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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 15, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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event rehearsal suddenly called off overnight. we'll have the latest from washington. a live look outside san francisco, what happened to winter? we'll talk about the warmup, checking in with kari hall, it's all coming this weekend as "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has time off. right to kari this time. >> yes, as we look at what's going on in san jose, it's starting out nice a quiet, and along the coastline we're going to have these huge waves again today. we'll be watching out for that. it's going to be dangerous along the coastline and it's going to warm up so people may want to head to the coast, but you want to make sure that you're being very careful, and then by sunday, i'll be tracking some high winds. we'll talk more about that coming up. vianey, how is it looking for the commute? >> well it's doing okay, but there is a new crash to tell you about, and this one is in
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redwood city, southbound 280 at the page mill avenue exit or page mill road exit. it looks like there is a traffic collision and it could be blocking some of the lanes also in the right-hand shoulder. it could be potentially in a ditch. no word on injuries. we hope not but i'll have an update how this affects your drive times coming up in a few minutes. laura? >> perfect, we'll check back with you. >> the goal to vaccinate an additional 1 million californians by the end of the weekend looking less and less likely. bay area health leaders simply can't move fast enough to speed up that vaccine distribution. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is looking at possible solutions. it is taking a while. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the ten-day plan was announced by governor gavin newsom last week but as of this morning, looks like they'll fall about 500,000 doses short of that
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ambitious goal. let's look at the current numbers. according to the cdc, it appears that california has vaccinated around 975,000 californians, about one-third of the overall doses delivered to the state. so millions of folks still need to receive that vaccination, but in the past ten days, close to 500,000 doses have been administered, so as i mentioned, that's still half a million short of that ten-day goal. now as far as a possible solution, well, the oakland coliseum is being offered as a potential mass vaccination site. oakland vice mayor rebecca kaplan who sits on the coliseum authority board which would approve any final plan on this, explains why this would be an ideal location. >> luckily, we did the work last fall to set it up as a voting site so you can set up the vehicle flow so people can come in, get their vaccine and go out without creating any crowding.
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>> reporter: oakland a's president dave kamara weighing in on this saying he endorses this idea. oracle park could be announcing something similar soon but the coliseum authority will vote on the plan during its board meeting, which will take place later today. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> all right, thanks so much, pete. we've got a live look at the l.a. skyline for you this morning, startling new covid numbers emerge. the county says one in three people there have now been infected, and that amounts to 3 million people. nearly 13,000 people there have died. this morning, dodgers stadium becomes a full-fledged mass vaccination center. 12,000 people will be vaccinated daily. l.a. county trying to vaccinate some 500,000 health care workers. a live look in washington, breaking news there, we have just learned the inauguration rehearsal scheduled for this sunday has been postponed due to security concerns. rescheduled for monday. this all happening with
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thousands of national guard troops already in washington, d.c., bracing for possible disruptions. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington on capitol hill. tracey, so much going in. bring us up to speed. >> yes, we've also learned that one of the biden appointments, one of the cabinet nominees that was supposed to be having a hearing this afternoon, that's been postponed as well. the director of national intelligence avril haynes is not happening because more members wanted to be in person, four others are planned before inauguration and the senate is trying to balance all of that with a possible impeachment trial, even though they have not yet received the official charge for president trump. house speaker nancy pelosi hasn't said when she's sending that over. the earliest possible start for an impeachment trial is wednesday, inauguration day, one hour after joe biden is sworn in
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as president. >> it's hard to predict how many will come down on the side of conviction. >> reporter: with our nbc news poll showing the country almost evenly split on impeachment and removal, a handful of republicans are considering it. >> i believe this president violated his oath of office and i believe there must be consequences. >> what good comes from impeaching president trump after he's out of office? that's an unconstitutional attack on the presidency. it will divide the country, it lin cite violence. >> reporter: according to the "new york times," an intelligence bulletin warns of extremists planning a race war. >> we're concerned about the potential for violence at multiple protests and rallies. >> reporter: members of congress are concerned about their safety. >> many of us are altering our routines, working to get body armor. >> we're going to ensure that we have a safe inauguration. >> reporter: president-elect biden announcing his post
