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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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that's next. and then running out of vaccines. >> there is not enough vaccine yet that we could administer to keep us safe from these immediate surges. >> the dire warning from san francisco's top doctor and the reason he is optimistic about the future. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thank you for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm janelle wang. as jessica just mentioned, we are 15 hours out from witnessing one of the key pillars of our democracy, transition of power. just after 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, joe biden will be sworn in as our 46th president. a live look at the u.s. capitol building, the grass in front and along the national mall is lined with small flags from all 50 states. they represent the americans who can't attend the inauguration due to safety concerns and the pandemic. normally the night before the inauguration, the president-elect attends a concert at the lincoln memorial.
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but this year a more somber tone. mr. biden and vice president-elect kamala harris attended a memorial for the lives lost due to the coronavirus. the reflecting pool lined with 400 lights to represent the 400,000 lives lost. and the country is saying goodbye to president trump, today his last day in office. he released a farewell video on youtube this afternoon. >> this week we inaugurate a new administration and pray for its success in keeping america safe and prosperous. we extend our best wishes. >> breaking with tradition, president trump will not attend joe biden's inauguration tomorrow. instead he will fly on air force one to his mar-a-lago resort in florida, and he will spend his last hour in office there. >> okay, either way you see it, tomorrow will be a history-making day. oakland's own kamala harris will
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be the first female, black and asian american vice president. kristin joins us live from washington, d.c. i know there's a big fan group that you caught up with. it must be a historic moment to be there but a strange moment to be there because of the climate that we're in. >> reporter: jess, this is so strange. i came here to washington, d.c. for the first time on a school trip to see government in action. this is nothing like what our kids see when they come to washington, d.c., which is a sad thing, but hopefully things will turn around. we did meet up with some women who came here even knowing security was going to be all out in force. they came from south carolina and from missouri because they say they wanted to see kamala harris take that oath of office. >> it's her spirit. and she'll feel all of this, all of this she'll feel. she'll feel my sadness, she'll feel my joy. >> reporter: jess, i want you to
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check out what they're wearing. they're wearing chucks and pearls in honor of what kamala harris wore on the campaign trail. they want to show support for the administration, but they also want to show support for the transfer of power. there is a huge fence around the capitol and more than 25,000 national guard troops and policemen patrolling city streets with fire power. she said she's never seen anything like this before. all three friends say they're feeling hopeful and heartbroken at the same time. >> it's just sad to me, and i get upset. i do, i get upset because i don't want my country to be like this. this is the best country in the world! >> this is the seat of our democracy, and democracy will always win.
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this is not one of those third world nations where we have to have lockdowns and walking around with rifles and all of that crap. that is not america! it is not america! and we're going to bring america right back. >> their outfits certainly a nod to the vice president. are they at all worried about what the day is going to be like, the potential for violence, and how close can they get? will they actually be able to see anything or are they just there to feel the presence? >> reporter: well, where we are right now is the hard perimeter for the vehicle zone, so beyond this point, there are no vehicles. people can walk a little bit closer, but they're not going to get close enough to see anything, really. but they say it is still worth it to be here, and we went through security checkpoints with credentials from the secret service and the presidential inaugural committee, and even with that we had to empty out the car, put all the gear on the ground, bomb-sniffing dogs, the equipment all went through the
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x-ray machine and we were, you know, asked several times who we were, to show our credentials, so there is not a chance that somebody from the public is going t make it inside without being found and rerouted back out. >> kris, one of the big things about going to some of these events is it's such a historic moment. we always see people from the bay area go over there. they want to be part of it, they want to resonate. any luck finding anyone from the bay area? especially since they told people not to go to washington. >> reporter: exactly. i'm here with robbie besom who went with us to the area. because of roadblocks, it's hard to navigate around here and it's hard to catch up with people. i do know there is a palo alto dad who is an acquaintance of mine. he's here, born here, but lives in palo alto now. he's taken some beautiful pictures of this city, he said,
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beautiful even under the current weird circumstances. i'm going to post his pictures on my instagram page so you can see them. they're gorgeous. >> good to know they're there. palo alto strong. kris, stay safe and we'll see you over the next few days quite a bit. >> thank you. let's take a look at the nation's capitol this evening. we're going to check back with kris in 20 minutes. we're also going to get a look at this historical event. we had some fierce wind that brought down some trees and reignited some old fires, of the czu fire zone. tonight fire crews are still battling at least six fires that forced 100 people to evacuate. it includes a fire east of ben loman and a fire near boulder
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creek. it led some to ask, is this fire season ever going to end? >> the winds were howling all last night, and my backyard was kind of a mess. and we knew there would be some downed trees. when we heard the fire was going on and we heard a fire in this area, our first concern was our friend. >> when it wasn't fire, it was wind damage causing problems, including large trees that fell on power lines, shutting down larkin valley road. jeff ranieri now. jeff, it was so windy. i kept waking up with the winds. it's not windy now. >> we're on a downward spiral from this event, so from this point onward, we'll see the winds relax into tomorrow. there are at least four fires.
