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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 21, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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right now at 11:00, reprioritizing the rollout. the big switch the state might make as millions of californians anxiously await their covid vaccine. could it change your place in line? plus, they're up late getting ready. a mass vaccination site hours away from opening in the bay area. how it could play a key role in president biden's pandemic
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strategy. >> our plan starts with mountsing an aggressive, safe and effective vaccination campaign to meet our goal of administering 100 million shots in our first 100 days in office. >> is his goal too ambitious, or can we even do it? we ask an infectious disease expert. no more yoga. the studio that just got sued and shutdown by the county. suiting up and back on the field this spring. the coach is taking action. storms headed our way. you don't want to miss the forecast. essential versus age, a change to the covid vaccine rollout. we have learned california is considering switching up the order of who gets the vaccine next. nbc bay area's ian cull has more. >> reporter: tonight the state is strongly considering doing away with vaccine tiers, going
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solely to an age-based distribution, starting with 65 and older. that means people who thought they were also up next, grocery store and farm workers, teachers, would be pushed back months. the state vaccine advisory committee discussed it in a meeting just yesterday. >> this is what we're struggling with. there is really a small amount of vaccines. again, who is filling our hospitals, who is the most -- who is dying, what can we prevent it. >> reporter: dr. erica pan said california only gets around 500,000 vaccine doses a week and to vaccinate everyone 65 and old could take until may. some disagree with the change. >> we could wait until may for the population, a lot of people under 65 are going to die unnecessarily. >> reporter: florida took the same step nearly a month ago. ucsf infectious disease expert supports going to age-base tiers. >> it's easy to enforce.
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you have a driver's license. nobody worries who is more essential than who. >> reporter: he expects pfizer and moderna production will ramp up and points out there are others waiting for approval, like the one-shot johnson & johnson vaccine. >> it may not be months. estimates of what's coming in the pipeline is more robust than people believe. >> reporter: now a factor in the state, people 61 and older account for 61% of i.c.u. submissions and 83% of deaths. more details could come as soon as tomorrow. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> president joe biden spent his first day on the job signing executive orders from vaccines to reopening schools. the plan welcomed the bay area health department finding the vaccine in short supply. nbc bay area's jean elle has
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more on where vaccine sites are taking place. >> reporter: this drive-thru location is by appointment only and it's fully booked. but city leaders say there will soon be three locations ready to go. working into the night, crews are setting up a mass vaccination site at city college. it will have a soft opening by appointment only tomorrow. the set-up looks like a drive-thru covid test site, but it's more complicated. >> we don't have to have the freezers at the site, which is fortunate, but we do have to time everything. we have to make sure we have the vaccines thawed in time for the first appointment. >> reporter: the department of public health said 500 people made appointments through ucsf and dignity health. they are also providing the vaccines. the other two sites won't open until more vaccine arrives. >> we want to test the operation and make sure we have the sites in place and can be scaled up. but because vaccine is in such short supply, we can't open.
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>> good afternoon. >> reporter: at the white house today, president joe biden laid out his battle plan signing ten executive orders, to ramp up vaccination, expand testing and reopen schools and businesses. >> the plan starts with an aggressive, safe and effective vaccination campaign to meet our goal of administering 100 million shots in our first 100 days in office. >> i think things are going to get better. >> reporter: ucsf infectious doctor says the new focus will boost supply. and getting the vaccination site set up now will speed up the process later. >> i think we can get 100 million vaccines in people's arms ready, then as soon as the vaccine supply comes, volunteers are ready, people are ready, it can happen fast. >> reporter: when everything is in place, san francisco is hoping to vaccinate 10,000 people a day.
