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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 20, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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moment of mourning for more than 400,000 americans who have lost their lives. on the right side of the screen, we watch air force one take off with president trump aboard it for the last time. >> we will watch as air force one takes off. we now have a picture inside the church. so one president leaves, another prepares to take the solemn oath of office. we will continue to watch this. this is a day, now, which will look more like inaugurations past, where you see the president-elect and the vice president-elect attend church, then the swearing in, inaugural speech. a modified parade, hoda, because of the pandemic and because of security concerns, they're not able to do what past presidents have done with the long walk, the procession, and the parade. but here we have the two images. church about to begin.
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a new day in washington. president trump departing. you can see some of the congressional leaders, if we bring that shot up, who have decided to accept the invitation from president-elect biden to come and attend church with him this morning. >> it's notable when you think about the last few things that president trump did before he hopped on this plane. one, he did mention, that he wished the next administration great success. he also left a note, which are two things that -- i don't know if a lot of people expected it at the end. >> we don't yet know what was written in the note. that's the kind of thing that does come to light eventually. sometimes right away, sometimes in years. it is certainly one of the more graceful traditions, as power is exchanged hands. he'll continue to watch this scene. i bring kristen welker into the conversation. excuse me, i have hallie with us right now. hallie, we look at the capitol
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and are getting ready for this series of events that will mark the transfer of power in the new administration. you just -- it's worth noting that, two weeks ago, almost at this very hour, that scene that we just saw was filled with people. among them, insurrectionists who came in and broke into the capitol. that has changed everything. changed the climate in washington. >> reporter: yeah. it's changed the way that president trump is leaving office. it was on the very risers that i'm standing on, savannah, here at the west front of the capitol, that you had those insurrectionists come up and basically take over this side and the east front, as well, breaking into the building, incited by president trump, who was just down the mall from where we're standing, delivering a speech which was billed as a rally. the rioters came to the capitol, walking down the national mall. it did change everything. it changed the way that many republicans, in particular, saw
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the president's actions and viewed the president in his final days in office. you're struck as you look at the images, and you can see on the left shot, the west front, where i'm standing. it looked different two weeks ago. it was visceral for those who are here, members of congress, lawmakers, republican and democratic leaders, and it presented president trump's biggest challenge, by far, of his presidency. it is directly what triggered that second impeachment. he is now the only president in history to have been impeached twice. now, unlike the last impeachment, there are real questions if he could be convicted. it is possible he could be bar ed from running for office again. it would have implications for president trump, as even this morning, he's indicated coming back to washington, being on the political field, if you will. there is a sense at the capitol of resiliency. yes, two weeks ago, it looked so different.
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rioters were basically taking over the building. they prevailed that day, members of congress did, the vice president, in getting through the electoral college count. the peaceful transfer of power prevails today now. this democratic process that is so fundamental to our country continues. >> hallie, thank you so much. we will be on the air all day. i want to take a pause right now. some of you will return to the "today" show. we will continue our coverage. the inaugurations of the 46th president of today is wednesday, january 20th, 2021. happening today, america ushers in a new president. >> we must restore the soul of america. >> this morning, after decades working in washington, joseph r. biden jr. will become the nation's 46th commander in chief. >> i pledge to be a president
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who seeks not to divide but unify. >> while i may be the first woman in this office, i will not be the last. >> hope and unity and yes, truth. >> we must stop the steal. >> biden takes on a nation divided and challenges of bringing america back from the depths of the covid 1 pandemic. >> the whole world is looking at america and i believe that our best america is a beacon for the globe. >> from washington to right here at home in the bay area, we are marking every moment of this historic day, with live team coverage. this is "today in the bay."
