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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 21, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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washington and what's on the agenda for his first 100 days in office. getting the green light on much needed vaccinations. leaders lift the hold on a batch of moderna vaccines. why for some counties the timing could not be better. a live look in san francisco talk about timing, rain finally on its way. meteorologist kari hall will tell us when we need to grab that umbrella and keep it handy. "today in the bay" continues right now. the weather has been glorious, but it will be nice to get some rain. we need it. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. to kari and the forecast. >> we are starting out with chilly temperatures this morning. let's take a live look outdoor in san jose and tell you about what's ahead because we are going to see big changes. this is the last day of warm and sunny weather before we get
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showers and thunderstorms. there will be several storm systems coming in behind that that could bring in some bay area snow on some of our peaks and even dropping down in some of our lower elevations. we'll talk about all of that in the forecast in a few minutes. any problems for morning commuters? >> not unless you are looking and hoping for a closure. that has cleared as i've circled on the map 280 has been cleared. the exit reopened without any slowing. there was a quick traffic break but the sensors did not show that. the north bay we have a crash west 80 at davis heading out of the area through faifld. a smooth drive. davis i guess the area. looking at a smooth drive for the rest of the bay. no major problems. back to you. >> thank you. well america as you know has a new leader. a live look at the white house. president joseph biden will serve his first full day in office. >> with a four-year roller
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coaster ride under president trump now in history some of today's headlines reflect the tone of unity president biden tried to project in his inaugural address. the biden administration making changes quickly. tracie potts joining us for what's in store for the first 100 days. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: laura, scott, good morning. looking ahead the focus today is going to be on covid-19. several new executive orders different from the ones the president signed yesterday focusing on a national strategy to combat this virus. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: the biden administration's first full day. >> we're not wasting any time. >> reporter: ten new orders today on covid-19 part of a national strategy to expand emergency relief, vaccinations, testing, reopen schools, and address inequities. president biden promising at last night's inaugural celebration to meet the moment.
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>> the pandemic, economic crisis, racial injustice, the climate crisis, and threats to our very democracy. >> reporter: president biden signed more than a dozen executive orders on day one ending the muslim travel ban, stopping border wall construction, requiring masks on federal property and rejoining the paris climate agreement and world health organization. >> there's no time to start like today. >> reporter: more orders are coming to help businesses reopen and reverse the ban on transgender persons in the military. he's already getting pushback from some republicans. >> didn't find any of the orders i agreed with and many of the orders will lead to unnumts. >> reporter: president biden needs congress to pass his immigration bill, to approve his $1.9 trillion covid relief plan and confirm his cabinet. nominees are being considered
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today. vice president kamala harris promising to carry out his vision on capitol hill. >> the courage to see beyond crisis, to do what is hard, to do what is good. >> reporter: she's the tiebreaker in what's shaping up to be a fierce battle in the senate. >> reporter: now we know that president biden is keeping some of the trump policies. for example, he's expanded the ban on evictions. renters are protected until the end of march. if you haven't been paying your federal student loan bills you don't have to. that's expanded until the end of september. back to you. >> tracie, there's a new focus on equity with the new administration. talk a little bit about that. >> reporter: right. so president biden in a directive is asking every federal agency to look over their programs, look over their policies, to see if there are any inequitable outcomes, any
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barriers to people of color, communities of color, underserved communities, and he wants the budget office to look at how the government's distributing resources to see if those might be inequitable and asking every agency for a plan to correct it. >> tracie potts. from washington, thank you. one aspect of the trump administration that won't fade soon, the capitol insurreion. ethouse plans to vote on a rule that would fine members who do not follow security protocols as some house republicans openly defy metal detectors put into place following the riot. if approved lawmakers would be fined $5,000 for a first offense, $10,000 for a second. a pennsylvania woman accused of stealing a laptop from house speaker pelosi's office will be in court today. riley june williams accused of trying to sell the computer to russia. she currently faces two misdemeanor charges. but federal prosecutors plan to charge her with two new felonies
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as well. a shot in the arm for california's vaccine push. it comes in -- not in the form of more vaccines but a large batch of the moderna vaccine recently put on hold in the wake of allergic reactions. "today in the bay's" sierra johnson live to explain the shift in thinking and what it means for a city with limited supply. [ no audio ] doesn't sound is like we are here you sierra. i hear a crunch of a mic. a hopeful sign for san franci people. that's down from a high of about 43 on january 10th, just after the holidays. santa clara health leaders reporting nearly 540 daily cases. the county has about 7% contra costa icu bed availability.
