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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 14, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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40 years in captivity. >> a penguin born in mexico seems like a great dismy movie. >> a little colder in antarctica. >> a done deal, house of representatives impeached president trump again with support from ten republicans including one from central california. what's next? president-elect joe biden has a message for the senate which will take on the impeachment trial once he moves into the white house. our live coverage continues in just moments. meantime national guard troops keep arriving at capitol hill to gear up to protect the inauguration. danger looming for state capitols across the country too. a radical group the fbi is watching closely, a group all too familiar in the bay area. new details on the johnson & johnson vaccine, as california struggles to get shots into
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people's arms. the third hour of "today in the bay" starts right now. good thursday morning. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia. before we get to news, weather and traffic, let's talk about the powerball, $2.7 million ticket was sold in san jose. now this wasn't the big one, but this is someone who got five of the numbers. this is a live look at paul's market in japan town where that coveted ticket was sold. that market the owners of it, they get about 90s,000 just for selling it. hopefully maybe the winner will come forward. we'll have more on that in just a little bit. lotto fever making us feel pretty warm out there. a lot of people about been playing but it keeps rolling over. >> yeah. we still have a chance at the mega millions too as well, so to hit the big one. let's get a look at what's going on with our weather this
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morning. it's been so foggy in parts of the north bay. visibility down to zero so allow some extra time to get to work this morning. we're seeing san martin in morgan hills. with the fog in some of the valleys we're going to see in some spots clear skies and temperatures that will warm up. this is a look at our east bay commute starting out at 50 and reaching 65 degrees as you head out for your late lunch break. we're going to talk more about what's coming up in a few minutes. vianey, how is it looking around the rest of the bay area? >> not too bad. of course the traffic is starting to build because it's already 6:00 a.m. now. as we were coming out to this report affecting the fog in the north bay, i just saw a new crash pop up near the sunol area along 84 looks like right now 680. i will be looking into that to see what the chp is reporting but notice some slowing through there already, sunol grade area. be careful, be mindful of that
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and may want to head out now. a check as well as your east bay drive times, from marina boulevard to broadway looking at 9 minutes. an update on that sunol crash in a few minutes. back to you. >> thanks so much. well we've all seen history these days seemingly being made every single day in washington. president trump is now the only president to be impeached twice and with backing from a few house republicans. >> we have team coverage. let's go first to tracie potts and traci, tell us the latest here. so the latest is the president has been impeached again and now congress has to figure out where they go next. we know what's supposed to be next, a trial, but it's not likely to happen before inauguration. senators still trying to figure out when they will decide if the president's guilty. president trump is waking up
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this morning as the first and only president to ever be impeached twice. >> today in a bipartisan way the house demonstrated that no one is above the law, not even the president of the united states. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi made it official after ten republicans joined every democrat condemning the president for inciting last week's riot at the capitol. >> i am not choosing a side. i'm choosing truth. >> if inciting a deadly insurrection is not enough to get a president impeached, then what is? >> reporter: most republicans argue this impeachment was not just about last week but the end of a four-year vendetta by democrats. >> it's always been about getting the president no matter what. >> reporter: one of the president's staunchest supporters blamed him for the attack. >> reporter: >> the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack by congress by mob rioters. >> reporter: in a individual
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taped speech with no media present. >> there must be no violence, no law breaking and no vandalism of any kind. everyone must follow our laws and obey the instructions of law enforcement. >> reporter: now impeachment heads to the senate where majority leader mitch mcconnell says he's undecided on the president's guilt but there will be no trial before next week's inauguration. heavy security now in place around the u.s. capitol six days out from the inauguration. up to 20,000 troops will be there for the big event. you can see the troops they've been sleeping on the floor of the capitol building. thanked them for keeping democracy safe. >> [ inaudible ] to be clear that capitol officers our constitution are safe because of your patriotism. >> meantime state capitols
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across the u.s. seeing and ther law enforcement is playing close attention to. >> reporter: good morning, exactly. the monitoring of the radical right wing groups is under way and one of the groups under close scrutiny are no stranger to the bay area. they're under surveillance after an fbi field office reported that the underground group has plans to take part in violent rallies across the country on january 17th. the extremist group is believed to have about a dozen members locally and is tied to several attacks on bay area federal offices and one on a local sheriff's deputy and tied to threats against a santa clara county director of public health dr. sara. according to a report from yahoo! news the group is hoping to take part in what will be an armed march in d.c. as well as
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the capitols of all 50 states on sunday. right now steps are being taken to reduce the risk to the public of any danger. the mayor of sacramento asking folks to stay away from california state capitols in the coming days, explaining there will still be a large police presence, but they want folks to stay away from that area. ahead of the inauguration, airlines are cracking down with a no tolerance policy at airports as well as in the sky. this comes after several lawmakers as you can see heckled in airports on the way to the nation's capitol. an aviation expert with nbc bay area says employees will be enforcing rules both about behavior and mask wearing. >> now they're not giving you a warning. you're getting written up right away. it's a serious fine, $5,000, could go up to $35,000, and you could spend jail time up to five years. >> reporter: so right now, the name of the game is vigilance.