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>> it is just after 6:00 a.m. on the west coast, just after 9:00 a.m. in washington, hill. president donald trump and first lady melania trump departing the white house to joint base andrews and now off to florida. good morning and thanks for joining us on this historic day. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. it is going to be a day filled with a lot of emotion, including sorrow for the loss of now more than 400,000 americans to the covid-19 pandemic and due to the recent violence as well, very much reflecked on how today's events will go. in washington, kris sanchez is will to report on this moment in history. good morning to you, kris. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott and laura. this is not the weather you
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might expect in washington, d.c., on january 20th, but it is a gorgeous, blue day. a little breezy out here, but a perfect day for this sort of event. it's just a shame that there aren't going to be people lining up the parade route here behind me. here behind me you see the white house, this is where president trump just took off for joint airbase andrews to depart from the white house for the very last time. he had a busy night last night, as you will hear later in the newscast, but he is on his way and we know joe biden is here. he is supposed to be in church right now. he's catholic. he is at st. matthew's cathedral where incidentally there's a little more bay area tie. the president of santa clara university is officiaing that mass. it is a tradition for the incoming president to attend mass before the inauguration, and it is of course tradition for so many people to gather, but you've seen the picture of the national mall with all of those flags representing the 200,000 americans that would have been here if not for that
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violent riot at the u.s. capitol that kind of shut things down. we made our way through security this morning. took us a little bit longer, because security is so fierce. we went through x-ray machines, through bomb sniffing dogs. we got swept by the tsa and by the secret service but here we are, and we're ready to watch what happens later on today. of course, very exciting day, no matter which side you're on, a peaceful transfer of power. and now we're going to go to tracie potts who is just down the street, overlooking the capitol for what we can expect later on during the inauguration. >> reporter: hi there, kris. good morning, everyone. from the west front of the u.s. capitol, the last time you saw this scene, there were people climbing the walls and the risers behind me. a very different scene this
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morning from a few weeks ago. now anticipating the inauguration of joe biden in just a few hours. it was just a few minutes ago that we saw president trump on marine one fly over the capitol, his last trip from the white house, as he leaves today, and biden takes over. wif we've got live pictures as chris was talking about, the bidens in a church service before headed to the capitol today for this ceremony. we've been here for a few hours. they're doing as you can probably hear behind me some sound checks. they've been playing music. they've been cleaning the socially distanced chairs for hundreds of members of congress, the u.s. supreme court and other dignities expected to atend this service today. new this morning, president trump, who declined to attend the inauguration, who decided
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not to meet with or even call joe biden before he left washington did leave a note for him at the white house. the contents of that note we don't know but the deputy press secretary confirming this morning that when president bide biden arrives at the white house there will be words from his predecessor. vice president-elect harris and her husband will arrive here, we're expecting within a little over an hour or so. they'll be in a holding pattern as other dignitaries start to come into this area and then what everyone's been waiting for here, he will be sworn in. she will be sworn in, and his inaugural address, which aides say will focus on unity, after a very challenging year politically with covid and otherwise for this country. back to you. >> thank you very much, tracie. interesting to know that the
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bidens spent the night at their vice presidential residence, which is where oakland's own kamala harris and the second gentleman are going to move in later on today. we will be following the festivities for you. we are on pennsylvania avenue. we won't be able to see the swearing in, but you'll be able to see it from where you are. we will see the inaugural parade and bring you all the sights and sounds. back to you. >> excellent. thanks, kris. we're going to check with you throughout the hour. and throughout the hour as well we'll be watching everything that's happening in washington with our live cameras, including the mass at the church and bring you any updates as necessary. but for the moment, we want to bring you back to the h youth. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson live there this morning and cierra, today is just as historic for the bay area as it is for the nation. >> reporter: good morning. that is exactly right. right now, i'm standing in front of thousands of primary school
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in berkeley where kamala really got her start in education and that precursor to essentially helping the commander in chief lead the nation. it was here she began decades ago and now we are watching her in a completely different point in her life, but just a little bit of background on how she got there, the bay area native began her career in the bay at the alameda county district attorney's office. she was later elected to san francisco's district attorney and then as california's attorney general. in 2016, she was elected to the senate. she will now preside over the senate as vice president and come 9:00 a.m. she'll take her place in history with the world watching as well as some local leaders. i sat down with oakland's mayor libby schaaf, who says she isn't only excited for the moment but proud. she says it was just two years ago in oakland city hall where she welcomed a crowd at harris' kickoff to her presidential run and to see her make her way to the white house as vice