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attorneys for the cavalry church in san jose says the pastor will appear in an ongoing contempt trial. the trial surrounding the refusal to pay more than $1 million in fines issued by santa clara county in connection to violations tied to large indoor services. a judge levied the contempt charge and jail time not out of the question. no date set for scot peterson's death sentence retrial but attorneys will be in court for a status hearing. it is possible peterson will appear remotely. the court is considering the death penalty 15 years ago in the killing of his wife lacy and unborn son. a follow-up on the string of fires that broke out tuesday in the santa cruz mountains. as of this morning, all or 70% contained. none pose any real threat at
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this point. cal fire believes some of the fires may have started from buried embers dating back to last year's czu complex fire. it's 5:07. i understand cierra johnson has fixed the problem. western talking about the moderna vaccine and what was going on with that. they're releasing some of the batches against? >> reporter: good morning. exactly. they're releasing them because there was an allergic reaction found in fewer than ten people in san diego but the state is going ahead to give the green light to release those batches. it's a good number of vaccine that's available. 330,000s doses will now be available according to nbc san diego the reaction happened to six people that received the vaccine at a downtown vaccination site last week. now epidemiologists are saying the vaccines are safe which means san francisco and several other counties now have thousands of additional shots. san francisco was expected to run out today so some good news
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there. where does san francisco stand in vaccinating its residents? during a meeting of san francisco officials held wednesday, the goal is to have all eligible residents vaccinated by june 30th but health care leaders at the meeting say to reach the goal the current daily vaccination rate of about 3,000 vaccines a day would have to increase. >> there is nothing more important and i think on this we all agree than the immediate mass distribution of this vaccine as soon as we can secure it to every single san franciscoen who needs and wants it. >> reporter: today a virtual town hall is being held to answer any questions about the vaccine, the vaccination process and the rollout plan for folks in alameda county. that meeting starts tonight at 6:00 p.m. and can be viewed on all the social media platforms from oakland. we're live in san francisco,
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cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. it's 5:09. let's get a look at that forecast with kari. i guess if you're headed out the door early this morning you should bundle up. it's cold out there. >> yeah. this is very cold for the morning, but at least it will warm up this afternoon. take a look at our temperature that we have in walnut creek. it is 38 degrees. you can see how quickly those temperatures start to head into the 50s by late morning and eventually we'll reach into the 60s today. this is our last day of nice, warm weather and we still keep the sunshine too. we'll see santa rosa reaching 62, 67 in san jose, also 67 today in antioch but a big drop in temperatures headed our way tomorrow and even some rain. we're going to talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking driving around the bay area? >> it's looking great as far as the speed sensors go, as far as
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you go you need the heaters or a seat warmer. the green sensors show you're at the limit including 84 where the arrow is cutting down in towards 068. 680 south at 84 the earlier crash reported no slowing but the crash report we got was reported in the center divide 20 minutes of slowing and then cleared a bit. we'll track the rest of the commute to see if it builds. vassco clear under 20 minutes.
