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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 27, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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right now at 6:00, a break from the heavy rain, but drivers on highways and roads across the bay area certainly feeling the impact of all that steady overnight downpour.
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and it's not just rain, gusty winds rocking the bay area, including all of our bridges, leading to crashes on some spans. and in the burn zone, concerns still linger over the mudslides and the flash flooding. our team of reporters bringing you complete coverage of the overnight storm and kari hall is tracking how soon the next wave will arrive. the third hour of "today in the bay" begins right now. and good morning to you. i'm cierra johnson in for marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. boy, what a wild night. some howling winds, heavy rain. kari, we are getting a little bit of a break right now. >> yeah, a lot of us are seeing a break as we are going to still be tracking this atmospheric river nearby. but the heaviest rain has shifted farther to the south. stormranger shows where that rain is occurring right now in san francisco, moving across parts of the bay in san rafael bridges over toward hercules as well and extending up toward fairfield where we have a steady rain right now.
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and looking at the wide view of this storm system, a lot of snow dumping down in the sierra and the heavier rain shifting to the south across the central coast. we still see active weather to our north and this could possibly bring us a chance of thunderstorms as we go into today. then the heavy rain starts to roll back up just a little bit and we'll see the returning of heavy downpours. so i'll be timing out all of this for you coming up in the forecast. we'll also talk about how much additional rainfall you can expect. but, mike, as you get ready to head out on the roads this morning, what's going on for the morning commute? >> kari, the conditions for folks who leave a little early, you need to slow down. we're looking at green sensors at the bay bridge toll plaza, a little slowing across the span. watch for gusty winds that may be a concern. i did just show you the camera on the richmond side of 580 and the bridge to san rafael.
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the green highlighting shows where there are wet roads really pronounced across the north. a lot of smaller crashes, mostly not affecting i-80, which is a smooth drive right now. chain control for 80 through the sierra getting out toward the south bay a smooth flow. there's a closure on the connector from south 680 to 101. let's show you 101 just north of that incident. the freeway is open with wet roadways, kind of soupy conditions. we saw some flooding indicators on the map. for more on these topics, bob redell is out there. bob? >> reporter: good morning. we're at the bay bridge toll plaza. i can tell you that the light morning commute is at the limit. the rain has stopped. we haven't seen rain for a few hours. but as you can see the flags behind me at the toll plaza building there is wind out here. take a listen to this. this is video of a big rig
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jack-knife that took place overnight around 10:00 last night on the lower deck of the bay bridge eastbound 80. what i was trying to get you to listen for was the wind, it was windy out there. chp does believe the wind was the primary factor, that it blew that big rig and caused it to lose control, blocking a few lanes of traffic in this wet weather. the driver is okay and they have since cleared this up. this is video from about 3:30 this morning, westbound 580 driving through castro valley. that's when we saw a significant amount of rain. like i said, we haven't seen the rain since. i show you this to give you the idea that the roads are wet out there. as you're well aware, the posted speed limit just because it says 65 miles an hour doesn't mean that you should necessarily go 65 miles an hour. that means you should be going 65 miles an hour as the conditions permit. so the roads are wet, just something to keep in mind as you're heading out to work this morning. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, bob. you know, we're also keeping a
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close eye on the burn zones in the santa cruz mountains. 5,000 people were told to evacuate from the san mateo, santa cruz county border south through davenport. >> but not everyone left. kris sanchez is live this morning in scots valley. kris, how did those overnight hours go? >> reporter: well, you know, we're here at pg&e base camp where everybody is stationed overnight. right now there doesn't look to be a lot of power outages in the boulder creek, ben lomond mountain communities. we were expecting lots of heavy rain and wind here, but look what happened in the santa cruz mountains just above saratoga. several inc along highway 35 just before highway 9. but heavy rain is a concern in the mountain communities near the czu fire scar. this is video from overnight in boulder creek. now, the charred hillsides, barren of vegetation, are
