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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 18, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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83 miles per hour right now in parts of the north bay near the healdsburg hills. those winds are really roaring in the upper levels of the atmosphere, but here in the valley, we're not feeling it so much but you want to be careful about that because our winds will continue to get lower and lower into the valleys as we go into today which may be a prolonged damaging wind event and we've also had some really warm temperatures near record highs again today, as well as the fire danger, so we're watching out for that, and taking a look at these current temperatures, this is where we're starting. this is already above our normal high temperature. take a look at that, it's 70 degrees in santa rosa and it's because of those high winds. let's get a look at your morning commute as you get ready to head out. heads up that chp issued that wind advisory through the altamont pass as well as our bridges, some of our areas that typically get some high winds but overall the commute is flowing fairly well. so i'll have another look at weather and traffic coming up again in a few minutes. well we're a little more
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than 48 hours from a new president with unprecedented security in washington, and state capitols around the nation. >> with fears growing about a possible attack inside, the fbi now vetting all 25,000 national guard troops sent to washington for the inauguration. so far, there's no evidence of any threats and leaders say no issues have been flagged. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live at the capitol this morning, tracking the many steps being taken to make sure violence does not interrupt this transition. tracie? >> reporter: laura and scott, good morning. that includes these tens of thousands of national guard troops joining police and federal agents, some of them already on the ground. more of them on the way. capitol hill, the perimeter expanded over the weekend, and the area right now kind of looks like a ghost town, not many vehicles on the streets, because many of those streets have been
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shut down. in washington, d.c., this morning, businesses are boarded up, the national mall and its landmarks offlimits to the public. the inauguration site, the u.s. capitol and blocks around it behind concrete barricades, metal fencing, and an unprecedented display of america's military might. >> we don't want to see fences. we definitely don't want to do posture. >> reporter: new video of the capitol riot -- >> where the [ bleep ] is nancy? >> reporter: shows what washington is trying to prevent? 25,000 troops will occupy the city by wednesday. >> even though our inauguration traditions look a little different this year, and we still we're all still together, though, united, you nighted across all of america. >> reporter: 14 states sent the national guard to protect their capitols, after the fbi warned
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of possible violence. >> you want to be overprepared versus underprepared. >> reporter: but demonstrations sunday, some armed, were small but peaceful. >> we come in peace. we do not intend to commit violence. >> reporter: as crews pack up the white house, the nation's attention turns to this week. president-elect biden volunteering in philadelphia today for the mlk day of service. preparations along pennsylvania avenue and at the capitol for today's inauguration rehearehea. and that's the one that was supposed to happen yesterday, but it was postponed because of a security threat. there was a concern, and nothing happened fortunately. they are going on with that we're told today. meantime, vice president-elect kamala harris it's her last day in the senate. she's officially resigning that position today so she can preside over the senate.
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scott, laura? >> madam vice president. tracie, are there new developments in the investigations into the riot itself? >> reporter: well, we know that 125 people have been arrested so far and a lot of these charges are felonies, theft, weapons charges. we also know that federal authorities are looking into a number of different angles to determine how this happened, but they're continuing to investigate and track people down who were part of that riot. >> tracie potts, thank you much. in the meantime, still no signs of protesters at the state capitol, despite some threats of possible activity over the weekend. all remained quiet. some of them may be due to the presence of so many national guard troops. they'll be positioned in the areas surrounding the capitol, and at least through inauguration day. airbnb promising to be vigilant this week when it comes to bookings in the sacramento
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area. the company is reviewing reservations ahead of the inauguration. if it finds a customer has any ties to hate groups, it will cancel the reservations and ban the customer and not ruled out sharing information with law enforcement. we've got some more details on the upcoming inauguration and the transition involving kamala harris' senate seat. as tracie mentioned, harris is supposed to resign today from that seat at which time governor newsom will appoint alex padilla to serve out her term, a two-year term. padilla will be california's first latino center. harris will not give a farewell address on the floor. as vice president, she breaks any 50/50 ties in the evenly split senate. the senate is not scheduled to convene today. stick with nbc bay area, special inauguration day coverage from here in the bay area and of course washington. special newscasts all day long to mark the historic day. you can follow along both on air and online. and i mentioned at the top
