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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 22, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PST

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right now at 11:00, switching up the order. the new suggestion from new health leaders on who should get the vaccine first that could affect every single californian and drastically change when you roll up your sleeves. first, a look over the bay area where the roads are wet. nbc bay area storm ranger hard at work, tracking all of these incoming showers. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm scott mcgrew, in for marcus washington. grab your umbrella. meteorologist kari hall is here. we're going to get that rain,
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kari. >> yes. we've seen it, hit or miss across the bay area. we're tracking it with storm ranger as we get a look at our mobile doppler radar. it's giving us a very clear view of exactly where it's raining, because it's been dotting the bay area. not all of us are seeing it right now. wanted to give you a closer view of the rain that's moving across the richmond, san rafael bridge. that's going to be moving off to the north and east over toward vallejo. we've seen some of those showers moving over toward mt. diablo, the area of martinez, walnut creek and concord. some of the showers moving through around livermore, fremont and covering much of san jose, as well as ove parts of sunnyvale and moving toward showers moving through. it could be heavy at times. we're also watching out for the possibility that some of these cells may be packing some thunderstorms. there could be some brief, heavy
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downpours as well as small hail and some gusty winds. we'll be watching this as we get a lot of energy building up in the atmosphere as this first system moves through. more rain in the forecast, very chilly temperatures, potential for snow on our bay area hills. that's coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> our other top story, there may be big changes in who gets the vaccine first in california. keep in mind what you're about to hear is a proposal. it is not fact yet. daet would be once the first responders and medical workers are vaccinated, the next on the list would be 65 or older, no matter who they are or what they do. essential workers, people like teachers, grocery store workers and farm workers would be pushed down the list by months. the state epidemiologist says it makes medical sense and saves
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lives. >> this is what we're struggling with. there's a small amount of vaccine, trying to look at who, again, is filling our hospitals, who is dying and who we can prevent. >> right now the plan does not have full committee support. the order hasn't changed yet. but if we don't change, scientists say, californians 65 and older may not be vaccinated in large numbers until may. now, as more bay area cities work to get shots in arms, we're learning about plans communities have to open mass vaccination sites. one of those began vaccinating folks with appointment this is morning. live at that san francisco site with more information, cierra johnson. >> reporter: good morning, scott. we've been here since 5:00 this morning. at 8:00, the first person in line with that reservation was able to receive their vaccine behind me.
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you can see they're still letting folks in. this say drive-in facility, much like the drive-in covid facilities. as we're emphasizing, you must have an appointment to attend. now this site is with the department of health explaining 500 people made appointments through ucsf and unity health. we had a chance to speak with that first person in line this morning. 80-year-old from the marina. he said after he was contacted by his health care provider yesterday, he woke up early to get one of the first of two moderna vaccines. >> i felt such a relief. there was such a scramble to try to get it. it was very difficult, very disorganized process of providing medication. looking to get it for a couple of weeks now. i was thrilled. i'm so happy that ucsf and the county partnered to do this.
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>> the county of santa clara mountainview have partnered. vaccines available with a virtual townhall, saying mass vaccination sites will be up and running until about mid-february, but the oakland coliseum is one of those locations. with all those mass vaccination sites opening, it is important to make sure you're actually eligible to receive the vaccine at that time, at that particular site. this was by appointment only, partnership with ucsf, city of san francisco, all 500 individuals that received the vaccine today were contacted by the health care system to receive that. a lot of important information to keep in mind. of course, we'll have it updated
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on our website, live in san francisco, cierra johnson, today in the bay. >> thank you, skrchlt ierra. let's take a look at how many people have been vaccinated in san francisco. it's 31,000. nearly 100,000, but that's in the county of 2 million. in contra costa county, 60,000 doses. 54,000 people have received one of the first doses and 10,000 have received both, which means they're fully vaccinated. that is 1.2% of the entire county's population. hollywood say it's delaying big-budget films until the fall. you may not think of hollywood as a way to measure when the
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pandemic is over. they're thinking things won't get normal until the fall. dr. apartny fauci, during a white house briefing said he thinks, quote, a degree of normality in the fall only if the biden white house is able to speed up the plans to get vaccines to the american people, something fauci says is a realistic hope. you recall governor arnold schwarzenegger got his vaccine earlier this week. he is 73, believe it or not. he said about getting a vaccine, come with me if you want to live. he has posted something to facebook, worth your time. i'm going to read you a bit of it if you haven't seen it. i'm going to wreed a big chunk of it. it's about people who don't believe science and ared is spreading misinformation and the coronavirus. if your house is on fire, you don't go on youtube. you call the damn fire department. if you have a heart attack, you don't check your facebook group. you call an ambulance. if the circle of people you