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there will be an increased pressure for security across the nation as well as all 50 states. as i mentioned there will be increased security in sacramento with folks asking everyday citizens to stay away to reduce the risk of any danger as we get closer to that transfer of power in the nation's capitol next week. we're live in san francisco, sierra johnson for "today in the bay." stay with us for continuing coverage. you can find updates on be sure to download our nbc bay area app. we post alerts as they unfold in d.c. there's always so much going on. happening today, president-elect joe biden will unveil his plan to attack the economic fallout from covid. many believe his stimulus proposal will include direct payments to struggling americans. an update on another covid-19 vaccine in the works.
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johnson & johnson's candidate showing off signs, promising signs, in its early trials. one difference between this and the vaccines from pfizer and moderna, it only requires one injection not two. pope francis has received his first dose of the covid vaccine. that happened this morning in vatican city. he received it along with former pope benedict. in a recent tv interview on italian television, the pontiff said everyone should get the vaccine calling it an ethical option. the pope says not getting the vaccine is, quote, suicidal. anyone in california 65 and the cdc says covid cases among children remain low even with more schools reopening their classrooms. a report looked at nearly 3 million cases, 57% involved people over 18. with about six in ten u.s. school districts having resumed in class learning, the agency says school outbreaks vicky
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nguyen -- have been limited. anyone in california 65 and older is eligible to receive a covid vaccine but may be easier said than done. moat bay area counties say they don't have the supply. san mateo and santa clara counties are working to vaccinate a long line of health care workers but leaders recommend people with medical insurance should call their provider. >> we don't even yet have enough doses that have been received in the county to cover all of the health care workers in the county. >> if you have a commercial health plan reach out to your health provider as soon as possible and see what you can do to get vaccinated. the covid command center says it's making plans to vaccinate uninsured people and working with health care providers to speed up
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vaccinations. a lot of information we know to digest so we've posted a link on our website you can see it right there in the trending bar. of course we continue to add more information from counties and health care providers as soon as we get it. so you probably didn't win the jackpot in last night's $550 million powerball draw because no one did, but you may still want to check your ticket this morning. this is why. a live look outside of paul's market in japan town. someone bought a welcome ticket with five of the numbers. $2.7 million richer. yep. one of two tickets sold with all five numbers, but the powerball number. the store's manager is very excited for the winner. >> it's been a challenge for the last few months because of the pandemic, i am so happy for whoever the winner is. i'm very happy it's from this community and from this store here. >> that's right.