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inauguration plans a $1.9 trillion rescue package, with faster covid vaccinations and a $1,400 payment to most americans. >> the $600 already appropriated is simply not enough. we just have to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table. >> reporter: he's hoping the senate can move quickly on economic relief, while dealing with impeachment. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> 5:06. the sacramento preparing for unrest as well. 3,500 feet of fencing now up around the capitol building. the chp is guarding the grounds as well. as many as 1,000 national guard members are being activated. the cost for all of this will likely go into the tens of millions of dollars. the fbi sent a warning to all 50 states saying extremist groups may be considering armed assaults on state capitols as early as this weekend. be sure to stay with us for continuing coverage, you can find updates on and also be sure to download our
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nbc bay area app. we can alert you as anything unfolds in washington, d.c., and across the country. people wondering when will the bay area reopen? the numbers show no time soon. but the state did lift the greater sacramento stay-at-home order on tuesday. outdoor dining is back, salons have reopened there. sacramento actually reopened, even though icu availability in that region is still under 15%. here's why. this chart shows the hospital data in sacramento, so this is december. how many patients were put into the icu, and then going january into february, you can see this line drop. the projected icu numbers steadily falling. that convinced the governor to relax the rules there. same chart for the bay area on the left, the icu numbers through december. there is no significant drop. it's still very high, projected over the next four weeks. this solid line is a projection, that means we are going to
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remain in lockdown. with l.a. county residents largely sheltering at home, more covid restrictions may come there. outdoor gyms to indoor retail stores may see the capacities lowered. right now, gyms could have 50% capacity, that's outdoors. indoor retail is 20%. l.a. mayor eric garcetti says he'd back whatever health leaders recommend. there's a new push to ensure more californians happening later this morning, bay area mayors will join covered california leaders to encourage people to sign up. at least 1.6 million californians have already done so, including about 320,000 here in the bay area. the deadline to sign up is january 31st. new light shed on the struggle to make it in the bay. later this morning, oakland mayor libby schaaf will unveil new findings from the keep oakland housed initiative. this program focuses on preventing homelessness before
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it starts, including in the findings data illustrating housing insecurity in the city during the pandemic. mayor schaaf will hold a virtual news conference. a deadline today for victims of the recent glass fire in the north bay. this is the last day they can submit paperwork for debris removal. the fire burned more than 67,000 acres in september, destroying 1,500 structures including wineries and popular napa resorts. so it's a tragic time in history there. so we've got these warmer conditions and kari, you mentioned some winds going to kick in as well? >> yes, so we can see what's happening across the region. there is this big storm system off the coast, and it's targeting the pacific northwest with some heavy rain. we're missing out on all of that and as it gets closer, it's going to kick up some high winds which will make more big waves along our coastline. for tay we'll have a dangerous surf advisory going back up starting at 11:00, continues
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through saturday evening, and some of those breakers may reach over 20 feet so you want to stay well away from the water. we'll talk about those warming temperatures and the winds we're expecting, that's coming up in a few minutes. vianey, how is it looking as drivers get ready to head to work? >> well, if you're heading through the redwood city area you may want to head out now. southbound 280 update at the page mill road off-ramp near there, a crash and apparently the vehicle chp is reporting is a street sweeper so they have to get a special tow to tow that out of the way but aside from that, not sure right now, unknown if there are any injuries. we hope everybody's okay but this could cause some delays through that area, so keep that in mind. again, this is southbound 280 near the page mill road exit. bridge drive times looking good, westbound to the bay bridge only seven minutes. laura? >> thanks so much, vianey. dangling from the roadway, look at this, ahead at 5:25 on
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"today in the bay" the investigation after this happened to a packed bus overnight in new york city. and the new incentives some companies are offering employees and customers to get the covid-19 vaccine. plus -- ♪♪ ♪ i am better now, better now ♪ ♪ i only say that because you're not around, not around ♪ >> giving back, the act of kindness from pop star post malone to some hard-working front line workers. we'll be right back.