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of the newscast today the nation is takinge to reflectmlk memorin washington, d.c. the national mall remains closed due to security concerns leading up to the inauguration. in berkeley, the pandemic is forcing the annual mlk celebration online. the keynote speaker will be author regina mason, in addition, several organizations will be honored for their work during the pandemic, helping those in need. san jose will hold an annual park cleanup in dr. king's honor at san tomas park at 8:45 this morning. in the meantime the city of el cerrito will hold its caravan . participants will depart from the del norte b.a.r.t. station ahead of a planned rally at the el cerrito barth station. a surprise discovery made by bay area researchers. a new mutant covid strain is spreading, but it's not the one
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first identified in the united kingdom. "today in the bay's" see cierra johnson is live to explain. >> reporter: good morning. the virus in the united kingdom the mutated virus is making headlines in december, but researchers say that is not the same virus that is b bay area specifically with that outbreak at a hospital in san jose. now researchers have determined that variant mutation is called l452-r. the researchers have data -- do not have data to determine if the variant is more trance missable or more tedly. it is spread quickly in communities where it has been identified. in the case of the outbreak at the kaiser permanente in san jose, at least 90 people were infected around christmas. the question now, why did the virus spread so quickly? >> was there, you know, some change in ventilation or some
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change in how personal protective equipment was used, or some staff turnover or some other condition present? >> reporter: in addition to santa clara county, this variant has been detected in several other counties including humboldt, lake, los angeles, monterey, orange and san diego and although researchers were still working to learn the specifics about this mutation, they are confident that the vaccines that are being administered right now will still protect against the variation of the current virus. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, cierra. 5:08. state health officials are advising one batch of moderna's vaccine be held for now to investigate a string of allergic reactions. the advisory is limited to a batch recently given to people in san diego. once those allergic reactions were reported last week, the vaccine was held. the vaccines were given at petco
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park, which was also closed for a time last week, and people required medical attention. providers are told to wait to use the vaccine from that lot and keep them frozen until the investigation is complete. so far, the state has received 3.5 million covid-19 vaccines a cording to the cdc, more than 1 million have already been injected. of those 865,000 received their first dose only and 204,000 people have received both shots. 5:09. a live look outside towards the bay bridge, you can't see it here, but the wind is picking up. meteorologist kari hall i said you had seen an 81-mile-an-hour gust. you said now 83? can i hear 84? 85? >> no. right? i mean these winds have really been strong especially in some of our hills, and we're going to have to be really careful about this as we go into the next day or so, we're going to have these high winds, and so right now is the time to make sure you've
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charged up all of your devices, your phones and everything and you also have flashlights and batteries, as well as food and water that you may have to deal with some of those power outages, and i'm not talking about the pg&e planned outages, but say a tree falls over and knocks off the power to your home, and so you also want to make sure those outdoor items around your house are secured and ready in case some of those winds pick up around your house. we are also looking at the possibility of some of those tree branches coming down, but the humidity will be very low as we go into today and tomorrow, which means we'll have a high fire danger all around the bay area. i'm watching out for that as well as those high winds, as you get ready to head out the door for your morning commute. let's look at our traffic maps as we start out. everything has been fairly quiet. chp warning of a high wind advisory through the altamont pass as well as our bridges. make sure you're aware of that before you head out the door. overall the commute looks pretty good on this holiday. i'll have another look at weather and traffic coming up
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again in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. 5:10 right now. a woman goes missing during a yosemite hike. still ahead at 5:25 on "today in the bay," the latest on the search whereabouts. plus, back online, the return of parler. the social media site that was shut down following the capitol riot, still lingering mystery surrounding its comeback. but before we go to break, we'll take a look back at an historic life achievements of dr. martin luther king jr. on this mlk day.