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jeanel, nbc bay area news. >> an important update from alameda county. during a town hal tonight, the county said its mass vaccination sites won't be up and running until mid february. the parking lot of the oakland coliseum will likely be one of those locations. alameda county admits it's been a slow process. among the challenges an especially large number of health care workers in need of vaccinations. now, we are getting our first look at how many people have actually been vaccinated in the bay area. three counties are detailing how many doses have been administered. in san francisco some 31,000 doses have been given. in santa clara county nearly 100,000. in contra costa, 65,000. contra costa is even giving us a more detailed look. it says 54,000 people have received one of two doses of the vaccine. 10,000 people have received both doses. and that means they're fully inoculated. it may seem like a decent start, but consider this. it's only 1.2% of the entire
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county population. new at 11:00, san mateo county suing pau city of ca yoga studio. the county says pau city of ca beach yoga has repeatedly violated covid-19 safety measures, including holding maskless indoor classes. the county has fined the yoga studio $3,000 since november. today a judge ordered the yoga studio to temporarily shutdown. there is another hearing scheduled for next month. well, he's back. following president biden's coronavirus plan announcement, dr. fauci took the podium answering questions at the press briefing. 100 million people in the first 100 days, and relief about talking science with no restrictions. >> the idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know, what the evidence -- what the science is and know that's it, let the science speak, it is somewhat of a liberating
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feeling. >> white house press second jan sake said health officials will be making regular appearances in the briefing room. well, communities across the country and the bay area are celebrating the first full day of president joe biden's administration. as nbc bay area's sergio quintana tell us, some are welcoming what they see as a promising start. >> reporter: one of the first actions taken by president donald trump four years ago sparked protests at airports across the country. including sfo. a travel ban stopped entries for citizens of seven muslim majority countries. it tore people away from their family members, some for years. >> i was separated from my wife because of the ban. >> reporter: ramez and his wife asma are originally from syria. he's been fighting for three years to be reunited with her. she's in the united states now and they recently had a child.
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biden's executive action striking down the travel ban means they may soon be able to see their families again. >> none of our relatives were able to come and witness the birth because of the ban, so i myself, testing this reversal, and we'll see what will happen to my mother. >> reporter: but it's not just executive actions that communities are celebrating. during a zoom meeting celebrating a national day of racial healing, the president of the san jose chapter of the naacp said a new diverse group of leaders in washington, d.c. may also soon be bringing change. >> do you solemnly swear -- >> reporter: as vice president kamala harris swore in three new senators yesterday, there is now hope legislative change may also soon be coming. >> she swore in a jewish senator. then a mexican-american senator. then a black senator.
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healing is a by-product as our lives are deeply touched by love and liberation. >> reporter: the new senators now give democrats a razor-thin majority. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> vice president harris was also busy during her first full day on the job as you saw there. she also joined president biden for his covid news briefing. before that she swore in the first cabinet member avril haines after her senate confirmation last night. haines is now the new director of national intelligence. the administration also released the summary of harris's phone calls for the world health organization which the u.s. just rejoined yesterday. harris' call with director general means she'll engage with other foreign leaders, which biden did when he was vice vice president harris, though, can't move into her new miles from the white house, pence family moved out, but the home needs some renovations, including some chimney repairs. while those repairs are being done, the vice president and her
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husband will move into blair house. that's the president's guest house and normally reserved for foreign dignitaries. after peaceful inaugurations, thousands of national guard troops are on their way home. nearly 26,000 from all over the country were deployed to d.c. late last week in response to escalating threats and fears of more rioting. 7,000, though, will stay in the area for another week. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. tracking a new round of rain coming our way, we're looking at that and also several more chances ahead. i'll have details in about 7 minutes. >> also ahead as covid continues to spread, east bay law enforcement officers are sounding the alarm. they say the one thing they need they're not getting. plus, did you see it? the oval office just got a make over and there's something new that has a lot of people here in the bay area talking.
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another earthquake rattled the east bay. the 3.1 magnitude quake hit at 4:48 this afternoon. epicenter near concord on the green valley fault. no reports of damage. the 3.6 earthquake hit the same area last week. geologists say this smaller quake are normal for the bay area. okay. where is our vaccine? law enforcement in the east bay frustrated over not knowing when they'll get their covid shots. they say they're coming down with the virus at an alarming rate and feel they're being ignored by the health department. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd has more. >> we are spending every day on the streets of oakland, on the streets across the county protecting our community, and there's no sign of us getting the covid vaccine. >> reporter: oakland police officers association president barry donolan expressing concern about the safety of law enforcement. >> members are getting sick.