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vulnerable to landslides, debris flows and flooding in this heavy rain. even before the rain started crews were cutting down branches hanging over homes and repairing power lines that fell over highway 9. about 5,000 people are gone from their homes in the danger zone, but 261 people are digging in and staying put. >> if you find yourself with a medical emergency, our response could be significantly delayed potentially in trying to get there. it's not because we don't want to, but there could be a road closed or a tree down or wires or something to that effect. >> reporter: trouble spots in other counties like marin also deployed help to the santa cruz mountains just in case. now, once daylight hits, we'll have a better idea of how those vulnerable areas held up. we know one of the concerns was debris ending up in culverts and causing flooding from there. hard to tell when it's this dark in the mountains. kris sanchez for "today in the
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bay." 6:06 right now. more than 36,000 pg&e customers are waking up in the dark across the bay area. here's a look at the outage map. about two-thirds of the total are in the east bay and the south bay. a reminder, if your power ever does go out and you still need information, you can always watch us on our free nbc bay area app. the storm could not have come at a worse time for restaurants. the governor just lifted that stay-at-home order this week meaning outdoor dining can resume. last night steady rain at walnut creek would normally keep a lot of people inside. we saw lots of people craving something to eat outside of their own home. >> come hell or high water we are coming out to eat. >> even though it's rainy and cold, i think they want to come out and support us. >> business owners are hoping for bigger crowds this weekend, though many fear the rain may not help their cause. kari is keeping track of all
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things rain right now. we should get some windows of opportunity at least by the weekend maybe, kari? >> yeah, this weekend i think on friday will be the best day for that outdoor dining, even though it's still going to be cool out there, but we are so tired of cooking, right, so we want to go out and eat. as we take a look at all of the wet weather that we are seeing right now, some of the heavier rain pushing to the south of us, but we're still in with this off-and-on rain throughout today, even the possibility of some thunderstorms. at 10:00 we're seeing hit-or-miss showers and some in the north bay are getting a little bit of a break. some of the heavier rain is farther to the south as we look at parts of the south county, san jose moving over toward the east bay later on this evening. we see the atmospheric river retrograding a little farther to the north and filling in overnight with the possibility of brief, heavy rain. even tomorrow we're still going to see some active weather off and on throughout the day and finally it starts to clear out
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by friday morning into the afternoon is when we start to get a break. so we'll be tracking all of this, talking about how much additional rainfall we could see. mike is also keeping an eye on the road conditions around the bay area. >> that's right, kari, because in addition to water on the roadway where the little flooding reported like in san jose, the map shows you 280 and 880 near the interchange, maybe one or two lanes here, not a major closure, though, this is a closure. continuing not because of just water but diesel on the road south 680 connector to south 101 remains closed. they're talking about chp doing a shift change and the next shift taking over. they're not going to clear that soon. so story road and allen rock has access to 101 or loop back from the northbound side. the rest of the bay shows green sensors drive. a crash west 24 not in but near the caldecott tunnel.
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back to you. >> sounds good, thank you. as rain takes a break, we're certainly keeping busy for you. scott mcgrew is up next with a look at your business and tech headlines. would you believe, laura, one of those headlines includes hats for dogs and how that affects the stock market. strange days indeed. we'll take a look at that. let's take you to the futures. looks like some money coming off the table this morning. you've watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:12, we are still under a microclimate weather alert as you get ready to head out the door. we are taking a break from some of the heavier rain. still some scattered showers from san francisco up to parts of the north bay as well as the south county, but we'll be tracking another round of heavier rain. where we'll see it is in the forecast coming up. and a live look shows you the glowing lights moving smoothly here through fremont. the nimitz freeway not experiencing any major delays but we do have an issue off of 680 heading south into the south bay. we are talking about continued closures from a jack-knifed big rig and the risk for other issues because of those wet roadways coming up. good morning. very happy wednesday to you as well. youtube is taking more action to stop people from claiming falsehoods about the election this morning.
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>> welcome back to rudy giuliani's common sense. >> trump lawyer rudy giuliani has not been kicked off youtube but he has been . giuliani has often made false claims about the election and also faces a more than $1 billion lawsuit from dominion voting systems. there's a lot going on in business today. the fed will report its decision on interest rates today. we don't expect any changes, but it is a little like getting a test back from your doctor. you don't expect any changes, but you're well aware the report is coming. tesla and apple and facebook all report profits after the closing bell today. this represents three of the largest companies by market cap in the united states. tesla's musk sent shares of etsy up about 3%, 3.5% briefly on tuesday after he simply tweeted he kinda loves etsy.