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right now at 5:13, we are under a microclimate weather alert due to the record high temperatures, and high winds along with the high fire danger, but as you get out of the door why are commute keep' tight grip on the steering wheel. windy through the east bay and temperatures in the upper 50s, leading to upper 60s by lunch time. we'll talk about how hot those temperatures get and what's ahead in the forecast coming up. with business and tech, the markets closed because of the holiday today. meanwhile looks like parler has
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solved its serving problem. the popular social site with far right groups. this was dropped by amazon web services shortly after the capitol riot. the domain reportedly registered within a domain. called epic, but it's not clear who is hosting that site. tesla facing a new competitor in the autonomous driving race, not here in america. it's a chinese automaker called xpeng announced the p7 model sold in china, said to be similar to tesla's feature for highway driving, change lane and speeds and enter and exit highways as well. this is not available in the u.s. spacex headed back to space. falcon 9 spacecraft will launch at cape canaveral this morning, its mission to deploy 60 satellites into orbit. all eyes on the weather to make sure it's safe to launch. if everything's a go, liftoff will be at 5:45 our time. good news for the hip top legend and music mogul dr. drai. he's now back home after being hospitalized after suffering a
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brain aneurysm. his attorney says he's on the mend. dr. dre was in the hospital for over a week at the beginning of the month. trending this morning, a throw-back you didn't know you needed. >> all right so fans of the rock may remember during the macy's thanksgiving day parade a balloon featuring young rock. take a look. >> this balloon celebrates nbc's newcombe di"young rock" which follows the wild times of dwayne as a kid, a teen and college footballer. >> that's the rock back in about 1990. the hayward born johnson released the first trailer for that new show "young rock" on his twitter page and show debut. >> takes him from like little boy to i guess growingp i u his teenage years, too. should be kind of funny. >> i think all those stories would be. let's check in with kari. >> yes. let's talk about wt'sha going , because man, there is
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a lot, even though it smed like a great weekend, in the back of your mind, you're probably thinking this is january, and we're all at the beach. so it's not supposed toe this warm. we're looking at temperatures today heading back into the mid-70s. take a look at these highs for santa rosa and the record high temperature we're going way above these records that we had during that warm spell we had in january of 2014. yes, look at these san francisco temperatures, we could set a record here as well as across the rest of the bay area. we not only have that but these high winds and we've had these winds roaring although a lot of us are not feeling it. if you live in the hills, man, it's pretty scary up there in the healdsburg hills, 83-mile-per-hour gust and the clayton hills and north of middletown and cobb mountain area, 85-mile-per-hour gusts, and mt. st. helena reaching 76. even in livermore a 50-mile-per-hour gust. as we go through today, these high winds are going to drive up
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more of these big breakers along the coastline, and with the warm weather, some people have been going to the coast and you want to make sure that you're staying well away from the water, because it is going to be very dangerous, not only do we have these rogue waves and sneaker waves, but some of those breakers may reach over 20 feet again today. looking at our wind speed forecast, these winds are rushing offshore so you get this warm breeze across the bay area, as it moves across the hills and descends into the valleys. it warms up and we're looking at the peak of our winds later on this evening into early tomorrow morning, and with the lack of rain we've had in these high winds along with the warm temperatures, there will be a high fire danger for today. so any flames that get going could spread very quickly and this is going to be what we deal with in the middle of january, as these temperatures remain very high, as well as these high winds, even going through wednesday morning, it's still going to be pretty windy there especially in parts of the north bay. so what's going on?
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we have low pressure close by high pressure. when we get these two weather systems close together, these winds just rush on through. by the end of the week, that low pressure moves away, so the winds will calm down, cool air will start to come in, maybe even allow for some slight rain chances, but it looks like we'll have a better chance of rain by late sunday into early next week. but overall this week does remain pretty dry, as we go through the temperatures, take a look at the changes we'll have over the next few days. we're going from 73 inland today to 70 and still windy tomorrow, and then it cools down once that cool air rolls on in here, we're going to have a continuation of more weather systems coming through that will drop our high temperatures down into the upper 50s by the end of the weekend and once again we'll be watching out for a chance of rain by sunday into early monday morning temperatures are going to be cold, too. looking at san francisco, very warm day here as well. up to 70, but then that cooldown comes and we'll be digging out
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those sweaters once again. let's get you out on the roadways this morning, with a quick look at the traffic maps we've seen. overall no major problems. i don't even see a lot of yellow sensors showing any slowdowns, so just be careful about the high winds that you may encounter, especially as you head across some of our bridges, and some of those higher elevations around the bay area. and i'll have another update coming up in just a few minutes. scott and laura? >> sounds good, thanks, kari. found. living inside an airport, next on "today in the bay," the california man investigators say went undetected for months inside an airport far from home. plus brady versus brees, the two stars face off in an epic nfl showdown. but first you know our team is always on social media. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez heading to washington, d.c., for the presidential inauguration. she posted several photos with her photographer robbie beasome.