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president is a moment she will cherish. take a listen. >> it is no accident that there are not enough women particularly in executive roles in politics and in government. kamala harris is such an inspirational and shining example for all of us women, but particularly the little girls, the future of our great democracy, that now sees someone who looks like them, who has had some of the same struggles and fights that they have, that is in our nation's highest positions of power. and that means something. >> and mayor libby schaaf says she plans to watch the historic moment at home with her 13-year-old daughter wearing a t-shirt that was signed by the soon vice president, and the oakland mayor says she's sad she's unable to attend the event in washington, d.c. she was invited because of covid. she will not be able to attend
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but she was telling me over that virtual call yesterday that she actually received with her call an inauguration in a box, two etched champagne flutes, a little bag of confetti so i guess when the time comes she's able to celebrate safely in her home. really a lot of excitement here in the bay area for one of their own, making it to d.c. we're live in berkeley, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> all right, i love that. inauguration in a box. thanks, cierra. coming up next on "today in the bay," the covid vaccine shortage san francisco is now facing and when the city is set to run out. >> as we were saying, we have cameras all over washington, including the dais where the inauguration will take place. of course that will be live. let's leave you as we go to break with a memorable inaugural address from past presidents. we'll start with barack obama in 2009. >> the time has come to set aside childish things.
6:15 am
the time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit, to choose our better history, to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea passed on from generation to generation, the god-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all >> let us be the nation that we know we can be. >> as joe biden and kamala harris take the oath, nbc bay area connects you to this historic moment. >> while i may be the first woman in this office, i will not be the last. >> a daughter of the bay area, shatters the glass ceiling. we explore her impact on women and girls. plus you'll get exclusive interviews with people who know best. >> and i'll bring you live reports from washington. >> for complete inauguration coverage, connect with nbc bay area.
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st. matthews, in washington, d.c., we are paying all kinds of attention to this and every other camera all over washington, d.c. >> such a historic day that we will follow. it is a cold one there in washington. here in the bay area, at least the winds will die down today, right, kari? >> right. the temperatures we're feeling this morning will be closer to the high temperatures they'll see there. let's talk about some of the things that we'll be watching today on the weather front, and biden's actions he'll take with this executive order he'll sign into effect today, or as soon as he gets to work. we're going to see him rejoin the paris agreement as well as cancel the keystone xl pipeline
6:19 am
recently enacted. we're also going to see him put a priority on climate change, assigning a group of scientists to that task of fighting climate change, so that's something we'll be watching as we get this day one action going. as we take a look at what we're feeling here as you get ready to head out the door, look at the range in 20s. upper 20s in ukiah, upper 30s in the south bay and we head over to san francisco where it's 54 degrees. there are still some spots where the winds are still picking up a little bit and that makes the temperatures a little bit warmer. as we look at today as the winds continue to calm down, it's going to be a really nice day and hopefully with the more favorable weather conditions, we'll see those crews in the santa cruz mountains get some more containment on those fires that broke out yesterday. as we look at what's going on, our weather will be calming down into the next couple of days, as this storm system comes in on friday, it's going to bring in some much cooler temperatures,
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and some spotty, light rain. looks like we'll take a break from the rain chances on saturday, but then a stronger storm system will be here on sunday, and combining with the cold air, we're looking at some very chilly temperatures, some sierra snow and for the bay area, it looks like we could get some more significant rain. the first round of rain very light, maybe up to about a quarter inch of rain for most of us, and then as we see that second storm system coming in early next week in total we may get over an inch of rain. this is something so desperately needed, and of course we'll have more updates on that. let's head over to you, mike. how is it looking as folks get ready to head out the door for work? >> well, looks like i'm lacking because you had some good presidential-elect information as well. traffic we'll stick to the roads. calm at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had a burst of traffic in the last half hour but calmed down. it's slow across the span, just
6:21 am
that little burst. i circled the carquinez bridge coming across the east bay, an earlier crash did leave a little slowing, also cleared as has the rest of the bay. we had a number of incidents in the south bay, minor fender benders, they've all cleared. back to you. >> mike, we'll get you hooked up with secretary buttigieg and get you talking about transportation. next on "today in the bay" our special inauguration coverage continues. we have a live report on security taken in sacramento today amid concerns of those recent threats. but first, our team is also covering the events in d.c. on social media. check this out. my very good friend bay area artist andily traitor lisa condon was asked by the biden inaugural committee to recreate the official inaugural invitation in her own style. that was the result. also pictured here the official more formal invitation. for more, you can follow us all on facebook, twitter and instagram.