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our infection rates are increasing. >> reporter: although the police union says its officers are testing positive for covid-19 at an alarming rate, 62 officers, they say, have tested positive since the spring of 2020. more than 90 alameda county deputy sheriffs have tested positive. one deputy, oscar roach a, died from the virus. along with one civilian worker. exposure for the combined 1500 members, they say, means exposure to the public. >> on a day-to-day basis, we are usually short 20 to 40 people because they're either sick or at home on mandated quarantine because they had direct exposure to the virus and are not allowed to come to work. >> reporter: it's not only a problem in oakland. san francisco police put out an urgent letter expressing the same concerns. out of 1500 officers, they say 148 have tested positive. two have been hospitalized and close to 200 filed covid-19
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workers' compensation claims. at a town hall meeting tonight in oakland, the county's health officer explained why east bay law enforcement haven't been vaccinated. >> other counties are smaller. they're able to move through that group faster, and so you may be hearing from other counties that some of those law enforcement personnel were able to get vaccines. >> reporter: he says health care workers are first in line for the shot. law enforcement will be next. in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> what leaders of a san jose church that hold maskless services were back in court today. pastor of calf calvary church faces contempt for refusing to hold indoor services. they showed up at the courthouse to show their support. they say the fines and the county rules violate their constitutional right to worship as they choose. they believe it should be their choice whether to attend an indoor service. >> it's sad to see the state
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which our country is where you have the state fighting against the church or the church against the state. what we need to do is remember that what made america great was our trust in god. >> santa clara county does not ban all religious services. since december, the county has allowed services of up to 100 people, but they have to be held outdoors. enough. coaches for youth sports in california want out of the state's tiered reopening system. this week several coaches sent an open letter to governor newsome that students are harmed by the state's covid restrictions. they say the system is causing mental health problems at a greater divide because affluent families can afford club team outside the state. the letter is a last-ditch effort for spring sports. california actually is one of few states where youth sports has been sidelined and there's no proposed starting date. walnut creek is helping restaurants stay afloat during the pandemic. the city council unanimously
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approved a new $1 million grant program. full service restaurants can now apply for grants up to $10,000. bars and restaurants considered fast casual can get up to $5,000. owners can use the money to pay for rent, payroll, or any improvements needed as they shift to outdoor dining. walnut creek says it will start awarding those grants by the middle of next month. well, new numbers suggest people struggling to make it in the bay could be leaving for sacramento. san francisco leads the nation in falling rent prices with the price of a studio now down 34% from last year. the rent for one and two-bedroom units down more than 20%. surprisingly, though, reports that sacramento leads the nation in rising rents. studios up 20%. one bedrooms up 12%. two bedrooms up 9%. well, there is a new addition in president biden's oval office and it's getting a lot of attention from the bay area. behind the famed resolute desk
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is a bust of cesar chavez. civil rights leader began his work in san jose and ultimately helped create the united farm workers of america. the chavez family said they got a call from the white house asking to borrow the bust. they had no idea it would be figured so prominently. >> the bust there reminds us of the contribution and the importance of our community to this nation. and so, you know, we're excited about what it means. it validates that we are an important part of this country. >> chavez's granddaughter julie chavez rodriguez is the interim director of inter government affairs and she is the highest ranking latina in the white house. change is in the air. jeff joins us now. i have something for you. science, up your science alley. tonight during the 9:21 minutes, it was the 21st second of the 21st minute of the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century.