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because they take home about $90,000 for selling it. no one, though, anywhere in the entire united states had all the winning numbers. here they are anyway. 4, 19, 23, 25, 49, and the powerball 14. so the next jackpot saturday rolls over to $640 million. and before then, $750 million at stake for tomorrow's mega millions draw. they keep rolling over and over. everybody's dreams get bigger. taking a live look outside in the meantime more of heading to work. a live look outside to dublin where it looks lik picking pup. kari has a look at our forecast. nice numbers in that department. springlike temperatures. >> yeah. we've had some very warm weather, but it's also been very dry. i just got the update from the drought monitor so wanted to
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give you an update on this. we are seeing at least abnormally dry conditions for the entire state of california and for southern california, we are starting to see more severe drought conditions developing. for us here in the bay, it remains unchanged. we're still in an extreme drought for the north bay. severe drought for parts of the croesal areas towards san francisco and east bay and moderate drought conditions near the santa cruz coast to the central coast. we're watching that and talk about where we may set records temperature wise coming up. vianey, how is it looking for the morning commute? >> i do have a new crash to tell you about. this is on westbound 84 near the sunol grade. we're starting to notice slowing as well. looks like an earlier crash is blocking one of the lanes. westbound 84 to 6 0 you're looking at 9 minutes and may want to hit the road now. back to you. >> thanks so much. so we know it's going to be a while before all of us manage
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to get vaccinated. what's the first thing you're going to do after you're in the clear? up next the top things people say they'll splurge on after receiving the shots. taking you out to the futures this morning, we were talking about how wall street and investors may sit tight until everything is done in washington. but looks like a slight rise on the markets this morning. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:16, take a look at our high temperatures for today in your microclimate. we'll have short sleeve weather and it's not even supposed to be this warm. we're going to talk about some places where we'll be close to setting a new record high and what is in that extended forecast in a few minutes. a crash is working to clear in the sunol grade area westbound 84 and we're seeing slowing along 580 to grant line road 24 minutes. the rest of your bay area drive few minutes. i have green lights as well, checking business tech headlines. a slight rise on the markets this morning. hate to go on record with something like this, but as we were saying i think wall street will hold tight for a while yet.
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snapchat banning president trump from its platform. operators fear that trump could use his snapchat account to know meant more unrest in the run-up to president-elect joe biden's inauguration. facebook, twitter, youtube, have also banned president trump. lobster tails, fancy champagne, maybe a safari, what will you do after the pandemic? a new survey indicates many people are planning a big celebration when they receive the covid vaccine. lending tree reports more than eight in ten are plan something sort of post-pandemic splurge, most plan on a fancy dinner, a vacation, however not everyone is quite ready to spend 15% say because of the pandemic, they'll never feel financially secure again. it actually is interesting could possibly change people's spending habit. more importantly their saving habits as well. >> their behavior with things like getting things delivered
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and whether they go to restaurants as much as they used to. we discovered how much cheaper it is to have a couple drinks on the back porch. >> i got a delivery on my porch. they do it early in the morning. all right. i did that so that i could have the day free to go throughout and enjoy it. at least walk around the neighbor. that's about as far as i go when the weather is cooperating. >> right. it's been so nice. i posted a picture yesterday of what the clouds look like. i was out for a walk and we are all just enjoying the little things right now. i think life has really changed forever. let's get a look at the fog we've seen, especially in the north bay and the south county. we've seen the visibility down to zero. this takes measurement at our airports and look at morgan hills and san martin sensor, no visibility there as well. be careful on your out the door,
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due to climate change last year we had many billion dollar disasters, posted by noaa. it put icons and what happened across the country. we had all of the tropical systems, tornadoes as well. for us, all of those wildfires and the ongoing drought conditions that we had, is so this is something that really putness our minds that climate change is affecting us, and we need to always be prepared for the natural disasters. with 22 happening last year, that blows all of the other years out of the water. 16 billion dollar disasters and that happened back in 2017. we need to always make sure we're prepared for anything. now looking at what we're expecting now, we have some near record high temperatures that we're looking at with upper 60s and low 70s. we could see some new records set today. we're going to have more weather like this through the forecast
6:21 am
as the drought brings us more dry weather and high pressure setting up and we're going to have some springlike weather in the middle of january. that continues into the holiday weekend. we'll have more updates on that. what's the update on the morning commute? >> i do have a new crash to tell you about and this is along southbound 880 near el va raddo road exit 22. looks like an earlier crash was blocking one of the lanes but the crews are working to clear that out. so far no major slowdowns along the bridges. along westbound 8 towards the bay bridge things are starting to slow done. the increase 13 minutes so the traffic is building out there. back to you. >> i see the yellow. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. it's possible someone is using your gift card right now without your knowledge or permission. i'm consumer investigator chris kimura. how to protect your gift card next.