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happy friday. it is 5:13, and if you live in the peninsula and planning to go for a hike today, starts out with jacket weather and cloudy skies, short sleeved weather for the afternoon. we'll talk more about this in the forecast coming up. and a quick check of your peninsula drive times, southbound 101 from van ness avenue to sfo, you're looking at 11 minutes. keep in mind that southbound 280 near redwood city is seeing some delays from an earlier crash. i'll have an update on that and how the bridges are doing coming up in a few minutes. scott? >> good morning. very good friday to you. business and tech headlines this morning. we are taking a look at i've got a very strange echo and so i'm going to take this out of my ear and talk to you from here on out. interesting lesson from yesterday. you may remember there was a
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green arrows all the way through here and then we lost on the dow yesterday. this only indicates where the dow and other markets are going to open. so the indication this morning is that we are going to open lower, doesn't mean we're going to trade lower. trader joe's and instacart are helping to motivate people -- with new inacceptives, if they get the covid vaccine, trader joe's will give employees an extra bonus of two hours of pay, trader joe's will, $25 to their shoppers as well. american airlines southwest not going to require their employees to get the vaccine, although airline employees are considered essential workers, they are lower on the priority list. sorry, we're trying to work on that echo problem there. airbnb ceo believes travel will never go back to the way it was before the pandemic. brian chesky telling reuters people will likely seek out
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smaller cities to visit and spend more time with friends and family. traditional tourism to top global destinations will be significantly reduced as travelers choose to drive and fly less for business meetings. airbnb's business was hit hard early on in the pandemic, dropping by 80%. trending this morning the pandemic was front and center during this week's virtual consumer electronics show. face mask fashion is getting a high-tech upgrade. the company rar unveiling an n-95 prototype with lights and built in speak. maskphone what it sounds like. >> you can be easily heard on a conference call with a microphone inside the mask. >> touchless features into everyday devices. kohler's toilet with hands-free flushing and no ring doorbell from alarmcom works with a
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weight sensing door mat. it's 5:16. a popular rapper making sure front line workers look good doing their job. >> post malone is gifting 10,000 pairs of his new crocs to employees at 70 hospitals across the country. the new crocs were released last month. they sold out in less than an hour so hot commodity there. >> it looks like it. let's get a check of weather with kari. >> good morning. we're starting out with a few clouds here and there, as we get a lkoot some big waves along the coastline, that's something be watching startg late this morning into the weekend, but it's also going to be very warm with near record high temperatures for today, as well as some high winds in the bay which may increase our fire danger. as we look at our fog and visibility as you get ready to head out the door in napa, we have half-mile visibility right now. unfortunately you do want to
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allow extra time to get to work. one more day of home schooling before we get a nice long weekend. so in san ramon, the home school recess forecast looks amazing for this time of year, with the middle of january, temperatures reaching into the upper 60s, it's going to be very comfortable by this afternoon and a lot of sunshine. this is what we're seeing around the bay area with temperatures up to 71 degrees in morgan hill. ukiah reaching 69 degrees and some mid-60s in san francisco, but i do have a concern about some big winds kicking up by the end of the weekend, as we go through the wind speed forecast. here we are taking it into monday morning, and look at how windy it's going to be, especially in the north bay, and we haven't had enough rain in the middle of our water year to help out to reduce our fire danger, so unfortunately, that will be a risk to us as our temperatures heat up into the low 70s from saturday, sunday into monday, notice the cooldown as we transition to cooler air,
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we are going to have the potential of high wind event and the dry weather does continue. as we head over to you, vianey, how is it looking for the commute? >> well, the rest of the bay area has been doing good. i've been monitoring the crash along southbound 280 and looks like there's no eta yet on when they'll work to clear that. it is a large vehicle, so it can take a little bit of time near the page mill road exit. let's look right now at the bridge drive times, westbound 580 to richmond bridge seven minutes. westbound 80 towards the bay bridge about seven minutes as well and westbound 92 toward the san mateo bridge only 11 minutes. so no major accidents to report. laura? all right, good to know there, thanks so much, vianey. this morning, actor dustin diamond is revealing that's now battling stage four cancer. the one-time "saved by the bell" star reportedly checked into a florida hospital this weekend. he's now undergoing his first round of chemotherapy. also trending, actor chris
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evans weighing in about a possible return as captain america. ♪♪ >> he actually seems to think it's not going to happen. evans starred as steve rogers, a, can, a captain america in a total of six movies. he tweeted out "news to me." next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> a four-figure phone bill and a brand new car. i sound like a game show host. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura we have two very happy winners -- viewers. "nbc bay area responds" next. we're always on social media, check out this shout out from sharkey, so cool yesterday. maybe it was good luck. the sharks kicked off their season last night and they won 4-3 against the coyotes in arizona. i've always loved team teal since the start.