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i'm laura garcia, nbc. you're watching "today in the bay."
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michael, doing something crazy. this is the place where we can show the world what we can do. comcast is partnering with 1000 community centers to create wifi-enabled lift zones, so students from low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. oh we're ready. ♪ ♪ welcome back to "today in the bay" on this inauguration day. a live look in washington. this is along the washington mall. you see the capitol there, which will of course host this historic day in the inauguration of president-elect joe biden.
6:25 am
joe biden himself is attending mass at the moment at st. matthew's church there in washington, and a bay area connection, father kevin o'brian, also the president of santa clara university, is saying that mass this morning. this is a live look outside of the church at this time. a lot of officials there. we'll continue to follow as they are expected to depart in probably the next half hour, i'd say. so it's 6:25 right now. here is a look at your first look at the two commemorative inauguration sections from "the washington post". look at the top right, it is madam vice president. president-elect biden on the cover and president-elect harris on the cover as well, madam vice president. the state capitol in sacramento locked down over concerns over violence surrounding today's inauguration. let's go to "today in the bay's" bob redell. fortunately the capitol's been peaceful over the last couple of days.
6:26 am
>> reporter: let's hope it stays that way, scott. there are concerns that extremist groups like the boogaloo boys could show up, president-elect joe biden's inauguration who they falsely believe stole this election in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. law enforcement you could see has erected fencing around the capitol grounds in sacramento, barricaded tenth street which runs in front of the capitol building, hundreds of armed state police officers including at least one sniper on top of a building. also 1,000 national guard troops, many from the bay area. thom jensen spoeb with abner hague of "white watch" which reports on the expansion of violence and militant right wing extremists in the united states. he's there to document any possible violence. >> they said something like this was going to happen for years, and it happened. we shouldn't be surprised. >> this is video of san
6:27 am
francisco city hall, sf not expecting any major protests or unrest at the civic center over the inauguration but police and sheriff's office have extra deputies on hand. mayor london breed says her city will be prepared if anything happens. reporting live, bob redell, "nbc bay area news." >> let's hope it stays safe. thank you, bob. breaking barriers, next on "today in the bay," our special inauguration coverage continues. the supreme court justice set to swear in vice president-elect kamala harris today, making it all much more historic.
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♪♪ it is wednesday, january 20th, 2021, and happening this morning, transfer of power at our nation's capitol. >> the people of this nation have spoken. >> today, joseph r. biden, jr., will become the 46th president of the united states of america. >> and i will govern as an american president. >> you ushered in a new day for america. >> after a lifetime of being the first, the bay area's own kamala harris will become the first woman to serve as vice president. >> every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities.
6:31 am
>> the incoming administration faces a lot of challenges. >> we will never give up. we will never concede. >> biden and harris hope to heal a nation divided and a nation battling a pandemic. >> let us be the nation that we know we can be, a nation united, a nation strengthened, a nation healed. >> this morning, we're bringing you every moment from washington to the bay area, with live team coverage, as america begins a new chapter. this is "today in the bay." it's 6:30 a.m. here on the west coast. 9:30 a.m. in washington, as we take a live look on capitol hill on this very historic day. >> this is how our founding fathers wanted it, the framers of our government wanted a smooth transition between administrations and so far today, it has been, but not without some untraditional moments.