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right now, don't forget the coat. as if we didn't have enough to grab but we have temperatures in
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the upper 30s right now in the east bay, but it's going to be a nice warm afternoon. we'll talk about all of these changes ahead in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> sunglasses not yet. the shot from freemont lots of lights, some with the headlights on 880 past truck hills. right now we'll show you what's going on farther north coming up. check business and tech headlines this morning. this is wall street's take for wait and see. investors will hold their money tight. another tech company leaving the bay area continuing the exit. digital reality is moving head quarts to austin, texas. it employs about 1500 people. digital reality will keep a bay area presence but hasn't said how many will stay yao more affordable housing coming to the
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south bay. 115 unit project called kelty station. this is development will be built in san jose on north first near fox street on the north edge of downtown. google is helping finance the project investing $7 million. finally, a winning ticket to tell you about in that massive powerball lottery. we'll spare you from checking your tickets. the $730 million winner bought their ticket in maryland in allegheny county along the pennsylvania border. have you been there recently? maybe you bought a ticket. good for you. southern california, they matched five numbers for a $600,000 prize. this is the first powerball jackpot since mid september. the winning numbers, maybe you got $2 and your money back, 40, 53, 60, 68, 69, the powerball was 22. now tomorrow's mega millions
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jackpot is just under $1 billion. you keep on dreaming. >> holy cow. trending this morning, star studded lineup at the presidential inauguration. >> yeah. from j-lo to lady gaga a packed day of performances. ♪ and the free ♪ >> yes. not only did she bring the house down but also with her fashion. she wore a gown. fashion front and center. kamala harris wore a purple coat dress. first lady joe biden wore a dress and matching silk face mask. both created by emerging designer alexander o'neill. social couldn't stop buzzing about michelle obama's red pant suit and belt. >> we were talking about this
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bernie sanders stayed true to his brand in comfort sporting tennis shoes and mittens. some say maybe a little too laid back but others loved the things on his hands, gloves, whatever they are. back story a vermont teacher made them from recycled material and sent them to sanders. there they are. yep. >> i loved all the mes going on yesterday like bernie was stopping by the inauguration while running errands to the post office. just didn't have the look. >> you can get that look too. >> i found this in the back of my closet. the hat from the olympics in china. >> i remember that. >> remember when we had the olympics. remember when there were olympics. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> six months away today. >> yeah. all right. let's check in with kari. you have things behind you there. >> yeah. i think bernie did what we are
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all going to be doing soon like digging in the back of the closet to keep us warm that goes together. we are going to have cooler temperatures as we go into the weekend. as we are going to see several storm systems headed our way, so let's talk about what we have going on. so we have the first system dropping in tomorrow brings in really cool temperatures and spotty showers and then another one right behind that drops temperatures more. brings more precipitation in the form of rain possibly some snow. and then there's another system right behind that that's going to bring another shot of rain and snow and those temperatures are going to stay low. let's talk about what to expect with all of this changing. this is some last warm and sunny day we will have for quite a while and then we'll see even a chance of some isolated storms tomorrow and then as we go into the weekend the high temperatures will only make it into the 40s and 50s across the bay area and then we'll have some rain as well as snow
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especially for some of our elevations above 2,000 feet. it could drop down as low as 500 feet and means there could be a light dusting of snow around the bay area. but if you're going to the sierras this weekend you're looking forward to a lot more snow there and we're going to see temperatures reaching to 30 degrees. it's going to be cold. lows in the teens. the surface trails are groomed and ready for you because we're going to have a lot more snow as we go into the next week. take a look at what the models show going into the next week the potential of up to about two feet of snow at some of those resorts in the sierra and we're going to be watching out for that too because as we look at mount hamilton the summit and our north bay mountains we may have some snow dropping in too but some of the models are showing that we may have a dusting of snow on the valeny floor next week. it's going to be pretty crazy
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here. we'll keep an eye on that. mid 60s today to the upper 40s next week. mike? >> all right. snow in the valley floor we'll keep you tuned in and you'll be next to me. i love it. look at that. let's take a look at the maps, you have to listen to me now, kari. smooth drive, the bay bridge toll plaza with no backups. speed sensors look great on the approach. contra kose sta, loeb seed smooth drive as well. the san mateo bridge is speed sensors are green and we have a good amount of traffic. taillights in this shot from hayward towards the peninsula and 101 moves smoothly from palo alto. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. what do the banks know about you and is it accurate.
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i'm chris cha murrah. we'll show you how to get free access next. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez covering the inauguration for us and posting videos on social media. inside her face mask, bringing them along in spirit as she witnessed history. follow chris to see more about her journey. we'll be right back.
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new video of a wind whipped brush fire triggered evacuation orders in san diego county yesterday in carlsbad. firefighters got to it in time and burned less than five acres. new details and mystery solved in the case of a missing military humvee. it was stolen over the weekend from an armory near east los angeles. the fbi said it was found parked in an unidentified l.a. suburb. must have stood out as well. after the joy ride, they have not been found. united airlines took a $2 billion hit in th fourth quarter. they have enough cash on hand to get through a slow recovery.