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well, new overnight, at least eight people are injured after a bus veered off an overpass in new york city. you can see that accordion style bus dangling off the roadway. the bus driver was unable to
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navigate the roadway but haven't explained why yet. no other vehicles were involved. leaders including the former governor face criminal charges form the flint water crisis. yesterday rick snyder entered pleas of not guilty to two counts of willful neglect of duty. several others face far more serious charges including involuntary manslaughter. investigators found at least nine deaths directly linked to money-saving changes that contaminated flint's water supply. so a warning if you were planning an island getaway any time soon, new covid clusters on oahu and maui over the past 14 days tied to holiday gatherings. leaders are enforcing travel rules. hawaii requires all visitors to get a covid test 72 hours before departure. disneyland doing away with its annual pass program. the park's been closed since march anyway. disney land resorts say the
5:25 am
program will be replaced with a new membership system, but there's no timetable for when that will roll out. >> sad news for the disney die-hards. consumers teams at nbc bay area and telemundo 48 have one job to get the wheels turning for concume sumers like you. >> consumer investigator chris chmura helps viewers cross the finish line to savings. >> good morning. let's start this friday victory lap with a car case our "nbc bay area responds" team spoke up or adele lain gilroy. she was in the fight with a car dealer offer a bad transmission on her 019 suv. her request for a pleaseiment stalled for months. we contacted the manufacturer. everything shifted. within weeks, adele laita got a new 2020 suv worth $28,800. telemundo 48 responde, pilar was
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hung up on a massive phone bill more than $2,000, higher than expected. pilar thought she was using a messaging app to make international phone calls but using her cell service. arlen's team gave the carrier a ring and helped pilar off the hook for the $2,224 mistake. perhaps we can help you, too. call us english 888-996-tips in spannic 844-408-4848. have a great weekend. >> such good work. that's cool. new this morning maybe you experienced your natural light days as beer college students turned to during parties. it's illuminating that company is how college and post college debt cost so much money. so this is video of a new art installation at grand central station called da vinci of dead.
5:27 am
you add it up, it's $470 million. natural light calls it the most expensive piece of art in the world. the work of course meant to draw attention to the college debt crisis and those hefty student loans. it's beautiful, and horrifying at the same time. coming up next, some top stories we're following including classroom and coronavirus. despite bay area districts making return plans, students may be far away from in-class learning. we'll talk about the obstacles they're facing. the northern california county giving first come, first serve alerts for excess covid vaccines. you can get one, we'll be right back.
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now california phones offers free devices and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone.e. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. it's getting the vaccine, getting the resources, getting the staff. it's frustrating because you don't know what to do. >> right now at 5:30, confusion and frustration. le millions oficalialians trying to get their hands on the coveted covid vaccine. what you need to do to secure your shot. and president biden's plan to speed up the vaccine rollout and the new amount of stimulus checks he wants american to get. he's laying everything out in the stimulus plan, the new hope to renters struggling to make it in the bay. "today in the bay" continues right now.