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provider. gift cards were yet again a very popular gift in 2020. >> consumer investigator chris chmura has a couple reasons you should use yours as early as possible in 2021. >> reporter: here's how to protect your gift card. it's a one step process. use it sooner than later. here's why. all gift cards are under a triple threat, hacking thieves,
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forgetful owners and stores that might go under. thieves steal millions from gift cards in various ways. we've dealt with cases where shoppers told us someone else drained their gift card electronically, often they held the card for a while giving crooks weeks or months to hack in and usually nothing can be done to get their money back. use your asap. if you decide to hold on to one, there's a chance you will lose your balance. yelp says 97,000 businesses have closed since the beginning of the pandemic when businesses permanently close gift card holders often get nothing and many are lost or forgotten. so many that $3 billion worth go unredeemed each year according to an estimate. that money goes back to stores. so if you've wondered why gift card racks are everywhere these days, there's your answer. if you're dragging your feet because you're unhappy with the giver's choice, we have two ways to redeem without buying from the store on the front side. option a, look at the backside. many stores are part of a larger
6:26 am
group. it's possible your gift card can be used at sister stores dollar for dollar. option b, consider selling on the secondary market and cash for your plastic. don't expect to be paid for fac. the market makes money buying at a steep discount and reselling them closer to facgifting. but the same bottom line rules still apply, use them asap. >> thank you. the first time i saw this picture i was glancing at it and thought it was the castro theater. it is except made of legos. a san diego-based artist jonathan lopez spent more than 60 hours making this replica and used more than 19,000 lego bricks to complete the piece and it's available for sale through his website. well done. 6:26. capitol hill open for business the day after the house
6:27 am
impeached president trump for the second time. the latest on what's happening there next. back home bart says it has a plan to deal with all kinds of problems on its trains including cracking down on substance abuse. that plan coming up next. plus, too much heat? up next the owner and chef of the famous french laundry in wine country shaking up social media with an unexpected departure. we'll tell you what he's not up to these days. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it is a day after president trump was impeached for a second time. the senate won't take on the trial until after inauguration day. we're tracking the fast moving developments in washington with the updates throughout the next half hour. >> governor newsom says vaccinate everyone over 65. that may be easier said than done. how california counties are responding to the new mandate. "today in the bay" continues right now. good thursday morning. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia. we're going to get a look at the forecast right now. meteorologist kari hall, today is the day i wash my car, i think. >> yes, it will be a great day for that. a lot of dry weather in the forecast. look at the sky right now. it's all clear in the south bay but as you head to the south county it's been soggy this
6:31 am
morning. we've had fog in the north bay. once all of that clears we're heading towards near record high temperatures for today and more try weather in the forecast. i want to show you the visibility that we're seeing right now, morgan hill down to zero, zero in novato and quarter mile in napa and santa rosa. we'll talk more about the warm weather in the forecast. vianey, you have a sig alert. >> the sunol grade head's up if it's part of your commute. chp has issued a sig alert for westbound 84 west of sunol road. the westbound lanes are shut down from west of main street due to an earlier crash. they have one-way traffic control in place. fremont pd is not giving an e.t. on when they are expecting for the other side to reopen so either try to avoid the area and go around or leave early. back to you. >> first at 6:30 president-elect joe biden speaking out on the second impeachment of the
6:32 am
current white house president. in a statement the president-elect urging the senate to do double duty hold an impeachment trial while working on urgent matters otherwise including confirming his cabinet. you'll hear from nbc news kristen welker live at the white house in ten minutes with details on the historic vote. take a look at this, it is the first day of vaccinations at disney land and it is a massive operation. orange county plans to give thousands of shot there's every day and some wonder why this isn't happening in the bay area. kris sanchez joins us with a closer look why. >> well, hi there, laura. as we know governor newsom said more people could be eligible fort vaccine leaders are saying how are we the public when we have to reserve doses for the second he workers. governor newsom made the
6:33 am