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trust gets smaller and smaller, and you find yourself more and more isolated, it should be a warning sign that you're going down a rabbit hole of misinformation. some people say it's weak to listen to experts. that's bogus. it takes strength to admit you don't know everything. weakness is thinking you don't need expert advice and only listening to sources that confirm what you want to believe. it may surprise you to hear. a lot of law enforcement officers are still waiting for their vaccines. officers in the east bay say they're frustrated. oakland police, along with alameda county sheriff's deputies say their members are testing positive at an alarming rate. they're worried about their health and exposing the people they're sworn to protect and serve. >> we're spending every day on the streets of oakland, on the streets across the county, protecting our community and there's no sign of us getting the covid vaccine. >> on a day-to-day basis, we are
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usually short 20 to 40 people who are sick or at home on a mandated quarantine because they've had direct exposure to the virus and are not allowed to come to work. >> now it's not only a problem in oakland. san francisco put out an urgent letter expressing the same concern. out of 1,500 officers, they say 148 have tested positive. two have been hospitalized. for updates on the pandemic, including cases and the vaccine rollout, head to there's a lot going on at our capitol this morning, including the next steps for the second impeachment trial in two years. in fact, of all the presidential impeachments in all of american history, donald trump counts for half of them. nancy pelosi says she will transmit the house impeachment to the senate on monday and deliver the formal charges. with that, that will set the senate in motion with a trial to come. house minority leader mitch mcconnell says there should be a short delay, but he has also said the president did incite
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the crowd to attack the capitol, which is at the core of the accusations against the former president. today, the senate is considering the nomination of former fed chair janet yellen to run the treasury department. before she ran the federal reserve, she ran the federal bank here in san francisco and taught at berkeley. senator chuck grassley calls her eminently qualified. she cleared the first hurdle, committee hearing. we wouldn't be surprised if she's confirm bid the full senate in a couple of hours. lloyd austin is our new civilian leader of the pentagon. austin needed a waiver from both the house and senate to be considered because u.s. law says former members of the military have to be retired for seven years in order to qualify, and he is not. that waiver passed the houses easily as well. a developing story, derick almena of the ghost ship
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warehouse fires has pled guilty, connected to the warehouse fire in 2016. this deal avoids a second trial after jurors could not reach a verdict the first time. almena will receive a nine-year sentence. it's not clear how much time he will serve, given the time already confined. baseball legend hank aaron has died. a look at his career and the barriers he overcame to make it in the major leagues. plus the countdown is on to the olympics. we are six months away, at least theoretically. the challenge is bay area olympic athletes face as they prepare for the summer games. raising children can be a daunting, yet rewarding task. kelly connects with the podcast i mom so hard, to give advice and answer burning parenting questions from audience members. she takes over for us on nbc bay area at 3:00 this afternoon.
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welcome back. one of baseball's greatest players, arguably the greatest hitter, has dayed. >> henry louis aaron was raised in mobile, alabama, the house he grew up in a museum bearing his name. aaron decided to become a baseball player at the age of 14, when his dad took him to watch jackie robinson play. at 17, he quit school to play for the negro baseball league's indianapolis clouds. by 1954, the player who would one day be known as hammerin' hank, broke into the major leagues. over the next 20 seasons, he hit at least 30 homers 15 times, 40 or more 7 times. in 1971, aaron had a career year and started to think about his
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place in baseball history. >> i hit 47 home runs, more home runs than i ever hit in my baseball career with one reason why. i thought at that time that i had a chance to break bathing babe ruth's record. >> aaron tied ruth's record of 714 homers opening day 1974 and broke it four days later. >> pitch by downing. swinging. there's the drive into left center field. that ball is going to be out of here! it's gone! it's 715. >> aaron retired in 1976, with 755 home runs. he moved into the braves front office as vice president and was elected into the baseball hall of fame in 1982. hank aaron chasing the dream foundation, helping children develop their potential. and he received the presidential medal of freedom in 2002. hank aaron will be remembered as
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a hardworking, quiet man, who worked magic with a baseball bat. kurt gregory, nbc news. tokyo marking six months until the start of the summer olympics with little fanfare. it's hard to build things up when right now that nation is in the depths of a covid crisis. massive undertaking of an olympic games leaving many people in doubt. olympic and government leaders insisted it's all systems go even if they have to be played without games. a successful vaccine rollout may make the difference but keep in mind, japan has not started vaccinating anybody. one recent poll found eight in ten japanese now want the games to be canceled or postponed for a second time. so, when or if these games happen, a number of bay area athletes will mpetco as they always do.