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not loves, kinda loves. but the world's richest person's opinion apparently matters and people piled into etsy stock. he made that tweet after buying a hat for his dog. if you're thinking to yourself, hold on, there is something odd about the stock market reacting to somebody buying a hat for a dog, you are absolutely not alone. there are some odd things going on on the stock market right now. exhibit a is gamestop. that graphic is not wrong. it's not a meltdown, it's a meltup on gamestop stock. shares in the company, which is a long suffering chain of strip mall video game stores were up nearly 100% yesterday. this as more and more investors, many of them young, many of them new to investing, raced to get into the stock because it keeps going up. up 700% so far this year. remember, we're only 27 days into the year. the company says it hasn't made a profit in a long time and probably will not. so there is a more complicated
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back story to all of this involving shorts and puts and calls and whatnot. but the bottom line is people are buying it up because other people are buying it up. back to you. >> that's how it works sometimes. all right, thanks so much, scott. back to our storm coverage, check out the rain coming down in the south bay this morning. it did cause some flooding in san jose making some sidewalks you see there very hard to get to. pull out the rain boots today. >> and this is apparently just the beginning. meteorologist kari hall is here. kari, what's the timeline for that next rounding of rain? >> well, we are still looking at some scattered showers and it's just going to hang out with us for quite a while. this atmospheric river moving in as for the most part for now pushed to the south. so we're looking at still some scattered rain. we're tracking it on stormranger. while some of us are taking a break we can see it moving through morgan hill as well as just to the north in parts of
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the north bay, richmond over toward fairfield, vallejo getting in on some rain that's moving into concord. so it's going to be off and on today, still with some active weather, but we can see all of the rain that's still to the north of us and even the possibility of some storms as the heavy snow continues to fall in the sierra. but let me show you how much rain we've measured already if you're wondering about the possibility of mudslides and the concerns they have had there. definitely valid as we've seen over 3 inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. and then for napa, up around lake curry, we saw over 3 inches of rain there. fairfax measuring close to 3 inches of rain. san bruno mountain an inch and a half where our stormranger is parked. oakland as well as san francisco getting about 0.8 of rain. close to 2 inches in morgan hill. in antioch, we've seen 1.3, as well as dublin 1.25.
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san jose about a half inch of rain and we've seen it tapering off in the past hour or so but there still will be more rain chances. i'm stopping it right at 10:0030 and we're seeing parts of the north bay getting a break but some of the heavier rain over parts of the south bay. we could see some thunderstorms right here at 8:00. there still may not be as much rain in parts of the north bay but south of the golden gate bridge we could see some of the scattered showers continuing there. but we are still looking at the lingering rain into tomorrow, so with this the rounds of rain or unsettled weather continuing, even into early friday morning. we could possibly see still another 1 to 2 inches on top of the 1 to 2 that we've already measured, especially as we look at the additional rainfall totals that we could see up around napa, mill valley. san francisco about an inch and a half as well as another inch possible in san jose. but we've all been talking about how much snow they may see in the sierra. for more on that, let's head on
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over to vianey arana. >> they have seen a ton and we are expecting more up in the sierra. i wanted to get started with a live look at crystal springs in the sierra because we were seeing some snow falling through there. this makes for dangerous conditions but a beautiful sight. you can see the snow coming down along i-80 at crystal springs. with that blizzard warning in effect through friday, definitely something to keep in mind because that dangerous road travel is expected to continue. i want to give you an idea of how much more additional snow. so that's on top of what we've already seen up through the sierra. this is pushing that tim all the way through friday.can sight to see because this makes up for about a third of california's water supply. so the sierra snowpack is very important to us. statewide we're at about 41%. i feel a feeling that number is
6:20 am
definitely going to go up after the end of this week. kari, i'll send it back to you. >> we so need it, thank you. and we're also going to see more scattered showers in the forecast for us, so still an active weather pattern. it looks like we only catch a break by about friday afternoon before another system comes in between saturday into sunday and off and on rain into early next week. mike, you've been tracking the impacts of all of this wet weather on the roads. >> definitely a word of warning for folks. we have one jack-knifed rig. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic flow is very right now. the wet pavement is one concern and the flags flapping around. the wind on the span is a concern as well and bob redell talked about the potential of that one incident overnight. right now it's a smooth drive, just a little slowing where the arrow is. you see the green highlighted throughout the north bay and contra costa county. that's where kari was talking
6:21 am
about the most recent wave of rain coming in from the san francisco side in toward the east bay. we have west 24 approaching st. stevens, we have one crash blocking a lane outside the caldecott tunnel. no major impact except right at the scene. the rest of the bay shows green sensors. that 680 to 101 connector still blocked by a jack-knifed rig. here's 101 in palo alto, though, an easy drive. as the storm moves through, some covid vaccine centers are on hold in san francisco, but mayor london breed says there's an even larger issue bringing things to a standstill. that's next. but first, our team is santl week. she shared this photo of a heartfelt sign for the fire victims. be sure to follow kris on facebook, twitter and instagram for updates all morning.