announcement at a mass vaccination site yesterday saying people 65 and older can roll up their sleeves, but bay area county leaders want to know when they are going to get the doses for that. santa clara is still working to vaccinate health care workers and planning for people 75 years and older not 65. in san mateo leaders say they won't have enough vaccines for the first wave of the public unless they get more vaccines from the state. in alameda the chronicle reports the vaccine website crushed under people trying to sign up after the governor's announcement. about 1,000 people got accidental invites for vaccinations though not eligible. the counties echo a similar health care providers their own allotments of the vaccine but counties don't know how many they got. a group of california lawmakers signed a letter to the governor demanding transparency from the providers and asking for a reliable forecast of the doses coming their way. in an nbc news exclusive,
6:34 am
governor newsom said logistics are a challenge. >> sent directly to providers all throughout the state and in each and every instance there's different protocols, procedures, processes, different relationships, counties, direct to providers themselves, clinics and hospitals, it's all of those nuances that make this more complex. >> reporter: more smoothly as you mentioned, laura n orange county, disney land will vaccinate up to 3,000 people a day. so many tried to sign up when the governor said 65 and older that the county's app crashed. mack vaccination sites at dodgers and the padres stadium are up and running doing thousands of people a day working thu their health care workers and then now they will be vaccinating that segment of the public. still california woefully behind the state got 2.5 million doses
6:35 am
and only administered 900,000. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." a new covid outbreak at the santa clara county jail system. 109 cases. a majority are not at the main jail, they're at elmwood in mill pe tis. the highest numbers since the start of the pandemic. a covid testing bus rolling into sonoma county today. get tested by making an appointment. the bus will make stops throughout the region all week. you can visit sonoma county health department for the cell schedule. the county is number of cases, more than 22,000 people infected to date. for updates on the pandemic and cases and vaccine rollouts head to it's 6:35. new overnight, san jose police are calling a shooting that happened yesterday near downtown a homicide. it happened a little after 5:00 p.m. near east virginia and south third near interstate 280.
6:36 am
overnight police indicated the victim died. they've not provided any more details including who was killed or what may have led up to it or if an arrest has been made. legal closure in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. master tenant derrick almena struck a plea deal. the fire killed 36 when it raced through an oakland warehouse in 2016. jurors couldn't reach a verdict in almena's first manslaughter trial. the district attorney's office notified the families of those who died that almena was offered and accepted a plea deal. it's not clear what his sentence will be but the court hearing will take place next friday with sentencing scheduled for four wear will unveil a plan to hire 20 new social workers. they will ride the trains and respond to problems along with an armed police officer. homelessness, substance abuse and mental illness have plagued
6:37 am
the transportation system. >> we are lining up to do something which i think is revolutionary, getting crisis intervention specialists who are going to triage people with services and not someone that's going to write a ticket or take you to jail. >> our senior investigative reporter has been reporting on bart extensively. last september he uncovered questionable practices by the agency's policing including their process for removing passengers who didn't pay for their ride. today bart is expected to unveil major policy changes at its board meeting. it's 6:37. wine country celebrity chef thomas keller has apparently pulled the plug on his twitter account. the chronicle noticed it was gone. keller is the owner of the famous french laundry. it's had its share of headlines. he's been the target of twitter backlash since last spring when president trump appointed him to a group designed to save
6:38 am
restaurants suddenly struggling from the pandemic. a recent post praising the recently passed billionaire sheldon adelson added new fuel to the fire. adelson was trump's single biggest campaign supporter. the chronicle noticed the instagram account is still active. more than ten months since playing a meaningful game the sharks drop the puck on a new season tonight. the opener takes place in arizona against the coyotes. that is the current team's -- the team's current home away from home because they can't be in the bay area because of stay-at-home orders. it's not clear when the sharks may return to san jose. they play their first seven games on the road. coming up, plans are changing quickly for president-elect joe biden's inauguration. up next, what he no longer will be doing on the big day. and one of the owners of the san francisco giants making political headlines this morning. why his support for one congresswoman is raising eyebrows. big board, a little bit of
6:39 am
progress moving forward opt dow up about 136 points. you're watching "today in the bay."