6:32 am
>> we sent our kris sanchez to washington to bring you all of the highlights. kris, the transition to move the bidens into the white house is now beginning and you were there. >> reporter: this is all built on pomp and circumstance, but the pomp and circumstance is very different because of the huge security effort in place to make sure that what happened at the u.s. capitol just a week ago today never happens again, and that this is indeed a peaceful transfer of power. to start this peaceful transfer of power, vice president-elect or president-elect i should say joe biden is at church right now. he's at st. matthew's. he is having a mass that's conducted by the president of santa clara university. got used to calling him vice president for four years, eight years actually. now we have a new incoming vice president, kamala harris, the first woman, the first black woman, the first woman of indian descent and we've seen kids out
6:33 am
and about, not a lot of them but i have to say it seemed to me there were more girls out trying to get a look than little boys with their families. president trump exited the white house. he has left the white house. he and first lady melania trump boarded marine one first from the white house to andrews and headed out there on air force one. before taking off, he had this to say. >> until february a year ago, our numbers were at a level that nobody had ever seen before, and even now, we really built it twice. we got hit, nobody blames us for that, nobody blames us for that and we got hit when it. i will be watching. i will be listening, and i will tell you that the future of this country has never bbetter. i wish the new administration great luck and great success. i think they'll have great
6:34 am
success. they have the foundation to do something really spectacular. >> reporter: all right, well it is a working day both for the president and the president-elect. donald trump signed a number of commutations and pardons last night, as he was preparing to leave the white house for the final time, and incoming president joe biden has a list of executive orders that he is ready to sign once he is sworn into office. so a lot of change coming in the next few i would say days but it's actually in the next few hours or so. we are along pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house. we'll show you the view from the capitol location and from here what's happening with the inaugural parade. scott and laura? >> kris, laura said it so well. you are there, you're on the northern side on the ellipse side. on the south lawn was the helicopter, marine one, taking the president of the united states i assume over your head. we are so lucky as reporters to be part of this. tell me what that felt like, what that looked like.
6:35 am
>> reporter: i turned into a normal person, scott. i turned into a normal person. i heard the helicopter, and i dropped my hands and i looked up at the sky, and i forgot to document it, because it is just something so interesting and so unique to see you just have to be normal and be awed by it all. >> for sure. >> i think it's better, you lived in the moment. you lived in the moment and i think that's so important for you to do as well. and you can come home and share those memories with your family, your daughters. so that's beautiful. >> reporter: oh, yeah. i'm so excited. i'm so excited for all our kids. they've been through a rough couple of years so this will be an interesting lesson for them. >> kris sanchez, thank you much. and we are watching history, in just a few hours vice president-elect kamala harris will become the first female and the first black and first asian-american vice president. the bay area native began her career at the alameda county
6:36 am
district attorney's office. she eventually became san francisco's district attorney, breaking the glass ceiling as the first woman to hold the office, and again as california's attorney general. in 2016, she was elected to the senate, becoming only the second black woman elected as senator. two years later, she kicked off her presidential run at oakland city hall. now, she's making history. >> that power of representation is going to be immense when you think about all of the little girls and all of the little boys that are growing up, watching this, and seeing a woman be able to do something that no other woman has been able to do before. >> justice sonia sotomayor, the first latina and woman of color on the supreme court will swear in harris. it will be a big day in washington. in the meantime, bringing you right back here to the bay area. taking a live look outside overlooking the south bay, the
6:37 am
sun is arriving over san jose this morning. much calmer out there as opposed to all the winds that we were having. i guess the winds have changed in washington and the winds have changed in a different sort here in the bay area, kari. >> yes, we're hoping they get some more favorable weather conditions for battling those fires that they had over the santa cruz mountains, and still continue to burn. we could see still some of that smoke drifting into the south bay, as we are getting ready for some rain in the forecast, and cooler temperatures, as we watch what's going on on tv and how kris sanchez is dressed for the cool weather. temperatures there hold steady in the low 40s, even as the swearing in begins and that's about where we're starting right now. what we're feeling this morning as we head out the door will be what they'll have in d.c. pretty much all day long. we are going to warm up significantly here in the bay area. another really nice day without the wind and we'll get some sunshine, expect temperatures for many of our microclimates to reach into the upper 60s, but
6:38 am
we'll talk about that rain in the forecast, that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking right now for the morning commute? >> well, kari, while the nation's attention is over there in washington, d.c., with the changes, still watching the changes on the roads. let's look at the map. mostly cloudy and dry but watching this on the peninsula, breaking news for north 101 at whipple, there was a crash blocking three out of the five lanes, another lane opened. two left lanes blocked by a crash. no major injuries at whipple. there is slowing approaching the area. you're clear by the time you get through san mateo, passing the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge shows a little bit of slowing but no backup at the toll plaza, and the rest of the map look at that green. back to you. >> looks good. thanks so much, mike. 6:38. an historic day in america, and for the soon-to-be 46th president of the united states of america, joe biden. taking a decade's long road to the white house. up next, a look at that lifelong journey to the most powerful office in the world.