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nbc bay area bob redell is talking to one of the athletes preparing for these games a second time. >> reporter: maggie was ready last summer to go for her third olympic gold at the 2020 tokyo olympic games, which was postponed because of covid. it was a punch in the gut to many of these athletes who had been training so hard. as maggie sees it, when you're training for the olympics, you're already training for adversity, being able to deal with the hardships surrounding this pandemic is what being an athlete is all about. >> we always want to control what we can't control. sometimes that gets smaller and smaller and smaller. >> six months until the tokio games, maggie steff. ns and her teammates have only recently been allowed back in the pool at their facility in southern california. for 6 1/2 hours six-day-a-week
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trainings. for the six months prior it was only training on dry land. >> i think it made us appreciate the training we had even more. it's almost like we've been given the extra opportunity to improve. >> reporter: 2012 and 2016 games in spite of the truncated training this time around she's confident she can bring home the third gold in what she believes will be the most important olympics ever. >> there's a greater power to this olympics. the idea of now we have an opportunity to portray our resilience and inspire agency not just as a team, as a country, but as an entire world. >> maggie comes from a family of waterpolo stars. her father was one of the top water polo players for cal back in the 1970s. here in danville, bob redell,
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nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. out in the bay bridge, you can see it's cloudy. we've got rain on the camera as well. somebody will go out there and wipe it off. i nominate kari hall. no, she's tracking the storms. a lot of rain clouds coming, right? >> yeah. it's been off and on. one minute it's raining. the next minute you see a rainbow and it's nice and sunny. we'll see that kind of weather today. i wanted to show you this view in san francisco that we're enjoying, all the rain that's moving in, seeing also those clouds that we're seeing over the city. taking a look at walnut creek, the low 50s, that is where those temperatures hold steady with clouds. and every now and then we'll have some rain falling from those clouds. we've been tracking it all on storm ranger, mobile doppler radar. the red scan you're seeing with showers off the coast. you can see the rain moving down the peninsula and also into parts of the south bay with some off and o rhmond/san rafael bria few minutes ago and moving
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toward ee rain moving into parts of the east bay from just east of lafayette over toward clayton. seeing light showers and also for san jose, for evergreen as well as parts of the santa cruz mountains. we do desperately need that rain after all those fires we had a couple of days ago. you can see the center of the storm, just pinwheeling down the coast. it's going to bring these waves of showers. also as it does so, provide enough energy that we could see a few isolated thunderstorms as well as some small hail. as of now, i haven't seen any thunderstorms with some cloud-to-ground lightning. you may hear rumbles of thunder in the next couple of hours. look at all the snow coming down in the sierra. also somei-80 had to be closed because of a bunch of spin outs there. here we're looking at rain that will be enough to dampen the roadways going through the timeline for today, we're looking at heavy downpours possible. up until at least the early
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afternoon hours. notice that not everyone is seeing the rain at the same time. so you will make -- you want to make sure you have that nbc bay area app so that you get those alerts as that rain moves in, because one minute it will be raining and the next minute it is bright and sunny. we're in this unsettled weather pattern that will continue over the next several days. we're not seeing widespread rain but these pop-up showers. this first system, moving on through, will push out with a break in the rain tomorrow. another system will be right behind that. and it looks like it has a little bit more moisture that could bring us some decent rainfall totals. the one coming in by the middle of next week will be much more significant and could bring in some snow for some of our bay area peaks as we watch that third system within a week move in. we're not looking at a lot of rain now. once again, the next storm system coming in, in total, could bring a quarter to half inch of rain. look how much rain we could see in total by the middle of next week, over the course of a week,
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we may be talking about more than two inches of rain, while set eyra will also get some heavy amounts of snow, at least after the weekend. we could see some snowfall totals in the sierra, measuring in the feet. scott? >> marvelous. all right, kari. thank you. have a good weekend. what happens after we die? laura garcia is here more about a prize being offered for answers in the after life? >> what happens when you pass on? now you could receive some prizes for your opinion. the prompt? tell a team of scientists about what happens in the afterlife. people who enter have to be serious researchers. a panel of scientists will judge the essay entries at the end of the year. this the first prize is $500,000. president biden is also making himself at home in the white house. that means out with the old and in with the new.
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first thing reportedly to go was donald trump's diet coke button. apparently he would use it to have diet cokes delivered on demand. that's what it came to be called the past four years. tees actually set to predate trump. the nation's newest style icon that set things on fire during the inauguration. bernie sanders getting a lot of attention for his inauguration look. centers mostly on his jacket, his mittens. now getting his own bobblehead and baseball card even. snap chat that allows you to place sanders anywhere. look where we found him, in our studio, sitting right next to scott mcgrew. what a look. >> yeah. i look fake. he looks real. coming up, the nation has lottery fever. the mega millions drawing is tonight. how much is grabs. white house website allows
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users to change their preferred pronoun. new dropdown menu for pronoun option s including she/her, him/he, they/them. they can also select other, right in their own selections or prefer not to share. we're back after the break. but first, nbc bay area and telemundo 48 teaming up to make a positive impact on our community through project innovation. this is a grant challenged by the comcast nbc universal foundation. project innovation recognizes and awards $315,000 in grants to local nonprofits. you can learn more about the program and submit your application.
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the jackpot is growing ahead of tonight's mega millions drawing. you've got a 1 in 302 million shot at becoming very rich tonight. i wish you the best of luck. we got lucky with the rain, kari. >> yes, we did. we'll see it off and on today. we'll see a lot more rain in the forecast going into next week, especially by next wednesday. scott? >> kari, thank you. thank you for joining us.
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our next newscast is at 5:00. you can get the latest information all day at we'll all be back on monday. a live look at the golden gate bridge. remember to be safe out there. there's water on the road. have a great day.
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