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but expect the pandemic to continue to weigh on travel demands. the earliliest united ceo sees a rebound late in the year. bankd credit card companies want to know about you they look at your credit report. >> chris wants you to check yours and he's going to show you how. >> you shouldn't have to pay anything to check out your credit report. a law called the fair credit reporting act you get one free copy of your credit report each year actually three because there are three credit bureaus and each has to give you access yearly during the pandemic you get weekly access for free. here's how. go to annual credit beware of imposter websites. annual credit the only official place to get your credit report. it will redirect you to each of the three bureaus where you can then check out your report.
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you don't get your credit score, just a report. but you don't need your score. look for errors. here's how to do that. you will see years worth of every bank account, loan, mortgage or credit account you have along with a month by month payment history. check it out. then check it for accuracy. some reports are color coded so spotting problems is actually pretty easy. in this case the green boxes are all good. that orange one shows an issue. medical bill. when you spot a problem like that contact whoever put it on your credit report. ask for details. tell them to correct it and if they don't, start the process of a formal dispute. in writing. the ftc has a sample letter. do a website for ftc credit dispute. >> thank you. next top stories we're following today including now in the white house the live report from washington, d.c. where
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president joe biden starts his first full day on the job. >> plus, a slow rollout. the long wait expected to vaccinate all californians 65 and older and what could scale back the timeline. we'll tell you about it and be right back. 5:27. .
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i give you my worded. i will always level with you and defend the constitution.
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i will defend our democracy. i'll defend america. >> right now at 5:30 a new day. president joe biden and vice president kamala harris embark on the first full day in office and their agenda is bold. next, how the administration is kicking off its first 100 days. >> when you thought california's vaccine rollout could move no slower we're getting a timeline on when all seniors in the state will receive their shots and that is not good. >> helping struggling businesses survive the pandemic. one bay area city's plan to keep the doors open as "today in the bay" continues right now. >> good thursday morning to you. friday eve. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. good morning, kari. >> good morning. it is cold out there as you get ready to start your thursday
5:32 am
morning, but it's going to be a nice warm afternoon. this will be the last warm day before we get a stretch of cold weather coming in as well as some rain, possibly a few thunderstorms as it we could al see some snow in the forecast going toward sunday into monday and next wednesday. we'll talk more about that in the forecast coming up. getting out the door heading for work how is the commute rolling? >> it looks great as far as the speed sensors go. i have a crash to report in the north bay. let's take a look at the maps and even out of the altamonte pass, 580, north bay, vallejo, west 37th just off west 80, a crash involving an animal. sounds like the animal was hit earlier no backups at the bay bridge. back to you.
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today is presidentn's first office. he has a full agenda which includes providing 100 million americans their first shot of the covid vaccine. a live look at the white house and as we've been reporting the president signed more than a dozen executive orders already. >> live to kris sanchez at the capitol. i see you have newspapers and i collect them too and i bet laura does as well. >> yes. >> this is kind of cool "the washington post" biden unity the path, in the subtitle, vice president harris making history. "new york times" democracy has prevailed. you're going to like this one, it says biden restores u.s. to the climate accord. you've been watching that carefully. of course, you can't move on with the work of the day without talking a little bit about the
5:34 am
party last night. the fireworks spectacular lit up the sky behind the white house last night. we had a front row seat, unfortunately because of the pandemic and high security measures, it was strange to hear them go off without those oohs and aahs from the crowd. the swearing in because of the violence at the u.s. capitol and it was shut down to the public, three u.s. presidents were there, former vice president mike pence watched as joe biden took that oath of office and delivered a speech with that theme of unity. >> america's story depends on not any one of us or some of us, but all of us, we the people. >> reporter: for the bay area the thrill was seeing the daughter of oakland a woman of color assume that second most
5:35 am
powerful office in the nation and as the new team made their way to president joe biden's new home on be pennsylvania avenue he stopped for a few fist bumps along the way. al roker might have been one. madam vice president made her way along pennsylvania avenue with her blended family, her sister, niece, grand nieces, all of them in dresses of vibrant purple, teal pink and silver, a show of power and a show of femininity. you'll remember the early days when you just kind of had to look like a guy in navy suits and black suits. you don't have to be guy-ish to be powerful. we ladies can dress in bright colors and get it done. >> there you go. bring on the pearls. >> for all you know i was wearing this suit yesterday and you never know. change the color of the shirt and there you go. >> i think you were. >> it was a blue suit.