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mtd . right now at 6:41, take a look at our high temperatures for today around our microclimate a high of 67 in oakland, martinez as well as palo alto. 70 today in morgan hill. we may be close to record high temperatures. we'll talk about billion dollar
6:42 am
disasters in 2020 and what's ahead in our forecast coming up. and we've got some traffic delays due to crashes along southbound 880 near alvarado and the sunol grade in both directions. an update on delay times coming up in a few minutes. thanks so much. breaking news, las vegas entertainer siegfried fish backer has died. he was one half skch of the legendary siegfried and roy duo. he passed away last night from pancreatic cancer. he was 81 years old. the pair performed in sin city for more than four decades becoming one of the most successful acts in history which included magic and of course those exotic animals. his partner of 50 years, roy horn died from covid-19 complications back in may. to the shockwaves in washington, where for a second
6:43 am
time president trump has been impeached in just over a year. while it seems fairly certain a new senate trial will be held it's likely to begin after president trump leaves office. >> he was impeached yesterday largely along party lines, but ten republicans joined every house democrat in accusing president trump of high crimes and misdemeanors. here's kristen welker from the white house. >> reporter: hi, scott and laura, good morning to both of you. president trump is waking up to that extraordinary reality he has now been impeached twice, the second time in just over a year and what makes yesterday's vote so extraordinary, it was the most bipartisan impeachment in u.s. history. every house democrat and ten republicans voting to accuse president trump of high crimes and misdemeanors. house speaker nancy pelosi making it official late wednesday, signing that impeachment into law accusing the president of inciting an insurrection for his fiery
6:44 am
comments ahead of the riots on the capitol just last week. now the president is facing bipartisan backlash, not only ten republicans who broke with him but republican leaders, leader mccarthy really slamming president trump for his words and actions saying that impeachment is just not the right action. that was the republican argument. all eyes now head to the senate where majority leader mitch mcconnell has said that he is not going to bring up those articles of impeachment for a trial until after president trump leaves office. he's also said he's undecided on how he will vote. just to take you inside the white house for a moment, this is the president who is increasingly isolated and defiant. unlike the first impeachment when the west wing was buzzing with legal advisors and aides and allies eager to defend president trump, yesterday this was virtually a ghost town and all of the president's
6:45 am
surrogates were largely >> heavy security in place around the u.s. capitol six days out from the inauguration. up to 20,000 troops will be there for the big event. you can see the troops they were even sleeping on the floor of the capitol building. speaker pelosi thanked them for helping to keep democracy safe. >> we want the message to be clear that the capitol, our democracy, our constitution, are safe because of your patriotism. >> thanking them. in the meantime state capitols across the u.s. also seeing threats. let's go to "today in the bay" cierra johnson live in san francisco for us this morning. there's one particular group law enforcement is certainly paying very close attention to. >> good morning, laura. as we inch closer to that inauguration, the locally known
6:46 am
group are under close scrutiny, a group well known to the bay area. they're under surveillance after a field office with the fbi submitted a report explaining that the underground group has plans of taking part in violent rallies this coming sunday, january 17th. this extremist group is believed to have about a dozen members here in the bay area locally and tied to fatal attacks on bay area federal security officers and a local sheriff's deputy and tied to threats against santa clara county's director of public health dr. sara cody. according to a report from yahoo! news, the group is hoping to be part of a group hoping to be an armed march in washington, d.c., and the capitols of all 50 states on sunday. right now steps are being taken to reduce the risk to the public here in the state of california. the mayor of sacramento asking folks to stay away from the capitol in the coming days there will be a large police presence but it will help them do their
6:47 am
job if folks stay away. ahead of the inauguration, airlines cracking down with no tolerance policies at airports and in the skies. this comes after several lawmakers were heckled as you can see in airports on the way to the nation's capitol last week. an aviation expert with nbc bay area says employees will be enforcing rules about behavior as well as mask wearing. >> now they're not giving you a warning. you're getting written up right away. it's a serious fine, $5,000, could go up to $35,000, and you could spend jail time up to five years. >> reporter: and our partners are learning new information about the security measures that delta airlines is taking ahead of the inauguration. they sat down which the ceo of delta airlines telling cnbc they would not allow anyone to check firearms into an airport in the washington, d.c., area this we.