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5:30 on your friday morning. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has some time off. kari hall, looking forward to a beautiful weekend. >> it's going to be amazing, enjoying sunshine and spring-like weather. i have some things i'm watching in the weather department, even though it seems quiet. we'll see big waves along the coastline along with record high temperatures, and by the end of the weekend, we could have some pretty big winds gusting up into monday, and that could increase our fire danger. yes, we're still talking about this in january. we'll talk about what's ahead in the forecast coming up. vianey, what are you watching for the morning commute? >> well, i saw an update come in for the south bay, it looks like a bit of a traffic hazard, but i'm not showing any reports from the chp now. my traffic maps as you know they do update in real time as accidents and hazards happen, so i'll definitely be looking into that, to see if it's anything of concern but i looked at your drive times in the south bay and
5:32 am
it's looking smooth. northbound 101 from high bay 85, 19 minutes, all good throughout the bay area. laura? to the pandemic in the ongoing push to vaccinate people across california. contra costa county health leaders will give a progress report on efforts to distribute vaccines to front line health care workers, opening up vaccines to anyone over 65. the county says people may have to wait weeks to get an appointment. as california's vaccine rollout didn't have enough hurdles governor newsom's latest pledge to lower the age limit to 65 is creating a whole new set of questions and confusion for people as well especially in places where they're still just trying to vaccinate the initial group of over 75. >> so we've got "today in the bay's" cierra johnson here, where hospitals are dealing with limited supplies. it is very confusing. >> good morning, yes, there's a lot of confusion and a lot of people really upset about the
5:33 am
process, as you could imagine, folks have really been waiting for their age group or their qualifications for their time to be vaccinated. so you could imagine the frustration when you receive that email saying that your group does in fact qualify, but the hospital group for one could run out of those vaccinations and in another when you call to schedule that vaccination, you're put on hold four hours. that's what happened to some folks attempting to make their appointment with some hospital groups after the announcement was made this week. many customers received an email from health care providers announcing at rifle of that first batch of the vaccine. nbc bay area found kaiser patients that say they waited on hold for hours to make an appointment for the first of the two shots and some were able to get through. >> i was able to book an appointment so my mom is getting vaccinated on february 2nd, which is really, really exciting. >> hooray! it's a nice day for me, because
5:34 am
at my age, it's very important to be free to move. >> so you can hear their excitement after having to wait on the phone for hours to actually get through to make that appointment. it is important to note that the rollout and availability will vary by hospital provider. we found that sutter health began vac nating folks 75 and older and santa cruz and san francisco on thursday, same for ucsf. they sent an email to patients about the arrival of a limited supply of the pfizer and the moderna vaccines. as for stanford those notifications for patients are expected to be rolling out today. it is important to note that for most of the major health care chains that we did have a chance to reach out today said although their supply is limited right now, they will be receiving another shipment next week that would allow them to free up the availability of some of those vaccines and get more people inoculated. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." some of the added urgency to
5:35 am
distribute the vaccine due to the threat of a more contagious strain that is moving through communities. right now, no sign of a rapid spread in the u.s., despite the recent mutant uk strain found in southern california. we do have our own problem, as cierra was talking about, the vaccinations were behind. experts agree california has got to start moving faster. right now the state is working to train more dentists to distribute vaccines. about 36,000 across the state of california have now qualified, but they can also opt out. if your dentist does take part, don't expect to be vaccinated at their office. the president of the california dental association says the state's goal is to administer those shots at mass vaccination events. new details about a covid outbreak at kaiser san francisco. 13 employees assigned to the hospital's cardiovascular icu tested positive over the last several days. administrators say they're using
5:36 am
expedited testing and following cdc guidelines. the unit has been deep cleaned and sterilized and said to be safe to receive patients. in san jose, outbreak has grown to 89 cases, including 15 patients at kaiser san jose. they say the outbreak is linked to a worker who was wearing a christmas tree costume, it was blowing air out as they walked around the er. they didn't know at the time that that worker had covid. new this morning, joe biden has just unveiled an enormous relief package far bigger than we were expecting and the political winds right now may help him get it passed. politically he is pushing chips to the middle of the table. he has outlined a $1.9 trillion american rescue plan in a prime time address last night. biden says it would lift millions of people out of poverty, rebuild american industries. it includes a $1,400 check for most americans and increases federal minimum wage to $15.
5:37 am
he also has an ambitious national vaccine plan he says he's going to detail more of that later today. >> to correct course and meet our goal 100 million shots at the end of my first 100 days as president. this will be one of the most challenging operational efforts we've ever undertaken as a nation. we'll have to move heaven and earth to get more people vaccinated. >> as far as the economy, not every economist will agree, of course, but there is a school of thought that says spend now, spend a lot now, even if it means going into debt, and you'll get it back when the economy comes back quickly and stronger than if you hadn't spent that money. one thing all economists can agree on, that idea has worked several times in the past. a lot of people struggling to make it in the bay are wondering how the new stimulus will help them. with the new help possibly coming, remember, there is a stimulus that congress approved last month.