5:36 am
>> can you describe the security now around the white house and the capitol? how long do you think it's going to last? did we lose kris? >> we did see -- >> we did see law enforcement. we didn't see the heavy machinery from the national guard. we know they're still here and going to be here for a while and that all of that security is going to remain for a bit, but we also know that that riser across from the white house where we were standing is going to come down because the work continues both on the streets and inside the white house. >> it was nice it was a peaceful day at least for, you know, all the inauguration services, thanks so much. president biden waste nothing time getting down to business. the first thing he did as commander in chief, signing that string of executive orders many unduing the efforts of his
5:37 am
predecessor donald trump. rejoining the paris climate pack, rolling back anti-immigrant and anti-muslim policies and halting oil expansion in the arctic. expert larry gerson explains the significance. >> most of them are designed to put the biden footprint into place and many of his values, as it turns out, run contrary to the ones established by president trump. >> his team, homeland security issuing an immediate directive to pause most deportation hearings for the next 100 days. 5:37. the u.s. reported more than 4,000 deaths due to covid-19 calling it the highest total ever in addition to nearly 179,000 new reported cases. in california 700 new deaths reported in addition to more
5:38 am
than 22,000 additional infections. a sobering assessment in california's vaccine rollout. it could be several months before all 65 and older receive their shots. "today in the bay's" bob riddle is in pleasonton and why is it taking so long? >> two things at play pretty obvious, one, our state is not receiving enough vaccine doses and the vaccines aren't being distributed fast enough. here are the latest numbers from the state. of the nearly 4 million doses received so far, the state has administered more than 1.5 million doses only about 40% of the total supply and less than 4% of the state's population has been vaccinated. the state health director says california is already receiving 400 to 500,000 doses a week. at that rate it will take 20 to 22 weeks to vaccine the entire population of californians who
5:39 am
are 65 and older. this is according to reporting done by the chronicle that puts us into mid to late june. the paper reports that dr. pan hopes other manufacturers can roll out their vaccines and increase the supplies but thinks that won't happen until march. new this morning the new head of the centers for disease control and prevention spoke on the "today" show about the 100 million americans in first 100 days and asked when vaccines would be available in our local pharmacy like the flu shots are. >> i don't think late february we will have vaccine in every pharmacy. we said 100 million doses in the first 100 days, and we're going to stick to that plan, but i want to be very cognizant of the fact that after 100 days there's still a lot of americans who need vaccine and we have our pedal to the metal to get as much vaccine out there. >> also new this morning, cnn is
5:40 am
reporting that the trump administration left the biden administration with no vaccine rollout plan to speak of. that the biden administration is having to build everything from scratch. reporting live here in pleasonton, bob riddle, "today in the bay." >> thank you. reaffirming president biden's commitment. the important speech that dr. anthony fauci will give the world about the fight against covid. >> plus, saluting madam vice president. the honor and gift the warriors gave kamala harris during last night's game. >> also ahead, meet the remarkable young poet who made history at the inauguration. nbc bay area and telemundo 84 are teaming up through project innovation a grant powered by the comcast/nbc universal foundation. project innovation recognizes and awards $315,000 in grants to local nonprofits. you can learn more about the program and submit your
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right now at 5:43, a look at our current temperatures. very cold in parts of the north bay where we're in the uppers 20s and one degree above freezing in morgan hill. cold start but at least it will be a warm day. we'll talk about more changes in our forecast coming up. kari, you might need a
5:44 am
blanket. obviously it's scold out there. look at the golden gate bridge where things were clear and now maybe a blanket of fog. the speed sensors look great with no major problems. that would be a great traffic flow for folks around the bay. what else we're looking at -- [ no audio ] >> looks green to me. what is not looking green weekly jobless numbers. first time jobless claims totaled 900,000. that was slightly less than the 925,000 predicted but we're talking nearly a million people claiming jobless benefits for the first time last week. the pandemic still in full force. president biden already dealing with that on his priority list. we want to get to "today in the bay's" tracie potts with a look at what biden has done in his first few hours in office and a confirmation hearing set
5:45 am