6:48 am
so some new security measures. increased security measures in capitols around the country and in the nation's capital. >> well, before you go, we're hearing this morning as well, the largest shareholder of the giants charles johnson is facing backlash as well for a congresswoman he's supporting. >> yes. we are learning about a donation that charles b. johnson, a billionaire, as well as his wife ann, made to congresswoman lauren bowberses, a republican out of colorado. each made a $2800 donation, the maximum you're able to make in that realm. boebert is new to the political world. she made waves ate the metal detector off the metal detector, a known firearm carrier and also made --
6:49 am
had controversy after live tweeting what was going on inside the capitol announcing that nancy pelosi had been removed from the room. some folks said that may have been putting her and others in danger. that donation was made to the representative who has definitely made waves as she entered the political realm. live in san francisco, cierra johnson, for "today in the bay." >> yeah. it's been an interesting one to follow. thanks so much. this morning we're learning president-elect joe biden will not head to washington for the inauguration by way of his normal method, known for riding the amtrak starting from the earliest days in the senate. he made a point to return home nearly every night to help raise his children. his team is citing security concerns. pop music royalty headed to the nation's capital. two performers gearing up to welcome in the biden administration, lady gaga and jennifer lopez plan to participate. gaga will perform the national anthem as she did in the super
6:50 am
bowl in self an lopez will offer up a musical performance. both have headlined the super bowl in the past, gaga and j-lo in 2020. trending this morning, betty white is gearing up to celebrate her 99th birthday on sunday. after eight decades on tv, she says her weekly calls from her publicist and feeding the ducks that visit her property have gotten her through the pandemic. she credits her long life with having and keeping a positive outlook. >> good deal if that's your secret. we can all put on a smile today. not bad. 99. okay. we won't reach temperatures in the 90s, but kari, how high will we get? it's springlike out there, right? >> yeah. it's going to really warm up quite a bit for not only today but the next few days. i wanted to show you the overall weather pattern and what's going on. there are storms out in the
6:51 am
pacific but as we see during la nina years the storm track is well to the north and at the surface we have high pressure blocking any chance of us getting any rain any time soon. the trout monitor was updated this morning and it shows that all of california has at least abnormally dry conditions. the darker the color the more severe the drought is. for northern california and the nobody we have extreme drought continues that has continued and we've seen conditions for the southern california area getting worse. most of us from the east bay to the south bay are under a severe drought at this point and we've been saying we don't have any more rain in the forecast. taking a look at what noaa posted, they are showing all of the 2020 natural disasters that we had across the country and we set a record with all of them that occurred. looking closer at the bay area, we know that we had all of those widespread wildfires across the west as well as the drought
6:52 am
conditions and so that's that reminder that climate change affects us every single day. we need to stay prepared. 22 natural disasters last year. today as we look at our weather we're looking at some very unusual temperatures as we reach into the upper 60s and low 70s. keeping in mind this is the middle of january. we should be in the mid 50s but take a look at the seven-day forecast we will have upper 60s and low 70s into the weekend and early next week. vianey, how is it looking right now as workers get ready to head out the door? >> well, southbound 880 is a part of your commute listen up. traffic is still working to recover following an earlier crash but if you notice in the speed sensors backed up all the way to the 92 interchange heading into hayward as well as into the freemont area. mainly along the southbound lanes. i have an update along the sunol grade, the sig alert working to
6:53 am