6:39 am
>> as mr. biden prepares for the oval office, president trump earlier this morning left the white house for the last time. coming up, a look back at the legacy he's leaving behind. we're also looking back at historic inaugural addresses. here's president franklin d. roosevelt in 1933 as the nation coped with the great depression. >> so first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror, which par par lieses needed effort to advance. new year's resolutions come and go.
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♪ amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me >> a touching moment last night at the lincoln memorial in washington, d.c. a detroit nurse with a haunting version of "amazing grace" and joe biden consoling a nation in
6:43 am
mourning with the number of u.s. lives lost to covid now topping 400,000. >> to heal we must remember that it's hard sometimes to remember, but that's how we heal. it's important to do that as a nation, between sundown and dusk, let us shine the lights in the darkness along the sacred pool of reflection and remember all whom we lost. >> as the president-elect spoke, 400 lights were turned on, along the reflecting pool. really powerful image. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us now, and tracie, last night not only touched a lot of people, it was something really we've never seen at all during this pandemic. >> reporter: it was definitely a poignant moment, because the
6:44 am
minds of so many americans are on covid, and now as we look forward to this new administration and what they will do, it is also worth noting and taking a look back at how joe biden got here. take a look. remember this? april 25th, 2019, almost two years ago he announced that he was running for office, after having declined to run four years ago, because it was so close after the death of his son, beau. he was grieving, but this time, he put his hat in the ring and so did a lot of other democrats. remember there were more than 20 democrats at one point running for this, for the presidency. by the time they got to the miami debates, i was there. there were 20 of them. they had to split it up over two nights and that was the debate where he and kamala harris, now his vice president, got into it over bussing and racial segregation
6:45 am
>> you also worked with them to oppose bussing. i was bussed to school every day, and that little girl was me. >> the first time you brought down -- >> reporter: "that little girl was me" and she ended up being his running mate through the campaign season and primary season and he ended up getting the democratic nomination bidding back a challenge from bernie sanders, i was at the virtual convention when a lot of people were wondering, would the sanders supporters get behind joe biden and kamala harris? meantime they continued campaigning into the fall. he eventually of course won the election, and in his speech, after winning the election, he talked a little bit about his vision going forward. >> let us be the nation that we know we can be, a nation united, a nation strengthened, a nation healed. the united states of america.