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5:23. it's normally not a news story
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when someone from california moves to chicago, but it is when he calls the city's o'hare airport home for three months. that's according to police who say adithya singh traveled to one of the busiest airports from a flight from l.a. in october. he said he was afraid to fly home due to the pandemic. authorities say he managed to get hold of an airport worker's i.d. to get around and survived on food from other travelers. he now faces several charges, including felony criminal trespassing. developing now, the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of a humvee stolen from a southern california military facility. it was stolen from the national guard armory in the city of belle near east l.a. friday morning. the vehicle is valued at $120,000. happening now at 5:23, authorities in yosemite need help finding a missing hiker. they believe that alice yu zei disappeared on a day hike to
5:25 am
upper yosemite falls either friday or saturday morning and nobody has seen her since. she is a chinese national living in the u.s., traveled from mariposa, last seen carrying a small green backpack. the new england patriots stadium gillette stadium opens today after a soft opening last week, distributing the vaccine to first responders and health care workers only. the bay area still far away from any stadium being used that way. the earliest that may happen is next month in oakland. gillette stadium probably seems far away for san mateo's tom brady. his new team tampa faced off yesterday against drew brees in what was really an epic showdown to move on to the nfc championship game. brady the victor as tampa won 30-20. nbc's sam brock tells us, some wonder if this might have been a swan song for brees. >> good morning. this football game received an awful lot of attention going in,
5:26 am
two legendary quarterbacks squaring off, tom brady and drew brees, whose collective age is 85 years of life experience the oldest quarterback in the history of the nfl. the tampa bay bucs are going to lambeau field to square off against aaron rodgers for a right to play in the super bowl. brady could be going for his seventh ring but the big question coming out of this game is this is the last one for drew brees. will he retire? there were reports prior to the game that was the case, brees was asked about it after the game. he kind of deflected in his answer but there were signs, guys, following the game that this might be it, including some really touching video that you don't want to miss. that story coming up on "today." >> we'll look forward to it. trending this morning, superstar justin timberlake making headlines not for his upcoming performance at joe biden's inauguration but the singer just welcomed his second
5:27 am
child with his wife jessica biel. he ellen the baby boy is named thinneus. he tells how 5-year-old silas is handling the new brother and the family is adjusting to lack of sleeping. "ellen" today at 4:00 p.m. on nbc bay area. congratulations to them. a beautiful family. coming up next, some of the top stories we're following today including causing confusion. the reason some people are being turned away from their covid vaccine appointments in the south bay, and the steps local leaders are taking to try to ease further rollout issues. and chaos on the bay bridge leads to accidents. one of them was deadly. bumper to bumper traffic as well took hours to clear. unanswered questions surrounding this traffic mess. and as' go to break, here are some thoughts from dr. martin luther king jr. on this mlk day.
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right now at 5:30, dangerous and unusual weather conditions. hurricane-force winds atop some of our highest mountains overnight. our team has issued a microclimate weather alert. high winds are leading to fire dangers across the bay area. meteorologist kari hall is timing out just how long it will last. plus an historic week ahead. final preparations, as president-elect joe biden and vice president-elect kamala harris prepare to take office.