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>> that is -- >> did i blow your mind? >> i mean, all those things -- yeah, totally just wow. it must mean we're in for a good year here in 2021. you know, the other thing i can add to that, weather wise is we're looking at about 21/100 of an inch when it comes to rainfall with our next storm system. so everything lining up. let's get you to the micro climate forecast tonight. you can see our storm is just off to the north. it's not major storm system. it's definitely packing a little bit of a punch here. we will even have the possibility of isolated thunderstorms. currently it's right near the northern coast line. let me take you into the time line on this. by 5:00 a.m. we're getting rain in the north bay peninsula and the south bay. i think this will continue to push off toward the south at 7:00 with some possible heavier pockets down near gilroy. then as we roll through the afternoon, we'll see some uplift as the center of low pressure moves over the bay area and that
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will bring some instability. that's where we could see some of the scattered thunderstorms popping. now, any kind of thunderstorms would also bring us some small hail. so we'll be on the look out for that. as we roll through the evening, that storm will start to push on out of here. let me tell you what. tomorrow it's going to feel like winter. we will start off with that rain chance and temperatures down to 43 degrees in the south bay and 40 in the tri-valley. and over to the north bay, have you down to 39 degrees and for san francisco 44. the east bay at 42. so make sure to have your jacket and the umbrella if you're headed anywhere tomorrow. daytime highs also dropping 10 degrees. going to be pretty similar where ever you're traveling, but no more 70s. remember that. earlier this week, record-setting 70s. now we're down to 51 in livermore, 52 in martinez, mid 50s here from oakland to palo alto to half moon bay. there will be rain in the sierra. let's look at the tahoe snow
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report. 30s tomorrow, overnight lows in the teens. dry on sunday. i think we'll see 6 inches of new snow friday to sunday. we do have covid-19 restrictions in place, but they are open at squaw valley and alpine meadows. you want to check their website for all of their guidelines. on my francisco keeps 50s for highs, 40s for lows. there's a lot of rain chances coming our way. i do want to go over this real quick here. isolated thunderstorms tomorrow. i don't think the weekend is going to be wet all weekend long. we'll get some drying on saturday. some rain in the afternoon on sunday. a spotty chance on monday. a few showers tuesday. and then next wednesday and thursday that's when we could get in some real strong rain at least half to 1 1/2 inches the way it looks now. on top of that, jessica, next week snow levels between 1 to 2,000 feet and we could even see a rain/snow mix lower than that. so winter has officially arrived and on the 21 theme i think i've given everyone 21 reasons to not
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forget, as i mentioned, the jacket and the umbrella tomorrow. >> good job, jeff. thank you very much. all right. just ahead, will the suspension stick? how fate will make its final decision on whether or not to ban president trump for good.
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the goodness of nature... from one generation to the next and from seed to slice. no break from wildfires. firefighters say they expect to see occasional small fires in santa cruz and san mateo counties over the next several months. that's right next to the burn area of last month's czu complex fire. the rain may be on its way as jeff told us.
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firefighters are keeping their eyes on hot spots and the winds whipped up tuesday, forcing evacuations in santa cruz county. well, just two months after voting to end the campus police program, free mont unified is bringing it back. last night the district voted 4-1 in favor of reinstating the program. back in november, the school district voted to stop funding it citing concerns about racial bias and arrests. since then two members joined the board who support officers on campus. the board and the city's school district should meet to discuss next steps and to begin drafting a new agreement on how the program will function. facebook is getting a second opinion on whether it's ban of former president donald trump should stay. facebook suspended him the day after he rallied supporters to head to the u.s. capitol january 6. facebook's suspension is open-ended with no plans to lift but an executive says it's a major decision, so facebook's oversight board will review the decision. the board was created last year for users to appeal the
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company's restrictions imposed on them. it's not clear if mr. trump has actually challenged the ban on his account. okay. the warriors look to stay hot. we're going to tell you how they did it tonight against new york. and happening now, yosemite closed for the next several days. strong winds this week uprooted trees toppled them over. lodging and campgrounds have been closed because of the pandemic. we're back with more in a moment.
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okay. the warriors at home taking on the knicks tonight. steph curry a little history. he needed eight three-pointers to tie reggie miller for all time. steph did hit five of them. it wasn't enough to catch reggie or to beat the knicks. warriors lose 119-104. their next game is saturday against utah. we are back with high-tech moves as it gets ready for the winter olympics 2022. want to save hundreds on your wireless bill? with xfinity mobile you can. how about saving hundreds on the new
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finally tonight, china is touting the technological innovation the country is using to prepare for the next winter olympics. beijing 22 winter olympics, ski jumping, other events will be held northwest of beijing.
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so china built the high-speed rail line to connect the venues to downtown beijing. the train cuts maximum travel time from three hours to one hour. china says the games will be the first in it olympic history to have all venues powered entirely by green energy. but first we've got to do the summer games in tokyo. so let's get through that before we go all the way to china. all right. that's going to do it for us. thank you for being with us. our next newscast is today in the bay which starts at 4:30 in the morning. good night. stay safe. stay healthy. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪


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