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6:21. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. it's 6:24 right now. this is a live look outside. frmont on the left and palo alto on the right. we're seeing plenty of downed trees across the north bay as well. the marin county sheriff's office tweeted this picture of a
6:25 am
tree that crushed a car. the good news is no one was hurt. turning back to our pandemic coverage, we have a look at the latest bay area case numbers now totaling more than 364,000. sadly, nearly 4,000 people have died. another 17,000 cases were added yesterday across the state, bringing the overall total closer to 3.2 million. more than 37,000 people in california have died. the weather only adding to the frustration levels in san francisco when it comes to the city's vaccine rollout. >> that's right. this new drive-through vaccination site will be closed today and tomorrow as the storm moves through. san francisco mayor london breed says two more mass vaccination sites are pretty much locked and loaded, ready to go. the only thing they're missing is enough vaccine. >> so far the amount of vaccines we are receiving from the state and federal government is insufficient, inconsistent, and
6:26 am
unpredictable. >> the same pinch is being felt elsewhere. the state admits the rollout has been slow and there are changes in the works to improve distribution, including a more centralized system. happening today, santa clara county is rolling out a new mobile covid-19 testing unit at costco locations in the south bay. the testing unit will start offering appointments and drop-in testing outside of costco in gilroy and san jose. the bus will be in gilroy from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow and saturday it's at the east san jose costco on evergreen loop from 7:00 to 7:00. testing will rotate to other south bay costco locations each week. and as we've mentioned, restaurants throughout the bay area just beginning that process of reopening. oakland' forced to shut down. they actually had to pivot to online teaching cooking classes. on today's kelly clarkson show, its owners say they still founding a way to give back to
6:27 am
those on the frontlines of this pandemic. >> for every ingredient kit we would sell, we would cook and donate a meal to at the time frontline health care workers because the hospitals are so overrun. so we were donating to hospitals. now what we do for everyin ingredient sit we provide a meal for someone in the community. >> you can tune in at 3:00 this afternoon right here to finding out kelly's surprise for them. up next we get right back to our storm coverage. >> nbc bay area stormranger is tracking the rain, wind and snow and so is our team. our live coverage will continue next with kari hall. >> and this rain is much needed. really nice to see, but we don't need the additional problems of the very heavy rain causing the potential of some flooding. so we'll talk more about this in the forecast coming up in a few minutes.
6:28 am
and we have that jack-knifed big rig in san jose. good news, that just cleared. i'm tracking a crash near the caldecott tunnel. tough conditions around the bay. >> reporter: after that heavy rain blasted through the bay area, the impact on your morning commute. >> reporter: pete suratos in santa rosa on how the weather is impacting the north bay. you're watching "today in the bay." i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv.