5:31 am
the momentum building here in the bay area as many watch the week ahead. and the all new milestone in california as the race for the vaccine for covid starts to ramp this up week. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a very good morning to you. happy martin luther king jr. day as well. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has some time off. all eyes on kari and the high winds. they're just incredible, kari. >> yes, we had a wind gust over 83 miles per hour, and we're seeing winds over 80 miles per hour as well in parts of the east bay and north bay hills. now, these are the upper elevations experiencing winds like this. a lot of this in the valley are just getting a light breeze now and then but the winds are picking up throughout today and that comes along with some near record high temperatures. we have that as well as a high fire danger. you want to make sure you're
5:32 am
prepared for these high winds today. you charged up your cell phone and all of your devices, just in case you have a power outage and make sure you have some batteries and flashlights nearby as well as some food and water. secure those outdoor items as well as the potential of downed trees that will be possible today. so as you get out on the roads this morning, we are still looking at those high wind gusts. you may have to keep a tight grip on the steering wheel today. overall no major problems on the roads. it's looking good as you head out on this holiday. i'll talk more about the fire danger and those winds coming up in a few minutes. laura? >> sounds good. we'll check back with you, kari. 5:32. a live look across the bay area. wish clued the microclimate weather alert with the strong winds howling into the bay area. firefighters are warning about the increased wildfire risk. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in the hills above dublin this morning. winds are already gusting in some of those areas, bob. are you feeling them?
5:33 am
>> reporter: we're not at super high elevations, maybe a few hundred feet but already starting to see a little bit of the wind up here. these are not significant winds that we're experiencing here, but the upper elevations we know the national weather service has reported that north of here mt. diablo they recorded an 81-mile-an-hour wind gust, and 83 mooil an our wind gust on pine flat road in healdsburg in the north bay. we are under a wind advisory until 6:00 tomorrow night and a high wind advisory for elevations above 1,000 feet, that kicks in at 4:00 this afternoon until 7:00 tomorrow morning. we spoke with the fremont fire department. they along with other fire departments throughout the bay area are concerned about these winds starting a wildfire. yes, it is january. yes, we're in the middle of the winter but we've seen temperatures in the mid-70s the past few days. fuels are dry because we've had hardly any rain. battalion chief tells us his men and women have yet to put away their wildland fire gear from
5:34 am
last year's fire conditions. he's never seen conditions like this before in northern california this late in the winter. >> there's three factors that influence a wildfire, that's fuel, weather and topo topon jg. everything is receptive to burn. >> reporter: pg&e is warning about public safety power shutoffs for some of its customers in the central valley, and on the central coast. but not here in the bay area. no power shutoffs set for the counties in our area. that's not to say winds could pick up and knock down power for customers that respect but there's nothing intentionally turned off by our utility. reporting live here in the hills above dublin, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, great update. thanks, bob. be sure to download ourbc n bay area app. you can check the forecast on the go and track current conditions in your area, even before you head out the door.
5:35 am
the nation awaiting wednesday's changing of the guard. a live look at capitol hill under heavy security ahead of the inauguration in the bay area, added excitement surrounding the set of native kamala harris born and raised in the east bay, eventually becoming san francisco's district attorney. cierra johnson looks at the local things on tap for kamala harris. >> reporter: the bay area and some communities are celebrating just watching vice president-elect kamala harris make that road to the white house, including some folks she knew as a child. they received that much coveted invitation to the inauguration on one of those friends as a child, derek johnson of oakland received his invitation to d.c. about a week ago and just days later boarded a flight with about 20 other bay area invitees and flew to d.c. johnson says security is tight
5:36 am
in d.c. and he doesn't know many of the details because of security about that ceremony but he's elated to be there. he says he and harris became friends when they were about 16 and she's really the same person now as she was then. >> the 16-year-old kamala still. i love to laugh. so she's just fun. she's always been fun and she's still fun. >> reporter: that oakland native says in spite of those looming security concerns, he said he trusts the security that's around him and he's not worried about any of the threats overshadowing that monumental moment that is set to happen in just a matter of days. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thanks. today is mlk day, a holiday designated as a national day of service to honor the life and legacy of the civil rights leader. due to the pandemic, many events are going to be virtual.