5:38 am
that one gives california $2.5 billion for loans to help struggling renters. if congress approves the plan, you just heard about from biden, it would include an additional $30 billion nationally. santa rosa city school officials say classrooms will be ready for the youngest students by march 1st. that's a promise made by the superintendent yesterday. the plan calls for preschool to third grade be brought back. first the county's daily covid-19 case rate must be below 28 per 100,000 people. sonoma county's daily case rate is 47 per 100,000 people right now. at the same time, california state schools for all hub is online. now schools have to report new covid cases within 24 hours and they're reopening status every two weeks, this will help parents and officials monitor covid cases in their area. we know this is a lot of information to digest especially early in the morning. we posted a link on our website
5:39 am, find it there on the trending bar and of course we continue to research, add more information from counties and health care providers as soon as we get it. i'm not sure we needed this in all of everything else. it's a wildfire in january. a wildfire in january, this is in thousand oaks, just north of l.a. flames spread around 5:00 last night, fanned by strong winds, forward progress has been stopped. evacuation orders have been lifted so far, about 250 acres have burned. >> that's tough to see. we're not no fire haveson but fires can happen any time, anywhere especially in a dry california. taking a live look from the south bay in san jose, the thing is, it's hard to complain about the weather but you know, kind of sprink-like temperatures that we're seeing these days, kari. >> yes, and we're going to be back in the 60s and 70s again today. it's been so dry that we may also have those same concerns that they're having in southern
5:40 am
california. that's something we'll have to watch for by the end of the weekend. let's get you out the door for work this morning with a look at the morning commute and the fog that we're seeing in parts of the north bay, up around napa, visibilities down to a half of a mile, as we go through the east bay commute, we're starting out with a few clouds here and there but sunshine and look at these temperatures warming up. by lunch time we're at 63 degrees. let's head over to you, vianey, how is it looking for the commute? >> i actually have some good news when it comes to the roads. the earlier fender benders near redwood city is working to clear but the traffic isn't slowing down too much. the tri-valley drive times i'm noticing a little bit of increase, that's normal for the 5:40 hour. westbound 580 grant line road to 680, 20 minutes. southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road ten minutes. laura? >> thanks so much, vianey.
5:41 am
you want to win big? two of the top ten largest lottery jackpots in the u.s. in history really they are up for grabs this weekend. the mega millions drawing is tonight and the top prize is now three-quarters of a million dollars. tomorrow's power ball jackpot worth $640 million. one ticket worth $2.7 million, not bad, sold in san jose as part of wednesday's powerball drawing. they got everything except the big powerball. so everybody's testing their math skills and hopeful and dreaming, if you were actually to win both jackpots, you would pocket nearly $1.4 billion before taxes. the odds meantime same as it ever was, mega millions is 1 in about 300 million, powerball slightly better than that, so everybody's dreaming big these days. chris? hi there. the inauguration of course is coming up next week. i'm fortunate that i get to go to cover it for you, but there are a lot of questions about
5:42 am
security and already we know those security questions have impacted two events that are now postponed or rescheduled. we'll talk about that, coming up. >> we'll look forward to that conversation, chris. vice president-elect kamala harris is also set to make history in an all new interview, her niece reveals how their family is gearing up for next week's inauguration. and the niners loss sure to leave a hole in the sidelines. losing a coach, first a reminder, though, nbc bay area and telemundo 48 teaming up to make a positive impact on our community through project innovation, part of a grant powered by the comcast nbc universal foundation. you can learn more about it and submit your own application at . we'll be right back.