for one of the cabinet members. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. several things he got done on the first half day of being president of the united states. president biden signed 15 executive orders and made two directives addressing a number of issues, rolling back and reversing some of the trump era policies as well and now focused today on more orders specific to the covid-19 crisis. his chief of staff ron klain outlined the first ten days of the administration which he says will focus on the coronavirus testing, protecting workers and establishing standards. some of the orders he signed had to do with immigration. a lot of people ind about this reversing some of the trump policies on building the wall. that goes away. some of the enhanced immigration enforcement has been rolled back
5:46 am
as well. he signed off on that yesterday. he fortified daca, the 700,000 people brought into the country as children. the trump administration went after them. and the biden administration wants to reinforce the protections in that program. also, extending deferrals of some deportations in the homeland security department already acted on that saying that starting tomorrow they're pushing the pause button on most deferrals. on capitol hill, today, another senate hearing for one of his cabinet members, nominees, pete buttigieg, now nominated to be his transportation secretary goes before a hearing today. if confirmed the former south bend mayor becomes the first full-time openly gay cabinet member to be confirmed by the state. he's going to meet them face to face today, the committee on
5:47 am
commerce, science and transportation and he has to get a full vote from the senate before being confirmed to be the secretary of transportation. so a lot happening on capitol hill and we're just in to the first full day. >> busy days ahead. tracie potts, thanks. later today, dr. anthony fauci will deliver a speech to the world health organization. president biden has kept dr. fauci on as the united states top infectious disease expert and has made fauci the head of the w.h.o. the u.s. will rejoin the w.h.o. which president trump began to withdraw from last year. >> more details now, southern california vaccine supplies are scant. check out some of the long lines yesterday that continue at dodger stadium, the mass vaccination clinic. covid case numbers in l.a. county are trending lower not
5:48 am
deaths. former governor arnold schwarzenegger was one of thousands vaccinated at dodgers stadium and posted video to twitter saying he's never been happier to wait in a line. san diego county leaders meantime are spanning their vaccine push hit hard by the pandemic. the south bay area of san diego which includes chew va vista. >> walnut creek is providing protections for businesses hit hard by the pandemic and providing grants to some businesses that closed due to stay-at-home orders. "east bay times" reports business cans see up to $10,000 but must show they lost at least a quarter of their revenue since 2019, they're independently owned and do not owe the city any money. a follow-up new proof in some cases san francisco's pandemic related street closures are an overwhelming become
5:49 am
permanent that include page street, sanchez and shotwell in the mission. in each case the closures have received nearly total support from the people who live in those areas. a shakeup for the pac-12 conference. larry scott will step down. the conference says scott will leave his position in june. some will say it's been in the cards for a while. the conference lagging behind other power conferences. scott has been at the helm for 12 years. the pac-12 will start negotiations for a new -- >> a wise man once said experience is the best teacher. james wiseman is looking pretty experienced beyond his years. last night at the chase center a coming out party for wiseman who dominated in the paint scoring a career high 20 points in 25 minutes. the warriors blew out san antonio 121-99 and notice the old-school city edition oakland
5:50 am
jerseys. last night the ws gave vp kamala harris a custom jersey before the name, the 49 representing the 49th vice president. we hear she is had a busy night. of course harris was born in oakland and she's already said she's going to hang that in the vp office. as many of us watch the inauguration there were powerful words by many people, but one california woman stole part of the show. take a listen. >> democracy can be periodically delayed but never defeated. >> that is amanda gorman the youngest inaugural poet ever who cited "the hill we climb." gorman says public speaking did not come naturally telling the "today" show's jenna bush hager of a speech impediment that often held her back. >> can't pronounce rs, sh, it sounds garbled.
5:51 am
but i hear this strong voice reading this simple text and what that told me was the power of your inner voice over that which people might hear through the ear. >> celebrities across the board praising gorman for her words, oprah, lin-manuel miranda, laura garcia. gorman going viral and see her interview with jenna on the "today" show after "today in the bay." she was just so striking. >> celebrities -- >> very powerful. >> celebrities were all retweeting our biggest celebrity, you. >> no. >> great. >> they weren't. >> it was a fun day yesterday. >> all right better hold off my walk until this afternoon, a cold start to the morning, kari? >> yeah. it's cold this morning but at least it will warm up into a nice day once again.