6:46 am
>> reporter: then after a rocky transition, which was delayed because of all the election challenges, that brings us here, to this day, and this platform when in just a few hours joe biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the united states. back to you. >> we'll be able to watch all this history unfold and tracie, it's hard not to forget just two weeks ago, it was the morning right before all the violence erupted on the capitol, i had asked you at that time how you were feeling and it was interesting, because at that time, no nerves. it was calm, that we knew it, before everything happened. what about now? what about today? what is the feeling in the air there? >> reporter: so it's interesting. the feeling on the ground is often different than maybe what you perceive on tv. i think there was a lot of,
6:47 am
here, amongst supporters of joe biden here at the capitol, there's a lot of anticipation of this day, and what his supporters believe this administration will bring. i'll tell you, it's interesting, looking right behind me, at those media risers over there thinking these were the same risers that just a couple of weeks ago rioters were crawling across, they were climbing up the wall. we had a very different scene here on the west front at the u.s. capitol than we see and certainly than we feel today. >> very much so. thank you for helping to, helping us watch history as well. tracie potts live from washington. when donald trump took office -- fact-checking president in the administration who -- alternative facts. he started the project called the first 100 days. here's a look back, nearly four
6:48 am
years ago. >> scott mcgrew, time is running out to hit the wall to the budget. >> that's right, our budget. >> after 100 days, we've decided to extend the segment into something we called checks and balances and scott brought it to us every day documenting the firing of the director of fbi, a fake map showing the path of a hurricane not one but two impeachments. scott you'll hold president biden to the exact same standards and expectations of honesty. >> oh, absolutely i will and we will be doing that every single day. this will be our last checks and balances though of president trump and we'll try to wrap up four years very quickly and i certainly want to start with a list of achievements by president trump. his first major accomplishment was to push through major tax cuts with the help of an all republican congress. that would give tax relief to corporations and wealthier americans, and of course, the supreme court. this is extraordinary, probably the biggest accomplishment, not
6:49 am
one, not two, three conservative judges appointed to the supreme court, adding to that criminal justice reform, and of course one of president trump's big talking points throughout his presidency, the economy. now it is fair to say he inherited a growing economy as many presidents do. all presidents inherit their economy. they can help steer it, rarely do they have an effect on its direction. it's sometimes a matter of luck. it was good, of course, until the pandemic. now the failures that will go down in american history started on day one of his presidency, president lied about his crowd size at the inauguration, insisted it was bigger. in retrospect it seems like such a small thing but it was a sign of things to come. in august of 2017, a scene that disturbed all of us, neo-nazis carrying torches shouting anti-semitic and anti-black slogans. the president declaring there were good people on both sides and one of his big campaign promises goes unfilled.
6:50 am
the president promising to build a wall at the u.s./mexico border and have mexico pay for it. mexico did not. walls were built but almost exclusively in replacements for existing walls and then of course comes impeachment. president trump only the third u.s. president to be impeached. he's preparing for a second impeachment trial, tied to the attack on capitol hill. he's the only president to be impeached twice. in fact of all the presidential impeachments, in all of american history, he accounts for half of them, and then of course his handling of the crisis that is still very much a part of our daily lives, coronavirus, from day one insisting it would just go away, a miracle, he said. it would go away with the summer weather, he said. at one point president trump wondered out loud about ingesting bleach as well. but nothing is going to be bigger than this. this is the thing that history books will focus on, an american president accused of inciting violence against the american
6:51 am
government and the violent siege on capitol hill. trump telling his supporters the election results could be changed and that he won. he lost, of course. biden won, and will be inaugurated this morning. as far as this segment, checks and balances, you bet we will hold president biden to the exact same standards and laura, we will be doing it every single weekday. >> right here on "today in the bay." that's part of our job as journalists, holding every side accountable. thanks, scott. all right, a lot of history being made in washington. let's take a break from that just for a moment because we live right here in the bay area. we need to know what the weather is like. let's check in with kari. >> yes i'm going to talk briefly about what biden is planning to do today on his day one climate cries ace agreement and some of the actions he'll be taking, rejoining the paris agreement, as well as canceling the keystone xl pipeline recently put into effect and also putting a priority on climate change
6:52 am
with a team of scientists, so that's something we'll be watching here in the weather department. let's get to our weather that's looking so much nicer, now that the winds are calming down. as we get closer to the weekend, there will be a weak storm system dropping in. it's going to bring in some much cooler temperatures, and also a slight chance of rain but we will take a break on saturday, and see a bigger chance of rain in the forecast, as we head into sunday, as well as monday. looks like we could get some decent rainfall totals out of that, but huge changes ahead with temperatures today still in the upper 60s. we'll see highs only in the 50s with off and on rain throughout the weekend. mike, how is the commute rolling? >> kari, pretty much everywhere is great except two spots. northbound 101 at whipple, we continue with that breaking news, as we have your left lanes blocked heading up the peninsula. it's a short section for slowing and right at the scene where crews are addressing the crash, no major injuries. the rest of the bay looks great except the toll plaza where the metering lights were turned on
6:53 am
at 6:28 and we finally have this backup here. that's it. the maze and the east shore freeway are l celebrating on th inauguration day. people from kamala harris' ancestral indian village well. they offered prayers and set off firecrackers this morning. coming up, a live look at the capitol, we're just hours away from the inauguration of joe biden. a beautiful, live look in washington, d.c., this morning. in fact, all this morning, we're bringing you memorable inaugural addresses from past presidents. here is john f. kennedy. >> i do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation, and so my fellow americans, askot what your countr can do for you. ask what you can do for your country.