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if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, itching, rash, or trouble breathing. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your doctor if you have diabetic retinopathy or vision changes. taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase low blood sugar risk. common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, right now at 5:45, one more day of home school recess before we get a long holiday weekend and it's going to be beautiful in san ramon, along with the rest of the bay area. starting out with some low 50s but reaching into the upper 60s with sunshine later today. we'll look ahead to the weekend forecast coming up. we do have some breaking news we're following this morning. san jose police looking for an armed suspect who fired shots at officers. they just sent out this tweet from the police department saying that officers responded
5:46 am
to several calls about a man firing a gun near the corner of lynette way and duffy way near keen road in san jose in east san jose. officers arrived, the gunman fired at them but we understand no one was hurt. a perimeter now has been set up in that area, and the search is on. police telling people living in that area to stay inside. we'll continue to follow this breaking story and bring you updates as well on and twitter. san francisco police chief meanwhile bill scott says he's certain no sfpd officers took part in the capitol chaos, but san francisco police commissioners want to know for sure. "the examiner" reports two commissioners now calling for an internal investigation. it is apparent at least some off-duty law enforcement members from around the country were part of the mob that attacked the capitol and now some cities are doing their own investigations. . you've seen the images of national guard troops rolling
5:47 am
into washington, d.c., for the inauguration. security there and here at home ramped one threats of insurrection. "today in the bay's" ks ri sanchez will be covering the inauguration live for us in washington, d.c., next week. how are you dealing about this, kris? >> reporter: that's the question i'm getting a lot these days, laura. i feel all right. my parents were heartened to see the national guard troops arriving to help with the rest of the law enforcement already in washington, d.c., but my photographer and i are going to be largely in credentialed areas. we had to go through background checks with the secret service and the inaugural committee, so we're largely going to be insulated which is unfortunate because we always like to catch up with our bay area people who show up or big events in washington, but at least we know that we have a better chance at being safe. but we know that those security concerns are already impacting two events this morning. security concerns, senate confirmation hearing that was scheduled for today was abruptly rescheduled. committee members want to take
5:48 am
part in person, which sounds one way but the other thing is that the security concerns mean that that is just not possible and the inaugural rehearsal that was set for sunday was postponed, because of security concerns. it is now scheduled for monday. as this an estimated 20,000 guardsmen continue to pour into washington, d.c., ahead of the inauguration. more fencing is going up, and there are several blocks around the white house now blocked off. the national mall is now closed to the public, and we expect that there could be more closures as well. this is what happened in sacramento after the fbi warned that extremist groups may be considering armed assaults at every state capitol ahead of the inauguration. chp is in charge of capitol security and they'll have the help much up to a thousand california national guard troops to protect critical infrastructure and the governor says also first amendment rights. he says that this is going to be taken very seriously so that there is not a repeat of what happened at the u.s. capitol,
5:49 am
although the site of course is very bewildering for people who are just average joes. on top of all of that, covid of course is still raging. we have to live up to the protocols that are set in place. my photographer and i will be in those secure areas. we have to wear n-95 masks the whole time we're there. we are socially distanced so there is a limited number of journalists that are allowed because of the spacing, and we had to get covid tests before we could travel, so that was a scramble yesterday a little bit past my nap time, but feeling good, ready to go, so excited to bring this home to you guys here. >> kris sanchez reporting live and kris, we look forward to your reports. attorneys mean file for while in jails and prisons in california pushing for some prisoners to get the vaccine early.
5:50 am
they're asking the governor and a judge to move 10% of prisoners to the front of the line. their request comes following a series of deadly outbreaks at several jails across the state. some cases skyrocketing in recent weeks. governor newsom said inmate inoculations could begin as early as next week. new this morning, the "sacramento bee" reports out at least partly on a first come, first serve basis, that's rather than to have it all go to waste. earlier this week the county set up a web portal anyone regardless of tier level to sign up. the lists had to be frozen two days after word got out because it was so popular. the county is not saying how many people actually received surplus vaccines. we could talk about something happier but we're talking about the 49ers. top defensive coach robert salah is off to the big apple. if you don't know who he is, but it is a blow for the 49ers, he's had the nfl's attention two plus seasons he's been one of the hottest coaching commodities around.