5:37 am
tonight president-elect joe biden and vice president-elect kamala harris will host an hour-long commemoration. king's son and daughter expected to speak at the event. the national civil rights museum will host a virtual mlk celebration on its website. a more contagious strain of covid-19 is now circulating across california, being detected up and down the state, including in santa clara and san francisco counties. we're learning the strain is now being linked to the massive outbreak at kaiser san jose. dozens of employees were infected, including one who died. more than a dozen patients also contracted covid. public health officials are still trying to figure out why it spreads so quickly. >> was there, you know, some change in ventilation or some change in how personal protective equipment was used or some staff turnover or you know, some other condition present? >> right now, research is still being done to find out the
5:38 am
mutation, why it's so contagious. health officials say vaccines are effective against it. the u.s. hitting another grim covid-19 milestone over the weekend. there have been more than 24 million infections of americans since the start of the pandemic. the total death count is expected to hit 400,000. the state meanwhile now becoming the first to exceed 3 million in the threshold. california reporting 432 new deaths as well on sunday, that brings the overall total to more than 33,000. about one person dies every six minutes in the l.a. area. speaking of l.a., we've got a live look, which over the weekend confirmed its first case of the fasting spreading uk covid strain. hospitals across the country are stretched incredibly thin. the number of deaths reported yesterday was noticeably lower. health leaders are stressing a big undercount due to the weekend lag. deaths there are approaching
5:39 am
14,000 and like most bay area counties, vaccine supplies are low. the counties still trying to work out the kinks, eliminate the confusion in this ongoing vaccine rollout. yesterday at santa clara county fairgrounds, some appointments had to be turned away. the county is only allowing people over 75 to get the shot, even though the state allows people over 65. so some people are signing up at the state website, even though they don't qualify at the county level, adding to the confusion and there's a lot of it, health leaders are trying to deal with their own supply, accepting some of them with their own supply are accepting people under 75. it's 5:39 right now. let's take a peek outside. gorgeous golden gate bridge this morning. clear out there. you know why? we're having some really high winds. they're picking up across the bay area especially at this higher elevation, but it's causing some high fire danger as well. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall this morning. she's really tracking these winds and how long they're going to stick around.
5:40 am
kari? >> yes, so some of the things that we look at will be the high winds, along with high dry the vegetation is and so we are going to have critical fire danger, critically high fire danger today in some spots, and as we deal with these high winds especially in the high elevations above 1,000 feet, some of those gusts will continue over 60 miles per hour. we've already seen some of those wind gusts this morning and some of us in the valleys will start to feel those high winds later this evening. so we'll talk about when we're expecting the peak of those winds coming up, as you get ready to head on the roads this morning, may already be gusty for you this morning, but overall we have a smooth flow of traffic around the bay area on this holiday. i'll have another update coming up again in a few minutes. >> sounds good. we'll check back with you, kari. 5:40. the chp will answer questions around the chaos.
5:41 am
it was tough for drivers on the bay bridge. show activity, reckless driving, chaos. it turned deadly yesterday when a motorcycle passenger died in a head-on crash. hundreds of motorcycles, dirt bikes and atvs went the wrong direction, weaving in and out of traffic. it started at about 2:00 p.m. and lasted for several hours. the chp also made multiple arrests. not clear how many just yet. we continued some officers were hurt. it's 5:41 on your monday morning. growing outrage, still ahead on "today in the bay." the californian who received a covid vaccine while visiting hawaii, and all new questions being raised by furious hawaiians. and no holiday for the warriors. why today we may learn if this team really has what it takes to contend this year. but first, nbc bay area and telemundo teaming up to make a positive impact in our community through project innovation.