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the good news on the latest check from calfire, they are all 20 acres and under, so it seems like they are getting a handle on this, and winds tomorrow only 10 to 20 miles per hour once again as our wind gusts continue to calm on down. talk about a ferocious wind. up to 86 miles an hour, mt. selena, oakland hill 64, redwood hill, 65. we still have a little bit of wind in the north bay 20 to about 30 miles per hour. but once we hit 11:30, everybody starting to see that wind relax, and i definitely think that's going to be the case as we start off tomorrow morning. now, check this out. we are looking at a colder storm on the way starting on friday. this will bring us some rain chances, even some low snow. i've got lots of looks at this next change, so we've got to buckle up. things are about to get wild once again for us. >> okay. i feel like i'm always buckling up. the climate we're living in,
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that's what we do all the time. thank you. a warning from san francisco's health officer. in less than 48 hours, the city's vaccine supply will run out unless more doses start arriving from the feds. particularly bad timing considering the city is set to open a new mass vaccination site later this week. n nbc's lili tan is about to tell us if there will be any doses. >> a mass vaccination site is set to open up next week. the supply is dwindling fast, but the mayor says the site must go on. >> we'll run out of our existing supply by this thursday. >> reporter: a startling announcement today about the city of san francisco's covid-19 vaccine supply. >> there is not enough vaccine yet that we could administer to
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keep us safe from these immediate surges. >> reporter: signaling more frustrating times ahead. >> the inconsistent and unpredictable flow of vaccine from the state and directly at the feet of the feds is not only impacting dph but our city health care providers as well. >> reporter: dr. grant colfax says the department of public health received less than 1800 doses this week, much less than requested. this as the city's vaccine notification system opened today and almost 40,000 san franciscans signed up despite the website going down. but will they have enough when the site opens? >> we are working with other health care providers like dignity, like kaiser, like cpc
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because we know they are still administering the vaccine. so it should not have a significant impact. >> reporter: and starting tomorrow, mayor breed says she expects much more support from the feds such as getting more syringes as well as help from fema and the national guard to set up mass vaccination sites like this one. at city college, lili tan, nbc bay area news. up next, he's ready to take the seat left vacant by incoming vice president kamala harris. >> the first woman vice president of the united states swearing in another child of immigrants, the first to represent california in 170 years. we're making a lot of history. >> we go one on one with the new senator, alex padilla, from california. the most important issue he says we need to tackle as he heads to congress. i'm raj mathai. a tearful interview with one of joe biden's bay area staff members and what the soon-to-be
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landmarks across the nation led to solidarity to honor the 400,000 american lives lost to covid-19. this is a live look at levi stadium illuminated in a golden hue. san francisco city hall, even
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the salesforce tower, some of the other landmarks across the bay lit tonight. there are usually a lot of bay area people who head to washington for the inauguration tonight. we talked to a marin county teenager who now interns for speaker pelosi, a change of plan for the key member of the biden inauguration team from fremont as well. let's bring in raj who joins our coverage. >> jessica, thank you. i was there for the trump inauguration four years ago, and among the thousands of people that were there in washington, d.c., i remember this. a lot of people celebrating and a lot of people there for the protests for the women's march. a lot has changed since then, we know that. but what hasn't changed, and this is pretty powerful, the depth of this moment. a look now at the white house in the 9:00 p.m. local time, one final night for president trump. as for joe biden and his bay area supporters and staff members, here's the deal. if you can't go to the inauguration, how about the inauguration comes to you? this is the swag bag sent to the
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vips. champagne glasses, a personal note from the incoming president and vice president, and check it out, even some biden sunglasses. a.j bhutoria now in tears. >> we worked so hard for this. after four years and two years of campaigns, seeing joe biden take it all tomorrow will be a moment of pride and joy. >> being an indian american as you are, how special is this to see kamala harris? >> my mom was from india and her heritage. it's a proud moment when we see someone becomes the vice president of our nation. it's a proud moment for every