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you're watching "today in the bay." i'm kris sanchez live from washington, d.c., where the presidential inauguration will be happening in just a matter of hours. president joe biden will take the oath of office just about noontime hour here, but right now, as we speak, he is exiting st. matthew's church, president
6:57 am
university, so a little bay area flavor there. from there, he will be moving on to the next events this morning, and we will watch for that as well. we do know that president trump departed the white house for the last time. here he is with first lady melania trump getting on board air force or marine one, headed to joint airbase andrews, where he will take off in air force one, headed for mar-a-lago in florida this morning. of course, the reason we're here is because oakland's own kamala harris is going to be taking the vice presidential oath of office, becoming the first woman, the first black woman and the first woman of asian-american descent, indian and asian descent to take that office. very exciting time. we have seen some folks trying to get to the perimeter, knowing full well that they came to d.c. and they weren't going to get close enough to see it but a lot of folks saying they wanted to
6:58 am
show support for this administration and show support for what is a peaceful transfer of power, something that this nation has been known for in its 200-year history. lots of exciting events coming up this morning. we are along the presidential inaugural route, so we will be watching from here. we know lady gaga is going to perform as well, but later on today, president joe biden will come to the white house for the first time. he'll have an escort here about 3:15 this afternoon, so a little ways from now and then he's going to get right down to business at 5:15 time here, he's going to start signing some executive orders. so hitting the ground running right here in washington, d.c. scott and laura? >> so much history to be made. kris sanchez, thanks so much for being our eyes and ears in d.c. this morning. for our nation as well. we hope today is as peaceful as america and the world is certainly watching on.
6:59 am
hoping for a nice, calm day. >> for sure. we are all watching everything that is happening in washington. we have cameras all over the city. here is a high camera showing the flags on the mall representing the americans who cannot attend the inauguration because of covid-19. we have a personal guarantee for you, that if anything is happening in washington, we will bring it to you immediately live, as the changing of the guard at the white house between joe biden and kamala harris, as they have the keys to our nation, and laura, i know we're watching everything carefully as we watch a moving caravan here. >> that's right. president-elect biden just leaving st. matthew's church for a special morning mass. the mass itself was presided over by father kevin o'brian from santa clara university. some bay area connection there is and of course the bay area connection of the vice president-elect kamala harris making history today, as the
7:00 am
first woman to hold that office. >> full coverage throughout the day on nbc bay area and of course on thank you ever so much for sharing this bit of history with us. we'll see you tomorrow morning. from nbc news. the inauguration of joseph r. biden jr. here's lester holt and savannah guthrie. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to our live coverage of the inauguration ojoseph r. biden jr. as the 46th president of the united states. president-elect right now. at this moment attending a service at washington saint matthew's cathedral accompanied by a bipartisan delegation of congressional leaders. but in less than two hours he will take the oath of office at the capitol and kamala harris will bsw


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