at as well. more weather coming in an hour.
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at leastst geico makakes bug our r home anand car insusurance easy. which saveves us a tono. for bundndling made e easy, gogo to live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." >> good morning. welcome to the "3rd hour of today." it is wednesday, january 13th. i am dylan here with the whole crew. we have al, sheinelle, and craig. how y'all doing? >> good morning. >> well. >> good. >> two days in a row. >> ladies dressed to the nes this morning. these are nice dresses. >> thank you. >> funny, we were talking, this is a sitting dress. >> yeah. >> it is actually, like, a size too big. i'm sitting, so nobody knows. >> that's a thing, a sitting dress? >> we made it up. >> made it up. >> oh, okay. >> wow. >> really in-tune to women's fashion. you have to show us, when you stand up. >> it is not horrible. >> it is just, like --


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