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american as well as indian americans. >> i agree. and you can see the tears in his eyes. now, there are some people who made the road trip to washington, d.c. among them sydnee brown. she is the daughter of former san francisco mayor willie brown. sydnee just began an internship with nancy pelosi. the 19-year-old in the capitol during these historic times. >> i think a blanket of fear has come over this city. other people who live here tell me they're worried about violence breaking out, potential protests. nobody is quite sure what it's going to look like. i certainly feel the intense energy and the anxiety, but at the same time i also feel the excitement of the new administration entering. >> sydnee, who is the better dresser, you or your father? >> good question. don't tell him, i'm going to say me, but i get everything i know
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from him. >> you look great. thanks for your time. >> thank you so much. it was wonderful speaking with you guys. >> she's got the personality of mayor brown. look, there is an excitement for the new energy coming into this country. janelle, we'll send it back to you. >> thanks, raj. the bay area well represented in d.c., and that includes the newest u.s. senator. he will be sworn in tomorrow. we're talking about former california secretary of state alex padilla. he'll become the first latino ever to represent california in the u.s. senate. he was appointed by governor newsom to finish the last two years of vice president kamala harris' term. today padilla spoke exclusively with nbc bay area's damon trujillo about the chaotic time he's joining congress. >> near capitol hill, alex padilla, the son of mexican immigrants, prepares to make history. >> to think that i will be sworn in by vice president harris,
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herself a child of immigrants, the first woman vice president of the united states swearing in another child of immigrants, the first latino to represent california in the u.s. senate in 170 years. we're making a lot of history in one day. >> padilla arrived in the nation's capitol without knowing the exact logistics of his swearing in. the capitol hill riots threw everything into a state of flux, not knowing when or where the actual swearing in would happen and was told to be ready at any time. >> i have the bible literally with me. it is my mom's bible that was part of her belongings. we lost my mom a couple years ago. >> reporter: one disappointment, his family did not make it to washington to watch the historic moment because of concerns about covid and public safety in the aftermath of the capitol riots. >> it just didn't make any sense. everything is so restricted here. the number of people that might be able to come with me just for a photo op.
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they didn't want to put the kids through that experience. they, like others, i hope, will be watching on c-span. the personal hugs and kisses, those will have to wait a couple days. >> reporter: padilla says his priority is fighting the coronavirus and helping families and businesses suffering the consequences. >> the $2,000 checks that have been debated about of late, that needed to get done yesterday. this is not a stimulus check, these are survival checks. >> reporter: in his first week on the job, he'll also be asked to act as a juror on impeaching a president. just another moment of an i.t. grad prepared to make history in the halls of congress. >> a lot of landmark and historical moments tomorrow. let's get a check of the forecast now with jeff ranieri. we had some really gusty winds, up to 60 to 70 miles per hour at
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some points, jeff? >> that's right. all of our mountain peaks really in that 60 to 85-mile-an-hour wind range. in case you missed our earlier updates, we are on the downward side of this event, and we do expect some calmer winds later tonight, also through the next couple of days. that's what i want to start off with right now is a wide look at the weather pattern. you can see it's this area of low pressure that brought the wind. it's continuing to kick off toward the south, and that's going to take that wind with it. so as we roll through tomorrow, we'll see high pressure returning, and that's a calmer pattern that will keep dry weather and also some mostly sunny skies. temperatures for tomorrow, going to stay in the 60s here. widespread numbers that are going to be very, very similar. 67 in santa rosa, 68 in napa, over to concord 67, also upper 60s for san jose and morgan hill. palo alto 67, half moon bay at 65. beautiful weather for wednesday. it's going to give us much needed time to do this storm
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cleanup. i wanted to get you ready for those next changes, so check this out. the next seven days, we are looking at the rain chances returning friday and saturday. also some colder 50s for highs. then eventually some low snow and rain mix. we might see by monday and tuesday the rain/snow line go down to about 500 feet, maybe even lower. so some huge changes still on the way for us. you can see that next chance of rain lines up at 10:00 p.m. on thursday with the chance here of some scattered rain, 1:00 on friday, and it will continue into early saturday afternoon. i'll have longer looks at this 7-day forecast, and, jessica, that low snow chance and what it could mean for us as we head into early next week. it seems like we've seen about three months of weather in one week's time. it's been kind of wild for us here. >> that it has. jeff, so glad we have you to help us navigate through this.