in front of an earlier crash. looks like only one of the lanes is open. no word on if there are any injuries involved in the earlier crash, but looks like they're working to clear both lanes. overall, the rest of the bay area is doing okay. back to you. happening now a global team of world health organization researchers have arrived in wuhan, china, to investigate covid's origins. the 15 member group includes virus experts from the u.s., australia, germany, japan, and the uk. the team will undergo a two-week quarantine to avoid bringing coronavirus to wuhan. but will start working with chinese experts via video conference immediately and figuring out the virus' origin will likely take years. coming up next a quick look at the top stories including the governor wanting to speed up vaccinations but some bay area counties are asking how. up next the roadblocks they're facing. that massive powerball jackpot, believe it or not,
6:54 am
still no big winner but this morning someone in the bay area has a seven-figure payout. where the winning ticket was sold next. you're watching "today in the bay." 6:53.
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6:56 am
welcome back. a quick look at our top stories we're following for you. governor newsom suddenly making
6:57 am
covid vaccinations available to anyone over 65. kris sanchez live trying to calm people down, temper the mood a little bit. >> they're asking how are we going to vaccinate the members of the public when we need to reserve the doses for the second shot of our health care workers and the governor made the announcement, a bit of a surprise yesterday at a vaccination site yesterday in sacramento that people 65 and up would be eligible. bay area county leaders don't know when they will get the doses for that. santa clarita is working to vaccinate health care workers and they're planning for people 75 and older not 65. in san mateo leaders say they won't have enough vaccines for the public unless they get more from the state. in alameda the chronicle reports that vaccine website crashed under the crush of people trying to sign up after the governor's announcement and the marine day reports people got accidental invites for vaccination though not eligible. the counties echo a similar
6:58 am
complaint the state sent large health care providers like stanford or kaiser where post will get our vaccines but without telling counties how much they got. a group of california lawmakers sent a letter to the governor asking him to push the providers to tell them how many doses they have and pushing for more transparency and a realistic timeline of when they will get doses and how many. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." we need to get the doses out because california records more than 30,000 cases daily with total infections now topping more than 2.7 million. the bay area now has more than 320,000 cases with nearly 3200 lives lost. by the way, san quentin prison is reporting 2200 new cases so far. the records are separate from the overall bay area totals. we have been compiling all kinds of information and we posted links on our website
6:59 am
where you can find everything. >> let's take a live look outside at paul's market. why is it so popular this morning? a ticket worth $2.7 million was sold there last night. the store's manager says he's excited are for the winner. last night's winning numbers 4, 19, 23, 25, 49 and the powerball 14. nobody got all of them including the powerball. so the next jackpot is an estimated $640 million. that drawing is on saturday. in the meantime mega millions is up next, $750 million on the line for tomorrow. >> $2 million that's exciting. go out and buy like one and three quarters of a house. >> fixer sunshine, nice weather in our forecast tode spring for us even leading into the weekend. how is the commute rolling,
7:00 am
vianey? >> still seeing a sigalert along westbound 84 through the sunol grade. expect delays until they work to clear the earlier crash. >> all right. that's going to do it for us. >> the "today" show starts right now and we'll see you back here at 11:00. good morning. impeached again. president trump's fate in the hands of the senate after another historic vote on capitol hill. >> he must go. he is a clear and present danger to the nation that we all love. >> every house democrat and ten republicans leading the charge, but 197 gop lawmakers backing the president. >> it's always been about getting the president no matter what. >> all eyes now on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. how will he vote in the trial and will republicans follow his lead?


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