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right now at 6:30, a long night of downpours off for the moment as we enter a lull in the string of storms. our recent burn zones in the clear from the flash flooding. "today in the bay's" live team coverage continues now. good wednesday morning. i'm cierra johnson in for marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we'll check in with mike in just a moment. he's watching the commute out there. first let's check in with kari really keeping track of everything going on weatherwise. >> it is nice to see that we're taking a break and allowing for all of that heavy rain we got during the overnight hours to soak in in a lot of spots. we are still tracking some scattered showers as we see some of the rain still moving through parts of the south county and clearing san jose, but we're still looking at some of those downpours there. and then for the richmond-san
6:32 am
rafael bridge, we've seen the rain just sitting here. we've been able to track it all on stormranger as it extends across parts of the east bay as well as into solano county. waves of rain will still be possible today, even a chance of some thunderstorms. we could see that heavier rain returning as we go into tonight with the atmospheric river now to the south of us. we could see it rolling back up to the north. we will still keep a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast through tomorrow. gusty winds will be possible as well as some snow on some of our bay area hills. we've seen it as low as 1,300 feet and also those isolated flood issues continue, especially in our burn scar areas. so we're monitoring all of this in the forecast as this much-n rain continues. mike, how has this had an impact on the morning commute? >> well, kari, obviously the loss of traction and lower visibility when the rain does come through is one issue and still wet roadways, it's still slick. looking at the maps, the
6:33 am
jack-knifed rig that we had and perhaps those conditions played a part in that has cleared from san jose. no major problems despite some wet incidents. we still have wet 24, there is a crash blocking your two left lanes. there may be a second crash nearby. knees are outside the caldecott tunnel but nearby and so it does look like on the map. the tunnel, the bores are clear. heading toward the bay bridge, that's smooth but notice all the green highlighting. the little flooding reported, lots of wet roadways. we'll send it right back to you. mike, wet roads and strong winds overnight in some cases leading to very big problems for drivers. >> let's go to "today in the l near the bay bridge. conditionse drivers facing near that bridge? >> reporter: right now it's just wet roads and the winds seem to have died down, which is fortunate for everyone.
6:34 am
the bulk of this storm, the heavy rain happened while we were -- most of us were sleeping at home. so for people driving into work this morning, they just have to deal with the wet roads.plaza. the national weather service says oakland saw wind gusts approaching just over 50 miles an hour. we're not seeing that right now. but this is what it was like on the bay bridge last night. this is around 10:00. you're looking at a video of a big rig that jack-knifed on the lower deck, this is the eastbound direction of the bay bridge, that blocked a few lanes. the driver was okay. chp was able to get this cleared up in time for the reverse commute. the chp officers do believe that it was the wind that played a huge role in causing that big rig to lose control because of its high profile, losing control on the slick roads. there's also been some flooding overnight. this is across the bay bridge in san francisco on 80. there was flooding overnight there. as we head south into san jose,
6:35 am
this is i-280 in both directions underneath the winchester boulevard overpass. again, the road was flooded, drivers were having to maneuver. they were able to get through it but some of them had to stop and had to be aware that there's a large amount of water in the road here. again, so if you're heading into work this morning, just remember the roads are wet. pretty obvious out there. you just want to maintain and watch your speeds of the reporting live at the bay bridge toll plaza, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> always good advice. thanks so much, bob. people living in recent wildfire burn zones are holding their breath with all of these storms that have been hitting us. pete suratos joins us live this morning. he's in the skyhawk neighborhood of saepgt santa rosa where they had a lot of destruction there, pete. >> reporter: yeah, you can see behind me this debris that's left behind from the glass fire that took place last year. any time we're monitoring this rain, we're keeping an eye to see if it can impact the flow of
6:36 am
this debris downhill. obviously you don't see any rain right now but it has been on and off kind of spotty throughout the north bay. you do have some wet roads in the area but no rain at this moment so that's good dealing with this potential for any landslide issues. we want to show you video from different parts of the north bay. first you can see that tree that went into a mobile home. there was an 89-year-old inside of that home. the reports are that the 89-year-old was not hurt, so that's good news. let's jump back to santa rosa. there's downed wires and trees from overnight. fire officials are monitoring the heavier rain overnight and are concerned about the mudslides. that's the biggest concern when this rain comes in. >> the concerns with that high intensity rainfall rate ithes potential we've been hearing about and that's the debris slides and mud flows. so a lot of effort has gone into helping our community prepare not only physically with whether
6:37 am