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thank you. >> yeah. much more to come in the next 40 minutes, including the excitement building ahead of our inauguration of our 46th president. we'll go live to check in with kris sanchez in washington, d.c. taking on governor newsom. a group of bay area restaurants taking him to court. first new video surfaces of a deadly hit and run in the south bay. we'll learn what led up to the crash that killed a seven-year-old child. we'll be back in three minutes.
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♪♪ ♪ oh, this is how it starts ♪ ♪ lightning strikes the heart ♪
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♪ the day has just begun ♪ ♪ brighter than the sun ♪ ♪ oh, we could be the stars ♪ ♪ falling from the sky ♪ ♪ shining how we want ♪ ♪ brighter than the sun ♪ oroweat bread. gathering, baking and delivering the goodness of nature... from one generation to the next and from seed to slice. within the past hour, we've learned the driver arrested for hitting and killing a seven-year-old child while fleeing from milpitas police is a 36-year-old san jose woman. we're also getting a new look at video from just moments before that deadly hit and run. as nbc's bay area ginger cone jero saab explains, they're
6:27 pm
still looking for the driver. surveillance video shows two suspects in a stolen suv speeding down victoria park drive in milpitas. the vehicle was stolen earlier and linked to a robbery in san jose. just after you see the suv race by, two police cruisers can be seen racing after it. moments later, the suv hit and killed a child riding their bike across the street. the female driver then jumped out and ran. she has been arrested, but the passenger grabbed the wheel and raced away. >> they lost visual sight of that vehicle and continued the pursuit in the city of fremont. currently we don't know the damage on that vehicle, but we presume there may be damage on the front of that vehicle due to the collision. >> reporter: if you have any information on the suv or the second suspect, you're asked to call your local police. nbc bay area news. up next at 6:30, his final
6:28 pm
full day in the white house. our political analyst, larry gerston, joins us on his thoughts of the trump presidency and what we can expect from the new administration. i'm kris sanchez in washington, d.c. where there is a lot of heavy security, but there are some regular folks, too, including three friends wearing chucks and pearls in honor of oakland's own kamala harris. right now it's 6:30,g
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closer to history. tomorrow president-elect joe biden and the bay area's own kamala harris will be sworn into office. and both the pandemic and security are keeping people out of the national mall this year. for some it was important to head to the nation's capitol, anyway. >> nbc's bay area kris sanchez is in washington, d.c. some say it's worth the time, the money and the security risk to be at the capitol tomorrow. >> reporter: we heard a couple reasons why, jessica and janelle. they said they wanted to show support for this particular administration. they also said they thought it was important to be here to show they had faith in the process and the fact that this would be a peaceful transfer of power. ♪♪ >> reporter: in the shadow of the white house is velan plaza where today we found feral
6:32 pm
messages to donald trump. and we saw people here to welcome the first woman and first black woman into office. >> it's important to stand up for what you believe in, and the most disenfranchised people of this country, the black woman, saved our democracy. >> reporter: at the national mall, there are now 200,000 flags representing all of the americans who would have been here in person, if not for the violent riot at the capitol las week and the pandemic though the family won't be able to get much closer than this, they wanted to be in d.c. for this historic moment. >> we wanted to be in d.c. and it was almost taken away from u so we want to make the best of the situation that we can. >> reporter: in particular they wanted their 14-year-old daughter to be here to watch kamala harris take that oath of office. >> it's a big deal. it shows little girls they can do anything no matter who they are. >> kris, it's not just kamala harris who will be on the stage tomorrow.