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this is a grant challenge powered by comcast nbc universal. project innovation recognizes and awards $315,000 in grants to local non-profits. learn more about the program, submit your application at you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:44, i wanted
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to show you these temperatures because in ukiah, it is 37 degrees, but check out santa rosa, where we're getting those winds rushing down the hill and warming up. it is 70 degrees, imagine that spread in ten tours with a short drive. we'll talk about what's ahead in the forecast for today, coming up. well, just a little bit more than 48 hours from now the united states will have a new president, a new vice president. a live look at the white house, which president trump will vacate this week. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live from washington and tracie, even before biden takes over, he is sending a message to thousands of honduran immigrants making their way right now to the u.s. border. >> reporter: right, laura and scott. a senior official with the biden transition team is telling those migrants to wait, that things are not going to change overnight. policies are not going to change overnight to allow them back
5:46 am
into or into the united states, but they are headed this way anyway. take a look at what happened over the weekend, a chaotic melee, where security forces use it used tear gas, sticks, a stun grenade to disperse the crowd. authorities said a number of people were injured, about 3,000 migrants had spent the night in a village that was 34 miles from the borders of honduras and el salvador. since friday an estimated 7,000 to 8,000 migrants entered guatemala, fleeing poverty, violence, hammered by coronavirus there, back-to-back hurricanes last year. guatemala sent back almost a thousand migrants from honduras and the caravan tried to advance toward mexico but it's not just immigration that biden is going to have to deal with, and we've learned this morning that he does want to issue some executive orders to as his team is putting it create a more dignified immigration policy
5:47 am
starting next week, but again, not overnight. he's also dealing with some other issues, he wants congress to pass this $1.9 trillion covid relief ,400 checks for americans. he wants to makricans are vaccid within his first 100 days, and climate change is another big one. we learned this morning that he plans to sign an executive order to get back in the paris climate accord on day one. back to you. >> tracie potts live from washington, thanks so much. president trump only has about 48 hours left in office. the commander in chief reportedly eyeing last-minute pardons and considering a defense strategy for his impending impeachment trial. we'll get more from nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: hey scott and laura. president trump just over 48 hours left as president, an almost constant presence on tv for the last four years, not making a single public
5:48 am
appearance since last tuesday, instead privately focusing on that looming impeachment trial and what may be one of his final acts as president. i'm told yesterday he huddled with advisers to discuss pardons with dozens expected by wednesday, and as for his impeachment defense, rudy giuliani was spotted here at the white house this weekend, but after saying that he would be a part of the president's defense team, giuliani is back-tracking, unable to participate, he says, because he also spoke at the trump rally before the capitol riots and this morning we're learning some more details about president trump's departure on wednesday. nbc news obtaining an invitation to that event. the white house planning a farewell ceremony at joint base andrews early that morning, before president trump flies to florida. his last trip aboard air force one. the president is expected to be at mar-a-lago before joe biden takes office. the first president in 150 years to skip the successor's inauguration. >> our coverage of the countdown
5:49 am
to the inauguration continues online., click on inauguration day preps, that's at the top of the home page. another house lawmaker is infected with covid-19. southern california democratic congressman lou correa announcing his diagnosis over the weekend, the latest to test positive after dozens of lawmakers were forced to huddle together during this month's past violence on capitol hill. he says he contracted the virus after receiving only the first dose of the vaccine. i mentioned this earlier. health leaders in hawaii say a woman from california received a covid vaccine in their area and left locals in outrage. she was registered through a cdc vaccine administration system that allows patients to get the injection anywhere. hawaii has administered 46,000 of its 154,000 vaccine doses so far. hawaiians are given the first priority but leftover vaccines will be given to
5:50 am
anyone who wants them. no holiday for the warriors. their task beating the world champs tonight in their house. the dubs head to l.a. to take on lebron and the lakers. the warriors have been up and down so far this season, which is a lot better than mostly down we were talking about last year. but right now the lakers are on a five-game winning streak with the league's best record. look at this, trending this morning, a story that truly shows that hard work pays off. oklahoma state basketball player dean mitchell was overcome with emotion when his coach surprised him after his shift working at walmart. the coach telling him that he earned a scholarship. mitchell has been working full time to pay for school and his family's bills, after his mom lost her job but he still manages to make it to practice every day. now making his way to college. very nice. >> proud of that young man. what do powerball, mega
5:51 am