it's different types of measures to help control runoff and debris and sediment, especially around our burn scar. >> reporter: take you back out here live to skyhawk park in santa rosa where the glass fire did some damage to homes. you're seeing some of the debris from when it took place. the potential for landslide is always a concern but you can see right now the conditions, we're not seeing any rain at least at this point. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." it is 6:37 right now. more than 36,000 pg&e customers waking up in the dark across the bay area. in fact this is a look at the outage map. about two-thirds of the total are in the east bay and in the south bay. >> mudslides can of course be dangerous and deadly. you probably remember the one in southern california's montecito. that took place in a wildfire burn zone three years ago. 21 people died far away from the
6:38 am
original break which hit without warning. 130 homes were destroyed. this was one of california's worst-ever slides. meanwhile the one that took out homes in sausalito in the winter of 2019 occurred naturally. one woman there was trapped in the debris. >> luckily, they managed to save her. hopefully we're not going to have any situations that bad. but this storm, it's really, you know, creating a lot of danger out there with the possibility of slides. kari is taking a look at some of the science behind all this. >> and we saw all of the fires that we had just recently, even in the santa cruz mountains just a couple of weeks ago. and so we are watching very closely the czu fire burn scar area in the santa cruz mountains. they put up this flash flood watch this effect just to continue to monitor as that rain falls, and we're looking at 6 inches of rain and here's the
6:39 am
reason why. we have the possibility of some debris flows. so you have a burn scar, that's where all of the land is burned, there is no more trees, bushes, anything to keep the soil in place. when you get heavy rain on top of that, it inhabited areas. we really have to move people out of the way out ahead of this because you don't know exactly when it could happen. we've already had 3 to 4 inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains and we do have more rain in the forecast. of course we'll have more updates on that and talk more about how much more additional rain we could see coming up in just a few minutes. mike, you've been watching the rain fall and it's now nice to see that as we get into the morning commute, we're mostly seeing a break in the rainfall. >> yeah, and we are of course continuing to break into traffic volume and we continue to shelter at home with lighter volumes for the morning commute, but that doesn't mean it's all clear. look at the bay bridge toll
6:40 am
plaza where we had water on the lens and water on the roadway and wind in the flags. we have the map that shows you the circled incident that is reported near the toll plaza itself. no lanes blocked from what i understand and minor slowing. it's just to get through the toll gates so we'll track that incident that just came in. meanwhile over at the caldecott tunnel there's a little bit of slowing but the major slowing from the two lanes blocked, i think they may have been cleared around st. stevens. again, the caldecott tunnel is open. this is outside the boars. the roadways move smoothly but they are slick. lower the speeds. as bob shows us, even though the limit may be higher, lower the speeds if the conditions need you to do so. back to you guys. >> yeah, nobody likes that feeling of hydroplaning out there. thanks, mike. coming up next, the biden administration making a lot of promises to get you vaccinated. the president buying hundreds of
6:41 am
millions more vaccines. but scott mcgrew, challenges still remain. >> that's exactly right. we will hear from the coronavirus team, virtually of course, today. also the biden administration calling out russia. let's take a look at what's happening on wall street. tough day. the dow industrials losing better than 1.5%. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:43 am
right now at 6:43, our microclimate weather alert
6:44 am
continues, and we are about 30 minutes away from sunrise. you'll have a chance to look outside, see what was knocked over in all those high winds. we're still tracking some scattered rain, but it's good to have a little bit of a break for much of the bay area. more rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that and how much we've already measured coming up in a few minutes. we still have the wet roadways, so here this shot of the nimitz shows it's why it's a concern. slicker roadways, folks going at the speed limit, tougher to stop sometimes. so there's the nimitz freeway, it moves slowly but use caution, especially with the off-ramps. i'll show you what we're watching right now, coming up. sounds good. we're going to take a quick break from our storm coverage. it is wednesday, january, that means a lot. >> scott mcgrew, we've had some really busy wednesdays so far this month. >> haven't we, though? let's review them. three wednesdays ago you had the attack on the capitol. a week later it was a wednesday, january 13th,wi wednesday, so
6:45 am
s inaugurated. ago, all of this in just a month. we're not done with the month yet. the head of the capitol police apologized to members of congress for the force's collapse during the attack on the capitol three weeks ago. the fbi has announced it's pursuing very serious sedition charges against as many as 400 people. the new head of the capitol police say the force only had 170 officers ready to go in riot gear that day versus what she estimates were as many as 10,000 people surrounding the capitol. the 170 simply could not hold their ground. yesterday senators were sworn in in the impeachment trial that will take place next month. whether impeaching somebody who isn't in office should be permitted. >> if the accused is no longer president, where is the constitutional power to impeach him? private citizens don't get
6:46 am
impeached. impeachment is for removal from office. >> i have reviewed at some length the academic literature with regards to the impeachment of a former president. the weight of opinion is that impeachment is constitutional and i would intend to reach that conclusion. >> as we have spoken about before, the senate has impeached a private citizen who wasn't in office at the time and the constitution has no prohibition against it. as for the business at hand, today president biden's coronavirus task force will make its first public comments as a team. it will be a virtual announcement, of course. president biden says the federal government has secured a purchase of more vaccines as well. biden also spoke with russian president vladimir putin on the phone. the white house says biden spoke to the russian leader about the poisoning of one of putin's rivals, alexi navalny, the plot