5:52 am
take a look at our highs and where we're headed for this afternoon. 67 degrees in antioch, 62 martinez and upper 60sn the nor clouds will start to move in as this system approaches. over the pacific northwest and we can see it will be dipping closer and changing our weather drastically over the next couple days. let's talk about all that's headed our way. this storm system coming in, another one right behind that. both of them will bring in some rainfall as well as some cold temperatures and potentially some snow heading toward monday morning and then a third storm system drops in by the middle of next week and that one will drag down cold air and snow. it's good to see snow in our forecast because we know for the sierra, people have been going there not really seeing much snow. looking at squall valley and alpine meddos, tomorrow a high
5:53 am
of 30 degrees. 97 trails and 27 runs. we'll be watching for more snow in the sierra as we go into next week. check out what one of the computer models is showing for the forecast for the next week. some of our resorts may get over two feet of snow that is going to be great. but one thing that may surprise you is the potential for snow here in the bay area. between monday and tuesday and then again on wednesday, we could see another round and in all we're going to see our north bay mountains getting at least an inch, maybe two inches of snow and then a dusting of snow on mount hamilton, watching out for the possibility that some of that snow could dip below 500 feet. that could mean the valley floor as you get snow flurries coming down next week. look at the change in our temperatures. san jose from 68 to 50s for the forecast and those morning temperatures are going to dip below freezing and have chilly
5:54 am
mornings over the next several days after today. as we head over to you, mike, at least the weather is nice and quiet for this morning's commute. >> it is. i did see the golden gate bridge camera. low clouds hovering around the deck and from time to time, maybe a little bit of fog, so far it's all right but letting you know might change. meanwhile at the bay bridge you see where the arrow is. an easy drive there. clear drive. no problems. 680 towards bollinger canyon road a car fire on the shoulder no one in the car but it is a distraction and may have to close one lane. back to you. happening now, a mess in downtown portland where anti-government demonstrators smashed windows at the democratic party of oregon buildings. the vandalism took place hours following the president's inauguration. at least 100 people dressed in black. at least eight people arrested.
5:55 am
there's much more -- "today in the bay" this thursday. the state capitol, on inauguration day. some protests did show up, despite heavy law enforcement presence but up next, when security might start to ease in sacramento. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." no date set for scott peterson's retrial but attorneys will be back in court for a status hearing and it's possible he will appear remotely. the court is reconsidering his death penalty 15 years ago in the killing of his wife lacey and their unborn son. new questions have come up about one of the jurors. not only was it a peaceful inauguration day in washington, but also at our state's capitol. even after fbi warnings of potential trouble. police and national guard members surrounded the state's capitol prepared for anything. a few dozen people dressed in all black did march to the security fence chanting profanities about both presidents biden and trump. they left soon enough. demonstrators who came out to
5:59 am
express their strong opinions about the election. >> you think all those people lied and filled out affidavits saying they sought voter fraud. >> with the president and the house and the senate, so i am just really happy to turn this corner. >> harmful because of what they say but i'm hopeful we see change. >> it's unclear who how long the security fencing and police will remain. we have to see. we talked about the nbc traditions during the inauguration. willard scott made headlines when new first lady at the time barbara bush left to give him a kiss on live tv and in 2013, al roker lured new vice president joe biden over to the sidelines there for a handshake. roker was back in place hoping president trump would give him some love. >> mr. president, how does it
6:00 am
feel to be president finally? how are you, sir? good to see you. >> got a fist bump. there you go. >> al roker probably not very popular with the secret service. there's that roker guy again. got to cover the president. they know that tradition and it's a good friendship as well. >> speaking of the new president, right now at 6:00, joe biden already tackling the nation's biggest challenge fighting the pandemic by getting vaccines to more americans. this as deaths hit a new high. with biden's agenda today, a look straight ahead. >> a boost to california's vaccine supply, not for more but a decision by the state to make sure to help cities like san francisco. we'll have a live report, next. >> and the possible connection between this week's wind driven


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