millions and "the twilight zone" have in common? incredible runs, no jackpot winners bound to eventually make somebody incredibly rich. your new next two chances start tomorrow. mega millions jackpot hits more than $850 million, and wednesday's powerball draw, the jackpot is $730 million. best of luck to you. >> it's amazing how many times that thing has just rolled over. >> that's right, and one chance in 300 million, everybody plays, and nobody wins, so far. >> there you go. one sure thing we can count on, kari hall is always there to give us an accurate forecast. we're talking winds today. >> yes. it's been so windy over the weekend, i went hiking and i was kind of sad that it was so brown and crispy looking out there, and some of the trails were still closed because of the august wildfires and today,
5:52 am
we're back to those record high temperatures, as we are looking at our highs reaching into the mid-70s. so it's not supposed to be this warm in the middle of january, as we take a look at some of these new records that may be set again today with santa rosa reaching 75 degrees. the record that we had in 2014 was 73 degrees. we could see pretty much all new records set across the bay area, and those winds have been roaring in the upper levels of the atmosphere, as we look at our upper elevations i should say around the bay area, up to 83-mile-per-hour gusts in the healdsburg hills. a lot of us in the valleys are not feeling itl get lower and l as we go through the day and some of these high winds may make it into the valleys as well. so we've seen these high winds kicking up some big dangerous waves along the coastline with people going to the coast. stay well away from the water. let's look at our wind speed forecast coming in blowing off the coast, giving us a very warm
5:53 am
and dry wind, and those winds later this evening will be reaching the peak and continuing later tonight, so if you're getting those high wind gusts now, it's going to get worse as the day goes along. this will be a prolonged wind event, even tomorrow, into the afternoon and evening hours. we're still looking at some gusty winds around the bay area, so we have these two weather systems close by each other, making those winds rush through but it's also very dry, and we're going to see a slight chance of rain, not until the end of the week, but a better chance of rain early next week. as we head out on the roads this morning, i know it's a holiday so the roads have been fairly light commute as we look at what's going on, a lot of green sensors here showing that we don't see any backups around the bay area. so i'll be watching that for you throughout the morning as well as winds picking up and have another update coming up again in a few minutes. happening now, a race in eastern china, to reach a dozen gold miners trapped after an
5:54 am
underground explosion. authorities received a note today from those miners saying 11 people are safe, one injured, ten still missing. they've been trapped for more than a week, but much-needed supplies recently reached those trapped miners via zip lines, including food and flashlights. there's much more ahead on this monday morning, including all new overnight, the vacaville police department at city hall vandaliz vandalized. coming up at 6:00, the angry protests that may have led to it.
5:55 am
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." legendary rock 'n' roll producer and convicted murderer phil spector has died in prison. he's convicted in the 2009 murder of actress lana clarkson. until that killing he transformed rock 'n' roll with his wall of sound style of recording. . over the course of his career he worked with the beatles, ronettes, ike and tina turner and the cohens and the ramons. spector was 81 years old. it's 5:57. new details police say an owner of a san francisco mobile home is under arrest after chemical use to make explosives were found. it all happened at candlestick rv park on gilman avenue near candlestick point. police arrested the 37-year-old
5:58 am
man in connection with the incident over the weekend. more than 100 neighbors were evacuated as a precaution. one neighbor described the moments leading up to it. >> i told my wife, i said, there's a cop car out there. i wonder what's going on with that, you know? i didn't think much of it. went back to watching tv and then a few minutes later, i heard a knock on the door. >> the fbi has turned the investigation over to sfpd. police say this appears to be an isolated incident. so berkeley is expected to explore a very ambitious clean car initiative. the city council is going to ask the city manager tomorrow to do a study to see if banning the sale of cars powered by gas, diesel or natural gas by 2027 would be feasible. dealerships would have to transition to selling electric only vehicles. the ban would not apply to trucks or used cars. critics say 2027 is just too soon. this would be a jumpstart to governor newsom's initiative for the state to stop selling
5:59 am
gas-powered cars by 2035. right now at 6:00, high winds sparking a winter fire danger. coming up next, where some wind gusts are clocking in above 80 miles per hour right no and the possible damage it could do. meteorologist kari hall is standing by with a look at our monday forecast. plus the countdown to inauguration day is on. we're two days out. today vice president-elect kamala harris will officially leave her senate seat. we're watching all the events leading up to the big day with complete live team coverage. and the new strain of covid-19 spreading quickly in the bay area, even traced to the deadly san jose kaiser emergency room outbreak. with concerns about against i hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. good monday morning to you. it's also martin luther king jr.
6:00 am
day. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew, in for marcus washington who has the day off. kari, you're talking about 83-mile-an-hour winds. >> but in a hurricane, you have sustained winds, but what we're seeing this morning are gusts. these really brief bursts of high winds and so it's going to be dangerous for elevations above 1,000 feet and damaging winds are possible today and tomorrow as well. this may be a prolonged wind event and near record high temperatures again today with the fire danger that we don't normally see during the mnuary well as high winds and with the gusty winds we'll be watching out especially in the areas shaded in red for the potential of those gusts topping 60 miles per hour. as we mentioned, we've already seen that. i'll be talking more about this coming up. let me give you a quick overview of


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