6:47 am
to harm u.s. soldiers in afghanistan and the massive attack on government computers. these are all subjects that were never discussed in previous calls by the previous administration. russian television also reported the phone call but neglected to mention any of those things, mostly mentioning the two had talked about extending a treaty on limiting nuclear weapons. the white house said yes, that's true as well. we're watching everything that's happening on twitter. you can follow me there. i enjoy your comments. you can reach me @scottmcgrew. the heaviest rain now mostly moving on from this first storm, but in some cases it left behind some flooded roads making it hard for cars to get through, leaving some sidewalks inaccessible as well. look at that. >> wow. meteorologist kari hall is tracking conditions. kari, what's it looking like for the rest of the day? >> it's going to be off and on. we are going to see some breaks in the rain, some of that
6:48 am
heavier rain rolled through late last night and now as we wake up and get a chance to assess all of the damage around the house, we did see still some scattered showers, but we are going to have once again a chance of some rain lingering today. let's head to the south county where we've seen some heavy rain just kind of park north of morgan hill. it really hasn't moved. our stormranger giving us a very retailed view of what's going on. we've also seen the rain not move from the richmond-san rafael bridge. it's also extending parts of the east bay and over towards hercules and just south of vallejo and will still have some times of heavy rain. but what's going on here as we can see, the wide view of this storm system, all of that heavy snow following off the sierra. still the center of the storm still to the north of us and that's usually where we see a little more energy. the air is forced to rise more rapidly and it could cause some thunderstorms as we go into
6:49 am
today, even as the heavier rain has shifted to the south. let's take a look back at how much rain we've already measured with this storm. i've seen rainfall totals up to 4 inches in the santa cruz mountains, over toward a more populated area of ben lomond we had 3.5 inches of rain. lake curry is measuring over 3 inches of rain, fairfax close to 3 inches of rain. san bruno mountain measured 1.5. oakland as well as san francisco getting 0.8 of an inch. in antioch close to 1.5. check out morgan hill, 2.25 inches of rain, dublin 1.25 and san jose a half inch of rain but we are not done. let's go through the timeline hour by hour to see some breaks in the rain in the north bay, but here we are at 11:00. when we see yellows, reds, oranges indicating heavier rain,
6:50 am
possibly some thunderstorms and this is right around your lunchtime. we could also see light rain in san jose, but we're expecting that atmospheric river to the south of us to start to move back to the north, back into the bay area. it may have a bigger impact south of the golden gate bridge where we are going to see some additional rainfall totals, especially for the santa cruz mountains. even going into tomorrow, notice the off-and-on rain that will continue. it may not be until friday until we're finally done with all of this rain. so as we head over to vianey, you've been tracking how much additional rain we could seal as well as how much sierra snow may be measured. >> that's right, kari. it's already very blizzard-like. so much so in the sierra that there is in fact a blizzard warning in effect, so we do want to show you the live conditions right now along i-80. you can see the snow coming down and we are expecting even more snow over the next couple of days. so something to keep in mind here. that blizzard warning will be in effect through friday.
6:51 am
definitely not a time to travel out there. you can see how dangerous it is. let's take a look how much we're tracking in terms of additional snowfall. this is taking it through friday. you can see up through kirkwood, several more inches of snow expected. this is probably one of the strongest storms the sierra has seen so far this season, so definitely going to see snowy conditions. along with those gusty winds as well. now, as far as those rainfall totals, you see sort of the red highlighted areas is the section where the burn scars are. the czu fire, which has been an area for concern. keep in minding these rainfall totals are on top of what we've already seen come down overnight so you could see an extra 2.5 inches of rain could be possible in that area as well as the -- you know, up through santa rosa over an inch of rain, so definitely expecting more rain and we will of course keep you updated. kari, i'll send it back to you. >> vianey, it's just hard to
6:52 am
imagine that much snow over the course of a couple of days and we'll have more snow coming in later in the weekend in the sierra as we see additional storms coming in. it looks like we only catch a break from the rain on friday, especially during the afternoon. a new system comes in late on saturday into sunday as well as early next week while san francisco will see those mperteures only reaching into the 50sver o text few days and our chance to get outside will most likely just be friday. of course we'll have more updates on that as we are going to see some of those scattered showers off and on through the next several days. i'll send it back to you, cierra and laura. happening now, it's not just the bay area that's getting some of that wild winter weather. in arizona, powerful storms are rolling through the state, bringing rain, hail, even some snow. flagstaff saw 15 to 25 inches of snow. the arizona department of transportation says the snow has already caused several accidents.