5:51 am
niners defenders call him inspirational. the 41-year-old is off to be the head coach of the new york jets. good luck to him. niners players responding, a tweet from richard sherman, "the jets got a great one. congrats to them." with so much focus on security ahead of the inauguration, some of the joy is lost for the families of joe biden and kamala harris. >> right, it's such a huge day for them. mena harris is the vice president-elect's niece and tells the impression her aunt often left on her growing up. >> like the opening scene of the first wonder woman movie, in this all female sovereign island nation running around saving the world and that's what it looked like to me as a little girl. >> what a wonderful role model to have and now she is for so many. also doug emhoff a new twitter handle, kamala harris' husband
5:52 am
will tweet from @secondgentleman. once joe biden is inaugurated, several accounts like @whitehouse and@potus will be transferred over. let's transfer over news to weather and traffic if you're headed out the door or making plans for the weekend. how are we looking, kari? >> looks good. even though there's this huge storm system in the pacific, we are really enjoying some quiet and warm weather. check out portland, seattle and getting wet weather and that is where it will stay. unfortunate for us ba us we need rain but it will kick up high waves and we'll see big breakers along the coastline, high surf advisory going into effect at 11:00 this morning through tomorrow evening, never turn your back to the water. we want to you stay well away from the coastline today, if you're in the peninsula and going for a hike. we are going to see temperatures in the 50s to start. low 50s throughout the morning
5:53 am
and low 60s for the afternoon, so you'll be taking off that jacket and wearing short sleeves throughout today. we have this blocking area of high pressure once again, steering those storms to the north, keeping us from getting any chances of rain but it's been so dry and winds picking up going into the weekend. as it does so, we will have a high fire danger once again. so this just shows climate change in full effect. we no longer have a fire season. it could happen at any point in the year. all you need is the right weather setup where the winds descend the hills and dries up. the northeasterly wind will come through as we go toward the end of the weekend and early next week and that's something i'll be watching as well you, vianey. you're watching the roads this morning. what's going on for the commute? >> i looked into a traffic hazard that popped up in the south bay near the 101 area, but that cleared out and aside from that, the bridge drive times are
5:54 am
also looking pretty good, still westbound 82. it is friday so we have our friday light commute. westbound 580 towards richmond bridge seven minutes and westbound 80 towards the bay bridge only looking at 8 minutes. no issues through the tri-valley either. scott? happening now, tensions are rising between north korea and the rest of the world. the communist regime revealing a new type of submarine launched ballistic missile yesterday. it calls it the "world's most powerful weapon." several missiles were displayed at a parade yesterday. we don't know if they actually work but the show of military force comes just after kim jong-un called the u.s. the country's biggest enemy. we'll be right back.
5:55 am
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5:57 am
welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." three people face charges for a paint ball attack in pleasant hill. a woman and her family were walking along the hill and a car raced by firing paint balls at them. a second pass, more paint balls. the woman left with welts and bruises. surveillance cameras in the area helped track down those suspects. happening today, racing is back on at golden gate fields. this was after an outbreak that led to hundreds of covid-19 cases and at least one death in november. trainers, veterinarians even some of the horses got sick.
5:58 am
while racing resumes today, there will be no one in the stands. east bay parents and young athletes plan to demand a return to the sports field today. they say because of the current stay-at-home order they haven't been able to play and there's little evidence that matches are super spreader events. it should be pointed out many major sports teams have had covid-19 cases or scares since returning to the field. today's rally begins at 4:00 this afternoon in downtown livermore. 100 communities statewide are planning similar rallies. in the meantime, some sports could make a return as early as february 1st, or whenever the stay-at-home order is lifted. the north coast section executive committee just approved a return to play plan for its schools, cross-country, golf, tennis, track and field, swimming and diving, all included, when the counties move back into the purple tier. it says the plan falls in line with state health orders. the organization's board will meet two weeks from today to approve that plan. well, it's that time of year, elephant seal pupping
5:59 am
season in point reyes closed more coastline to make room. rangers at drakes beach instagram video of this lazy guy explaining it's important he gets his rest. elephant seals conserve energy ahead of the migration. look from above, this shows why parts of drakes beach closed for the annual gathering. look at that. rangers say a bunch of male elephant seals recently moved into the area right by the visitor center so the stretch of beach will be closed until they move on. the season's first pup was born here in december. i talked a lot about the men there, laura. i think it's the women doing a lot of the work. >> it's the men being lazy. they're "saving their energy" we'll say. all right. coming up right now at 6:00, falling short. where does california stand at meeting the governor's goal to vaccinate an additional 1 million people by the end of this week? we're breaking down some of the numbers for you in a live report. plus --
6:00 am
>> the vaccine rollout in the united states has been a dismal failure thus far. >> soon to take charge, president-elect joe biden has major plans to get you vaccinated. it's going to take a lot of money but congress could get things done before the impeachment gets in the way. we'll head to washington live in just minutes. and boy, has it been getting warm in the bay area. 60s, even 70-degree temperatures coming our way. kari hall's sizzling winter forecast is straight ahead as the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good friday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. let's get a check with kari and that winter forecast. hi. >> yes, it was kind of crazy. we're saying sizzling winter. it's like, what? okay, it's going to be warm. we're talking about being near record high temperatures today, but i know that people along the coastline will want to enjoy some of the water, but there will be some


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