6:33 pm
someone from the bay area tomorrow will also be part of the ceremonies. >> reporter: as is customary, the president-elect will attend a church service. in this case joe biden is catholic. he's going to be going to a mass and that mass will be celebrated by the president of santa clara university, so one more reason that we have attachments here in the bay area -- here in d.c. to the bay area back at home. >> yeah. nice representation in d.c. and we look forward to your reports tomorrow. thanks, kris. well, as the country prepares to usher in a new president, we are also saying goodbye to another. today is president trump's last full day in office. he spent the day weighing pardons for potentially dozens of people. sources telling nbc news that for now the president is not expected to pardon himself. this afternoon president trump released a farewell address on youtube. >> i go from this majestic place with a loyal and joyful heart and optimistic spirit and a supreme confidence that for our country and for our children,
6:34 pm
the best is yet to come. >> tomorrow the president will have a ceremoial sendoff at andrews air force base. and then he will be flown to mar-a-lago where he will spend his final hour in office. >> larry, as we saw, there will be no handoff from outgoing president trump to incoming president biden. what does this symbolize going forward for all americans? >> well, jess, it certainly is a bitter end, if you will, to the trump presidency. if for no other reason because there is not going to be that ceremonial handoff that we're so used to seeing. it's the whole idea of meeting together in the white house before the president and his wife, the vice president and her
6:35 pm
husband, the second gentleman, as it were, and that's not going to happen. and beyond that, it's all because of the tremendous violence that we saw just a couple of weeks ago. and what that violence means. and i think it sends a chilling feeling to a lot of people, not only in this country but around the world that this presidency is ending the way it is, the trump presidency, and it leaves a lot of uncertainty for some people about what the next presidency will be like. >> well, president trump, as you said, is leaving in the wake of that mob attack. also a second impeachment. so there have been a lot of comparisons to president nixon who left the white house in scandal. how do the two of those line up in your mind? >> i never thought i would say this, but it makes the nixon departure look like child's play. in this case president nixon was accused of abusing his powers,
6:36 pm
principally by misusing, if you will, the fbi, the cia. they caught him and he left just before he was impeached. but never was he putting his country at risk. if you look at president trump, there is another feeling altogether about him, because not only did he have questionable relationships with dictators in other countries in which case he might have put the united states at risk there, but also the fact that he's now being accused in the second impeachment effort of inciting insurrection. my goodness, who would ever believe that would be coming out about a president? and even today it was senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who said he, president trump, caused this mess. so, really, the circumstances, while tragic in both cases, are so much more profound in the situation we see tomorrow, and i'm afraid we're all going to see a lot of people in fatigues walking around to remind us of just how serious the events of
6:37 pm
just two weeks ago were. >> let's focus our gaze forward when joe biden ascends to the presidency tomorrow. it comes in at a heavy cost. the nation is deeply divided, we have a pandemic, the economy is faltering. these are going to be difficult days ahead. is he ready to go day one? >> he's ready, as ready as he can be, but he has a big challenge. and that challenge is to, as he says, his own words, heal. he has to find a way to reach those who are just so disenchanted with government, they want nothing to do with it. he has to find a way to bring this country, divided as it is, together. it's not an easy task. and then he has other issues. not only must he assume this huge burden, but it's a matter of getting his administration going. the fact that only 44 people have been nominated for cabinet-level positions, 1,250 altogether will get ratified by the senate. and he hasn't had much
6:38 pm
cooperation from president trump's people in terms of making this transition as seamless as possible. it's been so rough, so rocky. and for those reasons, president biden will have an awful lot to deal with right away from the jump, and he can't waste any time. >> the world will be watching, that is for sure. thank you, larry. well, as the nation struggles to unify after a turbulent four years, the city of oakland has helped make the concept of unity something you can see. today the raising of a new flag over oakland city hall was a clever depiction of the bicoastal origins of joe biden and kamala harris. biden's hometown, scranton, pennsylvania, also flew the flag. it shows two hands, black and white, reaching from each city and clasping over america's heartland. two artists collaborated on the design, one from oakland and one a native of scranton. our coverage of the countdown to the inauguration continues online. just go to and