6:53 am
and in nevada, the city of las vegas also getting snow, leaving roads slick as well as dangerous. coming up next, a quick look at our top stories, including some nervous nights ahead for people who live in recent bay area burn zones. many are under evacuation orders. we're going to take you there live to two areas most at risk right now. it's 6:53, you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back to "today in the bay." we're tracking what is left of the bay area's first big storm this year. a live look at the radar right now and how it's really expand across the bay area. >> that's right. we have crews fanned out monitoring those conditions. let's first go to bob redell who's live near the bay bridge and the situation for morning commuters there. >> reporter: good morning to you, cierra and laura. as you were sleeping last night i'm sure you heard the rain and wind and hopefully that was the worst of it, at least for now. as i stand here at the bay bridge toll plaza i'm starting to see the clouds part in the sky and see some blue. this is what it was like overnight on the bay bridge. around 10:00 last night on the lower deck, the eastbound direction, chp believes it was o lose control and jack-knife, block a few lanes. fortunately they have been able to clear that and the driver is
6:57 am
okay. this was even earlier this morning driving westbound 580 through castro valley where you could really see the kind of conditions we were dealing with as we were coming into work this morning. a lot of rain, but as i mentioned, the rain has stopped at least for most parts of the bay area. roads are still wet, good to keep in mind as you're driving in this morning. for more on the conditions south of here, i'll send it over to kris sanchez. kris. >> reporter: hi there, bob. we are getting a bit of a break in the rain here as well. pg&e base camp behind us here in scots valley and they are ready to roll in the event that power outages happen overnight. we know that we were worried about getting a lot of rain and the wind with those burn scars that are so vulnerable. about 5,000 people are gone from their homes in that danger zone, but 261 people dug in and refused to leave. they stayed put. the rain fell hard and steady in boulder creek and the surrounding mountain communities. we know that those hillsides are charred and barren of vegetation
6:58 am
and vulnerable to landslides, debris flow and flooding in this heavy rain. cal fire positioned crews at potential trouble spots and other counties like marin also deployed help in the event they need it. we go to pete suratos now near the burn area in the north bay. >> reporter: yes, kris. we are in that burn area in skyhawk park in santa rosa where the glass fire took place. of course they are monitoring for any weather impacts for potential landslides. much like you guys, we're seeing a break in the rain as well. but it was a different story overnight. i want to show you some tweets sent out by the marin county sheriff. you see flooding along northbound 101 in that point san pedro area that's common. obviously when you get the rain coming down along northbound 101 so we'll monitor and see if that happens. we'll continue to monitor those conditions and provide any updates or alerts when it comes to weather as they come in. reporting live, pete suratos for
6:59 am
"today in the bay." here's some good news, the number of bay area power outages is improving. about 27,000 customers are now without power, compare that to 36,000 overnight. here's a look in fact at the outage map. a reminder if your power ever does go out, you can always watch us on our free nbc bay area app. >> we're going to throw it to kari to take another look at what's going on in our community with those storms heading through the bay. >> yeah, so it's going to be off and on for today. still some scattered showers, a chance of thunderstorms, but we will also see some breaks in between. some of the heavier rain returns, especially for the south bay later tonight with scattered rain in the forecast through tomorrow, tapering off on friday morning. a little bit of a break before we get more rain in the forecast even going into early next week. of course we'll have more updates to come. >> all right, thanks, kari.
7:00 am
and thank you for joining us as well. >> and the "today" show starts right now. have a good morning. good morning. order up. >> let me be clearest on this point. help is on the way. >> president biden pledges to boost the vaccine rollout. ordering 200 million more doses in a push to vaccinate most americans by late summer. as states from coast to ast struggle to keep up with demand. >> we're at the mercy of whatever is sent. >> this morning, where is the bottleneck, and what's causing it? announcement about reopening schools. falling in line. 45 republican senators rally to


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