6:39 pm
click on inauguration day preps at the top of our home page. up next, chaos on the bay bridge. tonight new details on a death and an arrest connected to this video from over the weekend. i didn't have health insurance - not because i didn't want it. i worried it was to expensive,
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a follow-up tonight on a chaotic and dangerous scene that played out on the bay bridge over the weekend. a stockton man is now facing homicide charges. this video shows the bridge as it was overtaken by hundreds of motorcycles, dirt bikes and atvs on sunday. riders weaved through cars going the wrong way, leading to multiple crashes. at one point the cfp says it was pursuing an off-road vehicle when they tried to jump over the concrete median. one of the riders was thrown from the vehicle and hit by an oncoming truck. he died from his injuries. the other rider was arrested and booked on several charges including felony homicide and felony evading. no planned power shutoffs in the bay area due to today's wind
6:42 pm
storm, but a federal judge might order pg&e to cut power to more customers in the future. the judge has given the utility until tomorrow to convince him it's making significant headway in preventing fires like that one. the fire started when trees fell on power lines last september. it burned 36,000 acres? shasta and tahama counties, killing four people. now the judge wants pg&e to preemptively turn off power to any areas with high winds. >> we're going to have snow in the bay area and finally some rain. take it away, jeff. >> there's so much on the plate here, and i know my stress level has been so high like a lot of you with these winds moving in. good news, the winds are calming down. we'll talk about low snow chances and the return of some rainfall. i'm back with that in about six minutes. companies are running
6:43 pm
background checks on employees and job applicants. i'm consumer investigator chris comora. we'll show you how to see your background checks, coming up.
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6:45 pm
bring back outdoor dining, a coalition of restaurants in napa and sonoma now suing the state over the closure, filing a lawsuit saying there is no evidence that outdoor dining is making people sick. alex talked to one of the businesses who signed the lawsuit. they say if something doesn't change soon, many could be forced to close for good. >> napa kept the flame lit in its wood-fired oven for more than 20 years. but its owner says this pandemic is threatening to dou the flame forever. outdoor dining helped flume to limp along. it at least allowed him to pay the bills, but he says he began draining savings when the latest
6:46 pm
covid-19 surges made them shut down. >> we don't have a lot of time before a lot of us hit the edge. >> reporter: he says a lot of restaurants in the sonoma and napa county areas are in the same date. many of them joined a group called wine country coalition for safe opening. they laid out their arguments for a safe reopening and said dining restrictions is against the protection clauses. >> it's not right and it's going to put us out of business. >> reporter: he argued that grocery stores and other businesses are allowed to stay open despite the risk. >> there are no numbers that show us we are an increased risk
6:47 pm
at outdoor dining. we're not asking to go shoulder to shoulder, we're not asking to be open like we were before. we're asking for enough to survive. >> reporter: they hope the wheels of justice move quickly before many of them have to close for good. i reached out to the governor's office and the state public health officer but did not immediately hear back from them. the state has 20 days to respond to the lawsuit. in napa, tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> the restaurant industry struggling, but hiring is slowly rebounding, and that means workers are finally landing some interviews. if you are rejected, consumer investigator chris chmura says you have important rights. here's how to exercise them. >> reporter: a boss might look at more than just your interviewing skills. some companies do background checks. we want to show you how to see that background check. first, two things. one, they might not call it a background check. you might see it labeled an
6:48 pm
investigative consumer report. and two, you must agree to a background check. the federal trade commission says the employer must tell you in a stand-alone document that they might use the information to make a decision related to your employment and must ask for your written permission. nationally, the news applies when they hire a third party to do a background check. in california you also have rights when the company itself looks into your past. here's the chance when you get to see the background check when you're rejected. no matter the state, if the employer thinks they might not hire, keep or promote you because of something in the report, the employer must give you a copy. once you get it, look for errors. if you find any, let the company know. california law gives background checkers 30 days to reinvestigate, then delete anything that's inaccurate, incomplete or cannot be verified. >> thank you, kris, that's really good information. okay, the wild overnight winds turned out the lights for
6:49 pm
thousands of us in the bay area, leaving behind a mess of trees, power lines, a bunch of other problems, too. all of that needed to be cleaned up today. folks in the kensington neighborhood woke up to a 36-foot eucalyptus tree that crashed down on cars, it also took down some power lines, and it narrowly missed a home. let's bring in jeff. jeff, we're reaching that 10:00 hour and now we'll see things calm down a bit. >> that's right, jessica. we haven't seen many changes in that four-hour time period. winds are calming down in the bay area, so just like me, i know a lot of you are so happy not to hear those gusty winds rattling your windows and tree branches coming down and everything else. i've got some storm cleanup to do, and tomorrow will be a pretty good day for that. to bring you into the
6:50 pm
microclimate forecast, you wanted to see those wind gusts. it was in mt. st. helena at 86 miles per hour, oakland hills, 64. just a small sampling, really everybody was touched by those gusty winds. this is the wind forecast up into the north bay. we're hanging onto a little bit of wind, 15 to 27 miles an hour, but notice concord everything is calmer, as we talked about. you can see our confidence of that continues to go up as we head through tomorrow, that the winds will be calm as we hit wednesday's forecast. and the reason why we do think that wind is out of here is because the storm system that brought the wind, it's kicking off way to the south, so it's moving way out of our reach to have any impacts. as you move through the next 24 hours, we'll get high pressure moving in, which is dryer and calmer. we'll be looking at some rain
6:51 pm
ahead, so you might want to do any cleanup tomorrow. if you're up early, temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. it's going to be a chilly start and 37 in the tri-valley. we'll find more of those 30s over the east bay at 38 degrees, san francisco 42 and the north bay at 39. daytime highs tomorrow, going to stay in the 60s here. really feels just about the same for everybody. santa rosa 67, livermore 65, san jose 68 and mid to upper 60s half moon bay over to palo alto with that sunshine. go outside tomorrow, do a job, walk the dog, whatever you have to do, because a larger change it on the way. i wanted to focus in on that once we hit friday into next tuesday. we'll see this cold blast of air move across the bay area. so not only chillier temperatures, but some rain, even some low snow. the snow, of course, largest chances over the sierra. we'll see a couple feet over that time period friday into next week. for the bay area, we'll have our
6:52 pm
own chance for some low snow. 2500 to 3,000-foot snow level friday and saturday morning. but monday and tuesday, we're looking at a snow level that might drop down to 500 feet. we may get a rain/snow dusting on the valley floor. look at the timeline. 10:0 a.m. on monday, some snow for mt. hamilton. then as we hit tuesday morning and tuesday evening, we could actually see a little bit of a rain/snow mix here for livermore and also for gilroy. this is a very, very early look but low snow in the bay area is always a big talker. we'll keep you up to date on that. rain chances return friday, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday in san francisco, and we'll see those cooler 50s and also plenty of 50s here ahead for the next several days once we hit this weekend. so rain is definitely coming in. raj and jessica, there is no sign that we would have enough snow to build a snowman, but certainly kind of exciting to talk about after those record
6:53 pm
70s we had this week, right? >> janelle is also here, too. and yes. >> she loves building snowmen with haley. >> yes, i do. >> janelle. >> nice to see you, jeff. virtually it's hard when we're not all here together. >> i know. >> miss you, jeff. still ahead, the bay area star who will be performing at super bowl lv in tampa. who is it? we're going to share it with you next.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
it is happening. we are now two and a half weeks from super bowl lv in tampa, florida. that blows my mind. >> an interactive theme park for all ages. fans will get the chance to meet and greet current legends and take pictures with the vince lombardi trophy. super bowl lv set for february 7. the 49ers may not be going to the super bowl, but grammy winner h.e.r. will perform at the game. she has already won two grammies and received recognition for her
6:57 pm
performances. multi-platinum star the weeknd will perform at half time. >> it will be quite the show. >> love the weeknd.
6:58 pm
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she had something really cool. you have a surprise. >> she's most nervous. >> with the inauguration now hours away, one more superstar joins j. lo and gaga. >> is this any way for it to end? >> make me the biggest villain in the world if you want to. >> could he go free? scott peterson in court again. all these years after the murder of pregnant wife laci. >> i need your honest opinion. >> take this junk. >> and too close to call. what's your pick for the most stylish tv show ever?


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